Cute little freckled teen gets her pussy rammed hard by her professor

Cute little freckled teen gets her pussy rammed hard by her professor
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[Love feedback, so write a comment or send me a message!!] Harry Potter and Hermione Granger's slave: Ginny Weasley It was the holidays and surprisingly Harry is enjoying them, this is because of the fact he is staying at Ron's house with the Weasleys, including Ginny.


Ginny was entering into her third year of Hogwarts and is one of the sluttiest girls in her year. She makes no secret to the fact she has fucked many boys in her year and even Draco Malfoy.

Ginny worked hard perfecting her body and had developed into a fit, sexy girl since Harry first met her with a athletic body yet somehow big perky breasts. There was a knock on the door and a call from downstairs, "Hermione's here". Harry ran down the stairs to find standing there his beautiful girlfriend in a short floral skirt.

She ran up to him, jumping on top of Harry to embrace him in a long, passionate kiss.


It lasted a few minutes with tongue slowing moving out of her luscious lips and into Harry's. Once finally separating Harry spotted Ginny in the corner of his eye looking jealous and red-faced.

The sleeping arrangement was not ideal for Harry's sexual ambitions as he was sharing a room with Ron while Hermione was sharing with Ginny.

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Every night however, at exactly midnight, Harry would sneak into Ginny Rooms and secretly have sex with Hermione, every time being more ambitious.

First it was a blowjob, next normal sex, and finally anal. It was Sunday night and the clock had just struck midnight, Harry did his usual commute tip toeing past Ron's bed, over through the corridor and into Ginny room. Like expected Hermione is there waiting for him, although tonight Harry was planning on being extra cautious as last night he thought he saw Ginny watching them. Harry quickly got to work, shoving his hard dick into Hermione, back and forth, faster and faster.

Then he saw it, in the corner of his eye. Movement from under Ginny's blankets.

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She was masturbating to the couple having sex. He whispered his discovery to Hermione. Suddenly she pushes Harry off her and storms over to Ginny's Bed. "YOU FUCKING SLUT "she screams as she pulls the blankets off Ginny to reveal a wet pussy with two fingers inside.

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Ginny is shocked and tries covering her wet pussy. "Do you think it is okay to watch as we fuck" She shouts to which Ginny replies with silence as her face turns bright red. Hermione reaches over and grabs Ginny by the hair dragging her off the bed and onto the floor. "On your knees, bitch" Hermione demands. Ginny obliges, looking at Harry for any sign of help but Harry simply looks away.

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"You need to be punished for your wrongdoings, for the rest of the night you must do what I say, without making a sound, do you understand". Ginny nods her head in reply, staring straight at the ground.

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"Look at me in the eyes when I talk to you bitch ". Ginny looks up into beautiful eyes of Hermione and after a few seconds of silence and tension there is a large cracking sound and Ginny collapses to the ground.

Hermione had slapped Ginny on the face as hard. Hermione continued to grab Ginny who was starting to cry by her and pull her face up to her pussy. "Eat me bitch".


Ginny slowly starts licking Hermione's pussy go faster and faster. After five minutes of pleasure for Herminie she decides its Harrys turn. She demands Ginny lie on the bed facing the rood with her arms and legs out. She then ties both legs and arms to the corners of the bed with belts before stuffing Ginny's mouth with a old shirt. Hermione then walked over to Harry and put her soft lips on Harry's before whispering "She all yours".


It was now Harrys turn to get the pleasure he had patiently waited for. He started off by teasing her with his hard 8 inch cock, Slapping her in the face several times with it before finishing off with a giant slip with his hand leaving a red hand mark on her face and tears in her eyes.

Next, without any notice shoved his cock into Ginny's wet pushing, ramming her as fast as possible before suddenly pulling out and rubbing his dick until he cumed all over Ginny's face. Ginny's started crying which was all to the amusement of Hermione who was in the corner laughing whilst fingering herself. Harry continued fucking Ginny then Cumming on her face for another 90 minutes until Ginny's face was completely covered in Harry's juices.

"Now for the finale" Harry says in a theatrical voice. He gets Hermione to come over and lay on top of Hermione; He slowly starts making love to her on top of Ginny.

It is ten minutes before Harry can hold on and he warns Herminie he is about to cum. He moans as he shouts his load into the hot pussy of Hermione.

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She smiles before the pair make out passionately on top of the in pain Ginny. Eventually Harry decides it's time for him to go to bed and says goodnight to his sexy girlfriend. Hermione, who still had Harry's cum in her, removed the shirt from her slaves mouth.

"I can't sleep with cum inside me, you need to lick it out or you will be punished more". Ginny obliges, pushing her tongue deep into Hermione's pussy removing a mixture of Harry and Hermione's juices. Once done, Hermione kisses Ginny on the lips before going to sleep, leaving Ginny tied up faced covered in cum for the rest of her night.

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