Stockings mature british amateur schoolgirl

Stockings mature british amateur schoolgirl
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This is a continuation of the Gym Teacher 1 and Nancy, who is 16 years older than I was at the time, which was 22, and she was 38 and single. Best way to describe her is a total nymphomaniac.

She loved sex, and cant get enough of it. She is 5' 5, 130 lbs, with nice toned legs and a great looking ass and 36C breasts. She is brown hair and has a nice trimmed bush. It all started with a simple boat ride then ended up later at her apartment when we fucked a total of 5 times by the time I left that next morning. Then we fucked again that Friday morning.

Now it is Saturday and we are to be meeting up at her place, with her good friend Carol and her boyfriend Dave. Carol and Nancy live by the creed of plenty of sex, but no commitments, so no one gets hurt along the way, and at my age, I was definitely for that.

So I got there just before 8, and brought with me a 12 pack of beer and when I got to her door, she was waiting for me, with just a white terry cloth robe on. We embraced and kissed lightly.

She seemed a little different tonight, but I figured it was because of her guests coming in a bit. She said they would be there till 9 or so. We did some everyday chatting about our day but that was about it.

About 8:30, Carol buzzed and Nancy told her to come on up. When she let her in, it was Carol alone. She said that Dave was called back into work for a bit and wouldn't get here until 10. You could tell she was upset.

She said she tried calling all evening last night but never got in touch with him until this afternoon. He told her she was out with friends, but I knew different and Nancy was looking a bit strange then. I have this feeling that they fucked all night and this morning. I figured if anything me and Carol could fuck, if Nancy wasn't into it tonight. We sat on the couch and chit chatted for a bit and Nancy and Carol got up and made some mixed drinks, then excused themselves to the bedroom.

About 30 minutes later they came out all giddy. Nancy kissed me and said sorry, but they had something they needed to do.

Both were now wearing robes and Carol asked if I was curious as to what they did. I said I was, but felt you 2 would tell me in good time. Carol goes, polite too and can fuck. Both girls stood in front of me and opened their robes. I looked at Nancy and noticed that her bush was now shaved into the letter N and Carol, who is an auburn haired woman, has her bush shaved into the letter C. Nancy ask what I thought. First, I was speechless because Carol just let me look at her naked like it was nothing and second, it was really kind of sexy.

Carol is 30, 5'4, I would say 130 lbs, and solid, no fat anywhere, with muscular legs and an ass that is very round, like a person who works out, and her breasts are 34B/C, smaller that Nancy's, but dark areoles, and nice size nipples.

Carol is also very boisterous and speaks her mind, and swears like a trucker. She asked if I like what I see, and I just smiled and said they were both heavenly. They both laughed at that. She then asked if I was still taking her out on my boat, and I said oh yeah, especially if you dress that way.

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She laughed and said well darling, I better wear some clothes until we are out far enough, or we'll end up in jail. Nancy then pulled my hand and said your turn. I said what? She looked at me and said baby, you have a great body and all, but too much hair down there for us girls, we hate spitting hair out after a blowjob.

We went to the bedroom where they both helped in stripping me down and when carol lowered my shorts and saw my cock, she looked at Nancy and said, damn girlfriend, no wonder you were busy this week. Now I am not a porn star size man, but I am pretty good length. I am also 5' 9, 165 lbs, brown hair and in good shape. Carol grabbed my cock, which was hard as a rock now and stroked it a second, then asked Nancy if she had a ruler, which Nancy went and got.

Nancy palced it against my cock and measured it. Just a fraction under 8 inches and about as thick as a banana. Carol looked at me and said you will please many a woman with that tool. They then led me to the bathroom where Nancy had out clippers and a razor.

Both sat on the tubs edge, and proceeded to start clipping away my pubes. They used the trimmer to remove any from balls, the Nancy held my cock out of the way while Carol trimmed the letter T above my cock.

Then Nancy shaved the rest of the area. Having a hernia one time, and completely shaved down there, I knew in week or so, it was going to itch like hell. Nancy said that she will keep me trimmed so no discomfort and I could do her too. Carol said, what about me? And Nancy laughed and said we'll both do you. As they finished up, Nancy handed me a robe now, and as I started putting it on, both girls took a turn sucking my cock.

Carol patted it and said wait till later sexy. We went back to the living room and the phone rang, it was Dave. He said he should be there in about an hour. I could tell by Carol's expression, she was not happy. After he hung up, Carol lit a joint up and we shared that.

She then stood up and said fuck it, and threw her robe open and then off and said fuck him, lets party. Nancy took her robe off and so did I. Nancy said she'd be right back and Carol came to me and kissed me passionately. She broke the kiss and said wow, you are a good kisser. Nancy came back in with a box that had toys in it. She pulled out the double ended dildo and then 4 butt plugs, all different colors. The one she used on me yesterday was blue, and the one she handed to Carol was red.

Nancy's was flesh color and daves was green. She even had two cock rings. These girls were ready for fun tonight. Nancy got out the lube and lubed up her plug and had Carol insert it. It went in quite easily, clearly these two have done this before.

She Nancy did Carol, who moaned as Nancy worked it in and out, then Nancy said to get on my hands and knees, and slowly put it in me. Carol then grabbed the knob of it and started fucking me with it. She asked if it feel s good? I said yes and don't stop. She giggled and said man, what a horny fucker. The girls then started kissing each other and got into a 69 position and went to town on each others pussys.

I slipped the cock ring on and started stroking my cock. After about 5 minutes, Nancy raised her head and said put that cock in a place it can do some service.

So I got up and knelt behind her and carefully inserted it into her slick pussy. I started fucking her slowly and could feel Carol's tongue lick it as I stroked in and out, then Carol would suck on my balls too, but most time she was concentrating on Nancy's clit.

It didn't take long for the girls to have a massive orgasm together. I slipped out of Nancy as she fell on top of Carol and relaxed. Carol is a screamer when she cums, but she is loud anyways, but wow. Now Nancy got off of her and got the double out and said for me to watch and I could get to see what they did the other day. They sat facing each other, their legs drawn up so their pussy's almost touch and then both girls inserted the dildo.

Now they were rocking back and forth on it, both holes filled, each taking turns sucking nipples. I was kneeling next to them so I started sucking a nipple, then switch to the other girl. Finally Carol goes, stand up, and lets us suck your big cock. They both took turns sucking me.

Carol would suck longer than Nancy though. Like I said, something was different tonight than the other times I was with her. After about 5 minutes, Carol took the cock ring off and started stroking me faster into Nancy's mouth. Then Nancy would stroke it into Carol's mouth.

Carol said cum for us baby, shoot a hot load into our mouths. I couldn't hold back any longer and said I was going to cum. The girl opened their mouth's and hel their heads together when I started shooting cum. They both took turns getting most of it in their mouth's, but some hit their faces and was dripping on their tits.

I lasted about 15 seconds of cumming. Carol and Nancy started kissing and swapping cum. I said hey, let me help too and both girls turned and said get It off of their tits.I licked big globs from each of their tits and then kissed them both.

Our faces were covered with cum then and so we licked each face pretty clean. Nancy said holy fuck, that was super intense. Carol just said wow, fuck me. We took a break for a few minutes. Carol and I lit a cig and shared it, while Nancy got them a mix drink and me a beer. I did not drink to much of it, trying to keep myself halfway sober.

We then smoked another joint and Carol said that she was having a wonderful time. Nancy kissed me and said whats next stud? I said how about you lay here and Carol lays on top of you and let me eat you two together. The girls were all for it and maneuvered themselves into position and I crawled between their spread legs and started licking up down both pussy's.

They were super wet and I could hear them moaning, but the moans were muffled so I knew they were kissing. As I kept licking them I was playing with Carol's plus, making it seem like I was ass fucking her. She would say oh fuck yeah baby, you wish your cock was in there.

I got them both to cum within 10 minutes of this. As they started coming down, I would start right back up and get them going again. Just about then, Nancy's buzzer went off, which meant Dave was finally here, so Carol rolled off and let Nancy get up to let him up. About two minutes later the door opens and in comes Dave. Dave is 35, 6', 170 lbs, and blond.

Nancy pulls him in and they kiss like long lost lovers who haven't seen each other in months. I looked over at Carol, who just shrugged her shoulders. They continued kissing and I was starting to feel bad for carol, since this is supposedly her boyfriend.

They finally stop and move into the living room, where Dave see's me and Carol sitting on the floor, against the couch as a backstop.

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Carol has her knees pulled up to her body. He says Hi Babe to Carol and comes over to meet me and shake my hand. He says, looks like you three couldn't wait to start the party. Carol coolly said, that's right.

You could tell there was something amiss here. I was starting to think it might be time to leave. I think Carol could sense that from me and took my hand, like please don't you dare leave. Then Dave told Nancy to come with him and they went back to her bedroom and were gone a couple of minutes. Carol said something is up, but I cant put a finger to it. She asked if I thought Nancy was acting a bit strange? I said I did as well, except when we were all having fun just now.

I asked what they were doing? Carol said look, don't ask me, then I wont have to tell, and lets leave it at that. I leaned over to her and kissed her, for no reason except to kiss her and make her feel wanted. She returned the kiss with much passion. Then a few minutes later, those two came back from the bedroom, and Dave was now naked, and sporting his own woody.

His cock was maybe 6 inches but thicker than mine. He came and sat next to Carol and kissed her. Nancy joined me on the floor and we started kissing too.

I asked if everything was ok, and she said of course, now lets enjoy a nice fuck, I need your cock in me. We didn't waste anytime and started fucking, with me on top. Dave and Carol were starting to fuck now too. Dave said looks like you got the girls all warmed up because my bitches cunt is soaking wet.

I said it was all them, with very little help from me. I wanted to say, show some respect, but they all maybe used to that talk. Dave asked if I liked the slut's cunt I was fucking? I said her pussy is amazing. Nancy and I were going at a nice steady pace when she said fuck me faster Tim, I need to cum.

I picked up the pace and Nancy finally came, but she really didn't seem to have her heart into it, not like the other days we did it. After I got off of her, we looked at Carol and Dave still fucking.

You could tell Carol was not into this at all. I don't know why I asked it, but I asked Dave if he would like to switch. He said sure, he enjoys Nancys pussy too, she like a tigress, if you know how to work her. They both got up and Dave said lets head to the bedroom where it is more comfortable. Nancy said lets. Carol said, how about you two go and Tim and I will get acquainted out here. Nancy said suit yourself, because I think I'm about to get taken hard.

Nancy winked at me and turned and walked hand in hand with Dave. I looked at Carol who I could tell was visibly upset with it all. I got up and held a hand to her and she took it and I helped her up. I closed my arms around her and just held her. We heard the door open and Nancy came out and pulled Carol aside and ask if she was cool with Dave sleeping in her bed tonight? Carol said feel free, she wasn't in the mood for rough sex anyways and it would be a good way for her me to get to know each other better.

They then kissed and Nancy turned and went beck to her room and you could hear the door close and lock too. I asked Carol if she wanted me to follow her home, if she wasn't cool with doing anything tonight. She looked at me and said fuck no. I knew you and I were going to fuck tonight and want to real bad because I find you super hot.

I said, oh wow, I find you super hot too. She said good, lets go to the other bedroom and have some fun. We got in the room, pulled back the covers and she turned on a dim light and turned off the regular light.

She asked if I minded the light, I said no. I could see her beautiful face better then. It was only going on 11 now and we laid there and just started talking.

She surprised me when she told me she knows where dave was last night. I said really? Yeah, he was here fucking Nancy. She kept on saying how she knows they fuck a lot together, and she cool with it, but why hide it. If they want something special, then just say so. She told me Dave likes to get into the Dom sub shit, and she really doesn't.

Nancy loves it and loves being treated like a slut. She thought it was just a phase he was going through, but he keeps getting darker and darker. I told her I did not like how he spoke of either of you early, but figured I better keep my mouth shut, since I don't know him. No man should call a woman a cunt unless it is well deserved. Now saying fuck my cunt in the heat of sex is another thing, but you don't deserve what he said and you certainly are no slut.

She was up on her elbow looking at me, with a tear in her eye, and said thank you. She said, I know I can be crude and in bed I love dirty talk, it really does turn me on and I love hearing it from my partner, but he likes to use it to belittle a woman. She said that she love for a man to just make slow passionate love to her, beside fucking our brains out. I leaned in and kissed her. She said thank you for listening to me.

We had talked for almost an hour and I was thinking that we should probably go.

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I asked her again if she wanted to get out of here and she said no, I want to be with you, even if it just talking and holding each other. I promise you will be inside me sometime soon.

We could hear the others really going at it, with Dave calling her a bunch of foul names but Nancy saying yes master and make me cum. Carol leaned into me and said make love to me honey, like I was your girlfriend. And we did, we made slow passionate love, with caressing and plenty of kissing.

We were still going at it for 30 minutes without either of us cumming yet. She said lets break for a minute. She looked at me and said you are truly amazing in bed and I love the feel of your cock in me. She said I wish I didn't have such a fat ass and I said your ass is perfect just as it is. We were laying there panting and said you realize we haven't cummed yet, and I said I know, except for the BJ you two did on me earlier.

She giggled and said that was so hot and that she loved that I don't mind kissing her with cum in mouth. I asked what else she likes, and she said a good hard fuck once in a while, while she is on top. I said you feel up to it? She said oh fuck yeah baby. After our little love making, I feel like a good fucking now. She got on top and started riding me hard. I was pinching her nipples then sucking them.

She was going oh Christ baby you are going to make me cum doing that. I said go for it babe, its what two lovers do, make each other feel great. She came hard on my cock and I kept thrusting up as she came. She was quite loud, almost like letting them know that she too, was fucking tonight. We were continued to fuck like this and she said your turn sweetie, I want all that cum in me.

Well then my dear take over and take it all. And she did, she fucked me so hard and fast and within minutes I started cumming deep inside her and she started cumming again. She laid on my chest for a few minutes catching her breath. We kissed and she started to get off.

I said wait, and scooted down so my face was under her pussy. My mouth clamped to her pussy and I started licking our juiced from her, she was running her hands through my hair and was moaning so loud and finally came again.

This time we both were exhausted and she flopped to the one side and I crawled up next to her. I grabbed the covers and covered us and wrapped my arms around her and held her close. She said this feels awesome. She turned her head back to me and wanted to kiss, so we did for s few minutes. She said I was the first guy to ever do that with her and she loved it. I said I would eat her anytime, no matter who's cum was in there. She just went mmmmmmmmmm.

Her hand reached for my cock, which was still hard and moved between her legs and put it at her opening and said, please fall asleep in me, for I feel like we have connected so nicely tonight. I slipped in and held her close. I asked if Monday was cool for going boating, and she said yeah. I said good, just you and me and we can all week if you wish because I was on vacation.

She said it sounds like a plan. The next morning we both awoke around 8am. We both had to pee so I let her go first, then me. When I came back to the bed, she said lock the door, we don't need any unwanted company, but from the sounds of it, they were fast asleep. Carol had the covers pulled back and was laying on her side awaiting me and as soon as I got in we kissed and her hand went right for my half hard cock.

We were still kissing as she stroked my cock to its fullest and she broke away and said I love the way you kiss babe, but now I want breakfast, and slid down and engulfed my cock into her velvety mouth. For the next minutes was in heaven from her blow job, but I asked her if I could have breakfast too, and with a muffled uh huh, she swung her legs over my head and I started to lick her wet pussy.

Her pussy was so sweet tasting that I didn't even want to tease it, just eat it. My tongue went in as far as it would go and that made her stiffen a little and her moans were so soft.

She was driving me nuts as she sucked me. I got her really going when my tongue explored her puckered ass, and she forced her body down harder on my face. I stayed with her ass for a minute then went back to her lips, and then finally her clit. Once I started licking and sucking her clit, her hips ground down on my mouth and she started to cum.

Although it was a drencher like the night before when she squirted, but there was a good amount of her cum rushing out. I then tapped her and told her I was going to cum. Her lips tightened against my cock as I blew my load in her mouth. It felt like I was coming for minutes, but it only lasted a good ten seconds.

I was still hard when she got off of me and straddled my cock and slammed down on it. As she impaled it, we both moaned loudly, then she leaned down and kissed me with a mouthful of cum. We kissed and licked each others faces, and she started telling me to fuck me good baby, give me that cock, make me your woman. And fuck we did for the next 15 minutes, with her mostly on top, until she said make me cum baby and cum deep inside me.

We rolled over so I was top, her legs went around my waste and she pulled me in tight. We were both lost in the moment, fucking hard and fast, with Carol saying Oh God, yes, fuck me Tim, make me cum now, and she did start cumming and so did I, right after her. I rolled off of her and needed to rest.

It was a very intense session. Carol was still panting after a few minutes, her legs still spread wide and her knees pulled up. I couldn't resist her then, and got between her legs and started eating her again. Sucking both of our cums from her and not 2 minutes later, she came again. As she calmed down, I laid next to her and pulled her to me and kissed her again.

She said she cant do anymore right now. I understood, for I don't believe I could fuck right now if my life depended on it. We laid and cuddled and talked. She said she has never been this connected with a person before, and then to lay here and just cuddle made her day. She said Dave never does that, it's fuck, cum, maybe she sucks him hard and they do it again, and then they are done. No feelings put into it at all. I said why do you put up with it?

She said that she just did, but not sure why. She said he is really getting into the dark sex side, which is fine once in a while, but he wants that all the time. I told her I don't think I can do that style. I like the love making and then hard fucking with us both being into each other and talking dirty.

I told her hearing you talk dirty is a total turn on, but not needed all the time.

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She told me she cried when we started to fall asleep. I asked her why? She said that the way I made her feel last night, like she was the only woman in the world and no one else mattered, except for her physical and emotion euphoria, meant the world to her, and she was sure I would be gone by the time we woke this morning. I looked at her and said are you crazy? I'd love the chance to be your steady man and treat you as the beautiful woman that you are.

Plus, I have to take you boating tomorrow. She laughed and said yes you do. I said may be we should get dressed and get out of here before they get up. She said she would like too, but she thinks the 3 of them need to talk. I asked her if I could call her later, so we can make definitive plans for tomorrow. I laughed and said you may not want to go after your talk and you patch things up.

She said she has no intention of patching things up, she is telling him its time he moves on, and if its with Nancy, so be it. I got dressed, and she did too and handed me her telephone number and address. She said don't lose it. I laughed and said no chance of that happening. I left shortly after that. Later that afternoon, I gave her a call. I was nervous because I figured she would think things over and say hey, we had a nice time, but I don't want to see where this leads. But after a few seconds on the phone with her, she sounded very upbeat.

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She asked if I had eaten dinner yet and I said no, and invited me over. So I took a shower and went on over. She lives in an apartment complex that isn't far from my parents house. I was wearing khaki shorts and a polo shirt, and she had on a pair of old and tattered jean shorts, that had a rip in the pocket, and judging from when she turned and walked in front of me, no panties because I could see her ass cheek.

She also had on a yellow halter top and no bra. I kissed her lightly on the lips, which she turned into a bit more passionate kiss.

We then went into her kitchen where she had a glass of wine and asked if I wanted anything, but I said I was good for now. I asked if I could help with anything and she said sure, fix the salads, while she finished the lasagna. We talked about how we grew up, what colleges we went too. Both of us went to OSU, and some of the different people we both knew. After dinner we retired to the couch and just talked more.

She told me about the talk the 3 of them had. Which came down to Dave saying that him and Nancy love the lifestyle of bondage and want to explore that together. Carol said she was fine with it and wanted Dave to know that he needn't bother calling her anymore.

He said he was good with that, but hopes they can still enjoy 3somes. Carol said she would rather not, because that bondage stuff just isn't her cup of tea. She said that Nancy called a little later and apologized for taking Dave away. Carol said she told her it wasn't any problem and that they were still friends and would like to see her as they always have in the past.

She said she knew that they've been seeing each other before last night, and thought they belonged together. She looked at me and said it looks like they are a couple, so you probably wont be seeing Nancy, at least sexually again, until she tires of him. I said I was fine with that, and I understand that Nancy isn't the type that wants a commitment, but the way it sounds, that is a commitment.

Carol laughed and said yeah, I would say it is and good luck to them both. She then said look, about last night. I am now thinking this is it, no way is she going to want to be around me because of the age thing. Carol said that she hasn't been able to get what happened with us out of her mind, and the total connection we have.

I said I felt the same, but I would understand if she didn't want to pursue anything. She put a finger to my lip and said shush and listen. I think there is something between us that needs to be explored. I am not saying it ends in happily ever after, but who knows. But I like you a lot and I connect with you like I haven't with a man in a long time. I know we have an age gap, but 8 years is nothing. I can be a bitch, especially after a long day with some of the kids I have in class, and I can get moody at times.

I absolutely love sex and being sexual, but I also want to be made love too, with passion and feelings. I know I am not a goddess and I have a fat ass, but I also think I feel sexy and I am attractive. I love dressing up and being sexy for my man. And I expect him to feel the same about himself and never take what we share for granted. I like a man who is not afraid to take charge in situations and is not put off by a woman who isn't afraid to take charge of things too.

I want to be treated as a lady, and shown respect, as I will do the same.


I do like terms of endearment said to one another, but I will not take a man calling me his old lady, botch, cunt, slut or any other derogatory names that I hear men use. Yes I want to be a lady, but in the throes of passion and we are wild, I will be a slut and talk dirty and tell you what I need and want.

I love to kiss and show affection, even in public. I want to go out and have fun, and just not stay at home and watch TV or have sex, and then you go home and forget about me. I lived that type of life already when I was engaged 6 years ago and wont put up with it again.

I like to drink on occasion, but not all the time, and I like to smoke pot, and I am glad you do too, but not to a point where its all the time. Oh yeah, I do have a kinky side to me that you'll have to explore, if you so desire and I will always be close friends with Nancy and will spend alone time with her. Now after everything I have stated, would you like to explore and see where this goes, or just say last night and this morning was great, but I'd rather just leave it at what we did and move on?

At first I couldn't say anything. I never was with someone who spoke her mind like this, but I knew what I wanted and I wanted her more now, than anything in my short life.

I told her I would love the opportunity to explore where this may lead, and not hide it from anyone, even my mom, who Carol has worked with in the past. I told her 1. She is the most beautiful woman I know and 2, she does not have a fat ass, in fact I adore your ass. 3. I will always treat you with respect and as a lady, even if we are being down right kinky in bed.

4. That I would always be there for her, no matter what and any problems we have, we should talk and communicate to each other a solution to fix said problem. I told her I will not be looking to date others and she has my full attention and if she did want to date someone else, that I would accept that let her do what she wanted to do, that I did not own her. But if she is willing to see where this leads, I am just as willing.

Carol looked at me a second, then leaned in and kissed me gently on the lips. She stood and grabbed my hand and said come on sweetie, I think we need to make love. We went back to her bedroom where we both stripped each other of our clothing and stood there and hugged, then walked to the bed and made slow passionate love to each other for the next hour. We both came 3 times, which really shocked the hell out of me seeing we did so much the night before and this morning.

After our 3rd time, my hand was still holding her ass, and she said, you really do like my ass don't you? I said oh yeah, its perfect for me. She asked me to spend the night, but I told her I couldn't because I needed to be up early to take my dad to work after he dropped his car off to get some work done on it, but he was getting a ride home from work, so I didn't have to worry about picking him up at 3pm, and ruin our day on the water. We laid there and just cuddled and I was still inside her.

She laughed and said, damn, don't you ever get soft. I said no, not when I am with a beautiful woman that totally turns me on. She rolled away and said if I am not spending the night, then i better get going, or she was going to fuck my brains out. I got dressed and she followed me to the door, naked, and kissed me goodnight. I told her I would be by at 10 to pick her up.

When I got home, mom asked what I had been doing and I told her. Spending time with a lady I am starting to see. She asked who it was, so I told her. Mom didn't say anything at first, but then said, you know she is like 10 years older than you, and I said no, only 8 years but it is no big deal.

She said to just be careful. I told mom, we are just dating, I am not getting married or anything. The next day I picked up Carol right on time. She had a light blue summer dress on, her hair in a ponytail, and she looked fantastic. I had on black shorts and a white polo shirt, and I had on my swim trunks on underneath my shorts. We got down to the boat about 10 minutes later.

She helped me get it uncovered and and then helped untie it and off we went into the river, then out into the lake. It was hot, 90 degrees, and no air movement. I told her it will feel cooler once we get going in the lake. She stood next to me as we opened up the throttle and let the boat run fast. It can do 40 mph out on open water, and in a boat, that is quite fast. She was loving it, but was holding on to my arm and the windshield, so she wouldn't get thrown about.

I let her drive for a while and she asked where to drive too? I asked what she wanted to do out here and she said we could lay out a while and tan, so I pointed to her where to go.

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We had to be a good four miles offshore and no traffic anywhere near us. She said it was spooky being this far from land. I said we really aren't that far away but I wouldn't want to swim it back in. Once we stopped, I laid out the seats so they became a bed for lying on.

She lifted her dress over her head revealing her bikini. It was light blue as well and the top barely concealed her nipples, let alone her breast and the bottoms had string ties on the side and had a patch of material that hid her pussy and a small area in the back that hardly covered her ass.

I looked at her and said WOW, you look fantastic. She said that was what she was going for when she bought it yesterday. Well I said, you succeeded, you look amazing. I took off my shorts and Carol said, you should get naked. I said ok and dropped my trunks too. She got out her bottle of coco butter and started rubbing it all over me, she ever put it on my cock, saying she didn't want it to burn, at least not from the sun. I said Oh? She laughed and said the only burning I want that getting is from my hot hole between my legs.

I laughed and said, oh what a bad girl you are. And she said baby, you have no idea how bad I can be. I told her be as bad as you want, when you want. I lathered her up with the butter then let my hand play alittle between her legs, which made her moan a bit. We laid out for a half an hour and then she turned over and asked me to do her front. This time when I did her breast, my fingers slipped under her top and rolled her nipples, then as my hand oiled up her tummy, my hand slipped under her bottom and I rubbed her clit and lips.

She goes, babe let me tan a while then you and I are going fuck like two lost souls who haven't seen each other in years. As we laid out, we did talk about stuff. I told her about mom and what I told her. She was concerned about that, but I told her not to be, mom was cool about it. She asked me about the swinger couple I had been with. I told her that was over 2 years ago and I haven't stayed in touch with them.

She said that was shame, that being with them might be fun. I asked her if she would like that and she said yeah she would. But, only if I wanted to do something like that and at the end of the fun, we made love to each other. She asked what I thought about the other night when Dave was screwing her. I said I was really turned on by it all, the 4 of us playing, until he started his mouth and how he treated you.

That's why I suggested we switch. Even then I felt some special connection to you, but I wanted to wrap you in my arms and just hold you and shield you from that ass. She looked at me and asked, really?

And I said really. I asked her if she had ever been swinging with others and she said yes, and she loved it when everyone played together in the same room. But, she said, if I don't have an attraction to the other guy, it is a no go for her.

I said that sounds fair. She asked what my favorite part of sex is, and I said eating a woman. Once I was taught how to do it by that lady, I came obsessed with doing it right. Carol chuckled and said no worried there dear, you are amazing, and may be even better than most women.

Hell I am even jealous of your technique. I asked what she found to be her favorite. She said 69ing and then riding a cock. She said she was blown away by the fact that I would kiss her after cumming in her mouth and then eating her after I came her. She said most men wouldn't even dream of doing either, but to her, that shows the most unselfish way to have sex totally.

I told her it is a big turn on to share, and what the hell, it is my cum so no big deal, but even if it was another guys cum in you, I lick you clean. She laughed and said that any other guy putting his dick in me is going to be wearing raingear. She asked if I ever sucked a cock before.

I said yes I have and i enjoyed it. she asked would you do it again? I said sure under the right circumstances. She asked what they are, and i told her as long as you were there doing it with me.

She moaned really loud then. My cock was hard as a rock now too. I looked over at her and she removed her top and now was taking off her bottoms. Her body glistened in the sunlight and it was really hot out. I got up and sat beside her and started rubbing all over her. I started sucking her nipple and she said wait, get on me and stick that cock in me, I need it so bad right now.

She brought her one knee up and placed her outside leg so it was on the ground and I got between her legs and slipped my cock into her.

She moaned and so did I and said much better. I looked down at her and asked what she thought is kinky. She goes really? You want to know?

I said oh yes, because I want to make everything you want, happen. She goes ok, here goes and I hope I don't freak you out. I want to be gang banged once, by 3 or 4 guys, and then have them cum all over me. I just said mmmmmmmmmmm. Then I said I want to watch that, then crawl between your legs and eat you then start licking up your body collecting their cum and then feed it to you.

She just went oh goddddddddddd. Then she said you kinky motherfucker. I laughed and said uh huh, but would you let me? She said oh hell yeah and then fuck your brains out. I started moving in and out of her slowly.

She said, God I love your cock, it is the perfect length and width for my pussy baby. I asked what other kinky things she wanted to try. She goes I cant tell you. I said please babe? She said but you may change your opinion of me. I said no way, it is all good with someone you care about.

She said, damn. Ok, I want to pee on you and then you pee on me. I don't know why but that really turns me on. I saw it in a porn flick and was totally amazed by it. I just smiled and said, god sweetie, I love the idea and wanted to try that myself. Lets do it tonight. She said really? I said yes, I am game if you are. Next thing I know she bucking me hard to fuck her. We started really pounding into each other.

She was screaming for me to pound her cunt, fuck her with my big fuck stick. It did not take us long to cum. I was shooting rope after rope of cum deep inside her. She was convulsing cumming so hard. She kept saying, on my fucking god, that was so intense. I was still hard and started slowly moving in and out again, and she just smiled and said you are unbelievable. Within 5 minutes she came again, but I did not.


She said she needed a rest. So I got up and laid 2 towels out on the floor of the boat because the carpeting was hot from the sun. I sat down and with my legs outstretched and my arms bracing me, behind my back, I just soaked in the sun. Carol looked at me and said, damn, don't you look sexy. I said thanks, but not as sexy as you babe. After a few minutes, she got up and came to me.

She had me spread my legs wide and bring my knees up, then she straddled me and slowly sat down into my lap and guided my cock into her wet pussy, then wrapped her legs around me. My arms went around her neck and hers around mine and we kissed. She broke the kiss and said I could sit here all day like this, connected totally to each other. We just sat there and didn't move because the boat was rocking slightly from the small waves of the lake. She laughed and said now this is the way to make love, no exertion from us, but the just nature moving us together.

We talked about our first sex experience and then our first love of our life. I asked her what college life was like for her and it was pretty much like mine, study a lot and party a lot.

We both had 6 sex partners in college, but she one upped me when she said her roommate and her also played a few times a week and even shared boyfriends. I said that must have been hot. She said it was amazing, but being like a hippie, she never got into the love thing with any of them until her senior year when she met her fiancé. Then two years later, and about 6 months before their wedding, he came to her and said he didn't want to get married and be tied down.

Come to find out, he was seeing someone on the side too. She swore off having any long term relationship with any guy then, and opted for sex friends. She met Nancy about 5 years ago, since they both taught the same courses and became friends, and then lovers.

She told me how she met Dave through a mutual friend and started semi dating and he became her regular lover.

But about 6 months ago, he wanted to try the bondage scene and at first I was willing and actually liked a little of it, like being tied up and blindfolded.

We invited Nancy into our bed too and she really got into it. As time went on, it got darker and darker in what he wanted. He became a total command freak, and I really did not enjoy, nor being called his slut, and the one word I really cant stand being called, cunt. She laughed and said, I know what you are thinking, I just told you recently to fuck my cunt, and that is fine, my vagina, is my cunt, or my pussy, but my whole person is not a cunt, so please please please, never call me that, or it will be the last time you ever see me.

We started kissing again and then helped the boat out in achieving our orgasms by rocking back and forth, and we were both sweating a lot then. After cumming, we just went wow, now that was awesome. She grinned and said the mixture of coco butter and sweat, and the smell of sex made her feel so sensual and sexy right now. We sat and held each other for another 10 minutes, which included my cock finally softening to fall out of her.

I laid her back then and went down and cleaned her up, and although she did not cum, she really enjoyed that.

After I finished and kissed her for a minute, I asked if she was hungry, since it was getting close to 1pm. She said she was famished. I said lets go to this crab leg place on the river. She was all game for that.

So I fired up the boat and we started heading in. Being out that far, we stayed naked for a bit until we started coming closer to boats and land. She put on her bikini and then her sundress, and then I had her take the wheel and I put on my shorts and shirt.

She gave me back the wheel and said oh, going commando huh, and then laughed. When we docked the boat, near the restaurant, we climbed out and she did look stunning. She is the type of girl that doesn't wear makeup much, and looks so good too. We held hands as we went inside. We didn't have to wait long at all, and as we went to our table, she saw two women sitting at a table, I heard her say shit.

I asked what was wrong and she explained that they were two teachers she works with, and real busy bodies, I said who cares, and she said she agrees. We went over to their table and Carol made the introductions and said that we were out boating today. I could see the one lift an eyebrow at that remark. I was thinking, lady you wish some guy would take you out on a boat and fuck your brains out, and chuckled to myself. Lunch was great, and as we ate, we really got to know each other and our likes and dislikes.

I found we both like sports, especially football and baseball, and made plans to attends some games. She also likes to shoot skeet and shoot guns, which is great since I did too. We both love being outdoors, like hiking and sightseeing.

Lunch was finished and she was finishing her wine and I was finishing my ice tea, when I asked her if I could see her again. She laughed and said she didn't know the date was done already. I said I did not want to dominate her time. She said, damn hun, I want to be with you all day today, tomorrow, the next day. I said oh wow, really? She said really sweetie, this is what exploring us is all about, the sex is the topping to the cake. I asked what else we could do today?

She said we could go swimming at her complexes pool and if we are lucky, no one in it and we could maybe play a little. I said, oh, you like the idea of being caught. She laughed and saidoh yeah, bigtime, and you may even get a blowjob on the ride home. I asked her if she would mind stopping at my parents so I could change. She said lets, that way we can get rid of any elephants in the room, and let mom and dad know you have a woman in your life now.

I asked if she was nervous about that? She said a little, but she already knows my mom and thinks the world of her. By the time we got to my house it was after 5pm and mom and dad were both there. When we came into the kitchen, mom was fixing dinner. She looked up and saw us both and said, oh Carol, how are you? She of course said fine. Mom asked what she needed. I said Carol and I have been out on the boat all day, and I was with her last night too. My mom goes, oh really.

I said yes. She asked if we wanted to stay for dinner but I said we just got done eating at Pickle Bill's just a short time ago. I told her I was going over to carol's and Carol spoke up and said that she had some friends coming over to go swimming and play some cards later. As I went off to change, mom and Carol talked. Now I had no idea what mom said to her then but found out later on the drive to her place.

As we were leaving my mom floored me when she said look, if you are drinking tonight, I would feel better if you just spent the night on Carol's couch, but call me if you think that will happen so I don't worry, and remember you said you would finish the trim work on the addition this week.

I said I would and we left. As we got in the car, Carol said that she didn't know i knew how to do work like that. I said yeah, it's a curse at times, and laughed. She had seen the addition 2 weeks ago but it still needed trim and carpeting and painted too. She then offered to help me, if I wanted it. I said I will let you know, but I am sure you have better things to do.

She said I will be there with you and you can use me as you see fit. She then laughed and said your mom was so cute, when you went and changed.

She asked when we started dating. Carol said she lied a little and said, we had been out a few times now and that I was a perfect gentleman and was raised well. Mom told her if I didn't treat her right, let her know and she would set me straight.


Carol asked my mom if she had any ill feelings about them dating, especially with the age difference. My mom said no, he is a man now and has a good head on his shoulders and age is just a number. Plus, who knows where it is going to lead right now, but for the Christ sakes, be careful, you two don't need any kids happening from mistakes. Carol laughed and said no worries there, plus we are not at that stage yet. Slight lie I asked? She laughed and said ok, a big white lie, but we're not trying to make a baby, and chuckled.

Oh by the way, I think I am having a house guest tonight, and winked at me. We got to her place and she said lets change. I walked with her to her bedroom and disrobed, as she did too. I walked in front of her naked body and took her in my arms and we kissed.

She broke away and said, tempting as it is, let's go swimming. She put on this purplish one piece, saying she didn't want to ruin the other suit from all the chlorine they use.

I wore what I had earlier today. We swam for like a half an hour but really couldn't play around too much, because there was a ton of people in the pool too. She whispered in my ear, we should come back about midnight and skinny dip. I said I was game, if she was. She said good, then asked if I was hungry? I said I was famished. Good she said, there is a Chinese place right down the street and a video store, and we could get a movie or two. I said sounds great to me.

We got back and my suit was almost dry and she slipped her dress over her suit and I grabbed my wallet. We stopped at the video place first and picked out an adventure movie, but then she said come with me, and in the back they had adult movies. We looked at a bunch and she picked this one out, showing 2 couples on the front. I was thinking you naughty little girl, but just nodded in agreement with her pick.

We then picked up our food and got back to the apartment. Once inside she got drinks for us and plates, but said let's get comfy, and took off her dress and then her swimsuit and threw them down the hall, I followed suite, and was naked in no time. I just enjoy being naked with her. We popped in the one movie and started watching it. After a bit she got up and took our plates to the sink. Now understand her apartment has a balcony and a sliding glass door and the drapes were wide open, and now the sun was going down.

I asked her if she was going to close them and she giggled and said no. She said come here. So I got up and met her near the door and since we were 3 stories up, she pointed to this house across the yard from us. She said see that house, they always are looking up here and I am looking at them.

They are always naked too. She is ok naked and he is stunning. I've even seen them fucking in their family room and bedroom. It's like we both are into voyeurism. We stood there a few minutes and saw the woman looking out the door and up at us, she was naked as us. Carol said kiss me so they can finally see me with someone.

I asked, you haven't fucked for them? She said no. Dave wouldn't do that, he thought it weird. My cock was growing from all of this.

Carol looked down and said I see you get turned on too. I said I am, but also because I am standing naked with a gorgeous woman. She said awwwww, and kissed me again. Maybe later we can fuck on the balcony, another of my wish list of sex things. I told her sure, under one condition. She said what? That when we do retire to bed later, we make love, slow and very passionate. She moaned and said absolutely. She then stroked my cock while the neighbor kept watching and then asked if we should pop in the other video.

I said sure, but how far do you think we'll get before I am inside you? She said, not far I hope. The movie was about two couples that are sharing a cabin at some lake. They just got done with a late dinner and were now smoking pot and thinking of something to do, and the one lady said let's play poker. Everyone agreed, and the one guy said, for clothes? They all agreed and started playing. Before long the most everyone one was naked, except the one blond, she still had on panties.

The guys were naked and hard as rocks and the one wife was looking at her friends husband and told him he had a nice cock. Her friend said so does Ron. The blond asked if she could suck it? Her friend said ok as long as I can suck Ron. Next seen had them on the couch with the girls on their knees sucking the others spouse.

Carol was sitting next to me, her knees drawn up close to her chest and her hand between her legs rubbing her pussy.

Huge Boobs Step Mom Slutting

She said that looks like fun. I said uh huh, then felt her hand on my cock, slowly stroking it. The couples were now fucking, and you know all the sounds associated with it. Carol was highly turned on. She said that her and Nancy have watched many a porn flick together, but only 2 times with Dave.

He starts watching them then wants a blow job a couple minutes into it. What fun is that, and giggled. My hand now replaced hersrubbing her clit, and we leaned in and kissed.

We kept watching and she asked if I would want to try this with a couple. I said I would as long as you are my partner and we ended the night with us making love, or outright fucking. She said good answer lover. Now the guys just got done cumming in them and the girls got on the floor and started kissing each other, then fondling, until they got into a 69 position.

I heard a moan from Carol's lips. I said you like that don't you baby. She said, oh honey I love that. The guys were sitting behind them stroking their cocks as the girls ate each other. Then the one guy bent over and started licking the other guys cock. I thought Carol was going to cum then. She said, oh god babe, what I would give to see you do that.

I said babe, if it ever arises, count on me to do it. My fingers were deep inside her, and she was flowing now, and my thumb was slowly rubbing her clit. She was moaning with the 2 couples on the screen as she was also stroking me harder now. The girls on the screen broke from their ministrations and said they needed more cock.

The one lady told her husband to lay down on the floor, then mounted him, then told the other to come fuck her ass. Once they started, Carol came real hard. She said holy fuck baby, that is something I need to have once. I said you never before? She said no, but it is on her wish list. She said that if we did that, only I was allowed in her ass, for she thinks that is special and only her man should enjoy that.

I couldn't take it anymore and pulled her on top of me and sunk my cock into her waiting pussy and we fucked hard, like two wild animals. They neighbors had to have heard us fucking as loud as we got. We fucked for only 5 minutes and both of us came with a force. As we sat there coming down, from it, Carol said you were amazing, and I think we need a porn night at least once a week. I looked at her and said, this sounds like we are now a couple, and she said only if you want to be.

I kissed her nose and said silly girl, what do you think? She laughed and said I believe we are a couple now. She got up from the couch and pulled me up. We went to the sliding door, opened it and were hit by the heat, even though it was now night time.

She turned on the living room light to give us some back lighting. She looked out over the balcony and saw no out on their's and then looked back at me and said, babe shove that cock in me again and fuck me right here. I wasted no time in placing the head into her wet entrance and slid right in.

She said she was hoping that couple was watching. I asked her if she would eat the lady and she said oh yes and then fuck her man, as I fucked his woman. We fucked for ten minutes standing up.

Sweat poring off of us. Carol said lets go back inside and shower. I said lead the way my dear. We got into the shower and soaped each other up, then started rubbing our bodies over each other and kissing. I told her I had to have her again and she said lets wait a bit.

Now her hand was on my cock while we were kissing again. I said, are you sure, and she said yes baby, just enjoy this and then i want to do something. We turned the water off and she got out, and as she did, I gave a playful little smack to her gorgeous ass. I heard her go mmmmm. We dried off and then she said sit on the tub a minute. She got out her electric razor and asked me to spread my legs.

She said we need to trim you up some and keep the already shave parts done so I don't itch. She trimmed away the top part of the T, so now it was just a strip. Then she went and trimmed the strip so it made it look like an arrow pointing down to my cock. When she finished with the other areas so I was smooth, she sucked my raging hard on for a few seconds. She asked me to get up then, and she sat down and asked me to either get rid of the "C" totally or make it something else.

I trimmed away most of it, except for this patch that was the bottom of the C, then trimmed it into a little arrow. Then I shaved her bald every where else. As I was shaving her this whole time, I would also lick her lips, which was driving her crazy.

Once I was done, she got up and looked in the mirror at my work and said, damn, that is sexy, but now you have to keep me this way. I said she'll have to keep me too, which she said no problem. We went back out to the living room and the 2 couples were fucking like crazy now, but she turned it off. She said give your mom a call and let her know that you'll probably be sleeping on the couch tonight here, which I did, and mom said that's good, because I don't want to bail you out.

I was laughing to myself at that one. She turned off the lights, took my hand and led me to the bed. I laid down and she lit a candle and crawled in besides me and said I know you want to make love but right now, I am so turned on I need to be fucked and eaten by you and please make me squirt again.

I wasted little time getting between her legs and started eating her, but the first 10 minutes I avoided her clit and concentrated on her pussy and her ass. She was moaning loudly, telling me to tongue fuck her and eat her ass, which I gladly did, then I started fingering her and found her g-spot and worked that as I lightly flicked my tongue across her clit. When i did that, it was like a shot of electricity went through her and she yelled out, yes baby, yes, right there, suck that clit.

I am so fucking close. I had to switch how I was laying so I could use both hands now and with one tweaked her nipples as I rubbed her g-spot and sucked her clit. She yelled out of fuck baby, I am going to cum soon, you are such a good pussy eater. I then got my other hand and licked my finger and slowly stuck it in her ass as I sucked hard on her clit, As I rubbed her g-spot and fucked her ass, and sucked her clit, her body tensed up, she pushed my pussy hard into my mouth and said fuckkkkkkkkk, and started cumming, hard, and then squirted all over me.

I tried to catch it all, but couldn't get it all. I rose up and place my cock into her pussy, and shoved it in, while she was still cumming. I started fucking her, not real hard or fast, but not slow either.

She opened her eyes and said oh my god baby, fuck my cunt, keep me cumming like this. I started fucking her hard now. Her legs wrapped around my waist and kept telling me to give her, her cock. I didn't last long and I started cum, and when I yelled out I was cumming, she started squirting again. I stayed still for a minute then collapsed down on her. She said holy Christ, I can move, my body is totally drained now.

I started to move off of her, but she said no, stay there and kissed me. We kissed and kissed and I could feel myself getting hard again. She asked to roll over so she could be on top of me and we did, without me pulling out of her. She had a tear in her eye and I asked what was wrong. She said not a thing. It was tears of joy. No man has ever done this to me. I said, well you have me feeling so complete now, and I don't ever want to pull out.

She said oh babe, I know it is too soonbut I love you. I said I know, and I love you too and have since the night I held you without doing anything with you that night at Nancy's.

she laughed and said you too huh? I said yeah. Well you are stuck with me now baby, so make love to me. We spent the next 15 minutes making love, no dirty talk, just moaning and kissing and a few I love you's, especially as we both came again.

When we finished I asked if we should change the sheets and she said nah, it our love juices and lets just enjoy them, and kissed me goodnight.