Arrombando o cu breaking ass

Arrombando o cu breaking ass
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This story takes place in a make-believe world where all females are the property of males. It is not necessarily gorean but may appeal to people who enjoy such fantasies. This story contains strong themes such as non-consensual sex, slavery, humiliation, and bestiality.

If any of these themes offend you, then I wish you well on your way. If you choose to continue reading, then I thank you for taking the time to possibly enjoy my first erotic piece. Chapter 2: The Rules of Capture "What is your name?" The redhead asked. There was a hint of command and impatience in the question.

She had obviously decided to take charge of the situation now that she was alone with her captor. She looked almost dismissively at the brunettefluttering long eyelashes and examining her nails while awaiting a response.

"My name is Eri, but my free name is Aaron." She responded tentatively. She didn't even try to hide the panic she felt down in her gut that this girl knew her secret. Despite her fears, she couldn't deny that the redhead looked truly delicious in her collar, lying with one hip on the bed and her hair trailing down her shoulders, not quite covering her supple breasts. Her legs were pressed together in a way that only emphasized the V of her crotch. Eri noticed that there was already moisture pooling there at the naked girl's sex.

She was obviously enjoying what she knew was coming.

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Eri noticed that the redhead's hand slid across her thigh to her sex and she began fingering herself and rubbing her clit absently as she talked. "So eri it is then. A good slave name. You do understand your position do you not?" Eri looked down sheepishly as she spoke "Yes". The redhead snapped at her. "You will call me Mistress!" Eri was no stranger to titles and protocol, but she had never heard that honorific before.

Obviously her confusion showed as the redhead gave her a haughty and venomous look. "It is the female version of Master. It is used in the wild when a woman takes a girl captive. Are you a bred slave then?" "No Mistress. I once ran free in nothing but my hair beneath the moon." "It sounds like you were lucky. Well let me see what you look like under all those clothes. Give me a striptease while I give you your new rules. From now on when we're alone together I don't want to see you in clothes like a… man." Eri was dumbfounded at the authority in the redhead's voice.

She was scared to do as she asked. No one had seen her nakedness for months. She knew that it would make her feel vulnerable. She couldn't make a quick escape and if anyone entered suddenly she would be caught out. Not to mention that she would be eyed up like a sex object. But that's what she was.

There was no denying it evidently. She had tried but the charade could only last so long. She reached up for her scarf. She figured she'd start with something not so revealing. "Leave the scarf for last though, deary. I already saw your pretty collared neck." Eri blushed butt moved her hands away from the collar. She moved them deliberately down to the fastenings of her coat and began untying them. Slowly, as seductively as she could manage.


"Do I get to know the name of my Mistress?" eri asked offhandedly. "Not yet, my pet. Now is not the time for you to ask questions." The way she said the word pet sent shivers down eri's spine which was already chilly as she had let her jacket slip down her wiry frame and fall to the floor.

Her slim arms were bare almost to the shoulders. She wisely chose to be silent and let her mistress continue her monologue.

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"You and me, eri. We're lucky. It is better to be owned by a Mistress than it is to be owned by a man-or even worse, a beast." She let that thought hang, allowing her slavegirl to envision her cunt being invaded by the throbbing cock of a wild animal.

She came from the wilderness too, so she too knew the use that animals would put girls to. Human females were at the absolute bottom of the pecking order, even among brute animals. It wasn't unknown for a pack of wolves to keep girls as pets.

Or for the savage races of monsters like orcs and ogres to keep full-stocked kennels of slaves. The redhead cleared her throat and eyed eri's torso greedily. She took the hint and resumed her stripping.

She unbuttoned her shirt. Slowly, one step at a time. She started from the top, but let the fabric cover her body until she was done. When the buttons were all dealt with, she ever so slowly slid the shirt down one arm, and then down the other. She was exposed down to her smooth belly hanging tight around her naval. Her chest heaved in and out with each breath as she tried to keep from sobbing at the exposure.

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The only thing covering her top was the linen wrapped around her breasts, holding them tight to her chest. She knew that would not be around for long though. The redhead continued "Us girls should stick together, my slut. It is to my benefit that you keep up your charade as a pretty-boy slaver. If you're caught, I will lose the advantage you've given me and I will be just a helpless slave, dancing and rutting for the pleasure of a Master.

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However, it will be much worse for you. You would be given the worst punishments the Men could inflict. Your cunt would be fucked so raw that you would scream for mercy and receive none. They would lock you in a cage bound tight and muzzled like the mangy animal you are. You would never see the sun again and would copulate with animals a thousand times a day. Make no mistake, if you displease me, I will give you to this fate.

I will have it a lot lighter." Thoroughly sweating from the imagery the redhead described, eri finished unwrapping her linen covers. Her tits hung perkily behind her hands which held the dangling linen over her nipples.

With sensuous movements she slid the cloth down the length of her body and casually tossed the useless wrap to the side. Her breasts were now exposed with the rest of her torso and she was visibly shivering.

She was obviously not used to the chill air on naked skin from her time in disguise. Her Mistress instructed her to twirl and show off her bouncing tits provocatively before continuing. "Here are the rules, mine.: 1. In public I will be your slave because we are relying on your disguise.

I will direct your ambitions as Aaron as well. Do not mistreat me any more than is required for your cover. I mean it. I will inflict everything you do to me to you when we are in private. 2. In private you are to obey my every command without question or hesitation. Become the slave that you once were. It should be natural to your female body. 3. In private when we have no expectation of being discovered, you will always be naked in front of me.

You will prostrate yourself before me, kneeling like the slave you are.

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4. You will do the house chores until we acquire more slaves. You will wait upon me as my personal slave with all of the fervor of a passion slave. 5. And of course you will be sexually available only to me, your Mistress. This will be good for you since you can't reveal your body to anyone else." The redhead licked her lips as she finished her final rule, especially gazing at her property as she finished stripping down.

Her boots were neatly tucked away and her pants were in a bunch on the floor. The redhead was impressed with eri's luscious but athletic body. She could see whip marks still clearly visible on her back and ass cheeks. Good.


It will be good that she is used to such treatment. One thing that surprised her though was that the girl's clit was visibly twitching, and moisture was trickling down her thighs. This made her smile. Eri was furious at the humiliating examination her Mistress was giving her.

She was furious that her weak female's sex was driving her crazy throughout the humiliation and that the redhead could see it fully exposed. She tried to cover herself but was stopped by a gesture from her Mistress who was rising from her bed, her own cunt looking wet and ready.

Her Mistress slowly approached her with swaying hips, giving her a silent gesture to kneel. Whimpering, eri complied. Her Mistress walked her dripping pussy right up close to eri's face so that she could smell the musk from it and almost taste it in the air.

She could see the skin of her pelvis up close including her sloppy wet sex. "Well, slave. Your friends all thought you'd be coming in here to penetrate my sex.

We shouldn't disappoint them. Surely, you've shared moments of passion with other slaves. Fuck me with your tongue just like that. Make me scream like I'm being fucked by a dick." Nervously at first, eri let licked her Mistress's thighs up near her crotch.

She wasn't squeamish about sex. She had spent most of her life naked after all, and had been used by dozens of men in her time.

But something was different about this humiliation. Even though she was undeniably attracted to this girl's soaking cunt, she felt nervous about licking it. She had no time for nerves though as the redhead grabbed her hair and pulled her forcefully into her crotch. She didn't have time to catch her breath before her tongue was pistoning in and out of her pussy. She could taste the juices running into her mouth as she licked up and down the slit, as well as in and out.

Mistress moaned immediately and repeatedly as her sexual needs were being satisfied by a good slave. She continued to pull the girl into her cunt, not giving her a chance to hardly breathe. Just a few more minutes of the girl's heavenly tongue and she would climax. Eri's tongue kept working until she felt the redhead's body quiver and her moans escalated until she started squirting in eri's mouth.

Eri had sucked cocks before, and even drank urine so she knew the expectation was that she swallow her Mistress's squirting cum. It tasted sweeter than she would have thought and she secretly enjoyed the taste.

Oh, how she wished that she were in the position of her Mistress though, getting her sex sucked off by an obedient slave. Unbidden she had thoughts of Daisy and wondered what it would feel like to have her tongue pleasuring her like she was doing. Eri bet that Daisy would be a glorious fuck despite still being a virgin.

The redhead looked down at eri with displeasure as she slapped the girl. "Stop daydreaming, slut. Focus your attention on me." "I'm sorry, Mistress!" eri begged. "Well it's obvious that I'll need to begin retraining your body." She said as she grabbed eri by the tits and yanked her forcefully to a whipping post. She bound the begging girl to the post despite her objections. "Your friends in the lodge are expecting some training too. So how about we give them some female screams so that they know that you're training me right" she said with a wink.

"Of course I'll need to inflict some marks on myself afterwards so that they have something to account for the screaming you'll do." "Mistress please no!" eri begged. But she got no look of pity from her Mistress.

Instead she expertly, almost lovingly caressed a whip that she found on the rack. Kissing it and pressing the hard leather to her nipples and between her slit before preparing it for a strike. "Now my sweet, give the men a show please. And do count out the lashes.

I don't have much practice with a whip so I'm going to give you fifty solid ones so that I have some time to practice. This shouldn't be new to you though. You look like you have a lot of practice on the whipping post." Eri's screams didn't disappoint. It took the redhead a little time to get the hang of the whip, but she was evidently a superbly quick learner as she figured it out in no time at all. Soon she had a cracking whip slicing up and down eri's back.

Only after she began to crack the whip did she allow eri to count. 1 crack 2 crack 3 crack 4 crack 5 crack The redhead looked amused like she found eri's screams delicious. Eri couldn't figure out how the redhead knew so much about the city and how Master's disciplined slaves, especially living a savage life in the slave forest like an animal. The redhead's casual and cruel demeaner made eri feel more like the animal in this situation. She captured the redhead, but it was clear that she had a thing or two to teach eri about playing Master.

She pondered these things, as well as pondering why her cunt was so wet again. She hadn't even gotten to pleasure herself and she doubted that she would be allowed to tonight. 46 crack 47 crack 48 crack 49 crack Gasp 50 crack Eri sighed with relief as her appointed punishment was done. Usually Masters didn't skimp on punishment. They wanted their lessons to stick so they never threatened discipline without following through.

But usually they didn't go overboard either, not wanting to break slaves and make them hollow things either—usually. Some Masters actually enjoyed breaking girls like that. Evidently the redhead was no such Mistress though.

She thrust the whip handle into her own cunt for a minute as she let eri recover. Then unexpectedly she thrust it into eri's mouth to suck off her cum.

Eri complied and sucked and licked the handle dry, swallowing as she did so. "You've done well, my slave. If you keep pleasing me, I will reward you. Trust your Mistress when I say that we are headed to a good life. But until I know I can trust you, I'm going to put you in your kennel to sleep. Sleep well though and rest up for tomorrow.

We have a big important day for our future." The redhead led eri to a small kennel. Big enough for eri to lay in or crouch on all fours. She was too emotionally and physically beaten to resist much. She spent what energy she did have though trying to hide the massive pool beneath her legs. She had cum just before the final stroke and she was sure that her Mistress saw it. She could hide nothing from her. And so eri went to sleep in the kennel and the slave she captured slept on the bed.

Before the cage door closed though, the redhead whispered to eri "Tomorrow when you name me, you will call me Liza." Thank you for taking the time to read this to the very end. If you want more on this story or have constructive criticism, please take the time to leave a comment at the bottom.