Natural hairy amateur girl fucks lucky guy

Natural hairy amateur girl fucks lucky guy
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I am sure that all guys and probably all girls fantasize about having a threesome. I had always thought that it only happened in the porno's, but as a college guy I soon found out that college is not just for getting an academic education, it is also for getting a sexual education. My fantasy, did come true. It started like any other Friday night on our small college campus, a few beers with my fraternity brothers, a quick shower, a short drive to my girlfriend's house for a party and then out to the bars for a drunken stupor to forget about a tough week of classes, and then back to my girlfriend house for sex.


At 2 a.m. as my girlfriend, Shelly and I left the local bar, we ran into one of her housemates, Jill. Jill was as girl who liked to have a good time and get to a certain point with a guy late at night and then simply put him off.

She was a well-known campus cock-tease after a few beers and the fact that she was very smart and good looking allowed her to get away with it. As the three of us got home from the short walk to their house, I figured that Shelly and I would head right to her bedroom for what had always been a great fuck after satisfying each other with our mouths. "Don't head up to bed yet, stay and hang out with me for another beer, I don't want to go to bed by myself yet," pleaded Jill, as she headed to the kitchen for three beers.

I gave Shelly the "Forget the room mate and let's go upstairs" look. Shelly whispered, "Just one beer. Then we will go upstairs." She grabbed my cock through my shorts.

"Okay.we can hang out for a while, get some beers," called out Shelly.

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When Jill came back she had six beers and put them down on the coffee table and handed us one each and sat on one end of the couch and pulled out a small doobie. I was in the middle and Shelly was leaning on my opposite shoulder, rubbing my arm.

"I brought us each two to save time," explained Jill. She lit up the doobie and took a long drag and passed the Duchy to the left hand side. We all took a toke and a few swigs off of the beers. Shelly and I had been dating for almost two months and we were totally into each other and had done everything sexually that our young perverted minds could think of.

She was wild and up for anything that involved sex. Shelly was 5'3", 100 pounds with 34C tits, with nipples that were always hard. She had long brunette hair that she kept in a pony-tail.

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Jill, on the other hand, was 5'7", 115 pounds with long blonde hair, 34B tits and wore glasses that gave her that intellectual preppy look. I was an average-looking guy. 5'11" 180 pounds, medium build, dark blonde hair and a thick 8" dick.

I think that was why I was so popular with the Sorority girls.

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After a few dates with one girls, a few of their sisters would inevitably want to satisfy their curiosity and would flirt with me in classes, at the library, and at parties. I had been given the nickname "Meat" my first year in the Fraternity after I had lost a game of one-on-one paddle ball and had to perform a "skunk run" around the house.

A skunk run meant that because I didn't make a single point in the game, I had been "skunked" and therefore had to take off all of my clothes and run around our Frat house that was right next to the Chi-Omega Sorority house. Just before I ran, one of the senior guys in the house telephoned the Chi-O house and simply told them "Skunk run!".

This set off a flurry of activity in the Sorority house. The girl who answered the phone screamed "Skunk run!" down the Sorority house hall.

Soon the Chi-O deck and yard were full of women waiting for me, the poor guy who had lost his game. I began my run from the back door where only the guys of our house could see me. They were whistling and whooping at me.

I ran as fast as I could because I was embarrassed but as soon as I rounded the corner to the front lawn where the girls could see me I almost chickened out until I saw some with their mouths fall open in wonder and others pointing at me and my cock. This caused arousal and just like that, I had a raging hard-on. The girls began to whistle and loudly commenting on the size of my cock.

I slowed my run to a very slow jog. When I rounded the final corner of the house, the Chi-O house President yelled out, "Wow! We didn't know that your Pledges had so much meat on the bone, we will definitely come over for a bar-b-Que later tonight!" This caused a round of laughs from everyone and as I reached the back door of the house, the nickname "Meat" was thereafter mine. As we were each starting our second beer and the weed had hit us, we began laughing. Shelly started to massage my thigh and I moaned.

"I am sorry you guys, it is obvious you have better things to do than to sit here with lonely me," sighed Jill.

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"It's Okay Jill, we are having fun hanging out and we can wait to go upstairs." said Shelly. "She's right Jill, I can't think of anything better than hanging out with you hotties." I said.

Jill replied, "Maybe your mouth is saying that, but something else is saying that you want to do something else." As she looked down to see the outline in my shorts of my very hard dick. Shelly looked down to see what Jill was talking about and saw that my dick was very erect and all three of us started laughing, me with some embarrassment. "Meat! Can't you control that thing," laughed Shelly. "Sorry, you know it has a mind of its own.


It's uncontrollable around the two of you." I replied, trying to hide my uneasy feeling. "Awwww, what I nice thing to say," said Shelly as she leaned over and gave me a very hot kiss. As we broke the kiss, Jill jokingly asked, "Can I thank him too Shelly?" "Go for it." said Shelly.

After that comment, Jill's lips were on mine one second later giving me a hard French kiss. As Jill leaned back, the three of us stared at each other and then Shelly leaned in again for another kiss and started to rub my thighs. As Shelly broke the kiss, I turned towards Jill as she said, "I think I can do it better, can I?" With a slow nod, Shelly gave her consent and Jill gave me another hot kiss and rubbed my thighs just like Shelly did but she also reached down and rubbed my stiff cock.

As Jill, leaned back and without a word, Shelly leaned over to kiss me again and this time she went right to my dick, rubbing and squeezing it. When Shelly stopped kissing me, Jill leaned in to copy what Shelly had just done, from the kiss to the dick squeeze. As Jill's kiss ended, we looked back and forth at each other, knowing this was a new adventure for us. Not 10 seconds later, they both leaned in to kiss me lick neck and alternate kissing and touching me all over.

My head was spinning, maybe it was the weed, maybe the booze, definitely the two hotties and I knew what was about to happen. Shelly then said, "I think we should take this upstairs." Are you sure about that, Shelly," said Jill. "I am if he is," said Shelly. Without a word, I stood up and Shelly could see my raging hard on peeking out from the bottom of my shorts. "What do we have here?" Shelly said playfully. She then reached up and pulled my shorts down exposing my cock. She then knelt on the floor in front of me and began licking my balls.

Jill sat on the couch with wide eyed amazement. Shelly began licking her way up my shaft and grabbed my ass checks with her long finger nails. I let out a moan which startled Jill who got off the couch and knelt beside Shelly. Shelly stopped her sucking just long enough to grab Jill's neck and pull her in for a long hot kiss.

The sight of these two girls kissing nearly made me explode, and I reached down to Jill's polo shirt and pulled at the bottom until she put her hands and arms above her head.

I then pulled off the shirt exposing her boobs. Shelly reached for a titty and started rolling a nipple between her pointer finger and thumb. Jill moaned loudly as she looked over at my cock. She grabbed it and was soon sucking it with wild abandon. Just as I was about to come in Jill's mouth, Shelly stopped her and said "Let's go upstairs to Jill's room." I wanted to run up the stairs. The girls took off their chlothes as they walked up the stairs.

Shelly took off her panties and threw them back to me. I caught them and could feel the wetness. I sniffed them as Jill looked back at me, "Oh you like the smell of pussy do you?" I hissed back that I love the smell of hot pussy. Jill reached the top of the stairs and lay down on the top three stairs. She told me to lick her pussy. As I knelt down I saw Jill pull Shelly down over her face. I started to lap at Jill's sopping wet pussy. Her love juices smelled so sweet that it was like drinking warm peach juice.

As I licked her cunt I could hear Shelly moaning. I looked up and caught direct eye contact with Shelly. The look of lust was all over her face. Jill was licking her cunt from below and Shelly was getting hotter and hotter.

I put a finger in Jill's cunt, she moaned with pleasure. I put in a second and she whimpered as I sucked on her erect clit. I stuffed a third finger in and she let out a long moan.

"Oh that feels sooo fucking good!" I began turned my fingers over and began rubbing her G-Spot. Her thighs began to quiver and her hips began to grind at my face and hand. Suddenly Jill grunted and shot a solid stream of girly gush all over my face.

Shelly was so turned on that she fell forward and began lapping up the hot girl cum from my face. I had never had a girl cum like that before. It was awesome! Jill was not embarrassed about it either because she said, "Do you two like my love juice? Doesn't it taste sweet?" I was so stoned and so horny that I just kept licking her hot pussy as Shelly licked Jill's clit.

Once in Shelly's room, we all moved to the bed with me in the middle and continued our kissing.


As the kisses continued, every so often, Shelly's and Jill's tongues and lips would touch and share a brief kiss. At this point, I sat up and let the girls move closer to each other and I begin to remove the rest of their clothes and quickly got them both down to skin. Two naked women lying next to each other in a bed. The girls then continued their exploration of my body. They kissed their way down my body to my rock hard cock.

They began to lick at my pre-cum coated purple head and started to lick my balls. (I wished the guys in my house could see me now). As I felt my orgasm building, I sat up and pushed them both down on Jill's bed.

Both were completely naked and both had Brazilian waxed pussies. As I started to kiss and lick Shelly's pussy, I was fingering Jill, who was sitting next to us watching everything that was happened as she twisted her nipples. I had gone down on Shelly many times before, so I knew what got her off fast. I proceeded to suck and bite on her clit and I knew it would not be long before she would orgasm. Just a few minutes later, she grabbed my head and mashed my face into her pussy and started screaming."I'mmmmmm cummmmming, right there, keeping licking right there, fuuuuuuuuck, I'm cumming." Jill had began rubbing Shelly's tits and kissing her mouth.

I had made Shelly cum before while I licked her pussy, but nothing like this she shuddered all over and just kept moaning as Jill kept rubbing her tits and began sucking on her tongue.

Jill leaned over and started kissing me, moaning out loud, "I have never been so hot and horny in my whole fucking life." I slowly made my way up to lie beside Shelly and started kissing her. Jill than did something that made my dick ache with desire. She got up and opened the curtains and window.

Jill's room was over the parking lot where a lot people were coming an going. The lights were off except for a very dim lamp at the side of Jill's bed.

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She came back to the bed. She leaned over Shelly and started to lick Shelly's cunt juice off of my wet face. Shelly quickly noticed this and grabbed Jill's face and pulled it into her lips and started kissing her hard on the face. As I sat back and watched the girls kiss, I started to jerk my dick and Shelly noticed the movement and said, "I want to watch you fuck Jill right now," she said with forcefulness. "Fuck me doggy-style, I cum harder that way," moaned Jill.

And with that Jill flipped over and pointed her ass towards me and as I started to get behind her, Shelly pushed me out of the way and leaned down and starting licking Jill's pussy from behind and as she got more into it, she started to lick and rim Jill's asshole. "Lick my asshole later you slut! I need something in my pussy now,!"cried Jill.

With that Shelly looked up and grabbed by dick and put it up against Jill's pussy and slowly pushed it into her cunt. The feeling of a new pussy, especially one that my girlfriend had just licked was incredible and I had to hold still to avoid cumming too fast. Once the feeling passed, I started to fuck Jill hard and fast and heard her cry out, "Faster!

Harder!" Shelly had moved up and reached under Jill's chest and started to pull and twist Jill's nipples. As I continued to pound my cock into Jill, Shelly got up on head of the bed and lay on her back with her legs spread. Jill started licking and sucking Shelly's pussy. "Your pussy tastes so good and sweet," said Jill. Upon hearing this I started to fuck Jill faster and suddenly I was cumming hard into Jill's pussy and as I started to go off, Jill screamed, "I'm cumming, keep fucking me you hot bastard, keep doing it, yuou cock is so fucking big.FUUUUUUUUCKKKKKK!" After nine hard convulsions of my dick, I started pulled out of Jill and took a deep breathe as watched as Jill did not miss a beat and kept licking Shelly's pussy until Shelly grabbed her hand and held it against her cunt and moaned out loud.I'mmmmmmmmmm cumminnnnnng again." Jill could only lay there panting like she had just ran a mile.

Shelly began to lick my cock clean of Jills juices. She then gave Jill a long sensual kiss. College days were just that way.

I think of the two of them still as I fuck my wife and know that my sex life is hotter because of Shelly & Jill.