Slurping on cocks before tap out

Slurping on cocks before tap out
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---- I worked really hard to get this one out quickly. It definitely features more sex than the first story, and is much lighter. I already have most of the next part mapped out, but I have an exceptionally busy week, so it likely won't be up for a little while.

It will be a little longer as well, and deal with some different themes. Enjoy, and if you vote negatively, I'd just be curious to hear why, so I encourage you to comment if you did. ----- Chapter #1 Distractions Brandon tried focusing on his classes as much as he could, but he was once again distracted. His newfound girlfriend Jeannette turned out to be the daughter of a sex genie, and their first time making love had unearthed a rather interesting power she could see the sexual fantasies of the people around her, and when Brandon had skin to skin contact with her, he could see them as well.

He had noticed Becky Greenwood's fantasy that morning at school, and for some reason it appealed to him. On one side, it was rather simple she wanted to explore nature with someone she loved. The image that had triggered it was one of two people holding hands at the top of a mountain, overlooking a pristine valley.

Brandon had been drawn to the innocence and purity of the dream, as well as the romantic aspects of it. This wasn't just elaborate sex fantasies this was about sharing with another person, of love, not just lust. Since Becky wasn't really a part of any clique at school, Brandon wasn't sure what it would take to assist her with that fantasy, but he at least wanted to try. On the other hand, two school days previous had been spent studiously avoiding a rather embarrassing situation with a classmate, and then when she turned the situation around on him, the next day trying to keep his thoughts off how his now girlfriend was trying to entice and seduce him.

While he was smart enough not to have to worry about understanding the material, he was a little worried about class participation and pop quizzes over the types of obtuse things teachers like throwing out during classes to trap you and ensure that you were paying attention to them. Once school was over, he wasn't sure he had made enough headway in assisting Becky. Part of the issue was finding the other person for her to be with.

For that, he would need his girlfriend's help, as she was able to see fantasies all the time, and he only could when they touched.

Most teachers heavily frowned upon public displays of affection, so he was going to have a rough time of it. He wanted to enlist his girlfriend's aid, but she was a little distracted at the moment. "Since we're going to your place so I can have dinner with your parents, what time will they get home?", she asked as soon as he got in the car.

"Mom will be home at 3:30, 4 at the latest." he replied quickly, "But dad will be around 5:30. I think he is making sure he isn't forced to work late tonight, since this is so important to both of them." She looked over at him with a conniving grin before turning her attention back to the road. "Perfect, just what I was hoping." She smirked, very happy with his answer, "I have been forced to look at everybody's fantasies all day long.

And being forced to do so only made me desperate to have you all day long as well. And with that kind of build up all day, I need release as soon as possible. If you dare tease me and try to be your usual sweet self, I will scream, and not in a good way. So no playing or toying, I want it right away, and straight to the point." Brandon had to grin. Having an assertive girlfriend certainly had its advantages.

No need to worry if she was in the mood, she just made sure he knew it. A guy could get used to this. She made sure her point was crystal clear as soon as they got out of the car, and into the house. She immediately took his hand and led him up the stairs.

She looked at the four doors at the top, and looked back at him impatiently. He quickly pointed to which door was his, and she practically whipped him past her into the room. She surveyed the room like a hawk, taking in every detail in a rapid turn of her head. Her eyes alighted on his desk. She grinned evilly, walked up to it, then undid her slacks, and pulled them down along with her thong in a fluid motion.

She didn't even bend back up at the waist, and looked back over her shoulder at him with her forearms resting on his desk, her frustration at him for daring not to be already inside her more than evident.

Not wanting to be on her bad side, he quickly dropped his own pants and boxers, and slid in behind her. They did a little bouncing up and down to best align themselves, then he put his tip right up to her slit, and before he could try and slide in, she thrust back, taking all of him inside her. He gasped at how hot and tight she was, and was more than a little worried about how much he imagined that would have hurt her she was a virgin until yesterday after all.

However, she did not show any ill effects from the rapid insertion, so he started doing what his body demanded he do. He thrust powerfully, finding the sound of their bodies slapping together oddly amusing, as well as more than a little arousing.

She pushed back hard on him every time he thrust inwards, ensuring he filled her to the limit, and he aided her by pulling her hips towards him on every stroke. She groaned against him, and lowered her chest and head down to the desk, and at the same time angling her clit up so his balls slapped against it every time he thrust.

The pace was frantic and unrelenting, powerful and quick. Since it was only his second time, he was worried that he wouldn't last long enough to allow her to get her long anticipated release, and he was certainly not going to chance her response if he couldn't hold back his own climax. He needn't have worried, as only a few moments later her thrusts became less rhythmic and more jarring, and her already heavy breathing turned to pants.

She screamed in release, and the additional moistness and heat pushed Brandon over the edge. He peeled his hands from where they felt like they had been glued to her pelvis, and wrapped them around her waist, giving her a hug that she sighed into, before pulling out of her completely. She stayed on his desk for a few minutes more, catching her breath and coming down from the passion that had been burning in her the entire day.

She purred contentedly, and then finally raised herself up, and started pulling up her clothes. "That was amazing. How could I every ask for anyone better than you? Romantic whenever possible, but still able to be a neanderthal right when I need him to be.

That was just perfect. Thank you honey.", she finished, giving him a peck on the cheek, "I'm going to go wash up so your mom won't catch me like this. But I'm still having aftershocks. That will definitely be happening again sometime soon. Phew. What a man I have." With that, she left. Brandon realized that she had no idea where the bathroom was, but he was sure she could figure it out. He was still too shocked and breathless to try and croak out a response, so he hoped for the best.

The sound of running water soon after laid rest to his concerns, and he flopped backwards onto his bed after pulling up his pants, sighing heavily when his breath finally came back and his heart rate returned to normal. He had no idea how he was going to keep up with this woman, but he was more than happy to let her get him into shape.

She came back into the room a few minutes later, and smiled down at him. "While I would love nothing more to join you down there, I think your mom would appreciate it more if we were in the living room when she got home. Care to come downstairs with me and maybe do some homework for once?" He looked up at her, eyes still slightly unfocused, and nodded. He wondered how on earth she could even contemplate studying at that moment, but she did have a valid point. He resignedly rolled himself off the bed, not having the energy to sit up quite yet, and walked back downstairs with her.

Chapter #2 Impressive Impresssions After a few minutes, the fog had lifted, and he did find himself able to concentrate on doing some of the homework. He was distracted numerous times by looking over at the woman he still couldn't believe loved him and was with him, but he made a valiant effort and succeeded in doing more than he had originally thought he could.

Actually, Jeannette turned out to be a great study partner, and since they had a number of classes together, they found that working together they got quite a lot accomplished. His mother came in around 4:15, carrying a couple of bags of groceries, as she had not had much time to prepare for Jeannette coming over, and like most mothers wanted to prove her "from scratch" cooking skills.

This was especially the case since with a boy that used to be as reclusive as Brandon, she didn't get the opportunity very often. Actually, as this was the first girlfriend he had ever had, she seemed doubly obsessed with getting everything exactly right. She seemed rather pleased that her son and his girlfriend studiously worked on homework while she prepared the dinner, and smiled out at them quite often, enjoying this vision she had earlier begun to worry may never happen.

The fact that Jeannette seemed more than a match for her son's intellect certainly didn't hurt things either, and Brandon could sometimes see her shake her head in disbelief as she went back to her cooking.

His mother needn't have worried, dinner was of course a masterpiece, and everything went exceptionally well. His mother was polite and caring, and would occasionally give her son quick looks of deep pleasure and affirmation that she was quite impressed with his choice of women.

Brandon figured that since psychologists like to say that men married their mothers that his mother took it as an extremely high compliment that this was the girl he had chosen to bring home for her approval.

His dad was a different matter, although he was also singularly impressed. Jeannette was almost the only person he looked at the entire night, and he was slightly more of a goofball than he usually was, making more offhanded jokes than typical.

Brandon figured he was nervous, wanting Jeannette to feel welcome, but like most men felt the desperate need to impress and be liked by a beautiful woman. Brandon knew Jeannette didn't mind at all though, and handled the entire dinner with a perfect ease and comfort that amazed him.

He would squeeze her hand regularly to show his support, caring and admiration of him, and on numerous occasions their eyes would meet, and pure love would be transmitted between the two of them. After desert, they adjourned to the living room, and talked some more, although much more informally.


At around 9:00, Brandon's mom apologized profusely for keeping her out so late on a school night, and thanked her for spending time with them. Jeannette thanked his mother for her superb cooking, and was of course invited to join them for dinners any time. She replied by stating that she would likely be spending a lot of time over their house, and didn't want to be an inconvenience.

Before his mother could respond, she then stated that she would like to make them all dinner some night if they would allow her the use of their kitchen. Brandon's mothers eyes went extremely wide at that idea, and she was obviously duly impressed with both her manners and her likely skills.

She again looked at Brandon and without saying a word let him know how much she approved of Jeannette. After saying their goodbyes, Brandon walked her out to her car, and gave Jeannette a chaste kiss, as he expected his parents to be watching, although he thought they very likely each had different motivations. He thanked her for everything, and then headed inside, steeling himself for his parent's high praise they would likely heap upon the two of them.

Chapter #3 Back to Work Later in bed, he realized he still had not had a chance to talk to Jeannette about finding the right guy for Becky, so he put their ability to talk mind to mind to good use. Jeannette, do you have a few minutes?

If you want them. I was kind of involved formulating a rather detailed fantasy of you curling up in bed with me to aid me in falling asleep, but talking to you can be relaxing as well. Did your parents say anything I should know after I left?

Did I do ok? You did marvelous. Let's just say that I think that if I had told them I wanted to marry you, they would have put me in the car, driven me to the store, banged on the door until the owner let us in, and then bought the ring for me.

My mother gave me explicit instructions to not screw this up and to treat you like the woman you are. And my dad, well, he just basically told me he was proud of me, and was thrilled that I had found someone that complimented me so well. All in all, yeah, I think you made the best impression that was humanly possible.

Good. I figured it went well, I just wanted to make sure there wasn't anything I needed to be aware of next time I come over. We should also figure out a time that our parents can meet. Now that they all approve, and since you and I have already decided we are in it for good, we might as well get them used to each other. I like that idea, and it would be nice to do something before the holidays get started, and get both families connected with one another before we get too busy.

Now, onto the business of why I needed to talk to you. We didn't get a chance to really discuss Becky after school. Since I can't see everyone's fantasies all the time, I can't look as heavily for the person who might make a good match.

Can you keep an eye out tomorrow, and maybe we can find someone then and better develop a plan over the weekend? Sure, I can do that. I did a little of it today, but I was trying to pay attention to the classes as much as I could, although some of the fantasies I saw were a little distracting.

However, you should know that pulling your girlfriend out her reverie of imagining herself with you to discuss another woman will not get you very many brownie points, although I'll let you slide a little since it is for purely altruistic reasons. Well then, what if I told you about how much I would love to hold you tight in my arms, to feel your head on my chest, one hand caressing your back, and the other stroking your face and hair?

Feeling your breath on my skin as we kept each other feeling safe and warm, keeping the cold at bay by snuggling ever closer together, as much in contact with each other as we could be, the blankets shielding us from the outside world as we lost time in the closeness of our embrace. I would kiss your forehead and tell you how much I loved you as you cuddled up ever tighter to me, feeling protected and cared for, and without a worry in the world to distract you.

Would that help a little? A soft and languid sigh was the only response, and Brandon found himself wrapped in the fantasy as well, which translated perfectly into his dream world, where they spent the entire time together. The next day at school, Jeannette greeted him with a kiss, her eyelids slightly drooping. "That was some of the best sleep I've had in years.


The only thing that would make it better would be for me to take you home right now and force you to make it real. And I am so relaxed now I couldn't care less what anyone else would do or say." "I'm glad you liked it. I slept pretty well too, but the pillow is a pitiful replacement for you, and it wasn't quite the same.

Some day we will have to figure out how to at least get a long nap in. I don't think my parents are quite ready for overnights though." She pouted in response to this, but turned, took his hand, rested her head on his shoulder and sighed. "In that case then, I may as well resign myself to classes again. At least it's Friday. Speaking of which, what are our plans for the weekend?" "Depends on whether you find a guy for Becky today or not.

I want to spend as much of it with you as possible, so I'll be happy with almost anything. The past few days have been such a whirlwind though that I don't want to overplan it. We've done all the things we needed to to begin our relationship, now I just want to enjoy actually just being with you. Can you cope with that?" "I guess so, if I must.", she smiled up at him, "Although there was that a nap that I was hoping we could try to squeeze in." "Sleep would be lovely, I certainly enjoyed waking up with you the other day." They arrived at their class soon after, and got caught up in their daily schedule.

Just before last period, Jeannette contacted Brandon. I think I found the perfect guy! Really? Who? Rob Newman. You're kidding me. They are from completely different worlds.

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Does he have the same fantasy? Not really, although he does seem to be rather sweet with what he wishes for. No, it was actually because he was talking about how he has been leading hikes during the weekends, and he hopes the weather continues to hold out.

I assume you attempted to figure out where he has been working? Yup. I mentioned to him we were looking for a fun date idea, and he gave me a funny look, then immediately warmed up to me. He seemed so much more alive when he was talking to me all about it. He's leading one on Sunday. Think you can convince Becky to come too? I can sure try. If not, hopefully we can get a rain check.

Give me a few minutes after school to talk to her though. And no getting all jealous again. Just promise me you'll make it up to me as soon as we get home. It's been a long week, and I think I deserve some pampering. I've had a long week too you know. When do I get some pampering? You get it all the time. Now let me get back to class, and be good with Becky. If you take to long I am liable to come find you and drag you home. Yes, Dear. As soon as school ended, Brandon rushed around to find Becky, and found her making a hasty retreat from the school.

She always seemed to be uncomfortable around crowds, and disappeared quickly when attendance was no longer mandatory. "Hey, Becky, can I ask you some advice?" She turned around slowly, absolutely stunned, as Brandon ran up to her breathlessly. "Becky, as I'm sure you've heard, Jeannette and I started dating recently, and she doesn't like the typical dinner and a movie idea. So, she wants us to go hiking on Sunday at Crestview mountain, but I'm not sure exactly what I should bring.

I know you like the outdoors, can you give me a little help?" As Becky started questioning him further about where they were hiking, she got more animated, and gave Brandon detailed information on what basic things he should think about. He was obviously ill equipped for a the hike, but she told him what things he could get away with.

The few things she said he absolutely had to have were luckily relatively cheap. "Becky, you obviously know way more about this than I do. I really appreciate all your help, it's been invaluable. You know, if you aren't doing anything, it would be awesome if you would come along with us, and make sure we stayed safe and didn't take a wrong turn.

I'd be eternally grateful if you wouldn't mind helping me out. I would hate to have her break something so early in our relationship." "Are you sure? I wouldn't want to be a third wheel.

Although I do love that mountain. It has a wonderful view on the top." "Absolutely. In fact, I think we both would appreciate it. It would feel far less like a date, and much more like just hanging out, which is what the both of us prefer. Can we pick you up around 7:00 to make sure we get there on time?

I'll buy the coffee too if you want any." "No coffee for me, but it sounds like fun." She texted him her address so he would also have her phone number, and they smiled at each other as they walked away. Brandon was shocked at how easily that had gone.

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Then again, just being nice to people and making them feel valuable and important usually did wonders for a relationship. Chapter #4 Pleasant Presents Brandon was beaming as he slid into Jeannette's car. "All set, we are on for Sunday.

I wish we could sleep in, but it might be nice to get out for a while as well." Jeannette nodded her agreement, then drove them to her house to relax for a while, since the hard part of getting them all together seemed to finally be completed. They greeted her parents, and made their way up to Jeannette's room. As she entered her room, she stopped short, and Brandon bumped into her by accident.

He turned to see her eyes wide, mouth slightly open in shock. "You like it?", Jen queried as she walked up the stairs behind them, "I thought it was about time we gave you a minor upgrade." Brandon turned to the room then, and was shocked. The room had been rearranged, with an enourmous bed in the center, and two nightstands where originally there had been only one.

"Now, I know you likely won't need near that much room, but I was going for shock value. Your father gave me an overarching wish that allows me to do whatever I want to the room for you. You likely won't need more than a queen, since you are likely to want to stay as close to each other as you can." And in that moment, the bed narrowed significantly to queen size, and opened up more of the room.

"Much better. However, there is a major caveat to all this. Obviously, the fact of who I am makes me rather laid back about you two having sex. And while your father is a wonderful man, you are still his daughter, and he is struggling with his little girl growing up. He will put on a good face, and while he theoretically has no issue with it from a purely logical standpoint, just be aware of his emotions being a little irrational at times. It helps a lot that Brandon is so respectful and caring, but this was a sudden change in lifestyle.

I trust you to your best judgment, but just try not to be too loud.", she smirked at the end. Jeannette was still staring at the room, dumbly nodding her understanding to her mother, but she was still quite in shock. Brandon turned and gave Jen a heartfelt thank you, and promised for the both of them that they would be discreet, and that he appreciated both of their understanding.

Jen turned back at the end of the stairs, "Oh, and I made sure to stock up the nightstands. I'll take your dad out for a little while to make sure he is duly distracted and keep his mind off things.

Just give me a few minutes, and then enjoy breaking it in." Her mom gracefully disappeared around the corner, and Brandon returned his attention to his girlfriend. "You ok?" He asked simply, not wanting to overload her.

"I think I will be in a second. I guess it just hit me how much everything has changed in the past few days, and that the old me really is gone.", she looked up at him, "Can you just snuggle with me for a few minutes, and let me relax? This is a little much to digest right now, and since it's all because of you that this has happened, I think you need to be the one to help me through my mourning period of losing who I was." Brandon nodded solemnly, and led her into the room.

He sat her on the edge of her bed, and removed her shoes, then turned her and laid her down onto the bed. He quickly removed his shoes as well, and walked around the bed to lay down next to her.

He slid his arm under her neck, and pulled her arm to force her to turn and rest on his chest. He looked down on her to see tears running down her nose, and he couldn't think of a really good response, so he just held her tightly. He caressed her arm slowly, and just waited for her to be able to accept the massive changes in her life.

He realized he had changed a lot as well, but for some reason didn't really miss his old life. He was just content in his new one. After a few minutes, she wiped away her tears. "I'm so sorry. I know it's silly, but I wasn't expecting to find someone for years. I was just caught up in my own little world.

I guess I was content in who I was, but I didn't realize how much I had been missing.

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I liked being independent, and thought of just as who I was, and not labeled by being someone's girlfriend, as if that described the person I am." "At the same time, I think I can live with that when I'm with you.

You treat me like I'm special and have never looked down on me, even when I wasn't with you. If being with you means that I am equated with all the good things about you, then that is an honor I can be proud of." Brandon kissed her forehead, "I'll try to keep that in mind and hopefully I can live to your exceptionally high standards.

I think this is easier for me because I didn't have the same expectations of perfect love you did, so I was more open to the idea of me in a relationship.


While it has stunk for years not being in a relationship, I can cope with that since it meant I never had a girlfriend who wasn't everything I would want in a person. I feel like maybe I was kept off to the side in a corner, hidden until the time was right for us to find each other. The universe has a weird way of rewarding us sometimes for putting us through hell, although it is may have been just making us wait for something far better." Jeannette smiled. "I love your mind most of all.

It's so nice to have someone I can just talk to. And the fact that you didn't think that I was being a silly girl and complain about me needing to do this makes you very special indeed." Brandon grinned. "Well, I don't know about any silly girls around here, but I think that a strong and independent woman I know could really use some pampering." She purred into his chest.

Brandon slid up a bit so he could sit up more, trying to disturb her as little as he could. He reached over and opened the nightstand closest to him. He roared with laughter, and a slightly annoyed Jeannette looked up at him confused, not wanting to be disturbed from her comfortable position. When Brandon pulled out a massive dildo, at least a foot long, and exceptionally thick, Jeannette started laughing as well, completely brought out of her mood by the audacity of her mother's mind.

The woman was incorrigible, and obviously reveled in the sexual awakening of her daughter. They explored the two nightstands for a few moments, laughing uproariously at the things Jen had thought they might want or need. Brandon would make suggestive movements with his eyebrows at some of them, causing Jeannette to topple over laughing at the outlandish things the toys suggested.

Eventually, Brandon got to the bottles and tubes of liquid, and he found a warming massage oil. "I think this is precisely what you need." He had also noticed that there was a separate thermostat control at the entrance to her room, so he got up and turned up the heat to keep her warm and relax her even more.

He then walked over to where she was sitting up in the bed, and kissed her lightly on the lips. "Why don't you get changed into some pajamas so you can be cozy until it warms up in here, and so that if you end up falling asleep, you will at least be comfortable. She bounced up, smiled, and glided over to her dresser. Brandon sat down on the bed to enjoy his own little show, and she smirked over her shoulder at him, knowing exactly what she was doing for him.

She pulled out some flannel sleep pants, and hip checked the drawer closed, keeping her hip cocked captivatingly to the side as she glanced seductively at him over her opposite shoulder.

Keeping her eyes locked on his, she grabbed the bottom of her shirt with her opposite hands, and slowly and seductively raised the shirt over her head and arms, tossing it back at him. He deftly caught it without his gaze wavering from her perfect form, and tossed it in the corner without looking.

She slid down her pants next, bending over completely at the waist, and tantalizingly looked at him, her head almost touching her legs, giving him a clear view of her ass in her satin thong.

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She stepped out of her pants, somehow keeping her balance while holding the pose, and beckoned him over to her by crooking her finger at him slowly. He walked over and ran his hands down the outside of her hips, but her hands grabbed his and stopped him. "Naughty boy, no touching.", she warned him, straightening quickly.

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"You should have known better. Now please hand me my pants." She stuck out her palm to her, feigning indignation at his effrontery. She closed her hand tightly on them when he placed them in her fingers, and nodded him back to the bed. She stepped quickly into her pants, and did a slow exaggerated hip shake as she pulled them over her tight ass, snapping the elastic when she finished.

She looked over her shoulder again as her hands reached behind her to unclasp her matching bra, and then slid the straps over her shoulders, and let the bra drop to the floor. She crossed her hands over her breasts, turned around, and sauntered over to the bed, where she fell flat onto the bed next to Brandon, only removing her hands once her body was against the comforter.

She brought her hands up under her head to cushion it, and looked up at Brandon. "You may proceed now." She crossed her ankles and closed her eyes, ready to receive Brandon's affections. He moved over to her, kneeling by her side, and opened the bottle of warming oil, rubbing it into his hands to start warming it more. He then slid his hands up her shoulder blades to her neck, and she quietly moaned in pleasure at the touch.

He lightly started kneading her neck and shoulders, first determining how much pressure she liked used, and then trying to find the knots and start to ease them away. He didn't focus on eliminating them, that could happen some other time. He was focused on relaxing her and pampering her, not working out her years of stress in one fell swoop. He ran his hands down her back, applying additional oil as necessary to keep his strokes fluid and rhythmic. He used his palms, pushing in next to her spine, and then pushing in, sliding his palms towards the outside of her body, and taking the tension away from those tight muscles.

He then grouped his fingers together into a tight fan, and ran the finger tips firmly up her back, gliding over her soft skin, and then running them back down closer to the outside, and then finally back up again, zigzagging up and down her back. Her quiet moans she used to show her appreciation became fewer and far between as she surrendered herself completely to his touch, and just focused on the sensations of his hands on her skin. She adored the fact that she felt like she could feel all his caring and affection for her in every movement, and she loved him all the more for it.

His hands moved the sides of her shoulders, squeezing them, and then he continued down her arms, making sure he touched every inch of her skin and gently worked over every muscle. She purred involuntarily when he used his thumbs on the pad of her thumb, not realizing how much tension was kept there, and was thrilled as he wrapped his hands around each finger, and pulled along it gently, making her feel like he was pulling all of the stress right out of her body and into the air.

He repeated the process on the other arm, and then moved up to the base of her neck, focusing on the muscles that kept her delicate neck upright all day, and where she kept the majority of her tension. He made sure to get into the area right at the base of her skull, where stress seemed to like to conceal itself, and get into the crevices there to ease all the muscles hiding there. He then moved down her back to do her lower hips.

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He pulled down the back of her pants slightly to expose the area more, and she reluctantly raised her hips to aid him. He started on the muscles of her hips, and as he was about to move lower, she turned over and stopped him, arms raised relaxedly above her head, exposing her perfect breasts to him, and he loved the way they moved with her body. "That was magnificent, but if you do any more, I'm going to pass out, and may not ever be able to wake up." She reached her arm out to him, "Come her and curl up with me." He did as she requested, resting his head on her shoulder and closing his eyes as she held him to her.

He rested there for a few minutes, enjoying the closeness to the girl of his dreams, and also quite enamored with the feel of her bare breast against his chin. He turned his head slightly, and kissed the place where the top of her breasts met her body, and she sighed and purred in response. He took that as his cue to continue, and he propped himself up slightly, giving himself the room to kiss around the curves of her breast, enjoying the softness and give of them as his lips pushed against them.

Before he could get too far involved in his kissing exploration, she pushed against his shoulder, and made him lay on his back on the bed. "All you've done since you've met me is do what I was in the mood for. You were romantic when I needed it, forceful when I demanded it, and gentle and caring when I required that. It is about time you were rewarded. Now it's my turn to pamper you a little." With that, she lifted his shirt up his chest, and kissed him all over, moving slowly ever downward.

When she got to his navel, she swirled the point of her tongue all the way around it, before sliding it down to the edge of his jeans, forcing a sharp intake of breath from him in anticipation.

She then continued to kiss right at that spot, while gliding her fingers under the edge of his waistband, sliding them in further at every pass. Once her progress was restricted, she raised her body up, and undid the button on his jeans. The took the zipper in her mouth and pulled it down with her teeth, her chin making constant contact against his hardness, and he groaned involuntarily. She smiled up at him, and started pulling down on his pants and boxers, quickly freeing him to the air.

She didn't chance it feeling cold or left out though, and immediately took the tip into her mouth, she warmth of which was exhilarating to him. She swirled her tongue around the crown, and then teased the sensitive part underneath the top with the point of her tongue. Her hands moved up and down on him, covering where her mouth wasn't, and she looked up at him, lust in her eyes.

That look alone made the experience all the more thrilling, since it meant she was enjoying this just as much as he was. She bobbed her head up and down on him, taking more and more of him into her mouth, until he felt it hit against her throat.

She continued on with this for a few more minutes, and then shocked him when she suddenly pulled down on him to change his angle to her face, and then slid him all the way into her throat when she had him at the right angle to allow it.

The warm and pressure was exhilarating, and he didn't know how long he would be able to hold back, especially as her tongue was always in motion, seeming to find every sensitive part of him, and moving between them so they never got desensitized. Her hands suddenly left him at that point, and he watched her pull down her pants and thong, still keeping her mouth wrapped around him, tongue constantly moving and teasing, the and she varied her suction to thrill him even more.

In one fluid motion, she slid her head up, grabbed him, moved on top of him, and slid him into her. She sighed as she slowly lowered herself down on him completely, then looked him deeply in the eyes and quietly whispered, "Much better.

Comi o cu da casada

I couldn't take not being connected with you anymore." She ground her pelvis against him and laid down on top of him, her arms slipped under his shoulders, and she placed her head on his chest, never stopping the movement of her hips, but enjoying the full body contact of their lovemaking. As her pace started to pick up, Brandon raiser her upright, and bent his head forward to take her nipple between his lips, sucking and teasing it with his tongue, making her moan ever loader as her release neared.

He grabbed the other breast and kneaded it gently, catching the nipple between his outstretched fingers and squeezing it between them. Her pace picked up markedly at that point, and Brandon thrust up in time with her as much as he could as they brought themselves ever closer to the moment of release, the tension building higher and higher as their bodies moved in one rhythm.

Finally, Brandon could take it no more, and groaned heavily into her breast. At the first release of his cum, she screamed loudly, and her contractions brought his orgasm to a whole new level, squeezing out everything he had, and then trying to pull out more. They collapsed onto the bed, breathless, and both sighed heavily once they had caught their breath again. After a few moments more he rolled on his side toward her, and ran his fingers across her breasts, down her stomach, over the thin strip of hair on her pelvis, and down to her slit, where he quickly found her clit and started teasing it again.

She stared into his eyes and moaned, then closed them rapidly, giving herself over to the stimulation. Her breath caught again, and her muscles tensed as he brought her to another orgasm, and then he slowed his pace to not overdo it. He still kept very slight and slow pressure on it though, and a few minutes later he slowly picked up the pace and finished her a third time, after which she put her hand on his wrist to signal she was done.

She got up slowly to go use the bathroom, and Brandon closed his eyes after watching her gracefully stroll out of the room. He sighed warmly, amazed at the woman he had found, and just thrilled by the life he now led. He felt pressure on the bed as she laid back down on it, and felt her pulling the covers down. He didn't even bother to open his eyes as he lifted his body to pull them down as well, and quickly pulled them back up to cover him.

He felt her head rest on his chest, and he wrapped his arm around her. He slid the fingers of his other hand through her silken hair, and her head moved into the touch, enjoying him caressing her head. He woke a little while later, and again looked transfixed at the sublime face of the woman he loved. He allowed her to sleep for a little while longer, enjoying the peacefulness of her expression.

When she finally did stir, she smiled up at him and kissed him lightly on the lips, and then snuggled back into his chest, not wanted to leave the comfort of their embrace.

"We should probably get up pretty soon. Your parents should be back before long, and we also need to make a mall run to get some things for Sunday. Would you prefer to do that tonight or tomorrow?" "Hmm, tomorrow I think. We can make a day of it. I know most guys don't like shopping all that much, but I promise I will make it well worth your while." Brandon liked that idea, and he had to admit he loved that his girlfriend also seemed to be quite the minx as well.

They ended up deciding to spend the rest of the night catching up on homework and studying so they could enjoy the rest of the weekend. They did get some things done, but a boy does revel in distracting and bothering a cute girl, and Jeannette seemed to also gather pleasure in flirting and distracting Brandon, so they knew they would have to finish up some things the next day.

They agreed that it was probably more time effective for them to finish up alone the next morning to get more accomplished, and then head to the mall in the afternoon. Chapter #5 - Preparations Jeannette picked Brandon up after lunch, and they headed for the mall. They enjoyed strolling hand in hand, and just looking around.

Before they got laden down with the items they needed the next day, Jeannette pulled him into and upscale boutique to look around.

She picked out a few nice dresses, and modeled them for him, and he was impressed that she seemed to make anything she wore look amazing. With a devilish grin, she tried to pull him into a lingerie store next, but he demurred.

"Maybe next time. Mind you, I love the idea, but I don't want to get all worked up today and be in a rush to get home." She frowned, "Who said anything about waiting until we get home. The dressing rooms have full doors, and I expect to put that fact to its full advantage." "Still, " he replied, "Not today.

I do love the idea, but I wanted to try and make this a leisurely day for us. Can I take a rain check?" She pouted in response, but resignedly took his arm and walked away with him. He really did look forward to coming back again, but also wanted to ensure she knew he loved her completely, and wasn't in it just for the marvelous sex.

A few hours later, they finished up their trip, and decided that since they seemed to already be alternating between houses, they might as well go back to his for the evening and make sure his parents didn't feel left out or like they weren't fun to be around.

They spent a pleasant evening together, packing up their things for the next morning, and then watching some tv with his parents, and spending time together. Although she had already duly impressed them, Jeannette seemed to do everything just right to continue to raise their esteem of her, and his mother continued to be amazed at the new girl in her son's life.

Jeannette left earlier than any of them would have liked, but since they had an early morning, they agreed it was for the best.

Brandon had texted Becky earlier in the evening, and she had confirmed that she was all set to go. Chapter #6 Ascension When they picked up Becky, she seemed almost giddy with enthusiasm. Brandon had never seen her like this. She was warm, knowledgeable, and most important, comfortable. He sincerely wished everyone would be able to see this side of her. When they arrived at the mountain, they grabbed their things and made their way to the meeting place. A few other couples were there, at all different skill levels.

When Becky noticed Rob, she seemed to slowly move behind Brandon, unconsciously hiding from him. Brandon knew he would have to do something significant to break her out of her shell. He had thought just getting her out into nature would have been enough, but more needed to happen. As they started their trek, he kept his eyes peeled for something to help him out. Jeannette was also doing her part, asking leading questions to her about the area and what they saw.

Several times Becky seemed to forget her fears, and opened up, expressively explaining the most minute details of the world around them. And on a couple of occasions, Brandon noticed Rob paying attention, and raising his eyebrows slightly as he saw this new side of his schoolmate. As the climb progressed, Rob moved further and further towards them at the back, letting the other guides lead.

Eventually, Rob took the initiative of including himself in the discussions, and Brandon was proud of him for giving Becky a chance to prove herself even further. As they got closer and closer to the top, Brandon knew it was now or never, so he took the cheap way out. He knew it was sad and contrived, but he feigned a minor ankle twist, and sat down on a rock. Jeannette started towards him, concern evident on her face, but with a glance at her, then the two others with him, she caught on and back off inconspicuously.

Both Becky and Rob bent together to check his ankle, talking excitedly to each other as they focused on someone else instead of their nerves. They were both proficient in caring for minor injuries, as both of them loved the outdoors, and they showed how well matched they were by working as a team to quickly inspect him.

However, no spark was happening. They may have touched, but it was clinical, not personal. So Jeannette decided to force the issue. She made as if to get something from her bag, but instead slipped a little and used her leg to knock over Becky, who was still crouched near Brandon's foot. Becky toppled over, not being able to keep her balance, and Rob tried to catch her wrist, but just barely missed. When she looked up at Rob, suddenly nervous to look so vulnerable and weak in front of him, she was shocked to see a tender and warm smile on his lips, and his hand outreached to help her up.


She took it hesitantly, and when he pulled her up, they stood staring for a moment at each other, so close together that Brandon wondered if they would kiss right then. Becky then looked away, her nerves getting the best of her, but Rob's eyes stayed riveted on her. Brandon spoke up quickly, not wanting to lose the moment.

"Why don't the two of you go on without me? Jeannette can stay here with me, and I'm sure that I'll feel better once a little aspirin has kicked in.

You guys love it out here, you deserve to make it to the top." They both protested that they couldn't leave the two of them, but both he and Jeannette were forceful, and they finally were able to convince them.

Once they finally relented, Rob thankfully took initiative, able to tell that Becky was too insecure to do it for herself, no matter how much they both wanted it. He reached out his hand to her. "Shall we go up then? The view is marvelous up there.

Look, we can see the top from here. See everyone waving down at us?" Becky nodded, finally looking back up at their destination, and excitedly waved with her free hand at everyone above them. Rob led them away, and they were animatedly talking about their shared joy of the outdoors before they got out of sight. Jeannette sat down next to Brandon, thrilled that it seemed to have worked, and wishing the two of them the best of luck.

About ten minutes later, they saw the other couple's forms outlined against the beautiful sky, still holding hands, and standing at the peak. They waved down at the two of them below, and then got lost in the view of the tranquility around them.

Rob put his arm around Becky, and pulled her close. She looked up at him, and for one of the first times in her life, broke free of her shell, and leaned up to him, kissing him on the lips. Her passion rose as her dream was perfectly fulfilled, and they kissed oblivious to the people around them. At the moment that their lips touched, a powerful force ripped right through Brandon and Jeannette, who were watching from down below. The feeling of a massive emotional and mental orgasm course through them together.

Thankfully, their bodies didn't follow suit, although they were both visibly shaking by the power of that force. They looked at each other, dumbfounded. They were still reeling from what had happened when the group came down to meet them. Becky and Rob were positively beaming, and that sight brought the two of them back to reality.

They walked back down with the group, and enjoyed watching Rob and Becky's interactions. Brandon was thrilled to realize that he had not only fulfilled his mission of completing Becky's fantasy, but that he also had two new friends as well, bonded through shared experience.

He realized how much his world had grown since the terrible moment when he had been caught staring at Jeannette, and was thrilled to see what the future would bring. And he started thinking, whose dreams could they realize next?