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Busty amateur doggystyled after throatfuck
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Authors Note: Click my name up top ^^ up there ^^ to read previous Days :) DracMorair: THE SESSION IS TO BEGIN DracMorair: ((POST ENTRANCE (3+ lines) what world, what were you doing, what did you see when the rift appeared, what got you curious to walk through. and briefly your thoughts of who you are)) tokyoextreamracer: ((Logging into skype lol)) DracMorair: ~~Experiement #2. Borrowing from my siblings the other Primal Words of the 7 sins I grab prides and uncork it.

Letting it imbue the World stone.

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Once again errecting mysield should it go black hole or supernova with the temoral rifts. Quickly looking around to see what materializes from time and space~~ DracMorair: (( /anybody home ????!!!?? )) AmareImmortui: ((typing)) captianplutonium: -After ending my pulling of the un I would go through the temporal rift sensing some engergy from last time tha was the same and figured it l lead to the same dark caven crystal he would then walk troug it to talk to the lsutful drac and learn more about her captianplutonium: - AmareImmortui: ((am I allowed to not know whats going on; because I don`t o u o;?)) DracMorair: ((Your imagination is free here, we create the story, not just me)) DracMorair: ((Rule #1 Imagination)) captianplutonium: (( so yes X3 amare)) DracMorair: ~~Nodding my head to the Apollo horse with a smirk wondering what Lust & Pride rest to keep calling such a beast~~ MRSDJPEARLIMMORTUI: ~ leaveing from my world comming threw the rifts draging my husband by the collor we see people gatherd togather as we lay on a soft set of pillows to watch over and to see what we can see pushing from my world to his and now to this world~ DracMorair: ~~raising a brow I inhale there scents Noting a distinct flavor of my own creation of beast back in my younger years dabbling with energies of the darkness.

Incubus & Sucubus. what a treat~~ DracMorair: ((Taking creative liberty there with you two. hope thats ok )) MRSDJPEARLIMMORTUI: ~nods she looks towrd them ~ that is what me and hubby are.

DracMorair: ~~raises my brow~~ You know my thoughts? captianplutonium: h-the stud would smile at the lust demon of knowledge and sit next to her to finlly get to talk to more stilli thinking of the shadow -miss drac the reason or one of the reasons i came is to be your new aprrentice tokyoextreamracer: (Sent you a message drac) DracMorair: ~~snorting at the Succubus I turn to the horse with a raised brow~~ Apprentice? MRSDJPEARLIMMORTUI: ~she would smirk~ me and hubby readall thoughts DracMorair: And what does a fire horse need with Desire, Lust, Blood-Lust and an unquenching desire for knowlege of all of it?

DracMorair: Good to know, but keep whats in my head to yourselves or face my brother Wrath. You hear me? captianplutonium: well miss what I crave more is the knowledge not so much the lust captianplutonium: I have a burning passion for knowledge old and new MRSDJPEARLIMMORTUI: ~she would laugh tugging at her husband~ she would nod and stare at her husband as they watched the strange new people~ DracMorair: What is the source of that passion stud?


DracMorair: ~~The giggle not pleasing me I erect a mental shield clamping down my own thoughts. Young beings they may be, yet dangerous~~ MRSDJPEARLIMMORTUI: ~we lay quiet knowing everyones thoughts in this new world~ captianplutonium: -smirls at her gently wiftng her with my tail he would and answer-the source of my passion is that being as onld as the sun ive seen a lot of things and read many books and some spoke of you and yourr knowledge almost like in and so i seek you so that i could learn all that you have to offer that i do not now then contine on like the sun itself DracMorair: I know likely just as much as you stud.


I may have been born of the void before you when the vibration, energy and frequency of the word "Lust" came to being. "Sol Invictus" was pretty much soon after. DracMorair: You welcome to discover my perspectives though. captianplutonium: well then i do wish to dicsover those perspectives-he would kiss her claws softlysmeeling all the lust there are ,blood knowledg sexual and he would breath in a bit before retuning to his previouse position- DracMorair: ~~with a disquite stiring deep within my essence.

My inner pheonix crying out loudly in my head echoing destroying my walls and likely the two -ubus's in the room with a raging migrane. With a deep sigh settling my nerves as my hand is kissed I look at him curiously wondering why the Phoenix is called to him~~ captianplutonium: -smiles at her from the kiss of her hand feeling another entity within her making him want more to be then just her asistant something that he was looking for maybe that other fier beaing that he would look in the mirror- DracMorair: ~~snickers at the to Lust eaters in the room~~ Teach you to stay in my head wont it?

~~ The migrane throbbing as I turn my attention back to the stallion my eyes locked into down that infinate gatway of mirror upon mirror.~~ Son of a bitch, how the hell did you get out of the reigns of Apollo? MRSDJPEARLIMMORTUI: ~speaks to hubby threw minds not saying a word out loud~ captianplutonium: ahhhehe it was a radonom day just like anyother really I dont know why but I wanted more then just the sky looking down at the earth so one day I decided to sneek from the stables to his chmabers where he wa reenegizing I quckily and cunningly took his blade and went to his charriot and cut the rope that chained us together and fled DracMorair: ((POST ENTRANCE (3+ lines) New characters: what world, what were you doing, what did you see when the rift appeared, what got you curious to walk through.

and briefly your thoughts of who you are In RP already: Reason for coming back in)) VasanthRa: I am almost absent from here, ignore my passiveness and have fune. Nice to meet you all. MRDJUNHOLYIMMORTUI: ((POST ENTRANCE (3+ lines) New characters: what world, what were you doing, what did you see when the rift appeared, what got you curious to walk through. and briefly your thoughts of who you are In RP already: Reason for coming back in)) DracMorair: ((no prob Ra.

feel free to observe you kingly beast)) VasanthRa: I am not that much into observance as well, just a random look now and then. Maybe someother time. SHADOWKITTY89: ~~ walks in and hugs lraus~~ hai ^_^ DracMorair: Chained and fled ay, on a whim. why do I doubt that? Is that a 1/2 truth?

~~settling into his arms to absorb his heat~~ captianplutonium: -smiles for a brief second feeling the shadows energy hugging bac before letting drac setlle into his arms- hellow shadow ^^ captianplutonium: well its only half the strory all was true DracMorair: ~~in his arms already wraps my arms around her squezing her ass with a giggle~~ DracMorair: Hello shadow DracMorair: tehe captianplutonium: I seeekd aventure and site seeing also new knoldge that came from books i have not read and from the lands them self SHADOWKITTY89: ~~smiles softly at drac~~ hi sweetheart DracMorair: Well seems you'll get plenty of that around here.

this Rift is between all worlds and all times captianplutonium: yes that is a big reason i came through the rift DracMorair: ~~raises my brow at shadow~~ Why sweetheart? AmareImmortui: -The rain poured from the sky.A child laid out under a tree with her head resting on her hands, her white hair flung into the mud, listening to droplets splash as they hit the ground.

Her eye lids felt heavy, slowly she got up. Yawning as she rubbed her blank eyes. She felt the ground with her bare feet, walking slowly. She held her hands out infront of her to keep herself from running into anything.

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Suddenly the atmosphere felt different in away, like the wind shifted. The forest grew silent, once she could hear rain falling to the ground, and critters hiding in the trees, now nothing. Her other senses abandoning her, she felt a lump of fear catch in her throat. She turned her head towards what was pulling her in. She felt a sudden jolt to her heart. She could hear small cracks of electricity popping all around her. As she got closer they grew sharper and louder. She held her hands over her ears, but that did nothing to cease the sounds.

Suddenly the pull became stronger, more aggressive. She reached a fair fragile hand out, to be pulled into a vortex, the lump in her throat swelling, as she felt pressure suddenly then as quickly as it had happened it was gone. She felt unstable wherever she was, but she heard conversation off in the distance. The lump now lodged in her throat prevented her from calling out.

She felt the area around her, then sat down in a loud huff.- DracMorair: ~~The world stone cracking with a pop I turn my head to the huff~~ And what world did you hail from little one? SHADOWKITTY89: ((AFK)) captianplutonium: ((tyt)) MRSDJPEARLIMMORTUI: ~she would smile to the lil one as she watched her sit down she tryed to read her lil mind but being blocked~ MRSDJPEARLIMMORTUI: ~she would look to her husband and stroke his face gently~ DracMorair: ((Amare, mater of note: Para is not required )) AmareImmortui: ((I just like to enter "fabulously" -throws sparkles)) DracMorair: ((touche hehhehe__ MRDJUNHOLYIMMORTUI: ~he feels her soft hand stroke cross my face as i would reach my hand to touch hand intertwins my fringers with hers pulls my hand up to my chest~ MRSDJPEARLIMMORTUI: ~giggles softly reading his most inner thoughts~ DracMorair: ((Oh and another matter of note for all officers, please enforce players with a two minute time limit to respond, the story will take eons if it's all paragraphs)) MRSDJPEARLIMMORTUI: ((ok)) DracMorair: ((Fighting is seprate, and that requires a bit more thought anyway)) DracMorair: ((Amare, please post))) MRDJUNHOLYIMMORTUI: ~reads my wife most deepest thoughts~ captianplutonium: ((ok)) MRSDJPEARLIMMORTUI: ~she would smirk as she looked to him ~ do you hear there minds calling out my husband?

AmareImmortui: -she turns towards the voice, clearing her throat.- World? -she spoke softly, stuttering a bit.- I came from the forest. -she thought for a moment to best describe the place where she lived.- It has horse with the horns, women in the rivers who sing. MRDJUNHOLYIMMORTUI: ~he would nods head~ yesh DracMorair: ~~picturing that in my head of all the desire of creatures everywhere in my own head I attempt to peice together her story form the limited peices she gave.

needing a bit more input~~ Unicorns and Sirens? MRSDJPEARLIMMORTUI: ~she would scratchher head wondering where this lil immortui came from knowing both me and husbands birth place~ captianplutonium: -the sud woul nuzzle in to drec feeling something grow insde of him ed realizes this ucikl pulling away keeping some distance but still withing touhing distance- AmareImmortui: -she paused for a moment remembering the woman who had read to her about all things she would encounter.

She then nodded quickly, little buds of flowers sprouting from her head, she reaches behind her pulling out a small thin wing letting water drip from it.- ((Not used rp that develops so quickly usually stories are over time)) MRDJUNHOLYIMMORTUI: (AFK) MRSDJPEARLIMMORTUI: (tyt) DracMorair: ((Thats the buety of the imagination Amare)) captianplutonium: stud* DracMorair: ~~smiling as the little creature of life budsa bit~~ I'm wagering that makes you a pixie yes?

MRSDJPEARLIMMORTUI: ~she would look to the lil one with wide eyes watching her every move knowing me and husband have been around for along time she would chuckle a lil remebering when she was a young one~ AmareImmortui: -distracted by the silky feel of her wet wing she looks up, and nods quickly- Oh, uh yes. -she keeps nodding her hands wringing the silky wing- DracMorair: ~~At the back of my mind and soul that "tug" at me and those tail feathers of my phoenix mental image of ruffled feathers and hackles raised with a quick sneeze at he brush of energy~~ DracMorair: Adjust your eyes to the Lotus Amare, these lotus should make you a fine home while you have your stay here.

DracMorair: ((pardon for the name drop. *.* )) MRSDJPEARLIMMORTUI: ~she would sit and count the claw marks on her husband chest while reading some minds in this world to find out where they are from~ AmareImmortui: -she lets go of the wing, and wrinkles her nose sniffing for the scent of the flower her wings flutter momentarily but drop to wet to fly.

she walks over to one and climbs inside- Ah thank you -she smiles, feeling less away from home. she stops and sits up straight- Ah, what is your name, if you don`t mind my asking.? DracMorair: I go by many names, but in your world I'm likely called The Queen Doe. partner to the white stag. MRSDJPEARLIMMORTUI: ~she would chuckle a bit~ AmareImmortui: -she thinks for a moment, only ever hearing the name once or twice, she scratches her head.- So you`ve seen other worlds?

-she tilts her head and leans on a petal curiously- What other worlds are there? DracMorair: The place your sensing is a rift between all worlds, ever story you've ever heard or witnessed a telling of.

With infinat possibilities and energies I'm researching on how to establish a gateway. You are one of the first visitors. MRSDJPEARLIMMORTUI: ~she would look to the wolf~ but have you been to any by going threw the rift? AmareImmortui: -she looks curiously, thinking for a moment, she stops and listens awaiting the answer, to the question the other voice had asked- DracMorair: I am a primal young one. for you may only feed on lust.

It's in every creature that has any desire at all. For without me, life would cease to procreate, cease ambition. cease life itself, for the bee would not pollinate a flower or please there queen to spread pollen as they go from flower to flower. captianplutonium: -the teed would watch the others listing about the pixie as he would use his powers to lower the drakness in him- MRSDJPEARLIMMORTUI: ~she would chuckle as she knows what some are thinking in this world he eyes shift back to he mind of thought~ MRSDJPEARLIMMORTUI: her* captianplutonium: steed* DracMorair: In most stories of creation there was the "Word" What the don't tell you that all words have origin.

I am one such word "Lust" Also synomymous with "Desire" whatever the frequency, sound, vibration. I am it. DracMorair: Or the Queen Doe ~~looking to the lotus pixie~~ MRSDJPEARLIMMORTUI: ~she would smile to her husband as her mind is filled with knowleg AmareImmortui: -she listens taking in every word, she nods a bit disappointed she wasn`t told stories of other worlds, and the creatures that dwelled within them, seeking more of a story, but glad she knew more of the person who seemed to know all about the realm she was in.- DracMorair: ~~Turning my head taking in the arivals~~ And somehow you all were called by 'Lust' & 'Pride' ~~pointing to the pixie and the ubuses~~ You two arived after I poped the cork on Pride.

DracMorair: What ever called you here, your role has to do something with my brother's essense MRDJUNHOLYIMMORTUI: (bk) DracMorair: The 7 primals MRSDJPEARLIMMORTUI: (wb hubby) MRDJUNHOLYIMMORTUI: (ty wiffey) DracMorair: Lust, Pride, Greed, Envy, Sloth, Vanity & Wrath DracMorair: My siblings MRSDJPEARLIMMORTUI: ~she would look to them all and speak~ well husband and i was threw the dark forrest and came across this rift i ask him if we should explore it he had a bad feeling so i pulled him along and here we are siting amongest you three.

DracMorair: There were other "spells" "words" per say after the vibration was phased locked but we seven hold keys in every being DracMorair: hence primal is the best word that comes to mind to describe us DracMorair: See In. the allegory is aother. Sin DracMorair: I've "borrowed" some of my siblings essense for this expirement. Greed is to come next. MRSDJPEARLIMMORTUI: if i may ask what is here now? ~she twrils her fingers in her husbands hair~ DracMorair: This is a seed of creation.

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A world stone. The old world smiths abandoned this place because time and space dont exist here DracMorair: The Lotus is the perfect allegory for it. the pussy, the womb, blooming in the dark DracMorair: So I crafted it after that idea DracMorair: To hold the energy in place for my experiements DracMorair: Anybody else?

DracMorair: questions? captianplutonium: none MRSDJPEARLIMMORTUI: ~she looks to her~ no you said greed is nexted, so i ask again the siblings to greed witch ones are here?

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she drages her nail down her husbands face~ DracMorair: There essense is embodied in you all. DracMorair: if you look inside yourselves DracMorair: I've only released Lust and Pride so far DracMorair: you were called by both. MRDJUNHOLYIMMORTUI: ~he feels her nails drag down his face~ DracMorair: The sun horse here was called by desire DracMorair: Shadow, the kitten as well DracMorair: And my other visitor.

I think was sent by one of my so called allies DracMorair: wanted to know what I was up to DracMorair: /me gives a gallic shrug MRSDJPEARLIMMORTUI: so lust and pride brought me and my husband here you say? ~she contuies to drag it down his chest~ DracMorair: Indeed.

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what greater creatures to embody both than Lust's own progeny. your race was started by my own womb. Though spare me the grandmother title MRSDJPEARLIMMORTUI: ~she would chuckle~ DracMorair: In Desire lies the desire to absorb energy of creation to make it ones own.

Lust then feeds Pride. And hence you two were created with My seed and his. DracMorair: So yes. I fucked my brother MRSDJPEARLIMMORTUI: ~she would turn to her husband with her eyes widen~ DracMorair: Lust and Pride. let me think of the words we created.

Incubus and sucubus. Model. though vanity I think in our three way did that one. King, Queen, Emperor, Empress, Ruler, Magjesty. these are definatly just me and Prides DracMorair: The Pride in you is your root cause for your hunger for lust DracMorair: do you see young ones?

MRSDJPEARLIMMORTUI: ~nods~ DracMorair: And because it's not quenchable. for lust exist everywhere. your pride to be a being. since you are "something" you will never be satisfied DracMorair: That is desire.

the desire to be "something" anything DracMorair: Lilith was the being we created from all of our seeds. all 7.

was an experiment. Mother of demons and first Soul reaper. DracMorair: her own progeny was amenia, Knowing and Unknowing. DracMorair: "Forget" DracMorair: And here comes silence DracMorair: Whats on your minds darlings? captianplutonium: i was just lsitning to your in depth converstaion captianplutonium: this all of it intriges my thirst very much captianplutonium: ench why I wish to be your assistant captianplutonium: henc DracMorair: And what of your own fire horse.

You couldn't have escaped so easily from Sol Invictus DracMorair: perspective DracMorair: your own? captianplutonium: well he found out I escaped its hard to hide from gods for long DracMorair: true captianplutonium: so I pleded with him and hee aloud me to leave and explore as long as i still did my job he even gave me his sowrd or a duplicate of it to rember that deal DracMorair: The gods do have mercy on occasion MRDJUNHOLYIMMORTUI: drac are u demon ???

captianplutonium: that they do but some dont tke to kindly when you mess with there own creations.-he wouldtghtn his fist in anger of the demon lurking inide him- DracMorair: Some call me a demon, an original Sin. But its all metaphore, allegory.

Including what an incubus and sucubus is. Sin = See in. The allegory of the DEVIL. The say the greatest trick he ever pulled was convincing people he didn't exist. Imagine yourself peering in your skull 6 inches back seeing your skull your brain your eyeballs and knowing the impulses that driving your fingers. Now. what is In d visiable Now imagine yourself exiting your mouth and your awarness going someplace else (devil) DracMorair: And others view me as a source of creation, The White God.

Stag's Doe. DracMorair: Others till yet view me as Baphomet.

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Venus DracMorair: To love all, I must be all, Futa, hermphodite DracMorair: all sexes DracMorair: And gate to the dark mysteries, a portal DracMorair: Hence this lotus DracMorair: This rift DracMorair: do you see? DracMorair: Iarus DracMorair: You still here stud? captianplutonium: yes captianplutonium: i am captianplutonium: and yes I get it captianplutonium: thank you for clreaing it up DracMorair: My pleasure, your pain captianplutonium: thats why I wish to be your assistant DracMorair: Growing pains are going to bea bitch for you all DracMorair: A black dog the portal DracMorair: That is why I am here DracMorair: This is my womb.

captianplutonium: and I wishto stay here wth you by your sideobserving and learing from what it hs to offer DracMorair: I was barren for eons till I found the world stone and litearly stuck it up me DracMorair: and now with my siblings seeds I'm fertalizing what comes next captianplutonium: hehe like you said miss thats for us to decide e woulnuzzle into her dark aura feeling the darkness incress but hed ignore it due to his curiosity of her and the phenoix with in her- DracMorair: ~~nods very avidly~~ the invitation here was no accident, you all pay a vital role captianplutonium: I know DracMorair: Our 7th day will be a birth of a new world I wager, though how long it takes to gestate I have no idea.

DracMorair: With no time existant, will it be insetaneous? captianplutonium: only patience will gie us that answer but the question stands will you take me under your wings as an assistant or arentice captianplutonium: aprentice DracMorair: I can't wait to find out ~~fiddling with greeds sperm vial in my minds eye~~ DracMorair: I rather have you at my side.

You are your own type of primal from another story line. Why you are intrigues me greatly. captianplutonium: well then miss II will stay by your side-kssing her loody claws softly snuggling her into my lap emracing the demon- DracMorair: ~~shrugging at the pasing throught of demon allready very well aware of all I am without that one title. With his loud mind I giggle as I snuggle into his warmth~~ captianplutonium: smiles hearing her own though sorry i just followd the crowd i kno w your much more then that if even that-hed smies kissng her muzzle softly wrapping his tail around us- DracMorair: ~~wandering my paw between our bodies I move my own tail to one side to grind my my light fured cheeks over his cock-knot with a giggle~~ captianplutonium: mmm -bite my lip soflt feeling her cheeks grind aginst his cock harderning hed start to rub er own shaft as well - captianplutonium: mmm DracMorair: ~~smiles as my shaft and my heartbeat pumping it starts to gather a bit of girth and stiffness.

Raising my snout up to the bottom of his noble horse chin I begin click channeling my inner jaguar~~ DracMorair: ~~with a though on my mind, if you wish to feed of this you may~~ captianplutonium: -bitng my lip-as i think ho my inner darkness wishs to ravish and feed on you whil my outr form just wishs pleasurehed tame it down ans lick her sonut kissng her tenderyl whil grding my shaft agint her ass feeing her pink furrry hole slowly poushing hs member in whilrubbing your own shaft feeling it harden and grow slowly playing with your tip- DracMorair: ~~Sensing that hesitation as he bites his lips above my eye sight I get a michevious thought, 'lets see.' As I squeeze hard with my ass cheeks over his growing studism with a dark giggle~~ : mmm-moans oftly pressing my horese shaft into her alurring ass fortting about the aura that grows when im with her i would push deepr in whil wrapping my tail around her furry meay cock jerking it harder whil masssaging her breast with my claws gentyl and closes my eyes kissing her deeply- DracMorair: ~~Giggling lustfully as the bit of desire of him swells able to read it like a familur lover I wiggle in my own skin at the thought.

My hips bucking into his hand as the first bit of charm starts flowing from my futanric shaft. The claws digging in I have a not so idle thought to voice~~ Hey, when did horses become equiped with those .

mm. ~~as they hit a nerve sending a painfull thrill up my spine~~ captianplutonium: he would dodge her question not wanting to answer by pleasuring her sens more squzzing her shaft harder with his tail playing with the tip and nibbile hr neck tuggin her hardend nippils with his claws- DracMorair: ~~giving a playfull growl at his silence already having a sense of his story.

gods seldom leave creatures alone if they get slight in on some other god. Pushing my feet into the pillow beneath us I drive my body up his and then letting gravity take over to ride his shave deep in to my puss. Grunting to get past my stubborn cervix to get his cock in me.

My mental eye visualizing a cock head apearing in this cavern illiciting a girlish giggle~~ captianplutonium: mmmm-he would moan grping her hips as hed hepl push his hard rock shaft deep into the lusts puss he would then suckl at her breast as his tail would coninue to foundle and pleasure the futas cock- DracMorair: ~~The coarse hair's brushing my shaft iliciting a pupish whine from my throat as it grinds with the bit of charm yet still scratching the small pain combines with the pleasure.

The suction turing the while in to a full on begging howl as my puss contracts acoss his shaft burried up to my womb. My ass cheeks finally meeting his naval I stop the begging finallly pleased~~ captianplutonium: -pants soflty feeling the womb of the alruing lust hed continue to please her raming his member deep into her womb whlil smacking her ass against his navl with ch trust tugging her hardend nippils with his eeth and calwing into her ass a bit harder macing it the darknes grows more making my claws go in her as feeling her blood trick down I i let a bit of a howl before keeping it quite moain again and wet my tail around your cock to stimulte being it coved in seliva from a mouth- DracMorair: ~~the blood lust of his wordld I lick it off my chops mentally like a mental friend.

Blood Lust. There it is. Hades cursed this pup, though I reconize Godfull wrath with another swallow Zues, Putting it together quickly. Hades corrupted a free Horse of apollo, Hades picked a temple of Zues and freed him once again.

what a charmed life this stallion has led as I beging quickly working over his shaft to volcanic eruption~~ captianplutonium: -hed think in his head asking drak not to tell anyone knowing she could ead the studs mind pusshing deepr reaching his climax nd ould let his hot magam flow inside her tough keeping it only warm in her like hot oil as to not hurt her as hed pant squzzng her shaft kissing her deeply sucking her toungue- DracMorair: ~~lacing my ruff jaguar/wolf forked toungue over his I tickle the roof of his mouth with a giggle as the orgasm rides my body as the pressure swells.

Once again the giggle to following imagining a torrent of hot oil drenching us all tempted to make it a reality just for shits and more giggle. Relaxing my body into his I let my heartbeat slow and give a moan though the kiss and the sensation of his flailed out cock head burried in my womb corking over my tight, yet abused, cervix~~ captianplutonium: -pants softly stating in her feeling it gets abored by her womb and pussy -id nuzzle her close into my ars suclking her jugar like tonge and gently brush her red hair- DracMorair: ~~giving a contented long purr for what seems like a small era as his cock starls to finally back down and out I wiggle my cute little ass into his thighs getting comfortable~~ DracMorair: Better as equals yes?