Raunchy kapri has her gaping asshole nailed creampie black

Raunchy kapri has her gaping asshole nailed creampie black
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My girlfriend Haylee and I have been currently dating for just over 1 year now. I'm 24, half Chinese half White, and she's 22, full Chinese. I was always attracted to her because of just how cute and petite she was. She stands at just 5'0" and has a tight, round little bubble butt. Now i'm not that big myself, but being around a girl as small as her makes me feel more dominate, more of a man. We live in the city together in a small apartment and work separate jobs (just out of college).

One of our favorite things to do on the weekends is try new restaurants we've never been to or heard of. We're really adventurous when it comes to food, and this weekend we decided to drive out about an hour and a half to the country outside the city. We have heard that there is some pretty decent BBQ at some places out there so we thought we'd check it out. As we drove farther and farther out, we saw less and less buildings until it was purely the woods. Eventually a few small houses popped up, along with some small local businesses surrounded by trees and hills.

Finally, we made it the "Bubbas BBQ" in what seemed like the middle of nowhere. As we got out of the car, I kind of started to feel nervous because everyone in the parking lot that I saw was white and looked like the stereotypical "redneck". I was certain they were not used to seeing asians, much less one like my girlfriend with her Chinese accent.

All of that fear went away once we ordered and got to try some of their amazing creamed corn appetizer. It really took my mind off things, but then my fear came back when I started to notice a group of men staring and laughing at our direction, sitting a few tables down.

There were 3 of them, each one much, much taller and bigger than I. One of them sitting closest to us had a big beard, plaid long sleeve shirt and a vest over it. It was hard to tell how tall he was sitting down, but it was obvious he was over 6'2" and skinny. The one sitting next to him look a little shorter and much younger but stocky and buff.

Across the table was another man who looked to be around 6'4" or taller. I mean he was huge. He also looked to be around 40 years old, greasy and fat. At first I didn't think they were talking about us, but then I realized that they actually were once they got up and started walking to us.

At this point I was really scared. They all had a big smile on their dumb faces. "How y'all doing? Where you guys from?", one of them asked. "Oh just up the road in town", I replied. "We thought we'd try some BBQ up here since we heard it was really great." I noticed that while I said that, none of them were looking at me.

They all stared at Haylee with a look that I did not like. It was like they wanted to do something.


A strange kind of smile. "We'll ain't you a beauty", the shortest one said. "Ha thank you!"my Haylee replied. If there was one flaw with her, it was that she was too trusting.

She never understood shady situations and was extremely gullible about so many things. This was a moment where I feel like she felt perfectly fine even though something was off. We had small talk for the next few minutes, but they continued to pretty much ignore me and direct every question to Haylee.

It was obvious they were intrigued by her "exoticness" and wanted more. After a while they tried to convince us to go visit their welding shop down the road to see some "classic american country art" as they said. They wanted to show her some "american beauty". "Welcome to America, girl", the biggest one said as they walked off, smiling.

After we finished eating we decided to go explore a little around the town. This wasn't what I wanted after seeing those guys, but Haylee really wanted to. I then got a text from my manager at work. I am a support programmer and am pretty much always on call. Whenever they need something fixed, it doesn't matter where I am, I have to find Wifi somewhere and finish the work.

This was a horrible time to call, but I realized I needed to do the work. "Honey, I just got a work text, i'm so sorry but we have to find a starbucks or something in the area just for an hour or two so I can finish this work", I said. She instantly looked very disappointed, but said agreed. It took us awhile, but we finally found a coffeeshop with wifi in the area. As I started working, I would periodically look up at her, just to see her looking extremely bored and frustrated.

I didn't want to her drive around on her own, but eventually I just told her that she should so she wouldn't be as bored. She immediately agreed, and took off on her own. As she pulled away I realized that she was probably going to go to that welding shop and I felt a lump in my chest. I knew she would go, and I forgot to tell her not to. I didn't really know what to do, but eventually convinced myself that either she wouldn't go, or if she did, nothing bad would happen.

I mean what could really go wrong? I continued working for about 20 minutes but couldn't get the thought out of my head. I wanted to know what she was up to, and she wouldn't answer my calls or texts.

I then made a decision to walk over to the shop. According to the guys, it actually wasn't far at all from the shop. So I walked. And walked. For about 15 to 20 minutes. All the while thinking to myself, "why am I doing this? She's fine, they're fine. I should just go back". But I didn't. I walked until I saw the shop in the middle of the trees.

Everything looked closed, but I saw a couple large pickup trucks. I walked around the back, and my stomach dropped when I saw our car parked there close to the farthest little shack in the back.

As I walked closer and closer I heard a girl's voice. It was Haylee. I decided to just stop and listen instead of barging in. It could be dangerous to do that so i'd just listen. There was a window on the opposite side that was slightly cracked open, so I could look in and hear at what was going on.

As I looked in, I saw her sitting on an old, dirty looking couch. The other 3 guys were around her, sitting and talking. One of them then put his arm on her and laughed. She laughed too but looked a little nervous.

They kept talking. One was asking her if she ever had been with a white guy before and if she knew about how "big they were". She actually laughed and turned a little red at the question before answering with "no haha I never thought about it".

I couldn't believe it but I couldn't stop watching. I wanted to know where it could end. Deep inside, I felt like I wanted to see something bad happen. One of them then put his hand on her leg. His hand looked massive compared to her leg and it honestly was kind of arousing. She then said "Oh!", and looked surprised. He moved his hand and she told them, "I should probably go now", in her little asian accent. But right after that the shorter one put his hand on her thigh and moved his fingers up closer and closer.

Too close. At the same time, the middle one put his hands on her shoulders and told her to just relax and have fun. It was obvious she didn't know what to do and knew she couldn't just leave. Again she said she had to go but this time, it was almost a whisper as she knew they wouldn't let her.

One of the kissed her neck and her eyes widened a bit. The the fat one said, "Let me show you something you've never seen before", stood up and unzipped his wranglers.

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He then proceeded to pull out the biggest dick I haver ever seen. It looked around 8 inches and was extremely veiny. I could not believe what I was seeing.


Here I was, secretly peering into the window of this random shack while this huge man is standing with his 8 inch, rock hard white dick pointing right at my girlfriend's face. "Ohhh my god! ", Haylee said. The other guys laughed and I saw one go grab them some beers from a little fridge right by them. It looked like at this moment, my girlfriend was in a trance. Or maybe she knew she couldn't do anything. The shorter guy started feeling her legs and then slowly started taking off her pants as the Mr.

vest still stood there, proudly waiting with his massive cock somehow erect and waiting. I was frozen. I should have called the cops, busted in the room, something! Anything! Instead. I was rock hard, my little 4.5" dick trying to rip out of my pants as I watched.

Haylee just looked completely in shock of what was going on and let them maneuver her however they wanted. One of them then said, "Damn I bet this asian bitch is tight as fuck. This is gunna feel so damn good.

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HOOOO WEE!" "I bet mine wont even fit in her mouth, haha"the youngerst one said. Then I saw him pull his pants down. His dick was so fucking fat.

It wasn't as long as the first guy, maybe around 7" but it was soooo thick. As he pulled it all out I saw his huge balls drop. They were massive. The last one followed his lead and unzipped. They both looked to be around 35 - 40 years old except the one with the 6" dick.

They said to the young one, "happy 18th bday, Cletus. Enjoy this tight hole to celebrate". They talked about her like she wasn't even a person. Like she was just some fuck toy they were about to use. The first one to approach her now that they were ready, was Cletus. They wanted him to "loosen her up". At this point I heard her faintly whisper, "no, wait", but they obviously didn't listen and Cletus spit some tobacco off to the side, then spit again on his dick, rubbed it around and then grabbed her hips in missionary style while she sat on the couch and aggressively pulled her little body towards him.

Her eyes went wide and she let out a loud moan as I watched his young, rock hard dick disappear into my girl. My love. The girl that I talked to months before getting the chance to have sex with.

The girl I wanted forever and be only mine. I looked at his face and saw his eyes roll back and let out a howl as he shoved it in her. The others laugheddrank beer and stoked as they watched him fuck her. It was obvious he hadn't had much sex before as they furiously pump her over and over without stopping. Or maybe he never had someone that felt as good as my Haylee… Even though he was the smallest of them, he was clearly bigger than me. Haylee looked shocked, scared, slightly in pain and teared up as her body shook violently.

One of the other guys laughed and told Cletus in his country accent, "Slow down brother, you're gunna bust too fast haha". Cletus fucked my girl for another minute grunting all the while. "Oh shoot here it comes oh shoooooot", he yelled. My girlfriend looked mortified and then begged him. "Please no cum in me! please!!". Right after that, Cletus slowed down, pushed one last time all the way in my girl and yelled, "Uhhhhhhh".

I saw his balls tighten up and contract. He was cumming inside her. Deeper than anyone has ever been. He just unloaded his young, hot sperm in my Haylee. No one has ever cum inside her before without a condom. They all laughed as he came, and eventually pulled out with a loud "pop". He thick white cock glistened with her juices and still was twitching randomly.

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"Shit man that felt fucking good", he said. "My turn"said the biggest, oldest looking one. I thought there'd be no way he would fit all the way in her as I watched him approach. He then grabbed her body and turned her around. He did it with such ease it made her body seem weightless.

She whimpered at the forcefulness. He then pressed his hand on her back to force her ass up in the air. The way she curved like that in doggy position about to take a huge white cock make me want to cum immediately but I held on.

His dick as now pointed at her fuck hole and he slowly pushed his way into her. While sliding in he grunted, "Ohhhhhhhhhhh fuuuuuck" and looked upwards at the ceiling with his eyes rolling back. It was clear he hadn't felt a pussy quite like this one before. He was in heaven at the expense of my girlfriend and he didn't give a shit.

All he cared about was making his throbbing member feel good. My girl screamed and shook. She was in pain at his size but he just kept pushing in until it was completely submerged in her tight, young pussy. Once all the way in, he just kept it there and let it settle in its new home.

My girl's eyes were in shock and her mouth hung open as she stared at the couch in front of her. "Come get a picture of this shit", he said. One of the others walked over with a camera and took a few pics of her pussy being stuffed to the max with this redneck's dick. He finally pulled out afterwards and then shoved backed in. Her entire body smashed into the couch and she moaned loudly.


Then started to pick up pace now, sliding in and pulling out. Each time he pulled out I noticed that her pussy looked more and more wet until she was dripping. Literally dripping with her own cum. I couldn't believe it. She couldn't possibly be orgasming could she?

She was moaning more often now and much more loudly with her body being plowed into the couch. Each moan was cut off and muffle when her face smashed into the cushion. His big, greasy body smacked her with each thrust and make her look like a weightless sex doll.

He fucked and fucked for what seemed like forever. For a minute I thought he seriously couldn't stop, but finally he started to pick up the pace much more rapidly, and I could tell he was close to finishing. He then pushed in again and screamed, "OHHHH FUUUCK YEAHHH", in the most uneducated, most country accent I could imagine. I saw his dick throb in her… The little part that was still visible was throbbing and twitching.

He asshole clenched and pulsated with each spurt of cum he unloaded inside her. When he pulled out, there was two things I noticed that almost sent me over the edge. One was that she had been filled so much that cum was leaking out of the beautiful pink pussy and down the light, soft skin of her thigh.

The other was that she was shaking and convulsing with an orgasm while moaning like nothing i've ever heard. He had just force fucker her, came inside her unprotected pussy and yet still managed to make her orgasm on accident. Her body couldn't help it… As he was slowly moving away from her, the last 6'2", skinny guy walked up.

He grabbed Haylee and turned her around quickly. She looked up startled, dazed and in a trance. His big dick pointed right at her face. "Suck", he said. Haylee absolutely hated blowjobs. I would always beg and and beg for her to suck mine, but only ever did once!

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And we had a huge argument for a week afterwards. I wasn't surprised, however, that she immediately followed orders and eagerly tried to please him with her mouth. She couldn't' fit it in though and he became angry that he felt her teeth.

"Bitch, make it wet first!. Lick that shit", he yelled. The others laughed as she spit on it and began sliding her wet, little tongue for the very bottom of his big shaft to the tip. God it looked so hot to see her please this guy with her mouth. She looked desperate to make him feel good. She then started licking his balls which make his cock throb.

After it was nice and wet, she tried once again to suck on it, this time with success. She started light but eventually got used to it and started to go deeper down in throat. Every now and then she would pull it all the way out of her mouth and would make a very loud pop noise as her lips suctioned to his dick head.

As she got better at it, I noticed the guy's legs shakin everytime she bobbed her head down his shaft. Then without being demanded, she put both hands on it and started to jerk it while continuing to suck.

I looked up to see his reaction as she continued this motion, and he just started straight forward with his mouth hanging open, drooling a bit. He actually looked slightly retarded but in complete ecstasy. My girl started sucking deeper and jerking faster. It was obvious she wanted him to cum now and wanted to end it but he never did. She sucked and sucked and jerked and jerked for about 15 fucking minutes.

She looked totally exhausted but he didn't care. Meanwhile the other guys just watched and drank beer. Finally I heard the one getting sucked go "uhh" and grabbed her hand.

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"Put this little finger up my ass. Now!" My girlfriend looked confused, but didn't dare disobey. She took her index finger, slipped it in this rednecks dirty, hairy ass hole and started to wiggle it. "Suck! Keep sucking, bitch", he screamed. She quickly put her lips around his dick again and sucked. "GUUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHH" I then witnessed something amazing. He pulled his dick out of her mouth and exploded with cum.

The first huge jet went spraying in all directions and blew up all over her face. She recoiled with instinct, but he grabbed her head and forced her to stay put. Her little finger kept on wiggling in his ass as he clenched and was milked by my girl. Spurt after spurt shot on her face. I counted around 10 spurts in total.

When he finished, she was fucking covered… Almost unrecognizable. This guy must have been saving for weeks.

Cum was dripping down her hair, cheeks, chin, down on her little tits… all over the couch. EVERYWHERE. I swear I could smell it from outside. My Haylee looked defeated. She was a mess, covered in cum, leaking cum and also totally wet from her own body. The youngest one, Cletus, then spontaneously ran up to her, hard once again, and unexpectedly shoved his dick back into her. His eyes went crossed again as he looked up and pounded her furiously for all of 30 seconds, before cumming again.

"Haha, had to get one last nut in her?", the big one said. "Hell yeah brother", he replied. "It's too good". "Oh I think we'll be using her holes again soon". I just stood in shock at what I just saw. Instead of calling someone or confronting them I did nothing. I looked down and realized that I had came in my pants without any stimulation.

This event made me more horny than anything ever could. I proceeded to run back the coffee shop and pretend that nothing ever happened. I didn't want Haylee to know I was there and I wanted to see how she reacted. Would she call the cops? Would she tell me everything that happened? I got back, opened my laptop up again and pretended that nothing happened.

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About 30 minutes later she drove back. When she walked in, she looked soooo tired, and sweaty. "Omg, baby, what happened??", I asked.

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"Ohh&hellip. uh nothing, nothing. It started to rain a bit and I fell just now. I am tired let's go home". She responded. That was it. Tired, rain and fell. Nothing about being fucked out of her mind.

I noticed she was limping hard and could barely walk. She also reeked of cum but I remained silent about it. When we got home I jacked off in the shower and blew the biggest load I ever have, just thinking about it all.

Things were weird for a few days. She was very quiet and seemed in a daze. A couple days after that though, she told me she was going to use her car to visit and help out a friend of hers. Deep down I hoped that she was, for some reason, wanting that experience again. The way she orgasmed was amazing… The way she was fucked like an animal&hellip.

2 hours later I pulled up to that same old shack and watched in that same window. There she was… eager and willing to be these big, white, rednecks, Asian fuck doll.