Strapped down enormous white broad with black friend

Strapped down enormous white broad with black friend
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How detention with my gym teacher turned into the best thing in my life I was 17 when I was in middle school almost done with my studies for electrician we had to do 2 hours of gym each week but nobody would miss that class my class was blessed to get gym from miss foster the hottest teacher in our school and she would always show that she is wearing short sport shorts a white shirt with a back bra that even a blind guy would see she always showed off her nice D cups and tight little ass she was the gym teacher so she was always in good shape for a 22 year old.

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One day I got detention for calling my teacher of math a oldtimer he was a oldtimer the guy was 70 and listens to music trough a pelican I said out loud and he may be old but his hearing was still fine so I ended up in detention I knew my friend Tim also head detention so I would not be alone with the oldtimer but the day I had detention he was sick I had to stay alone with that old man for 2 hours and I knew I was gonna die from boredom.

When the final bell went I headed over to detention I enter and looked in the class completely empty I looked over to the desk and there sits miss foster wearing the same outfit as always " miss foster what are you doing here ?" I asked checking out her body from top to toe smiling " mister Johnson had to go home I will give you detention "she says as she looks over to me with that cute little smile I loved I nodded and took a seat right infront of her I sat there alone with the hottest teacher ever !

My mind went wild imagining what I could do with her if I could I dreamed about her on her knees then bending over but the truth went different she just sits there starring our of the window a little sad waiting for the detention would be over I noticed it and tried to apologise for letting her stay longer " I'm sorry miss foster I didn't know you would gave the detention " I say looking at her "it's okay James you are a good kid it's not your fault I'm just bored "she says as she looks at me I was still dreaming off what I would do with her so I was fully erect in my pants I wasn't huge but still pretty big and thick 10 inches long and 2,5 thick I could still give girls pleasures some guys did not she noticed the shape of my erection in my pants a smiles a little " well you know James we are gonna be here a while want to play a game ?

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"She asks smiling I directly smile and look in her deep blue eyes " sure what game do you want to play ? " I asked her " truth or dare " she says as she comes to me and sits on the other side of the table " okay sure you can start miss foster " I said with a little smile on my face She thinks for while and says " I choose truth " I already knew my answer and asked " are you a real blond?

"I asked her she giggles a little and answers " yes I am okay my turn " she says as I also pick truth " how many girls did you slept with? "She asks me I look suprissed and turn red a little " 4 " I answer as she smiles and says "not bad James I choose dare " I tried to give a good answer but I could not help my self " I dare you to take of your shirt " I say as I immediately cover my mouth with my hands regretting what I just say.

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She smiles a little and looked in my eyes we just said there silent for around 30 seconds starring at each other when I tried to brake the silence " I'm sorry miss I shouldn't have said that " I stutter out while she just keeps looking at me and then for a split second I see her smile as she slowly pulls her shirt over head leaving her in that black bra Her D cup full in sight my mouth dropped open as she layed her shirt on the table "okay your turn " she said to me.

I still starting at her tits looked up to her " I choose dare " I stutter out she already had her request "I want you to take of your pants " she said I didn't wait stood up and dropped my pants my underpants flew off with it letting my erect 10 inch fall out she gasped a little starring at it she then looked up to me with a naughty smile "it's your turn miss " I said as she starred at my cock " uhhh I Choose truth " she stutters out I smile already knowing my question " did you ever see such a big cock ?" I asked proudlyshe shook her head no and after a few more seconds she said " only in porn but not in real life wow its so thick " she said as she touched it.


" it's okay miss you can touch it " I said ensuring her that she can play with it as she came closer and tried to get her small hands around it I smiled at her touch as she slowly stroked it I started exploring her perfect soft tits I looked at her while she was still amazed by my cock " you are so hot miss foster " I said out she smiled and answered out " call me jenny " I smiled and went for a small kiss.

After the first kiss she wanted more soon we where making out I couldn't believe it I was making out with the hottest teacher in school while I played with her tits and she stroked my cock ! After a few minutes of making out with her loving her cherry flavored lips I broke the kiss " you can taste it if you like " I said smiling she didn't think and fell on her knees slowly kissing and Licking the tip looking up to me with those eyes that makes every man's heart melt After a few more seconds she wanted more and started to suck it hard and deep I just stood there my hands in my neck enjoying my teacher's mouth like a true king I enjoyed every second of it looking down smiling as herher soft little mouth around my member she keeps looking up to me and tries a few deeptroaths but gags a little she pulls out to breath " I'm sorry James I can't take it all its such so strong and big "she says looking up to me " don't worry jenny we will work on that now I want you to take those shorts of " i say she did not need any more encouragement and dropped them off revealing her G string and Shaven pussy.


I inspected her body closely now when she is completely naked "very good jenny can I call you Jen to make it easier ? " i ask her she just nodded and smiled up to me " great Jen bend over the desk it's time to pleasure you " i say i already know exactly what i will do she bended over the desk looking over her shoulder to me in a seductive way only she could pull off.

I smiled and slowly pulled her g string down admiring her shaven entranceslowly I got on my knees and started to eat her out she just moaned out trough the complete class room as I kept pleasuring her with my tongue " ooh James right there ooh fuck !

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" she moaned out after a few minutes of moans I decided to go for the main event that sweet looking pussy I stood up and placed myself at her entrance teasing her a little bit with my cock "I love you so much jen"I say looking in her eyes " I love you to James " she says to me as I slowly start to push in not to hard I didn't want to hurt her she moaned out her eyes rolled to the back of her head as I sank deep in her loving every inch " ooh fuck yeah that feels good James " she moans out as I slowly started to build up a pace getting in a speed we both loved not to fast not to slow just perfect.

I wanted to kiss her but she was bend over the desk so I pulled out and flipped her over on her back and went back into her I went in easy like it's my home in the perfect shape for my cock we made out the entire time she grabbed me on my back and I grabbed hers as we made love if there was no tomorrow I did not care what happened around me I just focused on her I then knew that she was the one the girl I wanted to spend my life with but I didn't know if she feels the same way. After making love for what seemed like forever I started to build up my orgasm and I felt her getting tighter around me so I knew she was getting close too "I'm gonna cum jen " I moaned out " me too " she moaned I smiled and went as deep as I could making her orgasm she screamed it out in pleasure her pussy tightening up around me was all I needed to push my self over the edge as I came moaning load fulling her up with my load it felt amazing like I just won the jackpot but it was much better then that I just found my true love After resting a while still holding Each other close in pulled out of her my cock now back to soft I looked at her my load dripping out of her as she smiled " that was amazing jen " I said to her " it sure was James it sure was " she said still coming of her orgasm she sit on the desk with her hair all messed up but still hot she looked at me getting dressed " I really enjoyed this James " she said I looked in her eyes " I did to jen it was amazing " I say as I put on my shirt she grabs a note block and write something on it she stands up and grabs her g string "here is my number call me if you want I wouldn't mind to see you in detention again "she says as she gives the little paper " and here to remember me " she says as she hands me her g string I hold it close and lay it aside and kiss her " I love you jen " I whisper in her ear she giggles we both get dressed and clean everything leaving no trace of us we walked out the classroom gave a small kiss and walked out own ways I kept her string in my pocket as I walked away hoping to see her again soon the love of my life jenny .


Liked it ? I wrote this because I always write about rape, slavery I now wanted something happy and with love I don't know if I should continue this what do you think ?

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