Girl freind Mina showing virgin pussy

Girl freind Mina showing virgin pussy
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The physical relationship with my mother began a few months ago, although the fantasies had been there for years. When I was younger and talked to friends I had realized that the attraction I felt towards my mother was different, it was not just son-mother love, it was more. I didn't know how to act, the only way to get through this was to mimic others and their normal family relationships.

It had always only been my mother and I since I could remember, she was extremely caring and for someone viewing from the outside some of the things she did would seem borderline incestuous; but not to us. We had a somehow strong and bizzare connection, it often felt like if my mother had similar feelings towards me but would not make a move because she could never be sure I felt the same, and vice versa.

The problem was not just tackling the "tabboo" subject but damaging our love for each other and especially our little erotic games we played, which I will further get into later on.

Some of the events from my childhood which I can vividly remember would be for example how I slept in the same bed as my mother whenever I had nightmares or was not feeling well, it happened alot. This carried on until I was around 9 or 10. Another would be when I was around that age and taking a bath, my mom would walk over to me and ask if I had cleaned my penis properly, it was very innocent back then however it also felt great in a way I was unable to explain.

She would kneel down next to the tub whilst I was playing with my battleships, remove her watch and dive her hand into the hot soapy water. She'd grab my little penis and explain to me that I need to move the foreskin back and forth to clean it and that if I would not do it then I had to go to the doctor, nobody wanted that. So after a while I would get used to it and start jerking my foreskin up and down when she gave me the look as I was taking a bath, I remember this one time, it was very memorable.

I was 12 or so perhaps but still very childish, I was a late bloomer, the first time I dealt with my erection properly. My mom and I were in the bathroom, I was taking a bath with lots of different shampoos and lotions to make as many bubbles as possible and having a great time, she was facing the mirror and removing her makeup or something like that; she saw me in the reflection.

I thrusted my body up and sat on this little step which was on the bath tub, only a few inches over the water, exposing my body to the fresh cold air to my ankles. I held my penis and pulled the skin back as I splashed some water on it to start and clean it as I always did, but this time I felt a burning sensation. One of the new soapy liquids got into the hole of my penis and it stung quite badly for a couple of seconds, it also gave me a full erection, I yelled out and immediatly caught the attention of my mother as she rushed over in a worry.

"Darling what's the matter, are you alright?" she asked as she saw what was going on down there. A smile formed on her face. "That stupid stuff was stinging my pee pee when it got inside, it really really hurt mom!!" "I'm so sorry hun!

I will throw it away, let me take a look" my mom replied as she kneeled and naturally grabbed my small yet very stiff penis with her soft loving hand. It all felt so normal, I had not directly thought of anything sexual in that precise moment but in retrospect i'm relatively sure she thought otherwise. My mom slightly bent my penis towards her and inspected it. "Nothing is damaged don't worry sweetie, but we better get rid of the nasty substance inside of your pee pee" "How? I already used the toilet before, mom.

and it is hurting right now, why is it so hard? It feels funny" I said completely innocent with a sad annoyed facial expression as I rubbed my penis inadvertantly. "It's puberty, everybody goes through it. I'm going to help you ejaculate to get rid of that stinging and make you feel happy alright?

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I'm so glad I can witness your first orgasm!" my mom said with a huge smile as she took a more comfortable position and rolled up her sleeves to not get foam or water on them. I had absolutely no idea what she was talking about but I did trust her to the fullest extent so I just moved a bit closer to give her full acess to my genitals. My mother carefully and slowly pulled back my foreskin as much as she could before I would gasp from some pain, then let it retract again by itself.

I looked into her eyes and noticed how concentrated she was, she gave me pleasure I had not felt before. She then continued and masturbated me properly and cupping my small testicles in her other hand; giving them a massage with her fingertips.

Her nails were tickling me. I remember smelling her sweet perfume, to this day whenever I smell it I would instantly get an erection.

"How does that feel hun, do you feel like you need to pee soon? If you do then don't be scared, you will ejaculate instead of pee, trust me" she said as she was stroking me with an increasingly faster rythm. I felt it coming - she noticed because I shut my eyes and my breathing was getting heavy and quicker. I lifted my back a couple of inches and had my first orgasm right there and then.

My penis ejaculated three or four thin ropes of semen, they shot with quite some power straight onto my mother's arms and hands which she had lifted up aswell to catch it.

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It was a BREATH TAKENING experience, my body vibrated and when I fell back into the tub lots of water splashed out. "Great hunny, did that feel good or what? I bet you're all better now" she exclaimed as she was wiping off my semen with a nearby towel. " was really really good" I replied as I was standing up ready to get out.

From that moment on, I had masturbated countless times a day in my room.


Even though my first time was with my mother, I felt a kind of shame and subconscious obligation to do it privately and hide it from her. Sadly this was the norm for most people I learned later on. I had sex education later on and that was when my incestuous feelings which I could not properly express - would make sense in my head and prompt me to act on them.

I didn't care anymore what other people would think of it and no longer was ashamed of the incest dreams I had about my mother.

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I embraced them and promised myself to make my dreams come true. I was 16 years old, from the outside I was an average looking teenager with a loving mother. She was in her mid forties: blonde hair down to her shoulders, hazel brown eyes, chubby figure with large breasts and simply the most loving relaxed layed-back attitude you could imagine. I love her so much. One night after blowing another load using my mother as a mental masturbatory aid I decided to try and expose myself to her without letting her know my intentions.

From now on I would sleep with only a t-shirt and no pants. It was mid july and the heat was unbelivable, great excuse to wear little clothing.

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I was awoken by some noise my mother was making in her room next door, I noticed that I had formed a tent under the cover with my 6 inch boner. I was thinking about masturbating but I had a better idea, I took the cover off and layed there on my bed naked with a stiff penis pointing right up at me and then pretended to still be asleep. Just a few seconds after I closed my eyes and made a belivable sleeping face my mother tiptoed to the entrance of my room with the door wide open to check if she had woken me up.

We were both completely silent but I heard the faint sound of her feet on the marble floor as she was sneaking up.

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It was such a rush knowing that she saw my erect cock, the last time she had seen it was like 5 years ago, we never talked about what had happened that day either. Contrary to what I believed would happen(her instantly walking away after seeing me like that) I felt her standing there for what seemed like 20 to 30 seconds. Was she staring? Did she like it? Why else would she stay there so long? It was a wonderfully exciting feeling. After she left I had masturbated furiously and ejaculated into a tissue, huge load.

I put on some power rangers boxer shorts and walked down the hallway to the kitchen where my mother was, I could smell pancakes in the making. She apparently had just come out of the shower, there was one towel covering herhair and another her naked body. It struck me as strange because she didn't look like she was in the shower, I didn't hear it either. I would have heard it.

I didn't give it much thought. "Good morning hun, hungry?" my mother asked as she glanced over to me with a frying pan in her hand. "Morning, yeah, very" I replied as I sat down at the table. We were using this tiny plastic table which people use for picnics and other outdoor activities, because our previous real one was currently being repaired. My mother has such sexy full thighs, that and her legs. I was staring at her backside as she was talking to me about the weather whilst fixing breakfast for us.

I couldn't help it but touch myself, not to jerk off but to adjust my boxers because my cock was starting to grow and it felt uncomfortable. In that precise moment my mother turned around with the food on plates and catched me. She smiled and brushed it off or so it seemed, then sat down. I felt a little embarassed but arroused at the same time. She sat opposite of me.

I had great vision. "Do you remember that time when you were young and hurt your pee pee with that shampoo in the tub? I just saw a commercial for that exact shampoo on the television, isn't that crazy?" my mother explained with a curious look on her face as she was taking a sip of her coffee.

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Well that was completely random and unexpected I thought to myself. Then I caught her glimpsing at my crotch area, she noticed my erection.

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I became even more aroused and was having a debate with myself in my head wether or not to cross my legs and feel embarassed or see what happens. Luckily I went with the second option. My mom was rubbing her back against her chair slowly for some reason. "Yes.I remember, strange that they are still around huh, I would have thought they had gone out of business already for their horrible irritating products" I replied with a mouth full of pancake.

My mother giggled and suddenly the towel covering her body fell off. She was exposed right infront of me, I saw everything.

She actually had very hard nipples, it was the first time I saw her naked body after my mission to manifest my incestuous fantasies. It was thrilling. Her breasts were massive and hanging down slightly, she had a wonderfully trimmed yet quite hairy pussy.

She had a few extra pounds in her stomache due to her one and only vice which was chocolate from time to time (which just made her so much more likable) It was such a beautiful image, even though it only lasted a mere few seconds.

"Wooooopsie i'm sorry hunny I guess I didn't attach the towel strongly enough!" she said in a loud voice as she was putting the turqoise towel on again, I noticed her face redden a little but she did not seem that embarassed, almost as if it was on purpose but not obvious enough to comment on it. That would be an awkward conversation I thought to myself, if it really was an accident and I had accused her of something else.

"Haha it's fine mom.

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You have a really beautiful body I must say." I replied without thinking twice. It honestly just slipped out, I would never have said something so direct. I felt stupid. "Thank you! I really appreciate that!" my mother replied back, I really wasn't expecting such a response.


She was blushing and took a hundred times better than I had ever thought she would. I took that as a sign that I was not going too far, that perhaps this was not such a one-sided fantasy after all. What a wonderful moment that was, I think that was what let things to eventually escalate. I spontaneously decided to stand up and hug her, forgetting about my raging boner. Blessing in disguise. My mother instinctively opened her arms and hugged me back, it was a really tight hug, the head of my rock hard cock poked out of my boxer shorts and was rubbing against her inner thigh.

Oh my god, it was surreal, I honestly thought I was going to ejaculate right there and then, not only due to the incredible friction so close to her vagina but also due to the fact that she must be realizing what I am doing aswell and at the same time not letting go or saying anything about it.

What did that mean? I kept asking myself in my head dozens of times, hundreds of thoughts were rushing simultaneously through my mind. Something overcame me and I had backed off from the hug and walked away in a fast pace, completely embarassed.

It felt like the right thing to do, but it also felt like I was being a coward and had just passed on something potentially life changing.

My mother said nothing, she just stood there totally perplexed. What just happened in the kitchen? I bet she was was thinking that exact same thing, maybe even a little dissapointed? Actually, in retrospect I can now safely believe she was most definitely dissapointed. That thought was already erotic when you think about it. End of part one. Give me your feedback and let me know if I should carry this on, thank you