Threeway amateur lesbians enjoy their dildos and their bodies real orgasm

Threeway amateur lesbians enjoy their dildos and their bodies real orgasm
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I've lived a very dirty naughty life, well the sex side and have always wanted to write about my fun, conquests, experiences all story's I post will be absolutely true, only names will be changed.

This first one will be a quick recap of my teen years leading up to my first true "kinky" experiences.


Things only get hotter, nastier, dirtier from welcome. Bev, Well, at my mid teen years lost my virginity to a very forgettable experience not worth mentioning. I met another girl in school we'll call her Bev, who we got a bit frisky and she would soon become my first fuck buddy, with out the fuck that is.Bev and I would play grab ass, and flirt a lot in class until one day she invited me to her house after school as we'd have some alone time as her mom wasn't home. Let me tell you about Bev, she was medium height, curvy to chunky build, but oh did she have a nice set of tits.we started with some kissing, touching, foreplay, she stopped me and told me she promised her sister she would wait till she was 18 to have sex, but everything else was a go.she let me strip her to her panties, my mouth and tongue crawled down her body, I ate those wonderful breasts, then moved farther south slowly, I had never eaten pussy before but one taste and I was hooked, I ate her wet pussy for what felt like hours.


I found out she was multi orgasmic this first play date, after she couldn't take any more, she laid me back, kissed me deep on my lips still coated in her pussy juices, then slide down my jeans, exposing my cock, I had only had a womens mouth on me one time previously but Bev showed me what pleasure could be given with a mouth. At the time in my teen years my cock hadn't reached it's full potential yet but I was still a good 6+ inches, she tried many times to take all of me to no avail, but try she did, after 10 mins of this unrelenting pleasure I warned her what was coming, I could feel my cum ready to flood her mouth, I again warned her which she quickly replied "I want to try to swallow" then went back to sucking.those words caused me to lose it, I felt like a fire house blasting into the back of her throat, she gulp and swallowed as fast as she could thou she took a lot she couldn't get it all I watched it drip out of the corners of her mouth, she then scooped it up with a finger and sucked those clean.

This was to be the first of many after school play dates Bev and I enjoyed, she became a real cum lover never letting it go to waste, later on even after we stopped playing she decided I was to be her first, I remember taking her wet pussy that first time, she had long before broken her hymen, but her pussy was so tight it almost did work.we only had sex that one time, but mmmmm so good.

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Bev taught me how fun a fuck buddy can be, she caused me to find many more through out the years. Mary and Danielle, Mary and Danielle were best friends, They both had a bit of a crush on me, which I ended up taking to my advantage. They were a grade below me they were to become my younger sisters best friends, I met them with the smokers club we had at school, this being the kids who would meet for smokes before class, we all 3 flirted and teased but not much ever came of it.

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One day Mary and I were leaving school chatting and flirting, she had a boy friend who went to a different school and we got to talking about him, and there limited time together. Soon we found our selves at her house, her mom wasn't to be home for a while so she invited me in, we went to her room and started chatting, I finally got a bit of nerve up, and asked something like, if I groped you would I get smacked?

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Her reply was along the lines of, lets find I reach up and rubbed her breasts.Mary was of Mexican heritage, with B cup breasts, and they felt amazing.I then grabbed behind her and squeezed her ass, she let me paw at them for some time, before I finally pulled her to me and started kissing her full lips.we made out for several minutes and before i new it I had my hand in her pants fingering her hairy pussy, I then took her hand and pushed it down my shorts till she was gripping my cock, she told me she wanted to suck me but didn't know how, well I told her "let me teach you how I like it", she pulled me out, I then proceeded to give her a lesson on sucking my cock, she couldn't go deep but she made up for it in technique as I guided her thru what to I felt myself ready to explode, I told her it would happen soon, i'd love to cum in her mouth, but if she couldn't just pull it out and jerk it on her face and neck (she still had a shirt on).she kept I started to cum I felt her swallow the first shot then the next went on her tongue, then she pulled me out and jerked me all over her face and tits, well as any red blooded american teen can tell you at that age you fire off what feels like gallons, the poor girl got coated in cum.

I had to leave fairly quickly as her mom would be home soon, but we said maybe tomorrow we can meet for more fun.

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To be continued.