Sexy Latina Alba De Silva Gives Awesome Blowjob

Sexy Latina Alba De Silva Gives Awesome Blowjob
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My Pretty Little Slaves Chapter 15 Doctor Steven Taylor & Wife, Kyle's surprise and Many Many Births. Characters Introduced: Dr.

Steven Taylor, 48, OBGYN, white, married to Jessica, 8" cock Jessica Taylor, 28, wife of the doctor, 5'4, white, Brown hair Green Eyes, 36D breasts Bob, 45, drunken neighbor of Crystal's, white, 7" cock Gracie, 32, wife of Bob,5'4, white, Blond Hair Blue Eyes, 36DD Breasts Kelsi, 18, Gracie's daughter, 5'7, white, Red Hair Green Eyes, 36D Breasts Brook, 16, Gracie's daughter, 5'4, white, Red Hair Green Eyes, 34C Breasts Evelyn, 14, Gracie's daughter, 5'2, white, Blond Hair Blue Eyes, 34C Breasts Kasey, 16, Kyle's sister, 5'6, white, Red Hair Green Eyes, 36D Breasts Katey, 14, Kyle's sister, 5'4, white, Red Hair Green Eyes, 34C Breasts Kaley, 38, Kyle's mother, 5'9, white, Red Hair Green Eyes, 36C Breasts Janine, 22, Delivery Room Nurse, 5'4, white, Dirty Blond Blue Eyes, 34D Breasts, swan-like neck Mercedes, 23, Delivery Room Nurse, 5'5, white, Red Hair Green Eyes, 36D Breasts Annabelle, 24, Delivery Room Nurse, 5'2, white, Brown Hair & Eyes, 34C Breasts, swan-like neck Becca's Best Friend from High School Vanessa, 18, 5'6, white, Dirty Blond Green Eyes, 34DD Breasts, swan-like neck Gabby, 18, 5'4, white, Red Hair Green Eyes, 36D Breasts, swan-like neck Gabriella, 18, 5'4, white, Red Hair Green Eyes, 36D Breasts, swan-like neck The story continues where it left off, Ben and crew entering the mansion exhausted from there trip.

"Hello" Ben calls out with his girls behind him. Darryl and two of his workers unload the purchases that they made in to the living room. When finished Ben tells Darryl thanks and he leaves. The ladies then undress and go looking for the women. They find them at the pool. "Welcome home, Master" Tiffani says she has Sarah, Becca's mother, between her legs sucking on her pussy.

Randee is over on another lounge chair sucking on Rachel's pussy. The two ladies lift their heads and welcome their Master home. "When you are done come into the living room" Ben says as Becca and Reba smile at their mothers. "Master, who is the brunette next to Becky?" Renee asks.

"That is Monique, she joined the family yesterday in New York City". Renee comes over and kisses Monique and welcomes her to the family. "Our Master is very generous and supportive.

He is a wonderful man, the best man I have ever known. Plus, Monique as you probably already have found out, he knows how to please women" Renee says. "Master" Monique asks as she kisses Renee back and takes Ben's arm "How many slaves do you have? I see a lot of them are pregnant". "I believe the number is close to a hundred. I love all my ladies. Each and everyone, I do not forcefully take any woman. I love them and care for them". Ben takes the ladies into the living room and waits on his other women.

Becky goes and gets Tiffani and Ben Junior and her cousins. Everybody is in the living room and Ben kisses all of his women that he left when they took their trip. He kisses Jolene and rubs her belly. He kisses her sisters, Janet and her sisters. Ben asks if she is ready to give birth and she says hell yes. They all are. It is just a couple of weeks away from the due dates. Emily and Julia come down the steps and Julia runs up to her Master and jumps into his arms "Master, I have missed you" She kisses him and Emily comes over and kisses him "We all missed you Master".

Joe comes over and hands his Mistress his leash, "Have you been behaving yourself, My Pet" Becky asks. "Yes, Mistress Becky. I missed you. Please don't leave me again. I thought I was going to die without you. Can I worship you now, Please?" "No, not right now.

You can worship our new slave Monique here. Monique this is Joe, my faithful Boy Toy" Becky says as the girls giggle. Madison tells her that Joe is very strong and very protective of Becky. "Mistress Madison, I love my owner, she is mine to protect. I will die for my Mistress Becky" Joe says as Becky leads him over to Monique's pussy and Joe looks up and tells them "It is my pleasure to serve you" and he then starts to lick Monique's pussy.

After about ten minutes Monique climaxes hard. Becky is passing out the gifts when Monique asks "Does Joe have his tongue pierced?". "Yes, he does. Do you like them?" Becky asks her. "They feel great on my clit and in my pussy" Monique tells her. "Joe has become an excellent pussy eater. You like eating pussy My Toy?" Becky asks. "Yes, Mistress. That is why I was put on this earth. To please you my love, and those who you want me to service.

I love eating pussy" Joe tells them as he raises his head from Monique's pussy. She promptly pushes his head back into her pussy "Less talking more eating, Joe. I think I am going to enjoy being a member of Master's family" Monique says as she smiles and starts to pant.

The ladies are looking at the shoes from Jimmy Choo's as Ben calls his other slaves and has them come over. He calls Antonio and asks him if he could cater a meal for them tomorrow night. He agrees and Elfie comes over and talks to her dad. She hangs up and kisses her lover.

"I love you, Master and have missed you. I can't until I see our beautiful baby" Elfie says. Ben picks her up and puts her on his lap, how is she doing Ben asks her.

Elfie tells him that she is healthy and kicking up a storm. She should be ready to see the world this fall. She gets in between his legs and looks up at him as she starts to suck his cock. She sucks and licks on BIG FELLA and tells Ben "I have missed my time with BIG FELLA also". She sucks him until he is hard and straddles her Master. She puts an erect BIG FELLA into her pussy and starts bouncing up and down on him.

Monique looks over and sees this and smiles. "You see, Monique. Our Master has all these women that want him and need him. We all adore him" Laurie tells her as they witness Brooklyn coming over to her husband and kissing him and then she gets in between his legs and licks on his balls and shaft that is not inside of Elfie.

Who is making sure not to go to deep. She licks and sucks on Elfie's pussy and asshole as Ray comes up and asks "Elfie can I have your ass? Are you up for a double-team?" Elfie looks over and says "Sure, Brooklyn can you get your brother hard?". Brooklyn takes Ray's limp cock and starts to suck on him it slowly gets to its full 9 1/2" length, Once there he pushes it inside of Elfie's ass and starts fucking her with long deep strokes.

"GOD THAT FEELS GREAT" Elfie screams. The three of them fuck for an hour before Ray is ready to cum. He takes his cock out of Elfie's ass and Brooklyn sucks on him until he erupts down her throat. When Ben is ready Brooklyn tells her husband "Cum inside of me, deep inside of me. My husband" He smiles as she gets on her hands and knees with her butt up in the air Elfie kisses him and then gets off of her lover.

Ben then pushes deep inside of Brooklyn's tight little pussy. He fucks her for thirty minutes before he pushes through her cervix. He cums inside of her for thirty minutes. "I want your babies growing inside of me like my momma" Brooklyn's says. "Ah does everybody want to have my babies" Ben says as he exits Brooklyn's womb and then her pussy with a pop. Jane and Kelly tell him yes and every woman there shakes their heads a lot of them are already pregnant.

In comes Ben's slaves from Tuscaloosa with Martha's crew. He kisses each of them and rubs the bellies of his extremely pregnant ladies. He tells them he loves them and that he missed each one of them. He kisses Vivian and Leslie and Vivian leads him to the couch. She spreads his legs and takes BIG FELLA into her hands, "I need some cream" and starts to suck on BIG FELLA. "Hello, Master" Kaitlin says as she comes over and sits next to him with Leslie on the other side.

They kiss and Ben asks how school was and did they get everything transferred to UAB. Kaitlin said they passed everything, but it was kind of lonely down there without him. "I love you girls and have missed you too". "I see that you have been busy with new ladies. Ever increasing your collection of beautiful women" Leslie asks him. "Well not really, Madison and her three daughter were accepted in North Carolina with her son Ray Jr.

there making love to Reanna, those two are two peas in a pod. I got him fixed when we got here so he is able to have sex with any of my willing slaves. Randee and her daughter just became my slaves. I have trained Reba while we were in Paris and New York. Becca we met in Tuscaloosa when we visited you guys in December and Becky gave her to me as a gift.

Karen there were neighbors of Peggy's, Joy is her best friend. Another drunken deadbeat father. He is in jail now. You haven't met Jolene and her sisters. Jolene is pregnant as is Josie and Janice.

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Did you meet Mandy? She is Abigail's sister" Ben tells them. "I took Becca to her prom in May and met her mother. She did not like me at first, not until Becca pulled out BIG FELLA. I haven't trained her yet, nor Randee. Monique over there being serviced by Joe we just accepted in New York City.

OH damn, Vivian I am going to cum" Ben says as he starts to shoot his load down her throat. Reba comes over and sits on his lap and kisses him, "Love you, Master. I need to finish my training at sometime so I can get all my tattoos".

"Reba, this is Vivian and Leslie. Mother and sister of Laurie. And this is Kaitlin, they just got back from the University of Alabama. In the fall they will go to University of Alabama-Birmingham" Ben tells her.

They all kisses and says hello and they congratulate her on becoming a member of the family. Randee comes over and introduces herself and takes BIG FELLA into her hands and looks up at Ben "Master, can I have some? I want you to make love to me. I missed you". She sucks him until he is hard and then gets Ben on his back and starts to ride him hard.

"I heard from Reba that you really pounded her pussy hard in Paris, I want you to train me like that. I want all you can give me my Master" Ben calls Sheila while Randee rides and asks her if she can come over and do some tattooing.

She says she can be there in the morning. He motions to Kaitlin to come over and sit on his face, "Let me suck on that sweet pussy of yours my love" Ben says as she gently lowers her pussy on her Masters mouth. Beth comes over and sits next to Leslie and they start to kiss and make out. They watch Randee enjoying BIG FELLA, and ask her "Do you like our Master?". "OH, GOD NO. I love this man. I just hope my husband will accept that I am now his, and that my body belongs to him. I want to get pregnant with Ben's baby as I see you girls already are.

I never knew sex could be this good. Don't get me wrong, Steve, my husband has a nice cock and I loved having sex with him. But Master's cock just fills me all the way" "Randee, do you mind if I have sex with Dad and Master at the same time when he gets to town in November?" Reba asks.

"I don't know, it would be alright with me. He has had a vasectomy so he can't get anybody pregnant,so that is not a problem. We will see. You want to have two men in you at the same time?" Randee asks. "Only if Ben wants it and it must be with Ben" Reba says as she watches her mom enjoy their masters long sixteen inch cock. Kaitlin leans over and kisses Randee, "Welcome to the family, you are loved here.

We all love you. The both of you". Kaitlin then cums hard. She gets off of his face and is replaced by Beth. "Hey beautiful. How is my child doing Beth?" Ben ask. "Your girls are going great, Katherine, Bridgette and Heather are doing fine. My lover, Master and husband" Beth says as she lowers her pussy on his mouth.

After about ten minutes she screams out, "OH GOD I LOVE THIS MAN". When Ben is ready to come he taps Beth and she gets off of him reluctantly and he puts Randee on her hands and knees and starts to push deep inside of her. When he penetrates her cervix his ladies know and tell her "That is where Master's beautiful seed belongs in your womb". "Get Randee pregnant, Master. I want to raise our children together" Reba says. Ben begins to pour his cum into her womb. "OH GOD THAT IS SO HOT, Reba are you pregnant already?" Randee ask.

"I haven't missed a period yet. I hope I am" Reba tells her. Sarah comes over after Ben exits Randee's pussy with a loud pop and starts to suck on BIG FELLA, "Master, I need some".

She then sucks on Randee's pussy, "no cum leaking out. I want it all in my womb also Master". She then sucks on BIG FELLA until he is hard and then gets on her hands and knees and tells him, "Come and get it BIG BOY".

Ben pushes BIG FELLA deep into Becca's mother's pussy, hitting her cervix with every stroke. Becky comes over and gives him his pills.

"Sarah, are you sure you want to be my slave? I don't want to force you into this lifestyle" Ben asks her. Sarah looks over her shoulder, "Are you fucking kidding me. I am never going back to my old lifestyle. I have everything I need or want right here in this house. I have my beautiful daughter with me, I have women that love me and that I love making love to. And I have this huge fucking cock stretching my pussy. Now be quite and fuck your slave silly" Sarah says.

"FUCK THAT PUSSY, POUND IT". Ben begins to fuck her with long hard strokes. He fucks her so hard that he is lifting her off the floor. She is screaming and moaning and tells everyone within shouting distance how she loves her Master. She tells Ben "Push that BIG FAT COCK into my womb, GIVE ME ALL OF BIG FELLA". Ben pushes deep inside of Sarah as she matches his thrusting. After about an hour Ben finally pushes through her cervix and cums in her womb.

Sarah then curls up with her Master and tells him "Master, I am here on my own free will just like my daughter. We love you, and you have not forced anybody to do anything we do not want to. Do you ladies not agree with me?" Karen is the first to speak up "Ben, I love you.

I am here on my own free will. My former husband was verbally abusive with me. I just put up with it for my children. I did not love him anymore and hadn't had sex with him in over eleven years. I have had more sex with my new Master, and lover then I have had in my life. I know my daughter's love him. I look forward to raising our children together with my daughter's children.

I want nothing else or no one else. I love you Ben Barnes, you saved me from a fate worse then death". Karen gets up and kisses Ben fully on the lips and then BIG FELLA. Becca tells everybody that she has something to show them. She gets the two portraits out that she had done in Paris. They all cheered as they saw their master and lover immortalized. "Where are we going to hang those works of art?" Karen asks. "I think it should be in a prominent location.

Like the one with Ben laying down with a leg bent in the foyer, so that when anybody enters the house they will know who the king is here" Randee says and they all agree. Martha comes over and sucks on BIG FELLA, "Master, I need some. Will you pound my ass". He does and he fucks her hard like he just did with Sarah. He pounds her for a couple of hours. The fuck all night and through the morning and are still fucking when Sheila comes in with her equipment. Ben is laying the wood to Monique at that time, Ray is fucking Leslie in her ass and both ladies are squealing in pleasure.

"Master, who needs to be tattooed?" Sheila asks. Ben looks up and tells her that Becca and Reba need both Queen of Spades tattoos. Monique here needs her "Property of Ben Barnes" tattoo as does Sarah. " I will start with Becca and Reba" Sheila says as she gets her table and ink ready. Ben is pounding Monique really hard, she has her legs over his shoulder and starts screaming "OH, GOD MASTER, YOU ARE A FUCKING-GOD.

POUND MY PUSSY. THIS PUSSY IS YOURS. POUND ME". She starts screaming when he forces his way through her cervix when he bottoms out and starts fucking her womb she tells him, "Pour your cum inside of me Master". When Ben is done he exits her womb and then her pussy with a loud popping sound.

"That was some good pussy. Monique you are mine" Ben tells her. "Yes, I am" she tells him in response. Ray and Ben have sex with all the slaves for the next couple of days. Antonio comes over and serves a fine meal as Ben and Ray take a break. After dinner, Elfie comes up to Ben and asks "Can you make love to me with my father, Please. I want him in my pussy?". "It is ok with me if it is alright with Antonio".

"I don't want to hurt my granddaughter" Antonio says as he comes over and undresses. "You want Dad, I have sex with Ben and he does not go into my womb and hurt our baby".

Viki watches as the three of them make love, Antonio in his little daughter's pussy and Ben in her ass. Elfie gives Ray Jr. a blow job while they are pounding her pussy and ass. Antonio is the first one to cum. And gets out of her pussy. Viki comes over and takes Antonio by the hand and leads him off to the corner. She sucks him hard again and starts to ride him. "Elfie, look at your dad with Viki. I think they love each other". "Master, I think you are right. What are we going to do about it?" Elfie asks.

"I love Viki, and your father. He gave me you and in turn my beautiful baby girl growing inside of you. I think we should invite him to move in to the new mansion with Viki what do you think?" Ben asks her. "I think that is a wonderful idea. You will still be her master and they will still love each other".

When Ben finally cums in Elfie's ass they go over and watch Viki and her father make passionate love. When they are done Viki looks up at her Master, "I am sorry I was just horny and you were busy' "No reason to apologize, Viki. That was beautiful. Do you love Antonio? Do you have feelings for him? Be honest" Ben asks her. "Master, I like Antonio a lot.

I think I am starting to fall in love with him, I am your slave, I love you too. My body belongs to you" Viki tells her Master. "Antonio, do you love Viki?" Ben asks. "Yes, Ben. I do she is sweet and caring.

I love spending time with her. I go by and visit her often at her work. I bring her lunch at least three times a week" Antonio tells them. "Well ladies, what should I do with these too. Should I send them away?" Ben asks as Elfie giggles. "Well, Viki is mine. And you are trying to take her away from me, Antonio.

I think I should kill you" Ben tells him. Everybody gets real quite. "Ah, I am just messing with you. Elfie and I would love it if you moved in with us when we move into the new mansion. Elfie loves you and wants grandpa around our daughter. Viki, do you think you can find room for Antonio in your suite?" Ben asks. "Yes, Master. I can, I love you. My pussy still belongs to you" Viki says.

"Ben, I cannot have kids anymore" Antonio tells him. "That is ok, you can have sex with my slaves whenever you like without a rubber once you move in. You have to have a clean HIV/STD certificate completed by Doc Reynolds before you move in" Ben tells him.

"I have only had sex with Viki and my daughter since my wife died, Ben so that will not be a problem" Antonio says. Viki comes over and thanks her master and kisses him. "Viki, I only want the best for my ladies.

I love you, always remember that. You and Antonio look so good together. I have noticed it before. Becky you have seen this haven't you" Ben says. "Yes, Ben. They look very good together. It will be nice to have the whole family together with Elfie and Antonio. Ben goes over and checks on Becca and Reba's tattoos. The "Property of Ben Barnes" tattoos are on both and the Queen of Spades is being applied to Becca, Reba is next. Sarah gets up and goes over and asks Sheila if she can get "Master Ben's Pussy" on either side of her labia.

"Master, this is yours". Sheila tells her that she can do it if that is what she wants. "Well, Master. I want to mark this as your property. I will only have sex with men you want me to." Sarah tells him. "OK, if that is what you want. It is going to be a while before I can start your training" Ben tells her. "Master, I am not going anywhere. You are going to have to kill me for me to leave your side" Sarah says.

After Reba gets her Queen of Spades tattoo on the back of her neck it is Sarah's turn for her back tattoo. She then waits for her pussy to be tattooed while she watches Becca get her Queen of Spades on her mound.

Sarah ask "Does that hurt, Becca?". "I can feel it, Mom" she says in reply. When she is done with Becca, Sheila starts Reba's mound tattoo, then does Sarah's request. It is painful on the sides of her pussy. Next up is Monique and she just gets her "Property of Ben Barnes" tattoo.

After she is done with her tattoo work, she comes over to her Master and asks "Can I worship BIG FELLA?". "Yes my dear, you can. You did good work on your sisters" Ben tells her as she starts to suck on BIG FELLA.

After she swallows his seed she asks him "I want a child, Master. Will you get me pregnant Please?". "Yes, call Doctor Reynolds and have him send over a prescription for fertility drugs to Abigail's pharmacy and start taking them.

I will get you pregnant after we move into the new mansion" Ben tells her. "Thank you Master, I love you". Ben takes Cam, Calla, Alexis and Alileen and tell them that he wants to suck on their pussies while Candy, Cynthia, Victoria and Marty ride BIG FELLA over to the plush rug. Candy sucks on BIG FELLA as Cam straddles his head. Cam climaxes almost immediately. Candy licks BIG FELLA from balls to the head and she circles his head with her tongue.

Once he is hard she gets on top and puts BIG FELLA into her pussy and starts to grind on him. Right when she does this Cam climaxes hard and floods Ben's mouth with girl cum. Ben sucks Cam's little pussy to five more orgasms before he has her get off of his face and Calla straddles his face and he sucks her pussy. Ben thinks to himself "How can twins have suck different looking pussies" as he licks her pussy lips and nibbles on her rapidly rising clit.

He makes her climax five times before Candy is finished her turn on BIG FELLA. Having made him erupt in her pussy, she leans over and whispers in Ben's ear "I want to be pregnant".

Ben continues to suck on her sister's pussy as Cynthia comes over and sucks on Candy's pussy and strokes BIG FELLA. She then sucks on BIG FELLA getting him hard. When he is hard she pushes deep down on BIG FELLA in her pussy. "Master, impregnate me I am ovulating now" Cynthia says as Ben gives her the thumbs up. Tiffani asks Martha "I am surprise that none of you got pregnant while Ben trained you". "We were all hoping he would, I as you can see am very fruitful. I have put all my girls on fertility drugs, they should get pregnant between now and when we move into the new mansion.

There is nothing like a springtime baby" Martha says. "Ben get my girls pregnant, Please". Ben gives the thumbs up. When he is ready to cum he taps Calla and she has just come down from cloud nine and gets off of his face. Ben then puts Cynthia in the doggie position and pushes BIG FELLA deep inside of her womb and pump a huge load inside of her womb. Ben goes and takes a shower and then takes his supplements and vitamins. Upon his return he tells Victoria it is her turn with BIG FELLA.

She comes up to him and drops to her knees and sucks on BIG FELLA. Once he is erect he puts her in the doggie position and pounds her with long deep hard strokes. "Do you want to have my baby Victoria?" Ben asks.

"OH, GOD Yes Master. I want your baby growing inside of me". Ben pounds away while Victoria shouts encouragement to him "pound that pussy. OH GOD, pound that pussy, stretch it out with that BIG FAT FUCKING COCK or YOURS.

OH GOD. You are a FUCKING-GOD. My GOD, Stretch me out MASTER, stretch you willing slaves pussy. PUSH THAT FUCKING BIG ASS COCK HOME. FILL MY WOMB". Ben fucks her long and hard for two hours before he pushes past her cervix. Victoria screams out loud "MASTER, FUCK MY WOMB, POUR YOUR CUM IN MY FERTILE WOMB".

"Damn, my daughter sure is loud and boisterous tonight. You enjoying your time with our Master, Victoria?" Marta states. "OH HELL YEAH. I CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF BIG FELLA. MASTER YOU CAN HAVE ME ANYTIME YOU WANT. AS LONG AS YOU POUR THAT BABY BATTER IN MY WOMB AND GET ME PREGNANT!!" is Victoria's reply. Ben continuously pounds her womb as Victoria looses her balance and falls to the floor as Ben continues to drive BIG FELLA deep inside her womb. Finally Ben is ready to release his load and takes all but the tip of BIG FELLA out of her womb and begins to pour his seed into her.

It takes him 45 minutes to stop cumming. Once he is done he exits her cervix, as it clamps shut keeping all his seed inside her womb. He lays down next to her and tells her he loves her and hopes that will do the trick. "Master, we might need to go another round in a couple of days" Victoria says. "Don't be greedy, Master when you are ready I want a load in my womb.

I am fertile now too" Martha says. "OK, Martha, let me catch my breath. That was some great fucking we just did. Are you OK Victoria?" Ben asks. "Master" she says trying to catch her breath, "that was some awesome fucking. If you fuck all my sisters and mother like that we are all going to get pregnant". Cynthia, Candy, Alileen and Alexis say "I am up for that.

I want you to fuck me just like that". "Can somebody go get me my pills, I don't think my legs will work" Ben says as Kiki, Kali and Mami come over and rub his legs "Master, we are pregnant" Kiki tells him as the three massage slaves work his tired muscles. "We go back and see Doctor in three weeks, he says that he will be able to determine the sex then. I hope we have twins or triplets" Kali says.

"We love you Master, you gave us the greatest gift". Becca comes back with Ben's pills and gives him twelve supplements and his vitamins. Becky shares her Boy Toy with the other ladies as the ladies that aren't waiting on Ben to service them start making out with one another.

Ben looks around and smiles at Becky and Laurie, "This is the house of love. I always want my ladies to enjoy themselves and feel free to have sex with one another.

Ray Jr. are you enjoying yourself in your new home?" "Master Ben, I love it here. I am able to have sex with all these beautiful women whenever I want and they are willing. I have never had a problem finding a dance partner" Ray says as Cloe comes over to him and starts sucking on his cock. "I need this in my ass, Ray" Cloe says. "Yes, Mistress Cloe. My pleasure, you see what I am saying. I need to get a prescription for those supplements and vitamins".

"Ray I will see if they will work on you, seeing as though you had a vasectomy, Abigail can you bring home Ray the vitamins, please?" Ben says as Kali starts to suck on BIG FELLA. "Alexis, are you sure you want to get pregnant?" Ben asks her. "OH, yes Master. I want both Alileen and myself to be pregnant at the same time so we can share this too. We all love you Master and want to give you the gift of our children" Alexis says and Alileen nods her head in agreement.

When BIG FELLA is hard Ben puts Alexis on the fuck table and straps her down. He then inserts BIG FELLA into her wide open twelve year old pussy. Ben fucks her deep and hard pushing against her cervix with each stroke. He pumps and pumps her sweet little pussy. Ben and Alexis start sweating and groaning as she stretches to accept all of BIG FELLA. "DAMN, Master I love how BIG FELLA stretches me out. You are hitting MY G.GGGGG SPOT.

OH GOD MASTER FUCK ME HARD. POUND MY PUSSY." "FUCK, Alexis I can feel you squeezing BIG FELLA" Ben tells her as he pushes through her cervix. He then starts pumping her womb. He cums within an hour. He unstraps her and picks her up and carries her to the couch and cuddles with her. He strokes her hair from her eyes.

"I love you my sweet little Alexis" Ben tells her as Alileen comes over and starts to suck on BIG FELLA. "Master, do you have the energy for another round?" Alileen asks him. "For you, Yes" Ben says as he puts her on her hands and knees, Calla comes over and sucks on BIG FELLA. "My sweet little fluffer, I want some of that virgin pussy when I am done with your sister".

"Master, you going to take my virginity" Calla asks as Cam picks up her head from Monique's pussy. "Hell no. I want to keep that fresh virgin pussy intact as long as I can baby.

Now get BIG FELLA hard so I can impregnate Alileen tonight". Once he is hard he fucks Alileen's tender young pussy so hard she passes out. Ben then pushes past her cervix and into her womb and pours another huge load.

Once he is done he lays down next to her and tells Calla, Cam, Joy, Jennifer, and Peggy that he wants to suck on their virgin pussies.

He takes them one at a time. Peggy, sweet little thing she is, takes BIG FELLA and gets him hard and rides him in her ass while he sucks on Cam and Calla. "Master, I love it when BIG FELLA is in my ass" Peggy exclaims. Ben and Becca head back to Birmingham to confront Kyle and his family. Kyle has had a crush on Becca since they were in the sixth grade together and she has been truthful with him about her feelings for him.

She considered him a nice guy and a friend, but did not want to take it any farther than that. At the prom he insulted her and Ben. Ben saw the confrontation and quickly grabbed the boy by his throat and told him never to touch his wife again. Kyle made a few choice remarks called Becca a nigger lover and at that Ben picked Kyle up by his throat and told him to apologize to Becca he refused and as Ben began to tighten his grip Becca asked Ben to leave the prom.

They left the prom and Ben asked about the boy, Becca filled him in and Ben took mental notes. Flash Forward … Ben gets the report from the private investigator on Kyle's family. In the report Ben reads about his mother Kaley being 38 and a widow with two daughter's Kasey, 16, and Katey 14. With Kyle being the oldest at 18. Her husband had died of cancer when Katey was just 2, never having taken any lovers since, to all accounts.

Kaley was a very lonely woman needing a man. According to the reports both daughter's were virgins and the family had no relatives around.

Ben talks to Becca about what he plans "Becca, I plan on taking Kyle's mother and sisters by force and making them my slaves. I plan on making Kyle your bitch. He will be castrated and have his penis pierced and in a cock cage.

I plan on having his tongue and nipples pierced also. I have a dog collar and a chain so that you can lead him around. Doctor Reynolds is going to put electrical devices in his arms, legs and scrotum and give you the remote so that you can punish him when you need to. You need to train him to be obedient at all times. What do you think of this plan?" Becca "It seems a little extreme, I thought we were just going to scare him a little".

Ben "We are, did you appreciate him calling you a nigger lover? Or him calling me a nigger? I know I did not". Becca "No Master, I did not. Not one bit, I felt sorry for him and his ignorance and intolerance".

Ben has his mover friends with him. They are going to subdue the women and tie them up. Ben drives up to Kyle's house and gets out with Becca and the moving buddies (Omar, Jerry, Abdul and Fred) all 6'3 or taller and strong as an oxes. Ben knocks on the door and Kasey answers the door and recognizes Becca.

"Becca what are you doing here? I heard you went to Paris with your husband" Kasey asks. "Yes, this is my husband, Ben Barnes. Can we come in and talk with you and your mother?" Becca asks. "Sure, let me get her. Mom, Becca is here with her handsome husband" Kasey says as Katey comes around the corner, "He is handsome, Becca you are lucky" Katey says as she admires Ben's crotch that has a noticeable bulge. "Hello Becca, what brings you over here.

Kyle wont be home for at least three hours" Kaley tells her. "We are here to see you, this is my husband Ben Barnes. Ben this is Kyle's mom and his sisters" Becca says. They exchange pleasantries and have a seat in the living room. "Well Kaley, your son Kyle assaulted my wife at the prom a couple weeks back.

He called her a couple choice names that I will not repeat and called me a few names that again I will not repeat. But lets just say the first letters were F and N. I am a cultured man, who has traveled the world and do not take lightly being called that name. In fact, I was raised by a white couple who loved me and cared for me. So this is what I am going to do.

I am going to fuck the ever living shit out of you and your two daughter's here. Your daughter's I will wait until Kyle is here. You too are virgins right?" Ben asks.

They both shake their heads yes. "I know Kaley that you have not had sexual relations with a man in over twelve years, am I correct?" Ben asks. "Well that is none of your business, I am not going to let you come in here and rape me and my daughters" Kaley says. "Well the report I have is that your husband died approximately twelve years ago. That you work as a nurse, which is good, and have not had a boyfriend or sexual relations for all that time. Is that correct? It will go a lot easier if you answer truthfully" Ben says.

"That is true, I have not had any lovers since my husband, their father passed away" Kaley says in tears. "You are very lonely. I am sorry for that. It must have been hard raising three children by yourself.

It is no wonder that Kyle is so messed up. He has been in and out of juvenile detention for the last three years. He is on a one way path to jail. Now I need the three of you to get undressed. Either you can do it or my friends behind me can do it. Make up your mind quickly" Ben says. "Mom, do something" Kasey says. They are now surrounded by the movers. Kaley gets up and starts to take off her clothes with tears in her eyes. "Go on girls, take off your clothes.

Better you do it than these men". When all three are undressed Ben tells them to stand in front of him. He takes out his bag and puts ten large boxes of extra large condoms and three bottles of KY jelly on the table. He gets up and examines each one. He cups Kaley's 36C breasts in his hands and tells her "You have really nice breasts. You are really in great shape for your age.

You have the body of a 24 year old Kaley" Ben says which makes her blush. Ben then goes over and cups Kasey's 36D breasts and squeezes her ass cheeks. "I am going to love popping your cherries. We are going to have fun. Becca you need to get the shaving cream and razors and shave these three". "Yes, Master" Becca says as she gets out her bag of razors and shaving cream she goes and gets a bucket of hot water from the kitchen.

"Kaley get on the table and spread your legs. Becca is going to shave your pussy. She is then going to shave Kasey then Katey" Ben tells her as Becca comes back with the hot water. She shaves Kaley clean. Kasey asks "You just called Ben Master, Why?". "Because he is my Master and I am his slave.

I love him and he loves me. He takes care of me" Becca tells her. "When he is done fucking your brains in you will want him to be your Master too". "Never, he can rape me but I will never be his slave or beg him to fuck me" Kaley says. The movers and Becca laugh at that. When Becca is done with all three she puts away her supplies and goes over to Ben. She then takes his clothes off in front of the three women. When she gets to his boxers she turns Ben around so that they can get a first hand look at what he is packing.

Becca drops his boxes off of him and there is an "OH MY GOD" that comes from all three of them. Kasey and Katey have smiles on their faces and Kaley says "Girls that is one fucking huge cock. I have seen a lot of cocks at the hospital. That is fucking huge". Becca sucks on BIG FELLA until he is erect. She then puts a ribbed condom on him. Ben says "Kaley lay down with your legs up in the air".

She shakes her head no and Ben pulls her down on the floor and forcefully spreads her legs and puts them over his head and pushes BIG FELLA deep inside of her hole. Kaley lets out a yell and starts to scream as Ben starts to fuck her hard. He fucks her for two hours straight having made her cum eight times.

When he is about to exit her pussy she looks up at him and tells him "NO, please I want more. Don't stop, Please". Becca "I thought you said you wouldn't beg for him to fuck you".

Kaley looking at Becca "OH, Fuck that. That fucking cock hurt at first, but it felt great once I got loosened up a little and got wet". Ben then goes back to fucking her hard and in an hour he hears a car pull up and a key enter to door. Kyle walks in and sees his mother getting pounded by Ben, with his two sisters watching in awe. Kyle says "What the fuck are you doing with this nigger Mom?".

Before he can say another word Omar and Abdul punch him in his gut and face. Ben tells them, "Strip the prick" and the four guys take off all his clothes and Becca looks at him and laughs at his little cock "Katey, Kasey look at your brother's little penis". The movers all laugh as does his sisters. "Ben over there is fucking Mom with a huge cock. At least four times the size of that little cock" Kasey says. "Becca, are all black men hung like Ben?" Katey asks as the Omar handcuffs Kyle and ties his legs together.

Ben almost out of breath tells the guys "Take your cocks out and show them to Kasey and Katey, but don't let them touch you or do anything with them. They are mine". "Yes, sir Ben" they all say as they take their cocks out. All smaller than Ben's but still all twelve inches or better.

"Oh, my they are all big" they both say. As the turn their heads and watch as Ben exits their mother. "Kaley and Katey open your mouths" Ben says and they do.

He shoots two long spurts of cum in each of their mouths and tells them to swallow. Kaley comes over and tells Ben "Master, can I suck the rest out of your beautiful cock. Please" Ben then drops his cock into her mouth and he shoots the rest of it down her throat.

Kyle says "Mom, how could you do that. That is disgusting sucking on that nigger's cock". Kaley holds up her hand.

She gets up and balls up her fists and punches him right in the face twice. "Learn some fucking respect, Ben is my Master now. You will obey him and do whatever he says or by god I will take you out of this world". Both Kasey and Katey say "Damn, mom. Was it that good". "You are soon to find out, he is going to be your Master too. Kasey get down there and spread your legs and let him have your cherry. Katey you are next. Katey suck on Ben's cock and get it hard for him" Kaley tells her daughters.

"What does that say on top of your cock?" Katey asks "BIG FELLA" Becca tells her. "That is fucking appropriate" Katey says as she struggles to put the head in her mouth. Once she accomplishes this feat Becca tells her "To suck and move her tongue around the head, try to get more of it into your mouth and throat". She tries and Becca helps her out by pushing on the back of her head. "Breath through your nose when I push BIG FELLA down your throat" Becca says as she pushes Katey's head hard and makes her take BIG FELLA down her throat.

She lets up and lets BIG FELLA exit her throat and then pushes it back down her throat forcefully. She does this twenty times. BIG FELLA being hard the final ten times. Ben taps on Becca and she lets Katey up. She gags and coughs as BIG FELLA exits her mouth with a pop. Ben goes over and sucks on Kasey's pussy making her scream. He continues this as Katey talks to Becca "I never thought I could get that huge thing down my throat.

I want to try that on my own after he cums next" She looks over at her sister "What is he doing to Kasey?" "My Master is sucking on her pussy, he will do that to you also.

He loves a virgin pussy. Seeing as though you two will not be virgins after tonight he is going to suck as much juice out of her as he can" Becca tells her.

They watch Ben suck on her pussy for an hour before she tells him "OH, Ben fuck me with that huge cock or yours". BIG FELLA is at half mast and Katey sees that and hurries over and starts sucking on him.

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When Ben is hard he takes Katey off of his cock and goes back over to Kasey and puts BIG FELLA in her pussy. He pushes it to her hymen and then back out he does this for about ten minutes until she yells "GOD DAMN IT, PUSH BIG FELLA INTO ME, TAKE MY VIRGINITY, QUIT MESSING WITH ME." "OUCH, THAT FUCKING HURT.

oh MY GOD. You are FUCKING HUGE" Kasey yells. He pumps her and pumps her sweet young pussy. "DON'T EVER STOP FUCKING ME. OH GOD I AM CUMMING" Becca, Kaley and Katey come over and watch Kasey get the ever living shit fucked out of her.

Kaley ask Ben "Master Ben, can you make this last. I want her first time to be memorable".

"I will try. I think I am good for at least four hours. Becca get my pills. I will tell you when I need the little blue babies" Ben tells her. He takes 12 supplements and his vitamins. Becca tells them that it is helps his stamina and also the amount of cum he produces. "Kasey, I am going to cum in your womb" Ben tells her as she comes down from her fifth orgasm "Oh, you can cum wherever you like. Just don't stop fucking me" Kasey says.

"Do you like how my husband makes you feels Kasey?" Becca asks her. "OH GOD YES, he makes me feel so full. He is stretching my pussy" Kasey says while breathing hard. "Has he hit your cervix yet?" "No I don't think so?" Kasey says and Ben starts to pound her cervix. He took it easy on her for the first two hours and now he starts pounding her cervix. "OH GOD I FEEL IT. HE IS HITTING MY CERVIX NOW. IT HURTS A LITTLE" Kasey tells him. Kyle is watching all of this to his amazement his mother and sister love what this man is doing to them.

"Wait until he pushes through your cervix for the first time Kasey" Becca tells her. Ben pounds her cervix for another hour before Ben asks for his supplements and two little blue babies. He takes them and BIG FELLA gets harder. He pounds her cervix into submission after two hours of constant pounding. When he does break through he quickly bottoms out.

Ben fuck her womb for a good three hours before he exits almost all the way out of her womb and starts pouring his semen into her womb.

Becca calls Katey and Kaley over to watch her belly get bloated by all of Ben's seed. He pumps her full for a good 90 minutes. "I have never seen anything like that. One man fucking for someone for eight hours straight and cumming for ninety minutes. He is a fucking god like his tattoo says" Kaley exclaims. Kasey looks up at her mother "How am I going to be able to be with another man after I have been fucked like that?

Mom, I am going to go home with Becca and be with Ben. I don't want anybody else". Ben picks Kasey up and takes the three ladies to the master bedroom. "Ladies, I am going to make love to Katey next. After I get some rest. I am thing going to take Katey and Kasey's anal cherry. Kasey do you really want to be my slave?" "I am your slave. I will track you down if you do not take me with you" Kasey says. Ben pulls back the covers and lays down on the bed, Kaley comes over and kisses him.

"You had me investigated?" she asks him. "Yes, I did. I needed to know about you and your family". "I wasn't really interested in taking on anymore slaves, but I saw the pictures of you and your daughters and fell in love.

You all have beautiful red hair and green eyes. I think I am going to make Kasey into a breeder slave. That means you are going to be breed to have a lot of children.

"Master, how many slaves do you have?" Kasey asks "Becca what is it 94, with you three it will be 97 women that I love and make love to on a regular basis" Ben tells her. "You are a FUCKING-GOD!" Kaley says.

"I am going to have to have you checked out before I will make love to you without a rubber. My friends downstairs will pack your things when we finally leave this house.

You are mine now" Ben tells them. "What are you going to do with Kyle?" Kaley asks. "I am going to make him Becca's bitch. Of course he is going to be broken and trained. Is that OK with you?" Ben asks "Master, as long as you keep fucking me and my girls you can do whatever you like to Kyle. He reminds me too much of my late husband. He is infatuated with Becca has been for a long time" Kaley admits to them.

"I know he has been, I have always told him that I am not interested in him in that way" Becca tells them. Ben falls asleep with Kasey to his right Kaley to his left and Becca and Katey on top of him. "I love you Ben" Becca says as they go to sleep. They sleep for eight hours, Becca is the first one up. She gets Ben's cock ring and puts it on him and wakes up Katey and tells her to suck on BIG FELLA until he is hard. She smiles and does as she is told and starts to take BIG FELLA into her mouth.

She remembers what Becca told her last night and starts sucking him with long deep strokes of his cock. Ben eventually wakes up from Katey sucking on his cock, he looks down at Katey and Becca and smiles.

Becca looks at him and tells him "Good Morning, Master". "Good Morning, my love. She is getting good at that" Ben says as he lays his head back down. Kaley wakes up and kisses Ben, "Good Morning, Master". "Good Morning, Kaley. I have not accepted you as my slave yet" Ben tells her. "How can you give me such pleasure and just leave me? Are you torturing me?" Kaley asks him. Ben just smiles at her, as Kasey starts rubbing his chest Kasey looks down at her sister worshiping BIG FELLA.

Kasey kisses Ben, "Thank you for making me a woman". "How are you feeling, Kasey love?" he asks her. "My pussy is really sore, but you are going to fuck me again and loosen me up some more" Kasey tells him.

"I am?" Ben says. "Yes you are. If I have to tie you down and rape you. I am going to have you back inside of my pussy". "I am going to pop your anal cherry first after I take this pretty little minx's cherry" Ben says as he rubs Katey's head.

"I love your fire red hair ladies". BIG FELLA is hard and Ben puts Katey on her back with her legs over his head. He looks at Kaley "You need to call work and tell them you quit". Kaley doesn't question him she gets out of bed and picks up her phone and calls work. She talks to her manager and tells him that she is quitting.

He tries to talk her out of it and she says no. She hangs up and tells Ben "I just quit, Master". Ben smiles at her as he pushes into Katey's wet pussy. He hits her hymen and then backs off. Katey puts her hands on Ben's ass cheeks and pulls him deep inside of her "Take me, make me yours. This pussy is yours to do as you choose" Katey tells him as she pops her own cherry.

Ben pushes BIG FELLA deep inside of her extremely tight vagina. "Damn, your pussy is tight Katey". Ben pumps her pussy and she starts to cry "OH, GOD it hurts so good. I can feel you stretching me out" He pumps her for ten minutes and she begins to cum hard. She cums so hard she wets Ben and the mattress.

This just provides more lubrication for BIG FELLA and Ben begins to pick up his pace. "OH, momma this feels so good" she says as she looks at her mother.

Kaley says "I know, he is amazing and that big fat cock feels so good inside of you" as she kisses her daughter.

"I am going downstairs and cook some breakfast, Kasey come and help me. Let's give them sometime to themselves" Kaley tells them as Kasey reluctantly gets up and goes out of the bedroom. Becca joins them downstairs after getting Ben his supplements and vitamins. "I think Ben is going to pound her all day. How is your womb Kasey? Still full of Ben's seed?" Becca asks her.

She moves over and looks down and rubs her belly. "Still a lot in there, would love another load or two. Will you try to convince your husband to make me his slave and lover. I don't want to be with anybody else" Kasey asks.

"Ben from time to time shares his women with his friends like Omar, Fred, Abdul and Jerry over there. Most of them are black and all of them are very well endowed" Becca says. "I will have sex with anybody Ben wants me to, but only if he says it is OK!" They fix breakfast for everybody downstairs except for Kyle.

Kaley goes over and talks to her son, "Kyle, I am now Ben Barnes's lover. I know you don't like him, be that because he has Becca or whatever. I don't really care. He is my lover and also your sisters.

He is pumping Katey right now upstairs" Kaley says. "How can you fuck that nigger Mom? That is so disgusting. You are a whore?" Kyle says to his mother. She starts slapping him and then starts punching him, "Fuck you, he is my lover and you will respect him. If you ever call him a nigger again I will end your life".

Abdul and Omar come and pull her off of Kyle. "Kaley, you are going to hurt your hands. Let us help you beat Kyle" Omar says.

Kyle looks up and says "FUCK YOU NIGGER". Omar smiles at him and hits him with four lefts and then four rights to his jaw. Omar starts to knock out Kyle's teeth. When he is tired Abdul comes over and starts knocking out his teeth. Jerry and Fred finish up on his face. Kyle has a broken nose, two black eyes and a shattered jaw. They finish eating breakfast and start working on his ribs. When they are done Becca tells Kaley that she has a gift for Kyle.

She produces a cock cage and ball clamps. Becca puts the cock cage on his cock and it is too small and Kaley says "That is perfect, Let me put his ball clamps on". She does and she clamps them down on his balls and starts squeezing them tighter and tighter. Kyle just starts to cry. "Becca, I think he is going to make a good bitch for you" Kasey says.

Becca puts his dog collar on and Kaley gets her clippers out and takes off all of his hair from his head.

She then takes out a razor and shaves his head clean. "Ben has a dermatologist slave at the mansion and we can make this permanent. She is going to remove your hair from your underarms, pussies and legs" Becca tells Kaley and Kasey. "So, you think he is going to accept us as slaves, Becca?" Kasey asks.

"I hope so. You can hear him enjoying Katey's pussy. Let's go up and watch for a while" Becca says and they head up stairs with Kyle being led by his dog collar and chain. "How do you like Kyle with his collar and chain, Master" Becca asks as she walks into the bedroom and sees Ben fucking Katey with long deep strokes. Ben has Katey's legs about her shoulders and is hammering her once virgin pussy. They have been fucking for four solid hours. Katey is sweating and panting, she looks over at her mother and sister and smile.

"How long can Ben go? He has been fucking her hard for a really long time" Kaley asks. "I am going to fuck Katey all day, I like Kyle's dog collar" Ben says as he picks up Katey and turns her over and puts her up on her knees with her head down on a pillow. "Give me your arms, Katey" Ben tells her and she complies. Once he has her hands he pulls her back with her arms and presses BIG FELLA deep inside of her.

Becca, Kaley and Kasey watch as Katey's 34C breasts swing back and forth as Ben fucks her ruthlessly hard and fast. Katey is in orgasmic bliss having one orgasm after another. When Katey comes down from one orgasm she has another. Ben pounds her like this for three hours as the girls watch him. "Damn, I hope Ben will fuck me like that" Kasey says.

As Ben looks over and smiles. "Are you OK, Katey?" her mother asks. "OH, GOD YES. My whole body is tingling. Ben keeps hitting my G-SPOT". "Becca, can you get my pills and some water for the two of us" Ben asks and she smiles and gets his pills. "So, Kyle, this nigger has a huge fucking cock that is pounding your sister silly. I think she likes the pounding she is receiving". Kyle, not wanting to get hit and beat up by his mother or sister, looks at Ben and shakes his head.

"Katey, you like me fucking you?" Ben asks her. "Yes". "Tell your brother". "Kyle, I love fucking Ben. He can have my body whenever he wants". Ben just smiles as he continues his pounding of her young soft tight pussy. Becca comes back with his pills and two little blue babies. Ben continues to fuck her for another three hours.

He then pushes through her cervix and starts to fuck her womb. When Ben pushes through Katey's cervix she lets out a loud scream and starts to cry as he pushes through. When he is through he pulls back out and pushes through again, he does this for an hour before he finally starts to fuck her womb.

Katey looks over her shoulder and tells Ben cum in her womb. Ben started having sex with Katey at 6 in the morning, when he is done it is nine at night. Ben exits her womb and rests BIG FELLA inside of her vagina. "Let's sleep for a while" Ben says to Katey who is already on her way out. She is wiped out, "Ben I am already headed there.

Stay inside me while we sleep, lover" Katey says as she leans back into him. Ben wraps his arms Katey his new lover. Becca takes Kyle down to his kennel and puts him in and tells him goodnight my bitch. She then goes back upstairs and cuddles with her husband, Katey, Kasey and Kaley. They sleep until the next morning. Becca, Kaley, Kasey go downstairs and see that Kyle wet himself in the night. "If Ben accepts you as slaves we will probably have to do something about Kyle.

We can't keep cleaning him" Becca says. "Maybe we can permanently put a catheter in his penis and have a clamp on it so that he can only relieve himself when we choose" Kaley tells them. "That would be perfect, torture him a little" Kasey says.

"Speaking of torture let me get my stun gun and you two take him out of his kennel" Kaley says. She goes gets her stun gun from her purse as Kasey and Becca get him out of the kennel and zip tie him to a chair. First they stun him in his balls, then his dick, they then they move to his arms then legs. Finally back to his balls and dick.

Ben comes downstairs and asks them "Are you ladies enjoying yourselves, torturing Kyle?" "Yes we are. Would you like something to eat Ben?" Kaley asks as nothing was going on. Ben sits and laughs at Kyle. After he finishes his breakfast Ben looks over at Kyle and tells him "Kyle your mother can really cook, I wonder if she can suck a cock". Kaley hears this and runs into the room and gets in between Ben's legs and starts sucking on BIG FELLA.

Once he is hard Ben tells her to bend over the table. He puts on an extra large magnum condom that has ridges, he lubes the BIG FELLA and puts lube in Kaley's ass.

"Kyle, your mother is going to take my cock up her ass now. I am going to fuck Kasey in the ass next while you watch. Are you ready Kaley?" Ben says. "Put that beautiful big fat cock in my ass. Make that ass yours, I want to be your slaaaaaaaaave" Kaley says as Ben pushes BIG FELLA into her virgin ass. Ben makes sure each ridge goes in and out of her anal ring three times before putting in another ridge. There are twelve ridges on the condom and she screams as each one goes in and out of her asshole.

Once all the way in Ben takes BIG FELLA all the way out and then does the same technique again. He does this twenty times, Kaley is whimpering and crying the whole time. Once the twenty times are completed he begins to hammer her ass with long deep strokes. Ben fucks Kaley's ass for four hours before he gets out of her ass. He then takes the condom off of BIG FELLA and pushes BIG FELLA down her open mouth and throat.

He pumps his load into her stomach for thirty minutes. Kaley is completely exhausted and cannot move. Her asshole is gaping wide and bleeding, Becca comes over and cleans her up.

"Damn, Ben you fucked her brains in" Kasey says. "It is your turn now" Ben tells her as he brings BIG FELLA over to her, "Please be more gentle with me Ben" Kasey says. Once BIG FELLA is hard he pushes it into Kasey ass as she is bent over next to her mother. He fucks her for two hours she screams initially at the shock of BIG FELLA intruding in her virgin ass. Once Ben loosens her ass she begins to enjoy the pounding.

He fucks her downstairs for two hours and then turns her over and takes her upstairs while BIG FELLA is still deep inside of her ass. "Baby, where is your room?" Kasey points to her room and Ben takes her there and pounds her ass for the next four hours without stopping. When he is done he exits her ass with a pop and she hugs him "Please, Ben take me home with you. I want to be yours, Please let me be with you" she says as Katey comes into the room.

She has taken a shower and is ready for more. "Ben, it is my turn. Come with me to my room and put that huge cock in my ass and make me yours" Katey tells him as she takes his hand and leads him to her room. Once in her room she sits on the end of the Ben and sucks BIG FELLA hard, she can taste her sister ass and Ben's cum.

She gets him hard and then lays down on her stomach and spreads her ass cheeks. "My ass is yours, take my cherry. If you do, I want to go home with you" Katey says. Ben pushes BIG FELLA into her tight little ass and starts to stroke her inch by inch. He pumps her little ass for two hours before he can get ten inches into her. Ben then lifts her up an pushes her down on BIG FELLA while she is on top.

He then picks her up and puts her in the doggie position. "Give me your arms" he tells her and he starts riding her like a horse pushing BIG FELLA deeper and deeper, harder and faster until she gets the whole sixteen inches inside of her colon. Once Ben accomplishes this, taking four hours in this position, He fucks her for the next six hours relentlessly and with out mercy.

When he cums in her colon she passes out and he exits her ass with a pop. Kaley has witness the last two hours of his pounding her daughter's ass.

"Ben, I have clean sheets on my bed. Come lay down and sleep with me and Becca. I think you fucked both my daughter's unconscious tonight" Kaley tells him as she takes him into the shower and washes him and then dries his body. "Tomorrow, Kaley I am going to let my movers have fun with the three of you. They are going to double team all three of you for the next couple of days" Ben tells her.

"OK, I guess, if that gets me and my girls to come live with you and Becca". Ben, Kaley and Becca sleep together with Kaley sucking on BIG FELLA as she sleeps.

The next morning Kaley starts sucking on BIG FELLA, when Ben is awake he pushes her head all the way down to the base of BIG FELLA. "If you are going to suck on BIG FELLA, you need to take it down your throat".

She continues this until he erupts in her stomach. They get up and Ben takes Kaley to Omar and Abdul and says "You guys ready to have some fun?" Kaley goes over to them and starts to suck on their cocks both are 4 1/2" in width and she deep throats both of them individually.

Once she gets them hard Omar puts his 14" cock into her ass as Abdul puts his 12" cock in her pussy. They start double-teaming her, with long deep thrusts. Ben smiles at her as his friends start to really pound her hard and fast. "Are you enjoying my friends, Kaley?". "Oh, yes I am" she tells Ben panting. "I am going to wake up, Kasey" Ben tells them as he goes up to her room and kisses her and spreads her legs. Kasey wakes up and looks at him "You coming for more, Master?".

"Yes, and I have not accepted you as my slave yet" Ben tells her. "What do I have to do to convince you to making me your slave?" Kasey asks. "Well, your mother is downstairs enjoying the affections of my friends right now.

I am going to take you down there and they are going to have sex with you for the next couple of days. If you perform well I will consider you being my slave" Ben tells her. "Yes, Master. I will have sex with anyone you want. I know you will protect me and care for me, just like you do Becca" Kasey says as she strokes BIG FELLA hard. Ben then puts her legs up to her chest and tells her to hold them he then pushes BIG FELLA into her pussy making her moan and grunt.

Ben begins to pump her with long deep strokes. He hits her cervix with each stroke. Ben fucks Kasey for two hours before pushing through her cervix and dumping his load inside of her womb.

"My friends will use a rubber when they are fucking your pussy. I am the only one to fuck you without a rubber" Ben tells her, "Yes, Master". Ben then gets out of her and picks her up and takes her downstairs and tells Jerry and Fred to have fun with her. He then goes upstairs and takes a shower. After the shower he goes into Katey's room and wakes her up. He kisses her and squeezes her ample breasts, "Wake up Katey it is time to have some more fun" Ben whispers in her ear.

Katey wakes up and takes BIG FELLA into her mouth and sucks him hard. "Ben, please do make me have sex with those other men. I want to be only yours, I want this beautiful cock of yours to be the only one in my pussy, ass or mouth.

Please let me be yours. I want to please you and love you for the rest of my life". "OK, if I accept you as my slave I will be the only one that will have sex with you. You can always change your mind, Katey" Ben tells her as he begins to fuck her long and hard. After he has put his load in her womb he picks her up and takes her to the master bedroom and goes gets Becca, the three of them spend the next two days and night in the room making love.

Katey is pregnant when Ben is done fucking her brains in. After the second day he goes downstairs and checks on Kaley and Kasey, they are thoroughly fucked out. They are laying in the living room limp.

He tells the movers to take the two upstairs and clean them up, he will be deciding there future in the morning. They take them upstairs and give them showers as they fondle their luscious bodies. Once they are clean and dried off they take them to Kasey's room and put them in the bed and they sleep it off. They go back downstairs and Omar asks him "So, what do you think of these ladies? Are you going to keep them?" "They have done everything I have asked of them.

They are even willing to beat the crap out of Kyle. I am leaning to keeping them" Ben says as Becca comes back and shows him a home pregnancy test she had Katey take. It shows that she is pregnant. "Ben we are going to have to take her with us, you can't let her raise the child on her own!" Becca says to her Master. "What are you the Master now?" Ben tells her and he exits the room and goes upstairs. Becca waits a minute and then follows him.

"No, my love, you are the master. My Master, I know you cannot let your child be without you. I believe in you" Becca says as she kisses Ben. "Becca, I am going to accept all three of them, I am going to have some fun with them first.

Do you think you want to keep Kyle around?" "For a while until torturing him gets old. His mother and sisters really enjoyed torturing him. We need to get him castrated" Becca tells her Master. They go into the master bedroom and see Katey crying. "Why are you crying baby?" Ben asks her as he lays next to her. "I am pregnant, I am too young to be with child" Katey tells them.

"You will be fine. As long as you suck on BIG FELLA. Let that comfort you, a nice blowjob to take your mind off of your troubles" Ben tells her and she takes BIG FELLA into her mouth and sucks him hard and then pushes BIG FELLA down her throat.

Becca whispers in her Masters ear "You are sadistic". Ben then takes Katey to the side of the bed and puts her on her back with her head off the end. Ben then shoves BIG FELLA deep down her throat, he starts to pump her throat fast and ferociously with great velocity. Ben pumps her throat for two hours before he turns her over and fucks her in the ass. He fucks her continuously until the next morning.

Ben gets a call from Becky telling him he needs to get home, Tiffani is going into labor, Janet and Janie's water just broke.

He tells them he is on his way. "Kaley, Kasey and Katey I have one question for you, Do you want to be my slave? Each of you will be trained in your pussies and asses ten times in a row without interruption,and then be required to give me 20 blowjobs in a row. You will be required to get the same tattoos that Becca has. You will be required to assist Becca in her training of Kyle. You will be required to obey my commands at all times. Is this acceptable to you" Ben asks the.

They all kneel before him and tell him "Yes, Ben Barnes, take me as your slave. Train me, make my body your playground". "Master, once we are trained can we continue to have sex with Omar, Abdul, Fred and Jerry" Kasey asks. "Kasey, my dear, My friends know the rules about my women. They can have sex with you at the mansion when they are invited over, with your permission. They are not allowed to have sex with you in your pussies without a rubber.

So, yes. You can continue to have sex with them when we get back to the mansion. You will each have your own room. Kyle will have his own kennel to sleep in". The ladies laugh at that and Kyle has hears in his eyes as he realizes that he is in for a life of servitude.

"Oh, by the way, Katey is pregnant with my child. I am going to make her my personal breeder slave. Katey you are going to be pregnant until you are unable to bare children. I will get you pregnant six months after you give birth, we will continue this for a long time. I think you have at least 26 to 31 good child bearing years in you" Ben says.

"Yes, Master" is her answer as Kaley and Kasey congratulate her. Ben puts Kyle a ball gag in his mouth and then puts him in his kennel in the back of the Expedition he locks the cage. The ladies all have sun dresses on with nothing underneath and they get in the back.

Ben and Becca get in the front and head back home. Ben making sure he goes the speed limit. He makes it to the mansion and gets everybody into the mansion before he leaves for the hospital to be with his three lovers. He arrives at the hospital and finds Becky and Ben Junior in the waiting room with several of his slaves.

Renee is there and they go back to the delivery room leaving Ben Junior with Rachel and Reanna. The meet with Doctor Taylor who delivered Ben Jr. a five months ago. And is in the delivery room with Tiffani, Janet, Janie.

First to give birth is Tiffani to a healthy baby girl "Daniella Ashley Barnes", next up is Janet who delivers another baby girl, "Becky Janie" who they will call "BJ". Finally Janie gives birth to another girl "Janet Becky" who they will call "JB". After successfully delivery of their babies Doctor Taylor asks to speak with Ben privately. Dr. Taylor "Mr. Barnes, I notice you have fathered a lot of babies with a lot of different beautiful women, congratulations on three healthy babies by the way".

Ben "Thank you, and yes I have fathered a lot of children. They all wanted to have my children. I did not force them and have more women due in the coming months, why do you ask?".

Dr. Taylor "I have been trying to get my wife pregnant for years without any luck. I was wondering if you would be willing to help us? Here is a picture of my wife". He shows Ben a picture on his cell phone. Ben "Nice, very beautiful. She is younger than you". Dr Taylor "Yes she is 28, she is very fertile and great in the sack". Ben "Let me discuss it with my wife, Becky, she has to approve before we go any further".

Dr. Taylor "Here is my phone numbers and my wife's cell". Ben "I will call you in a couple of days Dr. Taylor". Ben takes Tiffani, Janet, Janie and babies home. He kisses the mothers and tells them they did good.

"I love you too so much, you have given me the greatest gift in the world, three beautiful babies". He kisses the mothers and babies. Elfie and Carly are at the mansion and Ben tells them "Master is horny, girls". They run up to him and kiss him and start to suck on BIG FELLA.

He takes them to the next bedroom and fucks them nearly to death. He pounds Elfie's little pussy till she passes out, and then gets Carly and starts fucking her ass. He fucked Elfie for a good two hours before cumming and then goes for another three hours in Carly. When he is done climaxing he lays down on the bed and takes both girls into his arms and starts to kiss them. "That was some damn good fucking, Master.

I am on the pill but I think you might have just gotten me pregnant" Carly says. "Master, I love it when you fuck my ass like that. I am going to rest here for a bit". Becky comes into the room with Ben Jr. in her arms, "Master, you have your big family you always wanted!".

"Not yet we have seven more babies to be born in the coming months, I need to talk to you" Ben and Becky go to the den and talk. Ben "Dr. Taylor came over and talked to me after the births today" Becky "What did he want to congratulate you on being a father again?".

Ben "Yes and no. He wanted to know if I would help him. He wants me to impregnate his wife!". Becky laughing "You are a stud, what did you tell him?, that you needed to talk to me right?". Ben "Yes, and I am not a stud to be pimped out.

I love my family, and really can't handle anymore pussy right now". Becky "Well, Ben you are going to have to handle my pussy tonight". Ben "What do you think about what the Dr. Taylor request?". Becky "You know once you fuck her brains in she is going to be yours for life". Ben "That is what I am afraid of, I was thinking of writing a contract to spell out the terms.

I was thinking requesting a commitment of three months from her. She is to be at our house for the whole time, no going outside. She must commit to being fucked in her pussy and ass, along with deep throating BIG FELLA. She must commit to being fucked 3 times a day, seven days a week.

She would be my body slave, she would be required to wash me and wipe my ass after I take a shit. She must submit to any tattoo I care to have put on her. She must also commit to being pierced in any fashion I choose. What do you think of those terms?". Becky "Are you trying to dissuade them from doing this? Make it a six month term, no visitation for the first ninety days for the husband.

Of course she has to have a clean HIV/STD certificate".

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Ben "After signing the contract, if they sign it, I am going to pound the crap out of Doctor Taylor's wife in front of him. I am going to make her take me in her pussy then her ass and finally deep throat BIG FELLA for him to see.

I am gong to write in the contract that it is her decision after six months on whether she wants to stay and commit to our lifestyle or go home with her husband that offered her up to be fucked for six months straight". Becky "You know if you fuck her for six months straight she is never going to leave you". Ben "Even if she does I plan on having her tattooed so that everyone that sees her will know she loves huge black cock".

Ben calls Doctor Taylor telling him to go get Jessica a HIV/STD certificate from an independent clinic and meet him and Becky at Antonio's on Friday night for dinner. He also instructs him to have his wife hairless below the neckline and also not wearing undergarments when they go to the restaurant. Doctor Taylor agrees to his terms. They meet on Friday and go to the private dinning room. Doctor gives Ben the clean certificate from the independent lab.

Ben then presents the couple the contract and they look over it. Wife is reluctant about the anal sex part, Ben tells her no anal no deal. Doctor and Wife both sign the contract, and Ben tells Jessica Taylor to get undressed. She does and Ben looks her over, he squeezes her ass cheeks and her breasts. He then tells her to get on her knees and give him a blowjob.

She does, and unzips his pants. She takes out his cock and sees it is huge, she looks up at Ben and Becky smiling. She takes BIG FELLA into her mouth and starts to suck. Ben then pushes her head down on BIG FELLA telling her to breathe through her nose and swallow as the head hits the back of her mouth.

She complies and he forces all sixteen inches down her throat. Doctor asks "How big are you?" Becky replies "BIG FELLA is sixteen inches long with a width of 5 ½ inches".

It takes Jessica Taylor thirty minutes to get BIG FELLA to release its load into her stomach". Jessica gets up and dresses again, as Antonio comes in to take their orders. Ben orders appetizers for everybody except Jessica saying to Antonio that she already had her appetizer. Jessica Taylor blushes and smiles, as Antonio leaves she says it was good too. After dinner Ben tells Doctor Taylor to come back to his house and watch him have sex with his wife and then say goodbye to her for six months.

They go back to the mansion, Becky and Ben go inside and start to undress and tell Jessica Taylor to do the same. She does and Becky gives her husband her clothes telling him "She will not need these for six months, she will be naked the whole time she is here".

Ben then takes her to the living room and introduces her to the family present. He tells them that she is here for six months to get pregnant. Becky in the meantime goes gets his pills and his cock ring. She gives Ben his pills plus two little blue pills puts his cock ring on and sucks him until he gets hard. Jessica Taylor is put on all fours and Ben tells her husband to come over and watch. He pushes an erect BIG FELLA into her pussy, all the way to her cervix in one stroke.

She moans and groans as he does this. They girls tell her she will get use to his size in about three months. Ben starts to pound her fast and she starts moaning and groaning loudly, telling her husband that Ben has a huge cock which he can clearly see as Ben is pushing in and out of her pussy. Her pussy grips his cock with every stroke. She climaxes every fifteen minutes for the next four hours and then Becky gives him another little blue pill and Jessica looks at her husband "This is one great fuck.

He is hitting my G-SPOT with every stroke". By the time Ben finally cums he has fucked Jessica for a total of eight hours. She is sweating and her pussy is bright red. He cums deep in her womb, having pushed his cock through her cervix a half and hour prior to climaxing.

"Jessica, I am going to cum in your womb every time I fuck you" Ben informs her. They rest for a couple of hours and then Becky gives Ben his pills and he is erect again and he pushes BIG FELLA through her anal ring after putting her on a table. As he pushes through her anal ring she starts screaming and crying, He tells her she will get use to being fucked in the ass by the time he is done with her.

He is pumping and stroking her hard and fast. He looks over at Doctor Taylor and smiles as his wife starts to enjoy it after about an hour. "Told you she would get into anal sex, are you stretched out yet?" Ben asks Jessica. "Yes, my god you are a fucking god. Pound my ass Ben" Jessica Taylor says as her husband looks on amazed at his wife. "Cum in my womb, Ben" As he feels his cock swell and ball tighten he exits her once virgin ass and pushes it into her womb and cums hard.

"Doctor, I think your wife is going to enjoy getting pregnant by our Master" Becky tells Doctor Taylor. "Hell Yes, I am going to love fucking that cock everyday. He is an amazing lover, you girls are truly lucky" Jessica Taylor tells Becky and everyone that is within hearing. "I will see you in ninety days Steve, don't worry Ben is going to take great care of my pussy and ass".

"That is your queue to leave Doctor!" Ben tells him. Doctor Steven Taylor leaves and Ben, Becky and Jessica go up to the master bedroom. Jessica and Ben take a shower together washing the sweat off each other. They dry off and head to bed, when in bed Jessica asks them "Ben, Becky what is this slave thing you keep saying". Becky tells her about being Ben's slave and that every girl there is his slave and they are obedient to him.

Jessica kisses her new Master and Mistress. "I am going to love getting pregnant". She sleeps with BIG FELLA in her mouth. They sleep for a while and Ben is awaken by Jessica sucking on his cock while she is still asleep.

He smiles as Tiffani and Janet look on. Ben cums down her throat and Jessica wakes up. "GOD, I love you being fucked by you. You are a golden god". She sucks him hard again and asks him "Which hole do you want? Pussy or Ass?". "PUSSY!" Jessica puts BIG FELLA into her pussy and bounces up and down and moans and screams in ecstasy.

"OH GOD, I love you how you stretch me out". With every stroke you can see her pussy being stretched and gripping BIG FELLA as she bounces up taking BIG FELLA out almost to the tip and then sliding down. The first time they fuck for over three hours before Ben climaxes, she climaxes hard every half hour with many mini orgasms. When he cums he does it in her womb.

The next two times he takes two hours cuming in her womb. "Ben, I came here to get pregnant and fell in love with BIG FELLA and how you fucking pound my pussy and ass. I see how you are with all your women and do not think it will be hard for me to fall in love with you. She kisses him and wraps her legs around him. She then inserts BIG FELLA into her pussy. She pushes down on the limp BIG FELLA that is still bigger than any man that she has taken that was hard.

She squeezes his cock until it is hard and starts to bounce up and down. Ben gets a call that Alice and Jennifer are on the way to the hospital to give birth after their water is broken. After several hours of labor the give birth to two beautiful baby girls. He holds little Alicia Jayne up and kisses her and introduces her to her sister Jennifer, and gives Jennifer her sister.

Ben then picks up little Lydia Jenny Barnes and kisses her and then introduces her to her grandmother Alice. Doctor Reynolds asks how his wife is doing. Ben tells him she is fine, holding up well. They leave the hospital and go to the mansion. Everybody is there waiting on the new mothers. Jessica comes over and holds each of the girls.

"Ben you really do make beautiful babies. Ladies your girls are so beautiful" Jessica says as each take their baby back. Ben is tired and emotionally exhausted as Jessica comes over and tells him to take it easy and sleep. She takes him into her arms and tells him to go to sleep. He sleeps while sucking on her breasts.

Becky comes over and sees Ben asleep "Mistress, Master needed his sleep. I am not going anywhere. He can have my ass when he is recovered". "Becky, can I get my "Property of Ben Barnes" tattoo? I want everybody to know I am Master's" Jessica asks her. "Becca, we need to get ours also" Kaley says as her daughter's sit next to her. "Yes you do. I need to get some tattoos put on my bitch also" Becca says.

"I will call our tattoo artist and ask when she can come over and tattoo you ladies" Becca says. Becky calls Sheila and she can be there the following night. There is a packages delivered and Becky gives it to Ben when he is awake. Ben wakes up after a nice long sleep, "There is a package in the den for you honey" Becky tells him as he gets up and stretches.

"That was enjoyable, sleeping with Jessica's breast in my mouth". They go in and Ben opens his packages, "They are here, finally. Becky I ordered RFID chips that will track all my ladies no matter where they are. They have a GPS signal built into them. I am going to have Doctor Reynolds put them into my girls.

Ben calls Doctor Reynolds and tells him to read over the documentation that he is faxing over to him. He wants him to insert these devices into all of his slaves. Doctor tells Ben that he will call him back after he reads the fax. Ben and Becky discuss the new mansion. Becky tells him that the family should pick out what color paint they want in their rooms. Something that will get go with the carpet that they already picked out. They will need to go to the store and get drapes and curtains for all the rooms.

They need to measure for blinds. Ben calls the kitchen cabinet store and checks on his order. They leave the mansion and head to the store to pickup patio furniture. Ben sees grills he likes and he buys three. They go to Sears and buy three LG 4.0 c.u. ft. Ultra Large Capacity Steam front load washers with turbo spin. They buy six matching LG 7.3 c.u. ft. Steam Electric Dryer with Sensor Dry. He calls Ken and asks him to pick them up with the pickup truck.

They go to Dick's Sporting Good's store and buy a volleyball net, volleyballs and basket balls. Ben buys a two basketball backboards and rims. They go to Macy's and shop for china, everyday dinnerware and flatware. Ben and Becky pick out Lenox Venetian Lace Flatware, they order enough for a hundred and fifty place settings. They pick out Noritake Sweet Leilani china and order 38 twenty piece settings and order five Oval Platters in 12", 14" and 16" sizes, six Oval Vegetable bowls in 32 and 40 oz sizes.

They also order 150 soup bowls, square lunch plates, three tea pots and sugar with cover dishes. They like the Pfaltzgraff Tuscany Floral pattern, they order 20 32 piece settings, 150 fruit bowls, 10 oval, square and rectangular platters and vegetable bowls; 3 pasta bowls. They then go to the paint store and get a paint wheel that shows all the colors.

Ben gets a call from Jamal, he has narrowed down the list of security guards and personal protectors to 30, ten being women. Ben tells him that he will meet them at Antonio's tomorrow for lunch. He calls Antonio and has him reserve the back dinning room for lunch the next day. Ben meets with Jamal and goes over the applications and dossiers of each of his final thirty.

He likes each one and the references turn out excellent as does the background investigations. He goes over the maid applications and sees two ladies that sticks out, Maize and Hazel. Ben gives the applications and background checks to Becky for her to check out. She says they fit the profile for the family. Maize has five children under the age of 17 and Hazel has six. Both are single mothers.

Ben tells her they will interview them later next month. They go to Cynthia's house and then Martha's house with the paint samples for the girls to pick out.

They all do and both Cynthia and Martha want to talk to Ben about their neighbor Gracie, who is getting beat up by her husband. They call her over and Ben asks her if she wants to get away from her husband. She tells Ben "Mr. Barnes, I hate my husband. I am afraid of him and desperately want to get away from him. I am afraid that he might get drunk and hit or even rape one of our daughter's.

Ben asks to meet the daughter's and Gracie calls them over and they are introduced. He asks them if they are afraid of their father.

They say they are and Ben asks them to go back to their house. "So what do you want me to do?" Ben asks. "Crystal told me how you helped her and Karen. How you love them and take care of them. I don't expect that, I just need some help to get out from under Bob?" Gracie says. "Right now, I cannot accept any new slaves. I don't have room nor the energy. Let me see if I can get my friends to take care of Bob for you. Are you willing to testify against him?" Ben asks. "Yes, I am" Gracie says.

Ben says goodbye to them and looks sternly at Crystal and Martha. Ben takes his notes from the painting selections and leaves with Becky. Once in the car Ben asks Becky what she thinks.

"I want to help her, if you bring her into the mansion she will need to be trained as will her daughter's. You know once they see BIG FELLA they will want him inside of them" Becky says. "My love, I cannot keep this up. I love you and all my girls. I only have two testicles, and although the supplements help I am sore after training. I will help them and have them move in with Martha. Let me make calls to Paula and Sally. Then I will call Charlotte and see if she can help in this case.

We need to move into the new mansion fast" Ben tells her. They go back to the mansion and tell the girls to pick out the paint they want in their room. Becky picks pink and light blue for the nursery floor. Nadia comes over and asks Ben if she can talk to them in the den. "Master, I was thinking that we should build a birthing room that is kept sterile so that we can have the births here at home.

We need to buy some supplies that I can get. A fetal monitor and an sonogram machine. I think we can make it a surgical suite also. What do you two think about that?" Nadia asks. "I think it is a good idea for the new mansion.

That keeps us from going to the hospital. We have you as the doctor and a couple of nurses as slaves so that works out, what do you think Ben?" Becky asks. "I love the idea. Keep the family isolated from prying eyes.

Make your lists and buy whatever you need. Only the best equipment, Nadia" Ben tells her. Doctor Reynolds calls and tells him that he can put the RFID chips in at the house. He asks him to do it as soon as possible. He will be over tonight to start and make a schedule for the rest of the ladies. Nadia comes over and asks "What are these RFID chips?". "They are a small computer chip that will allow me and our security team to track where my ladies are at all times.

Your safety is my number one concern" Ben tells her. She drops to her knees, "Master, I love you. You are so protective and caring" Nadia says before sucking on BIG FELLA. Becca comes in with Katey in tow and they smile as they see Nadia worshiping Ben.

"Master, Gabriella, Gabby and Vanessa called and asked if they can come over" Becca asks. Ben looks up and tells them sure. Becky takes them out of the room and checks on the lists of colors, nothing is unusual. "Becca, make sure before your girlfriends come over they have their HIV/STD certificates" Becky says "They already have them, the got the results back yesterday. They are all virgins. I would love it if they could be part of the family" Becca says.

"We will let Master make that choice" Becky says. Ben exits the den with Nadia who whips her lips. "Did you get the list completed with the paint selections? We need to go see the teachers and the other slaves and then get the paint ordered" Ben tells Becky.

They leave the mansion and head to see the teachers, Sally, Paula who has Stephanie with them and she kisses Ben very passionately, Liz, and Hilary. When all the selections are made Ben goes to the paint store and puts in the order with the floor plans he orders 5 gallon buckets of each paint color.

Ben calls Ken and asks him to come and pick up the paint in his pickup. It takes the paint store a couple of hours to get the paint ready. They go eat and meet Ken back at the store. Ken has just put the washers and dryers in the laundry room in the new mansion. They get the paint and load it into the pickup truck and it is too much and the rest is loaded in the back of the Expedition.

Ken buys rollers and a lot of brushes. They head to the mansion and the painters take the paint and the plans. "How long before you can get the rooms painted?" Ben asks the painter foreman. "Working twenty-four hours a day, allowing for drying time that we will speed up with heaters. Probably ten days, then we will get the carpet put down as a room is completed.

The kitchen is going in right now. The furniture from North Carolina will be here in two weeks. We are on schedule to move in before labor day.

I have the grills setup and am going to get the basketball court put in next week" Ken tells him. Ben and Becky then review the applications for chefs a couple stick out and they call them and setup an interview for Dominic the next day at Antonio's restaurant. Sally calls Ben and tells him that Bob has been arrested and is being booked on battery, assault and child abuse.

Ben tells her very good. Ben and Becky goes back to the mansion and they take it easy for a couple of minutes before his ladies know he is back in the mansion.

He kisses his wife and sucks on her breast, drinking some of the sweet milk. Tiffani comes in with her daughter Daniella and sees Ben sucking on her daughter's breast "Isn't that suppose to be for Ben Junior, Master?" Ben gets up and kisses Tiffani and his daughter Daniella, he sucks on her breasts and then looks up "Just making sure it is sweet enough for my children" Ben says with a smile as Nadine comes in with Junior and gives him to Becky "He is hungry, Mistress Becky".

"How are you handling your pregnancy, sweetie?" Ben asks as he kisses her, she fondles BIG FELLA. "A little sick in the morning at first but that has stopped, thank god. Becca needs you in the pool area" Nadine leads Ben by BIG FELLA into the pool area where Gabby, Gabriella and Vanessa are waiting for him with Becca. Katey, Kaley and Kasey are there with Kyle in his kennel. "Master, you remember my girlfriends right?" Becca asks. "Yes, I remember them. How are you ladies doing" Ben says as he kisses his slaves.

"We are going okay, we want to ask you if you have come to a decision about accepting us as your slaves. Becca and Becky have gone over the rules and requirements. We want to be your slaves and be with Becca and you for the rest of our lives" Vanessa says as her friends agree. Jessica Taylor walks in as they are talking and says "Ben, you have women begging to be your slaves.

How do you do it? A better question is, are you going to put some of your beautiful cum inside my womb?". "Yes, I have a lot of women coming to me to be my slaves. That is one of the reasons I had your husband sign the contract. Yes I will fill your womb up, I have not had sex today so you are going to get filled to the top" Ben tells her as she sucks on BIG FELLA getting him hard. He puts her in the doggie position and pushes BIG FELLA deep. The girls watch as he fucks her hard for two hours before pushing past her cervix and dumping his load inside of her.

"So you want to be my slaves, I see that you have shaved your pussies and armpits. Let's see what you can do with BIG FELLA. Start worshiping me Vanessa" Ben says. "Yes, my Master, I hope" Vanessa says as she kneels in front of him and takes BIG FELLA into her hands and starts licking on him.

"Master, you cock is so beautiful" Gabby says as she sits next to her BFF watching her work the head of BIG FELLA into her mouth. Becca comes over and tells Vanessa "Suck on the head and work the cock to the back of your mouth. Once there keep swallowing and breathe through your nose". She pushes her head down on BIG FELLA and reminds her to breathe through her nose.

She continues to push and push until she finally gets BIG FELLA to go down her friends throat.


Ben is smiling as Becca works her friends head up and down on BIG FELLA. Becca lets go of Vanessa's head and she gets off of BIG FELLA. "No you need to do that on your own, Vanessa" Ben tells her. She smiles and she goes back to licking and sucking on BIG FELLA.

She struggles to get the massive cock down her throat but with a little help she gets it all the way down and eventually starts doing it herself.

He pulls her off and then puts her on the lounge chair. Ben asks Vanessa "Do you still have your hymen?". She nods yes and Ben begins to suck on her pussy making her quiver and shake. When he hits her hymen with his tongue she squeals in pleasure and then has a loud orgasm.

When she comes down Ben inserts BIG FELLA into her wet pussy. She shoves it all the way to her cervix in one stroke. "Fuck that hurt" Vanessa says as Ben begins to pump on her tight pussy.

He fucks her hard for an hour and then starts to jackhammer her. She is screaming and moaning as Ben leans over and ask her "Do you want to be my slave?

Do you want BIG FELLA inside of you pounding your brains in?". "Please, Yes, fuck me I am yours. Please make me your slave" Vanessa says. Ben continues to fuck her relentlessly for another hour before he breaks through her cervix. "This is where my cum belongs in your womb" Ben tells her as he begins to pound her womb. Ben pounds her womb for two hours and then cums hard for thirty minutes.

He then exits her cervix and then slowly exits her pussy with a loud pop. "Becca, I love that sound when BIG FELLA comes out of a once virgin hole" Ben says to her. "Gabby get over here and clean off BIG FELLA". She does and starts to clean off BIG FELLA with her mouth.

Becca goes and gets Ben's pills and then gives them to him. When BIG FELLA is erect he puts Gabby on her hands and knees and inserts BIG FELLA into her pussy.

He fucks her hard and looks down and sees blood trickle down her legs. He pounds her all the way to her cervix, Gabby moans and screams as Ben stretches her pussy out.

He pounds her cervix for three hours. She climaxes every ten minutes, and then Ben punches through her cervix and begins to pound her womb. "So you want to be my slave. If so, this womb belongs to me. I will dump all my cum into your womb" Ben tells her and she looks over her shoulder at him and tells him "That womb is yours plant your seed inside of me and get me pregnant like Becca. I am yours, I am never leaving you". He fucks her womb for two hours before cumming hard, he then gets out of her with the loud pop trapping all of his cum in her womb.

He then takes a dip in the pool to cool off. Becca gives him more supplements and vitamins. "Master, that was hot" Kaley tells him. She gets into the pool and kisses him, "Look how happy you made her, she is in an utter state of bliss". They get out of the pool and Kaley sucks BIG FELLA until he is hard, "Gabriella you are next" Ben tells her as he puts her legs above her head and inserts BIG FELLA deep inside of her pussy.

He jackhammers her pussy and makes her scream. He fucks her for three hours and then pushes through her cervix. He pounds her womb for two hours before he cums hard. "Next time I will pop your ass cherry, ladies" Ben says and all three look at him "Master, our bodies are yours to do with as you choose" Gabriella tells him. Ben tells the ladies to come with him and he takes Becca's three best friends, Kaley and her daughter's and Jessica Taylor to the plush rug.

Ben lays down as Peggy, Joy, Jennifer come in to the living room with Crystal and Karen and the rest of her crew. Jessica sucks on BIG FELLA until he is erect and then Ben tells them I am going to fuck each one of you while I suck on Peggy, Joy and Jennifer's virgin pussies. I am going to start with Kasey, Katey, Kaley, Jessica, Vanessa, Gabby and finally Gabriella.

Kasey jumps up and straddles her master as Peggy straddles his face and they begin to fuck and suck. Peggy is facing Kasey as she grinds her pussy on her Master's face and asks her "So do you like your new Master, Kasey?". "Oh GOD YES.

I love making love to Ben. I love it when he fucks me too" Kasey says. "Kasey, you are loved here in this house. We all love each other" Peggy tells her as they kiss passionately. Peggy sucks on her large 36D breasts as Kasey tells her that she hopes Ben gets her pregnant like her sister. Peggy stops sucking on her breasts and congratulates Katey and tells her that she wants to get pregnant when Master pops her cherry in February.

Peggy has a screaming orgasm as Crystal comes over and thanks her Master for helping her neighbor. He gives her a thumbs up as Kasey continues to ride on BIG FELLA. They continue this for two hours until Kasey pushes BIG FELLA through her cervix and yells "Cum in my womb, Master.

Get your slave pregnant". She bounces up and down with BIG FELLA in her womb. Peggy looks down at her belly and sees BIG FELLA poking on her belly. "That is a beautiful sight, look at BIG FELLA in your belly Kasey" she looks down and smiles and then starts to rub BIG FELLA's head through her belly.

"Cum in me my lover" Ben starts to erupt in her womb filling her up when he is done Kasey slowly gets off of BIG FELLA making sure to trap his seed in her womb. Ben makes Peggy get off one last time as he does this Kasey sucks BIG FELLA clean and then gets him hard again as Katey gets on top. "Be careful and don't let BIG FELLA in your womb. We don't want to damage the baby" Kaley says to her daughter. "I will be careful Mom" Katey says as she kisses her mom passionately, "I love my Master" she says as Katey puts BIG FELLA into her pussy "Damn this feels so good".

Joy comes over and straddles Ben's face and he start to suck on her pussy. Our Master loves virgin pussy. Ben fucks the ladies he lined up that night and into the morning. Ben finally gets up and takes a shower with Becky and they get dressed to head over to Antonio's, they take Elfie with them.

They are going to meet Dominic and test his cooking. From what Ben read in his dossier he is an excellent chef, completely trustworthy and hard working. He just needs to size him up. They meet Jamal and Sheila at the restaurant and Sheila thanks Ben for offering to build a house. Ben asks if she will accept the offer and they say they will. Antonio greets them and kisses his daughter and asks how his granddaughter is doing.

They continue to talk as Dominic is shown to the private dinning room to be interviewed. After the interview where Ben asks if he has any problem with nudity in the house and that he is expected to live on premises. Ben asks him to go into the kitchen and prepare them a meal. He does and they all say it is delicious.

Ben "OK, Dominic you are hired. I will get you a room at the Residence Inn until we move into the new mansion next month. I need you to go shopping and purchase what you need for the kitchen.


I will give you a credit card to make your purchases. I will take you over to show you your kitchen this afternoon". Jamal "Congratulations on your new job, Mr. Barnes is a great boss". "Ben, can I talk to you for a minute". Ben and Jamal go and talk about the security guards and Ben takes the files from Jamal and tells him he will have an answer in a couple of days. Ben, Becky, Elfie take Dominic to the new mansion and show him the kitchen.

He likes the layout with two ovens, two cook tops and a range. He likes the two extra large refrigerators and the large freezer. Ben tells him he has a month to look for and stock his kitchen. He tells him that he will be on call 24 hours a day but expect most meals to be breakfast, lunch and dinner.

There will be approximately 100 people to 125 people to feed at a time. He tells Dominic that healthy cooking is a must. Ben tells him that Becky, Laurie and Tiffani are in charge of the kitchen and maids. He will introduce the other two ladies in good time. Ben drives him back to his car and then take him to the Residence Inn. Ben gets back to the mansion and he sees that Doctor Reynolds car is there. He goes inside and after disrobing he walks into the living room where Doc has a table setup with Nadine on it she is getting her RFID inserted in her shoulder.

Doc stitches her up and then puts a bandage on the wound. He then gets Missy up on the table and writes down the RFID number on a sheet of paper next to her name. He then inserts it in her shoulder under the skin and stitches her up and dresses her wound.

"Doc how is it going. How long will it take to get those put into all my ladies?" Ben asks. "It should take me about a week, probably less. I have a sheet with everybody's name on it with their RFID serial number next to them. We can then program the tracking devices" Doc tells Ben.

Ben is encouraged at this. Doc asks about the new mansion and Ben tells him about the progress. "Missy, Rebecca, Hanna, and Michelle please follow Becky and myself into the den, Please" Ben asks them. Once they are all in the den Ben asks each of them "Ladies, I would like for you to invite your families down for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Have you been keeping in touch with your families?" "Yes, Master.

I have talked to my mother about coming down for the holidays. It is just my mother, brother and sister" Hanna tells Ben. "Tell me about your family, Hanna" Ben asks.

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"My mother name is Beatrice but she goes by "Bea" she is 38 and has a really nice figure. My brother, Jason, is 15 and the last time I Skype'd with him he has turned into a very handsome young man. My sister, Jane, is 13 and cute as a button. They are eager to meet the man I have fallen in love with" Hanna says.

"Do you think they will have a problem coming down here for the holiday's?" Ben asks. "I will call and ask my mom?" Hanna says. "Of course I will get the three of them first-class tickets down here and have my driver pick them up in the limousine" Ben tells her. "Michelle how about your family?" Ben asks. "Well my father Roy, is not to happy with me shaking up with a man in Alabama. I told him it was my choice.

My mother, Rachel, is 5'2 and has a nice figure also. I have talked to her and she is happy that I am in love and met the person I am going to be spending the rest of my life with. I have two sisters 16 and 14 years old Melissa and Megan". "Do you think they will have a problem coming down here for the holiday's?" Ben asks. "I can ask, my mother is a stay at home mom" Michelle tells him. "That is good. Missy, what about your family?" Ben asks. "Well my father's name is Fred, he is an asshole.

I don't like him very much and he didn't really appreciate me moving down here. My mother, Gretchen, is the same height as Michelle and Hanna's mother's she has a nice figure that she says goes to waste on my father.

I have a brother, Fred Jr., who is 14, I really love him he is so sweet. I have two sisters Denise and Danni, 17 and 16 years old. My mother, brother and sisters will not have a problem coming down for the holiday's.

My father will be a problem. He is a workaholic" Missy tells Ben. "Rebecca, how about your family?" Ben asks. "Well my father is Karl, he is really nice and personable. Everybody likes him, my parents are very much still in love. My mother, Dee, is absolutely stunning. I am a shorter version of her. I have four sisters and a brother, Karl Jr.

who is 13 and a heart breaker. My mom had two sets of twins after me, Ashley and Ameilia are 16. Gemma and Grace are 14. I don't think they will have any problem coming down here" Rebecca says. "Very good. Ladies when we get settled into the new mansion I want you to arrange for them to come down for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. I want one family arrival per day" Ben tells them.

"I will pay for the plane tickets". "Master, why are you doing this? Not that I am complaining or anything, just wondering" Rebecca asks. "Ladies, it is very important to have family around. I lost my family when I was sixteen and have always wanted a large family that is very loving and affectionate" Ben tells them. He kisses each of them and tells them he needs to talk to Becky alone for a while. When they leave Becky asks Ben "Are you planning on making them members of the family?".

"I will play that one by ear. I want to be on friendly basis with the girls families that is for sure" Ben tells her. "Master, you are amazing.

I have good news, I might be pregnant I am going to have Doc draw some blood and confirm it" Becky tells him. Ben smiles and kisses her and tells her that he loves her with all of his heart. They kiss and cuddle for a while. Ben tells her he needs to go over the dossiers of the guards. She gets in between his legs and sucks on BIG FELLA while he studies all thirty files.

Jamal and the private investigators did a great job. When they are done, Becky getting a healthy load of cum down her throat. They go back into the living room, and Ben tells Jessica Taylor it is time for another load. Jessica comes running over to him and starts sucking on his cock as Becky goes gets his pills. He fucks Jessica for two hours and pumps a load into her womb.

"Doc, have you met Jessica Taylor. This is Doctor Steven Taylor's wife. He wants me to get her pregnant" Ben tells his old friend. "Well if there is anybody in this world that can get a woman pregnant it is you Ben Barnes. How do you like getting pregnant by Ben, Jessica?" Doc asks.

"I fucking love it. He is a FUCKING-GOD, I think I am falling in love with him". Ben walks Doc out to his car. "Are you telling me that Steven Taylor has you fucking his wife to get her pregnant?

What an idiot, she is never going back to him after you have fucked her brains in. How long have you been fucking her?" Doc asks. "About five weeks, she is enjoying every minute of it. She hasn't asked to join the family yet. I think it is very close. What do you know of Steven Taylor?" Ben asks him.

"I never liked the guy, he always came across as a pompous ass. Like he had a silver spoon stuck up his ass. The word around is that he married Jessica for her money. Her family has a long of money, not as much as you but she is independently wealthy. If she wants to be your slave it is going to be for the sex. I know she has a sister that she is supporting in nursing school, she is supporting her triplet sisters. I think they are fifteen.

Cute as a button from what I can remember" Doc tells him. "So you think he will give her up?" Ben asks. "Not a chance, she will probably beat him into submission. He probably signed a prenuptial agreement on her request, her father and mother are both deceased and there are no other relatives" Doc tells him. They say there goodbyes and Doc says he will be back over the next day to put in some more RFID chips. Ben goes back into the house and picks up the list and takes it into the den.

He puts the list in the safe and calls his private investigator. He tells him he wants a background check on Doctor Steven Taylor, to birth. His wife Jessica Taylor also to birth. The investigator asks his time frame and Ben tells him sixty to ninety days.

Investigator tells him he will put his best men on it in the morning. Ben calls Jamal and tells him to hire the bunch and have them start training.

Getting the lay of the land so to speak. He will rent them rooms at the Residence Inn,until the barracks are done on the property which should be the second week of September. Ben then calls the Residence Inn and asks for thirty rooms for 45 days. The next day he tells Katey, Kaley, Kasey, Gabriella, Gabby and Vanessa he is going to start their training. He is going to fuck each of their pussies to start with.

He is going to do the training in the order he just called out their names. He tells them that he is going to fuck each of them ten times in a row without interruption in their pussies.

After each of them he is going to take a break. He hopes to have their pussies trained in twelve days. He tells them he is going to train the on the fuck table and that they will be strapped to it. He tells Katey to get up in it and Tiffani and Becky strap her in. "I am going to give Jessica Taylor my cum when I fuck you Katey.

I am going to push my cock into her womb and pour my seed into her". "OK Master" Katey says as she is getting strapped in. "Thank you Ben" Jessica tells him with a smile. "I need Kaley to be my fluffer".

Kaley smiles as she knows what that entails. She gets down on her knees and sucks BIG FELLA hard. Once hard he pushes BIG FELLA deep into Katey's pussy. He goes almost to her cervix and pulls out. He fucks her with great control not wanting to hurt his child. Katey uses her PC muscles and makes Ben cum in little over ninety minutes. Katey cuming nine times, and Ben pushing BIG FELLA deep inside of Jessica and filling her womb. They continue this for the next sixteen hours.

When Ben is done he goes over to the plush rug and falls asleep, with Katey in his arms. "I love you Katey" he tells her. "I love you too, Ben Barnes, my Master and lover" they sleep for ten hours and when he is awake he tells Kaley to get on the fuck table. Becky gives him his pills and gets him something to eat. He fucks Kaley with more force and determination. "Kaley screams out, Get me pregnant, I am fertile now. Give me your baby, I want your baby Master".

They fuck for 36 hours straight. When he is done, Ben crawls over to the plush rug and falls asleep on his side.

Kaley, once freed from the fuck table, is carried over to the rug and snuggles with Ben. Katey and Kasey sleep with their master too. Ben sleeps for twelve hours before he wakes up. He goes and takes a shower and soaks in the hot tub for a bit before starting Kasey's training. Becky comes in with his vitamins and supplements with Ensure and a meal.

Ben asks Becky to get Kasey in the fuck table for him. He gets out of the hot tub after eating and swims a couple of laps. He gets out and Renee and Reanna dry him off and they take him to the living room. Reanna starts to suck on BIG FELLA as Renee sucks on Kasey's pussy. When BIG FELLA is hard Ben pushes it deep inside of Kasey's young pussy.

He starts pumping her deeper and deeper, faster and faster. Kasey moaning the whole time. Long deep strokes, hitting her cervix with every strokes Ben is a man possessed and Kasey's pussy is taking the abuse.

Kasey looks over and tells her Master, "OH GOD I love the feeling of being fully-loaded with BIG FELLA. Pound your slaves pussy, Master. This pussy is yours. OH GOD I LOVE YOU". She climaxes hard as her whole body shakes. Little Brooklyn comes over and starts sucking on her husband's balls and licking the shaft of his cock. "How do you like the fuck table, Kasey?" Madison asks. Kasey looks over at her with a smile and says she loves it.

"Gives me deeper access" Ben says and begins his assault of her cervix trying to pry it open so he can deposit his seed into her womb. "Master, impregnate me. I want to give you children like my sister and mother". After an hour he finally pushes through her cervix and begins to pound her womb it takes him another hour before he cums.

Ben exits her womb but not totally out of her pussy as he takes his vitamins and supplements. Brooklyn continues to suck on his balls and lick his shaft which gets him hard again. Ben resumes his assault on Kasey sweet young pussy, stretching it to new limit. Kasey shouts encouraging words to her new Master to keep pounding her. He is fucking her so hard he is lifting the table off the floor two feet. Mandy and Becca come over and hold the table down as he continues to pound her hard and deep.

Kasey is babbling incoherently as Ben continues this technique for over two hours. Kasey coming every five to ten minutes. Ben pushes through her cervix and dumps another load into her womb. Kasey just smiles as Ben exits her pussy.

Madison gets him his pills as Becca sucks on Kasey's pussy and Mandy works on BIG FELLA. "No cum leaking Master, it must all be in her womb" Becca says as Becky gives the trainee some water and something to eat. She does the same with her husband and Master. She whispers in his ear "Honey, I am pregnant. Doctor Reynolds got the blood test back". He looks at her and smiles "That is great news, everyone Mistress Becky is pregnant again.

Ben Junior is going to have another brother or sister". Ben kisses his love of his life and everyone in the house comes over and congratulates her. Joe is by her side has tears in his eyes, "My Mistress is going to have a baby".

Ben is erect now and continues his training of Kasey's pussy. Joe asks Becky "Can I worship you now, Please?". Becky looks at her toy and says "Yes, Please do". Joe has really gotten great at cunnilingus as Becky starts to cum in under ten minutes and she cums all over her toy's face, Joe licks up all of her essence. "Master Ben, I love Mistress Becky with all my heart.

My life belongs to her. I will protect her with my last breath" Joe says as Emily looks on. Ben grunting as he pounds Kasey "I know Joe, I know you love my wife" he says and looks over at Emily and Julia.

They are showing now and smile back at Ben "Joe really has taken to his new life, I think he enjoys being Becky's fuck toy" Julia says to her mother Emily. When Joe has given Becky ten orgasms she pats him on the head and tells him to worship Julia and Emily. He smiles and tells her "Yes Mistress Becky, my love". He goes over and gets in between his daughter's legs and starts to lick and suck on her young pussy.

"You really love your new life, Joe" Julia asks. "Yes, Mistress Julia. I love my new life with the love of my life Mistress Becky. I would gladly lay down my life for her" Joe says as he lifts his head from her sex. She smiles at him and pushes his head back to her pussy. She climaxes ten minutes later.

Jessica Taylor comes over and asks about Joe. "Jessica, Joe is my husband, Julia's father. I am Nadia's friend from Tuscaloosa. Nadia brought me and our daughter here into the family. Nadine and Julia are best friends. Joe accepted this lifestyle on his own.

He truly loves Becky with all of his heart, we all new this. Just asks Madison over there. Joe nearly killed her husband when he insulted Becky. Joe is very strong and very protective. When Ben was making love to me in our bed Joe was there watching every stroke. He was reluctant at first but saw how much I enjoyed my new master he accepted it" Emily tells her. "Ben loves and takes care of us all. He has given a toy to Laurie also, Ray Jr.

over there servicing her right now. He has a really nice cock and knows how to use it" Julia says as she starts to climax from Joe's talented tongue.

When she comes down from on high she strokes Joe's head and tells him "You have really gotten good at eating pussy, Joe". Joe looks up and smiles at her as Ben groans and pours another load into his trainee Kasey. Mandy works on BIG FELLA to get him hard again, Tiffani comes in the room with her daughter sucking on her breast and gives Ben his pills.

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Joe gets up from his daughter's pussy and then goes to Emily and starts sucking on her pussy. This goes on for 48 hours, when the training is completed Ben and Kasey are completely drained. They eat something and they go sleep it off. Ben is awoken with news that Kaitlin, Leslie, Laura, Marty and Mary are all going into labor and are heading to the hospital.

Ben jumps up and heads to the shower and gets dressed. Becky and Laurie get ready also, as they leave they ask Jessica Taylor if she wants him to say anything to her husband when they are at the hospital. "Yes tell him that I love being fucked by a real man with a huge cock.

Tell him that I love it in my ass and I love it when you fuck me in my womb!. Oh, fuck don't tell him anything. Fuck him" Jessica Taylor tells him. Ben and Becky just smile as they leave. Once in the car, Ben asks them "So what do you think of Jessica Taylor's response?". "Master, I think she is yours and does not even realize it yet. She is going to ask to be a slave" Laurie tells him. "I agree, Jessica is very affectionate and caring towards you.

She is asking questions of all the ladies. I think she is close to becoming yours. I think you need to have her get a tattoo. Something like "Black Cock Whore" to show her devotion to you" Becky says.

"Mmm, I like that idea. Maybe we can get the movers over to give her a party to make sure. I will call Sheila when we get to the hospital and then to the guys and see if we can setup the part for her" Ben says.

They get to the hospital and see Crystal, Martha and Vivian with Bill. "How are the girls? Where are they?" Ben asks. They are in the maternity ward, Ben goes there and checks on his women. He kisses each one. "You girls like to do everything together. I love you girls" Ben tells them. "We love you too Master, can't wait to move into the new mansion in a month.

Nice to be all together for a change" Kaitlin says. Doctor Reynolds comes in and checks on the girls as a courtesy and sees Doctor Taylor on the way out. Doctor Taylor talks to Ben "How is Jessica doing?". "She is fine. Kaitlin here is to have a caesarian section, the others are to be natural" Ben says. Ben and Becky sit and wait in the room with the others until they go into labor. Kaitlin is first and Doctor Taylor performs the caesarian section and it comes off successful.

Doctor Taylor hands Ben his baby girl after she is cleaned up. "Hello Kayla Becky Barnes, I am your father" Ben says with pride as a very pregnant Beth comes over having just arrived. "Meet your great niece Kayla, Beth. How are the triplets doing?" Ben says as he hands her Kayla "Oh, my she is so beautiful" Beth says crying "Your girls are doing great, I am ready to give birth.

They will be ready in October, according to Doctor Reynolds". Next up is Leslie, Vivian and Laurie go into the room with Ben as she delivers her boy, "William Benjamin", he comes in at 9 pounds 8 oz and has a huge cock. Doctor Taylor says "This is defiantly your child Ben". They all laugh even the nurses, who are soon to be on Ben's payroll.

Janine one of the nurses comes over to Vivian, outside of the delivery room, and asks "Is Mr. Barnes really endowed?". Vivian smiles at her and says "He is and he is an excellent lover.

He is my lover as he is my daughter's. We all love him". "I know he has a lot of women that have given birth to his children, with three more today" Janine says. "Yes, he has many many women that he loves and takes care of. As you can see I am pregnant as is everyone in the waiting area. We all love him and each other very much" Vivian says. Ben comes over and hands Vivian her grandson, "Vivian you have a beautiful grandson, Leslie did a great job" Ben says as they kiss passionately.

He rubs her belly and tells her "I can't wait to see our baby girl in September". "Hello BB, I am your grandmother this is your grandfather Bill" Vivian says as Bill comes over and kisses his grandson, "Ben you do make beautiful babies, congratulations". Laura is the next to go into labor as Joyce comes into the room, she kisses her daughter and then Ben and whispers in his ear "You need to get me pregnant, Master.

I want your baby growing inside of me. I love you and need this. God I want your baby, my lover" she kisses him full on the lips as Doctor Taylor comes into the room. "Are you ready Laura to have this baby?" "Yes, lets bring Garrett into the world and let him see his loving family Doctor" Laura says as they wheel her into the delivery room Ben goes with her and her mother.

Laura calls him over and she whispers in his ear "Ben, honey, do me a favor please". "Anything for you my love" he tells her back. "Get my mother pregnant, she needs some more children. She is ovulating now. She has been on fertility drugs for six months.

Please my love get my mother pregnant". He stands upright and looks into his lovers eyes and tells her "I will do it as soon as I can". They go into the delivery room and after a couple of hours Laura gives birth to Garrett at ten pounds. He too resembles Ben. When his son is cleaned off the doctor gives the boy to his mother. Ben kisses Laura and tells her she did good. "Did you see his penis, Ben?" Laura says. "Yes, I did". "He is a chip off the old block" Joyce says as she comes over and kisses her daughter and Ben then little Garrett.

They go to the recovery room with Leslie and Kaitlin waiting. Ben takes Joyce to the private bathroom and locks the door.

"Laura wants me to get you pregnant" Ben says to Joyce as she gets down on her knees and unzips his pants. She unleashes BIG FELLA and starts to suck on him. When he is hard Joyce takes off her panties and Ben inserts BIG FELLA into her pussy and starts to pump away.

He fucks her for two hours before pushing through her cervix and pouring a huge load into her womb. "Tonight you are coming home with me. I am going to fuck you five times and pour a huge load each time into you. I am going to keep fucking you until you get pregnant. Grand mama" Ben says. "Thank you, I am fertile right now. I love you Ben Barnes" Joyce says crying as she gets off of BIG FELLA.

She wipes her pussy and tastes only her fluids "No sperm has leaked out". They leave the bathroom and the family is there and smile at Joyce and Ben.

Becky says "That sounded like it was fun". "You guys haven't heard the news yet have you?" Ben asks. They all shake their heads no. "Well, Becky is expecting again. She is due in March" Ben says as proud as any father can be" They all congratulate her and Ben, "You sure are a stud my friend!" Bill says.

Marty starts to go into labor and Ben asks her "Are you ready to bring Alia Samara, Salena Kayleak, Belia Tyesha into the world and have them join our loving family?".

"Oh, GOD Yes Ben. Stay with me. Mom you coming too right" Marty asks. "Wouldn't miss it for the world". She comes over and kisses her daughter's and then her master. "By the way, I am due in April as are my other girls" in his ear. "I love you Martha" Ben says as he rubs her belly. The doctor comes into the room and they take Marty to the delivery room and after a couple of hours she gives birth to their daughter's all around 8 pounds.

They give Marty her daughter's after they clean them up and Ben kisses Marty, Martha and his three baby girls. He has tears in his eyes as they wheel Marty back into the room. "What is wrong Ben?" Becky asks. "Nothing, I am just so happy. I finally have my big family. Of course we need to get that damn mansion finished" Ben says. Mary is the last one to give birth to Aidan Thomas and she gives birth with her mother Isabella and sisters Emma and Ava, who are all little over three months pregnant, there to witness the blessed event.

Isabella whispers in Ben's ear "Master, we are all pregnant with triplets according to Doctor Reynolds". "That is great news, Isabella" Ben says. Aidan is born weighing 11 pounds and has Ben's characteristics, of course a huge penis for an infant.

Ben kisses his baby momma and the other ladies there. Mercedes, Janine and Annabelle come into the room and asks if everything is ok. They tell Ben that he has some beautiful children. They asks to speak to him and take him into the bathroom and lock the door. Janine "Becky says you are well-endowed. Can we see it?". "Why, haven't you seen a cock before?" Ben asks them coyly. "Well of course we have, Mr.

Barnes, but they have always been small or average in size" Mercedes says. "Well if you insist" Ben says as he unzips his pants and lowers them. They see the huge bulge in his jockey's and smile as he takes them off. "OH MY GOD" they say in unison. Janine attacks BIG FELLA and starts to suck on him. Ben is pushed against the door as she works BIG FELLA into her mouth. Mercedes tells her to let her have some and they all start sucking on him. "Mr. Barnes, are all those women out there your lovers?" Annabelle says as she starts to lick on the shaft.

"Yes they are and I love each and everyone of them. They are all special to me and I take care of them" Ben tells her. The three of them work his cock for two hours before they share his cum. They put his jockey's on and then his pants. When they are done they leave the bathroom and everybody looks at them. Only family members are in the room as Janine says "I love that BIG FELLA". Ben comes over and sits by Becky. "Ladies, why don't you worship Bill.

He looks like he could you a blowjob" Ben tells them. "OK, Bill are you up for a triple team" Janine asks him. Bill just smiles and goes into the bathroom with the three nurses. They are in there for the rest of the day. Bill fucks each one of them with his 9 1/2" cock. "Ben, I think Bill loves being part of the family" Vivian says as she hears him laying the wood to one of the girls. "I hope they are clean" Ben says.

Bill looks at Annabelle "I need to loosen you girls up before Master gets a hold of you. You do want to have sex with him right?" Annabelle says "Yes, of course.

Why did you call him Master". "Well, he is not my Master. My wife is his slave as our my daughter's in there. They love him and I cannot be more happy for them. He is my friend, I love him as a brother. We sometimes double-team my wife and daughter's. I have sex with most of his slaves". "Do you three want to be his? Once he fucks you, you will never go back" Bill says as he pounds Annabelle's pussy. Annabelle looks up and says yes as does the other two.

"Don't worry, I had a vasectomy and cannot get you pregnant. That is Ben's job and as you can see he is good at it" Bill says. He dumps a load in Annabelle's pussy and exits her pussy. She is dripping wet as Janine comes over and sucks him hard again. "My turn, fuck me" she tells him. When Bill is finished he exits the bathroom with the three ladies following behind him. They leave with a smile on their faces after giving him a kiss.

Once they are gone Bill asks Ben "What do you think of having three nurses as slaves? They want you badly. I told them, while I was fucking them that they need to get their HIV/STD certificates and wait on your call. No other men while they wait. They agreed and said they only wanted you and your friends". Ben looks at Laurie and Becky "What do you two think?". "We could use the nursing help at the mansion. They will have to quit work. Nadia should interview them and test their nursing skills" Laurie says.

"I think they can useful to the family". "I will have to get their information and have my investigator do a background check on them" Ben says. Doctor Taylor comes in and checks on the new mothers and their babies. Ben asks when can he take them home. He tells him in another day, they want to monitor the babies for a little while. Ben goes outside to talk to the Doctor. "Annabelle, Janine and Mercedes what do you know of them?" Ben asks. "They are excellent nurses, really good people.

Don't date much, really dedicated to their work. How is my wife doing, is she pregnant yet?" Doctor Taylor asks. "Not yet, still working on it. I will continue when we get back" Ben tells him.

"When can I talk to my wife?" he asks. "Not for another sixty days" Ben tells him as he leaves the doctor. He goes to admissions and tells them that he is paying for the bill for the ladies. He gives them his address and tells them to send the bill there. He meets with an administrator that is a friend and he asks him about the three nurses. He gives him their information and smiles at him "They are quite beautiful aren't they?" he says to Ben "Yes they are".

Ben takes the information and leaves his friend. He goes outside for some fresh air and calls his private investigator and tells him he has three women he needs an in depth background check on. Investigator asks his time frame, Ben says 45 days. The next day Ben takes everybody back to the mansion, having stocked up on baby supplies the day prior.

They go inside an the whole family is in the living room. Ben smiles and tells the five new mommies "Welcome home, Ladies". The family comes up and congratulates them and pass the babies around.

Ben goes over to Joyce and tells her "It is time to get you pregnant". She smiles at him and takes BIG FELLA into her hands and fondles him. She leads him over to the plush rug and kneels in front of him and starts sucking on BIG FELLA, getting him hard. Once hard Ben puts Joyce on all fours and spreads her legs. He pushes BIG FELLA deep inside of her pussy making her moan out loudly. Laura comes over and sits beside them "Master, get my mom pregnant.

Pound her pussy until she screams for more. Joyce, Master is going to get you pregnant, just like you wanted". "Yes, baby I want my Masters babies growing inside of me". "Ben, can I have the next load? You haven't deposited a load inside my womb in a couple days" Jessica Taylor tells him.

"Will do, your husband asked about you and how are you doing" Ben tells her. "Fuck him, limp dick bastard. I want BIG FELLA in me and don't give a shit about him" Jessica tells him. He smiles and motions to her to come over to him and Ben kisses her. "Jessica, Becky is going to call Sheila and have her come over here and do some tattoo work. I need you to get a couple of tattoos on your back. Are you up for that?" Ben asks her. "I don't know, I never had a tattoo before" she says.

"Well, if you want me to keep giving you BIG FELLA like I am doing Joyce now. Joyce, Do you like having BIG FELLA in you pussy?". "OH, HELL YES, MASTER. MY PUSSY BELONGS TO YOU" Joyce screams as she starts having another orgasm. "Jessica, it is either get the tattoo or leave the mansion not pregnant.

You will then have to reply on you limp dick husband to get you pregnant. It is your decision make it" Ben says. "I will get the tattoo. Just don't stop fucking me" Jessica says as Ben nods to Becky and she goes to the den and makes the call.

Becky tells Sheila that she has four women that need tattoos, three need their "Property of Ben Barnes" tattooed on their lower back and one that needs "BLACK COCK WHORE" tattoo on the middle of her back. She also needs "CUM SLUT" tattoo on her shoulder. Sheila says she can be there tomorrow. She asks for some time with Ben and Becky says of course. Sheila wants to get pregnant and is fertile now. Becky goes back out to the living room having gotten Ben's pills.

She goes over and gives them to him and tells everything is set for tomorrow. She then kisses Laura and the Jessica. She smiles at Jessica knownly, "Joyce seems to be enjoying the pounding". Joyce is moaning and grunting as Ben pounds her with great velocity and determination. Ben pushes through her cervix about an hour later and starts to cum hard in her womb. When done he exits her womb and then her pussy with a pop.

Ben lays back and Jessica comes over and sucks on BIG FELLA cleaning him off with her tongue and mouth. "I love the taste of your cum, yours and Joyce's" Jessica tells Ben. Once hard Ben puts her on her hands and knees and fucks her hard for three hours pouring a load into her womb. After he rests for a while and takes another round of pills and works Joyce's pussy again.

He does this until Sheila comes over. Jessica Taylor is wiped out. Ben picks her up and takes her over to the table and lays her on her stomach which is very bloated with his seed.

Ben tells Sheila where he wants her back tattoo and the one on her upper arm. Sheila starts the tattooing of Jessica and she doesn't even budge or even question what is being tattooed on her back.

Once done, Sheila does her shoulder while she is sitting up. Ben brings over Vanessa, Gabriella, and Gabby to the table and tells Sheila that these three need their "Property of Ben Barnes" tattoo. They each smile and tell Ben "Thank You, Master.

Thanks for accepting us as your slaves" Vanessa says as she lowers herself on the table. Ben takes Jessica Taylor over to the couch and lays her down to rest, "Jessica, we need to change your name.

We have too many Jessica's here". "Ben, you can call me whatever you want as long as you keep giving me your beautiful cock. I love this cock. Ben, Ben Barnes I love you" Jessica says as she falls asleep. Ben goes over to Becky "That went pretty well. I am going to call the movers and have them come over and have a party with Jessica. See how resolved she is to being my property".

"This should be interesting" Becky says as she sucks on BIG FELLA. Once he is hard he goes over and makes love to Joyce. When he is done putting another deposit in her womb he gets up and calls Omar and asks if they can be over at the mansion tomorrow around 8 at night for a party, a special party.

Omar says anything for his friend, he reminds him to have a clean HIV/STD certificates. With everything set for Jessica Taylor's test party ready he checks on Jessica, she is still passed out. He puts a limp BIG FELLA to her mouth and instinctively she starts sucking on him. Once hard he leaves her and goes back and picks up Joyce and takes her to bed.

They make love till it is time for Jessica's party, Ben cuming in her womb ten times. "Master, that should get me pregnant. What twenty loads of my Master's potent seed in my womb. I love you with all my heart" Joyce tells him as he gets up he kisses her. Laura is there and spreads her mother's legs and licks on her slit and sucks on her pussy. "No semen leaking. Look at her belly.

With that load in her no egg has a chance" Laura says as she kisses her mother and her Master. "I love you two with all my heart" Laura tells them as they kiss Little Garrett. "Laura you did a good job, my son is very handsome". "Master, his father if very handsome and is loved very much. I love you more than you can ever know. With all these children we are going to need to hire some nurses, don't you think?" Laura asks.

"Well, the three nurses in the delivery room I have a feeling want to join the family. Kaley is a nurse as is Sarah, Becca's mother. Becca's BFF's are going to nursing school this fall" Ben says. "You always have everything planned out, my Master and protector.

You make me feel so safe and secure to be myself" Laura says. "I need to hire a few maids to keep our new mansion clean. I am hoping to hire maids that have teenage daughter's that can be maids also. Becky and I are going over the applications of several maids. We are thinking about doing cloth diapers. They are better for the babies and are reusable" Ben tells her as they leave Joyce to sleep. Ben takes a shower and then he goes to meet his friends.

"Omar, Fred, Abdul and Jerry welcome I want to introduce you to your party girl" Ben says as he shakes their hands. He leads them into the living room and Isabella, Emma, and Ava smile and tell them hello. "Ben, you are the man, all these beautiful women just waiting to make love to you" Abdul says as Isabella, Emma, and Ava come over and give them a kiss and a tug on their cocks.

"Yeah, I have a rough life" Ben says with a smile. He takes them over to Jessica Taylor who is laying on her stomach, her "BLACK COCK WHORE" tattoo is visible to everyone. Ben wakes her up and tells her to come with him.


She gets up and gives him a kiss on the lips and also on BIG FELLA's head. He leads her to the pool area with Becky and Laurie, plus the his mover friends. "Jessica, my friends here are going to have a little party with you. They are going to have sex with you for the next several days.

Don't worry they will have condoms on when they fuck your pussy. They are going to fuck you in your pussy and ass at the same time, that is called being double penetrated or DP, they are going to spit-roast you also, that is when one fucks your pussy or ass while you are sucking on another cock.

Are you OK with this?" Ben asks. "Not really, I just want to have sex with you" she tells him. "You agreed to this when you signed up to get pregnant by me remember?" Ben says. "Yes, OK if this is what you want. I can see they are well-endowed. Are they clean?" Jessica says. "Of course we are" Abdul says "Ben's rules are that we have clean HIV/STD certificates before he let's us have sex with any of his slaves.

They have to be willing. We just got done fucking Kaley and Kasey. We have made love to many of Ben's girls, although I try to stay clear of Reanna and Renee. They almost killed me last time I was with them" Abdul tells her.

Becky, Laurie and Ben all laugh at that comment. Abdul and Omar take her to the lounge chair and she starts to suck on their cocks. They get hard quickly, Omar puts his large 14" cock in her ass lowering her down on it. Abdul puts a condom on his 12" 4 1/2" thick cock and inserts it in her pussy and they start to fuck her hard and fast.

She starts cuming almost immediately. Jessica starts screaming and moaning, "OH GOD I AM CUMMING, OH GOD I AM CUMMING". "Ben, I think she likes getting DP'd. Do you like that Jessica?" Becky asks. "OH GOD YES. I FELL THEM RUBBING EACH OTHER". "Did you guys bring enough condoms?" Ben asks. "Yes, we brought over 150. A box of extreme ribbed ones" Jerry says. "Guys, I do not want any of you to penetrate her cervix" Ben tells them.

The all say yes and Abdul say "Damn, this Jessica is one sweet piece of pussy. I am going to enjoy pounding her. We going to fuck her for seven days right Ben?" "That is what I have planned" Ben says as Jessica looks at him in ecstasy "OH SHIT, I am not going to have any fluids left.

They are going to fuck me to death". "You want me, Jessica?" Ben asks, "Yes, Ben I love you" Jessica says. "Then trust me, I will take care of you. You are going to be sore, stretched out and your throat will be worn raw, but you will survive and even thrive" Ben tells her". Ben, Becky and Laurie leave as Fred comes over to Jessica and puts his cock in her mouth and makes her suck on it.

"That is called being triple teamed, Jessica baby" Jerry tells her. As he has his cock stroked. "Ladies, I want somebody to check on Jessica every four hours. She needs to have water and her vitamins given to her along with some energy drinks and stimulants. We will see if she can stand it for a week. I am think she can take it. We will see" Ben tells them. "I need some BIG FELLA after watching that, I don't know about Laurie" Becky says as they agree to his terms.

Becky sucks on BIG FELLA getting him hard when they get to the plush rug. "I want him in my ass, Ben" Becky says as she gets on her hands and knees. Ben puts some lube on her anal ring and pushes BIG FELLA into her ass.

"Baby you know how I like it" Becky tells him as he starts fucking the love of his live as hard and fast as he can. He fucks her like this for 90 minutes before he is ready to blow. He takes it out of her ass and Becky opens her mouth and he dumps his load in her mouth. She has to swallow five times to get the whole load into her stomach.

"Master, that was fantastic. Laurie you want to be next?" Becky asks and she nods and comes over and sucks on BIG FELLA getting him hard "I want him in my pussy, but be careful I am pregnant with your babies" Laurie tells him.

"Laurie, honey, you are pregnant? That is great news. Vivian, Bill, Laurie is pregnant" Ben yells as he kisses her. Bill and Vivian come and congratulate their pregnant daughter and her master. "I am little over twelve weeks in. I am due in February" Jessica says as she takes BIG FELLA deep inside of her pussy. "FUCK that pussy my husband". They make love for two hours when Ben is ready to cum he exits her pussy and pushes BIG FELLA deep inside of a newly arrived Joyce and cums in her.

He gets out of Joyce and Brooklyn comes over and sucks him clean. "Ben, my loving husband, you did the deed with me and my mother and sisters we are all due in the end of February. I love you" Brooklyn says. Nadia comes over and kisses Master and tells him that she has her list together for the birthing room in the new mansion.

He tells her to go ahead and order what she needs. He tells her first rate only and kisses her and asks her how is their baby doing. "Well, Na'ima Naomi, Julia Em, are doing great they should be here in the middle of December" Nadia tells him. "That is great a little Julia and Na'ima.

I love you my sweet Nadia. We well be using your birthing room a lot in the coming months and years" Ben says. "Master, I want to have more than just these two.

I want to get pregnant next July or August with Nadine, Julia, and Emily. We all want to have more than one set of children" Nadia tells him.

"Your wish is my command, I cannot deny my ladies anything" Ben says as he rubs her pregnant belly. Ben lays there on the rug and calls to Peggy, Joy and Jennifer "I need some virgin pussy, I am hungry to eat some virgin pu." says and cannot before it all out before Peggy straddles his face. Kasey sucks on BIG FELLA getting him hard, she gets on top and pushes BIG FELLA deep into her pussy and starts grinding on him. "Get me pregnant, Master. Bless me with your child" Kasey says as she rides him.

Peggy leans over and kisses her passionately on her lips and tells her "I love you Kasey. You are so beautiful and sweet" Peggy starts to suck on her breast as Cloe comes over and sucks on Ben's balls and her pussy. Jill and Faith come over and tell her "We all love you here, you are among family. We love and care for each other" They take over sucking on her breasts. When Ben finally cums in her womb she gets off and sucks him hard again and Katey gets on board and they go at it.

Becky gets up and goes and checks on Jessica Taylor, once she is in the pool area she hears her moaning and screaming. Fred and Jerry are working her over, hard and fast.

Becky goes and gets water, a power drink, meal supplement bars, vitamins and a stimulant and gives the pills to Jessica with the cold water. Jessica doesn't even question what she is taking she eats the bars as Fred and Jerry continue their assault on her pussy and ass. Omar comes over and tells her "Time for some dessert" and puts his limp cock into her mouth.

Jessica eagerly sucks on his tool. Abdul tells Becky "She is going to be just fine". Ben continues to have sex with his women for three days until Ken comes in with Carol. "Ben, don't mean to disrupt you. I need you over at the new mansion" Ken says as he watches Ben plowing into Vanessa. Ben tells Vanessa "Suck on my best friends cock, Ken you look like you need to relax and have your cock sucked by one of my ladies".

Ken looks over at Carol and she nods her head as she comes over and kisses Ben on the lips. "I am going to take a dip in the pool". She goes into the pool area and you hear her scream "OH MY GOD". Becky and Laurie get up and go in there. They see Jessica taking Omar and Abdul in her ass and Fred in her pussy as Jerry is shoving his cock down her throat. "Oh sorry, Carol, we should have warned you. Omar and the guys are having a party with Jessica Taylor.

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Jerry unloads in her throat and exits her mouth. "Are you enjoying this, Jessica?" Carol asks. "OH GOD, YES. Ben wanted me to do this to prove myself. I fucking love it. I have climaxed so many times I cannot even keep track of them" Jessica says almost out of breath. "You have nine inches of girth in your ass and four inches in you pussy" Becky tells her.

"OH, Yeah I am loving every inch of them. Keep pounding me men. I never thought I would say this but I love BIG BLACK COCK. I hope I am not too stretched out for Ben when this men are done with my body" Jessica says. "You will probably need to take a break for a couple of days before he will be able to fuck you" Laurie says.

Becky goes and gets her more pills and and stimulants with more food. The girls go swimming as they watch occasionally the pounding that is going on. "Carol, how are things going with you and Ken?" Becky asks. "They are OK, he hasn't gotten me pregnant yet.

We have sex at least twice every night. I might need Ben's assistance if he doesn't do the deed by Christmas" Carol tells them. "We will do whatever it takes, you know we love you and Ken" Becky says as she kisses Carol. "You have a glow about you, Becky, so do you Laurie. What is it?" Carol asks "We are pregnant" Laurie says.

They get out of the pool and dry off. "Carol come with us" Becky says as she takes Carol and Laurie's hand and go up to the master bedroom. They go to bed and make love with each other for hours until Ben and Ken come upstairs and watch for a while.

"Now that is a beautiful sight. Don't you agree Ken?" Ben asks. "Yes, I wouldn't mind filming this scene" Ken says as he gets hard just watching them. "Come and give me that cock of your before you and Ben go to the new mansion" Carol says.

Ken does as he is told and pushes his cock deep into his wife. The fuck for an hour before he pushes through her cervix and dumps a load into her womb. He kisses his wife and leaves with Ben.

Becky comes over and sucks on her pussy, "There is none leaking out. Are you in your fertile time of the month?". "Yes I am, I hope he does the job" Carol says. Ben and Ken are on the way to the new mansion and Ken tells his best friend "I think I am going to need your help getting Carol pregnant. I fuck her two times every night without any success" Ken says. "Give it till Christmas, if she is not pregnant then, I will have sex with her then.

Is that OK with you Ken?" Ben asks. "Yes that is fine, what is up with that woman in the pool area, she is taking a train. Omar and the guys look they are enjoying her" Ken asks. "She is proving herself, Jessica is Doctor Taylor's wife. He wanted me to get her pregnant. She has grown to enjoy my loving and is doing this train to prove herself. She does seem to enjoy herself. She has been getting reamed out for three days. I think I am going to let them keep it going for two weeks" Ben tells him.

They arrive at the mansion and the furniture is being delivered and assembled in the rooms, the wainscot is going up in the guest rooms and the master suite.

The carpet is in and painting has been completed. The kitchen is done and ready to be stocked, the laundry room has the washer and dryer machines are installed. Ben notices that he needs some wire racks down there for the folded laundry to go and for the laundry supplies, he takes note of that. They go around to the other rooms he looks in on the bedrooms and they are almost ready to move in.

When they are their the television sets are being delivered. One for each room, plus a large Panasonic SMART VIERA® 65″ Class GT50 HDTV for the game room, one for the entertainment room, one for the family room and one for his master bedroom.

Each has a Bose® Lifestyle® V35 Home Entertainment System and a Cherry Credenza. There are a dozen installers working to put them in.

Each room has its own 42" HDTV. There are five 55" HDTV's being installed in the indoor pool room. They go outside and look inspect the pool with a large waterfall on one side and a baby pool to the side. He sees his grills are assembled with the covers on them.

They go over and see the basketball court is up and the stripes are down. The volleyball court is in with white sand. Ben and Ken leave the new mansion and Ben wants to go pickup supplies for the house.

They head to the Super Target and buy them out of wire racks, ten total. They purchase large towels and laundry supplies. The head back to the mansion and the workers come out and Ken tells them to assemble them shelves in the laundry room. They take the racks down there with the laundry supplies. They go and take a look at the additional 200 bedrooms being built, Ken tells him they should be ready by December.

Ben calls Paul from the furniture store in Charlotte, Paul asks him if everything is alright. Ben says it is so far. He hasn't inspected everything yet. He is calling asking if he is capable of making 200 king size beds, 20 four poster beds, 50 sled beds, 30 platform beds, 50 storage beds, 50 contemporary beds all in cherry.

Paul says he is and asks his time frame. He tells him he wants them done by the beginning of December. Paul will FedEx him design brochures and let him pick from them. Ben tells him he needs two nightstands and a large dresser to match each bed.

Ben and Ken go back out to Costco and load up on more supplies. The need to stock each bathroom with the essentials.

They go back and the workers unload the supplies into the garage and Ben and Ken leave and go back to the old mansion. Ken tells him give him another two weeks to finish up. Then they can start making up the rooms.

Ben and Ken go up and see that the girls are still upstairs in the master bedroom enjoying themselves. "Honey, we got to go" Ken tells her as she kisses her two lovers. "Do I have time to give Ben a quick blowjob?" Carol asks "Sure, go ahead" Ken says as she sucks BIG FELLA down her throat. Becky and Laurie attack Ken and suck on his large black cock. The two of them cum an hour later the women sharing their cum. Ken and Carol leave as Ben lays down on the bed, "Did you two enjoy yourselves today?".

They say "YES MASTER" in unison. "Tomorrow we need to go and get sheets for every bed, towels, blankets and everything else for the bedrooms. We should take everybody except for Jessica and her friends. "We should go to Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, Walmart and then Macy's and Khol's. We are going to need a lot of sheets and towels. I think we should by high thread count of at least 600 for the sheets" Becky says as they head downstairs and meet with everyone.

"Ladies and gentlemen we are going on a shopping trip tomorrow. We need to purchase supplies for the bedrooms and bathrooms. We need to get curtains, blinds, towels. You need to get everything you need for your bathrooms except for paper products. I already took care of that today with Ken. After we are done shopping we will be taking a tour of the mansion. It should be ready to move-in in about two weeks" Ben tells them. They are all really happy. "Master, I know it is crowded here.

But can we all just stay here until it is ready" Madison says as she lifts her head from Joy's pussy. "I am for that Master" Joy says with a smile on her face. "OK but you all need to be ready to go shopping at 9 in the morning" Ben tells them. Ben sits on the couch with Becky and Laurie as Beth comes over and kneels in front of him, she takes BIG FELLA into her hands "We need to get stroller while we are out and baby seats".

She takes BIG FELLA into her mouth and starts sucking on him. "Shit, I forgot about those car seats. I will go out tonight to the Super Walmart and the Super Target and get what they have. We need a lot of them if we all go out at the same time. Becky goes and gets the laptop and brings it back and does a search for baby car seats and carriers. She sees a couple that both she likes and Tiffani likes. They buy ten of each one they like and have them express shipped.

Ben gets up after Beth as finished her excellent work worshiping him. She swallows his whole load and tells him "Kayla is really beautiful, Master. I can't wait to see our baby girls in October.

I love you with all my heart" she gets up and kisses his and Becky and Kaitlin. Ben gets dressed and tells everyone he will be back in a couple of hours. He goes and buys car seats at Walmart and diapers. He then goes to Target and buys car seats there. He sees infant carriers and he buys the Chicco UltraSoft Infant Carrier, all they had.

He asks a clerk how many they have in stock and they bring out five more. The guy looks at him funny, "I have a lot of children" Ben tells him. Ben buys baby wipes and powder and anything else he can think of. He looks at the breast pumps and buys several of those with bottles. He makes his purchases and loads the Expedition, it is jammed pack. He head back home and starts to unload the Expedition as Becky and Laurie come out and help him.

"Did you buy the whole store out?" Laurie asks. "Not yet. I saw these carriers. Thought you might like it, Becky. To carry junior around in" Ben says "I will try it out" she says. They go inside and look at the car seats. Ben bought 13 car seats and ten carriers. The next day the crew heads out.

First up is Super Walmart, they go to the bedding department and buy towels and pillows, not seeing 600 thread count sheets anybody liked.

They next head to Bed Bath and Beyond and have better luck, Becky and Laurie see California King sheets they like buy two sets of each. The buy blankets to match, more pillows. All the ladies find sheets they like. They go to the bathroom section and buy what they need and they make their purchases.

Ben puts it on his card. They have well over 5k worth of supplies. The go back to the new mansion and Ben tells the workers to take everything down to the laundry room. They leave and go to Macy's and find more sheets and items for the new mansion. They find curtains for each bedroom. They go to Khol's and make purchases there. They all head back to the new mansion and meet Ken as the workers take the stuff to the laundry room.

The family takes a tour of the new mansion. Each lady scopes out there room. Ben is informed that they can move in the end of the following week. Ben then tells his teacher slaves; Alexandra, Alana, Roxanne, Rosanna, Carolyn, Carrie and Suzy that they need to go home and pack up there stuff. He will have Omar and crew over there with their truck to move the stuff next week. He tells them to not over do it.

Ben calls and checks with Dominic and asks him how is his shopping doing. He says his suite is filled up. Ben tells him he will be over tomorrow to load up some stuff with Ken. Ben after everybody is done scoping out their rooms tells them they need to wash their sheets between now and move in day.

He shows them the laundry room and Becky puts her sheets in one washer and other girls put their sheets in the other two. Becky tells the ladies that they have a lot of wash to do here.

She says they need to come up with a system. And a couple of ladies work that out as Ben leaves Becky to her task. He sees that the finishing touches are being done. They have the building occupancy permit and Ben tours the bedrooms looking for things that need to be done. He inspects the new beds and furniture and they all look great. He is in his new bedroom and sees the huge television and Bose System.

He looks at the bathroom and likes what he sees. He looks into the security room and sees Becky and Tiffani in the laundry room and the workers outside.

He takes inventory of all of his camera, most if not all are hidden to the naked eye. He sees that it is good and that he needs to bring over his tracking system over here and get it configured.

Ben asks if they are ready to go over to the old mansion and they all say no but go anyway. Becky and her first crew of washing team stays behind with a car. She tells him it might be all week before they get everything washed.

The crew head back to the old mansion around 11 and checks in and goes to sleep. By the end of the week all the sheets and towels are washed folded and put in their proper rooms. The workers have hung the curtains in the bedrooms and the drapes in the living, dinning, formal dinning, family rooms.

The put the blinds up in the kitchen. The next day Ben and Ken head over to the Residence in and load up all of what Dominic has purchased and drive it over to the mansion with Dominic following behind them. They take everything in and Dominic notices there are no cleaning supplies, soap, sponges and he heads out to Costco and buys what he needs with Ben's card and brings it back.

He starts cleaning his pots, pans, putting the new dishes through the dishwasher. He spends a week getting the kitchen setup. Ben goes back to the mansion and checks up on Jessica Taylor, who has been gangbanged for eight days already.

When he goes in he sees several of his ladies watching the pounding she is taking. Ben asks "Jessica are you ready to stop or do you want to continue to have sex with these guys?" She has Abdul to take his cock out of her mouth and says to Ben "Ben, I will do whatever you want. I am enjoying the sex though my pussy and ass are a little sore".

"What do you think guys you want to continue with her pounding?" Ben asks them. "I think we can go another couple of days" Abdul says as he fucks her ass deep. "OK, then I will let you have her for another couple of days" Ben says as they smile and continue their assault on her holes.

Ben leaves and goes and has sex with Vanessa, Gabby, Gabriella, Kaley and Kasey. He pounds their pussies for the rest of the night and into the next morning. He asks Vanessa, Gabby, Gabriella if they told their families they are moving in with Becca.

And they say yes. He asks them if they are ready for school to start and they are, but need to get a few things. After Ben is finished pounding Kasey's pussy he tells them to follow him to the shower.

They take a passionate shower together and he takes them out to Fry's with Becca and buys each of them a new laptop, laptop bag and all the supplies they need at Staples. A couple of days later Ben goes back into the pool area and checks on Jessica. She is totally exhausted from the pounding.

He tells the guys she has had enough and they kiss her goodbye. Ben tells the guys that he needs them to go over to the teachers condos and help them pack up when they get their strength back. They say OK and take a shower and leave. Ben picks up Jessica Taylor and takes her to the master bathroom and draws her a bath. He washes her and then lets her soak for a while. Jessica looks up at Ben "That was good, but I would like for you to just fuck me for a while if that is OK with you".

"Baby, you are going to need to sleep for a couple of days and give that pussy and ass a rest, I will be here when you are better" Ben tells her. Jessica kisses him and asks "Did I prove my devotion to you yet?". "Yes Jessica you did. All you have to do is ask and everything will be ok" Ben tells her as he leaves her there. When the water is cooled off she gets out and dries off. She stumbles to the bed and goes to sleep. He pussy and ass still bright red and gaping from the pounding she just took.

He ass looks like she took a bowling ball shaped cock in it. Becky comes in with some alum cream and gloves. She applies it to Jessica's anus and then her pussy. Becky does this three times a day for the next week until Jessica's pussy and ass are closed up normally.

Jessica asks Becky "What do I have to do to be Ben's slave?". Becky smiles and tells her the rules. Jessica tells Becky about her family, about her parents dying leaving her money and that her husband is indebted to her for his education. She tells her about her sisters about Chasity going to nursing school and should be out next summer.

And her triplet younger sisters that are in boarding school. They are fifteen and very beautiful. "Becky, I want to bring my sister Chasity with me and have her live here. I want her to be Ben's also. Would that be acceptable to you?" Jessica asks. "Yes, I like share my husband with his ladies. This was our choice, both of ours. I will discuss it with him and gauge his thoughts" Becky says. Jessica kisses Becky "Thank you Mistress Becky".

"What about your husband?" Becky asks. "Fuck him, limp dick bastard never showed me any attention since he got out of residency. I will castrate him. Mmm, I just had a though that we could use another doctor in the new mansion, don't you think. I will put that little cock of his in a cock cage and have his balls clamped like Becca's toy" Jessica says with a smile.

"You think he will go for that?" Becky says. "He will or I will divorce his ass and leave him penniless. I will sue his ass for what he owes me". Becky leaves her to sleep some more and goes and gets in the hot tub with Ben and Laurie. "Good news Ben, Jessica wants to be your slave.

She wants to bring her sister who is twenty and is a nursing student also. I think she is going to ask you in the next couple of weeks".

"That is good isn't it Master?" Laurie asks. "Yes, I like her a lot. I think we should invite her sister over when we are in the new mansion" Ben tells them. "How about have Jessica on the fuck table when she arrives and you pounding the shit out of her" Becky says.

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"That sounds like fun. You two should get out of the hot tub, don't want to damage the babies". They kiss him and tell him they look forward to moving into the new mansion in a couple of days. Next … Chapter 16 - Moving into the New Mansion with New Beginnings and Jessica's Decision ******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** So far in this series of stories we have: 621 : Number of Pages 368347 : Number of Words 22343 : Number of Lines ******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** CONSTRUCTIVE IDEAS CAN BE SENT TO THE FOLLOWING EMAIL ADDRESS: [email protected]