If You Do Best Sex In First Time I Wil Give You Second Change

If You Do Best Sex In First Time I Wil Give You Second Change
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After getting home from work I felt completely exhausted and started to head into the living room after pulling my boots off in the hallway. When I opened the door to the living room I was more than a little surprised with what I saw.

My beautiful wife was sitting seductively on the sofa wearing a sexy lace piece of lingerie and a small lacy thong underneath of it, waiting for me to come and make her cum as many times as I could. My wife is 5'10", with a gorgeous face that is accented perfectly by her dark brown hair which runs halfway down her back. She isn't too skinny but also isn't on the chubby side either, a nice balance right in between the two that gives her perfect sexy curves.

She has D cup breasts that fill out any outfit completely. Her ass is nice and full, but not overly so. Her thighs are full and on the thicker side, but sexy as hell. As it was her lingerie was filled with lace and showed more than it covered, which made it all the sexier.

It had thin pink straps on her shoulders. The area around her breasts was tightly checkered with light pink lace. It was packed enough to where you didn't have the perfect view of her chest, but loose enough to where you could make out the majority of her boobs. You could see the outline of her creamy brown areoles which are about a quarter inch bigger than a half dollar coin in diameter. You could also see her perky nipples pushing just slightly through in the center of her areoles.

Overall her breasts are flawless, the perfect size to suck away for as long as you want and she loves every second of it. As the lingerie curved down her body it was tight under her breasts and around her hips, accenting her curves perfectly.

It ended only an inch after her ass and with the way she was sitting I could see right up underneath of it. At that time the view consisted of a skimpy black thong that didn't cover much. It had a small triangle of black fabric that covered her most precious region but the rest was only connected by a thin piece of black fabric. All in all it covered very little, but just enough to make me want to see more and to drive me wild.

As I walked over I could already feel my exhaustion from the day melting away as a new found excitement started wash over my body. I could feel my heartrate quickening and my breathing getting a little louder with the anticipation.

While I was walking over to her she slid her hands up and over her chest, sliding her hands from inside of them and slowly working it towards the outside, pulling each boob seductively. She continued to spread her legs a little farther apart, making it an even more inviting target for my affection. Once I got over to her I got on my knees beside the sofa and pulled face and lips into mine, kissing her deeply and passionately.

I reached my hands down towards her chest but she slapped it away and pulled my hand towards the sides of her face instead. I grabbed a hold of her head firmly and pulled it into my kisses working myself up into an uncontrollable fervor. I let go of her head and tried to aggressively slide my hands down her chest but she grabbed a hold of them and sternly pushed them aside and sat up.

She then stood up and pulled me up with her before pushing me back down but onto the sofa in a sitting position. From there she climbed onto my lap and started to kiss me once again, only now she worked her hips and her pussy against my already raging boner. She worked it like a pro, grinding my cock against her pussy firmly. Before long she stopped kissing me and placed her breasts right into my face and I just closed my eyes in pure ecstasy with the myriad of wonderful sensations that I was feeling.

She did this for about five minutes before she slid her lips back to mine and started to kiss me again. At this point I knew better then to try and tell her what to do but I already wanted her chest back in my face. It took about ten seconds for me to forget all this as she worked her lips off of mine and down towards my neck. She started to nibble and kiss me gently, all the while still grinding her pussy up against my cock. I closed my eyes in pure bliss with each lick of her tongue and nibble of her teeth.

After teasing and pleasing me for another five minutes with this she proceeded to pull my shirt off over my head and started working her lips down my chest, nibbling and teasing the entire way. Of course this meant that she had to slide off of my cock but it was starting to need a break anyways or it would have exploded inside my pants, which would have been disappointing for everyone. As it was she started sliding her way down my body with her lips and when she got to my waistline she started to unbutton my pants.

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She moved quickly and nimbly and after she nudged me to raise my hips I did and she pulled off my pants and underwear in one swift motion. She then proceeded to take off each sock individually, before going back to kissing my chest. This time she didn't stay long on my chest however, working her way down towards my hips.

She started to suck, kiss, and lick just around my cock, causing me to squirm in delight at the sensitive location. After teasing me by working her way around my cock with her mouth for about five minutes she finally worked her lips around my cock and instantly took it about three quarters of the way down. Now I'm by no means massive in length or girth but I am a solid 6 inches with a decent girth as well. When her lips found their way past the head of my cock I opened my eyes and let out a moan of pure delight and appreciation as I watched her take down my dick.

Now for all of her sexuality and willingness to meet some of even my craziest sexual desires, blowjobs are the one thing that she truly does not enjoy giving. Now don't misunderstand me, this doesn't mean she's not good at it, in fact she is phenomenal at giving them, she doesn't give them out often, which makes me even more appreciative when she does. As it was, I watched her tackle my cock like a pro working up and down the shaft at the perfect speed, not too fast but also not too slow.

As she sucked away she reached her other hand and cupped my balls with them making the sensation even greater. She went from working the shaft to working the head with her tongue perfectly and after a round of particularly aggressive thrusting I could feel my orgasm starting to get close.

I warned her about it but she only picked up the pace. I warned her one more time, but she only reached up and put a finger on my lips for just a moment to shush me as she sucked away aggressively. I reached down and put my hands on the back of her head and let her do her thing until I couldn't hold it any longer.

I took full control of her head as I came, making each thrust match my orgasm and having her drain every last drop of cum out of my cock. About halfway through my orgasm I could feel her start to gag a little but I was too gone to stop now and I kept thrusting her head on my cock.

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To my delight she managed to quickly catch herself and sucked the rest out without a problem. She then let my rapidly deflating cock fall out of her mouth and headed to the bathroom to clean up. I couldn't move so I called out to her demanding that she stay in her current attire.

I gave her the promise "in a couple of minutes I'll take care of you".


She assured me that she would come right in after cleaning up, and I could tell in her voice that she was looking forward to whatever I had planned for her, and after what she had just done for me I knew that it had to be pretty good to even come close.

My wife came back out of the bathroom a couple of minutes later, still obediently wearing the outfit that she had on when I came home from work. I stood up from the sofa, still feeling a little wobbly on my feet from the intensity of my last orgasm, 
and walked over to her and pushed her into a sitting position back on the sofa. From there I climbed on top of her, placing me knees outside of her legs.

I put my arms around her head and rested them on the back of the sofa. I leaned forward and started to kiss her passionately. As I made out with her I pulled her head into mine and started to nibble on her lips, trying to get her worked up as best as I could. It didn't take me long to know that it was working as I could hear her soft moans with each nibble. The sound of her excitement in turn excited me and I quickly moved from her lips to her neck, watching her squirm even more with each nibble.

I ran my tongue from her shoulder all the way to her ear and back down watching her squirm uncontrollably the entire time. After that I pulled the straps of her lingerie down off her shoulders and pulled the top down past her chest, leaving it on but fully exposing her gorgeous breasts in the process.

Now her breasts are flawless, with one being a clear D cup and the other being slightly smaller and a C cup. The skin around the areolas is completely unblemished except for a few stretch marks from her time as a mother.

The areolas themselves are gorgeous as well, with miniature little bumps on them that make for a nice texture when you are sucking on them. After giving her neck one more nibble I started to work my way down towards her chest. I took my time getting there, savoring each spot of her beautiful body, and giving it all the attention that it deserved with my lips. Once I got down to her chest I started to kiss down her cleavage, working my way down right between her breasts.

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I took a minute to savor the feeling of her warms breasts pressing up against my cheeks and ears before moving to the right with my tongue and lips.

Once I got over to her nipple I gave it a gentle kiss before eagerly opening my mouth and slowly engulfing her chest. I started by taking as much of it in as I could, once I did I could feel the softness of her skin around my lips and even though I had a good amount of her boob in my mouth I knew that I could get more in. I started to suck as I worked her chest farther into my mouth and soon I had as much as I could handle. I could feel her nipple against the back of my throat and my nose was pressed firmly against her soft chest, making it quite difficult to breath.

Still I didn't care as the taste and feel of her in mouth combined with her aroma filling my nose was intoxicating. I reached up with my left hand and grabbed a hold of her other breast while I both sucked and suffocated on her left one.

I could feel my saliva running out of my mouth and down her breast I reached my right arm around her back and pulled her into me before reluctantly and slowly backing off her chest. I backed off her breast until only her areola was left in my mouth and started to suck on it gently and then started to slide my tongue over her nipple, at this she started to moan and arch her back, her body begging me to keep sucking. I happily obliged it and worked my thumb and forefinger on my left hand over to her nipple and began to gently play with it.

At first her body squirmed at the sensitivity but soon her body adjusted allowing to me to play with it as much as I wanted and allowing her to thoroughly enjoy it. I could hear her moans getting louder and I knew at this point I just had to keep building her up so she could climax completely later on. I quickly let go of her right nipple and moved my mouth over to it while putting my left hand behind her back and moving my right hand to her left nipple.

Now this time I started right on the nipple and areola with my tongue and teeth, savoring the taste and feeling. It pulled perfectly to my sucking, I savored every moment of it while working my right hand to her other nipple. Her nipple was soaked with my saliva making it slippery to the touch, I ran my hand over it a couple of times, enjoying the feeling of it sliding through my fingers, before settling down and grabbing it with my thumb and forefinger like I had grabbed her other one earlier.

I lightly pinched and pulled it while I sucked on her other nipple while listening to my wife's moans growing louder with each passing second. Soon I let go of her nipple and let the one in my mouth slide out, I gave it a quick and gentle kiss before quickly working my way down her body to her gorgeous black panties.

I could tell that she were in no mood for teasing, and if she hadn't just rocked my world I probably would have teased her anyways, as it was I settled for a quick kiss on the triangle of her panties.

To my surprise they were completely soaked through with her sweet juices. I gave my lips a quick lick, savoring the taste before pulling her 
panties to the side quickly and diving right in. Now her pussy is beyond beautiful and perfect.

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When her legs are shut the tips of her lips stick out just barely, making for a gorgeous and arousing site. As it was her legs were spread wide open, exposing the full makeup of her lips and gorgeous hole. The mere site of it made me lose control and aggressively attack it with my tongue.


As soon as my tongue hit her pussy her sweet taste and aroma overloaded my senses. The smell of her pussy was intoxicating and the taste extremely sweet and addicting. I stayed focused on just her hole to begin with, lapping up as much of her juices as I could while sliding my tongue deep inside her. As soon as my tongue touched her pussy I heard her make an audible gasp, followed by an intense and loud moan of satisfaction and pleasure as I worked my magic.

I moved my hands and put them on the edge of the sofa to help steady myself and my wife moved her hands and put them on each side of my head and pulled me tight up against her.

After a minute of just wiggling my tongue around deep inside her pussy I moved it up towards her clit. As soon as my tongue touched it I heard her moans double in sound and intensity and I pulled the lips of her pussy into my mouth as well, savoring the feeling of it while her moans grew even louder. At this point her moans were bordering on screams, and hearing them only made me get even more turned on. After a minute I let her lips slide out of my mouth and moved my mouth away from her pussy.

I reached into the coffee table and pulled out a pink butterfly kiss vibrator, her favorite, and turned it on. I slid the bottom part into her pussy and lined the top half up perfectly with her clit. As I slid the bottom part in my hand grazed along her thigh and they were soaked with her juices. I followed the trail down just to see how far it went and as my fingers slid down I felt pure satisfaction at 
knowing that I had turned her this far on.

As it was the trail went all the way 
down past her ass hole and was making a puddle on the sofa. Now when the vibrator hit her clit her moans turned into all out screams of pleasure and I used my free hand to grab a hold of her nipple. As soon as my fingers tightened a little on her nipple she arched her back while letting out a primal scream of ecstasy as she came to her fullest extent.

I kept up the with the vibrator and my finger until I heard her orgasm die down. Then I removed the vibrator from my pussy and relinquished my grasp on her nipple. I grabbed a hold of her lingerie and pulled it down; once I got to her panties I grabbed them as well and pulled them both off, stripping her completely. Now with her completely naked and exposed before me I took her by the hand and guided her towards the kitchen.

Once we got in there I put her bare ass on the cutting board that was on the counter by the door and pulled her legs apart.


I quickly lined up my cock with her pussy and slowly slid it inside, savoring the feeling of her pussy stretching to accommodate my cock. Once I was fully inside her I gave her a deep kiss on the lips before pulling away and fucking her as fast and as hard as I could.

As I fucked her she threw her head back and let out a moan of pleasure, I placed my hands on her hips and watched as her breasts bounced back and forth to the rhythmic motions of our lovemaking.

I moved my gaze up towards her face and saw her eyes rolled to the back of her head and her mouth slightly open as she moaned. Finally, I moved my gaze down between her legs and watched as my shaft worked its way in and out of her perfectly shaped pussy. I listened as her moans got louder with each thrust until she could no longer contain herself and she let out yet another scream as her pussy pulsed and dripped onto my cock with her orgasm.

Only after the final pulse did I pull my still fully erect cock out of her and took her to our bedroom upstairs. Once she was there I put her on her back and straddled her chest.

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I quickly placed my cock between them and ordered her to push them together for me. She obliged without complaint and I proceeded to fuck her tits, enjoying both the view and the feel. After fucking for so long downstairs it didn't take me long for me to feel my orgasm rising.

I told her that I needed to cum and she replied by saying "not until I tell you too". I did my best to hang on for a little while longer without slowing down my pace, after another minute passed I felt like I couldn't hold it for a second long. "Please" I begged of her. She opened her mouth and emitted the single most gratifying word that I could have possibly heard in the moment, "Cum" she cooed. Before the sound of the m even left her mouth I let my orgasm go and exploded as I continued to fuck her tits.

I looked at her face as I came, she had her eyes closed as the first squirt shot all the way and hit her right between the eyes, leaving a small trail down to just above her lips. The second squirt didn't travel as far and landed directly on her lips. The third and fourth covered her chin and the rest just dropped out onto her chest. I pulled my now limp cock out from between her breasts and slid down her body until I was face to face with her.

I used my hand to wipe cum away from her eyes and then leaned in and kissed her lips. They were warm and sticky with cum, yet surprisingly sweet in such a low dosage. I gave her several more kisses until the cum was completely cleaned off. I went between her eyes and slowly kissed and licked off what cum was there before moving down to just above her chest.

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The pile there was much larger so I had to take a little more time so I wasn't completely overloaded with and slowly kissed and licked my way in until every last drop was cleaned off. Then I laid down beside her and pressed my body up against her back and drifted off to sleep, recovering for the next round later that night. Please rate and comment!!!!