Sexy blonde teen Lola gets her pink

Sexy blonde teen Lola gets her pink
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My Pretty Little Slaves Chapter 22 Honeymoon in Tahiti, trip to Boston and an opening of the school and office building. Characters Introduced: Kamora, 21, Harvard Student, 5'5, Black, Black hair with Green Eyes, 34C Breasts and a swan-like neck Talia, 17, Roasalia's Best Friends Daughter, White, Blond hair with Blue Eyes, 38C Breasts and a swan-like neck Valentina, 17, Roasalia's Best Friends Daughter, White, Blond hair with Blue Eyes, 38C Breasts and a swan-like neck Nalia, 17, Roasalia's Best Friends Daughter, White, Blond hair with Blue Eyes, 38C Breasts and a swan-like neck Mariana, 15, Roasalia's Best Friends Daughter, White, Blond hair with Blue Eyes, 36C Breasts and a swan-like neck Georgia, 13, Roasalia's Best Friends Daughter, White, Blond hair with Blue Eyes, 34C Breasts and a swan-like neck Genine, 13, Roasalia's Best Friends Daughter, White, Blond hair with Blue Eyes, 34C Breasts and a swan-like neck Gianna, 13, Roasalia's Best Friends Daughter, White, Blond hair with Blue Eyes, 34C Breasts and a swan-like neck Ida, 34, Vince's sister, White, Red hair with Green eyes, 34C Breasts Daisy, 16, Ida's daughter, White, Red hair with Green eyes,36D Breast Dixie, 16, Ida's daughter, White, Red hair with Green eyes,36D Breast Faye, 13, Ida's daughter, White, Red hair with Green eyes,34C Breast Maurice, 15, Ida's son, White, 13" cock with a 4" girth Manny, 15, Ida's son, White, 13" cock with a 4" girth Monty, 15, Ida's son, White, 13" cock with a 4" girth Frank, 13, Ida's son, White, 11" cock This story is dedicated to my new muse KH.

You know who you are and I appreciate your thoughts and suggestions. … the story continues the night of the wedding after the guest have left. Reanna and Nikki have retired to their rooms with their husbands and Ben and the rest of the family are downstairs. "I think the wedding went off very well, everybody enjoyed themselves" Ben says to Becky as Joey and Jocelyn come over and thank Ben for a great time.

Joey kneels in between Ben's legs smiles at Ben then takes BIG FELLA into her mouth. "I think Joey has a crush on you" Becky says to Ben. Jeanie says between grunts "My daughter has great taste in men" she is getting double penetrated by Omar and Abdul. Omar is throttling her ass with his fourteen inch, 4 1/2" thick cock and Abdul is pounding her pussy with his twelve-inch tool.

"I never knew my wife so orgasmic, I think she has had at least ten orgasms so far and the guys don't even seem close to cuming" Charles says as he watches his wife enjoying herself with her lovers. Pia, Mia and Lia come into the room with Faith, Hope and Charity they see their Master enjoying himself with Joey sucking away on BIG FELLA.

"How did you guys like the wedding?" Ben asks them. "It was very beautiful, Cecil did a great job with the flowers and decorations" Faith says.

"I thought it was really pretty and nice to see Nikki and Reanna enjoying their day, looks like Joey there is enjoying your affections Master" Hope says. Ben starts to cum down Joey's throat and she looks up and smiles at him and she takes it all into her stomach. Ben finishes cuming as Omar and Abdul start cuming in Jeanie, she is delirious from all the orgasms.

Once they have finished cuming inside of her Omar and Abdul pull their tools out of her holes. Little Pia, Mia and Lia go over and clean them off with their mouths. Jeanie rolls over and says just above a whisper "Best sex ever". Becky starts kissing Charles with Hope and Charity working on his cock. "You know Ben, Becky really does look like Rebecca" Charles says.

"The resemblance is uncanny". "Yes, I know that is what attracted me to her initially, but Becky is so much more than Rebecca" Ben tells him. "Who is Rebecca if you don't mind me asking?" Joceyln asks. "Rebecca was my first love, my adoptive mother and Nikki's mother. She believed in me and told me that I had something special in me. That I was to take care of women, be there for the women that are disadvantaged. Most of my women know this about my mother, all know that there is a bond between Becky and myself that is very strong, unbreakable and enduring" Ben says.

"We are meant to be together always" Becky says. "You do have something special for women. A nice huge cock that stay hard for a long, long time" Jocelyn says with a smile as she starts stroking BIG FELLA.

"It is more than that, Jocelyn. I am to take care of them. I take care of all my women here, not just sexually. I take care of them financially, emotionally and I care for each one of them. All my women in the mansion know I love them, I cannot possibly make love to each of them all the time. I give them what they need when I can.

Do you feel my love for you Hope, Faith and Charity?" Ben asks. "Yes, we do if I can speak for my best friends. I know you love us and our mother and siblings. You have so much love for all of us. You provide a safe loving atmosphere for all of us women.

You don't only take care of the women but also their sons and daughters. You love us and we love you also" Hope tells them. "Joceyln, you always see those three together. Faith, Hope and Charity just like the bible all go together" Becky says.

"Our Master took us in when we were orphaned. He has cared for us and loved us. We have a warm bed to sleep in and plenty of food and a loving caring family" Pia says. "You stay in the master suite with Ben and Becky?" Joey asks. "Yes, me and my sisters are Ben's bed slaves. We sleep with him and the other bed slaves.

Ben occasionally sucks on our pussies and make us cum. We are to keep our virginity until we are thirteen" Mia says. "You see the tattoo on our lower backs, we are the Property of Ben Barnes. We belong to him and he belongs to us" Lia tells her.

After Ben climaxes down Jocelyn's throat Ben tells everyone that he is going to bed. He takes his bed slaves, Jocelyn and Joey with him. Omar and Abdul kiss their partner, Jeanie, goodnight and head off to their house. Upstairs Ben takes a shower with Joey and Jocelyn.

He takes his vitamins and supplements to regain his energy. Ben then takes the two girls to bed, "Are you going to fuck Joceyln now?" Joey asks. Ben nods yes, "I want to try to take you up my ass when you are done with Joceyln" Joey says.

"You little slut?" Joceyln says to her sister. "I am Ben's, I only want to be with him. I want to be his slave" Joey says as she sees an erect BIG FELLA at the entrance of her sisters pussy. With one push Ben puts six inches of BIG FELLA into Jocelyn eliciting a moan "Oh, you are huge Ben". Ben pushes inch after inch into her stretching her pussy to new depths. As Ben pump Jocelyn's pussy her sister whispers encouraging words to Ben in his ear. Joey has an idea and gets off the bed and goes in between her sisters legs and starts licking on BIG FELLA as it is being pushed in and out of Jocelyn.

Jocelyn grunting and groaning climaxes hard as she does her sister licks up her cream from BIG FELLA. When she is finished cleaning up she looks up at Becky and tells her that she loves the taste of her sisters girl cum. "Well when you two get home you will have a lot of time to play with each other and enjoy each others bodies, just like we do here. All Ben's women are bi-sexual and we enjoy each others bodies" Becky tells Joey as Jocelyn looks over glassy-eyed.

Ben starts jackhammering her pussy, pounding her cervix with every stroke. Jocelyn's legs are over Ben's shoulders as he continues his assault on her. "This is some nice tight pussy" Ben grunts out. "Master always cums in his lovers wombs, it might hurt a little when he breaks past your cervix but it will get better" Gina tells her. Ben pounds her for another hour before he breaks through her cervix and starts pouring his seed into her. When he is finished cuming inside of her he pulls out of her womb trapping his seed inside of her and then pulls out of her well-fucked pussy with a loud popping sound.

Ben lies on his back as Pia, Mia and Lia lick on BIG FELLA, effectively cleaning him off and getting him hard again. Becky in the meantime pushes some anal lube into Joey's tight virgin ass. When BIG FELLA is fully-erect Ben has Becky positions Joey over BIG FELLA with it pushing against her anal ring. "Joey, sweetheart, breathe deep and relax as BIG FELLA enters you" Becky tells her as she pushes Joey down on Ben. "Oh, GOD it burns.

It hurts Master it hurts … oh god Master it hurts. Ben it hurts" Joey cries out. "Relax, breathe. It will get better. Do you trust me?" Ben asks. "Yes, Master. Yes I trust you" she replies. "Then relax and let me have your ass. It will get better, you will begin to enjoy it" Ben tells her as he flips her over and starts pushing BIG FELLA deeper into her ass.

It takes Ben over two hours to finally explode into her colon. When he is done he gets out of her ass and lays down. Joey and Jocelyn cuddle with him and they all go to sleep. In the morning Joey wakes Ben up by sucking on BIG FELLA.

"Ben, I want to be yours. I don't want any other man. I want to be your slave" Joey says after Ben finally cums down her throat. "Joey, baby, you have to go back home with your parents. I appreciate your willingness to be my lover" Ben says. Joey crawls up and lays down on Ben's chest. "Ben, I know I am only thirteen years old. I know what I want and it is you.

If I have to wait five years I will wait until I can come down here on my own" Joey says. Rebecca comes into the room and tells Ben, "Master, Gemma has gone into labor. She is in the birthing suite now". Ben gets up and jumps into the shower with Joey and Jocelyn telling them they should come and witness the birth of his children.

They get to Nadia's birthing suite and see Gemma up on the table with her legs in the stirrups. "I am here sweetheart, Master is here Gemma baby" Ben tells her. "Master, your daughters are ready to meet their father" Gemma says as a contraction hits.

It takes her little over an hour to give birth to her quintuplets she names Dominique Bethany, D'arcy Becky, Darlene Tiffany, Diahna Rebecca, Desiree Nikki,all weighing around six pounds. "Master, it seems like you have five more beautiful baby girls" Becky says with a smile and a kiss. "You did a great job, Gemma. Our babies are very beautiful just like their mother" Ben says as he kisses her and his babies. "Master, you have a lot of women giving you their hearts, bodies and babies.

You must be a the generous caring, loving man who I think you are. I know that I want to be yours" Joey tells Ben. "Lets go see your parents and eat breakfast. Gemma, I love you and thank you for providing me these beautiful girls" Ben says as he kisses Gemma.

They go downstairs and meet up with Charles and Jeanie, "How are you feeling today, Jeanie?" Ben asks. "I am a little sore, first double-penetration I have ever experienced. I have enjoyed my time here at your mansion. I think Charles has had a good time also" Jeanie tells him. "I just got a really good maid service, those girls are amazing" Charles says. They eat a nice southern breakfast as Ben and Charles discuss a few issues that Ben has in mind.

Charles tells him that he is up for a transfer at the end of the year. He has twenty-two years in and there is a higher level position that he has the inside track for. Ben tells him to keep him informed and that he wants to take him for a ride around town after breakfast. Ben and Charles leave after breakfast, Joey comes up to Ben and gives him a very passionate kiss on his lips. As they drive to town Ben tells Charles "Joey has told me that she wants to be my slave.

I know that I am her first lover, but she has her whole life ahead of her. She is very sweet and loving person". "She does seem to be infatuated with you. You are a great guy, true that you have many women and they all seem to love you" Charles tells him.

"Tell me about this new position, where is it and what will you be doing?" Ben asks. "It is a supervisory position in the Birmingham field office.

It will bring me back home" Charles tells him as Ben drives by the community that he owns five houses. "Charles, if you take that position would you be willing to move here to my town?

I own these five houses" Ben says as he shows Charles the five abandoned houses "they are empty now and would love to have you stay in one of them". "Will see, that is a very generous offer. I would have to pay you rent to make sure it looks right on the books" Charles tells Ben.

"You can pay me and I will give Jeanie the money back. I know the principal at the local school and would make sure that the girls get the best teachers. Let's keep this between ourselves until we know. If this happens lets make it a surprise for the kids" Ben says. "You really like Joey, don't you?" Charles asks him, "You know that if anything happened to you I would take care of your family.

I would see that they would want for nothing. I do like Joey she is very special person. Not really looking to add to my hosts of women, I have a lot of women to take care of. The financial part is the easy part of it. I just cannot keep up with three hundred women wanting me. Thank God we have other guys in the house. You should see Cecil duck them. He was horny when he first got to the mansion, now he spends most of his time out in his gardens and flower beds.

Anya, Arushi and Aditi cornered him in one of his gardens and raped him one day. Well I don't think you can rape a man, but he was worn out that day" Ben tells him as they head to the adult bookstore. "This is where Phillip is hanging out" Ben says with a laugh. "Mira, Gina and his daughters came up with this idea, not me" Ben says as they enter the bookstore. The owner greets Ben, Ben tells him he wants to check on Phyllis and the owner laughs and shows them his corner of the store.

"Phyllis has been really busy, she orally satisfies at least ten men an hour and anally does another six an hour" the owner tells them as they go over and see a large man getting his cock sucked in one hole while another man is pumping away on the opposite end of the compartment. When they are done the guys leave and the owner opens the compartment.

Ben and Charles see Phyllis strapped to the container, cum leaking around her asshole and down her legs. Her mouth is open and attached to the other end. "Phillip, I told you to leave Ben alone.

He wasn't bothering anyone. The only person you have to blame for your predicament is yourself" Charles says as he grins at his colleagues situation. Phillip, still being given regular doses of estrogen, starts crying. Ben informs Charles that a part of the money she earns goes to the estrogen shots. "Phillip, Mira Gina and your daughters are all pregnant with my children. They love their new lives without you" Ben tells him.

They leave Phyllis to her job and go to Antonio's restaurant. "I kind of feel sorry for Phillip, just a little" Ben tells Charles. "He got what he deserved for bothering you.

I am glad I am your friend and not your enemy" Charles tells Ben. "You are one of my oldest and closest friends. We have know each other since I was eleven, that is over twenty years. Besides Doctor Reynolds you are my longest-term personal friend, I cherish that friendship" Ben tells him. "I feel the same way, Ben" Charles tells him. The arrive at Antonio's and are greeted by Antonio who ushers them to the private dinning room. "You remember Antonio from the mansion, he lives there with Viki.

They have become an item, his daughter Elfie is mine" Ben tells Charles as Viki comes in and kisses her Master. "What did you think of the wedding?" Ben asks her. "I thought it was very beautiful, very romantic. I am happy for Nikki and Reanna" Viki tells him. They eat lunch and drink on the house as usual. They head back to the mansion after lunch and Ben is greeted by a naked horny Joey who jumps into his arms when he enters the foyer. They go into the entertainment room and Charles tells his daughter "I know you are infatuated with Ben.

He is a very nice man and it is a special thing to give him your virginity, but there are other guys out there. I don't think it is healthy for you to be so determine to have Ben, Joey". "Dad, when you have had the best. The rest will not do. I know there are other guys out there but none will ever measure up to Ben.

Not just how well hung he is be the man he is. I will be his eventually and he will be the father of my children and your grandchildren. I belong to him" Joey tells him. "What have I told you a number of times, Ben. Once you make love to a woman she is yours forever" Becky tells him with a smile.

"You need to go back with your parents. It will not look good for your father if he is missing a daughter. You never know what the future has in store for you" Ben says. "Well while I am down here I want to spend as much time as I can with you, my love" Joey says as she starts to stroke on BIG FELLA. He carries his little lover into the Den where he books his hotel and limousine for two weeks in Boston.

He books the luxury park view suite for two weeks at the Ritz-Carlton Boston Common. He also books a stretch limousine for the two weeks and confirms his appointment with the real estate agent showing the property in Cambridge.

Becky comes into the den and checks on Ben. "I just booked a suite at the Ritz-Carlton in Boston for two weeks and a limo to take us around.

This is a secret Joey, we are looking for a place for Nikki and Karl to live while they are at Harvard" Ben tells them. They leave the den and see the couples off to their honeymoon.

"Have a good time in Tahiti. I love you two" Ben says as he hugs Nikki and Reanna. "You take care of these two" he says to Karl Jr. and James. The two security guards are at the front door waiting for their charges. Steve is reading the airplane and finalizing his flight plan. They load the vehicle with their luggage and head off to the landing strip.

Ben is sitting with Becky, Tiffani, Renee and Joey as he has a tear in his eye, "What's wrong Master?" Renee asks. "I cannot believe my baby is married and is starting a new life. I know Karl is a good guy and that he will have every advantage in the world. He will provide my daughter with a very loving environment. Karl adores Nikki, she clearly wears the pants in that relationship.

Becky and I are going to Boston tomorrow to find a place for them to live while they are at Harvard. I want you to keep things under control down here while we are gone, okay?" Ben says.

"Of course we will Master" Renee says "It will be nice for the two of you to get away for a little while". "I know I am looking forward to it, I don't know about Becky. Call me if you need anything and if someone gives birth while we are gone" Ben says. "I am looking forward to some one on one time with my husband" Becky says as she kisses Ben and strokes Joey's hair. In comes Jessie, "Master, can I ask you something?" she says.

"Anything Jessie". "I don't want to go back to the Cayman Islands right away, I would love to stay here with the family a little longer. Is that alright with you?" Jessie asks. "Honey, you can stay here as long as you want" Ben says and Becky smiles and agrees. "I hope you don't think you had to stay in the Cayman Islands, I thought you liked it down there" Ben tells her.

"You are my slave and my responsibility, I love you and am going to take care of you and our baby" Ben says. "I was worried that you didn't want me here. Thanks Master" Jessie says. Joey sneaks down in between Ben's legs and starts sucking on BIG FELLA. Joey looks up into Ben's eyes as she licks BIG FELLA. She rims the bulbous head of BIG FELLA and then starts sucking him deep. While Joey is servicing Ben, Becky is summon to the phone. Becky goes and takes her phone call, it is from Katyana from Prague.

Legal age teenager with worthy figure sucks cock

They talk for a while, "Katyana it will be okay, are you sure it isn't your husbands?" Becky asks. "Yes, the doctor told me that I got pregnant on my honeymoon and Oleg never came inside of me on our honeymoon. He doesn't know about me and Ben. I am afraid that when he sees the babies and they are not his he will get violent" Katyana confides in Becky.

"It will be alright, I will setup an account for you at a bank in Prague, and see if I can get you and the babies visa to come to the states around December. Katyana you are not alone, protect yourself and the babies. Do you know what you are having?" Becky asks. "Yes, the doctor says I am having triplet boys. They are healthy, he has given me vitamins to take and a special diet. I hope that you are not mad at me for getting pregnant by your husband" Katyana tells Becky. "Not at all, Ben loves children and we have a lot of babies here in our house" Becky reassures her.

They talk a little more and Becky goes back into the entertainment room and sees Joey bouncing up and down on BIG FELLA. "Ride him cowgirl, ride him hard" Becky says with a smile. "We got all night, Joey. You need to share me" Ben says. "Master, I am leaving tomorrow for however long. I want as much time with you as I can get" Joey tells him after she has climaxed hard on BIG FELLA. Joceyln comes over and kisses Ben and Becky "I think you have yourself an avid admirer" she says to Ben.

"Sis once you have had Ben, you really don't want any other man" Joey says as she continues her bouncing on Ben.

When Ben finally cums Joey jumps off and starts sucking on BIG FELLA trying to suck all his cum down her throat. "I never thought I would like the taste of this, but I can't get enough of my Master" Joey says and everyone there laughs, "Master, can I get my "Property of Ben Barnes" tattoo on my lower back like all your other slaves please!".

"Let's see what your mother and father say about that" Ben tells her. "I don't want anyone else. I am yours even if I have to wait until I am eighteen to come back down here, no other man will ever have me.

I am yours body and soul" Joey tells Ben. Joceyln starts sucking on a limp BIG FELLA trying to get him hard, "Do you have one more in you today Ben?" Joceyln asks as Becky smiles and gives Ben his pills.

Joceyln works on BIG FELLA and eventually gets him hard as her mother Jeanie comes in with Charles. She see her youngest daughter curled up with a huge smile on her face and her oldest with BIG FELLA down her throat. Once Ben is hard Joceyln takes BIG FELLA out of her throat and starts bouncing up and down with BIG FELLA inside of her pussy, stretching it like never before. "I see why Joey is infatuated with you Ben" Joceyln says with a smile.

Joceyln rides Ben for forty-five minutes and has multiple orgasms before he cums. Ben and Becky excuse themselves and head to the master suite for the evening. Joey kisses Ben goodbye. Ben and Becky depart the next morning flying first-class from Birmingham to Boston. "This is going to feel funny, not flying in my plane" Ben tells Becky on the way to the airport. "I know, but it is going to be nice to spend time with just you. Some much-needed quality time with my husband. I love our family but every once in a while we need to get away like this just the two of us Ben" Becky tells him.

"I think we can get everything setup in two weeks. Buy a house, car and meet with the administration at Harvard.

I might have to make a donation to get Karl Jr. into school" Ben states. "I think Karl will be happy as long as he is with Nikki" Becky tells him. "I want him to have something other than just Nikki, he needs to be his own man. Even if he is only sixteen. I want him to succeed" Ben says with a smile.

The flight attendant comes by with some champagne and hot towels and gives it to them. The flight attendant smiles at Ben as she walks by, Becky has her hand in his lap on BIG FELLA.

Becky whispers to Ben "I think the flight attendant is flirting with you". "Get serious, Becky. I have enough already. I am not looking at anyone else" Ben tells her. "She is flirting with you" Becky tells him again, "Let her, I have everything I need right here beside me" is his response which makes her kiss her man. "Good answer, my love". They land in Boston and head to get their baggage and find their limousine driver waiting for them. They take their bags and head to the Ritz-Carlton Boston Common and check-in.

They make reservations at the Artisan Bistro for eight and follow the bellboy up to their suite. Ben tips the bellboy as Becky hangs up their clothes. They sit in the living room together after Ben orders some wine and cheese. They talk about all the babies, the new slaves. They talk about Vince's sister coming for a visit and Roasalia's friends orphaned daughters. Becky reassures Ben that she is not actively acquiring more slaves for him. Ben is relieved to hear that.

They discuss the upcoming opening of the new school and office buildings. Ben tells Becky that Chin Ho's cleaners will be on the ground floor, with Doctor Reynolds having the top floor. There is a knock on the door and Ben goes and lets the waiter in with the wine and cheese.

Ben signs the bill and gives the waiter a tip. Ben and Becky drink their wine with the cheese and relax. "This is very nice and relaxing" Ben says. After their snack Ben draws a hot bath and strips with Becky and they soak for a while as they kiss passionately. "You are the most important person in my life, Becky. I love you with all my heart. If everything else faded away I would be a very rich man to have your love" Ben tells her.

After the water has gotten cold they get out and dry off and head to bed. They make love for the next three hours. "That was fantastic, Master" Becky says after coming down from her tenth climax. "Nice not having to share our bed with twenty other girls for a change, not that I mind sleeping with all those women" Ben proclaims. "Yeah, you have it really rough. Hundreds of women that want your body.

They love you and they all want to take care of you" Becky says with a smile. "Sometimes, Becky I don't think I have any fluids left in my body when they are done with me" Ben says. "That is why we give you these vitamins and supplements to keep you stocked up with semen and have the energy to deliver it to us" They get up and take a shower and get dressed for dinner. Ben is dressed to the T with a Hugo Boss three-piece and Becky in an elegant cocktail dress.

On the way downstairs Ben asks Becky if she would like to go shopping while they are in town. Becky smiles and says if they have time, she would like to get the house they buy furnished for the newlyweds.

Ben gets the fisherman's pot which includes lobster, shrimp, scallops and cod. Becky gets the seared diver scallops. They enjoy a nice bottle of wine with dinner. After dinner they take a walk around Boston Common and then head back upstairs to cuddle and watch a little television. In the morning Ben orders room service as they get ready to see the real estate agent. They go and meet the real estate agent at her office and take the limousine to the properties.

Becky likes the one on Berkley Street that is close to Harvard. Ben wants to know what it will take to get them to have immediate occupancy. The real estate agent calls for the inspector and he says he can't get there until the following week. Ben tells him he will give him five thousand if he inspects it today. Ben tells the real estate agent that he needs to know where to wire the money for the house. Nikki's house is a six bedroom Victorian house built-in 1852.

It has over six thousand square feet with a detached garage. Ben, Becky and the real estate agent go to her office and they fill out all the necessary documents. She hands Ben the keys to the house and thanks him. Becky asks about where to find antique beds and furniture and the real estate agent gives her a list. Becky tells Ben it is time to go furnish Nikki's house.

They have three days to shop before Ben's meeting with Harvard administration. Over the next three days Ben and Becky go and look at furniture and after going to three different stores Becky finds a poster bed that would look great in the master suite with matching dresser and end tables. She finds four other bedroom sets and tells Ben that she wants to make the fifth bedroom a study for the two students.

Ben just smiles and agrees with her. She picks out two antique desks. Ben and Becky go to see the Harvard administration and Ben inquires what it will take to get Karl Jr.

into school with Nikki. Ben informed the administration that Nikki will be living off campus in a house that he just bought with her husband and two security guards. The security guards are going to accompany the two on campus for their protection. The administrator looks over Karl's records and tells Ben that he will need to be tutored and need a lot of help. Ben tells him that whatever it takes for him to get his MBA, he tells him he is smart and very focused.

The administrator then takes them to see their dedicated counselor for Karl and Nikki. Nikki will not need as much counseling as will Karl.

Ben tells the counselor that he will pay for a tutor for every class that Karl is in. The counselor introduces Ben and Becky to Nikki's and Karl's student advisor, Kamora. Kamora is a fetching, milk chocolate-colored Junior, who is a prelaw student. Just like Nikki will be. Becky and Ben is impressed with Kamora's demeanor and grace. Kamora is dressed very conservatively but it is very evident that she has an impressive rack on her. Becky invites out for coffee and Kamora accepts.

They leave after Ben has secured Karl's admittance into Harvard. They leave the administration building and head to the limousine. "That is a nice way to get around town" Kamora says. "It is a lot easier than taxis and it is more personal service.

Why don't we go back to our hotel and get coffee there" Ben says. They all agree, "My husband only goes first-class" Becky tells Kamora as they pull into the Ritz-Carlton. "Mmm, I see. This is a very elegant hotel" Kamora says with a smile and a nod to Becky.

They enter the hotel and go to the bar. "I hope you don't think I am forward, but I would like to get to know you a little better before I trust you with the lives of my daughter and son-in-law. Would you be willing to submit to a background check?

Nothing intrusive just credit check and criminal background" Ben asks Kamora. "My husband is very protective of his family. Their security is a top priority" Becky informs her.

"I understand, what do you need?" Kamora asks. "Your social security number, date of birth, address here in Boston and at home. Your parents names and addresses" Ben tells her. "Well, my father is no longer with us. He died in Kuwait in the first gulf war.

It is just me and my mother. She lives in Harlem in New York City. I am here on scholarship. I will write down my information. I have nothing to hide" Kamora says. She writes down her information and Ben excuses himself and takes her driver's license and social security card to get copied at the business center. While there he calls his private investigator and tells him he needs a complete background check on Kamora done in ten days.

He goes back to the bar and asks if they are hungry. The girls both say yes and they go eat in the restaurant. Ben tells Kamora to get whatever she wants. They order the fisherman's pot again for two this time and Kamora gets the two-pound lobster. "I love lobster but don't get it often" Kamora says.

Ben orders lobster taco and salmon tartare appetizers. "Do you have a car, Kamora?" Ben asks. She tells him she drives a 2007 Chevy Impala but that she doesn't need it much because she lives on campus.

"We just bought my daughter and her husband a house on Berkley Street, my wife here has spent the past three days buying furniture for the house. It is about three blocks away from campus, but I still need to get them a car which we will do in the morning" Ben tells her. "I walk around that neighborhood, there are a lot of nice Victorian homes over there" Kamora says as their appetizers come to the table. They eat their meal and talk about Harvard and her dreams.

Kamora tells Ben and Becky that she wants to work for a law firm that specializes in the disadvantaged cases. She states the rich can afford all the attorneys that need but the poor cannot. Ben appreciates this in Kamora. After dinner they take a walk around the commons and then head back to Harvard to drop Kamora off at her dorm room. Becky asks if they could see where she lives. They head up to the dorm and they see her room and her roommate. Becky thanks her for a nice evening and that it was nice to meet her and that they will be talking to her soon.

Kamora's roommate asks her "Who was that?". "That was the parents of my student advisor freshmen. They are very rich and affluent. They are riding around in a limousine and are staying at the Ritz-Carlton" Kamora tells her. Ben and Becky arrive back at the Ritz-Carlton and head to the suite, "I think today went very well, how do you like Kamora?" Ben asks.

"I think it went well. I like Kamora, wonder what we are going to find from the investigator?" Becky responds. They go clean up and get ready for bed. The next day, Ben and Becky have the limousine driver take them to a local Mercedes-Benz dealership. Ben looks at the ML63 AMG SUV, he gets it with all the bells and whistles. The dealership works on the paperwork and comes back to Ben. The sticker price for the vehicle is $114,000 and the salesman gives the paperwork to Ben and Becky.

"I am not financing this, I am going to pay cash for it. Give me a better price then this?" Ben tells the salesman. The salesman comes back with $105,000 and Ben asks to see the manager. The manager comes up and introduces himself and Ben says he will wire $97,500 to the dealership for the vehicle now if he agrees to that price. The manager tells him he will have to report the transaction to the IRS.

Ben tells him he doesn't care and the manager gives him the wire information. Ben calls his bankers in the Cayman's and informs them to wire the money to the dealership.

Ben and Becky then go and head to the mall to purchase sundries for the house, well Becky shops Ben sits and watches her. Becky picks out 800 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets with matching comforters and blankets.

They go to purchase furniture for the house, sofas for the living room, dinning room table and chairs. Mattresses for the beds, and everything they need in the kitchen. "Ben, honey. Does Nikki know how to cook?" Becky asks him with her cart full of kitchen stuff. "Maybe we should hire a maid that can cook for them?" Ben says. A quick search on his smart phone Ben sees a listing for Cass & Company and he calls the toll-free number and sets up an appointment. "Should we hire a cook/chef and a maid?" Ben asks.

"Let's see what they think" Becky says as she goes and purchases what she selected. They load the limousine with all their goods minus the furniture that will be delivered in the middle of the week. They take what they just purchased over to the house and put the stuff away.

They leave and go to the local grocery store and get cleaning and laundry supplies. While Becky is cleaning and washing the sheets Ben looks around the house and tells Becky "They really need an entertainment center in the living room.

You mind if I leave you hear while I go to Best Buy and get them setup?" Ben asks. "No go ahead" Becky says and she follows him out and locks the door. Ben goes and buys a 55" 3D TV with a 3D blu-ray player and stereo system. Ben has them ship it for the next day and heads back to the new house. He asks the driver where a good place to get take out and they go and get something to eat and head back to the house.

"Hey honey, I am back with something called lobster rolls" Ben says as he heads into the kitchen. "What is a lobster roll?" Becky asks. "It looks like lobster meat on a hoagie roll" Ben tells her. They eat their rolls and finish up in the house.

Ben and Becky have a couple of days to sightsee before the furniture starts being delivered. They head back to the Ritz-Carlton and call it a day. When they get to their room they get a call from Tiffani.

"Master, Danni just gave birth to sextuplet girls she has named Piper Denise, Precious Becky, Paige Gretchen, Pippa Missy, Penelope Reba, Penny Nicole, mother and babies are healthy and waiting to see you next week. Gretchen and Denise are very close. How are things going up there in Boston?" Tiffani says. "We bought a house for Nikki and Karl" Ben says on speaker phone "More like a mansion, six bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, you would like it Tiffani" Becky interjects.

"We got Karl into Harvard and bought them a Mercedes-Benz SUV. Got the house pretty much furnished, waiting delivery on the furniture. Met the kids student advisor, she seems very nice" Ben tells Tiffani. "Did you introduce her to BIG FELLA?" Tiffani asks jokingly. "NO, but did open an investigation on her" Ben says sternly. "Call us if there are any more births and if there are any problems" Becky tells her mother. Ben and Becky order room service and take it easy that night.

The next day they take delivery of the Mercedes-Benz and take it to the new house and put it in the garage. They then go sightseeing with the chauffeur guiding them. They go to the Atlantic Fish Company for dinner and treat the guide for his generosity. The next day they take delivery of some of the furniture and then go sightseeing again. They call Kamora and invite her to dinner. She cannot make it that night but the following night is free. They tell her they will pick her up.

They make reservations at Scampo for three at eight for the following night. Ben and Becky then go out to Grill 23 an upscale seafood restaurant. They like it so much they intend on taking Nikki and Karl Jr. with Karl Sr. and Dee when they come back in three weeks.

They go back to the Ritz-Carlton and go to the bar for a drink. They get a call from Tiffani that Gretchen and Denise have gone into labor. Ben asks if they had a chance to set up the skype session so that he can witness it from the hotel. Tiffani informs them that Freddie has it all setup. Ben and Becky head to the suite and login to the session and witness Gretchen giving birth to her quintuplet girls she names, Gabriella Denise, Gaetane Marie, Gaetane Danni, Gavriella Missy, Gia Becky, they all weigh around six pounds and are healthy.

While she was giving birth her daughter starting giving birth to her quintuplet girls she names, Mea Becky, Melita Danni, Mercede Gretchen, Mistico Missy, Mita Nikki, they weigh around seven pounds each. Ben congratulates the mothers and tells them they did a great job. He tells them that he cannot wait to get back home to meet his new baby girls. Tiffani tells that Soyeon's girls are due soon and should give birth in the next two weeks. Ben looks at Becky and tells Tiffani that he cannot wait to arrive back home.

He congratulates the new mothers again and tells them he will see them on Sunday. Ben logs out of skype and orders champagne to celebrate with Becky.

They drink their champagne and discuss the new babies. "I really miss being at the births of my children. The next day the go and meet with Cass & Company about the maid and chef for Nikki and Karl. They discuss with the company what the want, they decide on a maid that is a live-out maid and the same for the private chef. They ask to interview the chefs in three weeks time when they are back in town with Nikki and Karl who the chef will be cooking for.

The company agrees and Ben tells them that the maid will start their work in three weeks. He asks to meet with the maids and they bring in several maids. He likes a maid that is in her forties.

He interviews her and asks if she minds working for a couple that of mixed race. She says, of course not. Ben tells her that the house has six bedrooms and five baths that she will be required to do all the cleaning six days a week. She agrees to his terms and Ben hires her. He tells the company to start paying her starting Monday. He gives them the address of the house and reminds them they will be there in three weeks.

He makes a twenty-five thousand dollar deposit for their salaries and administrative costs. They leave and pickup Kamora for dinner at Scampo. The get to know more about Kamora that night about her wishes and her dreams and about her mother Cam.

She is an administrative assistant for a company in Manhattan, she doesn't like her job. Kamora tells them her mother's boss is abusive and nasty. Ben asks her what company does her mother work for and she gives it to him.

Becky tells Kamora that Ben is a very powerful businessman with a lot of contacts. "Kamora, I will see if I can help your mother. I might know of someone who needs help in Manhattan. Do you have a picture of your mother?" Ben asks her and she brings out her phone.

Kamora shows them several pictures of her and her mother. Cam is very beautiful light complication black woman. "I see where you get your beauty from. You wouldn't happen to have a picture of your father on this phone would you?" Ben asks as he shows the picture of Cam to Becky. Kamora shows them pictures of her father with her mother. Her father is very dark-skinned African immigrant who is in a military uniform.

They eat dinner and discuss Harvard the education Kamora is getting there. After dinner they take Kamora back to her dorm and they tell her they will call her when they come back to town with Nikki and Karl Jr. When they are back in the limousine Ben calls his private investigator and asks him how the investigation is going.

The investigator tells him that it is almost complete and that so far everything is fine and that Kamora and her family is very hard-working and honorable. Her father was given the Congressional Medal of Honor for his duty in the gulf war. She is there on scholarship and that her mother works hard and is not in any considerable debt. Ben gets Cam's address and particulars. Ben asks the investigator to do a search on Cam and see if she has a resume out on any website.

The next day the investigator calls Ben and tells him that Cam is looking for another job and he sends him her resume. Ben looks it over and calls his friend in New York City. "Harrison, this is Ben Barnes. I need a favor of you" Ben asks his friend. "Ben, it is good to hear from you again. What can I do for you?" Harrison says. "I have a woman who needs a job as an administrative assistant, will you help her out for me?" Ben asks. "Let me see her resume, I don't really need an administrative assistant" Harrison says.

Ben faxes Cam's resume and Harrison looks it over and tells Ben he will call her and setup an appointment with her. He tells Ben he will call him back in the morning.

Harrison calls Can and asks schedules an interview with her for later that day. They meet and hit it off, Harrison finds her very attractive and professional. He offers her triple her current salary and a position as his personal assistant. Harrison informs her of her duties as his personal assistant, which includes taking care of his social calendar, his home in Manhattan and in The Hamptons.

Cam thinks it over and agrees with the terms. Harrison is infatuated with Cam and calls Ben the next day "Ben, I have hired Cam as my personal assistant. She is a very beautiful person. I offered her triple her current salary" Harrison tells him. "Very good, I appreciate this very much. I am indebted to you Harrison" Ben tells him.

"No, I am indebted to you. For bringing her into my life" Harrison says. Later that day Ben gets a call from an ecstatic Kamora, "Mr. Barnes, I just got a call from my mother. She just got a new job. Full benefits, triple her present salary. She is being driven around in a chauffeured car. My mother is very happy. Did you do this?". "Kamora, I have a friend in New York that needed help and your mother was looking and I just put the two together" Ben tells her.

"Why did you do this for me and my mother?" Kamora asks. "Your mother needed a new job and I could help" Ben tells her. "You are a powerful man as your wife told me" Kamora says. "Yes, just remember that. I have many friends and very few enemies" Ben tells her. "We will see you in a couple weeks, Becky and I are finished getting ready for Nikki and Karl's arrival and are heading home in the morning.

Let me know how your mother likes her new job when we come back in two weeks" Ben tells her. The next day they leave the Ritz-Carlton and head to the airport, Ben signs the limousine bill and gives the driver a five-hundred dollar tip. They fly back home first-class and the flight is uneventful and get back to the mansion. Tiffani greets them and tells them that Charles and his family left the mansion a couple of days after they left for Boston.

Joey left her cellphone number for him. Ben gets undressed as does Becky. "It is nice be home again, wearing clothes all the time was a bit cumbersome" Becky says. "I want to go see the new mothers" Ben says as he heads upstairs, he goes sees Danni, Gretchen and Denise.

"Danni, how are you feeling honey?" Ben asks as he leans over and kisses her. He picks up one of his daughters and kisses her. "You did a very good job. I am sorry that I wasn't there for the birth" Ben tells her. "Master, you have responsibilities that you needed to take care of. I was in good hands here. I love you and my new life here in the mansion" Danni tells him and kisses him very passionately. Ben kisses each of his new baby girls.

Ben then goes to see Gretchen and Denise and their babies. He tells all of them how proud he is of them. He leaves Denise's room and head down the hallway and runs into Monica who pulls him into her room. "Master, welcome home. I was wondering when you are going to have a chance to get me and my sisters pregnant.

It would help if you had sex with us once in a while" Monica says as she drops to her knees and worships BIG FELLA. Once Ben is fully-erect Monica takes BIG FELLA out of her throat and then puts him on his back in the bed. "Master, please bless me and my daughters with your children. It is our duty to give you our children. Please Master give me the gift of your child.

My body, soul and life belong to you my love. I have longed for a man like you for my entire life, my daughters belong to you and willingly love and cherish you" Monica tells him before she mounts BIG FELLA and starts riding him.


"Master, we are all fertile this week. Can we have your seed?" Ashley says, "We want to get pregnant with your children" Amy says. "We hope to give you male children" Angie tells him "My daughters all want to have your children". "Okay, I will make love to all of you" Ben says with a smile. "Go and get my pills from Tiffani or Becky while I finish up with your mother" Ben tells them and they run out the room to find Becky.

"Are you sure you want this Monica?" Ben asks her as she bounces up and down on BIG FELLA, her large 36D breasts bouncing. He passes her cervix just as her sisters come running back into the room with his pills. Ben grunts and starts pouring his seed into Monica.

When he is done he pulls out of Monica and the girls start sucking on BIG FELLA. "Oldest to youngest, no fighting and no seconds until I get done with all of you" Ben tells them.

Angie being the oldest is the first to ride BIG FELLA once they girls have gotten him hard. Becky comes into the room and laughs, "Master, your work is never done.

Enjoy yourself and girls don't wear him out. Let him rest when he wants to". "Thank you Mistress Becky. Hopefully his seed will take. We all want beautiful children like he gave Gretchen and her daughters" Angie says.

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"I can never get enough of Ben, he makes me feel so warm and full" Monica says laying next to Ben being ridden by Angie. Angie screams out an orgasm as she takes BIG FELLA deep, she cums all over BIG FELLA. BIG FELLA is covered with Angie's thick creamy white girl cum as Ben rolls her over and starts pounding away on her cervix. Angie's daughters Anita, Ann and Anna sit next to her watching their mother encouraging Ben.

"Master, pound our mother into oblivion. Make her cum again and again. Stretch her pussy" Anita says as her younger sister Anna starts licking on BIG FELLA and his huge balls. Her twin Ann comes over and they start sucking on one testicle each. Once Ben has finally pushed past Angie's cervix Anita pushes two fingers into Ben's anus and starts milking his prostate making him climax harder than usual.

When he is finished climaxing and has exited Angie's womb her belly is swollen with the huge load Ben just put in there. Anna and Anita start sucking on their mother's pussy cleaning up her cum along with the remnants of their Master's ejaculate. "Master, this would be outrageous before I moved down here.

Having an incestuous relationship with my daughters, but here it feels right" Angie says. "Go with it, Angie. You are free to experience all the pleasures you can imagine. You are free here to love and be loved, one thing you should already know and realize is that everyone here loves and cares for you.

This goes for everyone here. We care for each other and love each other" Ben tells her as her daughters make her climax. "Mom, we "play" with each other all the time" Anna tells her as she kisses her twin Ann. "Let's take Master to our my room" Ann says as she takes Ben by his hand with her twin Anna. Ashley and her sister Amy go with them. "Master, I want to play also. Will you let me suck you hard before you have sex with Anita or Ashley?" little eleven and a half-year old Angela asks.

"Baby, yes. And when I am hard and Anita is riding me I want you to sit on my face so I can suck on your virgin pussy. I need some virgin pussy and virgin cum" Ben says with a smile. "Yippee, Master" Angela says as she grabs a hold of BIG FELLA. They go into Ann's room. Angela starts sucking on BIG FELLA. She licks the shaft and balls and rims his anal ring, "Damn, that is a new trick Angela" Ben says.

"Master, I learned that on a website we have been looking at it has a lot of videos and stories" Angela tells him as she goes back to sucking on his cock. "Master, we have all been reading the Kama Sutra" Ashley tells him. "Oh, shit. Not only do I have hundreds of women to satisfy but new positions to perfect" Ben says. "You have it so rough, Master" Annabelle says.

Once he is hard, Ben lies down on the bed and Ashley starts riding BIG FELLA and Angela straddles her Masters face and he starts sucking her off to orgasm after orgasm. Ashley rides Ben for a good 90 minutes and Ben continues to suck on little Angela's pussy.

Angela has been climaxing repeatedly for the last thirty minutes and she finally explodes and passes out. "I have never seen someone climax so hard and so often and then literally pass-out" Angie says. "Are you alright Angela?" Angie asks as she brushes her daughter's hair away from her face.

Groggily Angela looks up at her and tells her "Never been better, Master is an expert at cunnilingus. I am tingling all over". Ben turns Ashley over and starts pounding her cervix hard and fast. Ashley grunts and moans out three orgasms until Ben finally breaks through her cervix and pours a huge load into her womb. Ben exits her and lies on his back as Amy and Ann get him water, Ensure and his pills.

"Ladies, I need to rest a while" Ben tells them as he takes his pills and drinks the Ensure. Amy and Anita lay next to Ben on either side with Ann on top of him.

Anna takes BIG FELLA and pushes it inside of her pussy. BIG FELLA is limp but still over nine inches long. They sleep like this and when Ben is aroused BIG FELLA grows inside of Anna, much to her delight.

Anna is awoken as BIG FELLA grows inside of her. She starts grinding on BIG FELLA as Ben wakes up. Ben kisses Amy, Anita and finally Ann as she slides off of him and he sees Anna grinding on BIG FELLA. "Good Morning, Master. How did you sleep?" Anna asks him with a smile on his face. "Nothing like waking up with beautiful women all around you. Amy can you get me my pills and something to drink?" Ben asks.

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She nods and kisses him and then goes and gets him his pills and a meal. Becky comes by the room with Laurie and look in at their husband, "Are you alright, Honey?" Becky asks. "Never been better, enjoying Anna and her sisters" Ben tells her as Anna continues to ride him "Reanna, Nikki and the guys will be back in a couple of days.

Hyejung and her sisters are close to giving birth" Laurie tells Ben as she comes over and kisses him and Anna. "I can't wait to see my new children" Ben says as he rolls over and starts pounding Anna. "Give me a baby, Master. I want your baby growing inside of me" Anna says as she grabs her Masters' buttocks.

Anna's little five foot frame is dwarfed by her lover's six-four frame as he pumps her with great velocity. Ben has little Anna's legs over his shoulders as he pounds away. Anna grunts and moans with every thrust. Ben strokes her with thirteen inches of BIG FELLA. Amy comes into the room and greets Becky and Laurie, "I see Ben is enjoying Anna" she says to Becky. "I am enjoying my Master" Anna grunts out.

After about thirty-five minutes Ben pushes through her cervix and pours his seed into Anna young womb. When he is finished he exits little Anna's pussy and lays on his back. Amy, Anita and Ashley suck on BIG FELLA and Anna's stretched out pussy.

When they are finished Ben gets up and tells them he is going to the gym to exercise, "Don't you think you have had a lot of exercise lately, with all the girls" Becky asks him with a smirk. "I am going to take a run on the treadmill" Ben tells her and the girls smile. They all love watching Ben run on the treadmill.

Ben heads downstairs to the gym after he kisses his slaves. He enters the gym and sees Danella and Danny riding stationary bikes. Ben says hello to them and Danella motions him over and she gives her master a kiss. "How are you two doing?" Ben asks "Are you guys comfortable and enjoying yourselves here in the mansion". "Yes, Master" Danny says, "We love it here, we are finally free to enjoy each other" Danella continues. "We would have to sneak around to enjoy each others company back in Texas now we" Danny says and Danella continues "free to be with each other.

We always knew what each other was thinking and", "Feeling before now it is just closer ties with each other" Danny finishes their statement. "That is unnerving and kind of special. When one of you start something and the other finishes it" Ben tells them. "Master, we always know what the other is thinking. When we make love to each other it is like we are making love to ourselves. It is something so close and special, I don't think either of us could live without the other" Danella says and Danny nods.

Ben starts to run on the treadmill as Estella and Mariah come by the window and look at Ben running. They smile as they see BIG FELLA swinging in front of him. Gerald and Gabriel, Phoebe's sixteen year old twins are right behind them. They go into the pool area. After Ben is finished running the ten miles that is his routine to keep in shape he takes a towel and wipes the sweat from his brow and tells the twins he is going to the pool area.

They follow him and see Gerald and Gabriel laying down on lounge chairs with Estella and her sister Mariah sucking on their huge cocks. "Master, it seems like our mother and aunt like those big cocks" Danella says with a smile. Both guys grunt and start pouring their seed down the ladies throats. Estella and Mariah continue to suck on them and get them hard again.

The guys pull out a couple of condoms as George and Jake come into the room. The girls put the condoms on the boys and straddle them.

While bouncing up and down on their huge 14" cocks Estella looks at Jake and George, "Are you guys just going to hang out over there and watch or are you going to join us?" she asks them.

George and Jake look at each other and smile. They go over to where Estella and Mariah are riding the twins and each takes a cock in their mouths and starts to suck on them. Once they are erect the ladies lay down on the twins and the boys spread their ass checks. George slides his 13" cock inside of Estella's ass with several strong pushes as Jake pushes his twelve-inch cock inside of Mariah's anal ring.

Both Estella and Mariah start screaming and moaning out their pleasure in getting double-penetrated by the strong vivacious young men. They climax repeatedly as the guys pound away with long deep strokes. Ben, Danella and Danny head into the pool and swim for a little while and watch the action. Becky and Tiffani come into the room with Soyeon close behind them.

Soyeon says "Master, Master girls are ready to give birth to your babies". Ben smiles and jumps out of the water and towels off. "It seems like Estella and Mariah are enjoying their time here in the mansion of love!" Tiffani says with a smile as she watches the four guys pounding away on them.

Ben, Becky, Tiffani and Soyeon go upstairs to the birthing suite and witness the girls give birth to thirteen baby girls. Hyejung gives birth to quadruplets she names, Min Hee "Brightness and Pleasure", Min Jee "Brightness and Wisdom", Min Jung "Brightness and Nobel", Myung Hee "Brightness and Pleasure", Hyomi gives birth to triplets she names, Jae "Respect" ,Jae Hwa "Respect and Beauty", Jin Ae "Truth", Hyeri gives birth to triplets she names, Mi Cha "Beauty and Daughter", Mi Hi "Beauty and Joy", Mi Kyong "Beauty and Brightness", and Hyerim gives birth to triplets she names, Chun Hei "Justice and Grace", Eun Ae "Grace and Love", Hei Ryung "Grace and Brightness", all weigh between six and eight pounds.

"Master, we gave you more beautiful girls. Do you like your new daughters?" Hyerim asks Ben. "Hyerim, girls you all did great. I love my new daughters and love their mothers even more" Ben tells them and kisses each mother and their daughters.

Soyeon comes over and kisses Ben and her girls, "Master, I told you my girls would make great slaves. My sister and nieces are making good slaves also. They really love living here with you and the family".

"Soyeon, you are all very good slaves and wives. I am happy that Eun and her girls are happy here" Ben tells her. Just then Eun and her girls come into the room and say something in Korean to Soyeon and the new mothers. They are all due in a couple of months and Hyejung tells them to speak in English. "Master, the baby girls are very beautiful. I can't wait until our children our born. Hee, Jung, Kyung and myself are having boy according to Doctor Nadia. Mi and Sun are having girls" Eun says as each girl kisses their Master and strokes BIG FELLA.

They also kiss their Mistress Becky and their cousins. "Master, our lives are so much better here in your mansion than it would ever be in Korea. Thanks for taking us in" Eun Hee says. Ben leaves his Korean slaves with their new-born babies to get in their rooms and goes to the nursery to see Tiffani, Mercedes, Annabelle and Janine taking care of many of babies.

Ben Jr. comes running up to his dad and jumps into his arms yelling daddy. "Hey Junior" Ben says as he hugs his namesake, "Are you helping grandma with your brothers and sisters?". "Yes, Daddy. Where is momma?" Ben Jr.

asks as Becky comes into the room. "Here I am Junior" Becky says as she hugs her husband and her first-born baby. "We are so blessed, son to have daddy. He loves us so much that he as provided you with a lot of playmates. Brothers and Sisters to play with and to grow-up with" Becky says. "You will be first, and will be their brother and their Master.

You are to take over for your father when you are older" Tiffani tells her grandchild. Ben Jr. does not understand this, how could he being so young, but he will be raised as the heir apparent to the family fortune and empire that Ben and Becky are putting together. They will instill in him the will and desire to take care of the family after they are gone.

Ben is building his own little community, he plans on building a buffer zone around the estate, both property wise and with allies and people in the community. Ben is a couple of days away from opening up the new school for his children and the office building that will house Barnes Charities that will be managed by Becky, Suzanne and Scarlet.

Ben and Becky have discussed giving back to the community and helping deserving single mothers with housing, education and job placement. One requirement that Becky insisted on was that the mothers are drug free and must be deserving of a hand up. They will work with Petra the social worker to identify worthy candidates. Ben takes his son and Becky with him as he leaves the nursery. They head down the hall and hear noises coming from within Cecil's room. Ben opens the door to see Cecil with Nevaeh and her daughters.

Nevaeh is on top of Cecil riding him for all he is worth. Anya and Arushi see their Master and Mistress in the door, "Master, Mistress I hope you are not mad at us but we like Cecil, all of us" Anya says. "Master, if it is alright with you I want to be exclusive with you and Cecil.

I want to be his, we want be with Cecil I love him and I believe he loves me. We have the same interests and connect. Anya and Arushi love gardening with him as do my other girls" Nevaeh tells Ben out of breath.

"Ben, I can't keep up with you. I don't want to have sex with all the women in the mansion. I love Nevaeh and her girls. You know I have avoided having sex with all these other women. I am in Heaven with Nevaeh and her girls" Cecil says. Ben looks at Becky and she nods "Okay, if you all are in agreement. Nevaeh and her girls can be yours and you can be theirs" Ben tells them.

"Master, we are still yours. We love you and appreciate what you have provided for us" Arushi tells Ben and Becky with a smile. "I still want this" Aditi says grabbing BIG FELLA. "I want you to take my cherry when I turn 13" Melena says and her twin Tamara agrees. "Okay, do you guys want to stay in the mansion or move out?" Ben asks. "Can we discuss this later, Ben?" Cecil asks as he is close to cuming. Ben agrees and tells them to come see him when they are ready. Ben, Becky and Junior leave Cecil and crew.

Nudity doesn't phase Junior as he is very used to it growing up with everyone naked all the time. "Daddy, every girl calls you Master. Why is that?" Junior asks.

"Because they have voluntarily submitted themselves to me and I am their Master and protector. They belong to me. I belong to them and I take care of them. You will be their Master when you grow up and you will have to take care of them" Ben tells his son.

They go and see Scarlet and Suzanne in their room. "Are you ladies ready to start the Barnes Foundation?" Ben asks them.

They both nod yes as Vanessa comes over and holds Junior. Vanessa kisses Junior and plays with him as her sisters Valerie and Violet come over and asks Ben if they can worship him. He agrees and they begin to suck on BIG FELLA. As they do Becky tells Junior that the girls are taking care of his daddy. "The new office building is almost ready, I need you two to meet with the architect and design the offices for the foundation.

You each need a separate office as do I, we need a conference room and a reception area. Design it and decorate it appropriately.

I will introduce you to Petra who will be sending us women that are in need. I have discussed this with her over the years and have done a few things behind the scenes" Ben tells them.

"Master, we are ready to take this on with Becky" Suzanne says as she sees her daughters sucking on BIG FELLA. "We have been preparing for this since you told us about it" Scarlet tells him.

Valarie has BIG FELLA down her throat as her sister Violet is sucking on one of Ben's huge balls. Junior plays with Vanessa's C-cup breasts as he sits on her lap. Vanessa giggles as he does this. Junior looks up at Vanessa and says "I love these".

Ben laughs as does Becky, "Like father like son" she states. Vanessa kisses Junior and tells him she loves him and that he is adorable.

Vince comes into the room and tells Ben and Becky that his sister Ida and her children are arriving soon. Ben picks up the phone and calls to the security gate. He tells Jamal that Ida and her seven children are due to arrive.

Vince tells Jamal that he will text him her license plate and her photo. Jamal tells them he will take care of it and that he will call them when they arrive. "Ben, it has been years since I have seen my sisters and her kids. Thanks for letting them come for a visit" Vince says. "If they like it here they can stay, Vince. You have told them how we live?" Ben asks him. "Yes, Ben. They know that we all live here in your mansion in harmony.

I haven't told her about the nudity and that Suzanne and my daughters are your slaves and that they have sex with you and the other men" Vince tells him. "Maybe that is better, we can explain that when they arrive" Becky tells him.

"Any news on when the newlyweds are due to arrive?" Ben asks "Should be later today around dinnertime, Ben" Becky informs him as the girls finally get him off.

They swallow every drop of his seed not wanting to waste a drop. Ben tells them that they should all get cleaned up and ready for Ida and crew to arrive. Ben goes with Becky back to the master suite and takes a shower with her. In an hour Ida is at the security gate and is let through and Jamal calls Ben to inform him. Ben and Vince see Ida get out of her car with her children and they notice the statue of Ben. Ben shakes his head as the girls admire the statue. "I need to get rid of that damn thing.

It is embarrassing" Ben tells Vince. "Millicente would be very disappointed if you took the statue down" Vince says with a smile. Suzanne, Scarlet and the girls are in the foyer waiting for Ida as Hazel opens the door and welcomes them into the mansion.

"Scarlet, Suzanne is this where you guys live? This place looks like a huge hotel, a luxury hotel" Ida says. "Why are you all naked?" Daisy asks. "Because that is Mistress Becky's rule in the mansion. That we all be naked and have no hair below the neckline" Valarie tells her cousin. Vince comes into the room and goes to hug his sister.

"Your naked too" Ida says as her daughters look at his cock swinging between his legs. "Nice to see you, Sis. Long time no see. I noticed you saw the statue outside" Vince says. "Yes, who was the model for that?" Dixie says with a smile. "That was my Master and lover" Linda says showing her cousins her tramp stamp.

"Master, I want to introduce you to my sister-in-law and her children" Scarlet says as Ben walks in. Ida and her daughters Daisy and Dixie, sixteen-year old twins, and Fay and Frank thirteen-year twins, and finally Maurice, Manny and Monty fifteen-year old triplets. Ida and her daughter are choked up when they see BIG FELLA swinging between his legs.

"So you and your daughters are all Ben's slaves? And you all have sex with him!" Ida asks. "Yes, we are his slaves. We all submitted very willingly" Suzanne says. "Very, Very willing. Master is a great lover" Scarlet says.

"I have had sex with Uncle Vince and Ben and I enjoy it immensely" Lisa tells her aunt. "We enjoy our lives here. We are free to express ourselves, we are loved unconditionally by everyone in the house.

Aunt Mira is happy for probably the first time in her life" Linda tells them as Mira comes into the room holding hands with Tiffani and with Becky and Valerie holding Ben Junior. "Hello, Ida. It has been a long time. I see that you have met my Master and my husband Ben Barnes.

This is my lover Tiffani, her daughter and the Mistress of the house Becky and her and Ben's son Ben Junior is with Valerie" Mira tells Ida.

"We are all nudist here, we all walk around naked. It is nice to finally meet you Ida. Suzanne and Scarlet have told me all about you. Welcome to our house, please make yourselves welcome" Becky says to Ida with a kiss on the cheek.

"I am Ben's only legally married wife, but he treats all his women as his wives" Becky says as she grabs Junior. "This is my first-born, I have six other children with Ben. Most of the women here have or will give birth to their Masters children. Mira and her daughters are all pregnant with Ben's children. Why don't you and your children get undressed?" Becky says.

"I see the boys have really grown big" Lisa says as she and her sisters Linda and Lorraine go over and undress Monty, Maurice, Manny and Frank. "Nice cocks" Linda says as Daisy and Dixie look on astonished at the size of their brothers cocks. "You are free to have sex with any of my slaves as long as you wear a condom when you have sex in their pussies" Ben tells the boys.

"You mean you have anal sex?" Daisy asks. "Yes, and we love it" Vanessa says as the girls get undressed. "You will need to get rid of those bushes" Violet tells her cousins. "Ida, if you want to have sex with anyone in the mansion you will need to submit to a blood test. Our in-house doctor, Nadia, can do it in fifteen minutes. No one will force you to do anything you don't want to do, that goes for all of you. Boys you cannot force any woman to have sex with you.

You will find out that you will not need to. Enjoy yourselves while you are here" Ben tells them. Mira and Tiffani take Ida and her girls to a bathroom and shave their pussies.

"Mira, are you a lesbian now?" Ida asks. "Ida, all of us girls are bi-sexual. Some more than others. I love spending time with Tiffani, we have a special connection.

Wait till you have sex with Ben, He is a master at sex and giving his women orgasm after orgasm" Mira tell her. "What about your husband Phillip?" Ida asks her. "That limp dick son-of-a-bitch.

He was always away at work, never paid attention to me and the girls. I don't miss him one bit" Mira says with a smile, "I am loved here as are my daughters, sisters and best friend. We love it here. My kids love Ben, they are getting a great education. They are loved and cared for. They are all going to college" she continues. Tiffani and Mira start shaving Ida and her daughters while Linda, Lisa and Lorraine take the boys to their rooms.

Each girls starts sucking on one of their cocks while Peggy comes in and introduces herself to Frank. She puts him on the bed and starts sucking on his cock. While that is going on Mira and Tiffani finish with Ida and her girls and they admire their work, "Smooth as a babies butt" Tiffani says as she feels Ida's shaved clean pussy. The girls are sucking on the boys cocks as Ida and her daughters come by the room. "That didn't take long" Mira says. Linda is the first to get Monty off and swallows his whole load.

When finished she looks up at Ida and tells her "Aunt Ida, the boys are going to lose their virginity today, I am going to pop Monty's cherry soon. As soon as he can get hard again". Monty tells his mother that he loves it at the mansion and his brothers agree with him.

"Of course you love it here!" Ida says shaking her head as Ben walks up and asks Ida and her girls if they want a tour of the mansion. Ben takes them on the tour of the mansion, showing them their rooms along with the rest of the mansion.

When they get to the indoor/outdoor pool area Ben asks Ida if she wants a drink and makes her her favorite drink, a Pina Colada.

He gives the girls virgin versions and they settle in the lounge chairs. Ben asks Ida what she did back home, he already knows from the investigation he conducted on her but is testing her. She tells him that she is an administrative assistant for an executive in a law firm back in Milwaukee. Ben asks the girls if they like it in Wisconsin and they tell him it is nice in the summertime but they get a lot of snow in the wintertime.

When they are finished with their drinks Ben goes for a swim and is joined by Daisy, Dixie and Fay. Fay has a funny look on her face. "What is going on with you Fay, this is the second time since you been here that you made that funny face?" Dixie asks.

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"I think Frank just came again. I just felt it" Fay tells her as she swims up to Ben and holds on to his shoulder.

"Honey would you like to feel that first hand?" Ben asks as Becky comes into the room with Junior. Ben holds Fay's hand as they get out of the pool. Ben lays Fay down on her back and spreads her legs. He kneels down and starts to suck on her pussy, gently going from top to bottom. Slowly opening her labia and licking her inner lips and eventually stroking her hymen which drives her crazy and makes her climax hard.

Ida, Dixie and Daisy are watching Fay have orgasm after orgasm. When she has had six orgasms Ben gets up and lays down next to her. Fay looks over at Ben glassy-eyed in a daze from all the orgasm. "Are you alright?" Ida asks. Fay nods, "I want some of what Fay just had" Dixie says, and her twin says her too. Ben tells Dixie to come sit on his face and let him eat her out.

Dixie jumps up and runs over to him and as soon as Ben starts she start cumming hard. "Ben really loves cunnilingus, if you haven't realized that yet" Becky says to Ida. "Heeees really good aaaaat itttt" Dixie says stuttering. Daisy looks on envious and anxious to get her turn she kneels down by Ben's crotch and starts playing with his cock.

"What does this say on the top?" She says. "BIG FELLA" the slaves in the room say in unison. "That is appropriate" Daisy says as she strokes BIG FELLA. "Let me show you have to give a blow job, Daisy" Mira says as she kneels on the other side of Daisy and demonstrates how to suck a cock.

Mira demonstrates how to deep throat BIG FELLA and gives Daisy her turn and eventually she succeeds to get it all the way down her throat.

"Your doing a great job Daisy!" Becky tells her. "Ida, you and your daughters are welcome to make love to Ben anytime you want" she continues. Just then Ben starts cuming hard down Daisy's throat. You can see BIG FELLA pumping load after load down her outstretched throat.

Meanwhile Dixie climaxes for the last time as she passes out after cumming hard. She falls off of Ben's face as Ida lays her down on a lounge chair. Dixie looks up at her mother and tells her barely above a whisper "That was fantastic, I am tingling all over". Ida watches as Daisy jumps up and straddles Ben's face. Ben starts in on her virgin pussy making Daisy climax almost immediately. Suzanne and Scarlet come into the room as they see their niece enjoying their Master's affections.

"Ida, have you enjoyed our Master's affections yet?" Scarlet asks. Ida shakes her head as Becky tells them that the girls have enjoyed Ben's talented tongue while her boys are getting serviced upstairs.

Suzanne sits to the right of Ida and Scarlet to the left and they start telling her stories about how Ben has taken care of them and their daughters and the other women. How he is a master at sex. They take their sister-in-law over to where Ben is enjoying Daisy's sweet young virgin pussy and set her on top of Ben's legs.

Suzanne and Scarlet stroke BIG FELLA, "Isn't this the thickest, fattest, longest cock you have ever seen?" Scarlet says before she takes him into her mouth. She gets him hard in a matter of minutes.

They position Ida over top of BIG FELLA and push her down on him. "Give into him, Ida. Enjoy BIG FELLA, feel him stretch you to new lengths" Scarlet tells her. Ida lets go and starts humping up and down Ben, she lets out a loud screaming orgasm. First of many for her as Daisy has another one. Scarlet and Suzanne start kissing Ida and then move down her to her ample C cup breasts.

Ida starts moaning and groaning as Reanna & Nikki come into the room with their husbands. "Looks like nothing has really changed here, Ben is still enjoying his slaves" Reanna says. Renee comes into the room with Karl Sr. and Dee. They welcome their children home and watch Ida ride BIG FELLA.

"Give in to him, Master is amazing" Dee tells Ida. Daisy if finally climaxed out and passes out while still on top of Ben's face. Tiffani and Mira help her off of Ben and lay her down next to her twin sister. Ben looks up and sees Ida riding him. Suzanne and Scarlet are still kissing her and sucking on breast as Ida has another orgasm, she has taken twelve inches of BIG FELLA into her.

Ben reaches up and pulls Ida further down on him and while he has her held tight he turns her over and starts pounding her cervix fast and hard. Ida starts moaning and groaning as her brother finally walks into the room. "Ida, give yourself to Ben. Become his slave, give yourself willingly to him body and soul" Vince tels her. Ida groans "Shut up and let me enjoy this!".

Ben is hammering away, deeper and deeper as Vince, Scarlet, Suzanne and the others watch on including Ida's three daughters. Dixie, Daisy and Fay watch intently as Ben drives his powerful thick cock deeper and deeper into their mother. Dixie is the first to submit to Ben. "Ben, I want to be your slave. I want to become your property, I want to be your lover and give you children like my cousins" Dixie states as Ben continues to pound her mothers cervix into submission.

It is another hour before Ben finally breaks through her cervix making Ida scream out loud. "Master always pours his seed directly into our wombs, Ida. It is where his powerful seed belongs. You WILL be his" Mira tells her. Ben rears back and starts pumping load after load into her womb, filling it up. When he is done Ida's belly is pertruding out as if she was three months pregnant. Ben exits Ida's well-fucked pussy with a loud pop and gets up and goes to a nearby lounge chair.

He welcomes the returning honeymooners and introduces them to Ida and her girls as Maurice, Manny, Monty and Frank come into the pool area with Lisa, Linda and Lorraine their cousins along with Rachel, Sam and Sarah. Reanna's sisters greet their sister. "Master, please excuse me. I want to go see my girls" Reanna says as she goes with her twin to the nursery.

James and Karl Jr. go to the pool with Nikki after she kisses her father hello. "Ida, girls this is my daughter Nikki and her husband Karl. They have just gotten back from their honeymoon with Reanna and James. Reanna as you probably have noticed is my slave" Ben tells them as Reanna and Rachel come back into the pool area with Reanna's three girls Montana, Morgan and Mariah along with Tiffani's daughter Daniella.

"Tiffani, Daniella wanted her mother" Rachel says as she hands her baby off. "These are my daughters Montana, Morgan and Mariah. My Master is the father" Reanna tells Ida and her girls, "He has kindly given me to James.

James gets out of the pool dries off and takes one of the girls. Daisy gets up and looks over at James, "Are all the men in the mansion hung?" she asks. "Most are, you will get use to seeing the guys walking around with their cocks swinging in front of them. You can have sex with any one of them once you become Ben's slave. You are in charge, no man here will force you to have sex with them. They must use a condom when they fuck you in your pussy, otherwise they can go bareback" Becky tells her.

"You mean you have anal sex?" Daisy questions. "Yes, every chance we can. You might like it if you try it" Ida raises her head "I don't think we are going to join the family. I enjoyed the sex, but I don't want to be someones slave. I don't want my girls growing up your slaves, and begin breed like animals".

"Mom, I am going to be Ben's slave. Look at this place, it is paradise. Ben is a great lover you just experienced that" Dixie.

The boys pipe up telling their mother they all want to stay that they love it in the mansion. "Of course you boys do. You have just had sex and the possibilities of you having endless sex is nearly a hundred percent here" Ida says "Ida, sweetheart" Ben says as he goes over to her, "You do not have to make this decision so soon.

Know this I will take care of you and your children just like I do with your brother, sister-in-laws and their children.

Take your time, we have plenty of time". Ben is confident in himself and the lifestyle his provides his women. Daisy, Dixie and Fay come over to him and take care of Ben. They say they want to go swimming and lead Ben to the outdoor pool, "Come with us, Master let's go swimming!".

They enter the pool and swim around Ben. Fay and Dixie climb on and hang to his shoulders as Daisy swims up in front of him. "I want to be your slave, Master.

What is required of me?" Daisy says. "I want you to take my virginity also, My Master" Fay tells Ben. "So all three of you want to be my slaves, you will have to convince your mother. As for your question Daisy these are the requirements to become a slave.

One you must submit to me willingly. Secondly, you must submit to training which includes having sex with me ten times in a row without interruption in your pussies and asses. You must also perform oral sex on me twenty times in a row without interruption.

Third, you must continue your eduction until you graduate from university. You must obey all my commands and that of my wife, Becky, who will be your Mistress and my other wives that you will be introduced to. You must also bear me children. Do this and you will be taken care of for the rest of your lives" Ben tells them.

"In our asses" Fay says. "Trust me you will love it" Ben tells her. They swim around and play water polo for awhile until Becky and Tiffani come in the pool with their children in tow.

Ben and the girls swim over and Junior yelps out for his father and does Daniella. "All the babies here are my children girls and I have many children.

I love my family and my children all of them equally" Ben tells Ida's girls. "How many children do you have, Ben?" Dixie asks. "I think the total is around three-hundred with Jenny, Jenny, Chasity, Jess, Kelsi, Brook, Dee and Ashley due in the next week or two" Ben tells them, "Did I forget anything, Becky?".

"Ameillia is due this month also". They get out of the pool and lay out in the summer sunshine to dry off. Once they are dry Ben and Becky take the girls to see the nursery and meet the rest of the family. They enter the living room and witness Joe servicing Roxanne's mother Poppy while Dana, Doreen, Leyla, Lili and Lidalila watch. Poppy has a loud screaming orgasm as they enter. Poppy looks over glassy-eyed at Ben and Becky and tells them "I could never get my husband to do this for me.

Joe has a very talented tongue". "Have fun ladies" Ben tells them as they take Ida's girls to the next room the entertainment room. "This room has every imaginable game or movie that you could think of. We have a pool, ping-pong and foosball tables large screen televisions" Ben tells them as they look on.

They go upstairs and check in on Nadia and Nadine. Nadine comes up and kisses her Master, she has her baby boys with her. "The boys are growing up fast, my lovely sweet dove. Nadine, Nadia these are Vince's nieces Dixie, Daisy and Faye they want to join the family" Ben tells her. Nadine hugs the sisters and tells them they will love it in the mansion. That Ben is a wonderful man and great provider. Nadia tells them that he is also a great lover and lover of many many women.

The girls leave as Charmaine, Chellise and Chemier come into the telling Nadia that their water has broken. "Are you the father of their babies, Master?" Daisy asks. Ben tells her no, but one of the other guys is. "The men here are allowed to have sex with the maids if they are willing" Ben tells her. "We are very willing, I believe Karl Sr. is the father of my babies. It really doesn't matter, Master Ben has agreed to take care of us" Chellise tells them as she climbs onto the delivery table.

"Most of us maids are pregnant, we have had sex with all the men in this mansion. We went willingly into their bed, or our beds as the case maybe. We have had sex with everyone except for Master Ben. He saves himself for his slaves" Charmaine says looking lovingly at BIG FELLA. "Most of the guys here are very good at pounding pussy, Joe is amazing at cunnilingus. I believe he is teaching the other guys, except for Master Ben. I hear the mistresses say he is the "Master at Cunnilingus"" Chemier tells them.

Ben smiles as the girls agree with that. "I am trying to get Master to take my virginity" Faye says "Keep after him. He loves virgin pussy" Nadia tells them. "He sure does like sucking virgin pussy" Cam says as she walks by Nadia's birthing suite. The girls smile and agree, "Master made me climax so hard so many times that I passed out" Faye tells Cam. "He has that effect on women" Cam says laughing as she strokes BIG FELLA in her small hands.

Cam kisses her Master and tells him she loves him. She kisses Daisy, Dixie and Faye and tells them she hopes they become part of the family. Ben takes the girls to the nursery after kissing Nadia and squeezing her large breasts. "Master, you need to visit me" Nadia says.

As they leave Ben tells her that he will see her tonight. Little does he know that Nadia is planning on a three-way with her BFF Emily. Ben takes the girls up to the nursery to visit the babies. "Girls we could always use an extra hand in changing diapers and bathing" Janine tells them. She is in the room with Mercedes, Anabelle and several other girls. "A lot of Ben's slaves are in nursing school" Gabby says as the girls introduce themselves.

"Your mother hasn't committed to becoming Ben's slave yet?" Vanessa asks. "No, but we have" Dixie tells her. "I want Master to take my virginity as soon as possible" Daisy says as she squeezes on BIG FELLA. "Being Master's slave is more than just the fantastic sex you have with him.

You become his property and are expected and will be required to go to college and study a subject that will benefit the family. A couple of the guys are studying to become lifeguards, which is helpful with the pools. Have you girls figured out what you want to do after high school?" Annabelle asks them. Daisy tells them she always wanted to be a doctor of some sort, Dixie likes to draw and wants to be an artist and Faye says she loves school and wants to teach.

Ben smiles and knows he is going to pair Daisy with the doctors in the family and Dixie with Millicente and Faye with all the teachers. They leave the nursery and Ben takes them to the master suite, "Girls you are going to stay with me tonight with the bed slaves and Becky" Ben tells them.

The Ida's girls are happy and pull Ben to the bed, once there they put him on his back and they take turns sucking on BIG FELLA until he is hard. One girl would suck on the head and take him down her throat as another one would lick the shaft and the third would lick and suck on his huge balls. Once he is hard Faye is the first one to straddle Ben. She rubs her pussy on BIG FELLA making contact with her clitoris on every stroke.

Fay has a screaming orgasm and then pushes the bulbose head of BIG FELLA into her virgin pussy. Ben grabs Faye's hips and starts pulling her down on BIG FELLA, making her scream out in pain. "It only hurts in the beginning baby" Ben tells Faye as she cries from the pain. Her twin sisters hold her and start kissing her and suck on her breasts.

Frank comes running into the room, "Is Faye alright. I felt that she was in a lot of pain" he says as he sees his sisters with Ben. Dixie looks at him and tells him that they are going to be Ben's slaves and that they are all going to give him their virginity today.

"Oh, Frankie" Faye screams and he comes running up to her. "I felt it when you had an orgasm earlier. Did you enjoy loosing your virginity?" Faye asks him. Frank tells her he did, a whole lot. They kiss passionately, "You two should meet Danella and Danny. They are twins just like the two of you and have the same interconnection" Ben says panting as he pulls Faye further down on BIG FELLA.

After about thirty minutes and six orgasms for Faye he turns her over and starts pounding her cervix, "Girls, I always cum in my slaves wombs" Ben grunts as he pounds Faye's young pussy and cervix into submission.

It takes him forty-five minutes to finally break through little Faye's cervix and start pouring his potent seed into her womb. Ben lays down next to Faye and asks her if she is alright.

"Master, it hurt when you broke my cherry but it got better. It hurt like hell when you went past my cervix. I thought I was going to die" Faye says just above a whisper. "Dixie can you get a wet wash cloth from the bathroom and clean up your sister" Ben asks.

She answers with a "Yes, Master" and runs off to the bathroom. She comes back and gently cleans off her baby sister. Faye moans as the cold soft cloth touches her deflowered pussy. Becky comes into the room and gets a pan of cold water and takes over for Dixie, "Faye dear, it will get better in time" she tells her as she puts a cold cloth on her pussy. Becky rubs Faye's belly as Dixie and Daisy start working on BIG FELLA with their hands, stroking him to fully-erect.

Ben laying on his back is enjoying the attention, Daisy jumps up and starts rubbing her pussy on BIG FELLA. "Ahhh, Master I feel the ridges, bumps and veins on my pussy" Daisy says as she has an orgasm by doing that. After she comes down from her climax she pushes BIG FELLA into her tight virgin pussy.

As she does this Dixie lays down next to Ben on the other side of Faye and starts kissing him and telling her new lover that she is next. Daisy goes wild riding Ben. "Master, this feels grrrreatt. Oh GOD. I know why you have so many women" Daisy screams as she takes half of BIG FELLA into her tight pussy.

Dixie gets up and goes between Ben's legs and starts sucking on his huge balls and licking her twins pussy. She tastes for the first time her sister's girl cum as she orgasms hard. Dixie cleans up the six inches of BIG FELLA that remains outside of Daisy's pussy.

"Where did you all those bumps and ridges in your cock?" Becky looks over at Daisy and tells her that she had Sheila put them under his skin. "Do they feel good Dixie?" Daisy asks her sister and all she can do is grunt as Ben rolls her over unto her back and starts pounding her with long deep strokes. Ben lifts little Dixie's legs and puts them on his chest as he starts to drive inch after inch of BIG FELLA into her, stretching her pussy.

Ben gets to her cervix and she starts to scream and moan as he pounds into her cervix. "Give into him Dixie, he is our Master now. Our protector and lover" Faye tells her older sister as she looks over with glassy eyes. Ben pounds on little 5'4 Dixie, "Master always puts his seed in his slaves wombs, he is going to breakthrough your cervix and pour his seed into you.

You will eventually become pregnant as is your duty. Your other duties will be explained to you in the days ahead" Becky tells her. All Dixie can muster is a "Yes, Mistress" very softly. It takes Ben an hour to breakthrough Dixie's cervix and another twenty minutes before he fills her up.

Ida has in the meantime come into the master-suite and has watched her daughter have orgasm after orgasm from Ben's powerful prowess as a lover. Daisy looks over to her mother and tells her that she is next and that they all want to stay and become Ben's slaves.

That the three of them have already committed to Ben. Faye whispers something to Becky and she nods yes. Faye then rolls over and gets in-between her twin's legs and starts sucking on his limp cock. "Faye, what are you doing? Stop that, that is your brother" Ida screams. Faye takes a hardening cock out of her mouth and tells her mother, "I need to practice so that I can perfect it for my Master. I love my twin and there is nothing wrong with me giving him pleasure, isn't that right Master?" Ben smiles and says yes and Faye starts going down on her brother again.

Within thirty minutes she gets him to climax for the fifth time that day. Faye not spilling a drop. Becky goes over to Frank and takes his limp cock into her hand and starts stroking it. She tells Ida to come over and she reluctantly does. Becky starts sucking on Frank's cock getting him hard and she motions Ida to join her. Frank is moaning and groaning from his blowjob as Vince comes into the room and puts his hard cock into his sister wet pussy. Ida moans as her brother strokes her pussy, Vince builds up speed.

Pounding her and then takes his tool out of her pussy and pushes it deep into her unsuspecting ass. Vince leans over and tells her "I Love you sis. I have wanted to do this since we were kids". Ida screams out for Vince to fuck her harder. Dixie and Faye look on as their uncle pounds away on Ida, "Kids, in this house we all love each other. We protect one another and nothing is out-of-bounds, except for men fucking your pussies without a rubber. Your pussies belong to me" Ben tells them before he pushes past Daisy's cervix and into her young womb.

Daisy lets out a loud scream as he does. Her sister tell her to relax and breathe. Vince climaxes in Ida's ass before Ben as Valerie, Suzanne and Scarlet come into the room. "Damn, Dad did you just fuck Aunt Ida in the ass" Valerie asks. "Damn, straight" is Vince's answer. Ida looks over at her sister-in-law and starts apologizing, "There is no need to apologize, Ida.

We are free to make love with anyone in the house. We are Master's slaves and we have had sex with all the men in this house. Master has impregnated all of us we are due in April. He will eventually impregnate you and your daughters. You are his slave now. Just look at Daisy his is pumping his seed into her womb now" Suzanne says as Ida looks over and sees Daisy's stomach being pressed out with the big bulbous head of BIG FELLA.

"Momma, I am his slave. I am his slave and lover. We want to stay" Daisy says just above a whisper "Damn, what do you do bring women in here and pound them until they become your slaves Ben?" Ida asks.

Ben grunts and pulls out of Daisy's womb and then her pussy with the usual pop, she screams and tells him that she wants more. He leans over and kisses her and tells her to rest up and there is plenty.

He rolls on to his back and is attached by Valerie, Dixie and Fay who clean his dripping wet cock. They get him hard and Valerie pushes her cousins aside and tells them to watch as she pushes BIG FELLA into her ass.

"Master owns every hole. Our bodies are for his use" Becky gets up after making Frank come for the seventh time. She goes and gets vitamins for Frank, the same ones every man takes that helps with their stamina and sperm production. She gets the girls their prenatal vitamins and a fertility drug that helps produce eggs.

When Valerie has gotten Ben to finally cum in her ass she jumps off and Daisy, who is recovered, Scarlet and Suzanne help clean off BIG FELLA. Ben is hard again much to the amazement of Ida.

He then goes over to her and spreads her legs and drives BIG FELLA deep inside of her, pounding her womb. "Tell me what you want. Tell me what you want" Ben says to Ida. He fucks her for a good two hours before she screams "I want to be your slave, I want you to be my MASTER, oh FUCK ME HARDER". Ben asks Becky to take the girls to get their "Property of Ben Barnes" tattoos and to have Nadia put in their RFID chips in their backs.

Ben pounds Ida for four hours as his bed slaves enter the room one by one. They enjoy the scene of BIG FELLA stretching out Ida's pussy. "Ida, your Master's slave now" Peggy tells her. "Are you on birth control" Tiffani asks and shakes her head no, "How about your daughters?" again she shakes her head no. "Good within a couple of months you four will be pregnant." Ben says with a grin. "Master more times than not gives his slaves multiple children at a time.

I had two sets of triplets, he is going to give me more babies when I graduate high school" Peggy tells Ida. Ben then rears back and starts pouring his seed into Ida, much to her delight.

When he is done he rolls off of Ida and Peggy and the other bed slaves come over and suck on BIG FELLA cleaning him up, Ben pulls Pia up and puts her on his face spreading her little legs. Ben starts sucking on her little pussy making Pia moan and groan. Her sister Mia and Lia start sucking on Ida's large breasts and take turns eating her out. In about twenty minutes Ben has Pia screaming out in orgasmic bliss, she squirts her cum right into Ben's waiting mouth.

After Ben has made her cum violently three times Pia passes out and lays next to Ben and Mia jumps up and tells Ben it is her turn. Ben makes Mia climax hard four times and Lia six times. While Mia is in-between climaxes she tells Ida that their Master loves to eat "Virgin Pussy".

Becky comes back into the master-suite with Ida's three girls. "Momma, look at our new tattoos" Faye screams to her mother as all three turn around and proudly show their mother the new "Property of Ben Barnes" tattooed on their lower backs. "Mistress Becky tells us we can get our "Queen of Spades" tattoo on our Mons after we complete our first part of our training" Daisy tells Ida, who is still groggy from the pounding she just received from her new Master and lover.

Daisy continues … "Master trains our pussy by fucking us ten times in a row. The second part of our training is Master fucking our asses ten times in a row, for that we get another "Queen of Spades" on the back of our necks between our shoulder blades". Becky shows Ida her tattoos.

"Finally momma, we give Master twenty blowjobs in a row and we get our "Excellent Cocksucker" tattoo on our hip. What do you think about that, Momma?" Daisy finishes her explanation of the training. "It seems our Master's going to be very busy" Ida states with a smile. Becky gets the jacuzzi ready for Ida as her daughters pick her up and take her to the master bathroom. Becky and Daisy get Ida into the water and they turn it on.

"Mistress Becky, how big is Master? I have never taken anyone that big before!" Ida asks. "Our Master is sixteen inches long and a little over five and a half inches wide. I named his cock BIG FELLA" Becky tells her. "Very appropriate nickname" Dixie giggles. Ben walks into the bathroom and heads to the toilet to relieve himself. The girls giggle and Ben looks over and asks what is so funny. "Master, it sounds like your peeing through a fire hose" Faye says laughing.

"Master, how do you manage to cum so many times and stay hard for so long?" Daisy asks. "That is a skill most men don't have" Ida interjects. "Ladies, besides the exercise I get by making love and fucking my slaves. I also run on the treadmill every morning for five miles. I lift weights and eat right" Ben tells them. "I noticed you eating right earlier" Dixie says with a giggle as Pia, Mia and Lia come into the bathroom.

"Our Master loves virgin pussy. He has several of us. He sucks on us while one of our sister slaves ride BIG FELLA. He keeps our hymen attached and we take him up the ass when he wants it. I love my Master, he has given me and my sisters a comfortable home, we are loved completely by the whole family.

He takes care of all of us, there is no jealousy here in our home" Pia tells the new slaves. "We have a future with Ben and Becky that we didn't have before. Our parents passed away in a horrific car accident and we were orphaned.

Master adopted us and took us in without question" Lia says with a tear in her eye. Becky goes over and hugs all three of her little daughters, "I love you three and you are safe now" Becky tells the triplets. "There is no that much difference in your ages" Ida asks Becky. "I am sixteen, they are eleven. I was Master's first slave when a friend of his brought my mother down here from Chicago on a job interview.

I fell in love with Ben almost immediately. I gave him my virginity willingly and we are soulmates" Becky tells them. "None of this would mean anything without Becky. I would wither and die if I lost her" Ben interjects as he comes over and kisses his wife.

"No one becomes my slave without Becky's prior approval. She is the head Mistress in the mansion. Tiffani, Laurie, Gina, Peggy, and Brooklyn are my other Mistresses. You have met most of them.

They will let you know who they are. They are not many rules in the house. You know about the training, already. No man can have sex with you without your approval.

There are dire consequences if they disobey that rule. No man can have sex with you in your vagina without wearing a rubber. Your pussies are mine alone. No man can have vaginal intercourse with my bed slave. That would be fatal for the man. They are my virgins" Ben says before being interrupted by Mia who tells them they are his very willing virgins.

"All my slaves must finish high school and at least four years of college. I want smart, determined, self-motivated, well-educated and successful slaves" Ben says as Mia begins to suck on BIG FELLA. "I see the three of you already have your "Excellent Cocksucker" and "Queen of Spades" tattoos, so you have been trained?" Dixie asks. "Yes, Master fucked us in the ass ten times in a row and we sucked him off twenty times in a row.

He doesn't let us go any further" Pia says. "My aunt and cousin drained his balls. My cousin sucked him off over fifty times" Becky says as she goes and gets Ben's pills. She gives him ten vitamins and five supplements. Ben asks for more supplements. "These give him the energy to continue to have sex and produce sperm. He also has huge testicles which produce a large amount of sperm" Peggy says as she puts two finger in Ben's ass and starts massaging his prostate.

"What this" she tells them as she gets Ben to climax hard after five minutes of stroking his prostate. She makes him cum for ten minutes. Mia's belly is pushing out with all the cum in her stomach. "Good to the last drop" Mia says as she gets up and rubs her belly. "It is important that we do not waste our Master's seed" Lia tells the girls.

"Ladies, dinner is at six. Take a shower and clean up. Clothes are required for the evening meal. Becky will instruct you and go over your clothes. Becky order them whatever they need. Ladies, tomorrow we are going to the stables" Ben says as he leaves the room. He hears the Ida's girls scream "Stables!". Ben goes down to the pool area to cool off and relax for a minute as Becky tells Ida and the girls that they own a horse ranch that Ben just bought a little while ago.

We have about thirty horses, fifty ponies and some goats, chickens. I believe we just bought fifty head of cattle. It is kind of hard to keep track of. They guy that owned it was having a hard time making ends meet when we first went over there to go horseback riding. Liz, Ben's real estate agent and slave, found out that he was about to lose it all.

Ben bought it and kept him on to run it. Fred is his name, he has two daughters and three strapping sons. They run the ranch. Fred was a little hesitant at first, but our Master is very convincing. The oldest son is about to go off to the Auburn University all expenses paid by Ben. They all shower and get cleaned up and Becky takes them to their new rooms.

Becky goes through the girls clothes, some are nice most she throws on the floor. "We need to go shopping, all you girls need new underwear and proper clothes. When we dress we dress very nicely, our Master requires that" Becky tells them as she picks up the discarded clothes. Faye tells Becky that a few items are sentimental to her. And she lets her keep them.

"My dad bought this outfit for me" Faye says with a tear in her eye. "I sorry my love" Becky tells her as she kisses her on the cheek. "Keep it for as long as you like. You can buy whatever you like when we go to the store. It must be nice a very pretty for our Master. He likes g-string underwear and I will get you the perfume he loves. We all wear it from time to time" Becky tells her. She goes into Ida's room and looks at her neatly hanged clothes. "You need to come with us when we go shopping tonight.

You need new clothes, shoes the works" They go downstairs and Becky introduces the new slaves to the family, at least the ones that are in the mansion at the time. She calls Abigail and asks her to pickup more vitamins and supplements for the guys and four more orders of vitamins for the new slaves.

Abigail giggles and says "Yes Mistress". The girl's heads are dizzy from meeting all their new sister slaves. Ben walks into the room and Becky informs him that Ida needs a new car and that after dinner they are going out shopping. "Ida get whatever car or truck you want. Money is no object" Ben tells her as he kisses her. "You see who runs this mansion!" Ben tells them as he passes and pats Becky on her ass.

Nikki and Karl stroll into the room and Ben tells them in two weeks they are going to head off to college. He has a present up there for them, Becky giggles. Faye looks at Karl's cock and whispers in Becky's ear "Do all the men here have huge cocks?". "Most are well-endowed. Joe, isn't but has a very talented tongue. Almost as good as Ben" Becky tells her. "I like it how BIG FELLA bounces back and forth in front of Master. Makes me want to attack him" Dixie interjects with a grin. "Wait until you see him run on the treadmill in the morning" Estella tells her, "I get up in the morning, drink my coffee and watch Master run.

I actually climaxed once doing it" she continues. Faye goes over to Karl Jr. and asks if she could suck on his cock.

Karl looks over to his wife, Nikki and she nods her approval. Faye does an excellent job bobbing up and down on Karl's twelve-inch cock taking it all the way down her throat.

After about thirty-five minutes Faye gets Karl to explode down her throat. She takes the last three shots in her mouth, swishes them around and then swallows. "Taste different from Master's, still good" Faye says, everyone laughs. "Different guys taste differently, Faye. You will get use to it. It is all good and healthy for you" Estella says as she strokes BIG FELLA.

They all go and get dressed for dinner. In the huge dinning room Ben introduces everyone to his new slaves, for the ones who have not met them before. Abigail hands each of the girls and Ida their pills and Ida's boys the same vitamins and supplements the rest of the men take.

Keiko and Yuri slide under the table and take turns sucking on BIG FELLA while Ben eats. Valerie and Vanessa follow suit and take Destiny's twin brothers Nathan and Nelson thirteen inch cocks down their throats. After dinner Becky takes Ida and her children shopping with Tiffani. They pile into the limousine and head over to the dealership that sells Lincoln and picks out a Lincoln Navigator.

Upon seeing Becky the manager runs up and yells at the new salesman. "I am sorry about that Miss Becky. I have standing orders with all my staff that if you or your husband show up they are to page me immediately. How may I help you today?" he states falling over himself.

"My friend, Ida is looking at this Navigator. She likes this one" Becky says. The manager looks at the salesman and tells him to go get the keys and license plates immediately. The manager takes the sticker off the window and gives it to Becky after taking down the price. "Will you please ask your husband to call me in the morning and we will discuss the price?" he asks her.

Becky nods and the manager calls on the walkie talkie to the porter to come get the car. "I want you to wash this car, fill it up with gas and bring it back here quickly" the manager tells the porter as soon as he get there. "Are you ready for a car yet, Miss Becky?

It would be my pleasure to fit you into something at a very special price" the manager asks. "No not yet, I like being driven around and am not in a rush to get my license. Daisy, Dixie you have your license already right?" Becky asks.

"Yes, Mistress" the both say in unison. Becky smiles, "What kind of car do you like?" she continues. The manager is eager to please.

They look at each other and say they like the Dodge Challenger and Charger and the manager looks a little disappointed. In takes them about thirty minutes to get the Navigator ready.

The manager get them all refreshments while they wait. Ida is handed the keys when the Navigator is ready and they take off to the Dodge dealership.

Upon seeing Tiffani and Becky exit the limo the manager is sprinting to help them. "Hello, Miss Becky and Tiffani. How can I help you two lovely ladies tonight?" "My two friends here like the Challenger and Charger. Dixie, Daisy go pick out what you would like" Becky says. The manager has two of his best salesmen helping them. They pick out their cars one in red the other in purple. The manager takes the sticker off each and has the salesmen take them to get cleaned up and tags put on them.

"Miss Becky, please give this to your husband and have him call me with what he wants to pay for each and I thank you for your business". The manager leaves and gets everyone something to drink while they wait. Ida leans over and asks "I have never seen people fall over themselves like the manager here and at the Lincoln dealership". "Ben is a very powerful and extremely wealthy man. He has purchased a lot of cars in the last two or three years" Becky says before being interrupted by a couple of young men whistling and making cat calls at Becky and the other girls.

Becky has her back towards them and turns around. The three men lose control of their bodily functions. They run over and fall to their knees and beg for forgiveness from Becky. "Please, Please Mrs. Barnes Please forgive me" they keep saying. "Maybe I should say something to my husband about what you said to me and my friends" Becky teases them. "Give me your wallets" Tiffani demands.

The three of them hand over their wallets and Tiffani gets their identification. "Please Miss Barnes, we are sorry. Please don't have your husband kill us or our families. They did nothing. If he wants to punish someone then punish us" One of the men says. "You guys stink. What did you do shit yourselves?" Dixie says. "We are sorry we offend you". "Take your clothes off and put them in the trash can over there. The three guys do. Daisy and Dixie laugh as they come up without any clothes on.

Faye looks at their tiny little penises. "I see why you whistle at girls with those little penises. They aren't of much use are they?" Fay says to them mockingly. "No ma'am" they say looking down at the ground. Tiffani calls Sally and Paula who are on duty. They come up in two cruisers with sirens and lights on. "What are you three little pricks doing? Harassing Mrs. Barnes and her mother?" Sally asks. "Please officer we are sorry, we don't want to be dead or put our families in danger" one of the men say.

The manager comes out and looks over the situation. "You three really screwed up now" he says. "Sir can you get three trash bags for these hoodlums. I don't want them in my cruiser smelling up and all dirty" Paula says. The three guys get in the plastic bags after they punch a hole in the bottom. The porter tapes the bags to all three with a lot of duct tape. Becky has Daisy, Dixie and Faye kick each guy in the nuts.

After the first round Sally tells them to get up and thank them for the special treatment. After each guy has three kicks to the seeds Paula and Sally drag them to the cruisers and the men thank Becky for not telling Mr. Barnes. The manager has the Challenger and Charger ready for Daisy and Dixie.

He hands them the keys and the troop take off to the mall. They shop until the stores close and then go to Target and Walmart and continue to shop. They get back to the mansion around one in the morning and Sally, Paula and Stephanie are there. Their cruisers are out by the garage. They take their guns off and lock them in the trunk. The three officers walk into the mansion with Ida her daughters and sons with Becky and Tiffani laughing at the days events.

Once they are in the mansion, Sally Paula and Stephanie take off their uniforms showing Ida's crew their tattoos. Ben walks in naked and is greeted by his officers. "Did you three have a safe day today?" he asks as he kisses each of them.

"Yes, Master" Stephanie says as she strokes BIG FELLA. "Seems like three little pricks were messing with Becky and your new slaves here" Paula says. "Master, they literately shit themselves when they saw it was Mistress Becky they were whistling at" Dixie says. "They had really small dicks Master.

Not like you and the men here" Faye says laughing. "They are in lockup right now" Paula tells Ben. "I will call Charlotte tomorrow" Ben says. "They were really scared of you, Master" Ida tells him. "Ben takes care of his women, let's just say that people in this state and in particular in this county know Ben and what he is capable of doing. He has a huge heart, along with a well above average cock" Stephanie says still stroking BIG FELLA.

"I need some of this Master". Stephanie takes Ben to her room, as Ben is led by his cock to Stephanie's room he tells Becky he will turn in later. "Have fun my love" Becky tells Ben. Stephanie gets Ben rock hard by the time they get to her room. She puts him on her king size bed and starts sucking on BIG FELLA getting him nice and wet.

She then straddles Ben and pushes BIG FELLA into her pussy. Stephanie rides BIG FELLA for a good two hours and six orgasms before Ben is ready to cum. Stephanie gets off of BIG FELLA and takes him down her throat and starts milking him until he climaxes. She swallows the whole load without spilling a drop and crawls up next to her Master.

She kisses him and whispers in his ear "I love you, Master". Debbie, Callie and Madeline come into the room "We thought we heard you in here Master enjoying our sister".

They take turns sucking on BIG FELLA, Debbie comes up next to Ben on the other side of Stephanie and tells him "We are so horny and so constipated". "Sis, let Master fuck you in the ass for a bit that will loosen your bowels up.

It did me in my last trimester" Stephanie tells her. Callie is the first to try it and within a half and hour she had to use the bathroom. Debbie and Madeline follow suit. Ben finally blows his load into Madeline and she jumps up and heads to the bathroom.

Stephanie's three sisters come back to the bed and Ben rubs their bellies, "I can't wait to see our babies. Have you three decided on names yet for our girls?" Ben asks. "I am naming my girls Patience Becky, Patrice Hope, Paulette Love" Debbie says. "I want to name our girls, Mallory Deborah, Manette Stephanie, Marguerite Maddy" Callie tells Ben.

"Master, I was thinking about naming our babies, Caroline Stephanie, Carressa Callie, Cateline Becky" Madeline tells her Master. "They sound like beautiful names. We have to take Nikki and Karl Jr. to Harvard in a couple of weeks but plan to be back in time for the births, God Willing" Ben tells them.

"I need to go to bed, I love you all" Ben tells them as he kisses his slaves good night. Stephanie is already groggy from her love-making. Ben goes to the master-suite and heads to the bathroom to clean up before crawling into bed. In the morning he is awoken by Dixie, Daisy and Faye sucking on BIG FELLA and Pia, Mia kissing him with Lia on top of him curled up. "Good Morning, Master" Pia and Mia says in unison as Ida, Tiffani and Mira come into the suite.

"Damn, that is one hell of a way to wake up in the morning" Ida remarks to the amusement of Tiffani and Mira. "Master usually has one of his smaller bed slaves curled up on his chest like a little cat. Your girls seem to be taken with Ben. They look to be enjoying BIG FELLA" Tiffani states. "They look like they are becoming nymphomaniacs, cock starved little girls" Ida bemoans about her daughters lust for BIG FELLA. Finally Lia wakes up and kisses her Master, she crawls from Ben's chest and runs into the bathroom, she comes back shortly after with Ben's pill bottles and a cup of water.

Ben takes ten supplements and his usual vitamins as his newest slaves continue their assault on BIG FELLA. Mia whispers something in Ben's ear and he nods. She then jumps up and straddles his face facing the girls and pushes her virgin pussy down on Ben's waiting mouth. Ben laps and sucks on Mia's little slit making her moan and groan. After about three minutes he has her climaxing hard.

He makes her do this three times and then Pia takes her turn. Ben is finally cuming as Dixie, Daisy and Faye share his load. Ben tells the girls to go get cleaned up and dressed. They will be going to the stables at ten before it gets really hot. All three says "Yes, Master" and get up and run to their rooms to take showers and get dressed.

Mia asks if they can go. Ben says of course. Ben gets up and takes Ida into the shower where they make out. He tells her he has something special planned for her at the stable. After eating a gourmet breakfast they head off to the stables. They take several cars with twenty-five people going.

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Ben has a road put in between his property and the adjoining ranch. The ranch is for private use only so there are no access from the outside other than the gate Fred and his family use to go to town for supplies. Ben and crew arrive and are greeted by Fred and his lovely wife Helen. "Hello, Ben I have the horses and ponies ready for you and the family" Fred tells him as he shakes his hand.

Helen hugs Tiffani and Becky and they go running off into the farmhouse. Out of the house comes Fred's children, Fred Jrwho everyone calls Junior, who is eighteen. Janice, 17, who is in a low-cut shirt blond hair and blue eyes just like her mother. Joe, 16, is next and is a pretty good football player at the local high school. Melanie is next, she is 15 and has blond hair and blue eyes like her mother and sister. All three women have nice full breasts. Finally the baby of the family Jake comes out of the house.

The girls come up to Ben and hug him tightly. Junior comes up and shakes Ben's hand and thanks him for getting him into Auburn. "You did it yourself, you got the grades.

I just did the easy part and paid for it" Ben tells him. "He will continue to get those good grades or I will rip him a new one" Fred tells Ben. "Ahh Dad, you know Junior always gets straight A's" Janice tells her father, defending her big brother. "I am going to take Ida here out for a very special horse back ride" Ben tells Fred as he holds Ida's hand.

"Right this way, I have your favorite horse ready" Fred says as he shows them to the stables. Dixie grabs Junior's hand as her sisters Daisy and Faye grab Joe and Jake hand.

They all go into the stable and watch as Ben strips and takes Ida's clothes off. Ben gets on the horse and then pulls Ida up. She straddles Ben with her legs wrapped around his back. Ida starts stroking BIG FELLA getting him hard. Ben then lifts her up and pushes her down on BIG FELLA. As they go out of the stable Dixie asks if they can have fun with the boys. "Yes, they know the rules" Ben tells them as he has the horse start galloping down the trail.

Ida starts moaning as they approach the nearby tree. In the meantime, the girls have the boys cocks out of their jeans and are sucking on their cocks. Junior is eleven inches long, Joe is the biggest of the boys at twelve inches and Jake is ten inches long. Faye notices that Jake has the biggest feet of the three boys and she knows his cock will grow probably bigger than his brothers. The boys are very much enjoying their blowjobs. Joe takes Daisy's head in his hands and starts to fuck her throat moving in and out of her throat.

Faye has her hands on Jake's buttocks pulling him down her throat. Within thirty minutes all three boys have shot their loads down the girls throats. Pia, Mia and Lia go with Helen and take a ride on three ponies. They hear Ida scream out in orgasmic bliss. Becky and Tiffani are in the house with Helen, Becky notices that the house needs a few repairs and asks "Helen, does Fred need some help with the house? If you don't mind me asking".

"The house needs some paint and some other work" Helen says. "Fred is a little too proud to asks for help" she continues. Tiffani and Becky notice the windows need fixing also. They go into the kitchen for a drink and notice the kitchen is a little out-dated and worn out.

"Let's go out and see what the kids are doing" Tiffani says The go into the stable and see the boys with Ida's girls. The girls have gotten the boys hard again and are getting taken in the ass by the boys. Junior looks over at his mother with a smile, "Mr. Barnes said it was alright. Damn, I have never fucked a girl in the ass" he says.

Dixie yells, "Shut-up and concentrate on fucking that ass". Daisy looks over at Becky and moans out "It is probably a good idea that we take the boys in our ass before Master, so that they can stretch us out a little. Master would probably tear us in two". Becky leaves the stable and head over to the pasture with Helen and Tiffani. They watch the girls lead Pia and her sisters around on the ponies with several other bed slaves.

They heard Ida scream out in orgasmic bliss and giggle, "Master is really giving it to Ida. That is her tenth orgasm by my count" Peggy states. About an hour later Dixie and her sisters come out of the stable with the boys in tow. They see Ben and Ida gallop up to the side of the stable. Ida is clutching tightly onto her new Master, when the horse stops in front of everyone Fred helps Ben get Ida down she is semi-conscious.

"Best sex ever, Master" Ida says above a whisper into Ben's ear. Becky lays a blanket down on the ground and puts Ida gently on it. She lays there without a care in the world in post-orgasmic bliss. Ben goes into the barn and washes up and puts on his clothes. "Mr. Barnes, you are the only man that can make these stallions jealous" Melanie says with a smirk on her face. Everyone there laughs at the remark, Helen her mother astonished at what her daughter said scolds her. "It is alright, Helen.

It probably is true" Tiffani chimes in. Ben and Fred walk around the property, Ben notices that there are upgrades that need to be done. "Fred, I don't mean to stick my nose into the running of the ranch, but if you need to upgrade, fix something or anything just let me know" Ben tells Fred. "Ben, I really appreciate you saving the ranch. It has gotten run down over the years with the declining economy" Fred replies.

"I will setup an account at the hardware, lumber yard for the ranch. Get whatever you need" Ben tells him. "Thank you Ben, and Thank you for helping Junior in college" is his response. "You are my friend, and you provide a valuable service to the family. My girls love the ranch and all the animals" Ben tells him. "You do seem to have quite a large collection of women and girls.

They seem to all be infatuated with you" Fred tells him. "I am very lucky man, no of it would mean anything without the love of my life Becky" Ben says as Becky walks up and hugs her man. "I think you made quite an impression on Ida, she is still shaking" Becky says with a giggle. The three of them walk back to the paddock where they watch the bed slaves riding the ponies, "Master, thanks for getting us the ponies" Lia screams as she see Ben.

Kiki, Kali and Mami being petite ride the ponies also. They finish riding them and they brush them down. "Master, the ponies are really pretty" Mami tells her lover.


She comes over and kisses him. "This is such a beautiful place" Kali tells Helen. "It is here when you want it. We do not take outside customers anymore.

We just take care of the animals now and the ranch itself" She tells her. Dixie comes riding up on her pony and asks, "Master, can Junior, Joe and Jake come over and go swimming with us?". "It's okay with me if it alright with their parents" Ben says as he looks to Fred and Helen. "Why don't you two come over for dinner?" Becky interjects. "That is okay with me if the kids really want to do it" Helen says. Melanie yells that if the boys are going that she wants to go also. "You're all welcome" Ben says with a smile.

They put the ponies back into their stalls after brushing them down and Fred's kids run into the house to get their bathing suits. The go to the mansion and on the way Dixie leans over and tells Junior "You guys don't need those bathing suits" and starts rubbing his crotch. They arrive and the girls all go running for the outside pool the slaves strip naked and the boys follow suit.

Janice and Melanie look at each other in amazement at the brashness of these girls. Dixie, Daisy and Faye take their companions for the day and lead them into the pool. Janice and Melanie reluctantly strip naked and then sit on the lounge chairs. Ben comes out with Becky, Tiffani, Mira, Gina, Peggy and Ida all naked. Melanie stares at BIG FELLA swaying back and forth in front of Ben.

"Stop staring that is not polite, Melanie" Janice chastises her sister. "It is the biggest penis I have ever seen, even on the porn I have watched on the Internet" Melanie proclaims. "Melanie, it is called a cock.

Not a penis" Junior yells out at her. "Whatever" Melanie yells back at her brother as Becky sits next to her. "Mrs. Barnes can I ask you a question?" Melanie says. "Yes, and please call me Becky, we are all naked and on first named basis here in the mansion" Becky responds.

"Do all you shave your pussies? Do men really like that?" She asks. "Well, Ben loves a clean-shaved pussy almost as much as a virgin pussy" Becky tells her and continues "We have all had our pubic hair permanently removed by lasers that kill the hair follicle. Master did it first, he wanted to make sure it was safe before he had the rest of us. He is very protective of us". "He is also a tremendous lover and caregiver. When he loves you he loves you completely and forever.

I was a little reluctant at first, but I came around rather quickly. He has given all of us children and we all love him with all of our hearts" Tiffani tells her. "I am still a virgin and would love for Ben to be my first" Melanie states. Ben over hears the conversation and tells Melanie, "It would be my pleasure to make love to you, but I would never do that without permission from your parents.

It is not the way I like to do things and I like and respect your father too much to take his baby daughter without his permission". Vince, Karl Jr., Nikki, Reanna, James and Cecil and his girls come out all naked.

"You guys are all really big, all men are not that big are they" Melanie asks. "What is it with you and all the questions?" Janice says looking at her sister with disgust. Reanna has suntan lotion and tells the girls that they need to put some on so that they do not burn.

"No, the average size of a cock is five and a half inches long. Ben's slaves are very lucky in having such wonderfully endowed men to pleasure us, aren't we ladies?" Reanna says and all the ladies agree with her astute observation. Melanie and Janice put on the suntan lotion with some help of James and Karl Jr. who massage their breasts and necks. Janice has a very long neck, and James takes special care to massage the lotion on her neck. He kisses her very passionately as Reanna comes over and spreads her legs.

Janice like her sister is a true blond, her pubic hair is very thin and soft. Reanna looks up at Janice before she starts licking her pussy. Janice well-defined labia looks like a flower, as Reanna starts her assault on her tender pussy Janice starts to moan and groan into James' mouth as he starts to kiss her and massage her ample breast. Melanie looks on and starts rubbing her pussy, masturbating at the scene of James and Reanna enjoying her sister. Vince comes over and spreads her legs and works his way down from her mouth to her virgin pussy passing her large breasts sucking and nibbling on each nipple, licking her belly button.

When he finally gets to her love button she is close to orgasm. Vince licks her clit in circles and then starts licking her labia up onside and down the other. By the time he gets back to her clit Melanie explodes in orgasmic bliss.

Vince swallows the load of sweet virgin cum and continues to suck on her pussy. "Damn, that was great, Vince" Melanie says out of breath as she strokes the back of Vince's head. Vince looks up and tells her that he isn't done yet and makes her climax three more times before he gets up and heads to the pool.

Dixie and her sisters have played in the pool with Junior and his brother since they got to the mansion and are a little tired. Dixie asks Ben if they can show the boys the house and maybe play some video games. "Girls this is your house, go ahead. Just remember the rules" Ben tells them with a smile.

After they leave Ida tells Mira that her girls seem to be enjoying themselves. "You seem to enjoy yourself with Master at the ranch" Mira says. "That was the most powerful orgasms that I have ever had" Ida says with a smile. "So you have decided to stay and join the family?" Vince asks her laying next to Melanie with a hand on her breast.

"Vince, I don't think I could get the kids to leave even if I wanted to" Ida says as her triplets Maurice, Manny and Monty come bouncing out of the sliding door separating the indoor from the outdoor pools.

They have their cousins Kaley, Leah, Maddy with them along with Jessie, Jason, Joey Jan's triplet boys along with the older boys. Reanna and James are done pleasuring Janice. Jessie, Jason and Joey are corralled by Melanie who starts stroking their large twelve-inch cocks. "Becky this boys are very handsome and well-endowed" Melanie says before starting to suck on their cocks, much to the boys pleasure. "They sure are, do you boys like it here?" Becky asks the triplets with a smile. "Yes, Mistress Becky.

We love it here" all three say in unison. Janice takes Ida's triplets by hand over to the other side of the pool and sits them down on the ledge of the pool she gets in and swims over and starts sucking on their identical cocks. Janice takes Monty's cock out of her throat and says "They are really identical in every way" and then shoves his cock back down her throat, while she does this she strokes Maurice and Manny's cocks. When the other two are hard she switches between the three of them, always stroking the others.

Ben remarks at how Fred and Helen's girls are enjoying themselves when Nadine comes out of the mansion and tells Ben and Becky that Jenny, Jess and Jenny Turner's waters have broken and they are going into labor. Ben smiles and takes Becky to Nadia's delivery suite. Their they watch the women give birth to more of Ben's children. Jenny has two boys she names, Gabriel Benjamin, Gavin James, they weigh over nine pounds each.

Jess has two boys she names, Kwame Ben, Kato Jamal, they weigh over ten pounds each. Jenny Turner has triplet girls she names, Anastasia Jennifer, Angelina Becky, Aniyah Hope, they weight about seven pounds each.

Ben congratulates the new mothers and kisses his new-born babies. "Master, the boys have big cocks like you" Nadine says. "They take after their father" Jenny says. "Thank you, Master" Jenny Turner says, "No, thank you three.

I love each and every one of you" Ben says with a tear in his eye. In comes Kelsi and Brook, they are both ready to give birth and within an hour Kelsi start giving birth to her quintuplet girls she names, Kensi Alexandra, Kayla Becky, Katrina Tiffani, Katherine Hope, Kristen Samantha, they all weigh between six and seven pounds each.

While she is giving birth Brook has her triplet girls she names, Mandisa Becky, Mardea Laurie, Marjani Tiffani, Ben kisses his new baby mommas. Gracie, their step-mother, is there with tears in her eyes. "You girls did a great job delivering Master's babies. They are so beautiful".

Ben and Becky leave the birthing suite after kissing the mothers again. Dixie, Daisy and Faye come running up "Did we miss the births, Master?" Faye asks. "Yes, but you can go in and visit the mothers and meet the new-born babies" Ben tells them. "Where are Fred's boys?" Becky asks. "We wore them out, they are playing video games with the other guys" Daisy tells her.

It is about dinnertime and Hazel lets in Fred and Helen. Ben is in the indoor pool as Helen and Fred enter the room. "Did you guys work up an appetite? Dominic is cooking up something special, I think he is doing shrimp and grits, jambalaya, and gumbo. I think he has steaks cooking outside too" Ben asks as he gets out of the pool, naked of course.

Janice and Melanie come in from the outside pool, naked and having just sucked off three guys each twice. They each take a drink of water before coming over to greet their parents. "Why are you two naked?" Fred yells. "Come on, Dad. Everyone is naked here and it is no big deal. Nobody is staring at my body anymore than any of the other naked women here. Mom seems to be enjoying the sight of BIG FELLA" Janice extorts. "Nice and Big" is all that Helen can say.

"Mom, I want Ben to take my virginity. I asked him but he said he had to ask you two first" Melanie asks. "Wellllll" Fred says. Helen looks at her husband and says "If Melanie gets to have that then I want some too". "I don't know, You might not be the same after Ben gets ahold of you. You might be too stretched out for me" Fred says hanging his head. Becky comes over and takes Fred by his hand and leads him to a lounge chair, "Fred, I can teach your wife how to user her PC muscles so that she can always be as tight as you want.

She will be stretched out after Ben get ahold of her. That is for sure, she will defiantly love it. Are you confident in your marriage ? I am, in my marriage with Ben. Which is pretty obvious" Becky tells Fred. "If Helen really wants to do it with Ben, it is okay with me.

I love you honey with all my heart and I trust you" Fred says. "Well what about me? I want him, I want Ben to be my first" Melanie says. Fred looks at Helen and they both nod, "Okay, but not while I am here" Fred says. "Where are the boys, still with Ida's girls?" Helen asks.

"No, I think they are in the entertainment room. I will show you on the way up to my suite. We dress for dinner around here" Ben says. "That is the only time that we dress around here" Bill says with his wife sucking on his cock. "Fred, Helen. I am Bill and this is my wife Vivian.

My two daughter as well as my wife are Ben's slaves. My sex life has never been better. Vivian is insatiable, she can never get enough sex now. Before Leslie met and became Ben's slave in Hawaii our sex life was almost non-existent. Now I have sex three times a day at least, when I am not studying for my masters degree" Bill continues. Bill explodes down his wife's throat and she then takes him out of her mouth and licks him clean.

Vivian tells them hi and then gets up and takes Bill with her to get dressed for dinner. Ben takes Fred and Helen to the entertainment room where they find their boys with Pia, Mia and Lia sucking on their cocks and them playing Xbox. "Hey, Mom and Dad. Video games have never been so enjoyable before" Junior says with Pia bobbing up and down on his cock. The other two boys just smile.

Joe finally cums down Mia's throat and groans, "Best day of my life". "Son, I am sure it is" Fred says shaking his head. "When you guys are finished, get dressed for dinner" Helen says as Ben leaves them laughing. In an hour Ben finds Fred and Helen in the living room with their children. The girls went with some of the slaves to pick out proper attire.

The boys are dressed simply as Ben escorts them all to the huge dinning room where they are introduced to the whole family, minus the five slaves that just gave birth. "Guys I have an announcement to make, Jenny, Jess, Jenny Turner, Brook and Kelsi gave birth this afternoon. Make sure you go by and congratulate them tonight or tomorrow. I want to welcome Fred and Helen to the mansion. Fred, for the ones who do not know, runs the ranch adjacent to the estate.

His children have been with us all afternoon and have enjoyed their time in the mansion. Some more than others. The boys are Fred Jr. "Junior", Joe and Jake. The girls are Melanie and Janice. Why don't you all introduce yourselves one at a time" Ben says. Everyone takes their turn one after another until it gets back to Ben. While that is happening the maids bring in the meal.

"Ben, this is very delicious. My compliments to the chef. It has to be a chore to cook for all these people. How many people live in the mansion?" Helen asks. "Well, I have three-hundred and twenty-one slaves and around three-hundred and fifteen children by my slaves with many more on the way. There are several men, I believe they are thirty-six or so men staying here. Many are sons or brother of slaves. A few like Bill are husbands of my slaves.

They come very willingly as you heard Bill exalt earlier, anyhow enjoy dinner" Ben tells her. As Helen eats she puts her hand in Ben's crotch and starts rubbing BIG FELLA. After dinner is finished Ben excuses himself and Helen.

They go to the living room with Becky and Fred following closely behind them. Helen is short like her daughters but has bigger breasts. Ben slowly undresses Helen with Fred watching closely. Ben sucks on each of Helen's 36DD breast one at a time making her moan loudly. Ben pulls off her pants and panties in one tug, Helen then drops to her knees and pulls BIG FELLA out of Ben's pants and starts sucking on BIG FELLA.

She can barely get him into her mouth. She works hard to get him to the back of her mouth. Meantime their children come into the room and watch their mother enjoy BIG FELLA. Janice and Melanie come over and help their mother get BIG FELLA down her throat. After about ten head bobs Helen takes BIG FELLA out of her throat and coughs, clearing her throat she says "Damn, that is the biggest cock I have ever had down my throat".

She continues to suck on BIG FELLA until she gets it hard. When she has gotten BIG FELLA hard Helen is already wet and she lays on her back with her legs spread. Looking up at Ben she encourages him to take her and take her hard.

She moans as Ben rubs BIG FELLA on her pussy lips. When Ben finally pushes BIG FELLA into her pussy she screams out "DAMN, that cock is fucking huge. It is splitting me in half, FUCK ME. FUCK ME HARD BEN!!". "Are you alright, honey?" Fred asks. Helen just grunt. Ben pushes inch after inch of BIG FELLA deeper into Helen's pussy. He is amazed at how tight she is. Clorine, Florine, Corine and Zorine, Candice's recently turned thirteen year old quadruplets came into the room naked as the day they were born along with Pia, Mia and Lia and Mami, Kali and Kiki.

"Ladies, take care of Fred" Ben says between grunts as he works his sixteen-inch cock deeper inside of his new lover, who is screaming and moaning in pleasure.

They all say "Yes, Master" with a smile. Fred is in-circled by the ten little women as they pull his clothes off. Fred is already hard from watching his wife enjoy Ben. Pia and her sisters work on his cock getting his little over eight inches hard. Mami is the first to ride him as Clorine straddles his face and tells him to eat her virgin pussy.

Mami, Kali and Kiki take turns fucking Fred. Each milks him dry and when they are done Mia or her sisters would suck him hard. Candice's girls see Fred's boys with hard cocks and each go over and start sucking on them while the watch their mother in the throws of passion. Florine tells the boys they can have sex with them in their asses only. Florine, Corine and Zorine straddle the boys and push their hard cocks into their anal passages. Ben pounding away in Helen leans over and whispers in her ear, "Look at your sons, they are enjoying themselves".

Helen just grunts as Ben continues to stroke eleven inches of BIG FELLA in and out of her freshly stretched pussy. Cecil, George, Gabriel and Gerald come into the room. Melanie stands up and goes over to Gerald and Gabriel and grabs their fourteen inch cocks and starts stroking them. Once she has gotten one of them hard she tells him that he can fuck her in the ass and gets down on her hands and knees. Gerald then rubs some lubricant on his fourteen-inch cock that is 4 1/2" wide, his identical brother pushes his cock towards Melanie's mouth and she opens very willingly.

Gabriel begins to face fuck unsuspecting Melanie and after a couple tries she accepts his huge cock down her throat.

Gerald in the meantime has started to push his cock into her virgin anal ring. Melanie screams are muffled by Gabriel's cock that is deep in her throat. Gerald is enjoying the tightness of her ass and starts to pushes harder and faster.

Within fifteen minutes Melanie relaxes and starts to really enjoy the sensation of having this huge cock in her. In another fifteen minutes Gabriel explodes down her throat, he erupts for ten minutes pouring his seed into her belly.

Janice not wanting to be left out takes Cecil and George and sucks them hard and tells them to double team her. She takes George's thirteen inch cock in her ass as Cecil pushes his twelve-inch cock into her pussy.

The are not very gentle much to her delight as she encourages them to pound her harder and harder. Fred is beside himself, watching his daughters being fucked hard by guys with huge cocks. He feels inadequate with his small (in his mind) eight inch cock. Ben pounds Fred's wife longer than he has ever done. Ben goes for two hours before he pushes the final four inches of BIG FELLA past her cervix and into her womb. Helen screams out in pain as he does this.

Fred cannot say anything with a bed slave on his face and Kiki riding his cock for the third time. Ben, in the meantime, pounds Helen's womb for another twenty-five minutes before he rears back and pumps a huge load into her womb. When he is done he pulls out of her and lies on his back, he whispers in her ear to suck him clean and she willingly does. Helen successfully sucks and licks BIG FELLA clean bringing back to full staff.

She looks up into Ben's eyes and tells him it is a waste to let such a nice fat cock go to waste. She then straddles him and reaches behind her positioning BIG FELLA at her entrance. Helen is squatting and pushes down on BIG FELLA, she looses her balance after five strokes and falls completely on to BIG FELLA. BIG FELLA spearing her pussy, stretching it to new widths. She moans and hollers as she bounces up and down.

Janice and Melanie look over at their mother clearly enjoying herself. Helen bounces for an hour on BIG FELLA her large 36DD breasts bouncing up and down with every thrust. Ben matches her thrusts, when he is ready to be back in control he rolls her over on to her back and starts pounding her cervix. He pours his second load into her womb after and hour and a half of pounding her senseless. She screams out her acceptance of Ben's touch, "You are a fucking master, A Master at fucking".

Ben tells her to suck him again, and she eagerly does getting him hard for the third time. This time Ben gets Helen to go on to her hands and knees. He takes some lubricant and coats BIG FELLA and Helen's anal ring. She looks over her shoulder at her new lover and tells him she has never taken it up the ass before. "There is a first time for everything!" Ben says with a grin as he pushes BIG FELLA into her ass. She screams out in pain as he pushes the large bulbous head of BIG FELLA past her anal ring.

Fred is watching intently as his wife succubus to Ben's will. Fred has blown his load twelve times tonight and is done. Fred thinks to himself, "I have always wanted to fuck that lovely ass of hers, now I will be able to!" Ben pushes inch after inch of BIG FELLA into Helen's once virgin anal passage, she is still screaming her head off and Becky comes over and starts whispering in her ear, "Breathe, relax your muscles and let him have you.

You will start to enjoy it very soon. So breathe and relax". It takes Ben twenty minutes to finally push the whole sixteen inches of his manhood. When Ben finally gets all the way in and his large balls slap Helen engorged clitoris she jumps and climaxes hard. Ben then pulls out of her and then pushes all the way into her in one stroke. Ben has Helen's arms held tightly as he starts pumping in and out of her, she stops screaming after the tenth stroke and starts moaning and panting.

"Are you enjoying Mr. Barnes" Junior asks as he watches her mother climaxing again and again. All she can do is grunt her approval, Helen is beside herself in ecstasy that she has never experienced before. Gerald, Gabriel, and George come over and one by one they kneel at her head and offer their large cocks, Helen greedily takes each one down her throat and sucks them to orgasms as she is getting her ass reamed out.

After she has taken all three boys down her throat and swallowed their seed, Ben rears back and explodes in her ass. Ben is exhausted as is Helen who collapses on to the plush rug. Ben's seed deep inside of her colon, he has deposited two loads into her womb and the last one in her ass. Ben leans over and tells her, "Clean BIG FELLA off!". He leans back and Helen licks and sucks BIG FELLA clean with her mouth. She continues to suck on BIG FELLA, electing "Haven't you had enough, woman?", from her loving husband Fred.

Ben is hard again and lays on her stomach looks over at Ben and tells him to fuck her in her ass again. Ben smiles up at Fred who shakes his head in disbelief. Ben ruts Helen into ten more orgasms over the next two hours. When she fells Ben ready to climax she tells him she wants it in her mouth. Ben pull abruptly out of her ass and Helen turns around and opens her mouth. Ben pours his fourth into Helen's waiting mouth.

He fills her mouth and she swallows, Ben repeats this four times to the amazement of Helen and her family who is watching her enjoy being made love to. She rests for about twenty minutes before she gets up with her husband to go back to their ranch house.

Fred looks over at the boys and tells them to get up and get dressed. Helen tells Melanie and Janice that they can stay and enjoy Ben's charms. "Ben you have my permission to take Melanie's virginity".

"Helen, you really are going to let Ben have your baby girl?" "Fred, she is going to lose her virginity eventually. She already lost her anal cherry tonight, and as you can see she is eager to be with him" Helen says as they see Melanie in-between Ben's legs sucking on a limp but still huge BIG FELLA.

Ben looks at Becky and she immediately knows he needs his vitamins and supplements. Fred reluctantly lets his daughters stay in the company of Ben. Once Fred and Helen are back at their house, Helen goes to the master bathroom and draws a bath as her boys go to their room. The boys are satisfied, sexually for the first time for Jake. The boys tell their parents that this has been the best day of their lives. Fred chuckles and tells them to go to bed the have a long day ahead of them, which is only five hours away.

Fred enters the bathroom and sees the love of his life with a newfound glow to her. He sits on the toilet and asks her, "You really enjoyed that huge cock of Ben's?". "Fred, I love you with all my heart. I have never been unfaithful to you, but I am tell you this. If Ben ever wants to use my body I will go to his bed willingly and eagerly. You are a fantastic lover, I love how you use your tongue. But face it Ben is much bigger both in length and girth" Helen tells her husband matter-in-fatly.

"Your really infatuated with him?" Fred says a little frustrated. "Honey, his cock touches places in my pussy that you could never reach. I have never ever had that many orgasms.

I will do whatever, whenever and whenever he wants" She tells him. "I still love you with all my heart, but that was the best sex I have ever had, you won't deny me this will you?" she continues.

Fred looks down and shakes his head, "Let me sleep on it" he tells her and get up off the toilet, turns and uses it and goes to bed. Thirty minutes later, his once faithful wife climbed into bed and laid her head on his shoulder, "Thank you for the best night of my life. You seemed to enjoy Ben's girls" Helen says. "They fucking drained my balls" he said with a sigh. "You liked taking them up the ass, you know you can do that to me now, I love it.

I should have let you do that to me before Ben got ahold of me" Helen says as she takes Fred's cock in her hands and strokes it. They fall asleep a short time later. In the morning Fred is awoken by his cock in his wife's warm mouth. "You haven't woken me up like this since before the kids" Fred says not that he was complaining.

Helen gets him off twenty minutes later, she swallows his whole load. Fred thinking to himself ask his wife "It's not your time of the month is it?". She looks at him and him that it is and that she is fertile now. "If I get pregnant, I get pregnant. We need more kids to work this ranch. If I am not pregnant then Ben will get me pregnant another time, because I am going to let him inside of me again" she strokes Fred hard and then straddles her husband.

She pushes his cock into her ass and starts ridding him. When he finally shoots his load into her she gets up and goes get cleaned up. Fred takes a shower and get ready for a day on the ranch. The boys are outside working already when their mother takes out their breakfast. She gives each boy their breakfast and has an idea, she kneels in front of Junior and unzips is pants unleashing his flaccid cock.

She sucks him to attention and then looks up at him, "Relax and enjoy son. Your mother loves you and I am starving for some young male seed" she then goes back to sucking his eleven inch cock. She takes it to the base and within twenty-five minutes she gets her eldest son to pour his seed down her throat. She then tells Joe to come over and take out his cock. Joe's cock is bigger than his older brother which is a source of pride for him. Within thirty minutes she has him shooting his young seed down her throat.

Jake is next and he climaxes down her throat within ten minutes. Fred is watching the whole lewd scene and is shaking his head, his once demure wife is a wanton, cock craving slut and he loves her still. Father and sons are working the ranch all day as Helen cleans house and works on dinner. She calls her sister Jackie with anticipation.

Jackie lives in Louisiana with her wimpy but hard-working husband. Helen's sister has had a number of lovers over the eighteen years of marriage to her husband.

He either didn't know or didn't care. Either way her girls were fathered by two different men. One was her husbands boss, Helen met him once when she went to visit. He was a very tall black man, her sister told her that he had a thirteen inch cock that drove her crazy. The boss got a promotion and she was left with just her husband who never satisfied her.

The next father was a former porn star who like that she was petite with big breast. "Jackie, you never going to guess what happened last night" Helen tells her sister. Jackie is inquisitive and Helen tells her about the rich man who helped them save their ranch and had them over last night.

She left out the part about his slaves with her boys, sucking their cocks and letting them fuck them in the ass.


"Jackie, we let the kids go over to Ben's house, well it is more like a huge mansion then a house, to go swimming after he took a lady friend for a ride on one of the horses. He had sex with her on horseback. You could hear her having one screaming orgasm after another. He fucked her for a good two hours on that horse. She literately passed out when she got back to the stable.

Anyway, we went to his mansion about four hours later for dinner. And when we go there everyone was naked. Our girls and boys and Ben's family. Ben was there and he was also naked and he has the largest cock ever known to man. He is sixteen inches long with a six-inch girth. It made my pussy wet just looking at it" "You kidding me, no man is that big" Jackie tell her sister before she is interrupted, "I am telling you his is, I will introduce you when you come visit for Thanksgiving.

After dinner we went into his huge entertainment room which is bigger than our house. He stripped and I had sex with him, in front of Fred and with his permission. He watched as Ben pushed that huge cock into my tight pussy. He stretched my pussy further than when I gave birth to my children. He fucked my pussy twice and came in my womb. He then turned me over and fucked me in my virgin ass.

GOD DID THAT FUCKING HURT LIKE HELL at first. But after he got me stretched out and use to his girth it was fucking fantastic. I came ten times while he fucked my ass, after I sucked him clean and begged him to fuck my ass again" Helen says like a teenager in love. "You are kidding me, you little hussy" her sister tells her.

"I told Fred this morning he can have me anytime he wants. He probably got me pregnant last night, I don't care. I am going to go to his bed again, whenever he will have me" Helen told her. "Fred agreed to that?" Jackie says. Helen tells her that he did and that she fucked him twice this morning. They hang up and Helen goes back to her chores.

She notices her crotch is wet just talking about Ben. It is about 4 in the afternoon when she calls Becky and asks if the girls are alright. She said they are and she gets them on the phone. Melanie is first on the phone "Mom, Ben fucked me three times last night and we have done it four times today.

He fucked my ass an hour ago, he is with Janice right now and she is howling and screaming her lungs out in enjoyment. I want to stay another night and have Ben bring me back tomorrow, is that okay?".

"Let me talk to your sister?" Helen asks. "I don't think she is able to talk, Ben is hammering her ass into submission" Melanie says with a giggle. Melanie hands the phone to Becky and Helen asks if it is alright for the girls to stay. Becky says it is and asks if she wants to come over.

Becky knows that once Ben has sex with a woman she is never the same again and knows that Helen is probably already wet thinking about BIG FELLA deflowering her daughters pussies and asses. Helen thinks for a second and tells her she will be right over. She changes into a flowered dress and heads over after leaving a note that the dinner is in the oven and that she will be right back.

Helen got over to the mansion in record time. She is lead into where Ben is enjoying her eldest daughter's once virgin ass.

Pigtailed teen gets her pussy fucked

Janice looks up and tells her mother between her moans "This is fucking great. Fuck my ass, Ben". Melanie comes over still naked with her pussy gaping wide. Her stomach looked bloated and her mother asked if she was alright. Melanie tells her mother that she has never been better. Her mother notices the bulge in her belly and rubs it. "It has my new Master's seed. Mom, my pussy belongs to him now.

I am his, body and soul. I saw how you enjoyed his affections last night, could you ask for a better man for me?" Melanie says. Becky asks if she would like to get comfortable and Helen knows what she means and starts stripping. Ben rears back and starts pouring his seed into Janice. When he is done Helen rushes over and cleans him off. "Ben, I want you inside of me again" she tells him.

"What about your husband, it is nice of him to let me have his daughters, have you told him" Ben asks as she rubs his cock. "I told him this morning before I rode his cock in my ass. I told him I belong to you whenever, wherever you want me and I will do whatever you want me to do" she tells him almost begging him. "I don't wear condoms" Ben tells her. "I don't care, you can put as many babies as you want inside of me. You are probably going to get Melanie pregnant also, she declared her pussy was yours alone.

If I get pregnant it will be yours because Fred had a vasectomy and no other man is going to fuck my pussy without your permission, my lover" Helen tells Ben. "I don't know I have so many woman already" Ben says. "PLEASE. I am begging you, fuck me. Make love to me. I am yours" Helen says with her daughters watching. "Mom, you are really infatuated with Ben" Janice says. "You just had him countless times between last night and today.

You aren't? There must be something wrong with you" Helen says. "I love the pleasure he gives me. I don't want his babies like you and Melanie" Janice says. "That is your choice, this is ours. Your father is fine with it" Helen says before going back down on BIG FELLA. Once he is hard she begs her new lover to fuck her pussy.

Ben pounds her pussy and cums in her womb twice. He tells her to go back home to her husband and that he will think about accepting her. He hangs her head down and then leaves and wishes her daughters luck with Ben.

Melanie is already attacking Ben by the time her mother leaves the room. When she is gone Ben looks at Becky and she nods her approval. Melanie is bouncing on BIG FELLA and looks over to Becky "I don't want to be a slave, but I want to only be Ben's in my pussy. My pussy belongs to Ben". "What if I want your ass?" Ben asks as his new young lover goes wild on his cock. "You can have any hole you want whenever.

I am not on birth control and am going to have your babies also. I want other guys in my ass, like the huge nice looking guys here". Ben rolls over with Melanie still engaged in her pussy and starts pile-driving her into orgasmic bliss. He pours five loads into her womb that night, and pours six into her sister who is not on the pill also.

The next morning he drives them home and talks to Fred. "Fred, first off I did not mean for this to happen. I will leave your children alone if you so choose. They think they are already pregnant. Melanie wants to be mine, not a slave but as a lover. She vowed her pussy was only mine. Janice just loves the sex" Ben tells him. "Ben, Helen is in love with you and your huge cock. She is cock starved now. She came home last night and sucked me hard and fucked me three times in her ass. She then made me lick her pussy clean.

I assume that was your cum leaking a little bit. Her belly was really full last night. I have never seen her this excited, she sucked her boys off yesterday before going over to your house. This morning she woke me up by sucking on my cock. She is in the house right now getting gang banged by our boys. She told Junior to wear a condom because her pussy belong to you.

I don't think I can keep up with her now. SO, I guess I give you my permission. It make her happy and I love my wife. My daughters walked funny into the house this morning, bellies bloated and with a strange glow.

I could think of worse men or boys for my girls. Just don't hurt them" Fred says. "I would never hurt them. They are special to me, just like all my women" Ben tells them as they head back into Fred's house. Helen has finished with her boys and is walking into the kitchen naked. Fred and Ben notice a stream of cum leaking out of her well used ass.

Helen feels it and looks down and looks at Fred. He gets up and goes over, "You know what to do honey. Lick me clean" Fred opens her ass checks and dives in licking her crack. "Get your tongue in there honey" Helen says and Fred does as commanded by his once demure wife. Her boys come into the kitchen naked with their cocks swinging in front of them. "Fucking great way to get up in the morning" Junior says as the three boys stop in their tracks when they see their father on his knees sucking the cum out of their mother's ass.

When Fred is done Helen goes over to Ben and drops to her knees. She unzips his fly and takes out BIG FELLA. Helen looks up into Ben's eyes and starts sucking on BIG FELLA. She bobs up and down while Fred tells his boys to get dressed they have work to do. Fred and the boys leave the house and see Helen lead Ben into her marriage bed. Ben pounds Helen into eight orgasms and pours another load into her womb.

He exits her and feels a warm mouth on his cock. It is Janice this time. Helen tells her to get dressed they are going into town. "We are going to need to get some pregnancy tests" she says leaning over and kissing her lover.

"My body is yours, now. I see that all your women have no hair on their pussies. Is that how you like them" she tells Ben. Ben smiles that his new lover wants to make herself more pleasing to him. He tells her it is a requirement of all his slaves that they be hairless below the neckline. Janice takes BIG FELLA out of her throat and tells her mother that the slaves have their hair permanently removed. "If you want you can come over to the mansion and I will have my slave Julia, who is a dermatologist, remove all of your hair from the neck down" Ben tells them.

Ben gets up and starts to dress, Helen comes over and passionately kisses Ben. "I love you, Ben" Helen states to her daughters amazement. Ben kisses her back and squeezes her large breasts, he then kisses Janice who rubs BIG FELLA in Ben's trousers. "I know you are not in love with me" Ben says with a smile.

"I am in love with this" Janice says. "So you like big cocks? Come with me if you want some more" Ben tells her. Janice looks at her mother and Helen tells her to go for it. Ben then takes Janice by hand and takes her over to his mover friends. "Hey Omar, I have something for you. This is Janice she lives on the ranch I just purchased. I popped her cherries last night and wants some more long hard cock.

Will you guys be willing to oblige her?" Ben asks as he leads Janice into their house he built for them. Omar smiles and calls to the guys. All four come downstairs. "Janice here wants to party with us" Omar says and the guys start stripping. Janice eyes their large cocks the smallest is twelve inches long, they all are very large. She knows she is going to be stretched out with these guys. "What are you waiting for get undressed girl" Omar says as he strips his clothes off revealing his large cock to her.

Morgan and Magdalena come downstairs and witness the scene. "Master has a new present" Magdalena says with a smile. Both women are naked as usual. Janice looks at Ben before Omar pushes her down on her knees and tells her to suck.

"These two are their slaves" Ben tells her. "And we are very satisfied to be loved by these beautiful well-endowed men" Magdalena says. Both are very close to giving birth to their lovers children. The kneel in front of Ben and unleash BIG FELLA. "We want to worship you" Morgan says with a smile as mother and daughter share BIG FELLA.

Once they have made him climax Ben zips up and tells the guys to call him when they are done with Janice. Ben gets that call four days later and goes and picks up Janice who is clearly well fucked, he pussy and ass are gaping wide.

He belly is bloated with countless loads of cum. She looks at Ben and tells him, "That was fantastic. The guys come over she kisses their cocks goodbye. "You men can have this whenever you want. I love those big fat cocks". Around October Janice, Helen and Melanie get the news that they are pregnant. Melanie and Helen know that Ben is the father, Janice doesn't care.

She has spent many nights with the movers. Ben takes Janice back home and on the way she leans over and kisses Ben, "Thank you for that. I want to do that as much as I can. I loved having a big hard cock in all of my holes. I love you Ben" she tells him as she strokes BIG FELLA. When they get back to the ranch Ben gets out of his truck and goes and opens the door for Janice who drops to her knees and pulls BIG FELLA out of his pants.

Melanie sees this and comes out onto the porch with her mother and brothers. "Janice is home and servicing Master" Melanie says to her father in the house. Fred comes out and shakes his head thinking to himself, "Girl just spent that last four days getting her brains fucked out and still has enough energy to pleasure Ben".

Ben looks over with a smile and tells everyone hello. Ben's knees go weak and he starts cuming down Janice's throat. She doesn't stop sucking on BIG FELLA until he is hard and is working him up and down in her throat. When he has climaxed for the second time he pulls her away and up to her feet. He takes her to her mother. "She probably needs a shower" Ben says. Ben turns to leave after shaking hands with Fred.

"Daddy, I am going home with Master" Melanie says not asking for approval. She gets in the truck and puts her head down on his lap. "I don't know how he can keep getting up over and over again" Fred says.

"Dad, Ben has vitamins and supplements that he takes throughout the day. He has over three-hundred women to service" Junior says with a laugh. Fred makes a mental note to asks Ben about them when he sees him again.

He sits on the porch with his sons enjoying the evening cool air. He takes assessment of his new life. His wife is a willing slave to his new landlord, his eldest daughter craves large cocks and his youngest daughter has committed herself to the landlord. All three he assumes is already pregnant with all the loads of cum in their wombs. Helen comes back to the porch and Fred tells her that Melanie went home with Ben. She smiles and says she is a lucky woman and kneel in front of her husband.

She takes out his cock in front of her children. She sucks him hard and turns to her boys and tells them they are next. Helen bobs up and down on her husband cock and imagines it is bigger, the fantasies that it is Ben that she is sucking off. She always thought his eight inches was big, that was until she saw Ben and then her sons had bigger cocks. Helen knows that having sex with her sons is incestuous, but she loves them and they love her.

She loves making them feel good. Fred grabs the side of his chair and starts cuming down his wife's throat, before Ben started having sex with his wife she never enjoyed giving blowjobs and never ever swallowed.

Now she craves sucking cock and swallowing every drop. When she is done with her husband she works on Junior's cock which he is stroking. After she is done with Jake she tells her men to follow her to bed. Helen takes all four men into her marriage bed, which is a little strange for Fred.

She lets her boys fuck her pussy and then looks at Fred and he knows what she wants and licks her clean. Shoving his tongue into her stretched pussy. When Fred is done he gets up and his wife turns over and looks at her husband and he licks on her starfish.

Fred never thought he would be doing this to his wife and watching as their children participated is this incestuous relations.

Helen is sucking on Junior's eleven-inch cock getting him hard. Junior takes his cock out of his mother's loving mouth and she tells Fred he did a good job and instructs Junior to go easy at first. Junior pushes his thick cock into his mother anal ring making her moan out of extreme pain and pleasure.

When he manages to shove his cock all the way to the base his mother is in utter bliss. He stokes in and out of her ass all the way to the tip and then pounds it back in slow at first until she screams to fuck her harder and harder.

Jake asks his father "How can you suck and lick the cum out of mother Dad?". Fred is a little annoyed by the question and looks down and then back at his youngest son. "I love your mother and it pleases her. It is not as bad as you think. I got use to it after a while" Fred says.

"Son, I love your father as I do all you boys and my new lover Ben Barnes. Fred is now my cuckold, or rather my wittol" Helen says grunting from the pounding her eldest son is giving her.

Joe asks what are cuckolds and a wittol. Fred looks down and tells his sons "A wittol is a man who knows of and tolerates his wife's infidelity and a cuckold is a submissive husband with a wife who takes on alpha-male lover(s) whereby the wife's sexual pleasures become the husband's vicarious sexual pleasures and experiences.

Ben Barnes is defiantly an alpha-male". Between grunts Helen informs her sons "Uncle Henry has been a cuckold his whole marriage to your aunt. Jackie told me he has a really small penis". Fred laughs as his wife says that, she continues "You cannot even see it when it is not erect. Your father has a fine cock and he knows how to use it, but you guys are bigger and Master is gigantic.

God I love how your cock feels in my ass Junior". With that Junior explodes in her ass, she tells Joe to come over and let her suck him hard. Joe says he is already hard from watching and pushes deep into her. Joe is bigger and thicker than his older brother and of course his father. Junior goes over to his mothers face and she greedily sucks him clean. She sucks on his balls and licks him clean. Joe in the meantime is pounding away when Jackie comes into the room awoken by the grunts and wails of her mother.

"Looks like you guys are having fun". She kneels in front of her father and sucks his eight inch cock. When he is ready to climax Janice puts two fingers in his ass and massages his prostate. This makes Fred climax for ten minutes, shooting rope after rope of hot male sperm down her throat. When he is done she takes his cock out with a loud pop. Fred asks her daughter where did she learn that.

She tells him over the last four days when she was with Ben's friends that live on his estate. She tells them that two of them have fourteen-inch cocks and the other one has an thirteen-inch cock and the last one has a twelve-inch cock. "I took each one repeatedly in each hole. I was in fucking heaven. The four of them continuously fucked me for forty-eight hours straight.

They fucked me stupid, I was babbling incoherently when they gave me an eight-hour break. Their slaves cleaned me up with their tongues. They have a mother and daughter as their slaves and they are very satisfied. I enjoyed their attention to five more orgasms until I passed out. I awoke to an fourteen-inch cock being stuffed into my ass and one pushed deep down my throat. Fucking fabulous time" Janice says.

At the same time in the mansion Ben is getting ridden by Melanie as his bed slaves take turns sitting on his face.

While Melanie is bouncing up and down on BIG FELLA she is having her breasts sucked on by Pia and Mia with Lia licking between her legs. She is licking BIG FELLA as he enters and exits Melanie's pussy that is getting use to the size and girth of BIG FELLA. She explodes in orgasmic bliss for the twelfth time since she has been back to the mansion. Ben has put three loads into her womb and before the morning he will put another five, much to Melanie's delight. In the morning Becky wakes up to Ben pounding Melanie, "Did you two get any sleep last night?" she remarks.

Melanie mumbles gibberish and Becky looks up at Ben and tells him he has fucked her stupid. In comes Nikki, Reanna and James in the mansions custom attire, they see Ben rutting hard and fast on Melanie and listen to her squeals of pleasure. Melanie looks over at James' large thirteen-inch cock and pulls it closer so that she can suck on it. Melanie gets him hard and sucks him down her throat.

Melanie doesn't let him go until she has made him climax four times in a row. She mumbles something. "It sounded like she said she needed that" Reanna says with a smirk as Becky comes in with a cold glass of water for Melanie which she downs quickly.

She gets Ben his pills and some for James. When Ben pumps his load into her he exits her pussy and Reanna goes down on him getting him hard again. She tells her husband to fuck Melanie in her ass while Ben fucks her pussy again.

Melanie screams and hollers in delight as she has one orgasm after another. Becky goes gets the other guys in the mansion and they start a train on her. Melanie takes every man in the house, of course when they fuck her pussy they wear a rubber. The next morning Melanie is completely spent as Helen comes to the mansion asking about her daughter.

Helen strips almost immediately upon entering her Masters mansion. She is told that Ben is in the master-suite and was led there by Hazel.

Helen sees Ben laying next to her daughters well-fucked body, her pussy and ass are gaping wider than the last time she was here. Helen goes over to her daughter who is sleeping with a huge smile on her face. She sees BIG FELLA laying on Ben's six-pack abs and goes over and starts licking, sucking and making love to BIG FELLA.

When Ben wakes up and sees Helen bobbing up and down on BIG FELLA taking him down her throat he looks over and sees her daughter Melanie is sleeping with a huge satisfied smile on her face. Helen knowing her new lover is awake takes BIG FELLA out of her mouth and says "Good Morning, my love". "Do you like your new lifestyle, Helen?" Ben asks before she starts sucking again.

"I love my new life, totally sexually fulfilled. Fred has accepted his new place in my life. He watched as I fucked my sons or rather they fucked me in my ass and my pussy" she tells him. "IF you want to be mine you will not let anyone fuck your pussy without a rubber.

Do I make myself understood?" Ben says in a raised voice. "Master, my pussy is yours. You probably have already gotten me pregnant. I did let my boys finish in my pussy and my ass and had Fred lick it out of my holes. I won't let anybody else finish in my pussy, my love. I am yours, your wish is my command" Helen cries out.

Ben astonished at how willingly she has committed to him, and that Fred has submitted to being a cuckold. "Master, I see your slaves have a "Property of Ben Barnes" tattoo's on their backs? I want to get a tattoo that signifies you own my pussy above my pussy on my pubic mound, is that alright with you?" she asks him.

And then she goes back to worshiping BIG FELLA. Helen gets him off and swallows his whole load. She then snuggles up next to bed and strokes his chest.

"Master, sex is so much better with you. Your friends really did a number on Janice, she was glowing when she got up from her nap last night. She told me they were huge, well not as huge as you" Helen tells him with a smile. "Would you like to meet my friends they live on my estate?" Ben asks.

"Master, it would be my pleasure to meet your friends. I will have sex with them if you want" Helen says. Ben thinks to himself and suggests "Helen, I want you to prove your commitment to me." Helen props herself up and tells him, "Whatever you ask, I will do".

"I want you to stop having sex with your husband, Frank. I don't want him touching you without my permission. Tell him whatever you want, but do not let him touch you. That is what you can do to prove your commitment to me". Helen looks down obviously conflicted. "Okay if you don't want to do it then you can never have this again" Ben tells her grabbing a well used BIG FELLA. She has a tear in her eye, she knows that she cannot live without BIG FELLA plunging in and out of her body.

Trapped because she still loves her husband dearly. How can she have sex with her sons and not her husband.

She is interrupted by Ben who tells her "I will know if you have sex with Fred, I have eyes everywhere". Becky has heard all of this and Melanie who looks up and tells her mother, "It's either BIG FELLA or dad's 8 inch cock which is half the size and a quarter of the width of BIG FELLA.

It is an easy choice". "OKAY, MASTER. No more sex for Fred" Helen tells him, "Not until I say he can, is that understood" Ben says coldly. Melanie is trying to hold back her laughter, her father had been a cuckold for a week and now Ben has effectively cut his cock off. "Becky, will you go get a couple full bottles of my pills and supplements" Ben asks and she know what he is going to do.

Becky brings them back and hands them to her husband and lover. "Helen, I want you to crush 4 of the supplements and 6 of the vitamins in your husbands coffee or tea three times a day until I tell you not to" Ben tells her and she doesn't even question him and agrees to this.

Melanie knows what these pills will do to her father. They will make him horny as hell and full of semen. His testicles will get bigger without any release. Ben gets up and goes to the closet and gives Helen one last item, I want you to put this on Fred. Melanie and Helen look at the leather contraption. This should fit him very tightly when he is limp, make it very tight so when he has an erection it hurts like hell.

Helen and Melanie look over the contraption and it has little needles on the inside. It looks to be about four inches and Helen knows it will barely fit on her husband. Ben then spreads Helen's legs and sucks on her pussy. He looks up and tells Melanie to suck BIG FELLA hard. She springs up and starts sucking BIG FELLA deep. Once he is hard he pushes deep into Helen, she squeals in delight. He pounds her for two plus hours and then sends her home to put her husbands cock in the restraint.

He tells her that he is going to keep Melanie in his bed for the next ten days. Melanie screams in delight as she knows she will be getting dozens of loads in her womb and her colon. Little does Helen know that it will be a month before she has another dose of BIG FELLA.

Helen leaves the floor hearing her daughters screams of delight as her new lover and Master plunges deep inside of her pussy. Ben fucks Melanie twenty times in her pussy then does the same in her ass. He has fucked her brains in. He takes her to Omar's house and they pound Melanie for three days straight, of course with a condom when they fuck her pussy. When Ben picks her up she can barely stand up, so he picks her up in his strong arms.

"Did you have a good time my love?" Ben asks her. She cannot speak with her throat being sore and raw with a cock constantly down her throat and just nods. Ben tells her that he will take her home and get her cleaned up.

Melanie shakes her head and points to him. Ben tells her he meant the mansion not her father's house. "Melanie, you are mine and are my responsibility. You belong to me.

You will get your tattoos today" Ben tells her and she smiles up at him. When they get back to the mansion he takes her clothes off and gives her a bath washes her pussy and ass. He shampoos her hair and gets her out of the tub and douches her pussy and gives her three enemas once she is cleaned out he strips and takes her into the shower and pumps her hot pussy, he fucks her in the shower for 45 minutes and then takes her to bed.

He has been building up a large does of cum for her. When he finally starts to cum it takes he thirty minutes to stop. Her womb is full of his seed and he knows he has gotten her pregnant. He carries his fifteen-year old slave to Sheila's room and tells her to give Melanie her "Property of Ben Barnes" and her "Queen of Spades" tattoos he also picks out a large dragon and tiger to go on her back the dragon's tail will wrap around her back to beneath her breast.

He tells Sheila to put a "Queen of Spades on her left shoulder and roses down her right arm. Sheila is also going to put in her piercings in her tongue, nipples, belly-button and clit. When Ben gets back from Boston he will continue her tattooing. Sheila calls Ben when she is done with Melanie's tattoo's and piercings.

Ben comes in and touches her tender nipples and clit. He also puts in her ears a set of diamond and emerald earrings. Ben then takes Melanie to her new bedroom, it is larger than her parents room. Ben lays her down on her freshly made bed, kisses her tenderly on her lips.

She rolls to her side and Ben lays down next to her. In a tone just above a whisper she tells him "I love you, thanks for my tattoos and piercings". "So you like these new piercings" Ben asks her as he rubs her engorged clit. He moans and nods. He picks up the phone and calls Helen.

"Hello, Helen. How is Fred holding up?" Ben asks. "He is finally accepting his new cock restraint. He's had two painful erections watching me with my boys as the fuck my ass. He went to clean me out and I told him not to. I told him that I was doing this to test his resolve and his love for me" Helen says. "I am going to have the family doctor to come over at 7 every night to give Fred his shots. It will help him out in the long run" Ben tells her.

He hangs up the phone with Helen and calls Dr. Reynolds and asks his old friend to help his rancher employee. He tells Dr. Reynolds that he wants at least three inches in length and four inches in girth. The doctor tells him it will take sixty days to do that. Ben gives him the address and tells him to ask for Helen. "So what are you doing to my father?" Melanie asks softly. "I am giving his cock three inches in length and four inches in girth.

That should help him with the ladies. It will take at least sixty days to complete with two injections one in his arm and one in his cock". Ben tells her. "Your mother has already put him in the cock restraint and is giving him and your brothers my supplements and vitamins. One of those shots is an erectile dysfunction medicine in super concentration form. When I am done I am going to give your dad to my housekeepers as their fuck toy.

Your mother told me that he had a vasectomy after Jake was born so that will be perfect for my maids. They are getting pregnant all the time". Ben kisses his new slave and starts working his way down her body. She moans out loud when he takes her pierced nipples into his mouth and starts sucking on them. He tenderly sucks on one breast then the other, the whole time he is doing this Melanie has her hands on top of Ben's head in a loving embrace.

Melanie screams out an orgasm and exalt "You are truly a master, A Master at pleasuring women". She pushes his head down to her pussy much to Ben pleasure. He sucks on her fifteen-year old pussy, Melanie arches her back and has an explosive orgasm and squirts into Ben's mouth.

Ben sucks it all down and then mounts her. Melanie ecstatic that she is going to get a fresh load of Ben's powerfully potent man seed.

As Ben pushes BIG ELLA deeper and deeper into her welcoming pussy she is oblivious to the pain on her freshly tattooed skin. Ben pounds her four hours straight have caused Melanie to climax twenty-five times in a row.

When he is done he pulls out and lays down next to her. "Master, I didn't think a man could go that long. Even a Master such as yourself has limits" she tells him as she snuggles up next to him.

Tiffani and Mira come into the room with Becky. "Master has gone ten hours without climaxing. You see he has a cock ring on at the base of BIG FELLA. This effectively prevents him from cuming" Becky tells her.

As she goes over and takes the ring off BIG FELLA. Tiffani and Mira go over and suck on Melanie's tits and pussy. "Us ladies are all bi-sexual for the most part. Some more than others. You always see my mother with Mira. They sleep in the same bed and enjoy each others company. Tiffani rubs on Melanie's belly as she sucks on her pussy. Becky cleans off BIG FELLA with her mouth. "Welcome to the family" Becky tells her after she has successfully cleaned BIG FELLA off.

"There are a few rules. First, I am the mistress of the house. You will do what I tell you to. Second there are four other mistresses of the house, Lauren, Gina, Brooklyn and Peggy if I am not around you will do as they say. Is that understood?" Melanie nods her head. Becky continues "You have already passed your pussy training twice and your anal training.

You need to complete your oral training which consists of sucking BIG FELLA to completion twenty times in a row". "I look forward to that my lover. My body is his, my children are his. Hopefully with all his loads he put in my womb I am already pregnant. Oh, Tiffani really knows how to suck pussy" Melanie states before she has another orgasm. "You will learn how to do that also, Melanie. You already know about no hair below the neckline.

When Ben and I leave for Boston in a couple of days we will have Emily permanently remove all your hair.

We dress for dinner here otherwise we are all naked. Today we will go and get you a new wardrobe. You will dress appropriately when we are out in public. Ben loves his ladies to dress nicely. You already know about providing Ben with babies. You are required to go to college and study a field that will be beneficial to the family.

Now that you are a part of the family you will go to school in her on the estate. You know about not little men fuck your pussy without a condom.

Your pussy belongs to Ben only." Becky finishes. "Mistress Becky, not to disagree with you, but my whole body belongs to my Master.

I will only have lovers that he approves of and how he wants them to make love to me." Melanie says as Tiffani and Mira have their fill.

Melanie rolls to her side and kisses her Master and lover. They see her back tattoo for the first time. "Master told me he is going to have Sheila put more tattoos on my body, my body is his for his pleasure" Melanie says as she kisses her way down Ben's strong muscular body. "Honey we need to go get cleaned up for the school opening" Becky tells him. Ben smiles enjoying the attention of Melanie, her willingness to please and pleasure him.

"Mistress can I have one load in my stomach?" Melanie begs and she nods. Becky, Tiffani and Mira go and get ready while Melanie sucks BIG FELLA hard and then takes him all the way down her throat, bobbing up and down on him. It takes her thirty minutes to get Ben to pour his seed down her throat and into her waiting stomach.

Ben gets up and heads to his suite before he can get out of Melanie's new room she jumps up into his arms and straddles him. She leans in and whispers in his ear "Ben Barnes, I really do love you". Ben kisses her and squeezes her nice round ass. "I love you too, we all love you here. Here are safe and secure in my company. You don't mind what I am doing to your father?" Ben says to her.

"Master, I trust you to do the right thing. You did save our ranch and let us live there" She tells him in response. Ben tells her that is not your home anymore this is and this is your room and leaves her to take a shower and recover. "If you need anything just ask one of the mistresses and we will get it for you" Ben says as he leaves the room.

Melanie takes inventory of her new room. It has a king size bed two night stands, in side there are boxes of condoms and lubricants, Ben's vitamins and supplements.

There is a desk with a laptop, tablet and a kindle fire. Huge fifty inch television is mounted on the wall with PS3, X-BOX and a Blu-ray player. There is a dresser that she opens and there is sexy panties and bras in her size. In the closet there are dresses in her size, shoes everything a girl could want.

She goes into the bathroom and sees a shower big enough for her whole family and a whirlpool tub. It has a dressing table and double sink in a granite top. Melanie steps into the shower and sees a hole line of bath products.

She is amazed at the shower has eight shower-heads. When she is done with her amazing shower, she feels the burn of the tattoos. She puts on some perfume and then dresses. She puts on some sandals and heads downstairs.

Peggy sees her and asks if she is coming to the opening of their school. She nods in agreement and they head off to the school. It is a short walk to the school. Outside she sees a line of people heading to the school. She sees Ben and Becky and hears him say. "I am going to have to get the pavement company build a road to the school". "It would be nice if there were trees along each side and benches.

We could use it to ride bikes to and from school" Becky says. Ben notes that he needs to get bikes for all of his slaves now. The whole family is at the opening as the builder comes and greets Ben and Becky. The schoolhouse is a three-story building. They tour the library with a large auditorium, cafeteria, dozens of rooms for classes. Each room has a huge television and each desk has an electric and network outlets that connect to the schools internal network that James designed.

James is going to teach information technology to the slaves. Ben and Becky designed the school so that if a slave takes distant or online classes they can use the school to do it also. James has a T-3 connection setup to the school and two to the mansion. He has designed the networks in both buildings also the communication network between the mansion, guard facilities, Jamar's and the mover's houses to the main connection on the street. James also hooked up all the close-circuit system around the estate and the mansion.

This is James' job to be beneficial to the family. He is good at it, just like Cecil gift to the family is his landscaping skills.

Ben's friend Teddy, who is the principal at the local school, comes into the new school and meets with Ben and Becky. Ben is talking with Teddy when the teacher slaves come into what amounts to be the administrative offices.

"Master, Master the school is beautiful" LuAnne says carrying her boy Leigh. She leans in to give him a kiss. "How do you like Ben's new schoolhouse Teddy?" Alana says carrying her daughter Christina. "What little I have scene it looks state-of-the-art. I would expect nothing less from my good friend Ben" Teddy says as the teacher slaves introduce him to their children they have had with their Master.

"You ladies look really happy" Teddy comments as they all are glowing. All eight of the original teacher slaves have already given birth to Ben's children.

Nevaeh is there with her children and Cecil. Four of her children are pregnant with Ben's children, all are having multiple children along with their mother. Allison and Taylor come in and sees their former boss and greet him with a kiss on the cheek.

Their kids are with them and tell their former principal that they love living in the mansion with their new master and lover. Johnny Taylor's son tells Teddy that he is enjoying life in the mansion. He tells him of the great sex he is having with the slaves. Audrey leans over and rubs Johnny's crotch, "Mr. Smith, Johnny has a huge hammer and he is learning how to use it". Johnny smiles and blushes a little. "Master Ben has provided my mother and my sisters a very safe, secure and extremely comfortable living.

I am loved by Ben's slaves and have a purpose in life. I am still going to school and am getting a concentrated education and will go to university thanks to Ben. I love Ben like he is my father" Johnny says with a tear in his eye remembering his loser father who abandoned them. Jasmine and Jamie his twin sisters come over and hug him tightly, "We are safe and secure" Jasmine tells him and the three kiss.

They tell them they are going back to the mansion. When they arrive they go to Johnny's room and make love. "Your kids seem to be closer than they were last year" Teddy says to Taylor. "They don't fight anymore and really love each other. No more hostility from Johnny". Taylor leaves and tours the rest of the schoolhouse before leaving and heading back to the mansion. Tiffani, Mira and her daughters come into the office telling Ben that the schoolhouse is beautiful.

Gina comes over and jumps into her Master's arms and gives him a deep passionate kiss. "I love you Master! You overdid yourself as usual providing your slaves a wonderful place to learn". Ben holding Gina up by her butt cheeks introduces her to Teddy.

"This is Gina, she is one of my wives". Teddy introduces himself as the principal at the local public school. Becky informs him that Mira is her mother and that Ben has taken her whole family under his wing. "My family and my ex-husbands extended family also" Mira says, "My husband virtually abandon us to investigate Ben" she continues until she is interrupted "to his utter demise" by Gina who giggles. "Yes, anyway he took us in and taken care of us, provided me with more children as he has done for my best friend and her daughters.

I met my soulmate, Tiffani" she continues "they are in-separable, my father was a complete and utter loser. I am glad he is gone. He is now Phyllis and takes cocks in her mouth and ass all day in Mexico. Good riddance, we have a far superior man in our lives. Given us all children and a purpose in life". In comes Melanie who drifts over to Ben and Gina. She rubs BIG FELLA with her hand, "You remember Melanie don't you Teddy, her father owned the ranch adjoining the estate that I purchased" Ben says enjoying his recent slaves eagerness to please him.

"She is my most recent additions to my slaves" he continues. Melanie reaches out her free hand and shakes her former principals hand. "Nice to see you Principal Smith" Melanie says. She looks down at his huge bulge in his pants and asks "Master, can I relieve Principal Smith's stress." Ben says of course. Melanie goes over and unzips and pulls out Teddy's huge 12 inch cock, starts stroking him and takes him down her throat.

Within fifteen minutes he cums hard down her throat. He pours his seed into her stomach for eight minutes before he is done. "Man, Principal Smith you were really backed up" Melanie says with a smile as she kisses the head of his cock. "After what you just did, Please call me by my first name. Melanie." Teddy says. "You certainly trained her well, Ben. That was a great blowjob. How are your parents, Melanie?" "My father is a cuckold now, my mother is Ben's although she did not commit to being his slave yet.

My brothers enjoy the company of Ben's slaves regularly now and my sister Janice is cock starved as am I" Melanie tells Teddy before she gets up and strokes his cock and then puts it back in his trousers and leaves the room. Ben and Teddy leave the office and tour around the schoolhouse with Becky.

Teddy commits about some things that could be improved but is impressed, especially with James' work with the network. Teddy is impressed with the science labs and the library. Becky tells Teddy that they have all the books and textbooks online and accessible to any student via the network on the estate.

She tells him that each slave and young man has his or her own laptop, tablet and kindle fire to read their books on and do their homework on. Becky tells him that it is a requirement and is expected that they will all go on to college. As they continue to walk through the school Teddy states "You really have made a wonderful, technically superior school for your loving slaves.

I have never seen Johnny and Melanie so happy". Ben smiles "It is my duty and great honor to take care of these lovely ladies and their brothers that are apart of my family.

It is my responsibility as head of the house to take care of my wives, daughters and slaves. I love each one of my slaves with all my heart". "I see they feel the same way" Teddy says in response. As they leave the schoolhouse they give a list of things that need to be fixed to the project manager. They see Cecil looking at the far side of the schoolhouse and go talk to him. Becky asks what's going on and he tells her that he wants to put up some greenhouses on this side of the schoolhouse so that he can teach the slaves about horticulture.

Ben smiles at this idea, he encourages independent thought from his slaves and the men he has with him. "That is an excellent idea. They can learn how to grow everything. Vegetables, fruit, flowers, plants.

Everything we will need for around the estate. Excellent idea, Cecil. Make it happen, let me know what you come up with" Ben tells him. Cecil is ecstatic at this he knew Ben would be keen to his idea. For the next couple of days Cecil comes up with his plan, lays it out with stakes so that Ben and Becky could see what he is planning.

Ben and Becky say goodbye to Ben's good friend Teddy and then head back to the mansion. As is customary they shed their clothes as the enter the mansion.

The enter the living room where they see Ben's bed slaves Felicia, Fiona, Erica and Elaine with Jason, Nelson, Nathan and Kevin. The boys are pounding away in the bed slaves asses.

Felicia looks up at her Master and in-between moans "Master, my ass is so full with Nelson's big cock in my ass". "Master, the schoolhouse is beautiful" Erica yelps as her lover Jason goes deep inside of her petite little ass. "Thank you Master, I love you" Erica says as Kevin buries eleven-inches of his cock into her ass.

"You guys have fun" Ben says shaking his head. They walk the halls of the mansion checking on his slaves and come across Johnny with his sisters Jasmine and Jamie. They are making love with Jamie riding his cock and Jasmine enjoying Johnny's tongue. Taylor walks up and rubs BIG FELLA, "My children are enjoying themselves. You really have help Johnny, Master.

I love you and love you for that". She then drops to her knees and starts sucking on his cock. She gets him hard and then gets to her feet and tries to led him to her bed.

"So you want to be my slave?" Ben asks. He let her move in without making the commitment to becoming his slave. When they get to her room with Becky she kneels before Ben and Becky "Please, Ben, be my Master. Take me as your slave. My body belongs to you. I want you to train me to serve you. I want my girls to be yours, the already adore you" Ben looks at Becky and says "I don't know I really have way too many slaves as it is".

Allison walks by and sees her friend Taylor on her knees. "What's going on in here?" she asks. Taylor looks up and tells her "I just asked or should I say begged Ben to be my Master and lover". Allison smiles and kneels down and tells Ben, "I want to be your slave also, my girls love it here and love you and the rest of the family. Please make me and my girls your slaves". Ben looks down and then tells them okay, "You know the requirements of being my slave and the same goes for your girls".

They both say "Yes, Master". Taylor takes BIG FELLA into her hands he is erect. She kisses the head and tells Ben, "I am fertile right now, train my pussy. Put your beautiful cock into my aching pussy and fill my womb full of your potent baby making seed". Ben puts Taylor on the bed and pushes into her tight pussy, she hasn't had sex for four years and is tighter then a snare drum. Ben grunts as he pushes six inches of BIG FELLA into Taylor, "Damn are you tight, Taylor" he says and she tells him it has been a long time since she has had a lover and that she is his to do with as he wishes.

Ben then uses his weight to push further down into his new slave. Once he has gotten to her cervix he rests and tells Allison, "Go to Sheila with your girls and get your "Property of Ben Barnes" tattoos on your lower backs. I am going to train Taylor now" Allison gets up and tells Ben and Becky "Thank you Master, Mistress" and goes and gets her two sets of twins fifteen-year old Audrey and Andrea, thirteen-year olds Autumn and Alyssa.

When she reaches their rooms she gathers them together and tells them that they are going to be Ben's slaves. The four girls look at each other and Audrey says "About Damn time". "So you guys want Ben as your Master. You know the requirements. The having sex with him ten times in a row in your pussy and ass. Having to give him twenty blowjobs in a row.

Have his children and be his willing servant" Allison asks them and they all nod. "Mom, we want to be his slaves and already committed to him. We haven't done anything with him yet or any other man here. We want him to be our first lover and have his children" Autumn tells her mother.

"OK, then. Master wants us to go to Sheila's room and get out "Property of Ben Barnes" tattoos on our lower backs" Allison tells them and they jump up and thank her. Telling her that she has made the right decision. They walk by Taylor's room and see BIG FELLA stretching out her pussy. Her pussy is tightly clinging to BIG FELLA as he pistons in and out of her, with each stroke he is breaking down her cervix.

Taylor is moaning and screaming out her praise for her new lover. Ben leans over and whispers in her ear "I always cum in my slaves womb". Taylor's legs are over her lovers as she is getting hammered.

She starts screaming "BEST SEX EVER, FUCK ME MASTER. PUNISH YOUR WILLING SLAVE. MAKE THAT YOUR PUSSY". Taylor repeats that mantra for the next ten minutes until her children come in and see Ben pounding away on their mother.

"Momma, did you just accept Ben as your Master?" Jamie asks. "Yes, YES. YEEEES." Taylor says. Johnny, who Taylor knows needs a strong male influence in his life did this for him to start with, looks on as twelve of sixteen inches of BIG FELLA pistons in and out of his mother with her loving every inch of it starts to cry.

Ben suddenly pushes past Taylor's cervix and rears back. He starts pouring his seed into her fertile womb, when he is done he looks over to Johnny who is weeping. "What's wrong Johnny" Ben asks "Ben, I want to thank you for taking us in.

For wanting to be my daddy" Johnny says as he jumps up and hugs Ben tightly. "I love you daddy" Johnny says. He kisses Ben on the check and then kisses his mother on the lips.

"I love you mommy. Thanks for getting me a daddy" Johnny tells her. Ben has managed to get hard again and starts rutting on Taylor. "Daddy, are you going to give me a brother or sister and hopefully a couple of nephews and nieces? Johnny asks as he watches Ben enjoy his mother. "Yes, I plan to.

Let me get back to training your mother's pussy so I can dump some more loads of cum into her" Ben says and Johnny ecstatically tells him "Yes, Daddy". Ben pounds Taylor to countless orgasms as he pours ten loads into her womb. Allison and her girls come in when they are done with getting their tattoos and work to suck BIG FELLA hard in-between training sessions with Taylor.

When Ben is done with his training of Taylor she kisses him and tells him "Best sex ever. I wanted to give my kids a better life and that is why I wanted to be your slave at first, but after you just pounded my senseless I am truly in love with you.

You can do that anytime you want". Ben asks her if she ever did anal before and she shakes her head no. Ben tells her to prepare to have her anal ring stretched. "Master, my body is yours to do with as you choose". He gets up and goes with Allison to her room looking back to Taylor she has an well-fucked look on her face. Her daughters come into the room and asks "How was Master?". "Master is so huge, he will stretch you out further than you ever thought possible.

He will fuck you so hard that you will feel like you have been ripped in half. You two have had sex with your brother for a while now, so that will help loosen you up for Ben." They lay their together waiting for Master to come back for one of them.

"You are to obey him, he is our Master and protector. You will become pregnant with his children" Taylor tells her children. Jasmine and Jamie have both witnessed Ben in action with his lovers and know of his prowess as a lover, he know how to pleasure women and get them pregnant. They hear the squeals coming from Alyssa's room. Ben is taking Alyssa's virginity first followed by her twin sister Autumn.

Next is Andrea and Aubrey's turn to loose their virginity. Little does Ben, Taylor or Allison know that Becky has given the six girls supplements, prenatal vitamins and fertility hormone treatments since they came to live in the mansion.

All six girls will be giving Ben multiple children. Ben is about half-way into Alyssa as her mother comes over and whispers "Relax and let him have you. The worst is over, pleasure will be coming very soon". Ben is pushing further and further into her thirteen-year old tight pussy. Ben pulls out and Alyssa's pussy grips BIG FELLA, as he pulls out for the tenth time Alyssa has stop whimpering and tells him "Master, it is feeling rea.llly.

Good, Please don't stop". "I think Alyssa is enjoying her new Master!" Audrey says as she sees Ben start pile-driving her younger sister. He is about ten inches in before he starts knocking on her cervix. It takes Ben 45 minutes to finally pass her cervix and push into her womb. In that time he has stretched her pussy to except another three inches. Once he buries all sixteen-inches of BIG FELLA he exits her and then swiftly pushes it all back in.

He does this for twenty minutes before he explodes in her womb. A very pleased Ben lays there with BIG FELLA just outside of her womb, her cervix quickly closes to capture all of his seed in her womb. Becky comes into the room with Ben's supplements and vitamins and looks over the scene, "Audrey, your mother finally asked to be Ben's slave?" she asks the eldest of Allison's daughter. Audrey confirms Becky's assumption.

"My love, you are need to take your vitamins and supplements to keep your energy up" Becky tells her husband, who is still firmly engaged in Alyssa's clinching pussy.

She gives him 10 supplements, that should do him for at least ten more times, and twenty vitamins. He takes them with water and then eats a couple of protein bars. When Ben rolls on his back BIG FELLA pops out of Alyssa's pussy, she moans "Master, put it back in. I want more, I want it again and again". "More will come, give your sisters and mother a taste first. Come down her and learn how to suck a cock" Ben tells her and she moves down to his groin.

She takes BIG FELLA into her hands and starts licking and sucking on him. While she sucks on BIG FELLA, Ben instructs Becky to order more phones for the new slaves, Helen and her boys. Becky comes over and gives the girls some pointers on sucking cock and then leaves the room. Becky calls Abigail at her work and asks her to pick-up some supplies and that she will fax them over to her. Becky then orders thirty new Samsung Galaxy S5 phones for the recent additions to the family, she orders Diamond rings and earrings with different gem stones.

Becky knows her husband very well by now. Becky then goes and gets Tiffani and Melanie to go shopping. She knows that Melanie needs new clothes and checks if anybody in the mansion needs anything while they are out.

Gina and Peggy come running up and ask to go. More the merrier Becky tells them. The get a list from the rest of the slaves via email. They get dressed and head out to the mall. While they do this Ben continues his cherry popping activities and after he has fully recovered.

He sucks on little Autumn's sweet virgin pussy and after she has climaxed for the third time he pushes BIG FELLA deep inside of her virgin pussy. She screams out from pleasure then from pain as Ben pushes deep into the well lubricated pussy, ripping away her hymen and pressing hard against her cervix.

She scratches Ben's back which makes her arch his back and drive deeper inside of her. "Oh, Master. That hurt. I can feel you pushing my womb." Ben immediately starts pile-driving her into orgasm after orgasm. It takes Ben ninety minutes to push through Autumn's cervix and stretch it enough to enter her womb. When he does she screams from the pain and then the pleasure of him reaching his goal.

Breathlessly Autumn chants "UGH, Master fuck me. BIG FELLA is stretching me out. Pour your seed into me, give me your seed, I want your babies growing inside of me" She repeats the over and over again until Ben rears back and starts pouring his seed into her young womb. When Ben is done he lays next to Autumn half on her with BIG FELLA outside of her cervix. Her twin curls up next to her and tells her "Welcome to womanhood, Ben is now our Master.

Did it hurt much?" "It hurt like hell at first then again when he broke through my cervix" Autumn leans over and kisses her sister passionately and then her new Master and lover. "I love you, Master. Thank you for making me your slave". When BIG FELLA exits her pussy she goes down on him trying to get him hard again. She sees just like her sister her virgin blood on his mighty cock. She sucks him clean and then eventually hard again. Next up is Andrea and she doesn't wait until Ben pushes her on her back.

Andrea is taking charge of how she looses her virginity and straddles Ben. She reaches back and lines up BIG FELLA to her slit and pushes down hard, breaking her hymen in one stroke. Ben smiles up at her, he appreciates a determined woman who knows what she wants. Andrea bounces up and down on BIG FELLA wailing and thrashing screaming her head off as Jasmine and Jamie come in to see the action.

They see little five foot tall Andrea bouncing up and down on BIG FELLA her breasts bouncing, screaming her head off in delight.

Each girl goes over and starts sucking on Andrea's 36C breasts she moans out loud and grabs her new slave sisters heads. He has a series of orgasms and then Ben has her pull her legs up to his shoulders. When she does this he starts pulling her further down on BIG FELLA stretching her further. In an hour he is ready to push through her cervix and pour his load into her. He has Jasmine and Jamie stop sucking on Autumn's breasts and he throws her on her back and starts pile-driving her eventually getting past her cervix.

Jasmine sees his balls constrict and BIG FELLA pulsating as he pumps his load into her. When he is finished cuming he exits her pussy and then pushes a semi erect cock down her throat, she has a lot of trouble getting BIG FELLA down her skinny neck but Ben is forceful enough to get it down and then he pulls it in and out of her throat until he is hard and looks over at Audrey who has already got on her hands and knees and tells him to come and get it.

Ben gets up from the bed and goes over to Audrey he rubs a steel hard BIG FELLA on her slit and up her ass crack he does this for a while until Audrey looks behind her and tells Ben "Put BIG FELLA into me, fuck me.

Make me a woman. Make me your woman, Master". With that Ben pushes hard into her sinking seven inches of hot cock into her virgin pussy, tearing away her hymen. He then withdraws and Audrey pushes back on BIG FELLA trying to get him back in. "FUCK ME MASTER!!!" repeatedly until she cannot speak. Ben takes her arms and starts ridding her like she was a pony, he large breast bouncing back and forth. As he is about to push pass her cervix, Becky and the crew that went to the store come into the room.

"Master is enjoying his new slaves" Gina says. "Are you doing the virgins first, honey?" Becky asks and all that Ben can do is nod. "We are next" Jasmine and Jamie say in unison. "What this girls" Gina says as she licks her fingers and then insert them in her Master and husband.

"What is she doing?" Jamie asks. "I am massaging your Masters prostate" Gina tells as she strokes it. Within minutes Ben pushes past Audrey's cervix and Gina starts rubbing the prostate harder. "I am milking his prostate right now" she says as Ben moans and starts pouring his seed into his new slave. He has an orgasm for eleven minutes before he finally pulls out of her and lays on the floor exhausted.

Ben looks up, "I wish you girls would stop searching on the Internet for sexual related topics". "You didn't like that last orgasm, my husband?" Gina says as she comes over and kisses him. He nods yes as Gina drops to worship BIG FELLA. The girls watch as this ten-year old girls takes all sixteen inches of BIG FELLA down her throat without any issues.

She gets him hard in five minutes and Jamie is the first to get to him. Jamie pushes BIG FELLA into her pussy, although she has had sex with Johnny multiple times she is still relatively tight. Johnny comes back into the room and sees Ben, his new daddy, pushing BIG FELLA deep into his triplet.

He was a little envious that it was not him pleasuring his sister as usual. Jasmine comes over and kisses Johnny passionately on the lips. She bends down and sucks on his twelve-inch cock that is hard from looking at his sister bouncing up and down on BIG FELLA. She takes him all the way down to the base as Allison's children watch.

Autumn thinks to herself that they can practice on Johnny's large cock so when it is time for their oral training it will be easier on them and better for Master. Jasmine knows how to make her brother climax, when he is done shooting his load into her mouth she shows Autumn. Autumn leaps over and french kisses Jasmine, she then sticks her tongue in Jasmine's mouth to get some more of Johnny's cum.

They swap Johnny's load back and forth much to Johnny's enjoyment. Autumn instinctively reaches up and starts rubbing Johnny's cock. When she swallows her part of Johnny's load she then takes his cock into her mouth. Johnny groans as Autumn bobs back and forth not really knowing how to suck a proper cock.

Becky and Gina come over and give her instructions. Soon she has gotten Johnny's cock down her throat and with the tightness of her virgin throat Johnny explodes down Autumn's thirteen-year old throat.

She takes it out of her throat as Johnny as he nears the completion. She takes the last four ropes in her mouth, swishes it around her mouth and then swallows. She takes care to lick him clean. At this point Becky takes Johnny by hand and tells Ben that his new son will be in the master-suite, Ben just grunts his approval as he pounds Jamie with long deep strokes, pressing her cervix to let him through.

Jamie is delirious in post-orgasmic bliss. She has climax ten times already as her Master tries to push his huge cock into her womb. Ben reaches back and grabs Jamie's ankles and puts them down to her shoulders and starts really forcefully pounding her with deep long fast strokes. Jasmine looks on as BIG FELLA pistons in and out of her sister.

She can feel her sister's pain and pleasure with Ben. It takes Ben another twenty minutes to push through Jamie's cervix and begin to pour his seed into her. When he is done he falls down beside Jamie as Jasmine begins to lick on Ben's balls and the part of BIG FELLA that is not in her sisters pussy.

When Ben finally pops out of Jamie's pussy Jasmine is there to suck BIG FELLA back to life. While she is sucking on BIG FELLA Jasmine notices that non of her new Masters seed has leaked out of her sisters pussy.

Jamie is recovered enough to lean over and kiss her Master. "You can't have sex with Johnny anymore in your pussies" Ben tells them. "But, Master we love having sex with Johnny, almost as much as you" Jamie says. Jasmine takes BIG FELLA out of her mouth to tell Ben "It feels like we are making love to ourselves.

When I ride Johnny, Jamie can feel it. All three of us can feel the feelings of the other. Please let us continue to have sex with each other" Jasmine says before going back down on BIG FELLA. "Johnny needs to wear a condom when he has sex with you in your pussy as does every other man in the mansion. You know no man can forcefully make you have sex with you!" Ben tells them as he looks at all the girls.

They all say "Yes, Master". "You ladies are in control of who has sex with you and when. That includes me. I will not take any of you by force" Ben tells them. "Master with all the willing women in the mansion you never have to force a woman" Allison says.

Ben looks up at her as she sees her daughters recovering from loosing their virginity. Ben know he is going to pump ten loads into her very soon. He reaches up and takes her by hand and lowers her down to him.

Ben kisses her and then tells her to straddle his face. Ben sucks on her pussy and Allison is ecstatic, she screams out "OH GOD MASTER, nobody has ever done that to me. Not even my husband, you are truly a Master" Ben is enjoying his blowjob from Jasmine as much as he is enjoying the taste of Allison's fresh pussy, although she as obviously has been fucked plenty she is still naive on a lot of sexual situations.

He makes Allison scream out in orgasmic bliss twice before she squirts into his mouth. She abruptly gets off of Ben as Jasmine starts to ride BIG FELLA. "I sorry, Master. I didn't mean to urinate in your mouth. I was just so excited" Allison apologetically says.

In between grunts Ben smiles and tells her that she did not urinate in his mouth that she in fact had an orgasm and squirted into his mouth. "Allison, ladies, most women can gush or are gushers when they are aroused and ejaculate. Few women, very special women, can actually squirt their cum when they orgasm. You obviously have never done that before" Ben says before he grunts and moans as Jasmine continues her bouncing on BIG FELLA.

Allison is embarrassed by talking about these things in front of her daughters, she sheepishly says "No". "Allison, your daughters are still your daughters, but they are your sister slaves and as such you will have to get use to seeing them have sex and discuss sexual issues with them" Ben tells her. Audrey and Andrea take her to the bed where they lay her down. She is wobbly on her feet, they spread her legs and Audrey starts to lick her pussy.

"Oh, what are you doing Audrey?" she says in an excited tone. "Mom, Audrey is going down on you. I am going to suck on your large breasts" Andrea says. With their combined efforts the twins get their mother off three more times before she yelps that she has had enough. Ben in the meantime has rolled Jasmine on her back and pumped a huge load into her womb. She has successfully gotten him hard again. Ben gets up and goes over to the bed. He spreads Allison's legs and sees she is extremely wet and clearly aroused.

With BIG FELLA hard as stone he pushes into her with a long deep stroke. Allison rears back and screams, "OH MY GOD, MASTER, YOU ARE FUCKING HUGE. YOU ARE GOING TO RIP ME OPEN!!". She repeatedly screams this until she is fully stretched out. "Allison, honey are you alright?" Ben asks. "Master, my pussy has only been this stretched out when giving birth to my children and I was sedated then.

It is better now. Please fuck me, I am your slave my body is yours" Allison tells him. "Have you ever had anal sex before?" Ben asks her. She shakes her head no. "You will soon and eventually you will come to enjoy it. When I cum I always cum in my slaves wombs" Ben informs her as he starts to really pressure her cervix to open to the large bulbous head of BIG FELLA.

"Master, it hurts. It HURTS" Allison says and her daughters come over and tell her to relax and breathe deeply. Ben tells the girls to hold their mother down as he starts jackhammering her pussy which makes her explode.

It takes Ben thirty minutes before he can pass Allison's cervix. Once he does he pushes deep inside of her for a couple of minutes before cuming hard. "That is where our Master's beautiful cock belongs, up in our wombs" Andrea tells her mother.

Ben still engaged inside of her pussy tells Allison, "I am going to train your pussy. We are going to do this nine more times". With a smile on her face she tells him she is all his. She tells him that she is fertile now. "Girls, there is no birth control in the mansion for you women.

You are expected to get pregnant multiple times and produce many children for the family" Ben says. "Master, Mistress Becky has already put us on prenatal vitamins and a fertility drug" Jamie tells him. "That little minx, I will have a word with her about that!" Ben says as he rolls over to his side.

With BIG FELLA out of her pussy Allison quickly gets up and starts sucking on him before her girls could get to him. She starts sucking on the bulbous head that was just in her womb.

Allison was never much on giving head but this was a requirement of becoming a slave and now that she had this huge cock called "BIG FELLA" inside of her pussy and soon to be inside of her ass. Ben helps her get the head of BIG FELLA into her mouth by pushing on the back of her head once past her tight lips he has Audrey start pushing her mother further down then releasing her and pushing her down again.

They did this until BIG FELLA past her gullet and went into her throat. Audrey and the other girls loved seeing their mothers throat bulge out with BIG FELLA going in and out of it.

When he is finally hard he gets out of her throat and pushes her on her back and inserts BIG FELLA into her pussy. Ben stays with them all night and into the next afternoon. While that is going on Johnny is in bed in the master-suite enjoying the comforts of Ben's two California king size beds stuck together and the affections of his bed slaves.

Becky has already put him on Ben's supplements and vitamins. She has sucked on his cock and swallowed his cum just like the rest of the bed slaves. Becky has had anal and vaginal intercourse with her new "son" much to his thrill and enjoyment. Becky is teaching Johnny how to suck pussy, she is licking on Pia while she has Johnny sucking on Lia. She tells him that from now on his is going to sleep in their bed with the bed slaves and that he can have sex with them in the asses or their mouths but not their virgin pussies.

The other bed slaves cheer. "Master likes his virgins" Pia says while Lia just moans. Peggy leans over and tells him "Virgin pussy and not virgin pussy tastes the same it is just that the female ejaculation tastes a little differently".

The next day in the afternoon, Taylor comes looking for her son. After looking for hours she goes to the master-suite and sees him with one bed slave on his face facing another bed slave that is riding his cock in her ass and kissing each other. Becky tells Taylor that her son is going to be sleeping in her bed from now on. Taylor has her mouth open as Ben comes into the room and slaps her ass. Ben takes Taylor over to the bed and puts her down on her stomach and spreads out her ass cheeks.

"Taylor, have you ever had anal sex before?" Becky asks and she shakes her head no. Becky then gets up and go to the bathroom to get Ben his pills and cock ring. She brought back lube for Taylor, not wanting to make it any harder that she has too. Ben takes his pills and while Becky generosity lubes Taylor's asshole Peggy puts Ben's cock ring on his cock by the base and starts sucking BIG FELLA hard. Johnny has finished sucking off Lia to five orgasms and watches Ben and Peggy. "Daddy, are you going to take my mother in her ass now?" Johnny asks.

"Yes, son your mother is going to lose her last cherry" Ben tells him. Johnny is happy, he always thought of his mother as a very beautiful woman.

He comes over and whispers something in Ben's ear. With Taylor laying flat on her belly with her legs spread, Becky spreads Taylor's ass checks and nods to Johnny who lines up his cock to his mother's anal ring and pushes hard inside of her. She screams out in pain which excites Johnny and Ben. Eventually Johnny gets all of his twelve-inch cock deep inside of his mother's once virgin ass. He strokes back and forth until Ben is ready. While Ben is sixteen-inches long and 5 1/2" in girth, Johnny's cock is only four inches smaller in length and three inches in girth.

"OH MY GOD, YOU JUST GOT BIGGER" screams Taylor. Ben lowers himself down to her ear and tells her, "Our son opened you up for me. We thought it might make it easier on you. He seemed to enjoy it". Ben starts to really stroke her with long deep strokes going twelve-inches into her almost immediately. It takes him ninety minutes to finally get all sixteen-inches of BIG FELLA into his new slave and the mother of his soon to be adopted son.

Taylor started out screaming her head off with her ass on fire, eventually she loosened up and started to really enjoy it. After three hours of fucking her in tight ass Ben exits her ass and Becky wipes BIG FELLA clean.

Ben then shoves BIG FELLA all the way into her pussy that is drenched. Ben pumps his load into her for thirty minutes before exiting her womb. He leans over and tells her "That should get you pregnant".

"How was it mom? Did you enjoy your first time? I love having anal sex with Ben's slaves. They taught me well" Johnny says as he kisses his mother and now lover. "It hurt like hell when you first put it in and again when Ben stretched it out further but I got use to it" Taylor says. "Taylor, I am going to have my lawyer work on adoption papers for Johnny. I am going to adopt him and give him my last name.

Although all my slaves are millionaires and set for life. He will be a Barnes is that okay with you Taylor? Johnny?" Ben asks. Taylor says yes and Johnny has tears in his eyes and jumps into his new father's arms "I love you Daddy. Thanks for adopting me" Johnny says. The bed slaves come over and congratulate him. Becky informs Ben that Johnny will be sleeping in their bed from now on. Ben looks at her and says good.

Ben takes a long hot shower, half way through Taylor gets in with him. She gently washes BIG FELLA with her soft delicate hands. "Are you serious about adopting my son?" she asks. He tells her he is and that he will take care of him. "I love you, Master. Thank you for taking an interest in our son" Taylor says before dropping to her knees to worship him.

She is getting better at taking BIG FELLA down her throat with each time she does it. Ben explodes down her throat into her welcoming stomach. She takes BIG FELLA out of her throat and kisses the bulbous head. "Master, you have a beautiful cock" Taylor tells him with a huge smile on her face. They get out of the shower together and towel off.

The maids are in the room changing the dirty sheets when they come into the room they say "Hello" to both of them seemingly unfaded by seeing BIG FELLA or the two of them naked. Ben asks if they are doing okay and if they need anything. They both say no and tell him that Mistress Becky gets them whatever they need for the house. Ben takes Taylor back to her room where she cuddles up on the bed and goes to sleep. Ben then goes downstairs to his den and starts making calls, first to his lawyer to draw up the adoption papers for Johnny's adoption.

The second call is to check on his plans for a trip in-between Thanksgiving and Christmas. He calls the travel agent and she has reservations confirmed for three weeks at The Cove at Atlantis. She tells him that they have the Azure, Sapphire, Presidential and Penthouse suites enough rooms for the whole family.

He tells her he needs 10 Deluxe Ocean Suites for his guards and five Club Deluxe Ocean Suites as backup. He knows that Charles and his family need a vacation. His thoughts are to his little daughter and her incredibly tight pussy.

Ben's cock stirs as Becky comes into the den. Ben hangs up the phone as Becky hands him the mail. In the mail there is a package from his bankers and investors.

Ben opens it and nods, he then gives it to Becky. That reminds him he needs to call them to setup accounts for his new slaves. Becky gives him the list of names and social security numbers of his new slaves. Becky looks at the numbers and the final number. Ben has made another ten billion dollars, all the slaves accounts have an annual interest rate of twenty-six percent.

When Ben gets off the phone Becky notices his hard cock. "Who have you been thinking about?" Becky asks. They have no secrets and Ben tells her Joey. Ben has just made love to four virgins, pounded the crap out of Allison and Taylor's pussies and even fucked Taylor's ass. "She was so sweet, you know Charles and his family are moving down here in November and will be here for Thanksgiving.

I plan on taking them on a little special trip I have planned" Ben tells his loving trusting wife. "You know she wants to be your slave. She is masturbating to your picture every night before she goes to bed her mother tells me.

You want her don't you?" Becky asks. Ben admits he is very attracted to her, "Would you mind if I make her a Mistress of the house?" Becky says no and tells him she already has her on fertility drugs and prenatal drugs. She tells her that her mother Janice wants to be a fuck toy and would love to spend some more time with the movers.

"You know we have to go and tour the new office building in two days so don't tire yourself out too much. Then we are off to Boston" Becky reminds him. "I want to take Johnny with us. Give us some alone time with him. Did you enjoy your time with him?" Ben asks her. "Yes, he has a nice cock and a wonderful personality along with being damn handsome" Becky tells him, "He fucked me in the ass and in my pussy. He has fucked all the bed slaves in their asses. I think he likes his new living arrangements" She concludes.

Ben then gets something to eat before heading back upstairs to pop some anal cherries. He heads to Audrey's room where he finds her with her sisters. They look at their new master with BIG FELLA swinging between his legs, "Girls it is time to loose your anal cherries.

Who is first?" he asks the girls and Autumn says she wants to be the first one. She gets up and sucks BIG FELLA hard and Ben tells her to lay on her stomach on the bed with her legs spread wide.

Ben then licks her from clit to top of the ass crack. He puts some KY on his cock and pushes at her anal ring. She screams as he pushes through and leans over and tells her loud enough for everyone to hear, "Relax your muscles and breathe" and starts humping her with long deep strokes working his cock deep into her tight anus. Autumn goes from screaming her lungs out to moaning to grinding and pushing back on BIG FELLA. She screams "MOUTH, MOUTH" and Ben is too much into his pounding of his new slave.

"Master she is asking for your seed in her mouth" Audrey tells him as Allison comes into the room and watches her thirteen-year old succumb to the desires of her new master. Ben takes 90 minutes to finally climax and yes he does as she wishes and finishes in her mouth.

Ben then is sucked hard by Allison and Alyssa gets on the bed next to her sister and spreads her legs. Audrey then rubs KY jelly on her anal ring and pushes some inside. When hard Ben pushes BIG FELLA into Audrey causing her to scream just like her sister, eventually she began to enjoy the attention.

"Fuck my ass, fuck the ass of your willing slave. I am yours" Alyssa tells him, "I want it in my womb. I want your baby growing inside of me".

Ben, of course, does as his loving slaves asks. After he finishes pouring his seed into Alyssa's womb he takes it out and Allison is sucking him clean and getting him hard for her next daughter.

Andrea gets on the bed and gets her anal ring lubed for BIG FELLA and Ben pounds her for two hours before climaxing in her ass. He does the same thing with Audrey, when he is done Allison grabs BIG FELLA and takes Ben into her room.

Telling him that he is going to train her ass now. "Are you ready for this Allison?" Ben asks as he lays on her bed. "Yes, Master. Thank you for taking it easy on my girls. I think it might hurt them if you trained them right after breaking their cherries".

"Come over here and suck me hard" Ben says with a smile. She does and when he is hard Allison straddles him and pushes BIG FELLA into her ass. She cries a little until she gets use to it, "Master, I don't know what took me so long to become your slave. I was a little afraid that my girls my rape you. You were a lot gentler than a teenage boy would have been.

Also you are a WHOLE lot bigger that all men. GOD, I never thought I would like anal sex but I do". Allison is facing Ben bouncing up and down taking the whole cock inside of her, she rides him for two hours before he erupts in her colon. She lies down on Ben with BIG FELLA still deep in her ass.

She is amazed that even limp BIG FELLA is still ten inches long, longer than ninety percent of men. "How long before you can go again, I don't want to hurt you or BIG FELLA" she asks him.

"Honey, I am going to need my vitamins and supplements to complete your training" Ben says and Allison calls out to her daughters to go get Ben's pills from Becky. Abigail comes in moments later and puts two bottle of his pills in her drawer, she does the same thing with all her girls and Taylor and her girls. She instructs them not to give Ben too many of each and that Ben knows how many he needs.

Becky comes in with a custom-made dildo from the mold of BIG FELLA. She tells them that she had them specially made to resemble their new Master's beautiful cock. Ben takes his pills and with the prodding of Allison's tight anal cavity he is hard within minutes of taking his pills and Allison starts grinding on him.

She had eight orgasms the first go around on BIG FELLA, this time she grinds out twelve intense orgasms, her daughters come into the room after hearing the third one and start sucking on her wet pussy and her breasts. The fourth girl licks on the part of BIG FELLA that is not in her mothers ass and his huge balls along with her mothers stretched out anal ring.

When Ben is done Allison gets off of BIG FELLA and a huge load of semen comes streaming out. Andrea and Alyssa start sucking and licking it all up while Autumn starts sucking on BIG FELLA eventually getting him hard with her throat muscles. Once he is hard Autumn puts BIG FELLA back inside of her mother. This goes on until Allison's anal training is done. They all eat a late supper in Allison's room. Ben falls asleep with Allison and her girls all around him.

Ben is awoken by Alyssa sucking on BIG FELLA with Autumn licking one side of BIG FELLA and Audrey licking the other. "This is my favorite way to be awoken in the morning" Ben says before he kisses Allison and Andrea. Autumn gets a hot breakfast of cum in twenty-five minutes.

After Ben is finished pouring his seed Autumn take BIG FELLA out of her throat and then her mouth with a pop. "That is an excellent breakfast" Autumn says. "I read where it is not bad for you and it has zinc in it, that helps with your skin and is an antioxidant" Allison tells her children.

They lay there until Becky comes through the door with a smile on her face, "Did you complete Allison's anal training?" Ben nods. "We have to go to the office building opening in two hours, you probably want to get cleaned up.

Allison you can go get your "Queen of Spades" tattooed on you back of the neck and on your pussy mound now, I will tell Sheila you passed your training along with Taylor completing her pussy training" "Mistress Becky, can we get a tattoo on our backs something different from the others.

We also want the required tattoos, but we want something that is just ours" Autumn asks. Becky looks at Ben and he replies "Pick something out and let me see it before you go to Sheila". "Yes Master thank you" All four girls say and then kiss him and then Becky. They head to their rooms to look for tattoos as Ben gets up out of Ben. Allison reaches out for him and pulls him in for a passionate kiss, "That was fantastic, Master" she says after they part lips.

Ben hurries and climbs into the shower. When he is in there Jasmine, Jamie and Taylor get in the shower with him. Taylor gets on her knees and sucks BIG FELLA hard as Jasmine and Jamie kiss and rub their breasts on Ben.

Once he is hard Taylor takes BIG FELLA out of her throat and Jasmine is the first to jump up and straddle Ben. Taylor guides BIG FELLA into her daughters ass.

Taylor pushes Jasmine down on BIG FELLA making her yelp in pain. Taylor just continues to push her daughter further down on BIG FELLA.

Once BIG FELLA is completely inserted in her ass Taylor lets go and Jasmine instinctively begins to pull up trying to get the huge cock out of her ass. Ben then pushes her back down. Ben then turns Jasmine so that her chest is against the shower wall. He begins to furiously pound her ass. Within a half and hour he cums in her ass. Ben lifts little Jasmine off of him and she kisses him whispering in his ear "My body is yours".

He puts her on the bench in the shower as Taylor sucks on BIG FELLA getting him hard. Once he is hard it is Jamie's turn to loose her last cherry. Ben is thankful that he decide to put a full size water heater in his suite.

Ben pushes Jamie down on BIG FELLA as her mother guides it in her tightest orifice. Jamie cries as it passes her anal ring with a wet pop. Her mother tells her it only hurts at the beginning and to relax and let their Master have her ass. Jamie is facing Ben and is crying into his shoulder, Ben tells her to relax it will get better soon. It takes Ben an hour of constant pounding to finally cum in her ass. Ben hears a voice from outside of the shower and opens the door, it is Becky "If you don't stop fucking around we are going to be late.

Girls take a nice hot bath, if there is any hot water left, in the tub over here. Ben get your ass out of that shower and get dressed" she says. Ben smiles and says "Yes, ma'am. You ladies see who the real master is right!".

Becky shakes her head. Ben gets out dries himself off and then heads to his walk-in closet and picks out a three-piece Armani suit. He goes back into the bathroom to see Taylor, Jasmine and Jamie relaxing in the whirlpool tub with the jets on. Jasmine looks over "Master, you better leave.

I might just get out of this tub and strip you and rape you. You look so fine". Her mother and sister look over and see him Jamie says "If she doesn't I will!" Becky comes in and gets Ben before he gets to involved with his new slaves. She has on Ben's favorite perfume, the ladies smell it and ask Becky about it. She tells them it is Ben's favorite fragrance.

Taylor makes a mental note that she has to get some of it. Becky thinks the same thing. Ben and Becky leave the mansion, the other slaves that have business at the new office building have already left. When Ben pulls up to the private parking garage he sees Scarlett and Suzanne with Vince along with the massage parlor girls from Hawaii. Soyeon and Chin Ho are there with their daughter's and babies, Ben's children. Doctor Reynolds is there with Amber and his other staff.

Ben goes floor by floor with the architect. The first floor will have the Soyeon's laundry, the massage parlor and beauty salon. The second floor will have other offices. The third floor will be for the outreach program that Scarlet and Suzanne are running for Ben the fourth floor will be for the real estate agency and state farm agency both run by Ben's slaves Hillary and Liz. The fifth floor has offices for Nadia and Emily, not that they will be working much, they will have partners.

The sixth, seventh and eight floors is for outside businesses. The ninth floor is for Doctor Reynolds, he is going over the design with the architect when Ben and Becky arrive. It has a private elevator for Ben and family as does the tenth floor, which is reserved for private offices for Barnes Enterprises Incorporated. Ben and Becky make sure the architect has everything he needs to complete the interior of the office spaces. They wait until everyone has met with the architect and he has all his questions answered.

Ben asks him to give him a ballpark estimation of when the tenants can move in. The architect says a month, Ben tells them to work around the clock. He wants this completed by the time he gets back from Boston. When they are finished Ben tells them he has made reservations at Antonio's. They all pile into their cars and head over for another fine meal at Antonio's. The slaves all kiss Antonio hello along with Jess and Viki their fellow slaves.

Jess is back at work as hostess after just giving birth to Ben's quadruplets. They eat another fine meal at Antonio's everybody enjoying each other's company. After the meal Ben's slaves head back to the mansion while Ben and Becky go shopping. Ben picks up earrings that Becky ordered plus some more, he purchases diamond necklaces, bracelets and whatever else he fancies. Ben then goes to Victoria's Secrets and buys lingerie for his new slaves while Becky picks up perfume, scented lotions and cremes.

She meets Ben back at Victoria's Secret and continues to shop with Ben. They head off back to their car with their goods for the family. In the car Becky says to Ben, "You are really enjoying your new slaves? I knew it was only a matter of time before Taylor and Allison begged you to be their Master". "Is that why you put their children on fertility drugs and prenatal vitamins?" Ben asks her. She tells him it was and that she would do it again, it is the new slaves responsibility to get pregnant and give him babies.

They arrive at the mansion a little while later and head to the entertainment room to watch some television. Ben and Becky cuddle as some of his slaves come in and sit with them.

They turn in early and see Johnny enjoying the affections of the bed slaves. Ben puts away his suit and lays down with his wife and goes to sleep holding Becky, Peggy and with Gina on top of him. Brooklyn comes into the room and gets in between her husbands legs. She puts BIG FELLA into her mouth and starts sucking on him. She still has him in her mouth when she wakes up in the morning.

Becky starts packing for Ben, Ben Jr. and herself. They are leaving later that day with Nikki, Karl, Dee and Karl Jr. along with Johnny. Johnny doesn't have a lot of clothes and what he does have is not appropriate for where they are going so Ben takes him shopping for new clothes. Ben also takes him to the adult bookstore to pickup a few things.

Ben takes him to Jos. A Bank, Miller Brothers Ltd. and The Mens Warehouse in Atlanta he picks out five suits for Johnny and sees some for himself.

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Johnny is still a growing young man, Becky already has him on Ben's vitamins and supplements. Ben gets dress shirts, ties and shoes for Johnny also.

He is redoing his wardrobe. When they leave Atlanta Johnny tells Ben, "Dad you spent too much money on me. I appreciate it, but it is too much. I have clothes and the little we wear clothes around the mansion I don't see much use in buying all these suits". "We are going to Boston in two days to take Nikki and Karl to college and where we stay and go out to dinner you need to dress appropriately. You are now my son, or will be very soon, and I expect you to dress and act accordingly" Ben tells his new son.

"I know you are having sex with my bed slaves, you know not to take their virginities, right?" he tells him and Johnny nods. "You are to wear a rubber when you have sex with the other women in the mansion, you can't force yourself on a slave. Trust me you won't have to. You are to take the pills that your new mother gave you and obey all orders that the mistresses tell you.

Do you understand the rules?" Ben continues and he nods. "Dad, how about casual clothes and a bathing suit. Can we go get those?" Johnny asks. Ben agrees and they stop by a Target and a Super Walmart on the way to the mansion.

Becky in the meantime has gotten everyones sizes for her shopping spree. When Ben and Johnny arrive back at the mansion, Ben tells Johnny to put his clothes in his closet.

He goes into the Den and makes some calls, one to Harrison Kamora's mothers new boss. He invites them up to dinner in Boston on a Friday. He calls Charles and the talk about the pending move to Birmingham office and he asks if it is possible to have Joey up in Boston for a weekend with him. Charles asks "You really miss her with all your women?".

Ben says he does and loves her. "Ben, you are all she thinks about. She masturbates using that huge dildo that Becky gave her we hear her moaning your name every night and in the morning." Charles tells him.

"Let's make this our surprise for her. Why don't you take her to the room I reserve for you at the Ritz-Carlton and blindfold her and I will come in and make love to her.

I will set it all up for you and have the front desk leave a key for you" Ben asks Charles. "She will die, that would be terrific" Charles says. Cecil comes in with Becky and tells him that he wants to show him his plans. He takes Ben and Becky to the schoolhouse to show them what he plans with printed pictures of the greenhouses. "Ben, Mistress this is what I have planned.

He shows them the pictures and tells them that he wants two structures 35 feet wide by 200 feet long and 10 foot walls. They have cathedral ceilings and will need to run power and water lines". Ben looks around and sees what he is planning.

"Cecil move it another ten feet away from the schoolhouse and put up a total of six. Order it and I will ask the construction company to erect it for you. How does that sound to you, My angel" Ben says.

"Ben, it sounds wonderful. I would love to spend sometime in here learning to have a green thumb" Becky says holding on to her lover. She then hugs Cecil and tells him "Well-done. We look forward to all the beautiful plants and flowers along with the produce".

"You know we have all that horse manure from the stables we need to bring that over to use as fertilizer for the plants. I will tell Junior next time I see him, he has taken a fancy to Anya, Arushi and Aditi" Cecil says. "Make sure the boy wears a condom!" Ben states. "Ben he knows the rules. The three minx like hanging around with him" Cecil says. "Yeah, the probably love ridding his pole" Becky says with a smirk on her face. Ben and Becky then go and check on Karl and Nikki, they are packing boxes for their move to Boston.

Ben tells them to call the movers to pick-up the boxes. He will have them deliver them to Boston. Ben has a devilish grin and goes and calls Charles and tells him to bring the whole family. He tells him that the movers will be there and he knows that his wife Jeanine would like some time with them.

Charles agrees, telling Ben that he can't keep her hands off of him. They leave the mansion with Jamal and Sheila, Jamal being the bodyguard. With them they have Karl Senior and Dee, Nikki and Karl Jr. along with Becky and Johnny. Once they are in the air Sheila passes around drinks and Becky whispers in her ear "Why don't you take Johnny in the bedroom and induct him into the mile-high club.

You will be surprised". Sheila takes Johnny and tells that she has something for him. She looks over at Jamal, her de facto husband and smiles.

Once Sheila has Johnny in the bedroom she strips out of her uniform and then takes Johnny's pants off and then his underwear. Upon seeing his man size cock she looks up at him and smiles. She takes him into her mouth and sucks him hard. Once he is hard she puts him on his back and starts ridding him, bouncing up and down. She lets out a loud moan and then has a powerful orgasm. She wets his groin with her girl cum. Johnny a quick learner rolls her over and starts to drive his twelve-inch tool deep inside of Sheila.

Johnny pounds her like he has seen Ben do on several occasions. He erupts deep inside of her and exits her pussy. Sheila leans over and kisses him and tells him that was fantastic. She gets in between his legs and sucks him clean. She gets up and gets her uniform and puts it on, she tells Johnny to stay in the bed. Once out of the bedroom all the ladies turn their heads, "I told you he would surprise you" Becky tells her.

"Dee, you want to take a shot at Johnny?" Sheila says. Dee looks at Ben, not her husband, for approval and Ben smiles and nods. Dee gets up and goes to the bedroom and sees Johnny there with his cock already hard. She quickly undresses and like a lioness hunting her prey she pounces on Johnny taking all twelve-inches down her throat in one stroke she gets him very wet with her saliva and then straddles him and starts to ride him to four orgasms.

He blows his second load of the day into her womb. Dee leans down and kisses him, "That was fantastic. You are a tremendous lover who is only going to get better with practice".

She gets dressed and leaves the bedroom. She see Sheila and they both have a very satisfied look on their faces. "Dear, he has a huge cock. He is only thirteen and he is only going to get bigger.

He is going to please all the slaves with that tool" Dee tells Karl Sr. He shakes his head as Jamal looks at Sheila, "Yes he is bigger than you too". "He is twelve-inches long and has a nice two-inch girth. He is sleeping with me in the master-suite in the mansion, Doctor Reynolds thinks he can grow to fifteen inches with a four or five-inch girth" Becky tells them as she gets up and goes to the bedroom. "Johnny, honey, you just made those two women very happy" Becky tells him as she undresses and goes over to the bed and sucks on Johnny's cock.

Johnny looks down at her and asks her "Let me eat you out mom?" Becky then moves into the sixty-nine position and sucks his cock while he munches on her pussy. Johnny makes Becky climax four times before he erupts down her throat. She licks him clean and then gets up and cuddles with him. "Johnny, I love you. You are family now and we will take care of you. We all take care of each other. There is no jealousy in my mansion" Becky tells him as she holds him.

About thirty minutes later Ben comes into the room and tells them they are about to arrive in Boston and to get dressed. When they arrive there is a limousine waiting for them to take the party to the Ritz-Carlton. They check in and have the bags taken to the suite. They then take the Nikki and Karl Jr. to their new home. The three security guards are already on patrol around the house and tell Ben all is secure.

Ben and Becky show everyone the house the picked out. An old Victorian house next to campus. They show them the house the garage with the BMW SUV sitting there. "Welcome to your new house. This will be your residence for the next seven years while you are in college. What do you think?" Ben asks. Nikki and Karl both look at each other and tell him they love it. Karl loves the study areas the bedroom, kitchen and especially the entertainment room.

"Wait until you meet your tutors Karl" Becky tells him. They have an reservations at Grille 23 for seven. They go to dinner and seated at a table in the corner. The waitress comes over and introduces herself as Diana, she is blond with a very nice rack. Ben is intrigued by her, she has the deepest prettiest blue eyes.

They start out with a bottle of red and white wines and the appetizers, The Grand Sampler, Shrimp Cocktail, Crab Meat Salad, Lobster Tail and the Tuna & Salmon Tartares.

For dinner they get the local daily catch, soft shell crab dish that has scallops, 100 Day Aged Ribeye, Lamb Loin Chops, three Lobsters, Kobe Cap Steak and Swordfish with sides of Mac 'n' Cheese, a couple of twice baked potatoes, onion rings and four orders of asparagus. For desert they get Apricot Cobbler, Caramel Profiteroles, Hot Fudge Sundae, Coconut Cake, and Strawberry Sorbet. They order more wine during dinner and cordials after.

The meal was very good just as Ben and Becky remembered it. The waitress was very impressive, great service. They close the place. Ben talks to the manager and requests a private dining area for their meeting with Kamora and the other three tutors along with the family.

He reserves the Dartmouth Suite for dinner at seven this Sunday. Ben requests that Diana wait on them and the manager tells him okay. Ben gives Diana a thirty percent tip much to her delight. Ben tells her that he requested that she be their waitress when the come back for dinner in the Dartmouth Suite, she is pleased and tells him she would be more than happy to serve them again. Ben asks about her, he has a warm demeanor that she likes and is comfortable with.

She tells him about her two girls Arlene, who is 15, and Pepper, who is thirteen. Ben asks about the father, Diana looks down and tells him they are on their own since their father left them when Pepper was born. She tells him that she is all alone, no parents or relatives and that this job has sustained them. Ben and company leave and take the kids to their new residence and they head to the Ritz-Carlton.

They turn in after a long day. In the middle of the night Dee comes into the room with Ben and sucks him hard. Once hard she straddles him and makes love to him. Becky and Johnny leave and go into the second bedroom together and go to sleep in each others arms. In the morning they have breakfast in the suite. Ben calls Kamora and she comes over with three beautiful young women who will also be Karl's tutors, Jemma, Jade and Jude.

Kamora had already given Ben their information and he did his due diligence. All four have a clean bill of health and a clean criminal background. Jemna,20, is 5'6 tall blond with hazel eyes and a nice 34C breasts. She is wearing a tank top that shows a lot of cleavage. Jade, 19, is 5'2 tall blond with crystal blue eyes and a 36D breast size and a long swan-like neck. Ben imagines shoving BIG FELLA down her skinny neck and watching it bulge out.

Finally there is Jude, 21, 5'4 tall red-head with green eyes. They have all brought their transcripts and Ben and Becky look it over. They each have different degrees that will be helpful to Karl. The four of them hand them their medical examinations and blood tests. Ben then goes over what he expects of them. That they give Karl tutoring with each of his classes. Make sure he gets at least a B in all of his classes preferable that he gets an A.

Provide what if any help that Nikki will need. He tells them he will pay each one thousand dollars a month, to be deposited in their back accounts each month with a $500 bonus for each A for each tutor.

The girls look at each other and they say deal. Ben has contracts for each one to sign. He goes over each line. They inquire about the line about travel. "We take a trip to my compound on the Grand Cayman Island in January, this year I have something special planned for between the Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks. You are required to go there with the Karl and Nikki and the family.

If you don't have a passport get one soon" he tells them. On the second page it has a confidentiality clause. "When you are down at our mansion you are prohibited for disclosing what goes on in the mansion or on its grounds. You are not to disclose any part of the family business here or if you are with the family. Is that understood" Ben asks them and they all at look at each other and say yes.

Ben gives them a pen to sign the documents and he has a notary public there to witness the documents. He then gives the notary two hundred dollars.

The notary says it is only fifty for the service, "That is the tip, put the fifty charge on my bill" Ben tells him and escorts him to the door.

"Okay ladies before we go to lunch with Karl's parents I need to do a visual inspection of your bodies to make sure there are no bruises or any marks before you go to work for my family" Ben tells them as Becky returns with a camera to document their bodies.

Kamora is first, her 34C breasts are firm and full with no sag whatsoever. Becky takes a picture and has her turn around and takes another picture.

She has Kamora bend over and she takes another picture. The other three girls do the same thing. By the end of the photo session BIG FELLA is hard down the leg of Ben's suit. The girls notice it but do not say anything. They get dressed and Becky hands them their first check for a thousand dollars a piece. The head over to the Artisan Bistro with Karl Sr., Dee and Johnny after introducing each of them to each other.

They have a fine meal and the girls tell Karl and Dee about themselves. As they leave to meet Karl Jr. and Nikki, Jemma notices Dee's "Property of Ben Barnes" tattoo on her lower back but does not say anything. They go over and meet with Nikki and Karl at their new house. The security guard lets them in and greets Ben and Becky. "Mr. Barnes, this house is beautiful" Jade tells him.

"I have ridden my bike past this house and wondered what it looked like inside" Jude says Karl Jr. comes downstairs holding hands with his pregnant wife.

"Nikki, Karl I would like you to meet your tutors, Jemma, Jude, Jade and student advisor Kamora. Girls this is my son-in-law and my daughter who is due in January". "Ladies, these two imposing gentlemen and lady are their security staff and this is their cook and butler".

The youngsters talk for a while when Dee comes over and whispers something in Ben's ear. The two of them somewhat discretely go upstairs without even a glance from Becky, Karl Sr. or Johnny. They know what they are up to without even looking. Upstairs Dee tells Ben that she can help with BIG FELLA. "Do you think the girls noticed him being erect?" Dropping to her knees and unzipping his trousers to unleash the beast she looks up at him and tells him they would have to be blind not to notice.

She takes him into her mouth and soon down her throat. Kamora asks where is the bathroom and she goes to use it, hearing noises like someone is gaging on something she goes an investigates seeing Dee on her knees sucking on BIG FELLA is what she finds. She first sees BIG FELLA all the way down Dee's throat and that she pulls it all the way out to breathe then takes it all the way back down her throat with little effort. Before she is caught she hurriedly goes back downstairs.

About twenty minutes later Ben and Dee come back downstairs and Kamora just smiles at them. The girls tell Ben and Becky thanks for the fine lunch and for the tutoring job. They will walk back to campus. Kamora and the girls leave to go back to their dorm, on the way the discuss today's events. "I can't believe we posed nude for him" Jade says "Did you see Mr.

Barnes erection in his pants? It went all the way down his pants legs. He must be fucking huge" Jude says. "I noticed that Karl's mother, Dee, has a tramp stamp that says "Property of Ben Barnes" " Jemma tells them. "I saw the two of them upstairs in a bedroom, Dee was taking Mr. Barnes's cock down her throat.

He has a huge fucking cock. Bigger than any porn star I have ever seen, the head of his cock was bigger than a large apple. You could see it bulging out her throat" Kamora says as the girls giggle. "He could fuck me with that thing anytime he wants. I was getting wet just looking at it. " Kamora tells the girls. "How big was it do you think?" Jemma asks "Fourteen may fifteen-inches long with a fat girth.

It would probably re-arrange your internal organs. I am supposed to meet him tomorrow night with my mother and her employer at Grille 23 for dinner" Kamora tells them. They already know that Ben got her mother a cushy job. What they don't know is that Kamora's mother, Cam, is her bosses lover. Back at Nikki's, Ben and troop are about to leave the kids at the house. The movers will be in town on Wednesday. They are picking up furniture in Charlotte on the way up and will get the truck loaded full on the way back.

They go back and have a relaxing evening. Ben, Becky and Johnny go sightseeing. Jamal and Sheila relax at the Ritz-Carlton along with Steve Rodgers the pilot. The pilot is on holiday for a couple of days until they head back to the mansion.

Becky sees a jewelry shop and goes in and looks at the inventory. Ben is going to take Joey here next weekend, if he can get her out of the bed. They look around and Ben sees a nice diamond necklace with rubies and asks the salesperson if he can see it on his wife.

The necklace falls down to her ample cleavage. Ben asks Johnny if he likes it and he nods his head and smiles. Ben says he will take it and the matching earrings. He looks around for other items for his slaves, he buys a watch for himself and Johnny. Ben purchases earrings, bracelets, necklaces for his slaves.

He also purchase jewelry for his new slaves piercings. In total they walk out of the jewelry store with over two hundred and fifty thousand dollars worth of jewelry. They head back to the Ritz-Carlton and stop by and eat before heading upstairs.

The go upstairs and take a shower and get ready for bed. Becky is frisky tonight and tells her men that she wants a double-penetration. She sucks on both of her men's cocks and takes Johnny's cock down her long neck easily after having so much experience with BIG FELLA.

Once they are both hard she straddles her husband and takes him all the way down to her cervix. Becky leans forward and spreads her ass-checks and tells Johnny to go for it.

Johnny pushes ever so gently into her ass and she looks over her shoulder and tells him "I will not break, go ahead and fuck me my boy. Let me have it". No sooner did she say that then he started to pound her with long deep strokes. Ben in the meantime starts pounding her pussy with long deep strokes. She moans and climaxes almost immediately from the friction from the two large cocks sliding in and out of her holes.

Becky's lining of her pussy is clinging to BIG FELLA as he is pushed in and out of her along with Johnny taking her ass with piston like forcefulness. The fuck for hours and give Becky fifteen orgasms. They three of them fall asleep tangled together, BIG FELLA still lodged deep inside of Becky's pussy as is Johnny's twelve-inch cock in her ass.

In the morning Johnny has his usual morning wood and instinctively starts pumping in and out of her ass. In short time he has a powerful orgasm and floods her colon with his seed. They all get up and take a shower and order room service. Ben takes everyone to see the Red Soxs play that night. The next night they have dinner with Kamora and her mother and Ben's friend Harrison at Grille 23.

Ben and his crew show up in the limousine as usual and is met by Kamora, Harrison and Cam. They go into the Dartmouth Suite and Ben introduces his wife, daughter, son-in-law, newly adopted son, and his in-laws to Harrison and Cam. The order appetizers from Diana and start talking about the kids and what has been going on with each other, Ben hasn't seen Harrison for ten years.

They talk all throughout dinner and as the dessert is coming into the room Harrison taps his wine glass and gets down on one knee in front of Cam, "Cam, I know we have only been seeing each other for a couple of months, but I have fallen in love with you and I want to take care of you for the rest of your life.

Will you do me the honor of being my wife" Harrison says as he pulls out a box with a huge 12 carat diamond ring. Cam is crying, she never thought she would find love again, and says "No!". Harrison dumb-founded says "What?". Cam is still crying when she opens her mouth and says "Yes, or course I will marry you Harrison". She kisses him passionately on the lips. Kamora comes over and looks at the ring astonished at the sheer size of the thing.

Ben asks Diana "Bring us three bottle of your most expensive champagne. My friend is getting married. It is time to celebrate. Champagne for everyone. Ben takes Harrison and Cam to the top of the step of the restaurant and tells everybody in attendance, "My friend here has proposed to this beautiful woman and she said yes" everyone cheers, "Champagne and dessert are on me!" By the time the night is over there is not a bottle of champagne or a dessert left in the restaurant.

Ben hugs Harrison and Cam and tells them congratulations. He hugs Kamora, who takes the opportunity to feel how big BIG FELLA actually is. They take the party back to Ben's suite at the Ritz-Carlton and Kamora whispers in Ben's ear, "I know you have a python. Do you want to let it out for some air. I will give you a great blow job".

He tells her she has to ask Becky. She does and of course Becky will not deny Ben his pleasures. Ben takes Kamora into the bedroom and she strips and gets on the bed on her back with her head off the bed. Ben slowly undresses and takes off his pants and then his boxers. BIG FELLA flops out and hits Kamora on her head, she immediately starts to try to get the head into her mouth.

Kamora licks the head of BIG FELLA and opens her mouth wide so that Ben can push BIG FELLA into her mouth. Once he has his cock inside of her outstretched lips he pushes BIG FELLA deep into her mouth and starts to stretch out her throat. She is a little hesitant once he gets to her gullet but with the proper force and encouragement he gets it to go all the way down her throat.

They are in the room for twenty-five minutes before Ben explodes down her stomach. Ben plays with her large breast while he pummels her throat. After he gets out of her throat he gets dressed while she just lies there recovering.

"Was that your first deep throat, Kamora?" Ben asks. Barely able to speak he simply nods, he tells her they need to get back out to the rest of the group. Can engrossed in conversation hasn't noticed her daughters absence, but Harrison did and smiles at Ben.

Harrison has witnessed Ben in action before and he sees by the look on Kamora's face that she is very pleased. The party winds down a couple of minutes later and Ben congratulates the newly engaged couple as they leave Kamora comes over and gives Ben a kiss on the cheek and tells him she had a good time. Once they are in Harrison's limousine Cam asks Kamora where she went. Kamora and Cam have always had an open relationship and she tells her point-blank, "I went in the bedroom with Mr.

Barnes and I sucked his cock. He is freaking enormous mom. It had to be sixteen-inches long and five or six inches in girth. He pushed that whole thing down my throat. I just wish he had fucked me senseless with his might tool. I think I say a tattoo on the top of his cock.

God that was the most beautiful cock I have ever seen. He can have me whenever he wants". "But what about his wife?" Cam asks "She said she approved. I think they have an open relationship" Kamora tells her. They drive her back to the campus and watch her go into the dorm. Cam asks Harrison if he knew that he was doing that to her daughter. "Honey, Ben doesn't force himself on anyone. Kamora initiated it. She enjoyed it and you might as well" Harrison tells her.

"You want me to have sex with Mr. Barnes?" Cam asks. "No, but I would not stop you. I have seen Ben in action, he is an excellent lover and he knows how to give women multiple orgasms in a row". "Honey, your twelve-inches of cock is more than enough for me" Cam tells her fiancé as she strokes his cock in his pants. The seed has been planted in her mind by Harrison. He knows it is only a matter of time before Ben has her and that maybe they will double team her.

When they are alone in the hotel room Cam asks Harrison, "Have you seen Ben having sex with other women?". "Oh, Yes. He fucked my mother unconscious on several occasions while my father watched.

Why do you think my sisters always has a really good tan, she is Ben's love-child?" Harrison says. "Your father let Ben have sex with your mother? And sat there and watched it?" Cam says shaking her head. "He asked Ben to do it, repeatedly. He was impotent at that point in his life. My father loved my mother and she wanted more children. I knew Ben and introduced him to my father and mother. They didn't know he had a hammer. My mother made love to him of and on for three years until my father passed away.

My father left my mother his whole estate and asked her to watch after Ben. My father loved Ben like a son. He is like a brother to me" Harrison tells his fiancé. "Do your sisters know that Ben is there father?" Cam asks inquisitively. "Yes, dear they know everything except for the size of his tool.

My mother is still in love with Ben and although they have not had sex in over thirteen years she still is giddy as a teenage girl when he is around" Harrison tells her as they arrive at their hotel.

That night they have the best sex ever in there time together. Cam is obviously aroused by the idea of BIG FELLA. When Ben gets back to the hotel he has messages from home. He has one from Doc Reynolds and it reads "Experiment with Fred is going great. Progress already is evident. Suggest doubling the doses and doing them twice a day. Please call". Second message is from Tiffani "Everything is okay, nothing has changed with the baby scene.

Please call". He takes his wife and son up to the suite and in the hotel he reads the messages to Becky and she comments "I wonder how big Fred has gotten?". "I don't know but I think twice a day injections in his prick will definitely do the job.

Doc thinks he can get Fred's cock size up to at least twelve-inches long and four inches wide. I plan on giving him to the maids as he has a vasectomy and we don't want them having a lot of babies" Ben tells his wife.

They fall asleep almost immediately when they hit the sheets. In the morning Ben calls Doctor Reynolds about Fred's treatment, "How is it going with Fred? Is he excepting his perdiciment?". "Ben he thinks it is Helen's idea and he is very cooperative" Doc tells him. "I got your message, I think three times a day would be perfect. Do you think he will be ready by Christmas?" Ben asks.

"He will be if we inject his cock three times a day. I think we can get his cock size up to at least thirteen-inches long with a nice three or fourteen-inch girth" Doc tells him. "I want you to remind Helen and her boys that she is not to have sex with anyone until I get back. How is your office space coming along?" Ben says.

"It is coming along very nicely. It will be ready by the beginning of October" Doctor Reynolds tells him as he says goodbye. That reminds Ben that he needs to call his furniture contact in Charlotte.

Ben logs into his laptop and checks out the furniture stores website. He sees a mahogany executive desk with matching bookcases. He calls his friends and tells him he wants to order both pieces, and wainscoting and panelling that matches the desk. He gives the manager the measurements of his office. The manager tells him he has the desk and the bookcases in stock and will send them with the movers when they come down in a weeks time.

Ben tells him the movers should be there in two days and that they will pick up the desk and bookcases with the other furniture on the way back. The next couple of days they hang out and take it easy. Ben makes love to Dee and Becky at least once a day, much to their delight. Johnny has taken up making love to Becky on a regular basis. They run into Diana with her daughter one day at the mall. Ben asks them out to lunch and they accept. Diana's girls are very beautiful, it is obvious that they are from a mixed couple.

They have very nice figures and a great personalities. Johnny and the girls are hitting it off. "Mr. Barnes, you have a very young and beautiful wife. You like young women?" Pepper asks. "Pepper, mind your manners. That is not a nice thing to asks. I am sorry Mr. Barnes" Diana says.

"Diana, it is okay and please call me Ben. To answer your question Pepper, I do like younger women and all women. My wife is not that young, but I love her with all my heart" Ben tells her. Ben asks the girls about themselves and they tell him everything he wants to know. Pepper is 13 and Arlene is 15.

Their father ran off when Pepper was born. They hate their school and the kids in the neighborhood. After lunch Ben has Becky and Johnny take the girls shopping. He notices that their clothes are tattered and worn out.

Ben walks and talks some more with Diana. Ben learns that Diana prefers black men and that her boss makes her suck his cock three times a week in order to keep her job. It is the only thing that is keeping them afloat. They walk by Victoria's Secret and Ben takes her in and has her pick out a few things. He asks her to try them on for him.

She has a wonderful body. He purchases the items for her, much to her dismay. "Mr. Barnes." Diana says and is interrupted by Ben, "Please call me Ben". "Well, Ben, I can't let you purchase all these things for me. I can never repay you". "Diana you don't have to. It is my pleasure to buy these things for you" Ben says as he has the saleslady ring them up for her. He then takes her to a department store and has her try on a few dresses and a few pair of shoes. They meet up with Becky, Johnny and her girls and the girls have three bags each and have huge grins on their faces.

Ben has an idea, "Why don't we go back to the hotel and go swimming in the pool. You girls can get a mani pedi and go out to dinner. Your off tonight Diana?" Ben asks and she tells him yes. The girls says they don't own a swimsuit and they go and by each one a two-piece swimsuit that highlights their figures.

They head back to the Ritz-Carlton and the girls tell Becky "We have seen this from the outside but never been in a hotel and never one this fancy before". They go up to the suite to put on their swimsuits. Ben puts on his banana hammock that his women love seeing him wear. He wears shorts down to the pool. The girls come out of the second bedroom with their bathing suits on. Johnny is the first to say something "Pepper, Arlene you two are beautiful. Those bikini's look great on you".

They blush and thank him with a kiss. Pepper brushes up against his cock by mistake and is taken back by the sheer size. Diana asks about Becky's tattoo's and she tells the girls about them. The girls question her about being Ben's property. "Girls, I am the property of Ben Barnes. My husband and lover" Becky tells them. They ask her about the "Queen of Spades" tattoo they see on her neck.

"It denotes that I prefer black men to white. Although some white men are very well-endowed" when she says that she looks directly into Johnny's eyes. They all go downstairs to the pool and go swimming. Ben takes off his shorts, Diana and her girls look at BIG FELLA in his trunks. Diana is drooling as her daughter Pepper swims over "He is freaking huge".

They swim for a couple of hours, the kids play while Ben, Beck and Diana lay down on the lounge chairs. A couple of women come over and look at Ben with the two white women on either side of him. They smile when they catch a glimpse of BIG FELLA in Ben's banana hammock. The husbands come by and take their women by hand and pull them along, they obviously see their women ogling Ben's cock. After about another hour they tell the kids to get out of the pool. They go to the nail salon and they get manicures and pedicures.

Pepper and Arlene tell Ben "This is the first time we have ever done this". They enjoy themselves at the salon and when they are done they go back to the suite to change. Pepper inadvertenly walks in on Johnny as he is changing. She sees his twelve-inch cock swinging between his legs and smiles. Johnny is not shy anymore, that is for sure. Pepper locks the door and goes over and drops to her knees and takes Johnny's cock into her hands she strokes him a couple of times.

Johnny looks down at Pepper and asks, "Do you want to suck on it? I would love that". Pepper smiles and starts to kiss and lick on Johnny's man-size cock. She takes him into her mouth and sucks him hard and starts to stroke the part of his cock that is not in her mouth. Johnny realizes this is her first time sucking cock, his sisters Becky and the bed slaves are all more experienced than her but it is still great. When he is about to cum he tells her to swallow his whole load. She sucks it all down.

They get dressed and meet everyone out in the living room. Becky says "Why don't we order room service and watch a movie". Diana says they need to get home and her girls say they want to stay. With a little prodding she relents and agrees. After dinner and the movie they take Diana and her girls back to their apartment. Ben sees how they live in a two bedroom apartment that is very cramp. It is in a run-down neighborhood much to the disgust of Ben and Becky.

Ben asks Diana when she works again and she tells him on Friday. Ben leaves the apartment and gets into the limousine, which is drawing attention in this neighborhood. On the way back to the Ritz-Carlton Becky looks at Ben and asks "Are you thinking what I am?". "Probably, we need to get those kids out of that shit-box apartment.

They will never have a chance in that place. I am going to call Grille 23 and place reservations for thirteen people for dinner at 8. Charles and his family are coming to town" Ben tells her. "That will make Joey very happy" Becky says. "They are coming into town on Thursday and I plan to work up an appetite by Friday afternoon" Ben tells her and she has a grin on her face as they exit the limousine and head to their suite.

Once there Becky asks, "You are going to fuck Joey all night long and into Friday aren't you". "That is the plan, Charles is going to blindfold her strip her and tie her to the bed in their room, put a gag in her mouth and then I am going to come in and fuck her long and hard for a couple of hours before I take off her blindfold off".

The next day the movers show up and the whole gang go over and help the kids unpack there stuff. And then go out to dinner. Ben tells the movers that he has reserved a suite for the four of them for the weekend and he has a surprise for them the next day. They don't question Ben and just accept he has something good. Ben looks in on Sheila, she has been taking it easy, doing a little shopping.

The next day Charles and family arrive. Charles tells his wife Jeanie he has a treat for her when they are in there room. He tells her to wear a blindfold and she trusts her husband implicitly. Charles tells the girls to wait in the room until he gets back. He takes his wife out into the hall and down to the elevator where he meets Ben.

Ben takes Jeanie to the movers room and strips her naked, taking her clothes with him when he leaves. But before he takes off her blindfold and she sees Ben and Charles and then Omar, Fred, Abdul and Jerry standing there naked with their long cocks in their hands. "Have a good night honey" Charles says with a smile. Jeanie says "Thank you, Honey. Ben you are too much" as she kneels in front of her ebony lovers. She starts sucking on each of them.

Ben and Charles leave, "I think my wife is going to have a hard time walking tomorrow!" Charles tells him with a smile. "I need you to get Joceyln out of the room. I will take her up to my suite while you tie up and gag Joey. She is going to die when she finds out that I am fucking her lights out" Ben tells him.

"Ben, you are the only thing that she talks about. Her school work is suffering, I hope she can make it till Thanksgiving" Charles says. "I hope to impregnate her this weekend. I really love her enthusiasm and energy" Ben tells Charles. Charles is happy for his daughter, he knows that she will be loved and taken care of for the rest of her life with Ben. He thinks of his wife being pounding in the room with the movers. Charles goes and get Joceyln out of the room and hands her over to Ben who takes her to his room.

Charles convinces his daughter that he is playing a game and to trust him, which she does. He straps her to the bed with the nylon ropes and blindfolds her. Then gags her, he then sneaks out of the room and meets Ben. Who has his pills and his cock ring. Charles tells him to have fun and don't hurt her.

Ben tells him he would never hurt his little dove. Ben quietly walks into the room and to the bedroom. He sees little five foot Joey tied helplessly to the bed, gagged and blindfolded. He strips as quietly as he can and strokes BIG FELLA hard after taking his pills and putting on his cock ring. He gets on the bed and lines up BIG FELLA to her wet pussy. Joey is obviously excited. He pushes deep into her tight pussy, like this is the first time she ever had BIG FELLA in her. She screams into the gag as Ben starts pounding her ferociously, stroking her deep into her pussy.

It takes Ben four hours to finally climax in his little dove. Joey had stopped struggling and crying after an hour. When he is ready to cum he pushes past her cervix and pours his first load into her. Ben cums for thirty minutes and then pulls off her blindfold. Joey looks at him with tear soaked eyes, "Hello, my lovely little dove.

I love you and thought this might excite you. Welcome to Boston" He takes her gag out of her mouth and kisses her. "Are you alright?". "Master, I thought somebody was raping me, taking your slaves pussy. You know my pussy and my body belongs to you. I don't ever want another man in me" Joey says. Ben undoes the restraints and holds her, "I know, your father told me that you are in love with me. I love you too" Ben tells her as she cuddles with him.

She starts stroking BIG FELLA trying to get him hard, "I want to ride you next". "Joey we have all night and all day tomorrow" Ben tells her and she smiles. "I want you to impregnate me. I want your babies inside of my belly. If I can't have you at least I can have your babies" Joey says as she straddles BIG FELLA and pushes him deep inside of her. They make love fifteen times before they pass out for exhaustion. They wake up after two hours of sleep by Charles. Charles wakes them with BIG FELLA still firmly lodged in her pussy.

And Joey on top of Ben. The shower together and Ben goes back to his room to get dressed for dinner. Joey sees her mother try to walk into the room and she smile at her. Joey and her mother are both sore for the same reason. "What happened to you last night?" Joey asks. "The movers are here" Jeanie says.

"Enough said" Joey says with a smile. That weekend Joey spends it with Ben making love the rest of the weekend and Jeanie spends it with the movers. They both end up impregnated, Joey by Ben and who know which one impregnated Jeanie. She doesn't care.

They all go to Grille 23, Jamal and Sheila come also with Steve. They have another fine meal and give Diana a huge tip. When they arrive back at the Ritz-Carlton Jeanie goes with the movers after she kisses her husband goodnight.

Charles and Joceyln go with Becky and Johnny and Ben takes Joey. They don't see Ben, Joey or Jeanie until Monday afternoon. Charles has business in Boston until Wednesday, the movers are heading out Tuesday morning and Jeanie asks her husband if she can go back to Alabama with the guys and spend a couple of weeks with them. He cannot refuse her pleasure and agrees to this. Joey and Joceyln go back with Charles to DC on Wednesday. Ben Becky and Johnny go see Diana and her daughter before they leave on Saturday.

"Diana, girls I have a proposition for you. Why don't you move back home with us. We have plenty of room, I have six houses that are vacant and seven condos. You can take your pick which one you want to have. I own a restaurant down there and you can get a job there. The schools are better and you can raise your children in a better environment. You don't have to decide now but think about it. There are no strings attached to this offer" Ben tells her.

Pepper and Arlene beg their mother to accept. She tells Ben that she needs to think about it. The next day Ben, Becky, Johnny, Karl and Dee say their goodbyes to Karl Jr. and Nikki. The head to the airport to return home.

Coming SOON. Next up in Chapter 23 . What is going to happen next? What will Diana's decision be? Will Fred ever be the same? How do Nikki and Karl Jr.

take to Harvard and Karl's tutors &hellip. these questions and more will be answered in the next episode of My Pretty Little Slaves Holiday Surprises Characters also introduced: Cam, 43, Kamora's mother, black, 5'9, black hair with green eyes, 36 DD breasts swan-like neck. Harrison, 45, Ben's business associate in NYC, white, 6'4, 12" cock Fred, 42, Ranch owner bailed out by Ben, white, 8" cock Helen, 39, Fred's wife, white, Dirty Blond Hair with Blue eyes, 36 DD Breasts Fred Jr.

"Junior", 18, Fred's son, white, 11" cock Janice, 17, Fred's Daughter, white, Blond Hair with Blue eyes, 34C Breasts Joe, 16, Fred's son, white, 12" cock with 2 1/2" girth Melanie, 15, Fred's Daughter, white, Blond Hair with Blue eyes, 36 C Breasts Jake, 13, Fred's son, white, 10" cock Diana, 30, waitress at Grille 23, white, 5'4, blond hair with blue eyes, 36C Breasts Arlene, 15, Diana's daughter, mixed, 5'6, black hair with blue eyes, 34C Breasts Pepper, 13, Diana's daughter, mixed, 5'4, black hair with blue eyes, 36C Breasts ****************************************************************************************************** So far in this series of stories we have: 1139 : Number of Pages 655,801 : Number of Words 39,470 : Number of Lines ****************************************************************************************************** CONSTRUCTIVE IDEAS CAN BE SENT TO THE FOLLOWING EMAIL ADDRESS: [email protected]