Blonde in cap bangs in pantyhose in fake cab

Blonde in cap bangs in pantyhose in fake cab
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It all started with a simple chat room get togther. 11 of us got together for a couple drinks and to put faces to names. Two of my internet friends that I found fun showed up and we kinda ended up at one end of the tables. Sheri is about 4'11" and 98 lbs wet and she was wearing white tennis shoes short white lacey socks REALLY short white athletic shorts a white halter top without a bra and a leather baseball cap with her ponytail pulled through the back.

She has short brown hair and dark brown eyes with a smerk that gets wood in any red blooded man.

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Bruce is about 6' and about 200lbs with a rodeo aire about himself. He was wearing cowboy boots, an old cowboy hat, Levi cowboy cut jeans and a country western shirt with red and white arrows on the back pointing down and arrows on the front just above his front pockets pointing in.

Sheri's big brown eyes and long curly red hair made my loins acke, but Bruce's peircing blue eyes and his shaved head and earring sorta intimidated me.

I knew that Bruce and Sheri got together from time to time from the chat room but I didn't know if they were more than just friends so I got the drunken nuts to find out what my chances were.


When the band started up I didn't hesitate to ask Sheri to dance. As we left for the dance floor I noticed Bruce putting his ciggarete out in a annoyed manner and rub his forhead.

Out on the dance floor I asked Sheri if Bruce was pissed of. I was taken by complete surprise when she said "FUCK BRUCE he fucks his girlfriends in front of me all the time and it's time to pay him back.

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Your Driving me home tonight. Knowing Bruce could kick my ass in a heartbeat I sorta stumbled and said " I'd LOVE to bang your tight little ass and look into those beautiful brown eyes while you cone me, but it's not worth getting my ass kicked over. How about I just go home and stretch my cord and save the fat lip?" To my surprise Shari said "Bruce likes to watch me fuck and suck other guys." and then handed me a little blue pill.

I knew she handed me a sex pill but I wasn't sure if Bruce and Shari were playing some sort of head game so I took it and desided if nothing else I'd wack off half the night thinking about how sweet Sheri's pussy must taist. When we went back to the table Bruce was gone so I said "Sheri lets tell everyone goodnight and bail." She looked into my eyes (I still feel the chill) and said "Bruce didn't tell you but I have a sex addiction and not even that little pill you swallowed will satisfy me." Needless to say I swilled the last of my screwdriver down and said "your place or mine." She told me it would be better at her house because she feels more comfortable playing in her own home and with her own toys.

When we got to her house her dog didn't like me and she put "Buster" in the back yard and asked if i'd like a drink.

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Knowing my intentions were to fuck her lights out I told her i'd share one with her. When she landed on the sofa next to me she wasn't waisting time. She hopped on my lap and started grinding me till I was ready to explode and then crawled back onto her knees. The way she promptly relieased my cock was purely proffesional. I popped out like a jack in the box. She embedded the head of my cock in her mouth, began sucking it while she stroked my cock and balls.


The look in her eyes was one of a servent and the thunder rose. I tried my best to hold back but at some point I just couldn't do it. I squirted so hard that it came out her nose.

I never saw anything like it before so I apologised and she giggled and licked it of her upper lip. Her eyes still still haunting me. Just then I heard a laugh come from the other room and said "WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT." and Sheri said "it's just Bruce we do this for each other all the time, but nobody has blown cum out my nose before." and gave me a naughty laugh.

With that in mind I yelled out "Bruce if you wanna watch then I wanna watch you to you basturd" Bruce came in the room in his boxers with a obvious woody and said "good job man. I've never seen a women get cum blown through her head so good that.

That was a huge turn on." When Bruce pulled his boxers down to expose his huge german sassage and got behind Sheri. Sheri didn't moan a bit when he slid that huge cock in her ass. She just pushed herself back onto it giggled and said "ahhhhhhhh there's nothing like a good man in yer ass." While Bruce was banging Shari's ass I was recovering from the fantastic orgasm she gave me. Bruce began to take notice of my woody and started rubbing my balls. It felt so good that at first I didn't notice Sheri was sticking her fingers in my ass.

The next thing I knew was Bruce was in Sheri's ass bending over her with my dick in his mouth and Sheri's fingers up my tight virgin butt. Bruce gave a deep throat kind of blowjob and when he'd dip down he'd stick his tounge out and make by nutts tingle.

After about 4 minutes I couldn't hold back and had to let Bruce taste my swimming team.

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With Teary eyes and cum on his chin he confessed that he and Sheri set me up and he wanted my cock in his ass. Feeling duped I had no choice but to tell Sheri to lay on her back and let me dangle my balls in her mouth which she did without a hitch. Then I told Bruce to get infront of me elbows and knees.

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Bruce positioned himself infront of me so that Shari could suck my nutts while I drove my throbbing cock into his pre-oiled ass (coconut oil is nice). I made him stay and fucked him until I ran out of gas. After I was done I lost all respect for cowboy Bruce and now I watch other guys fuck my girlfriend Shari.

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I haven't seen anybody blow there nut through her nose besides me yet and Bruce changed his internet name to something like "StabmeinThebackside" lol