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Ass self loving stud fucking slut s pooper
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It was that time of the year again, Jack's birthday, and I was determined to make this the best birthday he ever had. Of course, I say that every year, but this year I wanted it to be extra special. I had already thrown him surprise parties, had taken him on weekend trips, had dressed up as a hooker and given him massages, but what could I do this time that would really knock his socks off, so to speak? We had the most wonderful sex life anyone could imagine and I wasn't threatened in any way by other women, so maybe now was the time to give him every man's dream.a menage a trois which, of course, would include myself.

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I called a local escort agency and explained to the woman what I was looking for. Even though I was blonde and large breasted, I knew Jack liked dark-skinned women with long black hair. I arranged for her to arrive at our house about nine o'clock on the night of Jack's birthday and I told him that this year we were going to have a quiet, candlelit dinner at home so he wouldn't suspect anything.

After dinner, we were having drinks and there was a knock on the door. I asked Jack to see who it was and in walked the most gorgeous black woman I had ever seen. She had incredibly smooth skin, beautiful long wavy black hair, a slim waist, and large breasts. She was dressed in a low cut black silky blouse and a long red skirt slit up both sides to show her shapely legs. She asked my boyfriend if he was Jack and she smiled and said "Happy Birthday, Jack. My name is Cassandra and I'm your present this year." Jack looked over at me, grinning from ear and ear, finally realizing what his present was going to be.

I noticed that it didn't take him long to show a bulge starting to protrude from his pants. Cassandra saw it, too, and took Jack's arm and led him to a chair in our living room.

We had some soft music playing and Cassandra started swaying her body to the music in front of Jack. She slowly unbuttoned her blouse, exposing her breasts overflowing out of a lacey black bra. She bent down in front of Jack, took his hand and placed it on one of them, while her hand lightly grazed the crotch of his jeans. She backed away from him as he reached out with his other hand to touch her, unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor showing off the rest of her shapely body dressed only in a black garter belt, black nylons and a lacey black thong.

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She danced in front of Jack first putting her boobs in his face and then wiggling her tight ass just out of his reach. The bulge in his pants was definitely straining against the material as she removed her bra and started massaging her own breasts. She grabbed for me and wanted me to dance along with her.


I had a few drinks so I started a slow striptease for Jack, too, taking off my blouse, skirt and bra until I was only in my black lacey bikinis. Cassandra reached for me and started massaging my breasts and placed my hands on hers, and we danced for awhile in front of Jack, kneading each other's tits and pinching each other's nipples.

I knew that Jack was getting very turned on by all this, and I whispered to Cassandra that we should go up to the bedroom. Cassandra grabbed Jack's hand and guided him up to our bedroom where she undressed him.

His large, thick cock released finally from its bondage stood at full attention and Cassandra took it in her hand and lightly stroked it. She pushed Jack down on the bed and stepped out of her thong, leaving her garter belt and nylons on, exposing her softly curled pussy.

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She leaned over Jack and let her breasts just touch his face, then very slowly guided her large hardened nipples down his torso. She placed his cock between her breasts and moved it back and forth, while I got on the bed, reached around and massaged her breasts from behind with one hand and her pussy with the other My pussy was hot and wet and it needed some attention, so I crawled around Cassandra and placed my twat in Jack's face.

He moved my bikinis over with his hand and he licked up and down my inner lips, while Cassandra bent down and started licking his rod.

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Her tongue moved up and down his long shaft, not missing a spot, and she sucked gently on his glistening head. Jack's tongue found my hardened clit and he teased me with it, making slow circles around it, then ever so slightly licking and nibbling it. Cassandra opened her mouth and put her lovely red lips around Jack's cock and went down on it slowly, taking in as much as she could, then going back up his shaft while she cupped his balls in her hand.

She continued sliding his cock in and out of her mouth slowly, stopping at the head to suck and lick. She took her mouth off Jack's cock, pulled me off his face, and told me to turn around.

I stepped out of my bikinis, and we kneeled towards each other and started kissing, tonguing each other, and massaging each other's breasts. Her hand dropped down to my dripping pussy and her finger went inside of me, while I reached down and massaged her cunt with my hand. We laid down on the bed side by side next to Jack, our faces in each other's honeypot. We licked and sucked on each other's hardened pearls and our hips started grinding into each other's faces.

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I could see Jack stroking his dick with one hand and could feel him touching our backs and asses with the other. My pussy was on fire under her tongue and I could taste her love juices flowing into my mouth. My orgasm starting coming in little waves and as I pushed my cunt harder into her face, her tongue went inside of me as her body shuddered and orgasmed.

Jack was ready to explode and so we each got on one side of him and started licking and sucking on his dick at the same time.

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Two tongues went up and down his shaft at once and we took turns sucking and deep throating him while Jack took each of our pussies in his hands and started stroking and finger fucking us. When Jack's cock was in my mouth, I could feel it pulsating and throbbing and I knew he was close. I motioned for Cassandra to stop and told her to get on top and fuck him.

I watched as Cassandra lowered herself onto Jack's dick and her pussy swallow him up. Her body moved up and down on his hard shaft and I could tell by the look on his face that he was almost there.


I told Cassandra to stop because I wanted a turn on that rock hard rod, so she released his dick from her pussy and crawled up to his face for a tongue job. I got on top of Jack and slid it in while Jack had Cassandra's dripping cunt in his face.

He was licking and slurping up her juices and I was pounding furiously up and down his rod. Cassandra's rear end was moving in circles on Jack's face. I reached around, grabbed her breasts and massaged them as she let go.

My own orgasm was coming from deep inside of me and as my inner muscles grabbed hold of Jack's dick, he shot a large load of hot cum inside of me. Our wet and satisfied bodies collapsed on the bed.

Later Cassandra dressed and left, giving Jack a huge wet birthday kiss.

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Snuggled in his arms, I asked him if he enjoyed his birthday present, and he replied, "I can't wait to see how you're going to try and top this one next year."