Twink blowing a straight old gay man Cum Showers

Twink blowing a straight old gay man Cum Showers
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Authors note- This is my first sexual story so I would really like to have feed back, please please give advice and critiques! Start "Chris. Oh god chris please more more, don't stop. I love it." I whimpered as chris put his hard 8 inch cock near my budding flow He was rubbing the tip against my ass as he stroked my hard shaft. I loved it when he got like this, he was acting like a animal who only ever wanted me and my body.

He was truly my Dom, and the love of my life. "Ok Dalton baby, I know you have never done this before but I'm going to put it in" Chris said to me in his loving voice. My eyes widened and I was about to say I was scared when he put his soft hand over my mouth. He looked deep into my eyes and whispered " I love you Dalton.

Please, let me take your flower. It would mean the world to me." I just nodded as I grabbed the hand he placed over my mouth and laced his fingers with mine. He placed his throbbing tip on the entrance of my swollen ass hole. Looking into my eyes he said. "on the count of three. One. Two. T-" "DALTON WAKE UP IT'S 7:15!" came a shout from outside my door. I jumped a little and hit my head on the mantle of my king size bed.

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"Son of a bitch Brit! Couldn't you have waited 5 more seconds. I. I need my beauty sleep!" I cursed back at my sister, who frankly was a little anal about time management.

Brit opened the door, Bursting in with her annoying loud mouth and two cups of coffee in her hands. "Sorry Broha, but we are going to be late for school, and it's the first day of your senior year Dalty." Brit set a cup of coffee on my side table and, as she brushed the long blond hair out of her eyes, she sat down on the bed next to me. Unfortunately that pulled the blankets tight, so my ragging morning wood was on a stage for the world to see.

Brit's eyes widened and she started to laugh. " Ah I see you were dreaming about chris again hua?" I sat up and adjusted my "problem" and grabbed the cup of coffee. "Kay sis, go, now, I need to get dressed for school. So go cook breakfast, I'll be out in five. Now!" Brit got up slowly while still snickering.

She was a brat sometimes, but before she left, she turned at the door and smiled at me. "Hey, Dalty, love you, and good morning." Left the room leaving me in peace. I got up and pulled off my boxers, and hoped into the shower. I still had my member front and center so I decided to take care of him.

I grabbed my hard on with one firm hand and started to slowly stroke the shaft. I pictured Chris and me sucking his cock like I usually did after he had a long day at work. I opened my eyes in just enough time to see a drop of pre-cum dribble from the head of my cock. Speeding up I started bucking my hips so I could go faster.

So I could pretend I was shoving my cock into his tight ass. "ohhh god. Chris.AHHHHGHHH" I shot a huge load onto the shower door, and collapsed into the tub. I slowly got up and turned off the water, after washing my cum off of the shower.

Stepping out of the shower I looked over my body in the mirror, 6 ft, blondish hair that fell about to the length of my eyes. I checked out my nice 6inch long 1inch wide member and my cleanly shaven balls.

Ah I love Nair. I quickly put on my cloths and ran downstairs for breakfast. I grabbed a chair at our table and Brit placed a plate of French toast before me. Started eating and she sat down with me. She looked slightly frustrated with something and I couldn't help but ask.


"Brit, whats wrong?" She looked at me with those "sorry" puppy eyes, and sighed. "Dalton. Mom called," she started out. Just from the beginning I could tell this would be bad. "She said dad is in the hospital, and, he wants to see you. Apparently it's serious, and I don't think-" "Don't you fucking say it.

In fact I don't fucking care. That ass is the reason I was kicked out. I came out to him and he.

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He kicked me out!" Brit just stood there nodding. She looked at me and quietly said "We better go to school" *~~~~~~~~~~*~~~~~~~~~~*~~~~~~~~~~*~~~~~~~~~~*~~~~~~~~~~*~~~~~~~~~~* After school Chris and I walked to my house. I stared at him as he sat next to me on the bed, as we played Portal 3 together. His short hair spiked up lightly, his brown eyes had trims of gold in them and he was so sexy.

I leaned in and kissed his neck, and he looked at me with a slight look of surprise. Then he smirked, he knew I wanted him, and he wanted me back. He let our lips meat and he paused the game placing both controllers on to the coffee table. His tongue slowly slid out of his lips and licked my lips. I granted his tongue access and I pulled him closer to me.

He placed a hand on my shoulder, guiding me to lay down. He rubbed my chest kissing me more intently, and he sat up quickly to pull off his shirt. I fallowed suit. He stratled me and licked my chest from the edge of my pants to my neck.

I quivered and tugged on his pants. "please.

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Can I?" I said looking into his eyes. He knew I needed a good dose of pre-cum. He rolled over onto his back and un-buttoned his pants. His delicious cock sprung out of his jeans, witch caused his pre to spring from his head and splash across my face. I licked my lips tasting his salty sweet mixture. Chris was gasping and looking into my eyes, he was so horny. My thought was proven when he grabbed the back of my neck and pushed my mouth on to his cock. I gasped for one deep breath and got to work on my favorite pass time.

"oh fuck Dalton" Chris moaned. As he did so he bucked his hips causing my mouth to water and more of his flowing pre to dribble out of my mouth onto my chest. I took his hard member out of my mouth and lapped up my treat.

Chris pulled me in close and kissed me hard on the lips. He pulled away ever so slightly so there was barely any room in-between our lips. I whispered "I love you, my coon" Chris smiled and again, and kissed me, this time, with more passion. We both got up and walked to my room, the whole while he never let go of my waist. Once in the room, Chris pushed me onto the bed, practically ripping off my pants. He grabbed one of our favorite things from my closet. Two pairs of pink, fuzzy, sparkly hand cuffs.

I love those things to death, but when chris and I were done with them, I always ended up looking like a stripper in a night club. Those damn sparkles clung to everything they touched. Chris hooked me to the bed posts and kissed my lips again. Then he smirked and put the final touches on. He put on me a pair of bunny ears, and the fluffiest fucking bunny tale you have ever seen, whilst putting on some cat ears and a Raccoon tail himself.

He place his knees on both sides of my head and bent down into a 69. He sucked my head into his mouth and I did the same, working on him as I did before. I felt his hard member slide into my throat. His tail felt fussy on my face. We both loved having me strapped down when we 69'ed. I loved the feeling of being helpless and he had the feeling he could fuck my mouth as deep as he wanted. Like this I was almost cumming.

I moaned loudly with his cock in my throat and felt my load shoot stream after stream into his mouth, and he swallowed hungrily. He backed off and looked me in the eyes.

He leaned to my ear and whispered 'bad boy, you didn't wait tell I came. Your going to pay my little bunn-" "Chris wait." He gasped and quickly unlocked me and sat in bed next to me. He immediately got serious, his hard on became half mass and he looked directly into my eyes.

"Whats wrong baby?" I smiled making him relax a little. "Nothing lover, I just needed to say. I'm.

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I'm ready." I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him. His member jumped back to full hard throbbing size. He laid back on top of me sliding off his ears and mine. I pulled away slightly and looked at him confused. "As long as I have you. I don't need any roll playing or stupid gimmicks. You turn me on so much, much more then any of that." He kissed me again and I slid off the tails. He rolled over onto his back and pulled me on top of him.

"You are in control here. You decide how deep I am, and how fast we go." Nodding I rubbed his pre all over my virgin flower. I reached into my night stand and grabbed my lube. I squirted it directly onto his hard cock. Then he took the bottle from me and put a dab onto his fingers.

He rubbed my ass hole and I rubbed his cock. We both were throbbing and I couldn't take it any more, I lined his cock up with my ass and slowly slid the head in. He let out a loud moan and I shivered.

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It felt slightly painful, he was huge, but the pain faded. 3of his nine inches slid into me making me gasp hard and loud.

"CHRIS I LIVE YOU!" He grabbed my hips and slid deeper into me fast. "Ohhh dalty I love you!.


I'm about to cum!" he shot stream after stream deep into my ass. I started shooting my cum and it splashed onto his face, as I almost reached the peak of my climax he shoved his whole 9 inches into my ass and i shot the last of my squirt into his mouth. As I did this he and I heard a loud moan. "Oh shit, what the fuck is that?!" We detached ourselves and opened my door that we realized was cracked open.

On the floor with her pants down, shirt up, two fingers in her pussy and a hand on her tit sat my sister. " hehe. Hi Dalty. Chris."