Beautiful footjob from Mistress Mai

Beautiful footjob from Mistress Mai
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A Night Alone Mike and Stacy had been dating for about a year, and their relationship was great. The loved each other and they made love like no one ever had. Still in high school, to two had to keep their love making sporadic, taking time when they had it, or squeezing in a quick session when the situation did not allow for intense love making.

Whenever their parents weren't home, Stacy and Mike often jumped at the opportunity to use the house, to make love, to not have to worry about their parents interrupting.

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Mike's family, his parents, and younger brother and sister, planned a weekend getaway to a vacation spot far from his home. By their luck, the two managed to get the house empty for a weekend, and to get Stacy's parents to believe that she was staying at a friends house. They planned to share a rather peaceful and uninterrupted weekend of lovemaking.

They scheduled their evening for Saturday night, after Stacy got off of work. She told her parents she would be going to spend the night at a friends right after work, but instead, went straight to Mike's house. Upon arriving at his dimly lit home, Mike wrapped Stacy in a tight embrace, kissing her lips. The love the two shared could never be explained, it was simply amazing and undeniable.

He loved to hold her in his arms, kissing her, hugging her. When their lips finally parted, Mike took her hand and led her downstairs to the bathroom. He turned the shower on hot and started to undress. He pulled his shirt up over his head as Stacy undid her bra and took of her shirt. Mike couldn't help but move forward and kiss Stacy again, the sight of her breasts instantly making him hard.

He always thought she had the most beautiful breasts, just the right size, with little pink nipples, his absolute favorite. He continued to pull off her pants as she kissed her roughly, his hand finding her clean shaven crotch.

He slowly slid his fingers along the length of her slit, rubbing lightly, while still kissing her passionately. He pulled of his shorts and underwear with his other hand and let his already hard cock spring free. Stacy move her hand to grasp his cock and stroke it slowly, all the while the two stayed locked in their embrace, kissing each other. Mike broke the kiss a few moments later and held the shower door open for Rachel to enter. The hot water washed over their nude forms like a waterfall.

Finding the crevices of both of their bodies, sliding between Stacy's breasts and over her legs, water falling from the tip of Mike's erect penis. The kissed each other again, it was obvious that the two had trouble keeping their mouths away from each other, they always seemed to be locked in a kiss. Mike grabbed the soap and filled his and Stacy's hands with soap. They lathered each other up, each starting at the chest, Mike putting a excessive amount of soap on her nipples, and Stacy putting a bit more soap than needed on his cock.

He pinched and kneaded while she stroked his penis and balls with soap. He worked his way around and soaped her ass, while she soaped his back, using her nails and scratching along the length of his back. They scrubbed and scrubbed, more for pleasure than any need to get clean. Once they rinsed, they washed their hair and grabbed towels, stepping out of the shower and drying off.

Mike couldn't help but stare as Stacy dried off. He watched her run the towel over her breasts, then down her body. He watched as she bent over to dry her legs and feet, her beautiful butt facing him. He shook his head in wonder at how he could be with someone so beautiful. The two went upstairs to Mike's room. The room was clean, with a couch and a bed, and was romantically lit with candles.

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The room was bathed in a dim reddish light and the two quickly let their towels slide down to the ground and immediately started kissing, their naked forms pressing against each other. Slowly, Mike pushed them closer to the bed, laying Stacy on her back while he laid over her, supporting himself with one arm as he continued to kiss her.

He laid himself down next to her, and broke away from their kiss.

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This was one of his favorite parts of their foreplay. He slowly started to move the tips of his fingers over her body, starting at the top of her chest, moving down between her breasts and down around her belly button. He moved his fingers over her thighs, back up her stomach, and then over her breasts again. He kept his fingers moving, all the while admiring her body, taking in the beauty of her nude form. It was beautiful, with the mountains of her breasts, and the valley of her stomach, he couldn't help but stare.

He slowly started to move closer to her nipples, gently rubbing them, then pinching them. He then moved his hands down and closer to her lips, playing with her thighs first, then with the area around her pussy.

He ran his fingers on either side of her slit, then gently over top of it. He kissed her as he rubbed, passionately locking their mouths, then moving to suckle on her neck. He kissed and licked her neck as her breathing became heavier, becoming more and more aroused. He then moved his mouth up to her ear, breathing deeply into it then kissing it. He sucked on her ear lobe, kissing and licking her ear, eliciting soft moans and deeper breathing from Stacy.

He ran her lips down her neck again, then slowly moved down her chest. He placed his lips upon her nipple, kissing and sucking on it.

He felt the nipple grow hard and moved across to the other nipple to do the same, until it was likewise as hard.


Mike then moved his mouth down her stomach, kissing her belly button down to the top of her slit. He then licked down her thigh, down to her feet, then made his way back up, slowing down as he reached her center.

Mike then kissed her slit from top to bottom, making sure not to apply to much pressure so not to get her to excited. Once he reached her ass, he ran his tongue along the outside of her lips, starting at her ass, then moving up to the top of her crotch. Stacy moaned quietly as he teased her, doing enough to make her horny, but not enough to please her.


Mike took his tongue and starting at her ass, ran it up through her lips, and over her clit. At this, Stacy's back arched and she let out a whimper. He repeated this over and over, doing it for her pleasure as much as his own. He loved the taste of her juices, the warm liquid covering his tongue. To him, there was nothing quite as tasty as Stacy's juice. He ran his tongue over her slit and ass until all of her juice was gone.

Then he moved a hand up and pulled back the skin that covered her clit. He flicked his tongue over it and watched her shudder as a wave of pleasure ran through her body.


He flicked his tongue over her clit repeatedly, watching her gasp and moan as the pleasure coursed through her. When he thought she could take it no more, he took her clit between his teeth, applying just enough pressure to make her feel serious pleasure, he suckled on her throbbing clit.

He moved it between his teeth and licked and sucked on it. Stacy grabbed his hair with one hand and the bed sheets with another, moaning loudly as she neared her climax. As she reached her climax, she arched her back and opened her mouth as if to scream, but no sound could come from her parted lips.

Her face flushed red and her stomach tightened as wave after wave of pleasure rolled through her body. Then as quickly as it started, it ended, and she let her body go limp, her breathing heavy. Mike licked the last bit of moisture from between her lips, then kissed his way back up her nude form. He lay down beside her as she moved her head to rest on his chest, still breathing deeply.

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After a few moments of rest, Stacy lifted her head up and kissed Mike passionately. She did the same he did, first kissing his neck, and then moving up to kiss his ear. As she kissed his ear, his body moved and squirmed, a subtle feeling of pleasure moving through his body. He sighed as she moved back to kiss his mouth, then as she too, slowly kissed down his body.

She worked her way down his chest and stomach and then down to his cock. She turned around and put both legs over his chest, affording him a nice view of her pussy and ass. She was shorter than him, so her area was kept out of reach from his mouth, but she loved to tease him like that.

She kissed the tip of his cock and then took the end into her mouth. She ran her mouth down the length of the shaft, taking all of it in her mouth. She repeated this, moving her head up and down his cock, building up his climax.

Mike bit his knuckles to keep from making noise, and took his other hand and grabbed her butt. His climax would come quick if he kept staring at her beautiful ass and lips on his chest. But before he could finish, Stacy spun back around and moved to crouch between his legs. She smiled at Mike as she kissed the tip of his penis again and then slowly kissed down the length of his shaft.

When she reached the bottom, she pushed his cock aside and kissed his balls, before taking one into her mouth and sucking on it gently. Mike grabbed a handful of the sheets and breathed heavily, before she kissed back up his cock and down the other side, to suck on the other side of his balls. His hips bucked slightly as she did so, and he looked down to see Rachel smiling back up at him.

She then licked from the base of his dick up to the tip, and then did likewise on the opposite side.


As she reached the top she took the head of his cock in her mouth again then moved her head down his member. She moved up and down on his cock as she moved a hand up to massage his balls. She worked her magic on him, she was the only one who really knew how to please him. Before long, he felt his climax approaching and he raised his hips and grabbed a handful of Stacy's hair. Stacy pulled back from his cock for a moment as the first few jets spewed forth from his penis.

The first couple hit her lips and fell down to his cock and stomach. She moved her mouth back over the tip of his dick and swallowed the rest of his cum. She moved her mouth down his cock and sucked off the semen that had fallen on it. Then she licked up the pool of cum resting on his stomach. She smiled at Mike as she kissed the tip of his cock one last time, then ran her tongue along his shaft.

She crawled up to lay next to him but kept a hand on his cock, gently massaging and playing with it. They laid there together, naked, and kissing, for awhile. They ran their hands over each others bodies, just savoring the moment. Mike picked himself up and moved to lay over top of Stacy, between her legs.

He kissed her passionately, and once again, they were locked in a deep kiss. He moved one hand down to grasp his cock, then he moved his cock up to rub against her lips. He rubbed it against her clit, then down between her lips, letting her warmth cover the tip of his cock. They continued to kiss as he slowly slid his member between her lips and into her hole. He took it slow, allowing her pussy to adjust to his cock, any faster and he would hurt her.

Once he was inside, he pulled one of her legs up around his waist, and pushed himself deeper inside of her. Stacy gasped slightly and then smiled at him, pulling him close to her. She kissed him again as he began to slide his penis in and out her vagina. He started of slow at first, feeling her warmth around his dick, and then picked up the pace. As he moved he made sure to press his cock against the bottom of her pussy, hitting her g-spot and making her moan with pleasure.

The moved as if in a dance for moments, both staring at each other and kissing as their pleasure increased. Mike humped hard, forcing his cock further into Stacy. As he humped her entire body shook, her face grew red and she threw her head back, gasping for air. Mike moved a hand down under her leg to rub at her clit. He rubbed hard, and pressed his body against her, as she ran her nails across his back, scratching at his skin.

She gasped loudly as she came, her face contorted with pleasure as she again tried to scream, but no sound could force its way through her throat. She calmed momentarily, but Anthony did not relent. He kept driving his cock into her and rubbing her clit until she came again, and then, one final time. He tried to continue his play, but Stacy pulled his hand away from her clit and kissed him again.

Mike picked up the pace and humped her vigorously until he felt his own climax approaching. A moment before he came, he pulled out of her and came on her. Hot jets flew from the tip of his penis and landed on her breasts and stomach. He held himself over her with both arms, and breathed heavily. He let himself fall down beside Stacy and kissed her gently. She rolled onto her side and slid her arms around him while he pulled her close to him.