Collared gay sex slaves Eager to get the ball rolling Ricky licked

Collared gay sex slaves Eager to get the ball rolling  Ricky licked
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Madison was fast asleep dreaming of Gene her hunky new friend with benefits. In her dream Gene was taking her from behind and just as Madison was about to have her orgasm, as with what usually happens there came a light rap on her bedroom door.

"Madison are you sleeping, honey?" Jim her father didn't hear any response and opened the door and sauntered into her bedroom. He came to the side of the bed and gazed down at his youngest daughter, his teen 'sleeping beauty'.


Standing over her Jim released his manhood from his boxer's and began to stroke his cock. Jim had no problem getting hard as quickly as he did. The many memories of taking his daughter right there in her bed flooded into his head.

"Come on baby please wake up. Daddy has missed you so much." Jim sat on the side of the bed and stroked his daughter's hair away from her face. Madison stirred looking up at her father who was stroking his cock. Normally this would be an odd situation for a 16-year-old-teenager but for Madison her father has been sneaking into her bedroom for over two years now. Her father was never allowed to take her virginity but his wife Beverly does allow him to fuck Madison in the ass.

Wiping the sleep from her eyes and a cute little yawn Madison whispered, "High daddy what time is it? You know you just ruined a perfectly good sex dream I was having?" "It's about two in the morning. Who were you dreaming of?" "It is an imaginary guy daddy can we do this in the morning? I am so tired why don't you just wake mommy and fuck her tonight?" "Funny thing is she said the same thing as you did.

Come on honey it's been two months since you and I have been together. If you don't want to make love with me now at least give daddy a blow job, pleeeeaaaasssssee!!!!!!!!!!!" "Okay daddy just a blowjob and then you let me get back to sleep, okay? "Yes I promise if you let me cum in your mouth. I promise no fucking until morning." "Okay come here and let me take care of you." Jim turned the light on in the bedroom. Jim enjoyed watching his daughters have sex with him. He also cherished looking at their tight bodies.

Jim then pulled the covers down to reveal that his daughter wasn't wearing a bra or a top for that matter. As his hands lightly ran thru his daughter's hair, then moved his hand down her back, then over her bare ass. Madison was wearing a thong. There was a tiny pink triangle on the top of her ass and then the string disappeared between her ass cheeks.

Jim gave his daughter's ass a squeeze as he turned his torso towards his daughter's mouth. As Madison usually did she grasped her father then gave him access to her mouth. She was fond of the way her father gently filled her mouth. The way he lightly pulled her hair helping him to ease his penis to the back of her mouth and then to penetrate her throat.

Madison always felt that she wasn't doing a very good job unless she gagged on her father's penis when it was lodged in her throat. For Jim he hadn't had sex with either of his daughters or his wife in the past several weeks. Ashley his princess was far, far away at college. Madison finally became a woman and had her first period a couple of weeks ago. Jim thought she was still a virgin. Unfortunately his wife Beverly wasn't in the mood lately.

He felt that she was going through the 'change of life' but Beverly was no longer enticed by her husband. Jim injected his penis in Madison's mouth. His cock began to flow backwards and forwards as Madison's saliva began to coat the shaft of his penis. Jim slowly began to penetrate deeper and deeper and finally his balls lay on his daughter's chin as the head of his penis took shelter deep inside of her throat.

It always warmed Jim's heart when he locked eyes with his daughter. The way his cock stretched her mouth open. The way Madison was able to accommodate his penis. Madison reached down and caressed her father's balls and looking up at her father whose eyes were now rolled in the back of his head and his mouth slightly gaped open with pleasure.

She pulled her head back feeling every centimeter of her fathers penis leave her mouth and said, "Daddy I want to feel your warm cum fill my mouth, please daddy give me your cum." Jim once again pushed inside of her mouth. Jim knew he promised no intercourse tonight but he did want to play with her vagina. Jim leaned back and inserted his thumbs inside of Madison's thong and then leisurely removed his daughter's underwear. Jim with two fingers caressed his daughter's outer pussy lips as Madison sucked on his head and using her hand began stroking him.

The warmth of her mouth drove Jim on to penetrate her virgin vagina with his fingers. Jim pushed at the very top of his daughter's vagina expecting the resistance of her hymen to deny his finger access. When there was no resistance Jim began to examine the remainder of her expanse. When he realized there was no obstruction remaining inside of his 16-year-olds-vagina his heart went into his throat.

Jim immediately extracted his penis from his daughter's mouth and spread her ass open to peer down and examine her. Gazing down at her very small and tight vagina Jim's worst fears were confirmed, as Madison's hymen was no longer there.

"Honey would like to tell daddy how you misplaced your hymen?" Madison knowing that there was really no need to lie to her father since they had been engaged in an incestuous affair over the past few years. Madison then told her adventure of what happened on the 4th of July with her sister and a man named Gene. Jim looked down at his daughter and thought for a moment as to whether he should be mad at her or just relieved that it wasn't him that took her virginity and now was free to finally fuck his daughter's 16-year-old-vagina.

Jim caressed his daughters face and looked deep into her blue eyes and said, "My precious little girl has finally lost her virginity. Snuggle-bug, daddy wants to taste the fruit that has been forbidden to him for so long. I know that I promised not to have sexual intercourse with your asshole but Snuggle-bug this changes everything.

Please, I want to know what it feels like to be inside of you, now that you are a real woman." Madison confused about her father's response to her story thought for a moment. "You know daddy you haven't called me your Snuggle-bug since that fateful night when you penetrated my asshole for the first time.

You want to know what it feels like to be inside of my vagina? Okay but promise to be gentle. It still hurts me to take a penis deep inside." Jim mounted his daughter as he usually did.

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Madison was lying on her stomach and Jim spread her cheeks open as usual. Straightening her legs Jim noticed his cock glistening in the dim light in the room. He then moved down to taste his daughter's womanly vagina for the first time. He spit on her outer lips then with his tongue bathed the rest of her extremely small opening. When Jim felt that he had sufficiently lubed his daughter's vagina with his spit he rose to finally experience the one thing that was still pure in his life.

Penetrating his youngest daughter's vagina for the first time was more special than anything else that he had experienced in his life. Ashley his eldest daughter might be his princess but Madison was his little Snuggle-bug. Jim loved her more than any other person in the world. Now, that Madison was sharing her most sacred gift with him warmed his heart.

When Jim pushed deep inside of his daughter's vagina he then lay on top of her back. Madison was so tiny that she disappeared underneath of her father.

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Madison turned her head and she pushed her tongue out and began to flick it like a snake. Jim took the hint and began to kiss his daughter. Their tongues danced inside of each other's mouths as Jim slowly but deliberately made love to his daughter's vagina for the first time.

It took five minutes of fucking his daughter when Jim whispered into his daughter's ear. "Do you want me to fill your vagina with daddy's cum or do you want to taste your vagina on my cock and then let me cum inside of your mouth?" "My mouth daddy definitely my mouth you're not wearing a condom and I am not taking any kind of birth control." Jim pulled out of his daughter's vagina and her pussy juice oozed out over her clit.

Jim stroking his cock aimed for his daughter's mouth. Madison opened as quickly as she could and sucked the head of her father's cock. Jim finally shot his load into her mouth. Jim peered down at Madison with a grateful smile. He was finally able to release a load of his manhood into his daughter's mouth. Madison did the best she could to trap the contents of her father's ejaculation inside of her mouth but there was so much that it trickled out of the corners of her mouth.

Feeling the sweet sense of release for Jim and the satisfaction of once again helping her father achieve orgasm they both fell back on the bed together and fell asleep. Madison woke with her father's arms wrapped around her and a hard on stabbing her backside. Madison broke a smile on her face. She always liked waking up with her daddy it made her feel safe, like nothing in the world could hurt her.

Not only that but that is how she got her nickname Snuggle-bug because she fit perfectly between her father's knees and shoulders. Beverly woke with the warm rays of the sun drenching her face. When she finally rolled over she noticed that her husband Jim hadn't returned from their daughter Madison's bedroom.

She rose put her robe on and made her way down the hallway. She stopped at her daughter Ashley's bedroom, peered in at the emptiness and sighed. She missed her princess tremendously she left for college the week before. Ashley and Beverly had turned up their lesbian activities together over the past couple of months. Beverly actually preferred making love with her eldest daughter rather than her husband of 23 years. As she came to Madison's door she slowly opened it and popped her head inside.

Now that Ashley was gone the only other person in the house that was going to satisfy her needs was going to be her youngest daughter Madison. Noticing that Madison was awake she smiled at her and blew her a kiss and whispered to her, "I'm going to start breakfast soon.

Wake your father and I expect the two of you in the next ten minutes okay." Beverly smiled knowing that her little girl was all grown up. Then the thought crossed her mind that maybe it was time for Jim to take her virginity once and for all or maybe the two of them could use her two-headed-dildo and she could take her virginity herself.

"Okay mommy I need to brush my teeth and get the taste of daddy's cum from my mouth and then I'll be down. Madison turned kissed her father on the lips until he began to stir. When his eyes finally were open she said, "Come on daddy, mommy is going to start breakfast in 10 minutes so that means no fucking around. I think mom is a little upset that you slept with me last night instead of heading back to your bedroom. You just might be in trouble little man good luck." Jim thought to himself, 'why the fuck do I want to be with that old bitch who doesn't want to fuck or suck me anymore.

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Besides I have a brand new 16-year-old-pussy whenever I want it. She hasn't let me fuck her in over two months she's been having sex with Ashley. I never thought my little princess would like the taste of pussy as much as she does and her mother's pussy at that.' After breakfast Madison took a shower got dressed and made her way to school.

Her first day of school was kind of exciting as she was now an upperclassman. The only problem with the start of the new school year was that her sister Ashley was now back at her college instead of home with her.

Ashley and Madison were more than just sister's they were also lovers. Even though they kept incestuous affairs with both of their parents the two girls truly loved one another. Now that Ashley was gone Madison tended to pick up the slack of having her father call on her during the evenings. It also didn't help that her mother Beverly was starting the 'Change of Life' that meant her sexual desires began to diminish with hot flashes. So, that meant that Madison became the only sexual outlet for her father.

When Wednesday night rolled around Madison warned her father that she had a major headache and that she would not be putting out for him that night. Instead she spent a quite evening in her room with her laptop. Madison likes watching gay porn.

It turns her on to see hot guys with long thick cocks taking it in the ass like she does. She fantasizes about having two gay guys fucking her in the ass with their massive cocks at the same time stretching her asshole open to new widths.

As Madison was about to penetrate her asshole with her dildo the house phone rang. After a few seconds Jim yelled up to Madison. "Madison the telephone is for you." "Okay daddy I'll be right down." Madison with no panties on scampered down the stairs. Jim eyeballed his daughter's bald pussy as he handed her the phone. "Hello" "Hello Madison. This is Dylan Shapiro, how are you?" "I'm good Mr. Shapiro, what can I do for you?" "Well, the wife and I and a couple of friends are going to the casino's on Friday night and was wondering if you wanted to do some babysitting for us?

The only thing is we will be coming back around two or three in the morning. Will that be too late for you? Make sure and ask your parents if it's okay. Tell them that I will bring you home." Madison spoke things over with her parents and they agreed that it would be okay as long as Dylan brought her home. Madison got back on the phone and told Mr. Shapiro that she would be happy to sit for them. As soon as she hung the phone up Madison's mind began to race because she knew that she was going to have about six hours all to herself on Friday night.

The question now was whom was she going to call so she could get laid. There was Lance, Billy and Randy from school whoa wait a minute she could call Gene and see if he is free. The next day at school Madison couldn't really concentrate on her studies as she was trying to hatch a plan to get laid at the Shapiro house the following evening. Madison really wanted Gene to come over.

It had been two months since Gene had took her virginity. Although Gene was more interested in Ashley since she was over 18 and there was no way that he could go to jail if he had sex with her sister. So, Madison was going to have to come up with some kind of plan to get Gene over to the Shapiro house. Friday night rolled around and Jim drove his daughter over to the Shapiro house.

She was dressed very conservatively. A nice pair of jeans, sneaks and a t-shirt but Jim thought it was quite odd that she had a rather large handbag that she brought with her. As she was ready to leave the car Jim leaned over and said, "Give me a kiss Snuggle-bug and if you have any troubles just call me on my cell phone." Jim leaned over and grabbed her left breast and he kissed Madison very passionately. "Daddy you know better never in public always behind closed doors.

I promise any troubles you'll be the first one I call. See you in the morning." Jim watched as his little girl ran up the walk to the front door. She waited a minute or so and the door opened and Marie opened and waived to Jim and let Madison in. Once inside Marie immediately started giving specific instructions for both boys what time they were to be in bed, what the could and could not watch and what they could and could not eat. After twenty minutes or so Dylan came through the door with the Goldberg's and called for his wife.

He came over to Madison and put his arm around her shoulder and said, "Thanks again for helping us on short notice. Listen more than likely we will be back a little after two so make yourself comfortable and if you have any problems you know where the numbers are." With that all the adults left for the night. The Shapiro boys were Danny and Casey they where six and four respectively. They were good boys and they listened to Madison without question.

They ordered a pizza and after dinner it was time to take a bath and then to bed. Madison began to put her plan into action. She went into the parent's bedroom and grabbed her purse. She put on a skimpy little plaid skirt with thigh high stockings and high heels and a tiny white shirt tied in a knot at the bottom with no bra. She put on some make up and fixed her hair.

After gazing at herself in the mirror for several minutes it was time to make the call. Madison decided to call Gene first and hoped for the best. He was the best lay that she has ever had in her young life and definitely wanted more. She was hoping that he wasn't at college fucking Ashley again. The phone began to ring and Gene answered the phone. Madison pretended to be panicked and scared. Madison told her concocted story to Gene how a boy was trying to take advantage of her and that she said no but he wouldn't stop.

She told him that she locked herself in the bathroom and could he come over to help her. Gene didn't hesitate he got the address written down and told her that he was on his way. Once Gene arrived his heart rate was very high as he was ready to kick some ass.

Gene pounded on the door and Madison came flying down the stairs. She opened the door and standing before her was her hero. "Oh, thank God you're here." With fake, little streams of tears coming from her eyes she jumped into his arms and began to kiss her hero.

"It was horrible Gene I mean I knew I shouldn't invited him over but we were only supposed to make out not fuck. It was horrible." She slid down off of Gene and pulled him into the house. "Where is that son-of-a-bitch I'll kill him." "No, Gene, he left but look what he did to me." She crossed one leg in front of the other revealing her red and black striped thigh high stockings. Madison lifted her skirt to reveal that she had no panties on.

"He tore white cotton panties you see they're over there on the coffee table. Gene shut the door and moved the two of them over to the couch. "Are you sure that you are okay?" "Yeah, now that you're here." She had a big smile on her face. He didn't touch me he just ripped the panties off of me. Standing up she lifted her skirt up to her belly to reveal her bald pussy, "See everything is okay." She reached out and took Gene's hand and placed it over her vagina, "See honey bun nice and smooth." Grabbing his hand she pulled him off of the couch and upstairs to the spare bedroom.

She jumped on the bed and rolled over on her back and spread her legs open for Gene. "Come on hero come and get your reward." Gene's mouth was open and his eyes were as wide as they could get as he tried to memorize every line and curve.

"Man I wish I had a camera with me so that I could remember this moment forever." Gene jumped on the bed between her legs and kissed her. "I missed you so much. Madison as much as I want to be with you right here in this stranger's house I can't.

We talked about this right? I mean you are 16 even though you want to your parents or the state can put me away for a long and I mean a long time." "You're just in love with Ashley admit it." Madison turned her head and tried to get some tears going to try and help her with her cause. "She tells me that you see her at least once a week and you don't even bother to call me.

Just remember that you are the one that took my virginity. I dream about you every night honey. Every time my daddy takes me I imagine that it's your big thick cock fucking me." Madison studying the face of Gene realized that she wasn't making a dent in his armor.

She had to go to plan B to try and continue to seduce her man. "If you don't want to fuck me that's okay. If you want to remember me like this, with my legs open revealing everything to you, there is a digital camera and a video camera in my purse. I was hoping that we would fuck tonight but if you just want to take pictures of me I guess that's okay too." Gene sat on the edge of the bed.

He looked back at the heart stricken girl wanting to console her. "Madison don't you think that I want to be with you? I do. I just don't want to go to jail honey. Yes, I do love being with Ashley but if it means anything to you I would love to be with you but we can't." "Yes we can. The kids are asleep and we have about four hours before anyone comes home. Take your pictures and then make love to me.

I promise I can be just as freaky and nasty as my older sister." Gene thought about it for a minute realizing how enticing it was to be with her. "Where is the camera again?" Madison got up and reached into her purse and pulled out the digital camera. She knew that the only chance she had was to be as sexy as she could when he took her pictures. Madison reached into her purse picked out a g-string and slipped it on. She then went over to the mirror and put on some makeup.

Handing the camera to Gene, Madison was ready to enact plan-B. Gene was clicking picture after picture the flash couldn't keep up with the amount of pictures that Gene was taking. Madison noticed that Gene liked taking the pictures but he wasn't getting any closer to jumping her bones. Madison decided to up the ante a little and began to talk dirty to Gene while she was slowly undressing herself. She figured that the schoolgirl outfit was a definite winner but it wasn't getting Gene to cross the finish line.

Madison thought for a moment and remembered a porn movie she watched with her father where the woman seduced her man by doing a slow striptease. Grasping her breast she began to squeeze, "You remember how good these felt in your hands, right? How you squeezed them while sucking on my nipples?" She then untied the bottom of her shirt and allowed it to fall open exposing her breasts.

Playing with herself she noticed that Gene was really concentrating on taking the pictures now and there was a small bulge beginning to appear in his jeans. Madison became encouraged by Gene's bulge. Sucking on her finger she looked into his eyes, "Don't you wish that I was sucking on your cock right now?" She took her wet finger and slid it down between her breasts then underneath her tiny triangle that was covering her pussy lips.

"Gene I want to feel your cock sliding inside my tiny wet pussy." Madison was sitting on the corner of the bed with her finger tucked away neatly as her hips began to writhe in a circular motion. Pulling on the g-string Madison created a camel toe and Gene's eyes began to bulge, as he could not get over how tiny her pussy was.

It was a little bigger than a nickel but not as big as a quarter. He thought to himself 'How did I get my cock inside of her the last time?' Madison noticing Gene's wide eyes and the bulge becoming a little bigger said, "Come get down on your knees and get some close-ups of my pussy.

Make sure you get my face in the background so you can remember whose pussy this is." Gene began to click as fast as he could. Down on his knees and ogling her pussy Madison's plan-B was working.

Madison stood up and spun around and pulled the g-string down to her mid thighs and with one knee on the bed she spread her butt cheeks open to reveal her secret love holes. Looking back at Gene she began to bounce her ass up and down, "Don't you want me on top of you riding your big cock? You want to feel your head slip between my pussy lips and then feel them slide down your shaft and then have them kiss the base of your cock baby?" Crossing her ankles gave a whole new angle for Gene as there was no room left on her digital card.

Madison got up and said you already got 150 pictures? You're a naughty boy Gene. Slipping a new card into the camera Madison resumed her pose. With her ass moving slowly up and down Madison open her pussy lips and looked back at Gene.

"You remember how beautiful my hymen was? How it almost covered my entire opening. Now it's ready to take your big fat cock. It wants to feel you stretch it open as you bury it deep inside of me." Rolling over onto her back Madison removed her panties and was now naked except for her black and red striped thigh high stockings and high heels. "Come on my hero, come get your reward. You can take my cunt or pound my asshole, which ever you like. I know that you liked my asshole the last time but I have been aching for you to fuck my cunt Gene." With two fingers spreading open her pink pussy Gene kept clicking and taking close up pictures of the 16-year-old- pussy.

"Think about it stud, no other cock has been inside of this pussy just yours. It is a pristine new cunt for you to fuck as much as you want. Nowhere else in the world are you going to find a pristine pussy like this.

You are the only one that has been inside of me doesn't that turn you on?" "Oh yeah that definitely gets me hot knowing that you're my fuck toy." Madison got up moved over to the dresser and turned on the video camera. She sat back on the corner of the bed and Gene stood over her.

Madison began to stroke his cock over his jeans. "Man look at that thick piece of meat. Look look my mouth is watering I want you to fill my mouth and let it slide down my throat." Madison unzipped Gene's pants and there came no more resistance from Gene. Madison's hand slipped inside and tried to release his manhood so she could suck him but he was so large and hard that became impossible. She unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them down to his knees along with his underwear. Madison spun around on the bed lying on her back.

Her head was hanging over the side of the bed and looked up at her hero and said, "Come on motherfucker, I want to suck your fucking cock.


Come on and fuck my face baby." Gene smiled at his good fortune once again and positioned himself over his jailbait fuck toy and slipped his cock inside of her mouth. Gene pushed his cock inside of her mouth. He became encouraged by her aggressive nature and decided to be just as aggressive fucking her throat.

Gene started to pump his cock inside of the teenager's mouth and then penetrated her throat. Madison began to gag and Gene quickly backed out of her mouth. "What's wrong with you? I said fuck my face I like to gag on cock it let's me know that I'm doing the job right." Without mercy Gene put his foot up on the bed and Madison's head began to bob up and down on his cock. Madison was getting everything she wanted. She knew that she had to outdo her older sister if she wanted Gene to fuck her on a regular basis.

Madison gagged repeatedly as Gene's cock and each time he pulled back huge gobs of her saliva were dropping on her face. It wasn't too long before her face was covered in her own spit. Gene reached down and using his fingers began to penetrate both of her fuck holes. Madison was unable to open her eyes as Gene continued to abuse her throat.

Madison was enjoying every second of her mouth getting pounded as well as her vagina and asshole being fucked by Gene's fingers. Madison was in complete ecstasy as all of her holes were being filled and satisfied at once.

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She wanted to scream but it was kind of hard with a seven-inch cock jammed in her throat. Gene had enough of his sex toys mouth and now wanted to abuse her pussy.

Pulling out of her mouth a huge amount of saliva ran down her face. "Go get cleaned up I want to take your fucking cunt." "Finally, I was wondering how long it was going to take before you realized that you wanted to fuck your pussy again." Getting up Madison was smiling on the inside she felt that was finally beating her older sister at something. Madison went to the bathroom and cleaned up. When she returned she kissed Gene and then turned to the video camera and said, "This is for you daddy because I'm a bad girl." Gene turned to Madison, "Just make sure you don't video tape my face." "Sure thing honey." Gene was on his knees on the bed and Madison wearing her red and black striped thigh high stockings and high heels joined him on the bed.

Sitting in front of Gene she began to caress his penis once again to get him nice and hard. "Watch me daddy as I take this stranger's cock in my mouth." Madison was now on her knees before Gene and his cock was semi hard as she once again swallowed his entire manhood. Pushing Gene down on the bed Madison straddled his face to hide his identity. Looking into the camera once again, "See mommy and daddy he's eating my pussy, he has two fingers inside my asshole.

Watch me as I swallow his 35-year-old cock." Madison was in heaven as Genes tongue was penetrating her pussy and then her asshole. "Come on baby smack my ass I'm a bad girl." Gene using both hands began so smack her ass as she was engulfing his entire 7" cock. "Mommy look at this thick cock and the way I can take the whole thing down my throat. Thank you daddy, for making me suck your cock when I was 12. Now watch as he fucks my pussy, that's right mom I'm not a virgin anymore.

This total stranger took my virgin cunt on the 4th of July." Madison smiled at the camera let Gene's cock slide out from her throat and moved forward on him. Raising her hips Gene maneuvered the head of his cock to the small opening of Madison's pussy and she slowly slid down on his head in the cowgirl position. "Oh my God mommy it feels so fucking good to be a woman. You are so lucky that you get to fuck daddy everyday.

Daddy, if mommy doesn't want you to fuck her every day and if you make me feel this good then you can fuck me everyday." Madison was riding Gene like a bull riding champion. Gene began to spank her ass with one hand as he began to finger fuck her asshole. "You are such a good little fuck toy. You have got the best and youngest pussy that I have fucked in a long time." As Gene was thrusting deeper and deeper inside of Madison she began to tingle from her head to her toes.

"Come on baby take my tight young cunt. Fuck me hard and make me cum on your cock." Looking into the camera, "Oh mommy I wish you were to take his cock. Oh God mommy it's like heaven he's going to make me cum." Madison wanted to scream but the kids were asleep so all she could do was open her mouth and try to control herself as the feeling of Gene's cock inside of her was incredible.

Then Madison came over his cock and fell forward completely exhausted. Gene pushed her off of his cock and grabbed her hips and pulled her up to him. He didn't want to stop fucking her. Gene looked down and wanted her asshole and without thinking or asking jammed his cock inside of her asshole.

Before Madison could react Gene was balls-deep. "Hey mommy and daddy you like the way I'm fucking your little girl? She's a good little whore she takes my cock so fucking good. She fucks me better than Ashley." Madison turned and looked back at Gene, "I'm a better fuck than my sister?" Madison grew the biggest smile.

"Then come on motherfucker pound my asshole! Come on and stretch it open with your big fat cock." Bringing Madison up to his chest Gene began to pinch her nipples.

Madison leaned her head back and they began to kiss each other. Staring back into the camera, "Oh daddy, he feels so good in my ass. I know that you have been the only one to fuck my ass before now but he is absolutely incredible. Look how big his cock is." Madison grabbed the video camera and handed it to Gene and he gave a great POV of his cock absolutely abusing her tiny teen 16-year-old asshole.

"You like that mommy? You like the way that I'm abusing your little girl's asshole? How about it daddy?

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Your tiny cock look this good spreading open your little girl's asshole? Now watch as she swallows all 7" inches of my cock like a Hoover vacuum and drain the last bit of my cum from my balls." Pulling out of his sex toy Madison spun around just in the knick of time to have Gene unload on her face.

Gene stroking his cock he began pumping load after load on Madison's face, in her mouth and tits. When Gene finished he held the camera showing what he had done to Madison and said, "See mommy and daddy you've created the perfect little whore for older guys to fucking abuse." Madison took the camera and turned it off and then hugged Gene and then began to French kiss him with his cum that was still sitting in her mouth.

She then led Gene down the hallway to the bathroom where the two of them got cleaned up. Madison then said goodbye to Gene for the night and the two of them promised each other to make more videos together. Madison then washed the sheets and towels and had finished putting the bedroom back together about 45 minutes before the Shapiro's got home. Madison changed back into the jeans and t-shirt that she had on before Gene came over and then fell asleep on the couch.

When the Shapiro's came through the front door they came upon Madison sleeping. Marie looked down at her then at Dylan, "She looks like a perfect little angel, her parents must be so proud of her." Marie turned and kissed her husband, "I'm heading off to check on the kids and then to bed.

Do me a favor honey and don't wake me when you get back I really need to get as much sleep as I can get, okay?" "Sure honey." Dylan leaned down and tapped Madison on the shoulder. "Hey, Madison, come on time to wake up and I'll take you home." "Hi Mr. & Mrs.

Shapiro. Did you win any money? Okay Mr. Dylan I just need to grab my bag and we can go." Marie turned and said, "No, but we didn't lose too much, we had a pretty good time.

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Thanks again for sitting for us, good night. Honey please be quite when you get back okay." With that Dylan and Madison climbed into the minivan and head back to Madison's house. Madison turned to Dylan and said, "So, I guess that means you're not getting laid tonight when you get home huh?" "Yeah another night of just falling asleep but with the kids Marie does run around a lot so when she gets the chance to sleep she takes it.

The other thing is when she finally gets to sleep an earthquake could happen and she wouldn't wake up. Usually I just watch TV downstairs and she doesn't hear a thing. So did you have anyone come over tonight?" "Nah, it was a quite night. The boys went down early and stayed down." Dylan pulled over by the park about three blocks from Madison's house and asked Madison how much money he owed her for the night.

She gave him an amount and then Dylan reached into his pocket and handed her some money. When Madison looked at the amount she was amazed as Dylan handed her $500. "Mr. Shapiro I think you gave me the wrong amount this is way too much." "Well, Maddy what if I told you that I didn't lose but I won some money and I'm offering you a bonus tonight if you are willing to work a little overtime?

Bye the way forget about the Mr. Shapiro stuff and just call me Dylan" "Okay Dylan Please call me Madison I haven't been called Maddy since I was like 10. What kind of work are you asking me to do? You want me to come back and like clean the house or something for Mrs. Shapiro?" "Well, I was thinking that maybe you would be willing to do some work for me right now.

What do you think about going in the back seat with me and maybe give me a blowjob and a little pussy before you go home? What do ya think?" "Well I think that's fair this is a lot of money you have to promise cum in my mouth because if I go home with cum stains on my shirt or jeans I'll have to explain where they came from." Dylan was like a high school boy again he was so excited he practically ran to the back seat.

Madison decided for the money she was making she should put on some kind of show. Dylan was taking his shoes and socks off and said, "Madison, if I told you that I fantasize about you when I fuck my wife would that shock you?" "Yeah I would.

Your wife is so beautiful I hope when I am her age and had as many kids as she has that I have the same gorgeous body and she is such a nice lady." Dylan had his shirt off and was now working on his pants, "Well, the only way I can get off is thinking about fucking you. Please tell me that you're still a virgin?" "Sorry, you just missed out on that my boyfriend and I finally did it a little while ago." Madison looking a Dylan decided to crawl on all fours to the back of the minivan.

Not wearing a bra her A cup breasts looked so perky as she approached Dylan like a tigress stalking her prey. Madison reached Dylan and using the palms of her hands caressed Dylan's inner thighs as she nudged her head between his legs. Her mouth kissed Dylan's cock over his jeans and his cock shot up like a rocket. "Come on and lets get your pants off so we can get this started." Madison took her shirt off just to be sure he didn't cum on it.

Then she unbuttoned his pants and pulled them down to his ankles. "Well, there wasn't going to be that much work involved as Dylan was already nice and hard." "Come on honey put it in your mouth." Madison grasping Dylan's manhood looked up at him with her innocent doe like eyes, "I want to be a dirty little whore with your cum.

I want to gargle it and blow bubbles then let it drip out of my mouth and then push it back in. You know there is something about the taste of cum you know the first time I gave a blowjob my daddy came right in mouth so I guess that's why I love to suck dick so much." "You mean to tell me that you sucked your father off?" "Yes, I was about 12 the first time. There is something about the taste of cum the feeling of it going down my throat it gets my pussy nice and wet.

You have a nice cock if it's a throbbing cock then you're the right guy for me." "Can't you feel my cock filling up with blood it's pulsating so hard waiting for your mouth to suck it." Madison opened her mouth as wide as she could and took all of Dylan's manhood in her mouth.

He wasn't as large or as thick as Gene but Dylan was offering $500 to get sucked off. So for this moment it was the greatest cock in the whole world. Looking up into his thankful eyes Madison began to talk to his cock. "I like to run my tongue up and down on your cock." She had a lot of saliva in her mouth from deep throating Dylan so she spit it all over his shaft.

"I love to run my hands over it, the way it pulses in my hands, then slap it on my tongue." She once again showed her prowess by swallowing every centimeter of him over and over while she gagged on it. "I like when you choke me with your dick making my eyes all watery. Don't I look sexy with a cock in my mouth?

I look like a dirty little with your dick in my mouth?" "Damn baby you are my fantasy come true. Your beauty is not comparable especially with your mouth wrapped around my cock. Honey don't forget about my balls." Madison smiled seeing Dylan wanting more of her, "Yes, that's right you can't forget about the balls that's where your cum is housed.

I like licking a nice shaved nut sack your warm balls feel so good on my face." Madison was sucking and stroking his cock trying to get his manhood to erupt in her mouth. Maybe it was the excitement or just the way this 16-year-old-teenager was talking dirty to him. "Come on Madison don't stop I want to explode in your mouth." With that small little warning Dylan exploded stream after stream of his salty reward inside of Madison's mouth.

Madison was unable to contain the amount of cum Dylan deposited in her teen mouth. With her finger she collected all the cum that escaped from her mouth and pushed it back inside of her mouth. Now that all of Dylan's cum was safely secured inside of her mouth she opened her mouth to reveal it to Dylan. Madison then began to gargle his cum. She then mustered up the best smile she could and pushed it to the edge of her lips and then swallowed every last drop.

Madison put her hand over her lips and then blew Dylan a kiss. "So was that what you had in mind when you said working overtime?" "Madison there is no way in hell that I could ever think of anyone else from now on when I'm fucking my wife.

Thank you thank you so much. You know I won another $200. What if I give you another couple hundred bucks, can I put it in your pussy?" Madison still had the fresh taste of Dylan's cum in her mouth and thought about it for a while and said, "Yeah, okay," "Take your jeans off and hop right on top." Madison was sore everywhere Gene had really tore her holes up earlier in the evening.

Madison's jeans came off and to Dylan's surprise she wasn't wearing any panties. Then Madison climbed on top of Dylan and began to fuck his cock.

"Oh Dylan it's so big it's hurting my pussy." The reality was, it was the smallest cock that she had. Gene destroyed her tiny little hole not more than a couple of hours before.

"Ooooh Dylan it is so big. No wonder you've had two kids in three years your wife probably can't stay off of your big dick." "Yeah that's right come on and fuck that cock.

Does it feel good in your tight little pussy?" "Yes, Dylan it's so big I love your big penis deep inside of me. You are only the second man that I let inside of me. It feels so good inside, I'm so lucky to have such an experienced lover such as yourself Mr. Shapiro." "You like the way I fuck your pussy?" Madison thought, 'damn this guy needs a lot of reassurance.' "Yeah, you are so much better than my boyfriend." For $700 she would tell him anything that he wants to hear.

"Oh my God Dylan its so good don't stop fucking me." "I can't believe that my fantasy is coming true. Your fucking me so much better than I ever could have imagined." Dylan was so excited watching his fantasy bouncing up and down on his cock became too much for him and said, "Honey I'm going to cum. Where do you want me to cum?" "I just started taking birth control a couple of weeks ago so you can cum inside of my pussy if you want or you can cum in my mouth." Dylan began to pump faster and harder and looked into her eyes, "I want to cum inside of you I want to fill your teenage pussy with my cum." No sooner than he said that Dylan popped inside of his babysitter's pussy.

They both got dressed and Dylan gave Madison the rest of the money he owed her and drover her home. When Madison finally made it to her room all she wanted to do was sleep. She had cum so many times that all she wanted to do was sleep. After about a half hour or so there came a light rap on her bedroom door. Madison ignored the rap hoping that whoever it was would go away and let her sleep. She heard the door quietly creep open and then she felt a soft hand caress her face and pull the hair back from her face.

Whoever it was climbed in bed with her. She then felt these nice soft but small hands caressing her naked body and then her mom whispered in her ear, "Hi sweetie, mommy wants to taste your pussy. I want to feel your hymen on my tongue. I think it's time for you to lose your virginity. I brought the double-headed dildo with me so we can share that wonderful experience of you becoming a woman together.

This could be another mother and daughter special moment. Madison rolled over and said, "Mom can we do this later I am so tired. Why don't you wake daddy and fuck him.

You know he wants you, not me, the only reason he comes in here to fuck me is because you are to damn lazy to fuck him." As Madison was talking Beverly had rolled her on her back and spread her legs.

"I just want a taste you first and then I promise I'll go in and fuck daddy and leave you alone." Beverly moved her head down to her daughter's pussy and got a strange whiff and knew something wasn't right. Realizing that her pussy was full of Mr. Shapiro's cum Madison tried to stop her mother but it was too late as her tongue delved deep inside of her and her mother was met with a large sum of Mr.

Shapiro's ejaculant. "Mommy don't be mad I can explain." With that Madison had told her story about how she met Gene at the movies with Ashley when they were away and how he took her virginity. She told her mom that daddy didn't do it and now that she no longer had a hymen that daddy intended to fuck her on a regular basis.

She didn't tell her how she seduced Gene earlier this evening but then told her that Mr. Shapiro gave her $400 to fuck her.

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Madison figured her mom might take some of the money from her so she cut the price down a little. Once Madison had confessed everything to her mom she waited for her punishment to be handed out to her. Then for the second time in one week her parents had surprised her. Beverly looked down at her little girl and said, "Well, well we've been a busy little beaver haven't we," She then gently spanked her daughter's pussy.

"Okay then in the morning I want you to clean up and then come to my room after daddy goes to temple and the two of us will talk more about being more careful and then we can use the double-headed dildo, okay?" "Okay mommy see you in the morning." Here ends part two of Madison and Ashley. Next we will check out Ashley at the Soroity House at University