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Thrilling males thick pecker hardcore and blowjob
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An elite group of fictional warriors. Trained since childhood to fight and slay the downworlders, demons and faeries that attempt to create havoc on earth. Shadowhunters are different from humans which they call "mundanes", the Shadowhunters are what you could call an enhanced race of humans Shadowhunters are physically marked with Runes over their skin, the older or more elite a Shadowhunter, the more Runes they will have. The Runes create different types of effects, some are defensive and some aid strength etc.

These Runes are tattooed onto the Shadowhunter using a Stele (a specially crafted Shadowhunter weapon) If you have read the Mortal Interment series you will know what I'm talking about c: What the characters look like: Aeris - Chamon - Trask - Azalea - Keldo - Dante - LETS BEGIN!

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Mommy?!

Daddy?!" I yell running through our home towards my parents bedroom. "Mommy!" I cry through the empty rooms. I throw open my parents bedroom door and fall to the grassy floor. "Mommy? Daddy?" I walk on my hands and knees to the bloody figures that were my parents. I hear a low growl from somewhere in the room but I was too shock to acknowledge it. I can hear my name being anxiously called in the background.

"Aeris! Come on!" I jolt awake to find the beautiful and charming Chamon Lurning looking down at me with bright green eyes. He puffs out a sigh of relief.

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"You were squirming and whimpering in your sleep, the nightmare again?" I simply nod as he hands over a wet cloth so I can remove the sweat from my forehead. Chamon gingerly moves my blonde bangs from out of my face and kisses my nose.

"Its okay, its only a dream now. You have us as a family now." I smile up at him, "Thank you, Chamon." As if on cue a small slender head pops in, pitch black hair in a high bun. Azalea squeaks at the sight of us, Chamon leaning in close to me, me with nothing but a blanket covering my naked body.

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Chamon laughs, "No, no Azalea. Its not like that, Aeris was having her nightmare again." Azaleas small mouth made a big O. "Well, breakfast is ready, then we have to move out. We are close enough to Beatran so we can walk and be there by early evening." She slips out of my tent.

I turn to glare at Chamon. "Petty human, I would not like to starve today." He looked over at me with a startled expression. I smile brightly at him and he pinches my elf ear lightly. He is the only one I will allow to touch my ears. I can feel my face burning up and from the look on his face, my pale skin had a tint of red.


Chamon got up and left, closing the tent I got up and quickly put on my black leather pants and black tank top. I looked in my small mirror to make sure these is no traces of red in my face.

I got up and grabbed my jacket after putting on my combat boots. When I got to the main camp everyone was gathered around the firelaughing and smiling. I took an empty seat beside Trask as Azalea passed me a plate of bacon and eggs. After breakfast we gathered all our gear and headed out to Beatran.


There is six of us. Me, Aeris Heasi'neldth, who is the only elf and Shadowhunter in the group. Chamon Lurning and Trask Volger who are human, Azalea Nightfair who is a druid, Keldko Blackspike and Dante Gunderly who are Nekos.

"Yooooo Aeris, what time is it? I'm getting hungry." Keldko called up at me. After the demons declared war on Earth all electronics died, so telling time became difficult, unless you know the old ways of the Sundial. Luckily, being an elf and living in the woods, I was taught those ways by Grandpa.

I look up to the sun and the shadows along the trees. "Its 10:50" " Uggggh, an hour till lunch." Keldko whines "Oh, but your ALWAYS hungry, so it doesn't matter." Everyone laughs at Dante's comment, knowing it was the truth. We kept walking till lunch and then continued after that. When we got to Beatran we noticed it was more quite then the other towns we have been too. No humans roaming around or demons causing havoc amongst the town.

To be sure we all drew our weapons and paired up to scout the town. There was a few small demons here and there, just to make sure everyone was dead or gone. But nothing major. We met up at the store to restock our supplies and figure out what the plan is next. "I think we should till morning to do this." Dante said with a big yawn, his littl cat ears twitching.

"Yeah, I agree," I said wanting to retire to bed myself. "Normal pairings and make sure our houses are close enough together." They nod and we head out. We sleep in different places parts so our sent isn't overly strong for predators. But we are never alone. I'm paired Chamon. Azalea and Keldko, then Trask and Dante. We find nice houses and go in after saying our good nights.

Chamon lets me have the master bedroom while he takes the one next to mine. I remove my clothes and walk to the bathroom to have a shower. After I clean myself I open the door to find Chamon there. We have all seen each other naked before, but this time Chamon had a hungry look in his eyes after he looked over my body.

He look at me and stepped closer. Chamon was an easy two feet taller then I was. With natural silver hair, his eyes an even brighter green. He put one arm around my waist and the other around my shoulders, pulling me close to him and kisses me full on the lips. I was so shocked I couldn't move. When I didn't do anything he pulled away and flushed a bright red.

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"I.I'm so sorry Aeris, I didn't mean to do that. I don't know what came over me." "Its okay Chamon," I replied quietly putting my hand on his arm.

"I.kinda liked it." He smiled and went to kiss me again. I moved out of the way and grabbed his hand, pulling him to the master bedroom. We lay down on the bed, Chamon on top and we lay there kissing for a good couple minutes until he pulled away, moving down to suck my nipples. I let a moan escape my mouth as he continued. He sucked harder, licking my nipple, trying to get another moan out of me.

I allowed him that satisfaction and moaned louder. He bite my breasts and moved lower to my soaking and completely bare pussy. I hate having hair on my body. I let out another moan as he licks inside the lips. He then moved back up, grinding his obviously hard cock against me. I pull off his clothes and drop them to the ground. Chamon kisses me and grabs on to my thighs, pulling them up around his waist. "Its my first time, so please be careful." I whisper up at him. "Don't worry, I will.

I will never hurt you." He smiled down at me and pushes the head of his cock into.

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I bite my lip as he slowly enters me. He starts to pull out again and then back in slowly. I moaned told him he can move faster. He starts to grind his hips faster into me, letting out a low moan. I tighten my legs around him, urging him to deeper, he pushes as deep as he can. I moan loudly as he moves faster.

Chamon grips my hips so he can move harder. "Oh Chamon!" I squeal loudly, which makes him move faster. An overwhelming feeling starts to emerge within me, the same feeling I get when I get orgasms from masturbating, but better.

"Oh fuck Aeris! I'm going to cum!" Chamon groans loudly. "Me.too!" I say between moans. I start to cum as he pulls out and sprays seaman all over my stomach and breasts. Chamon lays down beside me, both of us trying to catch our breaths. After a few minutes Chamon rolls half on me and kisses me deeply. "So, how was that for a first time?" He flashes his cocky grin at me.

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"It was great." I smile up at him. "That's good" He kisses me again and rolls onto his back. I lay my head on his chest and he wraps his arms around me. And that is how we slept for the rest of the night. No nightmares for me at all. Just blackness. When I woke up the next morning, Chamon was still sleeping next to me. I actually had sex for the first time, and it was with Chamon. I smile to myself and look down at myself, realizing his cum had dried on me. I hurried to the bathroom to get washed up.

When I back Chamon was awake and he looked over at me smiling, the blanket covering only his bottom half, revealing nicely toned abs. I sat on the edge of the bed and he sat up and kissed me, pinching my ears. "We cant say anything to the others yet." I nuzzle his cheek. "I know." Chamon kissed me and got up, pulling his clothes on and I did the same.

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"Aeris," Chamon turns towards me, looking to my fire red eyes. "I love you. And I mean that." "I love you too Chamon." I hug him tightly. We stay there for a few minutes, then we heard Dante calling our names. We walk out and meet him half way down the stairs. "Breakfast is served, we shall talk about our plans while we eat." Dante turns around and runs down the stairs. Chamon squeezes my hand before we go out to join them.