Shion Natsume in threesome fun

Shion Natsume in threesome fun
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My Pretty Little Slaves Chapter 14 Becky's gift to Ben, a fashion show trip to Paris and New York City Characters Introduced: Sarah, 37, Mother of Becca, 5'9 White, Blonde Green Eyes 36D breasts Soyeon Kim, 32, Dry Cleaners wife, 5'2, Asian, Black hair and eyes, 34C breasts Chin Ho Kim, 40, Dry Cleaner owner with Soyeon, 5'7, Asian with 5" cock Caillum, 46, Jet Airplane Pilot, 6'2 ,white, 8" cock Randee, 36, wife of Caillum, 5'8, white, Red Hair Blue Eyes, 38C breasts Reba, 16.

daughter of Randee, 5'4, white, Red Hair Green Eyes, 36D breasts From Chapter 13 They go to sleep and sleep for the next twelve hours. Ben finally wakes up and goes to the bathroom and takes his pills. He goes back to sleep and is awoken later by Brooklyn sucking on BIG FELLA.

Ben looks up and says "Good Morning, my sweet little Brooklyn". Brooklyn takes BIG FELLA out of her throat and tells him "Master, honey it is evening time. You slept for twenty-four hours. I am in need of some BIG FELLA, I need a load of your potent seed in my womb" she then goes back to sucking him and when she has got him completely hard she straddles him and pushes down on BIG FELLA.

After about thirty minutes Ben rolls over with Brooklyn still engaged and starts to pound her cervix. He fucks her for a good hour like that before he pushes through her cervix and cums in her womb. They get up and let Madison sleep. Ben goes downstairs with Brooklyn and tells her to get on the table.

Ben then straps her legs to the T part that spreads her out, he then put her arms in the restraints and he begins to fuck her long and hard. "Brooklyn, baby I am going to train you on my new fuck table. I am going to fuck your pussy ten times and then your ass ten times before I release you sweetheart" Ben tells her, she turns around and tells her Master "Thank you lover. Pound my pussy baby". The story continues with Ben pounding Brooklyn's pussy on the new fuck table.

Ben continues to pound her little body, he is fucking her so hard he is lifting up the table. Brooklyn is screaming and moaning as she has one orgasm after another. Many of Ben's women come into the living room to watch.

Becky and Laurie hold down the table as Ben continues is pounding. Ben then pushes through her cervix and dumps another large load inside of her.

When Brooklyn has come down from her orgasmic high she tells everyone within an ears shot that she loves her new Master, the fuck table and his pounding of her pussy. He makes love to her the next two turns and then takes to pounding the crap out of her for three turns when Ken comes in to talk construction business with him. Brooklyn "Master, is this a friend of yours, if so can I suck on his cock while you continue to train my pussy?". Ben "Ken is my best friend, and yes you can worship his cock.

Ken take it out and show it to Brooklyn". Ken does and Brooklyn says "Mmm, that looks nice, not as big as my Master's but it will fill my throat up". Ken then inserts his 14" cock into her willing mouth and he pumps her throat. Brooklyn throat is visibly being stretched out. Becky tells everybody that you can see the head of Ken's cock bulging out Brooklyn's throat.

"That is a beautiful sight, ladies" "Damn, I can feel her throat squeezing my cock. This is an amazing blowjob little Brooklyn is giving" Ken says as he pushes his cock deeper inside of her throat.

He face fucks her while Ben is pounding her pussy. Laurie "Damn Brooklyn is taking 14" down her throat and 16" in her pussy. That is 30" of cock inside a girl that is only 62" tall. Ben starts to erupt in her womb and Ken does the same down her throat. Ken pulls out of her throat and she coughs and catches her breath.

"Damn that was good, Master, I could feel you stretching my pussy while Ken was stretching my throat. Fuck that was amazing. You have two more times to go before my pussy is trained, my Master, lover and husband" Brooklyn says.

Ben then goes to the pool and swims a couple of laps to revive himself. He comes back to the living room and takes his pills that Becky has set out for him and continues Brooklyn's training. He pounds her another two times and then tells her.

"I am going to release you now sweetheart, I cannot go on". He then picks her up and carries her to bed, he tells her he loves her and they fall asleep in each others arms with Becky and Laurie there beside them. They sleep for eight hours and Brooklyn wakes up with Laurie and Becky. "Mistress Becky, I love my new life with Ben. He is amazing, I want to take care of him for the rest of his life. Look at him as he sleeps. He is absolutely the most handsome guy I have ever seen.

He smooth skin, muscles on top of muscles. Have you ever grabbed his ass as he pumps your pussy? His ass is nice, soft and smooth" Brooklyn says softly. "Yes he is one fine man, we are all very lucky to be loved by him" Becky says as she rubs her husband. They start kissing him all over his body, and then start worshiping BIG FELLA. All three start licking his cock and balls. They take turns sucking on the head of BIG FELLA as the other two girls lick and suck on the shaft.

BIG FELLA erupts and spews cum all over the three of them and they start sucking the cum off each other. When they are done the snuggle with there lover until he wakes up. Madison comes in and gets in bed with them. She kisses all three girls and tells Brooklyn "Baby girl we are so blessed.

I love this man. I would do anything for him. He has given more orgasms since we got here than I have ever had in my whole life. Becky do you have any pregnancy test? I want to take one" Becky goes to the bathroom and gets two out and gives one to Brooklyn and the other to Madison. They go to the bathroom and they both come back with positive test.

"That is great news, ladies" Ben says. "How long have you been awake, Ben?" Becky asks. "Ever since the three of you started sucking on BIG FELLA. That was great by the way" Ben tells the ladies. "Can we lay here for a while and just snuggle with each other? I love feeling of your soft flesh against mine." They tell him sure and come and snuggle with him Brooklyn is between his legs with Laurie. Madison is on one side and Becky is on the other.

They lay there kissing each other. Rubbing and caressing each other. "Becky, It looks like we are going to have a couple more babies born to the family in February" Ben says. "Becky, we need to get Ray his vasectomy. Do you like his Prince Albert piercing, Madison?" Ben asks.

"I do, I think he loves all the blowjobs my sister slaves are giving him" Madison says. "We need to go see Doctor Reynolds and he can do the procedure in his office" Ben says. The next day they take Ray to get his vasectomy done.

He rests for three days and Ben gives him to Reanna, Renee and Rachel for his first three fucks. Ben had everybody watch as he fucked Reanna first, the girls gave him instructions and he came very quickly. He then had sex with Rachel fifteen minutes later. He had sex with her a little bit longer. Then came Renee who nearly wore the seventeen year old boy out. "So how do you like being a sex slave, Ray?" Ben asks.

"I FUCKING LOVE IT. I could do this the rest of my life. Mistress Renee can I have fuck you in your ass?" Ray asks sheepishly. "Come here Ray". Renee gets on her knees in front of him and sucks his 9 1/2" hard again and then turns around and puts her ass in the air. She spreads her ass cheeks and tells Ray "Come and get it" Ray comes over and pushes his cock into Renee's ass. "Damn, I can feel that piercing alright" Renee says as Ray pounds on her ass.

"You like my sister's ass Ray?" Tiffani asks him.

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"Hell yeah, love every inch of it" Ray says as he pumps her ass long and hard. When he cums he falls to the side with a smile on his face. Madison comes over and lays down next to him and washes his cock, "Ray, do you like your new life?". He looks at his mom and says "I love it and I love you Mom, I know dad never told you this but you are one beautiful woman. Master Ben, Can I make love to your sex slave Madison?" "Ray, you are part of the family now, as long as the woman is willing you can have sex with anyone of my slaves.

Seeing as though you cannot get anybody pregnant" Ben tells him "Well Madison, you ready to get laid?" Ray says as he starts to kiss hiss mother and then suck on her breast and then he goes to town on her pussy, which has recently had all the hair removed by Emily.

He licks her slit and pays special attention to her clit as it begins to get hard. Ray licks her inner lips and her anus. He gets his cock hard and spreads his lovers legs apart. Without warning he pushes deep as he can go inside her pussy, which pulsates and squeezes his cock.

"Madison, Mom, I love you with all my heart" Ray tells her. "Ray, honey, you can stop calling me Mom. I am Madison call me by my first name for Christs sake we are lovers now.

Pump my pussy lover. Fuck you are better at this than your useless fucking father" Madison says. When Ray is done with Madison he leans down and kisses her passionately.

"Damn, that is what I call some fine mother-son love" Becky says. "That was really beautiful you two" Janet tells her. Ray then after a little breather asks Reanna if she wants to have sex.

She smiles and says yes. Ben and Becky watch him suck on Reanna's pussy while she deep throats his cock. When Ray is hard and Reanna is wet they start to fuck. Ben leaves the house and reminds Ray that he can have sex with any willing partner. Ben and Becky are out doing some errands Ben has some dry cleaning to drop off and have some pants hemmed, they go to their favorite dry cleaners "Mr. Kim's Speedy Cleaners". Ben and Becky go in and greet Mrs. Kim "Hello Mrs Kim, how is Mr. Kim doing?" Mrs.

Kim shakes her head "He OK, very hard headed. How can I help you Mr. Barnes?" "I need these items cleaned. I need these pants hemmed" Ben says.

"Come in the back and try them on. I need to get measurements" Mrs. Kim says as Ben walks behind the counter with Becky. He goes in the dressing room and puts the first pair of pants on. Mrs. Kim measures his legs on the outside the front and the back. She then does the inseam on one leg and then the other when she rubs against BIG FELLA. She doesn't even blink an eye as she does the other measurements.

She then tells Ben to try on the other pants and he does when he comes back out she does the same measurements and rubs against BIG FELLA. He gets the next pair on and she gets his measurements.

He gets the last pair on and she does his measurements. "Mr. Barnes, you sure are a big man" Mrs. Kim says. "What do you mean?" Ben says. Mrs. Kim then rubs her hands on BIG FELLA. "Mrs. Barnes is a lucky woman. To have such a BIG MAN to make love to her. Mr. Kim is really small. Mrs. Barnes can I see your man?" "Sure" Becky says. She does not waste anytime and unzips his pants and pulls down his pants and shorts. "MMM. That is nice and BIG. Can I have some?" Without waiting for an answer she sucks on BIG FELLA and starts to gag on him.

She makes him cum and swallows his load. "Mr. Barnes, you are so sweet. I like your cock" Mrs. Kim says. "That was nice, when will these be ready?" Becky asks. "Next week" Mrs. Kim says. She gives her the ticket and smiles. "Come back again, Mr. Barnes and please call me Soyeon. Will you give these 20% discount cards to your family please?".

"Sure thing, Mrs. Kim oh I mean Soyeon" They leave and when they are in the car Ben asks "What the hell was that all about? She just attacked me. Mrs. Kim always seemed so reserved". "I don't know I will ask around" Becky says. "I am thinking about buying a Boeing 747 plane for the family. I was thinking about having it fitted with sleeping quarters, kitchen and the works.

What do you think?" Ben says. "With the family growing like it is. I think that would be a good way to take trips, more secure" Becky says. "I am working on another project that will make all my women secure where ever we are.

It is a high tech device that will be embedded in all my women" Ben tells Becky. Becky leans over and tells her husband, "Honey, we all feel safe and secure with you." she then rubs BIG FELLA. They go and do some shopping and then head to their favorite restaurant for lunch. While at lunch at Antonio's Ben calls his contact at Boeing and orders his 747 that he has been discussing with him. The person on the phone tells Ben he should come up to Seattle and take a tour and look over his plane and the options.

Ben asks him to hold on and he asks Becky, "They need me up in Seattle, do you want to go with me?". She smiles and nods yes. Ben tells his contact that he will be there in two days with his lovely wife.

"This will give us some alone time with Ben Junior and Laurie. I need some alone time with the two of you. We will fly up tomorrow and stay at the Ritz-Carlton" Ben tells her. He then calls the Ritz-Carlton and books a suite for a week in Seattle. He asks about dependable limousine services in Seattle and calls the number they recommend.

He tells them to meet him at the Regional Airport at 2 pm. It is all set, lets go home and pack. When they are in the car Becky asks "Can we bring Mandy with us? We need to spend some time with her". "We can take anybody you want my love. Although I have only reserved one room" Ben tells her. "Just Mandy, only Mandy, Laurie and little Ben" Becky says. They enter the house and hear Ray having sex with someone. "Damn that boy can go" Ben says as they enter and see Ray on top of Missy pounding away.

"Ladies, Becky, Laurie and Mandy are going on a trip for a week. We will be taking Junior with us. I have some business up in Seattle" Ben tells everybody. Mandy comes up and kisses her Master, "Thank you for inviting me".

The three of them pack their backs and pack up Ben Junior's things. Ben comes into the room and packs three suits and some other casual clothes. The next day the four of them say goodbye to the family at the mansion and head to the local airport.

On the way Becky calls the other ladies and tells them where they will be and when they will be back. The get on the plane and head off to Seattle, once on board the pilot, Steve Rodgers, announces to the cabin that we scheduled to arrive in Seattle in eight hours.

The arrive in Seattle and disembark to the waiting limousine, Steve tells Ben that he is going to stay with a friend from the Air Force that lives in the are. Ben tells him they are staying at the Ritz-Carlton. Ben and family head off to the Ritz in the limousine with Sheila, Jamal's wife. They enter the Ritz-Carlton and Ben asks for a separate room for Sheila.

She says thanks and they head off to their separate ways. Ben and ladies rest while Becky feeds Junior. Ben comes over and says that looks good and Becky takes her other breasts out and she has both Ben's sucking on her breasts. Ben sucks and licks on her 36D breast which use to be 34C's. He looks up and tells her that he loves her full breasts.

He kisses Becky and his son. He then rubs Mandy's belly and tell her he can't wait to see our child. He kisses Mandy and Laurie and asks "You ladies want to head out for dinner or order room service?". "They all say "room service, then sex. Four-way".

Ben orders room service and orders champagne and strawberries for dessert. They put Ben Jr. down to sleep and go into the next room and eat. "Mandy, do you like your new family?" Becky asks her.

"Yes, Mistress. I do. I love you guys. Home was stiffing, my parents were so vanilla and bland. I really love my new husband, Ben" is Mandy's reply as she rubs BIG FELLA. When they are done with dinner they head to the bedroom and start making out, all four of them kiss.

Mandy and Becky take turns worshiping on BIG FELLA as Ben sucks on Laurie's pussy. Mandy licks up on side of BIG FELLA as Becky licks up the other side, they take turns licking and sucking on the head.

Meanwhile, Laurie is bucking and pushing her pussy into her lover's mouth. Ben in sticking his long tongue into her love tunnel. As he orally assaulting her pussy he squeezes her large breasts, he twists on her nipples. Laurie starts squirting into his mouth. Ben lifts her up and tells his women, "I love it when you girls cum in my mouth" he then pulls her back onto his mouth.

He sucks her off to two more orgasms before he has Mandy and Becky get off of BIG FELLA. "Laurie, sweetheart are you ready for BIG FELLA?" Ben asks her. "Yes, my husband!

Get me pregnant, Master, Lover" is her reply as Ben rolls her over and pushes a hard as steel BIG FELLA deep inside her wet pussy. He pumps her really hard for about ten minutes and Laurie tells him "OH, GOD!!!! I am CUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMMMMMING!!" which wakes Junior up.

Becky get up and smiles at the lovers and goes get her baby. She is nursing Junior when she walks back into the master bedroom.

Ben is throttling Laurie now and pushes deep inside of her and pours his load inside of the womb. "Thank you lover" Laurie says as Ben kisses her and rolls off of her.

Mandy comes over and cleans off BIG FELLA with her mouth and then eats Laurie's pussy. Ben then gets between Mandy's legs and licks her pussy from anus to clit and sucks on her hole.

Laurie and Mandy climax together. Becky puts down Junior and then sucks on BIG FELLA getting him hard again. When Ben is erect again and he has finished getting Mandy off he then pushes BIG FELLA deep inside of her pussy. "Master, don't pass my cervix, Please. I don't want to hurt our baby" Mandy tells her lover.

"I won't baby" Ben says as he pumps her pussy long and hard. Bumping her cervix with each stroke. When he is ready to cum he gets out of Mandy and pushes deep inside of Laurie eliciting a loud moan. Ben pours and ever larger amount of cum inside of Laurie's womb this time. He pulls out of her womb and rests. He is still engaged inside of her as she lays to on top and Mandy craws up and lays to the right.

Becky gets into bed and lays to the left. All three ladies kiss their Master and tell him "We love you". They fall asleep like that, Ben is awoken by Laurie humping on Ben's morning wood.

"Do you guys want some breakfast?" Becky asks as she watches Laurie hump on BIG FELLA. They all say yes and she orders eggs, pancakes and sausage with OJ and coffee. They eat and Ben tells them of his appointment with Boeing at 11. He should be back at 4. He takes them to the shower and gets everybody clean.

He then calls for the limousine to be out front. He tells them he loves them and he will be back soon. He leaves them and tells him when he gets back be ready to go out on the town.

He gets in his limo and leaves for his meeting while Becky calls down to the beauty parlor and makes three appointments. Ben arrives at Boeing and is met at the front desk by contact Bill Smithers, they sign in and go to the design room. Ben goes over his requirements, "Bill this is what I need in my plane, a large fully equipped kitchen, dinning area, seating for at least 250 comfortably. A large screen television with DirecTV connection. A bedroom with bathroom.

Bedroom has to be big enough to accommodate a California King Size bed. Seating must be leather recliner able to recline flat. I also want a bar area and three restrooms. Can Boeing put this into one of their planes?" Bill calls in his designers and tells Ben "Mr. Barnes everything you said can be accomplished, when do you want it completed?" "I would like it by Thanksgiving time frame". The designers come in and Bill discusses his clients wishes.

They tell him he needs to step up to a 777. He tells them he needs it completed in six months. They look at their production schedule and see that an airline as three 777's coming off the line at that time. Bill tells Ben that he needs to get upper management approval and calls them. They come down with the accountants and go over how much it will cost.

They tell Ben "Mr. Barnes, for a 777 with your specifications it will cost approximately 650 million" "OK, I need it done by the end of November of this year. I will have my lawyers write up a contract. Everyday past the due date there will be a penalty of two million a day. And if you get it done before the end of November and is inspected by an FAA official as being up to par, I will give you a five million dollar a day bonus. The plane must be certified by the FAA. What kind of deposit are you looking for?

When are you going to have a firm price on the plane? I also want to see the plans" Ben states "We need 50% down, we will work on this the next three day and should have a firm plans and price at that time" the Senior Manager tells him. "OK, call me. I am staying at the Ritz-Carlton and we can meet in a room there" Ben tells them. "I will give you a call to confirm the meeting". They shake hands and Ben leaves in the limousine.

While he is riding back to the Ritz-Carlton he calls his lawyers and tells them to write up a contract with Boeing they ask him the details and asks for his contact at Boeing.

He tells they he needs them FedEx to him in two days. He arrives back at the Ritz-Carlton and tell the driver to be ready to take them to "The Coterie Room" on Second Ave at 6:30. He goes up to his room and sees his women dressed and ready for their Master. "Ladies, I just bought a big enough plane so that we will never have to fly commercial as a family again.

Boeing designers will be over in three days to go over the plans. Until then I thought we could do a little sightseeing, Tomorrow I thought we would go see Mount Rainier and make a day of it. The next day I thought we could do the Space Needle and go out to eat.

Then the third day I thought we could go to the world famous Pike Place Market to go shopping and eat. I hear they have a not to miss fish market. Would love to get some fresh sushi while we are up here. What to you ladies think about that?" Ben asks. "Sounds like fun, Ben" Becky tells him, Laurie and Mandy agree.

"We love to shop". Ben takes a shower and when he gets out of the shower Mandy is on her knees in the bedroom, as Ben walks up to her she says "Master, do we have time for a blowjob?" and Mandy takes BIG FELLA into her hands and sucks him deep down her throat.

"You have to make it fast, and don't get your dress messed up" Ben tells her as he gives the thumbs up. Mandy makes her Master cum in fifteen minutes and swallows his whole load. "That is what I call an appetizer, let me get your pills and brush my teeth". She comes back with Ben's pills and water. They all go downstairs and head to the restaurant. They eat small plate entrees as a start, the girls ate goose liver for the first time.

The each had something different for dinner and had samples of each. "Ben, this is another fine meal" Laurie tells him. Ben and Becky get their after dinner drinks and Laurie and Mandy get their desserts. They go to Sonny Newman's Dance Hall to go dancing. Ben and his ladies turn heads. They stay there for a couple hours and then head back to the Ritz-Carlton.

They are all tired and head to bed and are out like a light. The next day the meet up with Sheila and they all go to Mount Rainier for the day stopping on the way back at the outlet mall to shop, "Ben you really know how to treat your ladies" Sheila says. The ladies go their way and Ben heads to the sporting goods store an buys and buys three 180 QT coolers. He has the clerk help him take them to the limousine. He gives the clerk a twenty for his help.

He then calls Becky and checks on them they tell him they are in a dress store. He then goes to Zales jewelry store and shops for his new slaves. Ben sees their display of Candy diamonds and he takes out his Android phone and brings up his ladies ring sizes and eye color.

He tells the sales lady he has a large family he needs to buy for. He asks for rings in different sizes for all his slaves, they stones match their eye color. He has the lady match them with earrings, pendant and bracelets. He does this for all his slaves, The sales lady says you have a lot of lucky women. Just then Becky calls and ask where is he.

He tells her and she said they are finished dress shopping and want to go to the luggage outlet store and pickup some luggage for Mandy. He tells her to meet him at Zales. Ben finishes his purchases as Becky, Laurie, Mandy and Sheila come into the store. They see the once full display and Ben asks Becky and the girls "Do you like anything you see?".

They know that he has already bought them jewelry. They find some things and the saleslady steers them away from what Ben has already bought. He gets Sheila some and she protests, "Ben this is too much". "You are with me. It is never too much. You look beautiful in those diamonds match your eye color. Jamal will love them" Ben tells her. Becky looks at an Onyx and Diamond Bracelet for Ben, she calls the saleslady over and then Ben "Try this on honey" Becky asks.

He does and she says "I will take this" and gives the saleslady her credit card. She then kisses her husband. "I love you Ben". They get their purchases and head out to the limo which is packed with their stuff.

"Driver, back to the Ritz-Carlton" Ben says. "I need to call Steve and see how he is doing?" Ben tells his ladies when they are back in their room. "Ben, what are you doing with all those coolers?" Becky asks. "I thought we could bring some fish home". Ben calls Steve and invites them to dinner the next day at Place Pigalle in Pike Place Market. Steve "Ben, I want you to meet Caillum McShayne and his family.

He is a jet pilot. Have you decided on your plane yet?" Ben "Yes, I have it is a 777. Boeing is coming up with the design presentation in two days at the hotel.

Sure I would like to meet Mr. McShayne. Ask him if he is available tomorrow night at 7?" Steve "That is fine with him, It will be the four of us. Him his wife Randee and their daughter Reba she is sixteen". Ben "Is he capable of flying 777 and licensed to do so by the FAA?" Steve "I see where you are going with this. Yes he has a commercial pilot's license and he is certified on all the larger planes, including the 777". Ben "How well do you know Mr. McShayne?" Steve "Very well, he is my best friend.

We were in the military together and he saved my life". Ben "Do you think he would have any problems with a background check?" Steve "No, Sir" Ben "Very well I will meet with him tomorrow and size him up". Steve "See you then". He goes back to the bedroom and sees his ladies are naked and all had a shower, together of course. Becky is feeding Junior, Laurie and Mandy are making out. "Sorry, Started without you Master!". "Ladies, we are going to have company tomorrow night for dinner.

Steve's friend his wife and daughter. I need you two to call me Ben while they are with us. No overly affectionate jestures while they are around" Ben tells them.

"Yes, Master" is Laurie and Mandy's response. "Ben, honey what is it?" Becky asks as Ben undresses. "I believe Steve might have found us a pilot. His best friend is a commercial jet pilot. He has a wife and daughter also. If we like him and his family, I will start the process of hiring him as my pilot and Steve can be his co-pilot" Ben says.

Ben gets a call it is Liz his real estate slave. "Ben, an adjacent parcel of land has been put on the market. It just hit the market today". "Buy it. I will sign the contract when we get back. I am in Seattle buying a Boeing 777 and probably hiring a pilot tomorrow. How many acres is it?" Liz "It is 10,000 acres, it is to the north side of your 100,000 acres on the compound". Ben "I want you to do a search on all the land around the compound. See if it can be bought and who owns each parcel.

I want to buy as much property as I can and surround the compound with wooded area" Liz "Very good, Master. By the way I am having a boy. Ben you are the proud father another boy. I thought about calling him Joshua Benjamin Barnes. Do you like that name my love?" Ben "Yes Liz I do.

Be prepared to move into the mansion in September. When are you due?" Liz "November, around Thanksgiving time frame". Ben "Excellent.

I will see you when we get back into town". He hangs up the phone and tells his ladies "Liz is pregnant with a boy, She is naming him Joshua Benjamin Barnes and she is due in November". "Congratulations, Master. We are going to have a lot of babies running around our new mansion" Laurie says. "Ben, You are going to get me pregnant when we move into the new mansion" Becky tells him. "I am, my lovely wife. Remember you start home schooling this fall" Ben tells her.

"Yes, I know. You can get me pregnant and I can still do my studies. Besides it will be nice to have my lovers as my teachers". Mandy "Who is going to be the teachers?" Ben "I have seven teacher slaves that are going to move into the mansion in September. They are quitting their jobs with the school system and are going to start teaching my girls at home.

With all these babies, I want to start their educations early. I am enrolling you in college this fall too. All my slaves are going to get their college educations" "Yes, Master" Mandy says as she kisses him and then Becky.

The girls get into bed and Ben comes over with three boxes for each. "I got you ladies some candy at the store today" Ben tells his three lovers. He gives Becky a ring, pendant and studs made out of blue and white diamonds, for Laurie he gives her a champagne and white diamond ring made out of rose gold with matching pendant.

He also gives her complementary stud earrings made from morganite and diamonds on rose gold. For Mandy his gives her an three caret Enhanced Blue and White Diamond Framed Engagement Ring in 14k White Gold. He also gives her a cushion-cut Blue Topaz and White Topaz Kite shaped Pendant and Earrings set in 14k White Gold with Diamond accents. "Ben Barnes, this is too much. Way too much. I do love my ring" Mandy tells him.

"Mandy, baby, you are mine. I am yours. I love you with all my heart, we are going to have a great life together. Starting with our baby" Ben tells her. "I can't wait to raise our child together with Abigail and her child. Our children will have a lot of playmates" Mandy says. "By my count we have 45 children going to be born in the next year" Becky tells her.

Laurie gets Ben in bed and starts to suck on BIG FELLA. "Master, it is time to get your slave pregnant. I want your baby growing inside of me". Once he is hard he pushes deep inside of her pussy pumping her hard and fast. Laurie climaxes hard after ten minutes of constant pumping. He pounds her long and hard for about an hour then he pushes deep inside her womb and deposits his load.

He makes love to Becky after she finishes feeding Junior. "Ben, honey I want you to fuck me in the ass. We haven't done that in a long time" Becky tells her husband as she picks BIG FELLA and starts sucking on him.

He fucks all three of them once in each hole. And then goes to sleep. The next day Ben and ladies go to Pike Place Market, they take Sheila with them. They go shopping in the first building. Ben and Becky go into the antique store and they find things they both like. Ben sees two laps that would go with their new bed.

Becky looks at an old grandfather clock and looks to Ben. They ask if they can have this delivered to Alabama, the owner tells him it can. They purchase that also. They move on to other stores, they find a dress store and all the girls go in while Ben goes to another store. They shop until lunchtime and then have sushi. Ben then goes to the Fish Market and orders enough to fill the three coolers.

He tells them that he will pick it up in two days. Ben goes back to where Becky and the girls are and sees them trying on pretty much every dress there. "Becky, How are you guys doing in here? Are there any clothes left in here for other girls in Seattle?" Ben asks her as he sees Laurie and Mandy come out with new dresses.

"Wow, you ladies look beautiful" he says to both his ladies. He whispers in Becky's ear "Where are you ladies going to wear all these clothes? Not around the house that is for sure", she answers back "You don't want us wearing clothes in the house?". "Hell no, that is one of my favorite things about home. Watching all you beautiful women in their natural form". "Well, we love seeing you in your natural form" Becky answers back with a smile. Ben calls the Limousine driver and asks him to meet they out front of the store, so they can unload the clothes.

Ben then takes the ladies back in and they find a store that sells maternity clothes. Becky looks at Ben and he nods. They go in and Ben has a seat with the other men. Guy "So your wife hear with her girlfriends?". Ben "Yes, something like that. Just waiting patiently". Becky comes over and hands Junior to Ben.

"Hey buddy" Ben says to his son as the gentlemen asks "Cute boy, your first?". "No my second her first. First boy. Pride and joy. I love children" Ben tells him. "Yeah, my wife wants three or four. I don't know. This is our first. How many do you want?" Guy asks. "I would like to have at least ten with her. She wants fifteen, she loves children and really took to pregnancy. We are waiting six months between each conception. Her girlfriends want a lot of children also" Ben says. Mandy comes over and shows Ben some baby clothes.

"Mandy, you don't even know what you are having yet?" Ben says. "Well somebody can use it back home silly. Lot of children, Ben" Mandy says in response. Laurie comes over and shows Ben some maternity clothes "This will look good on Vivian and Leslie don't you think Ben?" "Yes, Laurie. Your mother will like that one. So will your sister". They continue to shop. When they are done buying maternity and baby clothes they go get Ben, "Honey, you ready to go sweetheart?" Becky asks.

Ben gets up and kisses his wife and then says goodbye to the guy. "Good luck with the children" the gentleman says. "You too". They walk a bit, Ben with Becky and Laurie arm in arm. Mandy standing close by. They see a candy store and they go in. They buy stuff for the whole family, all their favorites. "This will go good with the candy I bought the family" Ben says The continue to shop making their way to Place Pigalle Restaurant, when they reach the restaurant Ben calls the limousine driver and unloads the latest purchases.

He gives him two hundred dollars and tells him to park the limousine and get something to eat. They go into the restaurant and a fashionably early. They sit and have drinks, Ben and Becky have mixed drinks.

Mandy and Laurie have soda as they are expecting. Steve comes in with his friend and his wife and daughter. Steve introduces Ben and Becky. "Caillum, I would like to introduce you to my employers. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Barnes this is my old buddy Caillum McShayne and his lovely wife Randee and equally gorgeous daughter Reba" Steve says. "Nice to meet you Caillum, this is my son Ben Jr. our friends Laurie and Mandy" Ben says. "You have quite a beautiful wife, Mr. Barnes" Caillum says. "Thank you, sir.

Call me Ben. Steve tells me that you are certified on the Boeing 777" Ben says. "Yes I am, Ben" Caillum responds "I am in process of purchasing a Boeing 777, they are coming over tomorrow with the papers and design documents. I need another pilot, Steve can be your co-pilot. Are you interested in going to the private sector?" Ben asks.

"If the money is right, and the hours are less, sure why not. Steve tells me you pay very well" Caillum says. "What do you make now?" Ben asks "125k base more for overtime" is his response. "Well I will pay you 300k a year plus benefits, you will have to be on-call 24x7x365. Move down to Alabama and submit to a thorough background check.

Is that agreeable to you" Ben says. "That sound good, what do you think Randee?" Caillum asks her "Sounds almost to good to be true" Randee says. "Why don't you and Reba come down and look the place over this summer, check out the schools and houses" Becky asks Randee. "That sounds like a good idea" Randee says. "If we are in agreement why don't you come over to the Ritz-Carlton tomorrow and meet with the Boeing engineers and go over the plans.

I will have my lawyers send over the employment papers and security documentation" Ben says. "Honey, why don't Randee and Reba come over and we can come back over here and do some more shopping, spend some girl time together?" Becky asks. "That is fine with me" Ben says "Girls you up to shopping tomorrow?" Caillum asks his wife and daughter.

"I am always up for shopping" Randee says and Reba agrees. They have a fine meal together and discuss Caillum's past and what is expected as Ben's pilot. They leave the restaurant around 10 and agree to meet the next morning at 10. Ben and his entourage are picked up by their limousine driver at the door of the restaurant. One the way back to the Ritz-Carlton Becky asks Ben "So what do you think of Caillum and his family?".

"Nice looking family, what do you think?". "I think they are nice, will be nice to size them up tomorrow when we are shopping". The next day Ben meets Caillum and crew downstairs of the Ritz-Carlton with Becky and girls ready for a day of shopping. The girls leave and the guys head to a room setup for the business meeting. They go over all the details, Caillum and Steve agree that it is a fine plane.

Ben signs the documents and calls his banker to wire the required deposit. They bid farewell to the Boeing people and then Ben asks if Caillum had a chance to go over the documents. "I still have a few forms to fill out. I have my birth certificate, drivers license, pilot's license and passport. I need to go get my fingerprints taken at the police station" Caillum says.

"Give me the documentation I will see if the manager will copy them for me. We will then go to the police station to get your fingerprinted. Then meet up with the ladies shopping. Steve we are flying back home tomorrow afternoon" Ben says as he gets up and takes the documentation to the manager.

"OK, I will put in the flight plan" Steve says. Ben leaves and goes to the manager. "Steve, you really like working for Mr. Barnes?" Caillum says. "Yes, you will be required to keep what you see and hear on the plane a secret. I make more money with Ben than I would ever make commercially. He doesn't fly around that much well more now that he has Becky in his life.

I can tell you this he really loves that woman" Steve tells him. "Steve, she is kind of young for him. She looks like she is fourteen.

What is he thirty, thirty-five?" Caillum asks. "She is twenty-one, he is thirty. I have never seen two people more in love with each other" Steve says.

Ben comes back in as Caillum finishes his paperwork. Ben checks it and puts it in the FedEx envelope and then tells the guys lets go get the fingerprinting done, he has the local police station address and a car waiting for them out front. They go to the police station to get Caillum fingerprinted and the clerk says they do it on Monday. Ben then takes the clerk to the side and gives him two hundred dollars.

They go downstairs to get fingerprinted and he gives the two policemen and the fingerprint person two hundred dollars a piece. They leave after getting Caillum fingerprinted twice. Ben thanks them and says goodbye.

"You always get what you want don't you Mr. Barnes" Caillum asks. "Well, not always. I new they would enjoy two hundred dollars each.

That usually works" Ben tells him. They get back into the car and head back to Pike Place Market to meet the ladies. They go to the Market Grill, when they arrive Ben calls Becky and tells her where they are. She tells him they will meet them there in an hour.

They have a few drinks while waiting for the ladies. "Caillum, I have only been married for less than a year.

Do you wait for your wife all the time? It seems like I am always waiting on Becky" Ben asks him. "Yes, Sir. I am always waiting on her. Especially when she is shopping" Caillum says. "Steve, we are going to need to make a couple of trips to load the plane with all this stuff that Becky has bought. I am bringing home three large coolers full of fresh fish, a cooler or two of salmon.

The other with tuna and halibut" Ben says. Just then Becky comes into the restaurant with the ladies. Randee and Reba have new dresses on that accent their curves. They have new shoes and their hair is done. They are all carrying bags and Becky tells Ben "I found this for you". She takes out this nice plush brown full length leather coat and puts it on her man. "You ladies look like you are hungry. Ready for lunch?" Ben asks.

"I am, how about you girls?" Laurie says. They all nod and they go to their table and enjoy an afternoon with each other. After they have eaten the depart and go their separate ways, when they are in their limousine Becky tells Ben "Randee and Reba are really beautiful, they both have nice breasts.

Randee's pussy looks good enough to eat. From what I could see it looked like a rose". "UGH, Becky I have a hard enough time keeping up with the women I have. I want Caillum to be my pilot" Ben says, "Well I can have a playmate or two. Once Reba sees BIG FELLA this summer she is going to want him inside of her" Becky says.

"I can't keep taking in all these women. It is not fair to them. I need to spend more time with the ones I have. I feel like I am neglecting somebody always" Ben says to his lovely conniving wife. "You are always planning something aren't you my sweet wife?" "Who me?" Becky says with a knowing smile of what is waiting for him when he comes home. "Let's just go back to the hotel and have a nice leisurely room service dinner and a nice night of vigorous sex.

How does that sound ladies?" Becky asks. "I am up for that, anytime with Ben is a great time" Laurie says and Mandy is in agreement "I could take a couple of poundings tonight.

Master you going to pound my ass for me? Mandy asks as she comes over and sits on his lap and kisses him. "Sure thing my love". They get to the hotel and they take their purchases to the room. Ben calls the limousine driver and tells him to be ready at 8 in the morning.

They are going to make several trips to the airport to load the plane. He calls Steve and tells him to meet him at the airport at 9 to load it up. The girls are in the bedroom Becky is feeding Junior naked, Laurie and Mandy are also naked as the day as the day they were born.

"Somebody is over dressed" Laurie says and she comes over and undresses her husband. When she unleashes BIG FELLA she looks up at Ben and she starts to suck him hard.

Becky goes and gets his pills. When she gets back with his pills and water Ben has already mounted Mandy as is about to push BIG FELLA into her ass. Becky gives him his pills and supplements. "You ready Mandy?" Ben says as he pushes BIG FELLA through her anal ring. "YEEEEEEESSSSSSS!!!" is her response. "OH GOD, FUCK ME MASTER. POUND MY ASS HARD" Mandy says. He keeps pounding her for an hour before he is ready to cum.

"Master, cum in my mouth. Please" Mandy asks. He does and she swallows all of his load. Laurie takes BIG FELLA into her hands and tells Ben "Master, it is my turn. I want you to cum in my womb". "When are you fertile, Laurie?" Ben asks his second wife.

"I have been fertile for the last several days. I am fertile now. I want your child, my love. I have been taking fertility drugs". She sucks BIG FELLA hard again. "Master, I just love your cock. BIG FELLA is so beautiful.

He feels so good inside of me" Laurie tells Ben as she licks and sucks on him some more. She then puts her lover on his back and gets on top. "Ben, I love you. You saved me from my boring mundane life.

You saved me from those guys". She lowers herself onto BIG FELLA and starts grinding on him she is stroking on BIG FELLA.

Bouncing up and down on him, she does this for a half an hour until Ben puts her on her back and pushes deeper inside her pussy striking her cervix with every stroke.

"Laurie you are mine. I love you with all my heart" Ben starts to jackhammer her, he pounds Laurie as Mandy and Becky hold her still.

"Give … ME &hellip. Your &hellip. SEED my &hellip.LOVER!!!" tells her husband and lover. Ben pushes through her cervix and fucks her womb for a half and hour and then cums hard, filling her up. He pulls out trapping his seed in her fertile womb. "Rest up my love, I am going to put another load inside of you after I make love to my Becky" Ben tells her as she moves to one side of the bed. Mandy starts sucking on BIG FELLA getting him hard. "I can taste both of you on BIG FELLA, both of your cum" she licks and sucks on BIG FELLA some more "It taste really good".

When Ben is hard he starts to push BIG FELLA into Becky's ass "OOOHHHH, Ben do it the way I love it" Becky says as Ben starts thrusting faster and faster inside of her. She then gets on top of Ben and starts bouncing up and down. Mandy goes gets a wash cloth and when Ben is about to erupt Becky gets off and Mandy whips BIG FELLA clean as Laurie rolls over to her back.

Ben then gets on top of Laurie, he pushes BIG FELLA deep. He pounds her cervix until it opens up for BIG FELLA. When he is through her strokes her womb for a couple of minutes. "It is nice an warm in your womb, my sweet Laurie. I can feel my previous load inside of you" Ben says as he begins to pick up his pace.

"You ready for another load?" Ben asks. "I am ready for all the loads you want to give me honey" is Laurie's response as Ben pours his second load inside of her. Ben pops out of her cervix and then her pussy. Mandy comes over and sucks and licks BIG FELLA clean and then Laurie. "Laurie, you are still gaping wide from BIG FELLA. I guess we all are like that after our lover and Master has his way with us". She sticks her tongue in her pussy, licking and sucking on her hole and then her clit.

"I only taste you, none of Ben. Must be all here" Mandy says rubbing Laurie's stomach. Ben gets up and heads to the shower as the girls start to make out with each other, he looks back and says "that is a beautiful sight, three beautiful women making love to each other".

He takes a nice long shower and takes his pills. He comes back into the bedroom and asks the ladies if they are ready for room service. Becky lifts her head from Mandy's pussy and tells him "Yes, dessert whip cream, cherries and hot fudge" Ben orders each a filet mignon with lobster and a baked potato and green beans.

He goes back to the bedroom and sits in a chair with a robe on watching his women enjoying themselves. Laurie looks over and asks "So are you going to make Reba and Randee your sex slaves too, Master?" "I had not planned on it, why do you ask?" Ben replies to her. "We just find them attractive, Reba is a virgin. They both have beautiful pussies and really nice breasts. I would love to have them over to play this summer. You could pop Reba's cherries" Laurie says.

"You know if I pop her cherries she will never leave, she will want to be my slave and lover" Ben tells them. "We can't help it that you are a terrific lover, very compassionate caring man with a huge fucking cock" Mandy says. Ben takes off his robe and comes over and kisses each one.

Becky sucks on BIG FELLA, who was already half stiff from the lesbian action Ben was watching. "Ben, I want you to put another load in Laurie's womb before dinner gets here" Becky says as Ben looks at Laurie.

She is smiling and tells him, "Come over here Ben baby". Ben thrusts BIG FELLA deep inside of her and starts jackhammering her. About two minutes before there is a knock on the door Ben cums in Laurie's womb, much to her pleasure. They eat and take dessert to the bedroom.

Becky puts the whip cream on Ben's chest and groin, she does the same with the hot fudge and put the cherries on him. "Ben looks good enough to eat" Becky says as the three of them attach him.

When they have him cleaned off, by their tongues, BIG FELLA is hard and Becky rides him to four orgasms, then Mandy to five and finally Laurie to five and Ben then turns her over and pumps his load inside of her womb. They get up and take a shower together and then come back to bed and sleep the rest of the night.

Ben gets up in the morning and starts hauling the stuff downstairs to the waiting limousine. He has to make two trips with all the stuff the girls bought.

He then takes the ice chests downstairs to the limo and goes to Pike Place Market. He gets two coolers full of salmon and a cooler full of tuna and halibut. Ben then makes one last trip to the airport and unloads the coolers. Caillum is there with Steve saying their goodbyes. "Mr. Barnes, here is my paperwork from my military service. I hope this will speed things along" Caillum says.

"Caillum, Becky wants to invite your wife and daughter to come out to the mansion and spend the summer with us. They can look at houses while they are down there. We will probably be going to Disney World around the Fourth of July and head back up through Mobile and spend a week at the beach there.

Ask your wife and call me" Ben says. "Will do, and thanks for inviting them" Caillum says as Ben leaves. "He is a nice guy isn't he Steve?" Caillum says. "Best boss I have ever worked for" Steve says as they shake hands "You will love working for Ben, your girls will love Alabama, warm all year with not as much rain as the northwest".

Upon arrival Ben calls Sheila and tells them they are leaving in an hour. He signs the bill and thanks the manager for a great stay. He goes back upstairs and collects his women who are finishing packing. They leave an hour later with Sheila and get back into the limo for the last time in Seattle. Upon arrival at the airport the driver puts the luggage by the airplane and then goes back and hands Ben a clipboard with the bill for him to sign.

Ben looks over the bill and signs it, he gets a copy and then hands the driver a 2k tip. "Thanks for the great service" Ben tells the driver. "Your welcome, Mr. Barnes. Thanks for the tips and the salmon. My wife will love it" the driver says as he shakes Ben's hand. They board the plane and Steve says over the speaker "Is everybody ready to go back to Alabama?".

Ben calls up on the phone "Yes, Steve we are ready". The four of them sleep the whole trip home. An hour before they arrive Sheila wakes up Ben. Ben calls Darryl and asks him to pick them up at the airport in an hour. Darryl is there waiting for them in a large bus.

They load the ladies baggage and packages. The load the three coolers and Ben takes his jewelry bag with him on the bus.

They ladies are already on board. On the way back to the mansion Ben asks Darryl "How do you like Suzy's chastity belt Darryl?". "I like it, kind of feel a little sorry for her" Darryl says. "Darryl, she belittled you and while I was training her. I told her that I liked you and not to do it. I never wanted her to belittle you" Ben says.

"I know, I love her. Ben I really do. I know you make her happy sexually, I just wanted her to be happy. I thought our sex life was great, until you put that contraption on her. She is more humble now though. How long are you going to make her keep that chastity belt on?" Darryl asks. "Six months, until Thanksgiving" Ben says, "How do you like the your new bus company?" "It is a lot of work, I spend most of my time there" Darryl says.

"You can hire anybody you like to run the office" Ben tells him. "You don't need to run the whole thing by yourself". They arrive at the mansion and Darryl helps unload the bus and bids everybody goodbye.

Ben and his ladies go in and undress. They go into the living room and Ben is attacked by Elfie, Carly, Alex, Ava and Emma. They kiss him and start to make love to him. "Master, we missed you" Carly tells him as Alex, Ava and Emma attack BIG FELLA. They get Ben on the plush rug and suck BIG FELLA hard, Ava straddles BIG FELLA and begins to bounce up and down on him.

Alex straddles his face and grinds her pussy on his mouth. "Suck my pussy, Master" Alex tells Ben. Each girl takes her turn on BIG FELLA and on Ben's mouth.

After Ava, Alex and Emma have taken a turn on BIG FELLA Becky comes over and gets Elfie off of her husbands mouth. With Carly sucking on BIG FELLA, Becky gives Ben his supplements and his vitamins. "Ben, I think you were missed!" Becky tells him as he drinks his water then downs his Ensure drink and his sugar free Powerade.

"Becky, Please call Abigail and have her bring home my supplements and vitamins. Along with more Ensure and Powerade. Then call Crystal, Viki and my Teacher slaves and tell them I am in town and will be here for a week. I am going to spend time with all my ladies. Then call Antonio and Ken. Tell Antonio I have Salmon for the restaurant and have him come over and get a cooler for the restaurant.

I also have some for Ken and Carol. Tell Antonio, I want him to come over this weekend with a cook and grill some Salmon and Tuna, with all the trimmings" Ben instructs her as Carly starts to bounce up and down on BIG FELLA. "Master, I want to get pregnant with your child" Carly tells her lover. "OK, Carly if you want. You are only 13" Ben says. "Master, you gave Ava a baby and she is only six months older than me. I want you child growing inside of my womb" Carly tells him.

"Janet, dear do you agree with this?" Ben asks. "Master, I want you to get Carly and Alex pregnant. They are both off their birth control, have been for a while. I have started both of them on fertility drugs so that they will be able to produce more than one egg at a time.

They both want to have multiple babies. We love you Master and want your babies to grow up together. Their children will be at least nine months behind Janet Becky "JB" and Becky Janie "BJ" Janie and my girls.

We want this Master!" Janet tells Ben as Janie comes over and agrees with her sisters. "Damn, girl slow down" Ben tells Carly as she starts to clamp down on BIG FELLA "OH SHIT, you girls need to stop searching the internet" Ben says as Carly starts to milk BIG FELLA.

Ben's eyes rolls behind his head after about fifteen minutes of this he takes control of the situation and rolls Carly over onto her back and pushes deep inside of her womb and starts fucking her womb. When Ben starts to erupt inside of her womb she yells "OH YEAH, MASTER FILL YOUR SLAVES EAGER WOMB.

GIVE ME YOUR SEED. GET ME PREGNANT YOU FUCKING-GOD!". When Ben is done coming deep inside of Carly's womb he falls down next to her still engaged in her pussy. His seed is firmly trapped in her womb. "Baby, when are you fertile?" Ben asks. "Now, my lover. I love you Ben Barnes" Carly says as she starts to cry. "I love you too baby. I really do" is Ben's reply. He rolls over and tells everybody that is in the living room. "I love all you, with all my heart. You have made me a very happy man".

Ben makes love for the next week with all of his slaves, the pregnant ones that are about ready to give birth he fucks in the ass, gently.

The others he pounds their pussies. He tells each one he loves them. Suzy comes over and whispers in Ben's ear "Master, I am pregnant with your baby". "That is great news Suzy, you should share it with the rest of the family" Ben tells Suzy. "Ladies, I am pregnant with Master's child. He got me pregnant while he trained me" Suzy says. Becky and Laurie come over and congratulate her. The other girls come over and congratulate her also, they tell her they like her chastity belt.

"This should be a warning to you all. You must obey our Master at all times. I am sorry Master for disobeying you" Suzy says. "You need to apologize to Darryl, Suzy" Ben tells her. "I will when I see him this weekend. Ben tells his ladies he is tired and needs to sleep a while. Carly, Alex, Ava and Emma come over and snuggle with their Master and lover. Becky gives him his final dose of vitamins and supplements for the night.

Everybody goes to bed and goes to sleep. Ben with his lovers and bed slaves. Becky, Laurie and Mandy go upstairs to the master suite. Abigail comes home and drops off the pills on the counter and lays down next to her master and bed slaves and goes to sleep. "Rough night, Abigail?" Ben asks quietly. "No, it was alright. Just miss you is all. Where is Mandy? How did you like Seattle?" "Mandy is in my bedroom with Becky and Laurie, Seattle was fun.

I got you something I will give you in the morning". Ben then falls asleep with his girls all around him. They wake in the morning with the sound of moaning. Ben looks over and sees Becky and Tiffani going to town on Mandy. "Master, I think my sister loves her new family" Abigail says as she moves down Ben's body and takes BIG FELLA into her hands, "I know I love my family".

She then sucks on BIG FELLA getting him hard. Laurie comes over and gives him his pills with water and Ensure. Abigail straddles Ben and pushes BIG FELLA into her ass. It takes her a couple of tries before she can get the head of BIG FELLA past her anal ring. When she does Abigail lets out a yelp "Oh, My" and pushes BIG FELLA deep inside of her. She humps on BIG FELLA for a good hour before Crystal and her clan arrive.

Peggy comes into the living room and sees her Master and Lover and screams "Master you are home". She runs over and kisses him and rubs his chest, "I missed you Ben Barnes, don't ever leave me that long again" she kisses him repeatedly. "I missed you too my sweet little Peggy, can I have some virgin pussy for breakfast?" Ben says to Peggy as he kisses her.

"Yes Master Yes". Peggy then straddles Ben's face and lowers her soon to be twelve year old pussy onto Ben's mouth and he goes to town. Peggy is facing Abigail and as Ben starts to orally please her she starts to kiss and suck on Abigail's large 36DD breasts. This makes Abigail go off, she immediately starts to climax. Ben in turn starts to stroke Peggy's hymen with his tongue, which makes her scream out in pleasure. Renee and her girls come downstairs, "I guess Peggy has made it to the mansion.

We could hear that scream all the way up in our bedroom". For the next week Ben makes love to his women, all of his women. Becca, the girl Ben and Becky met in early December while visiting with the college girls shows up at the mansion on a beautiful May Saturday. She has been keeping in touch with Becky so she knew the address. She knocks on the door and asks for Becky. Becky comes to the door and greets her. "Becky can I talk to you, Please?" Becca asks. "Sure". She enters the mansion and strips naked just like Becky told her every girl does in Master Ben's house.

Becky notices that she has shaven her bush and has a tattoo on her hip that reads "Master Ben's Pussy". Becky asks "Nice tattoo, is that permanent Becca?". "Yes, Mistress it is. I want to be Master Ben's slave and I only want to have sex with your husband, I saw his cock at the pool in Tuscaloosa and have been fantasizing about it ever since.

I am his if he will accept me, I hope he does. I would love it if he would be my date to my senior prom in two weeks". "Let's go inside and asks him, did you bring your clean HIV/STD certificate with you?" Becky says. "Yes, Mistress Becky" "Master, I have a guest here who wants to ask you something very special" Becky informs her lover.

"Bring the person in" is his response. "Remember me from Tuscaloosa, Master?". "OH SHIT!" he says under his breath as Becky comes over and tell him that she is the girl from the hotel pool at the hotel in Tuscaloosa when we went to see Leslie, Laura, Kaitlin, Marty and Mary. Sophia comes over and greets Becca and she sees her tattoo on her hip. "Master, you have to see Becca's tattoo on her hip". Becca walks over to Ben and he sees her tattoo and smiles.

"Master Ben, I want to ask you to take me to the prom please, Will you be my date?". Ben "Let me talk to my wife about this for a minute, we will be right back". They leave and go into the den, "What the Fuck, Becky?". Becky "I have been talking to her since the Tuscaloosa trip, she really wants to be your slave Ben, I think she has a crush on you and is infatuated with BIG FELLA. She got an HIV/STD certificate that is clean, she is a virgin". Ben "Do you want me to take her and make her a part of the family?

What does she want to do after High School? What about her family, parents?" Becky "She is going to UAB in the fall and Yes, I want her to be a part of our family. She has waited six months to have sex with you, got that tattoo.

Her family consists of 3 sets of triplets. And they all want to be your slaves along with her 37 year old mother" Ben "No fucking way, you can tell her to leave and I will pay to have that tattoo removed". Becky "Just fucking with you Ben.

It is just her and her mother, she is 37 and beautiful, just like her daughter. Why don't you fuck her in the ass and let her prove to you that she is willing to be submissive to your will". Ben "Only if you are there with me".

Becky "Two little blue pills and the cock ring? Why don't you fuck her in front of the whole family" "OK". Becky goes gets the Two little blue pills his supplements, cock ring and anal lube and goes back to where everybody is gathered. Ben "Becca, Becky convinced me to accept you into our family and that I should take you to your prom on one condition!". Becca "What is that, Master". Ben "That you let me fuck you in the ass right here, right now!". Becca "My body is yours!". She bends over and spreads her ass cheeks.

Becky then puts the anal lube on her ass Laurie puts the cock ring on BIG FELLA and starts to suck on him to get him hard. Ben takes his pills and he is erect. Becca then gets on Ben's lap and he pulls her up and then pushes BIG FELLA deep into her ass. Becca screams as BIG FELLA goes deep inside of her ass, she bounces up and down and then Ben grabs her shoulders and pushes her down on BIG FELLA so that he bottoms out in her rectum.

She is screaming "OH MY GOD MASTER IT HURTS, YOU ARE SO BIG AHHHHH IT HURTS". Ben just keeps pumping her ass. He then flips her over and starts pounding away in her ass while she is on her knees. He drives BIG FELLA into her ass for over four hours, by this time she is use to it and asks Becky for something to drink, she is tapped out from cumming over sixteen times. "Master, You aren't tired yet?" Becca says panting as BIG FELLA continues to be thrust back and forth into her ass.

"Baby, I just started fucking your ass, I got a least another four hours in me?". "Damn, you are a fucking GOD. Master when you are ready will you please cum in my mouth" Becca asks. "Yes, if you tell me what you want?" Ben replies. "I want to be your slave Master, I want to be loved by you and love you. I want to be yours and only yours. My body is yours to do with as you want, as long as you let me provide you with some children.

I want to have your babies, Master". Becca tells her hope-to-be Master. "OK, I will accept you as my slave on one condition. That you finish college, let me pay for it and suck my cock whenever I want you too.

You have to go through the training, did Becky explain that to you. And the rules" Ben tells her. "Yes, Master she did" Becca says. Ben continues to pound her ass. He eventually starts to jackhammer her ass. After about five hours Ben tells Becca "Come over here and get your reward". She gets off of BIG FELLA and turns around and starts to suck on him.

She then starts to take it down her throat. Ben then starts to erupt and torrent of cum down her throat. Becky watches as Becca's throat pulsates with the pumping of Ben's load into her stomach. He picks his new lover up and tells Becky and Laurie to come with him to bed.

They go to the master suite and Ben tells the girls that he is going to suck on Becca's virgin pussy and then they are going to sleep for a while. Ben lays down on the bed and tells Becca to straddle his face and he begins to go to town on her pussy licking and sucking on her outer lips and then works his tongue inside her pussy and starts to stroke her hymen.

He sucks her to a mild orgasm then starts to eat her pussy and make her have a mind altering orgasm that everybody in the house hears. When she comes down from on high she gets off of his mouth and rests with her head on his chest. Laurie is on the left and Becky is on the right. Becca kisses her Master and two Mistresses and tells them she loves them and thanks them for accepting her. The next morning Ben wakes up looking at Becca's pussy while she sucks on BIG FELLA.

He starts to lick her pussy from clit to asshole. He spreads her pussy lips and sees her hymen. Becca takes BIG FELLA out of her mouth. "Master, I want you to take my pussy cherry the night of the prom if you can wait? I want it to be special if that makes any sense at all?". "Lover it makes all the sense in the world. I will make it very special for you". Ben tells her as Becky and Laurie smile. They all get up and Ben says "Are you going to leave BIG FELLA hanging like that?".

Laurie then straddles her lover and takes BIG FELLA and inserts him into her pussy and starts to bounce up and down. She is squeezing her muscles and milking Ben's cock "Laurie I love it when you do that with your pussy. He cums deep inside her pussy and it leaks out and Becca and Becky come over and suck up the leftover cum that is leaking onto his balls. They all get up and go take a shower while in the shower Ben tells Becca she should call her mother and tell her she stayed over at her friend Becky's house last night and that she will see her on Sunday night.

She agrees as Ben caresses her breast and soaps them up an washes her whole body. They then go down to the pool and enjoy the family. Becky introduces Becca to her son Ben Jr. She tells her that Ben is going to have a lot of children born this summer and early fall. Ben "Becca, why don't we go dress shopping for your prom dress? You don't have one yet do you?" Becca "No I was waiting to see if I had a date, I was hoping it was you".

Ben "OK, Ladies we are going to take Becca out to get her a prom dress, who wants to go shopping?" They all raise their hands. "We need to go to Victoria's Secret and see Viki to get you some sexy undergarments and lingerie".

"Master, is she one of your slaves also" Becca asks. "Yes she is, and she is pregnant and going to have a baby in two months" Ben replies. They all go out and get her a dress and some nice things at Victoria's Secret. The arrive at the mall and the all the girls are excited they go to find Becca a dress for prom with Janet and Tiffani while Ben goes to the jewelry store to pick out a few choice items. Ben picks out a diamond necklace with rubies and emeralds with matching earrings.

He also gets her an engagement ring and a wedding band, the wedding band that all the other girls have. He takes the items back to the vehicle and goes and finds his girls at the dress store. They have it down to three dresses. A nice strapless dress in lavender is what Ben likes and he buys that and he tells Becky that she probably would look good in that dress with a push up bra from Victoria's Secret. They go and see Viki at the store and Ben tells the girls to pick out what they want.

He kisses his lover and rubs her belly that is carrying his twin sons. "I love you Viki dear. He whispers to Jack and Jamal that he loves them too and can't wait to see them in a couple of months".

He goes in the back room and he is treated to a fashion show, He kisses each beautiful girl as she parades around him in their lingerie and then he sees his new slave with her 36C breasts in her new push up bra with matching garter and panties. He takes her in his arms and kisses her passionately on her lips and then on her breasts. "You look beautiful my love. Absolutely Stunning" Ben tells her.

"I don't think I can wait two weeks before sampling your pussy as good as you look, Becca". "Now, NOW. Control BIG FELLA. You can always pound my ass some more and I want to deep throat that python you have hidden in your pants" Becca tells her Master. "We need to go see Sheila and get you some ink work" Ben tells Becca.

"You need to get a proper tattoo on your lower back that reads "Property of Master Ben Barnes", I also want you to get a red rose on your shoulder blade". She comes up to her new Master and kisses him and whispers in his ear "Lover I will get whatever you want tattooed on me, I will have to earn my Queen of Spades tattoo on the back of my neck. I love you and I want you back in my ass when we get back to your mansion". Ben "Becca, it is your house now. It is our place, do you think you will have a problem getting your mother's acceptance of me and you being part of our family?".

Becca grabbing BIG FELLA "I don't care really, I love you and am yours, When you come to pick me up I will explain everything to her then". "OK, lets go to see my tattoo artist and get some ink on you" Ben replies to her. They go and see Sheila at her tattoo parlor when they walk in Sheila greets her Master and gives him a kiss. Sheila is just finishing a tattoo on a guys shoulder. He pays her and leaves. "Sheila, this is my new slave Becca.

She came to me yesterday. I need you to put the standard tattoo on her lower back and a rose on her shoulder blade. Do you want anything else Becca?" Ben says. Becca looks around and sees a pair of angel wings that she likes and was wondering if she could get those on her back. "Anything for my lovers, how long will that take to get done, Sheila?" Ben asks. "That will take several sessions to complete, I can get the outline done today and fill it in later.

I assume you are going to start her training soon, we need to make sure she has space for her required tattoos" Sheila tells them "You need to take off your shirt and bra and get on the table. "Sheila, can I suck on BIG FELLA while you tattoo my back please?" Becca asks. "You sure can, Becca" Sheila says as Becca takes off her shirt and bra. "Nice tits, Becca" Sheila says as she lays down in the chair, Becca then tells Ben to get over here and let her suck on BIG FELLA.

Ben moves towards Becca's head and she unzips him and unleashes her prize. "Master, you are so beautiful" Becca says as she puts BIG FELLA into her mouth.

Becca puts her hands on Ben's hips and starts to move his hips back and forth so BIG FELLA is going down her throat. Sheila applies the "Property of Ben Barnes" tattoo on her lower back, after she finished that she does the rose on her left shoulder and angel wings on her right. Becca is still working on BIG FELLA when Sheila is done. Becca gets up and sees the tattoos and Sheila tells her she needs to come back in three weeks. "I need to finish up on BIG FELLA" Becca says and she drops to her knees and starts deep throating BIG FELLA.

"Becky, let me see your tattoos and see if they need to be touched up" Sheila says. "How about a "Mistress Becky on her upper arm, Sheila? Would you like that Becky?" "We can do that" Sheila says. "Yes, Master. My loving husband" Becky tells Ben with a smile as she takes off her shirt. Sheila makes up the stencil and asks Becky if she liked it. She does and she applies the stencil to her arm and the starts tattooing her arm.

Becca continues to deep throat BIG FELLA when she is worn out she puts her master on the couch and takes her pants and panties off. She lines BIG FELLA up to her ass and pushes down on him.

Becca bounces up and down on Ben. "OH GOD MASTER, I love you. Don't ever leave me" Becca yells. "OH GOD, OH GOD. AS GOD IS MY WITNESS I LOVE THIS MAN". Becca leans over and whispers in Ben's ear "I love you Ben Barnes, I love you with all my heart". Ben kisses her and tells her "I was really shocked when you just showed up.

You are really sweet and nice. I love your beautiful fire red hair and emerald green eyes. I love you. We are going to have a fun time at prom and the night in the penthouse marital suite I booked for us.

I am going to pound your pussy long and hard". "Promises, Promises. Master as long as you love me, I will take care of you and BIG FELLA. I was thinking about becoming a nurse. Do you think the family can use a nurse or two? I think so, I want to bring something to this family other than just my pussy and my willingness to have children" Becca tells Ben.

"You will. I think you would make a wonderful nurse and that would be very useful to the family". Ben erupts in Becca's ass right as Becky is done with her tattoo and the touch ups. Becky kisses Sheila goodbye as does Ben and Becca. "Thanks for my tattoos Sheila" Becca says as Ben pays her. "Anything for our Master" Sheila tells her. "So you are Ben's also?

How convenient is that" Becca asks. "Yes I am Becca, it was the best day of my life when Ben rescued me from my miserable life. My father was abusive. He raped me when I was twelve and continued it until I met Ben.

He rescued me from my father. Ben took care of me, got my father out of my life for good. I would lay down my life for my Master. Master whatever happened to my father?" Sheila asks.

"Sheila, Becca, I take care of my family. I also take care of my enemies and those who hurt the ones I care for" Ben says as Becky smiles knowingly what he means, "Sheila, lets just say that he is not going to rape anybody anymore".

"I hope you killed the bastard" Sheila says. Ben and his girls leave as he kisses Sheila goodbye. They go back to the mansion and are confronted by Jolene and her sisters "Master, will you please make love to us. Other than Jolene we are not pregnant yet. We want some more time with you and BIG FELLA" Josie says.

"OK, girls go to the living room and get ready I will take the four of you on the plush rug. I need to go upstairs and get my pills" Ben tells them as the scurry off to the living room. "There is nothing finer than seeing beautiful girls running and being happy" Ben says.

"Let me go get your pills Ben. You go enjoy your girls" Becky tells him. Ben enters the living room and is attacked by Josie and Janice who take turns deep throating BIG FELLA. Claire and Clairice take him to the plush rug and pull him down and start kissing him, and kissing his body. Once Josie has BIG FELLA erect she jumps on top and pushes it deep inside of her pussy.

She rides her Master in the cowgirl position for about an hour screaming "FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME". Becky comes over with Ben's pills and gives them to him. "Josie, do you love your Master?" Becky asks. "I LOVE BEN, I LOVE MY MASTER" Josie screams as she grinds on BIG FELLA.

Ben then turns her over onto her back and pushes BIG FELLA deep inside of her womb. "FILL MY WOMB, My beautiful Master. Ben I love you and want your babies" Josie says. Ben starts to cum and doesn't stop for fifteen minutes. He exits her and then puts her on the couch on a towel. "Good, none of your cum is leaking out of me Master. Hopefully those fertility drugs will help me get pregnant" Josie says as Janice starts sucking on BIG FELLA.

After about fifteen minutes BIG FELLA is erect again and Janice gets down on all fours and tells her Master "Come and get it, big boy". Ben goes over to Janice and pushes BIG FELLA into her fourteen year old pussy. He pounds her with long deep strokes. Ben reaches around and starts to squeeze and massage her 34C breasts. Ben is taking her with long deep strokes. "Ben, I love you" Janice says as he puts her on her side with BIG FELLA still inside of her.

"Janice, dear I love you too. I love you with all my heart. I love all you ladies" Ben says. After about an hour of pumping her from the side, Ben mounts her and starts pounding her cervix. It takes him twenty minutes before he pushes through and begins pumping a huge load into her womb. He exits her womb and while still firmly inside of her he tells all his girls that are in the living room, "Ladies, this fall all of you are going to go to school.

I love you and need all of you to get your high school diplomas and also college degrees. I love having sex with you ladies, you are all terrific beautiful women. You need to get your education and plan on a career that will be useful t o the family. Becca is going to start studying to become a nurse in the fall. I want everybody here to have full satisfying lives".

"Ben, Master my life is a hundred times better since I joined this family. I still have my sisters with me. I am cared for and loved. I love you Ben Barnes, not only because you are an amazing lover. Because you make me feel safe and secure. You care for me and my sisters and all of your women.

I know my child is going to grow up in a safe and secure environment. I believe everybody here will agree with me" Jolene tells Ben as she comes over and kisses him and her sister Janice. "I don't have to fight to find food, I know I have food to eat and am loved by my sister slaves, Master. I know that if I need something that Momma Tiffani or Renee or Janet will be there for me. I look forward to giving you children, and completing my school studies.

I don't know what I want to do yet, but I know that I will be going to college" Josie says. "I need to call the architect and see about those permits on the school and office building" Ben says. "Not before you make love to me and my sister Clairice, Master" Claire says as she comes over and takes Ben by the arms. "I want you to make love to me on the sex table you got" Claire tells him as she pulls him over to the table.

He agrees and puts her up on the table, straps her legs and arms down while Clairice sucks on BIG FELLA getting him hard as Becky comes back with his pills. Becky gives her husband his pills and tells him "When you are done with these two on this table it is my turn on it". Ben licks Claire's slit and works a couple fingers into her, "Enough with the foreplay, FUCK ME MASTER.

PUT BIG FELLA INTO MY PUSSY AND POUND AWAY!!" Claire tells him. Ben does as she wants and Claire starts to moan and groan. After about ten minutes she has a screaming orgasm. "Ray, get over here and stick your cock in her mouth. Give he something to suck on" Ben tells him. "Yes, Master Ben" Ray says as Claire turns around and smiles at Ben. Ray pushes deep into her throat and starts face-fucking her. Ben starts pumping her twelve year old pussy. He pounds her cervix with every stroke.

Long and deep are Ben's strokes of BIG FELLA into her pussy as Ray continues to face fuck her. Becky is watching as she nurses Ben Jr. Laurie is playing with herself as she watches the action. "Damn, you really can see Ray's cock bulging out Claire's throat" Laurie says as Jolene and Janice come over and get a closer look. "She is taking all 9 1/2" down her throat, Ray is going balls deep in her throat. You like my sister Ray?

Josie asks. "Hell yeah, her throat is squeezing the hell out of my cock, OH SHIT. I AM CUMMING." Ray states. Ben at that point pushes past her cervix and into her womb.

"Oh My GOD, Master that feels good. I love it when you are in my womb. GIVE ME YOUR SEED!" Claire tells Ben as he continues his pumping. He is pounding her so hard he is lifting the table off the floor. "Ray, Tiffani come over here and hold down the table for me" Ben asks and they comply. He fucks her for another hour like that, deep into her womb.

When he does cum it takes him twenty-five minutes to stop. He pops out of her cervix and then her pussy. Laurie brings over a chair for him to sit on. He plays with Claire's well stretched and gaping pussy. "No leakage, good are you girls in your fertile time?" Ben asks.

"Yes, Master" Clairice says as she begins to suck on BIG FELLA. "Thank you Master, that was fantastic. When you were fucking me hard and lifting the table off the floor I was in a constant state of orgasm.

I loved it, every minute of it" Claire says. Tiffani and Becky unstrap Claire and put her on the couch to rest. Ben comes over and kisses her.


"That was amazing my little lover" Ben says as Tiffani and Becky strap in Clairice. Ben goes over and takes another dose of pills, supplements and vitamins and gets BIG FELLA hard with help from Josie's mouth. Ben pushes deep inside of Clairice and starts to pound on her young pussy.

He fucks her for over two hours. Ken comes into the house and sees Ben with Clairice. "Ben, my friend, you have it really rough. All these beautiful women and young ladies that want to have sex with you all the time" Ken says. Clairice looks up at Ken then to Ben "Master, Can I suck on Ken's cock while you continue to pound my pussy?" she asks.

"Sure thing, Clairice. Are you up for that Ken?". Ken walks over to Clairice's face and unzips his pants and lowers them along with his boxers. He puts his 14" cock into her little mouth and she starts to suck him, when he is hard Ken starts to push his cock down Clairice's small throat. Jolene takes her phone out and takes several pictures of the action. She takes a couple pictures of her sister's throat bulging out from Ken's thick cock.

Ken face-fucks her for a good 45 minutes before he erupts a torrent of cum down her throat and into her stomach. When he is finished he withdraws a limp large cock from Clairice's mouth. When she catches her breath she looks up at Ken and tells him "You have a wonderful cock, Ken.

I enjoyed sucking on your cock". "Thank you sweetheart, you are so sweet". Ben continues to pump her pussy and starts pushing through her cervix. When he breaks through he begins to fuck her hard enough to lift the table off the floor. "OH YEAH, GOD THAT FEELS GREAT MASTER KEEEEEEP DOING THAT!" Clairice tells him. Ben continues to fuck her like that for over an hour before he cums in her womb for thirty minutes.

He exits her womb and then her pussy with a loud pop. Ben then starts to unstrap her and takes her over to the rug and lays down with his four lovers today. "What did you come over to see me about, Ken?" Ben asks. "The surveying is done for the new addition to the mansion and the new school. I assume you want to start the school as soon as possible" Ken asks. "Yes, start breaking ground tomorrow, we have the permits right?" Ben asks as Becca comes over. "We have permits for the both projects here and the office building in town.

We should be starting that project next week. If all things go well, it will be ready to move in this time next year. We will be working around the clock on the addition and the school until the main part of the mansion is ready to move in. Then the addition will only be worked on during the day. I hope to have it completed by Christmas time if not before" Ken informs him. "How about the security, fencing and the guard stations around the property. You know Liz just purchased for me another 10,000 acre parcel of land adjacent to existing property to the north.

She is looking into the other parcels of land. I want to get everything from the border to the edge of town. I plan on building a landing strip for my two planes. I just bought a Boeing 777 jet-airliner. It should be ready by November. Need at least two miles of blacktop laid down with landing lights" Ben asks. "The security fencing is going up fine with the solar panels on the electrified fencing. The guard stations should be ready by the end of July. How many acres to you know own Ben?" Ken asks "I own 110,000 acres or 171.8 square miles.

I want to get everything south to the other side of the lake. Liz says a developer is planning on developing around the lake. I have my investigators looking into that. I think I can convince them to develop somewhere else. I am going to meet with him next week at Antonio's. I will get the numbers of what he paid for the property and then offer him more to walkaway" Ben tells him. Ken tells him he has to get back to work he shakes Ben's hand and gives Clairice a kiss goodbye.

After Ken leaves Josie asks "You really own all that land. Can we take a drive and see it?" "Most of it is wooded, but I have a parameter setup that is going to be fenced in.

Would you ladies like a large lake house to go to in the summertime? Get a couple of boats, water ski, a couple of wave runners. I have fished in that lake before with my father. We always caught a lot of fish. We can go tomorrow and see what we can see of the property. Becca when do you have to go back to Birmingham?" "I was planning on leaving tomorrow, but I would love to see the property before I go back to my mothers house" Becca says.

"OK, how about you letting me suck on your virgin pussy and getting a couple of orgasms out of you" Ben asks. "Sure thing lover" Becca says in reply as she comes over and straddles his face. Becky comes over and sucks on BIG FELLA getting him hard, she then straddles Ben and inserts BIG FELLA inside of her pussy.

Josie and Janice start sucking on her breasts and Claire and Clairice start sucking on Becca's breasts. After Becky comes down from her third orgasm she says "Ladies we are all so blessed to have Master in our lives". "Mistress Becky, Can I fuck you in the ass while our Master pumps into you?" Ray asks. "As soon as we get that cock hard of yours you can" Becky says as Tiffani comes over and tells him "Come here Ray, let me work on that cock of yours".

She sucks him until he is fully erect, all 9 1/2" are hard as a rock. Ray then lines his cock up with Becky's ass and pushes deep inside of her anal ring. "Pump my ass Ray, Pump it hard and fast". Ben looks up from underneath Becca and sees his wife enjoying herself. "You enjoying a double penetration, Becky?". "Yes, Master" is her response as Ray is going to town on her ass. After about two hours of constant pumping Ray cums hard in her ass.

Ben then rolls her over and pushes deep inside of her womb. Pumping stream after stream of cum into her womb. After he is done he collapses next to her "I love you Becky. Thank you for my gift". Ben says to her as he falls asleep. Becky rolls him over and goes get some wash clothes and washes him down and dries him off.

She puts a cover over his body and lays next to him. "Who wants to keep our Master warm as he sleeps" Becky asks and Becca immediately lays to his left and then Jolene and her sisters cover the rest of his body. Little Elfie puts BIG FELLA into her mouth and starts sucking on him. She makes him cum while he still passed out. She takes BIG FELLA out of her mouth an cuddles up with it next to her face.

Elfie kisses and licks BIG FELLA as she falls asleep. Tiffani comes over and puts a cover over Ben and his lovers. They sleep until the morning when Ben is awoken by Elfie sucking on his cock. When he cums Elfie is replaced by Sam and then Sara. Rachel and Reanna are next to get a load out of Ben. "Master, we love sucking on BIG FELLA" Rachel says as she whips her mouth.

"Rachel baby, I love waking up to my women sucking on BIG FELLA". When Ben is hard again Reanna gets on top and starts grinding on BIG FELLA. "I want you to get me pregnant, Master" She tells him. Becca wakes up and asks Ben, "Is this what you do everyday, make love to your women?".

"Do you have a better way of spending the day?" Ben responds to her. "What kind of car do you drive Becca?" Ben asks. "I have a 2000 Honda Accord, why do you ask?" Becca asks. "Because, none of Ben's women drive around in junk" Tiffani says. "What kind of car have you always wanted to get if you could get one?" Ben asks her. "I like the Lexus RX Hybrid in Deep Sea Mica, if I had to choose" Becca says. "After we go tour the property we will go to the Lexus Dealership and get you your car" Ben tells her.

"Fully-loaded, with lo-jack. We also need to get her an Galaxy Android phone" Becky says, "Ben's women all need to have a cell phone with them at all times".

"That reminds me, Tiffani I have some tracking devices coming in June. They are sub-dermal implanted devices, so that I can track all of my women in case something happens. It is very important for my sanity that all my girls are safe and accounted for at all times. Doctor Reynolds is going to put them under your skin behind your necks, below your Queen of Spades tattoos" Ben tells them.

They all get up and take showers and get ready for their tour of the property. Ben drives around the property with an Expedition fully-loaded three times. On the last trip he gets a call from Crystal saying that she needed to see him. He tells her that he will be there this afternoon They go back to the mansion and everybody is amazed by the vastness of Ben's property.

Ben, Becca and Becky head to the Lexus Dealership to get her the car she wants. Ben enters the dealership and looks at the Lexus RX Hybrid in Deep Sea Mica and asks the salesman for the price of the fully-loaded model with lo-jack installed.

They go over the options and Ben, Becca and Becky pick out the ones they like. Ben negotiates the price and tells them he will make a deposit of 9k on it. Becky knows he will pay it off within the month.

When the salesman is getting it ready he looks at a performance car a LFA and he takes one on a test drive. He tells the salesman he wants one. They all go in and pick out the options while the RX is being equipped. "That is a nice car, we should have fun with that, I am thinking about putting a road course on the property. What do you two think of that?" Ben asks. "That sounds fun. You can put it next to the airstrip" Becky tells him. Ben purchases his LFA and the one he wants will be a custom car and will take three months to get built and shipped.

Should be ready in September at the latest. Ben says no problem. He signs the paperwork he calls Hillary and tells her to add Becca to his insurance and her new car. She asks if she was another new slave and he tells her she is and that she came recommended by Becky. Ben, Becca and Becky leave the dealership and they head to Best Buy to get her a smart phone and program it with their numbers in it.

Once this is done they go back to the mansion and Becca puts the prom dress and her new dresses and jewelry into her new car, she kisses her Master and Mistress goodbye.

Ben tells her "Call me if you need anything, if you have any problems with your mother call me immediately. I will see you in two weeks at your prom. I love you and we will have a great time". Becca leaves and Ben tells Becky he is headed over to Crystal's house and he will call her when he gets there. He leaves and arrives at Crystal's house and is greeted by Crystal and her girls. They all kiss and Ben asks "What is wrong?" "Ben, my neighbor Karen is getting beaten up by her husband.

He is a drunk and hasn't worked in a year. Her daughter Joy is Peggy's best friend she is 11. She has two other daughters Jane 15, and Kelly 14.

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Her orphaned cousin lives with them also she is just 10 her name is Jennifer. They are all really pretty" Crystal tells him. "What do you want me to do? Call the police have him arrested. I can't keep rescuing all these women" Ben says. "You rescued me from Phil, that bastard, and my children. We love you Ben Barnes.

I am carrying your child so is my daughter Faith, my other daughters adore you and want to get pregnant also. Peggy is infatuated with you. You made our lives better, you saved all of us. You can rescue them without them becoming your slaves. Joy is here and having a sleepover with Peggy. I want you to meet her.

Peggy call Joy and Karen tell them to come over" Crystal yells into the next room. Karen and Joy come over and are introduced to Ben. "Karen, I want you to meet my boyfriend Ben Barnes. Ben Barnes this is my neighbor Karen Marris and her daughter Joy".

"Nice to meet you two" Ben says. "Nice to meet you to, Ben" Karen says "I got to get back or Jake will get upset. Can't leave my girls there alone with him, Nice meeting you Ben". Karen scurries off back to her house. Peggy goes to her room with Joy. "Did you see the bruises on her, Ben? I want you to talk to Joy" Crystal asks.

Ben goes up to Peggy's room and knocks on the door. Peggy opens it, she is naked along with Joy. "What are you girls up to?" Ben asks. Peggy brings Ben into her room. "It is OK, Ben, I know you are Peggy's lover and you have sex with all the women in this house. I want to see it" Joy says. "See what?" is Ben's reply. "BIG FELLA, your enormous cock I keep hearing about.

You know we can hear Peggy next door when you give her screaming orgasms. My father hates you. Calls you the N word all the time. My mom told him if he caused you any problems that she would leave him. He just beat her up. But he got the point. So are you going to let me see it?" Ben unzips his pants and takes out BIG FELLA. "Damn, that thing is huge, you take that in your ass Peggy?" Joy asks. "Yes, and down my throat. He knocked up my mother and Faith, Hope and Jess.

Watch this" Peggy says as she comes over and starts sucking on BIG FELLA. "I want some too" Joy says. Peggy holds BIG FELLA and Joy opens her mouth and tries to get it in her mouth and she can't manage it. Peggy tells her "Come over here and lie on the bed with your head over the end of the bed" Joy does as she is told and Peggy lines up BIG FELLA into her mouth and tells Ben "Go for it". Ben pushes and pushes and after about thirty minutes he pushes BIG FELLA down her throat bottoming out.

"I told you you could do it. You did good, Joy" Peggy says. "I can't believe I got that thing down my throat" Joy says. "Master, you want to eat a different virgin pussy? Joy, that is what you hear me screaming about, Ben sucking on my pussy" Peggy says. "You call Ben your Master" Joy asks "Yes, you see my tattoos he is my Master, I am his slave. My body belongs to him. He belongs to me. My Master protects me and cares for me. He also fucks me up the ass.

He is saving my other cherry for when I am 13. I am going to give him a lot of children. I love Ben" "I will only eat her pussy if she wants me to?" Ben says.

Joy spreads her legs and exposes her rosebud pussy, "Damn, that is one pretty pussy" Ben says. "Thanks Ben, my mom and my sisters all have the same features there. Please I would love to experience that" Joy says. "Tell me something, does your dad ever abuse you kids?" Ben asks. "No he just beats the crap out of mom at least once a week" Joy says. "Does he own a gun?" Ben asks. "Hell no" Joy says as she motions for Ben to suck on her pussy. Ben takes his time licking her delicate pussy, he sucks on her pussy just like he does Peggy bringing her to multiple orgasms and then a major one that Peggy muffles with a sock in her mouth.

After he is done Joy looks up and says "You are a Master". Ben then fucks her in her ass for a while. Peggy puts the sock back in her mouth as Ben stretches out her anal ring. He continues to pump her little ass for about 45 minutes. He exits her ass as Cloe comes in with a wash cloth and washes BIG FELLA off and then puts Ben on the bed.

"Watch this Joy" Cloe says as she gets on top and pushes BIG FELLA into her pussy. Joy watches as Cloe has multiple orgasm and after about an hour Ben puts Cloe on her back and pushes BIG FELLA all the way in, past her cervix and into her young womb where he begins to pour his load into her. "Was that your first time in your ass, Joy?" Cloe asks her. "Yes, it hurt like crap" she tells her in response. "It gets better, a lot better the more you do it.

Ben will not fuck you in your pussy until you are at least 13" Cloe tells her. Ben picks Joy up and takes her into the shower and takes a shower with her. "Joy, I love my girls. All my girls here are really special to me. Do you still love your father?" Ben asks her. "Ben, I hate him. He is verbally abusive to all of us and I hate it that he beats up my mom. She needs to be protected but we have no other family. My cousin came to live with us because my mothers sister died in a car accident with my uncle.

Please help us, Peggy told me about her father and how you helped them" Joy tells him. "Joy, dear, I do not really need anymore girls to be my slaves. I have more than I can keep up with now. I did help Crystal and her girls with their father Phil. I want to talk to each of your sisters, just talk, and see where they are on this subject" Ben tells her. "Thank you, Master.

I will call each one separately to come over here and meet with you" Joy says. "Joy, I am not your Master, you are not my slave" Ben tells her. "If I am not your slave then I am your lover. You can't just show me this and not let me have it. I am yours" Joy says as she leans over and sucks BIG FELLA.

She gets him hard and starts to suck him deep down her throat. Crystal comes into the bathroom and pulls back the curtain smiles at her Master and turns off the water. She sits watching Joy bobbing up and down on BIG FELLA. "Master, are you enjoying my neighbors daughter's mouth?" Crystal asks as Peggy and Cloe come in. "Yes, I am. Why do you want me to help her and her family?" Ben asks them.

"Because, they are in need of help. They are really nice and need to be rescued" Cloe says. "I can't keep saving these women and making them my slaves. I will help them but I am not going to make them my slaves" Ben says as Joy makes him cum. "You may not accept me as your slave, but you are my Master Ben. This is the only cock I want in my body.

You do not have to make me a slave for me to be yours. I am yours. Let me dry off and call Jane over" Joy says She gets out of the tub dries off and heads to the other room and calls her sister to come over without telling her why.

Joy comes back in and tells Ben she will be over in a couple minutes. "Get your clothes on, Joy, ladies" Ben says as Cloe comes over and whispers in his ear "I have been taking fertility drugs, I hope you put a bun in my oven. I love you Ben Barnes". He kisses her and tells her he loves her too and goes gets dressed. He asks Crystal when they are alone "You know Cloe wants to get pregnant?". "Not just Cloe but Jill also, they are taking fertility drugs and I want them to get pregnant also.

We all want your babies my love" Crystal says. "OH, Shit. OK, I love you and your girls. I can't wait until that fucking mansion is ready and we will all be under one roof. No more of these incidents that I am dealing with. Crystal NO MORE Recruiting. I mean it. I don't spend enough time with the women I have" Ben tells her.

"Master, you spend what time you can. We know you love, cherish and respect all of us" Crystal tell him. She kisses him, "Don't worry so much. I love you, my girls love you.

Jess loves you as does everybody else. You are kind, gentle caring loving man. My life is better since I met you and became your slave. I would be your slave, your woman whatever you wanted" Crystal says as she pats BIG FELLA "I LOVE YOU TOO". They go downstairs and wait for Jane to come over. There is a knock on the door and Crystal goes and answers the door and Jane comes into the living room.

"Jane, I would like to introduce you to my boyfriend, Ben Barnes." Crystal says. "You mean the baby daddy of you Faith, Hope and Jess?" Jane says. "Yes, I am the father of their children. I love them all. Crystal has been telling me about your home life, your father abusing your mother" Ben tells her.

"That fucking asshole, I wish he would get run over by a car" Jane says as she starts to strip. "What are you doing?" Ben asks "I am a virgin and have been saving myself for you, ever since Cloe and Faith have been bragging about their Master's prowess in the sack. I have been waiting for my chance to suck on that huge cock of yours and get my cherry popped" Jane tells him.

Jane comes over and rips Ben's pants off. "You are going to make love to me, I am going to be your slave, lover or whatever. Look at that beautiful big cock" Jane says as she starts to suck on BIG FELLA.

Once he is hard she jumps on top and pushes BIG FELLA deep inside of her pussy, she cries out and starts riding Ben. She leans over and whispers in his ear "I am yours, if you want me to be your lover, slave, whore or whatever. I am yours whether or not you accept me as your slave. My body belongs to you. I would appreciate it if you could rescue my mother and do something with my deadbeat father". Jane rides him for a long time. Ben sucks on her 36C breasts, "Jane, you have nice breasts".

"Thanks, I get them from my mom. Our pussies look alike also. My brown eyes are the only thing I got from the asshole" Jane says as she continues to ride on BIG FELLA. After about an hour of pounding her cervix Ben grabs her shoulders and begin to try to pry open her cervix. Jane says "Hold on Ben" She then puts her legs over his shoulders "I know you like penetrating your ladies cervix. This should help. Fuck me pour and your seed into me". Ben then presses down on her shoulders and within twenty minutes he pushes through her cervix and begins to pump her womb.

He does this for about 45 minutes and Kelly comes in and tells Ben "I am next" and starts to strip. "Crystal, honey can you get me my pills and something for us to drink. Girls, what do you want me to do?" Ben asks.

"I want you to pay attention and continue to fuck my pussy. You are going to pop my anal cherry later" Jane says. "You are then going to pop my cherries also. I put some sleeping pills in assholes beer and gave it to him. I gave him another beer with more in it. He should be out for days.

Hopefully he will die" Kelly says. "You really hate your father girls" Ben asks all three of them say hell yes. "What about your mother, oh shit I am cumming" Ben asks "She hates him also, but has no other place to go. Will you help us. We are yours now" Kelly says as Ben takes Jane off of BIG FELLA and puts her down next to him.

Kelly immediately starts to suck on BIG FELLA. "Damn, I can taste both of you. Ben Jane and I are lovers we been sucking each others pussies for years now".

"Well, if I accept you into the family, you will fit in perfectly. All my girls suck pussy along with my cock. Are you girls on birth control?" Ben asks as he lowers Kelly onto BIG FELLA. "Hell no, we can't afford birth control. Now fuck me, take my cherry" Kelly says as she pushes down on BIG FELLA popping her own cherry. "OWW, That fucking hurt" Kelly says as she begins to go faster and faster on BIG FELLA.

Kelly kisses Ben and tells him "I am yours now. GOD you are stretching me out" Crystal comes in with Ben's water and pills. "What are those for Master?" Jane asks. "You are not my slave yet. These pills help me produce more sperm and semen along with my stamina" Ben says. "You might not have accepted us as your slaves but we have accepted you as our Master and lover" Kelly says as she continues to ride BIG FELLA. "OK, is there a cousin or something" Ben asks "Yes, I am the cousin.

My name is Jennifer" she says as she strips. "How old are you Jennifer?" Ben asks "I am ten, will be eleven in September. Are you going to take us in and relieve us from the living hell we are in now" Jennifer asks. "So you hate your uncle?" Ben asks her "He is a fucking douche bag. And that is an insult to douche bags everywhere" Jennifer says.

Everybody laughs. "Well I don't have sexual relations with girls under 11 and defiantly do not have vaginal intercourse until they are 13" Ben tells her. "Fuck that, I am going to suck that cock of yours when you are done with Kelly. You are then going to cum down my throat.

You are then going to pop my anal cherry just like you did Peggy and Joy. You are also going to eat my pussy, I hear you sucking on Peggy's pussy all the time. You are going to give me those orgasms that make her scream her head off. Is that understood Master Ben" Jennifer says. "Damn, you ladies need to stop talking about me. OK I will do it, you are aggressive.

Are you always like that?" Ben asks. "Yes she is very aggressive and knows what she wants" Jane tells him. "I love the feel of BIG FELLA in me, Master" Kelly tells him. Ben puts Kelly on her hands and knees and she looks at him, "This is the doggie position right, Master?". Ben pushes BIG FELLA deep inside of her and tells her "Yes, give me your arms" Ben grabs her by the wrists and starts to lay into her pussy with great velocity, Ben pulls her arms back and makes back arch with every stroke he is battering her cervix.

Pounding stretching and breaking it little by little. "Push it in Master. Give me it all Master". All through the pounding in the doggy position little Kelly is moaning and groaning. After about thirty minutes of Ben finally gets through her cervix and starts to pour a torrent of cum inside of her womb. It takes Ben thirty minutes to stop cumming inside of Kelly's womb. They collapse together in a heap.

"That was fucking great Kelly" Ben says as he exits her womb and then her pussy. Jane comes over and sucks on her sisters pussy.

"No semen, you trapped it all in her womb, Master". "I got to call Becky and tell her I am staying here for a couple of days" Ben says. "Don't worry about that Master, I called my Mistress and told her what was going on and she wants you to take care of this issue" Crystal says as Jennifer comes over and starts to suck on BIG FELLA. "Master, your cock is so beautiful. Nice, long and thick" Jennifer says as she starts to suck BIG FELLA deep into her throat. She gets about half of it down her throat before he starts to get hard.

"Master, you can see Jennifer's neck bulging out. That looks so sexy and is making me hot" Joy says. Ben discusses their mother with the girls as Jennifer continues to suck on BIG FELLA, "So, you ladies want to be my slaves?" they all says "Yes Master", "How about your mother? I will need to get her an HIV/STD certificate before I will make her a slave.

I will take care of this issue tomorrow if you mother will leave him and press charges" Ben tells them. "Master, she does not have any diseases. She hasn't had sex in over twelve years, after she got pregnant with Joy she cut dad off. According to mom his is very small and she got tired of him" Jane tells him. "Ben, I had her get a HIV/STD certificate last week when we went to see Doctor Reynolds. She is clean.

I did not tell her what the test was, just told her I was treating her to a doctor's exam. She is healthy and is still having her periods" Crystal says. "Joy are you and Jennifer having your periods yet?" Ben asks "No we are not, I hope to be before I am thirteen so that you can get me pregnant.

How is Jennifer doing with her blowjob?" Joy asks. "She is doing a great job. Jennifer more movement, more bobbing up and down. Move BIG FELLA in your throat" Ben says. Jennifer gives him the thumbs up and does as she is told. "OK, tonight I am going to sleep here and in the morning I will talk to your mother and see if she is ready to leave her husband" Ben tells them.

"Master, I have photos from every time the asshole hit her and the time and date on the back of each photo" Jane says. "Master, I have recorded every incident and what that fucker said to my mother when he beat her" Kelly tells him. "Master, since we moved here I have also documented every argument that I could hear from the house" Crystal says "I have been talking to Karen for a couple of months and she is ready".

"OK, tomorrow I will talk with her. Jane and Kelly tomorrow we will go over and get your documentation and I will call my friends and have him arrested. I know the District Attorney and a sympathetic judge that will help us.

Do that sound good to you?" Ben asks. "Yes, Master" the three girls say as Jennifer continues her bobbing up and down on BIG FELLA. "Tonight we will play in the master bedroom. I need to suck on some virgin pussy while you girls ride BIG FELLA. Peggy, Joy and Jennifer you are my virgin pussies. You are special above all others Jennifer you will realize why as soon as we get upstairs. I accept you girls as my slaves.

Peggy, Joy and Jennifer are going to be my bed slaves when we move into the new mansion. I am going to make your mother into a breeder slave. Girls you are going to be home schooled when you move into the mansion in September. Jane and Kelly have you thought about what you want to do after high school?" Ben says. "We want to be nurses, Master" Jane says. "Well, we will have seven certified teachers teaching you this fall.

You know most of them already, but I will introduce you this summer. I am building a school on my property. I have plenty of room for all of you. OH Shit, baby here it comes" Ben says. They all watch as he pumps stream after stream into her stomach. She takes BIG FELLA out of her throat and sucks on the head for a while as Ben continues to cum. She keeps swallowing and swallowing until he stops.

"So how does it taste, Jennifer?" Kelly asks. "It tastes good, a little salty. I can get use to that, Master" Jennifer says. Peggy comes over and gives her a drink. She downs the soda in one swig. She gets up and sits next to her new Master. He leans over and kisses her and tells her "That was great, Jennifer.

Did my ladies tell you girls about the training? What it is about?". "Yes, Master. Jill and Cloe have told us about the training. We are to have vaginal sex ten times in a row without interruption. Then anal sex ten times in a row without interruption, finally we are to give you a blowjob until you have cum twenty different times without interruption" Jane tells him.

"So you and Kelly are clear on your training will consist of all three acts, Joy and Jennifer will consist of only anal and oral. Once you have completed it you are my slaves for as long as you want. I will always support you and take care of you" Ben tells them. He then picks up Jennifer and Joy.

"Time to go to bed ladies. I am going to suck on Jennifer's pussy first, then Joy and finally Peggy. Cloe, Jill, Jane, and Kelly get to ride BIG FELLA then the rest of you get your chance. Of course I need to get a couple of hours sleep before the morning".

"We are clear Master, you can have our pussies or asses however many times you want" Jane tells Ben. Kelly nods her head in agreement. "We understand also. You can have our pussies also whenever you want" Joy says and Jennifer agrees with her. Ben then carries his two lovers upstairs and goes to the master bedroom.

He starts sucking on Jennifer's slit making her scream and rock her hips as Jane sucks BIG FELLA hard. Once he is hard Jane straddles her new Master and inserts BIG FELLA into her ass. "Master, I got to do this a couple times so that I can get stretched out for you when my training starts.

It hurts right now" Jane tells him. Right then Jennifer has a screaming orgasm and squirts into Ben's mouth.

He sucks down all of her essence. Ben continues to suck on her pussy as Jane rides like a champ. This goes on for an hour before Ben erupts in Jane's ass. "Fuck that was good at the end" Jane says as she gets off of BIG FELLA.

"How did you like Master sucking on your pussy Jennifer?" Peggy asks her. "Now I know why we hear you screaming over at our house. That was amazing" Jennifer says. "Ladies we have a squirter here. Jennifer you are truly unique. Peggy squirts too. I love virgin pussy it tastes so fresh" Ben says. "OK, Joy you are up next". Joy straddles Ben's face while Jane washes BIG FELLA and gives him a tug and hands him over to Kelly who begins to suck on him until he is hard.

She then puts BIG FELLA into her pussy and rides him like there is no tomorrow. She has two orgasms before Joy has her first one, a small one. About twenty minutes later she has an earth shattering mind altering orgasm. Joy cums hard into her Masters mouth.

Kelly makes Ben climax after only 90 minutes and then sucks him clean. Next up is Jill who continues to suck on BIG FELLA until he is hard. She gets on top and starts to ride him, "Master, when you are ready to cum please turn me over and cum in my womb trapping your seed inside me" she tells him. Ben gives her the thumb up sign. She rides him for two hours and Ben taps on Joy who gets off of Ben's mouth, "Damn, Master I came like twenty times.

My whole body is tingling" Joy tells him. Ben smiles as he turns Jill over and pushes deep inside of her, pressing against her cervix until it yields and lets BIG FELLA into her womb where Ben pours his seed into her" When he is done he lays next to her. "Master, you look tired. Lets sleep now we can make love some more tomorrow" Peggy tells him as she cleans off his cock with her mouth. They lay their Master on his back and his young slave girls Jane, Kelly, Joy, Jennifer and Peggy snuggle with him as the other go off to bed.

They wake up the next morning and the girls take a shower and head back to their house. Ben takes a shower with Peggy, "Are you ready to go see Paris, my sweet little Peggy? We are going to have so much fun. It is beautiful over there. Really romantic. I was thinking of taking you there for your thirteenth birthday." Ben says to her.

"I love you baby girl, with all my heart". Ben washes his little Peggy, her little ass cheeks, legs, pussy. He washes her chest her back and then finally her hair. Peggy turns around drops to her knees and starts washing Ben's legs and then his buttocks.

She then washes his ball sack and then his cock. "Ben, Master, I love you too. I can't get enough of you. Do you like you new virgin pussies Jennifer and Joy? I love those two. Master you made Brooklyn your wife after Mistresses Becky and Laurie. You popped her cherry, multiple times and she is my age. I love you and want to give you my cherry. I want you to take my cherry while we are in Paris this time" Peggy then sucks on BIG FELLA.

"Peggy, sweetheart, look at me" Ben says to her. She looks up "You are special, very special to me. We have all the time in the world to pop your cherry. You are my very special virgin pussy, I love how you get off by my sucking your pussy. Please give me another year and a half to suck on that sweet virgin pussy of yours. I love you with all my heart and don't want to pop your cherry early. I plan on taking you and Laurie on all my trips.

You are my bed slave and also going to be my body slave. Where I am there you are going to be, always and forever" they finish there shower and head to the bedroom. They get on Peggy's bed and start to make out. "You are mine, my sweet little Peggy, I love every inch of you, from your head down to your toes" Ben tells her as he kisses and licks every inch of her 4'8 body. He licks her slit and asshole.

He sucks on her pussy until she has three powerful orgasms, he sucks on her little breasts and nipples. "Master, do you think I will have nice big breasts like Crystal?". "Baby, you should. Whatever your tits end of being I will love them" Ben tells her as Crystal comes into the room. "Master, are you enjoying your little lover?" Crystal asks him. "Yes, I am" Ben says as he rolls over bringing Peggy on top of him. Crystal comes over and sits next to them.

She kisses her daughter Peggy and then Ben. "How is our baby doing? What did Doc Reynolds say?" Ben asks her. "Laticia is doing good. Doc did a sonogram and she is very healthy and ready to be born at the end of July. I got a picture of her and she is healthy.

I have a picture of Faith's baby boy, you can clearly see his "Johnson" looks like he is going to have a beautiful huge cock like his father" Crystal says as she sucks on BIG FELLA. "I want him in my ass, while you eat out Peggy.

If that is OK with you my love?". Peggy giggles and Ben nods "I can't refuse my women anything. OH SHIT suck on BIG FELLA, Peggy get on my face, I want you facing your mother and sucking on her large breast. Crystal are your breast getting bigger?". She takes BIG FELLA out of her mouth and tells him they grew to 38EE. BIG FELLA is erect and Crystal gets up and puts him in her ass and starts bouncing up and down. Peggy starts sucking on her breast and milk starts coming out.

"Momma, you are producing milk already. I love it" Peggy says Crystal bounces up and down on BIG FELLA for two hours until Ben erupts in her colon. Peggy has had five earth shattering screaming orgasms by the time Crystal gets off of her Master.

She then lays to the right of Ben and Peggy to the left. "I love you Master" Crystal says as she kisses him and tastes her daughter's cum. She kisses her daughter passionately, "I love you Peggy, please don't be in such a hurry to loose your cherry. We all know that Ben loves you the most which is perfectly fine. He loves us all, but you are special. Your breasts will grow, I am giving you fertility drugs that will help with that.

When you are 13 Master is going to get you pregnant. Please be patient". "I will momma, I just love Ben so much it hurts not sharing everything with him" Peggy says. "You are my dear, you give me everything you have every time we are together" Ben tells her. "Crystal, how are we going to play this with Karen?" "Master, she knows about you and that we are yours. She will come willingly if she is given a chance. She told me the other day that she has not had sex in twelve years. I told her about you and how you rescued me and my girls.

Ben, the sex is amazing with you, earth fucking shattering great. But the reason I love you is because you make me feels safe and secure. That you will always be there for me when I need you. I have breakfast downstairs ready lets go and discuss this more over breakfast" Crystal tells them. They go downstairs and eat and discuss Karen's situation. Ben calls Sally and Paula and tells them he has a situation with Crystal's neighbor. "Master, are you talking about that asshole Jake?" Sally asks him.

"Yes you know him" Ben replies. "Yes, that jackass has been beating up his wife for years, she will not press charges. Are you going to help her she needs it? She needs a way out of that place" "That is why Crystal called me over here last night. I want to talk to Karen and see if she is willing to do something about it if she has a way out. I am going to talk to her today. I might need you to come over and arrest the asshole" Ben tells her. "Just give me the call, I will bring Paula and another sympathetic officer with us" Sally says.

Ben then calls Charlotte and asks her her opinion on the matter. "Master, bring that wife beater to me. I will prosecute him in front of our judge friend. She will through away the keys. She hates men that abuse women and child molesters". Crystal then calls for Joy to bring over the documentation and photographs to show Ben.

Joy tells her that her father is still passed out. Joy comes over with the items and comes over and kisses her new Master. Joy sits on Ben lap as he looks at the pictures and papers.

After he is done looking at them he shakes his head. "Master, are you going to protect my mom. She needs you, we all do" Joy asks him. "Baby, you are mine, I protect my family. I need to talk to your mother. Can you call her over here after I get dressed?" Ben asks her. "I will if you let me have some of BIG FELLA? Can I suck on him, Please?" Joy says as she grabs BIG FELLA. "Sure, make it quick" Ben says in reply. Joy sucks on BIG FELLA she pushes him down her throat and bobs up and down, chicken heading him.

After about 45 minutes Ben erupts down her throat and into her stomach. "Master, I love that. I feel so full and warm.

Get dressed I will call my mom" Joy says as Ben goes upstairs to dress. Karen comes over with the three other girls as Ben walks downstairs. "Karen, I would like to introduce you to my Master, my husband, my lover and my protector Ben Barnes" Crystal says. "Nice to meet you Karen" Ben says with his hand out. "Nice to meet you Mr. Barnes. I have heard so much about you from Crystal and her girls. How you saved them" Karen says. "Yes, you girls told me last night that your husband Jake beats you on a regular basis.

Almost weekly, is this true?" Ben asks her. "Sadly, yes it is true" Karen tells him almost weeping. "Do you want to leave your husband?" Ben asks "I have no where to go.

We rent the house and barely can afford that with the jobs I get. He does not work at all" Karen says "What if I gave you a way out.

Would you press charges against him? Your daughter's have been keeping a pretty good accounting of the abuse. My friends on the police force know about your husband and the abuse. The District Attorney guaranteed me that you would be successful in getting him locked up. Has he just hit you and not the girls?" Ben asks "Are you giving me a way out?

I would if I had some place to go and be able to take care of my children. He has just hit me not my kids" Karen tells him. "Don't worry about your children, I will take care of them. I want to know if you will step up and press charges?" Ben asks her. "I will, what do you mean you will take care of my children?" Karen says. "Mom, I am Ben's lover. I had sex with him last night and again this morning. He popped all my cherries last night as he did Kelly also" Jane tells her. "I am Ben's slave momma, he is going to take care of me.

He is warm, gentle and kind" Kelly tells her. "Momma, I love my Master. He has not popped my pussy cherry yet.

I have sucked his cock twice and had his cock in my ass. He has eaten my pussy three times. I am his, he is mine. Give yourself to him momma, he will protect you just like Crystal and her family. Jess and Hope are his also" Joy says. "Karen, you do not have to become my slave, my lover or anything you do not want. I did not force your girls to become my slaves. Just the opposite I tried to persuade them not to become my slaves.

Now that they have committed to me, it is my responsibility to take care of them. That means they will come to live with me. I will provide for them their educations a place to live at my mansion. All you have to do to join us is be willing to through the dip shit husband of yours into jail" Ben tells her.

"Well, Karen what will it be. Ben will love you and take care of you and your family" Crystal tells her. "Mom, We love him and we are going to live with him in his mansion. Please say yes and lets put this nightmare behind us. Please" Jane tells her. "OK, What do I have to do Ben, well I mean Master?" Karen asks Ben.

"First you need to press charges against your husband Jake, then I will take it from there. Let me call my friends and put things in motion. Do you have any questions?" Ben asks Karen. "Well I have one" she says as she looks down "ahhh, I have heard you have a big ahhh".

"What are you trying to ask me Karen?" Ben says. "Well Crystal and Faith have told me that your penis is quite large" Karen says. "Momma, it is fucking huge. Master get up please" Jane says. Ben gets up and shakes his head as Jane unzips him and pulls BIG FELLA out.

"HOLY SHIT. That is huge" Karen says as she comes over and grabs it with her hands. "Oh, I can see why he is a master. Can I have some?" Karen says as she begins to suck on BIG FELLA. "That is one beautiful cock, girls Ben's cock is not normal sized.

Most men are between 5-8" long. Our Master is twice that long at least with a huge width. Please Ben, make me your lover. I am clean and disease free" Karen says. "I know you are, Crystal had you checked out by my doctor. She planned this for you. I accept you as my slave. We have to do something about your husband now. I want you to go home and try waking the bastard up.

I will get my police friends over here" Ben tells her. "Yes, my Master. See you soon, what does that says "BIG FELLA"?, See you soon BIG FELLA" Karen says. Karen gets up and goes back home leaving her kids at Crystal's house. Ben calls back to Sally and tells her Karen is going to press charges.

He then hears yelling and screaming coming from next door. He tells Sally to hurry up with Paula. He goes next door and breaks down the door. He see Jake on top of Karen yelling at her "Did you fuck that nigger that fucks all the women and girls next door?

Did you you slut?". He is hitting her as Ben comes through the door Ben pulls him off and starts beating on Jake. "You like hitting women, you fucking sick bastard" Ben yells at him as his beats him to a living pulp. Karen's girls are standing at the door. And they yell "Beat that bastard". Ben beats him almost unconsious when Jane, Kelly and Joy come over and start kicking him in his balls, Jane takes off her panties and starts pissing on Jake's head. Her two sisters do the same as Sally, Paula and Stephanie comes in and handcuffs Jake.

"Jake, I am pressing charges against you for abuse. I am leaving you" Karen tells him as Sally comes over and turns him over and handcuffs him. "You can't do that to me bitch" Jake says.

Jane comes over and kicks him in the face, "My mother is no bitch you asshole". "Karen, you are going to need to come down to the station and fill out documents" Sally says. "I will be down there shortly let me get my children situated and I will be right there" Karen says as she sees her Queen of Spades tattoo on the back of her neck.

She knows what that means. Sally, Paula and Stephanie put Jake in Sally's cruiser and head to the police station. "Jane you and the girls go over and stay with Crystal until I get back" Karen says. "Yes, momma" Jane says as she takes her two sisters over to Crystal's house. Once they have left Karen asks Ben "Those police officers are your slaves aren't they, Master?".

"Sally and Paula are, Stephanie I have never seen before. She is beautiful though. I have many many friends in this county and state. I have many powerful friends that owe me favors" Ben tells her. "Come with me, Master" Karen says as she leads him upstairs to her bedroom. She takes off her clothes and then turns around and undresses her Master. "It is time for you to give me BIG FELLA" Karen says as she drops to her knees and sucks BIG FELLA hard.

"I haven't had sex in such a long time" Karen says as she lays on the bed and tells Ben to come and get her. "You shave your pussy?" Ben asks her "Yes, I saw Crystal's once and she said that her boyfriend loves her to shave hers. You love shaved pussies?" Karen says. "Yes I do, I have a slave that is a dermatologist and you will not have to be shaving very long" Ben says as he spreads her legs and pushes BIG FELLA deep inside of her.

"OH GOD MASTER, You are stretching me OUT. FUCK ME … FUCK ME … FUCK ME. FUCK ME … OH GOD I AM CUMMING" Karen says and continues to say as Ben pounds her for two hours before breaking through her cervix and pounds her womb. "OH SHIT, ARE YOU IN MY WOMB.

ARE YOU FUCKING MY UTERUS?". "Yes, I am. I am going to cum deep inside your womb and I am going to do it again when we get back from the police station. I am going to fuck your pussy twice more tonight and your ass too. I am going to have you watch as I fuck my other slaves tonight and tomorrow" Ben tells her.

"Yes, Master, my body is yours. My daughter's are yours. CUM FOR ME MY LOVER" she says as she starts to cry. "What's is wrong Karen? Why are you crying?" Ben asks her. "I am so happy. I have been horny for so long, you have scratched an itch I have had for a long long long time" Karen says as Ben erupts in her.

"Karen, you are loved. I love you, my ladies are going to love you. When we come back here tomorrow we will go through your things and see what you need to go stay in the mansion. Do you have a passport? Does the girls?" Ben asks her as he lays next to her still inside her pussy. "Oh Master, I love you too. You are amazing. I do not have a passport neither do my girls" Karen says. "Do you have their birth certificates and social security cards?" Ben says.

"Yes, I do" "Get them for me, along with yours. You are mine, so are your girls. You need to have a passport. I will get the documents and have them rushed through the State Department" Ben tells her. As she gets up and goes to the lock box with the documents.

"Let's take a shower and go to the police station and get this over with" Ben says as he leads her to the shower and washes her and then dries her off. "Karen, remember you are special and are loved" Ben says. They go and take care of their business with the police. The District Attorney comes in and greets Ben and he introduces her to Karen.

"Karen this is the District Attorney, Charlotte this is a special friend of mine". Charlotte smiles and says "Nice to meet you Karen, any friend of Ben's is a friend of mine. Ben tells me that you want to press charges against your abusive husband. Is this true?" "Yes, ma'am it is.

Do you have documentation of the abuse?" Charlotte asks. "Here it is, the pictures have dates on the back, this journal was done by my daughter and this one by Crystal my next door neighbor" Karen says as she gives the D.A. the documentation. "Yes, I know Crystal. Her husband is spending some time as guest of the state.

Your husband will be spending a lot of time there. Do you have a place to stay while this goes to trial? I am going to talk to the judge and his attorney. I am assuming he does not have any money. Is this true?" Charlotte asks. "I have a place to stay. We are poor, he will have to get a public defender" Karen says.

"OK, he is going to be arraign tonight, I am going to put in a restraining motion so that he has to stay away from you and the kids tell the trial is over. I think I can convince the judge to hold him in custody. I will let you know". Ben and Karen go back to Crystal's house. They both undress and Karen tells the girls to follow her to the master bedroom. "We are going to make love to our new Master tonight and tomorrow". The girls are already naked and smile and go with them to the bedroom.

Peggy is there already. Ben sees Faith, Hope and Jess and rubs their bellies and gives them a kiss. "How are you guys doing? How is the pregnancy coming?" "We are going great Master, Crystal showed you a picture of Vincent. He seems to have a cock like yours. They ladies are going to love him. Hope is having a boy, she is going to name him William he has a large penis like my son. Charity is also having a boy and his name is going to be Billy" Faith tells him.

"What are you have Jess?" Ben asks "I don't know yet. I will know something next month hopefully" "You are going to love being with our Master. He is very generous caring and passionate lover" Charity tells them. They all go into the master bedroom, Karen sucks BIG FELLA until he is hard.

She then puts Ben on his back. "Faith, honey, can you get me my pills please?" Ben asks. "Yes Master". She gives him his pills with water after he takes them he tells Joy "I need some virgin pussy to eat. I want you facing your mother again". Joy jumps up and straddles his face and he goes to town after telling his other girls to suck on their breasts. Karen is bouncing up and down on BIG FELLA and having her tits sucked on while her Joy is getting her pussy sucked by their Master, she is having her tits sucked my her sisters.

Crystal comes in and see the orgy. "I see Master is enjoying his new slaves" she says as Ben gives the thumbs up. Karen bounces up and down to four orgasms as he gives Joy seven. When Ben is ready to erupt he gets Joy off of his face and turns Karen over and pushes through her cervix and dumps a huge load into her womb.

"Next time I am going to fuck you in your ass, Karen. Have you ever taken it up the ass before?". "No, Master I have not" Karen says. "Mom, you are going to love having BIG FELLA in your ass. I know I did" Joy tells her. Ben then tells Jane it is her turn to ride BIG FELLA. "I am going to get you three pregnant soon, probably when I train you three. I am going to pump as much semen in your wombs as I can.

Jennifer I want to eat your pussy while Jane rides me" "Yes Master" they say in unison. Jennifer gets on Ben face as he starts to suck on her pussy, Jane sucks BIG FELLA until he is hard she then gets on top and pushes BIG FELLA into her pussy.

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The other girls start sucking on their breasts without being instructed. Crystal and Karen are in the 69 position on the floor sucking and licking on their pussies. They do this for about three hours until Ben is ready to cum. He has given little Jennifer twelve orgasms and she is shaking all over. Jane has had ten orgasms and when Jennifer is off of Ben's face they roll over and Ben pushes deep inside of her womb and pours cum into her for at least thirty minutes and then lays next to her.

"Damn that was great. How did you ladies like that?" Ben asks "I loved it Master" Jane says, little Jennifer just smiles at them. Ben then picks up Jennifer and takes her into Peggy's room and tells her to go to sleep and rest. He is going to fuck her in the ass in the morning.

She smiles and tells him "My body is your my Master. God my whole body is tingling still". Ben kisses her as Joy comes in and cuddles with Jennifer, "I love you cuz" they kiss and Ben kisses both of them tonight. As he leaves he sees Karen "They are so beautiful, so caring and giving. Look at them together" Ben says. The go back to the master bedroom, Karen asks him "Are all your slaves bi-sexual?".

"Yes they are. They all love each other and take care of one another. I have friends, some husbands of slaves that have sex with my slaves. If they are able to reproduce they have to wear a condom when they are fucking a slaves pussy.

Before I let any of my friends have sex with any of my slaves they have to get their HIV/STD certificates from Doctor Reynolds. Of course, my slave has to be willing to have sex with the person. I have a slave that is a son of one of my slaves, he is seventeen and is sterile.

His cock is 9 1/2" long which is pretty big for a white boy. Joy, Jennifer are going to join Peggy as only mine. I keep the little ones to myself" Ben tells Karen. "OK, Kelly are you ready. Peggy you are going to have to be quite, Joy and Jennifer are asleep in your bed" Ben tells them as he lays down on the bed.

As soon as he does that Kelly is all over BIG FELLA, chicken heading his cock. Peggy gets on his face as Crystal comes over with a ball gag for her mouth. He starts to suck on his little Peggy's pussy and she starts to shiver and shake. BIG FELLA is hard and Kelly pounces on it and starts to grind on BIG FELLA. The fuck for four hours he makes Kelly cum hard sixteen times. Little Peggy has twelve earth shattering orgasms and fourteen little ones in that time. Of course she was silent with that ball gag in her mouth.

When Ben is finally ready to cum Crystal has to pry Peggy off of Ben's face and he turns over with Kelly still engaged with BIG FELLA. In one hard stroke he pushes past her cervix and into her womb he fucks her womb for an hour before cumming long and hard. "Time to rest ladies" Ben says as he takes the ball gag out of Peggy's mouth and lays back down with Jane, Peggy, Kelly with him. Cloe and Jill are asleep in their bed. Faith, Hope and Charity are asleep in theirs.

Karen sleeps with her new master as Jess and Crystal go sleep in another room. In the morning Ben gets up with Peggy sucking on BIG FELLA. "Mmm, Master is awake girls" Karen says as she leans over and kisses Ben on the lip. "Good Morning lover. Are you up to fuck me in my ass? I want to try it" Karen says.

"Get some lube from the bathroom and come back, Crystal lube up Karen's ass for me Please" Ben asks. When BIG FELLA is hard he tells Peggy "Sweetheart come sit on my face and let me suck on that sweet pussy of yours". "Yes Master" Peggy says as she jumps up and straddles his face facing the foot of the bed. Crystal lubes up Karen's ass and she gets on top of Ben.

Crystal lines up BIG FELLA to her asshole and tells Karen "Push down on BIG FELLA". She does and she screams and cries as Ben continues to eat his sweet little Peggy's pussy. Crystal helps her friend by moving her up and down on BIG FELLA. "Karen you need to breathe, BIG FELLA will stretch you out and it will begin to feel great soon".

Ben makes Peggy climax three times and has her get off of his face. He then picks Karen up and puts her on her back and starts hammering her ass. He does this for a good hour before he flips her over on her belly. He places each leg on the bed. Ben then grabs her hips and really starts to jackhammer her ass. "OH GOD MASTER, I LOVE IT. FUCK MY ASS. OH GOD BEN. I LOVE IT FUCK" Karen yells repeatedly.

He fucks her ass like this for another two hours before he is ready to cum. He exits her ass and then washes it off. He then inserts BIG FELLA into her wet pussy to the hilt. Ben repeatedly hits her cervix until it yields and he pushes the rest of BIG FELLA deep inside of her womb. He fucks her womb for an hour before finally cumming for an half an hour. When Ben is done he lays next to her in the bed and tells her "That was a fantastic first anal fuck. I loved how your rectum opened up for me Karen.

Did you enjoy it?". "Master, it hurt like hell when you started fucking my ass. But it got better after a while. I really enjoyed it at the end" Karen tells him. "We will do it again tonight, after I fuck your pussy again. I am going to get your pregnant. You are not on birth control are you?" Ben asks. "No, I am not. I can't afford it. Jake wasn't getting any pussy from me. Nobody I know would fuck him.

He has a really little cock. Girls we are lucky to have Master to fuck us. His cock is huge and he knows how to use it. Master, are you going to get my girls pregnant also?". "Yes, I am. You girls are going to give me a lot of children. You are all a part of the family now". "Karen, I have been giving your daughter fertility drugs for two months now in preparation for this. I hoped Master would accept you and your girls. Joy and Jennifer will start their periods sooner than they would have without the drugs.

I believe they should start within six months" Crystal tells her. "You planned this Crystal. You planned for me and my daughter's to be Ben's slaves and give him babies?" Karen says. Before Crystal can says anything Jane, Kelly, Joy and Jennifer who are all in the room and have been watching their mother get it in her ass come up and thank Crystal and give her a kiss.

Jane says to Crystal "Thank you for getting us away from our asshole jackass father". Karen starts to cry. "What's wrong my love? I am here and I love you. We all love you and are going to protect you" Ben tells her.

"I have never felt so much love and I have never ever been made love to like you have made love to me" Karen says as she gets up and sucks on BIG FELLA. "Master, I want to watch you pump a load into my girls.

I want to watch you fuck Jane and Kelly's pussy. I want to watch you pound Joy and Jennifer's ass" Karen says after she takes BIG FELLA out of her mouth. She did not wait for an answer she starts sucking on BIG FELLA again until he is hard. "Jane get up here and spread your legs. Let our Master have that sweet pussy of yours" Karen says as Jane smiles and does what she is told.

"Yes, momma. Come and get it Master. Pound my pussy stretch it out. Make it yours" Jane tells him. Ben pulls Jane's legs above his head and pushes BIG FELLA deep inside of her 15 year old pussy. "OH YEAH, MASTER PUMP MY PUSSSSSYYYYY." Jane yells as he begins to stroke her all the way to her cervix.

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He hits her cervix with every stroke. Ben pumps her ruthlessly for an hour before her cervix gives way. "Master, I love it when you are in my womb. Give me your beautiful seed. Impregnate me, put that bun in my oven" Jane tells him as she pumps her womb for another hour and a half before he pours cum into her womb. Ben collapses next to her and rubs her breasts and belly.

Jill and Cloe bring in a pitcher of OJ and Power bars. The go into the bathroom and get Ben his pills. The give him ten supplements and his vitamins. Ben rolls over and lays on the bed and eats and drinks as Peggy sucks on BIG FELLA getting him hard. Kelly jumps on him once he is hard and starts grinding on him. "Joy, I need some virgin pussy to eat while your sister rides BIG FELLA".

"Yes, Master. My pleasure" Joy says as she mounts his face. She is facing her sister and starts sucking on her 34D breasts. Ben is going to town on Joy's young pussy making her shake and shiver as she climaxes time after time. This goes on for two hours until Ben is ready to take it to Kelly's womb. He taps Joy who has just climaxed for the twelfth time. Joy reluctantly gets off of her master.

Ben then puts Kelly on her belly, he spreads her legs and pushes BIG FELLA as deep as it can go. He strokes her deep banging against her cervix with every stroke. He fucks her like the for an hour before he pushes through her cervix and fuck her womb for another hour. When he does erupt he does so for 45 minutes.

When he is finished he exits her womb and he feels Kelly's cervix closing after the head of BIG FELLA leaves her womb. He then rests while still engulfed in Kelly's pussy as it spasms around BIG FELLA.

"God that was great, Kelly" Ben says. "Master, I am falling in love with you" Kelly tells him, "You make me feel so good".

Ben and Kelly rest for a while with Jane. Ben is laying down with his head on a pillow with his two lovers next to him. The girls are asleep as Karen and Crystal come over and look at Ben "What is wrong Master, Why do you have tears in your eyes?" Karen asks. "I don't know. I think I am the luckiest man in the world. All these beautiful women that I love that love me". "I love you Master, with all my heart. That is why I planned this. I wanted Karen and her girls to enjoy your love and be taken care of.

She has had it really shitty for a long time. Karen deserves to be taken care of" Crystal says. "Master, I am falling in love with you just like Kelly and probably my other girls. Rest now, we are going downstairs to cook some dinner for the family" Karen tells him. Joy and Jennifer come in and get in between his legs and take BIG FELLA in their hands as they rest their heads on his lap.

The five of them sleep for a couple of hours. Ben is awaken by Joy and Jennifer sucking and licking on BIG FELLA. He looks up and smiles at them and lays back down with Jane and Kelly still sleeping on either side of him. Ben lays their enjoying his slow deliberate tongue bath on BIG FELLA. After about an hour his two lovers wake up.

They both kiss him and watch the show on BIG FELLA. They each go to the bathroom and come back. "Master, what are these pills for?" Jane asks. "Well, sweetheart, the large bottle contains my supplements. They help the production of sperm, that's is how I can continue to pour my seed into your wombs and asses. The other pills are for stamina. Come over here Jane?" Ben tells her as she comes over with Kelly, "Girls I love you. You are all sweet and giving. You are going to move into the mansion.

In a couple of weeks I am going to take you and your mother with me on my trip to Paris and New York City. We will be going shopping later this week to get you some appropriate clothes. You will also all get your "Property of Ben Barnes" tattoos on your lower back this week. I have training to do on this trip, but I will start your training when we get back home. How does that sound?" Ben asks. "OH MY GOD, WE ARE GOING TO PARIS and NEW YORK CITY!" they scream and jump up and down.

Each of them come over and kiss their new Master as Karen comes into the room. "I just came up to tell you that dinner is ready, what is going on? Why are you all screaming and BIG FELLA is not even in you?" "Mom, Ben is taking us to Paris and New York City with him" Joy tells her. "What are you talking about?" Karen says. "Karen, baby, I am taking you and your girls with me and Peggy and some of my other ladies on a trip to Paris and New York City. We will be doing some sightseeing and shopping for designer clothes.

I thought we would hang out here and have sex for the rest of today and tomorrow, then go submit your passports and get your tattoos on your backs. How does that sound Karen?" "That sounds wonderful to me, my Master" Karen says as she kisses him, "What tattoo on our back?". "Peggy, show my new slave your tattoos" Ben says "The "Property of Ben Barnes" tattoo denotes you are mine.

The Queen of Spades tattoos mean that you prefer Black Cock over white. You get the one on the back of your neck after you have successfully completed your anal training.

You get another one above your pussy when you finish your pussy training. Peggy does not have that, of course, and you get an excellent cocksucker tattoo when you finish your oral training. What do you girls think of that?" "Master, I will get any tattoo you want, as long as I am yours" Joy tells him.

"We all will, Master" Karen tells him and her girls all agree. "Lets go downstairs and eat, then I am going to eat some virgin pussy for dessert" Ben tells them and Joy, Jennifer and Peggy smile and giggle.

They all go downstairs and eat and drink. When they are done Crystal, Karen and Jess clean up and tell Ben to go into the living room and enjoy his girls. Ben and his girls go into the living room and Ben notices a plush comfortable large area rug. "Peggy, Jennifer and Joy I am going to eat your pussies while Faith, Hope, Charity, Cloe, Jane, Jill and Kelly ride BIG FELLA. Faith, Hope and Charity take it easy on BIG FELLA, I do not want to hurt my sons. Let's have some fun" Ben tells them.

Faith comes over and kisses Ben, "We will take it easy in our pussies. Ladies after we have BIG FELLA in our pussies I suggest we ride him in our ass. Do you have it in you for 14 orgasms lover?". "Hell yes, I have the best women in the world. Ladies I love you all" Ben says. "Master, that is enough talking time to eat some pussy" Peggy tells him as she straddles his face and starts grinding her pussy on his mouth.

Faith starts sucking on BIG FELLA, she takes the limp but still huge BIG FELLA down her throat and starts using her throat muscles to squeeze and milk him. Once Faith has him hard she straddles him facing her sister, who is just coming down from cloud nine. She pushes BIG FELLA into her pussy and starts to grind on my slowly.

Peggy leans over and sucks on Faith's large breast which were 34D's before pregnancy now have swelled up to 38D's. Peggy sucks and sucks on her sisters breast as Faith starts to cum, she starts squirting and lactating at the same time.

"Faith you are producing milk just like Crystal. I love the taste of it". Joy comes over and sucks on one breast as Peggy continues to get eaten out and suck on the other. Jennifer get in between Ben's legs and starts licking and sucking his balls and the shaft that is not in Faith's stretched pussy. The continue this assault for two hours and Ben erupts in Faith's pussy which Jennifer drinks up.

When Faith gets off of her Master Joy comes over and eats the cum out of her pussy as Jennifer sucks BIG FELLA clean and then continues until she gets him hard. Peggy in the meantime has climaxed twelve times and is starting to have a major orgasm that makes her scream. It is Hope's turn and she gets on top of BIG FELLA and pushes him inside of her pussy. "OH GOD MASTER, I missed having you inside of me" Hope says as she grinds on BIG FELLA.

"OH GOD THIS FEELS GREAT". Peggy starts screaming "OH GOD I AM CUMMING AGAIN. MASTER YOU ARE A FUCKING GOD". Crystal, Jess and Karen have finished cleaning up the kitchen. Changed the sheets in the master bedroom and are now watching their girls enjoy their Master's love.

"Karen, you are going to love being one of Master's women. Once we are all in the new Mansion we are going to live the life of luxury. I always wanted more children and Master blessed me with more children. I have five of Ben's beautiful children growing inside of me" Jess says. "You are so lucky, I am just having one of our Master's children a boy. You know my story is similar to yours.

I love him with all my heart, I thank god everyday that he brought such a fine man into our lives" Crystal says. After Peggy has climaxed twenty times and is weak from it Ben has her get off of his mouth and he looks at the Crystal and Jess.

"Ladies, this Christmas we are going to the Cayman Islands for a couple of months and stay in our compound down there. I just bought ten houses down there and am doing some modifications, putting a wall up and things like that. We will be going after we celebrate Christmas in the new mansion and before New Years. I hope to have Becky pregnant by then. Crystal can you call her and tell her everything is ok over here?" Ben asks.

"Master, it is better than just OK. It is perfect" Crystal says. "What would be perfect is if Ben would quit talking and start sucking on my virgin pussy" Joy says. "Come here" Ben says "Come give me a kiss before I make you climax so hard and so many times you end up like Peggy over there". They smile as they see Peggy curled up on the couch still shaking from her multiple orgasms "Master, you can do that to me anytime you want.

My whole body is tingling all over" Peggy says as Joy straddles his face and starts to grind on his mouth. Ben successfully makes Joy climax in five minutes as Hope continues to grind on BIG FELLA stretching her young pussy. Joy leans over after climaxing for the third time and starts sucking on her 38D breasts, which are normally 36C, "Damn Hope you have beautiful breasts" Joy says as she looks up from her right nipple.

"I hope I get big breasts like yours". Joy continues to suck on her breasts and they both climax together. They kiss each other, "Joy, you are a beautiful young woman. Look at your mom's breasts you should inherit breast like those. My Mom is only one cup size bigger then me". They continue to kiss and suck on each others breasts as they continue to enjoy their Master. Hope rides BIG FELLA to ten orgasms before Ben is ready to cum. When he is Hope gets off of BIG FELLA and takes him down her throat.

Hope bobs up and down on BIG FELLA contracting and squeezing on him until he explodes and pumps a huge load into her stomach. He cums for twenty minutes and then exits her throat and mouth with a loud pop. "Now that is what I like for dessert, my Masters cream" Hope says.

She goes back to sucking on BIG FELLA to get him hard again as Charity comes over she kisses Karen and says "Welcome to our loving family, Karen". She then joins Hope in sucking on BIG FELLA.

While one sucks on the top half of BIG FELLA the other licks on the bottom half and suck on his balls. While they do that Joy has two powerful orgasms. After about twenty minutes they have Ben hard again and Charity gets on top of him and starts to grind on BIG FELLA. "OH MASTER, IT HAS BEEN TOO LONG SINCE YOU HAVE GIVEN ME BIG FELLA" Charity tells her master as she humps his bones.

She grinds out ten orgasms while Joy has her twenty-five orgasms from Ben's expert tongue. When Ben is ready to erupt Joy gets off of his head and Ben tells Karen to come over and lay on her back. He puts her legs over her head and pushes BIG FELLA deep inside of her. He hammers away at her cervix until it gives way and then pours his baby batter deep in her fertile womb. "Give me a baby Master, make me pregnant". Crystal gets up and goes gets Ben some water and his pills.

She also goes and gets the girls their fertility pills. She passes out the pills to the girls, "Ladies these will help you conceive, they will probably make you have twins or triplets" she tells them.

"Joy and Jennifer they will help you start your periods sooner, and probably speed up puberty the Doctor Reynolds tells me" "Good, I want to give Master as many babies as I can" Jane says. "Me too" Kelly says as they take their pills.

"We have been taken these pills for two months now we should be dropping a few eggs by now". "Well ladies, I am going to make love to Cloe now. When I am ready to cum I am going to put my load in you Jane.

Then I am going to pound you senseless and put another load in your womb. I am going to do the same with Jill and Kelly" Ben tells them. "That sounds like fun" they tell him. They have sex for the next twelve hours, when Ben is done both Kelly and Jane's bellies are swollen with the amount of cum they have in them. They sleep there for a eight hours. Ben is awaken by Crystal saying he has a call.

"Hello, this is Ben Barnes". "Ben, this is Charlotte. Hope I am not disturbing you. I have great news. Jake plead guilty and our judge friend sentenced him to 45 years in jail without the possibility of parole.

Please tell Karen and her children they are safe" "Good news Karen, Jake is now in prison for the rest of his life. You are saved and safe" Ben tells her as she comes over and kisses him. "I am safe with you, my love" Karen tells him. Karen picks up a sleeping Joy and then Jennifer and puts them on the couch and comes back and starts to suck on BIG FELLA. When Ben is hard Karen tells him, "I always wanted to try it doggie style, I have heard that you can really go deep in that position".

She gets into the position and Ben mounts her and begins to wail on her pussy. The fuck for two hours until Ben pushes through her cervix and dumps a huge load into her womb. "Karen we need to take a shower and go get your passports mailed into my friend at the State Department.

We also need to go to the drug store and go make an appointment with Sheila to get you ladies tattooed" Ben tells her as they get up and take a shower and get dressed. "Ladies, Karen and I are going over to her house to pick-up your birth certificates and social security cards we are going to go get your passport applications and go to the store, Crystal you need anything?" Ben asks.

Crystal makes a list of stuff she needs for the house and kitchen and gives it to Karen. Crystal then kisses them both passionately on the lips and tells them both that she loves them. "Girls do you need anything?" Karen asks. They write down some feminine items they need and they each come by and give them a kiss goodbye.

"Mom, you might want to pick up some pregnancy tests also. I plan to keep having sex with master until he gets me pregnant" Jane tells her. "Baby, we are going to have sex after you get pregnant also" Ben says. "Promises, Promises" Faith says. "OK, you are first when we get back" Ben tells her.

"I will hold you to that. This time I want BIG FELLA in my ass" Faith tells him. They leave and go next door to get the documents. Ben goes to the bedroom with Karen the documents are in the closet. Ben looks at her wardrobe and tells her "We need to go through your clothes". He starts pulling out articles that are not becoming of one of his ladies.

He says to Karen "Put this on, the rest of this needs to go to goodwill. We are going to the mall to get you new clothes. I am not going out with you dressed in these clothes. He looks at her shoes and the ones that are not up to his liking he throws into the pile also. "Tonight we are going to come back over here with the girls and go through their clothes also. Tomorrow we will go shopping for them".

When he is done she has one dress and one pair of jeans and a couple pair of tennis shoes. He then goes to the dresser and goes through her panties and bras. He throws most of the bras away and all the panties. "We are going to go to Victoria's Secret today and get you some more becoming panties and bras along with some lingerie" Ben says as they head back downstairs with the papers and head off.

Ben notices the car in the driveway, "Is that what you have been driving, Karen?". She acknowledges it and Ben tells her "Give me your car keys, you and my ladies are never getting in that thing again.

I cannot have one of my girls driving around in something like that. It is not safe, it might breakdown. I guess we will go get you a car on the way home tonight". The go to the post office get the passport applications and head to the drug store where Abigail works and get pregnancy test, feminine hygiene products, Ben tells her about the cherry flavored douches they are going to get at the mall. The go to the pharmacy desk and Ben puts in his order for supplements and his vitamins, as well as pickup the prescriptions for his little blue pills and the fertility drugs.

Abigail looks up and smiles at Ben. The continue their shopping and Abigail comes over and kisses Ben passionately on his lips "Hello, Master. I love you and have missed you". "Abigail, this is Karen, Karen this is one of my ladies Abigail she is the pharmacist here" Ben says. "Nice to meet you Abigail" Karen says.

"I have asked Ben to be my Master also, after my daughters already had become his". "She is a neighbor of Crystal and Martha's. I have accepted them as my slaves and my wives" Ben tells Abigail. Abigail then leans in and kisses Karen and tells her "Welcome to the family, Ben is a wonderful man. He is everything a woman could ever want". "I agree" Karen says. "Is our Master trying to get you pregnant?" Abigail asks. "Yes, me and my two oldest daughter's. My youngest one wants to when she can and my little cousin also" Karen tells her.

"Me and my sister are already pregnant with Ben's blessed child" Abigail says "I got to get back to work". "Come by Crystal's on the way home and meet my new ladies" Ben says. "OK, I will. I get off and nine" she leans in and whispers in Ben's ear "She is beautiful, Master. When I get off here can I get off at Crystal's?".

"I will see what I can do. Did my girls at the mansion need anything or call anything in?" "Let me check, I will page you when the orders are up, Ben" Abigail says as she leaves. "Nice meeting you Karen" she says and Karen acknowledges it. They sit and wait for their prescriptions to be filled and Karen leans over and asks Ben "Master, how many slaves do you have?". He leans over and kisses her fully on the lips and whispers in her ear "I have 92 women and girls, including you and your girls, that are my slaves, all mine.

I love each and everyone individually. Some are very special to me like Peggy. I seemed to not be able to get enough of her. When we go to the mansion in two days you will meet everybody. You already know Martha and her girls that live next to Crystal" Ben says. "They are yours also, Ben" she asks. "Yes, two of the police officers that arrested Jake were mine. The D.A. is mine also. Seven teachers at the school are mine also" Ben informs her.

"I see I have a lot of competition for your affection" Karen says. "No, you do not. There is no competition or jealousy in our family. I love everybody and everybody loves and cares for everyone else. That is one of my rules going into this" Ben tells her.

"I love you Ben Barnes" Karen says as she kisses him. They hear on the speaker that the prescriptions are ready they go pay for them and then head to the front to pay for the rest of their purchases.

The next stop is the mall they go in and Ben takes Karen to Becky's favorite store to get clothes. Ben asks the sales lady to help his girlfriend pick out some eligant dresses and a couple smart business suits. Ben takes the wedding ring that he took off of Karen's hand at the house and tells her "I have some shopping to do. I will come back and I want you to put on a fashion show for me". Ben then goes to the jewelry store and picks out an engagement ring and wedding band.

He picks out this beautiful sapphire and topaz necklace with diamonds. He also picks out matching earrings and bracelets. He makes his purchases and heads back to the dress store. He enters and sees Karen she has just two dresses picked out. Ben shakes his head and looks at the sales lady.

They go to the racks and Ben pulls out things that he likes. He asks her what size is she and Karen tells him.

When he is done he has twenty-five dresses and about four professional suits for her to try on. He likes them all and then hands her a formal gown to try on last. It is backless with a plunging neckline. She goes and puts it on with some high heel shoes.

Sally and Stephanie come in as they see Ben with Karen shopping. "Ben you remember my new partner and friend Stephanie from the other day" Sally says as she comes in for a kiss and whispers in his ear, "Master, I missed you. James misses hearing his father's voice". "I love you Sally. I love you James" Ben says to her.

"Hello Stephanie how are you doing today" Ben says. "I am doing well, Mr. Barnes. I see you are helping Karen out". "Yes I am. She is so beautiful. It was a shame what that bastard was doing to her and her daughter's" Stephanie leans in and kisses Ben fully on the lips and tells him "I know about you, Sally and Paula.

They love you. They have told me all about your arrangement. They told me how great a man you are". Just then Karen comes out in her dress she has a new push up bra on that accentuates her 36D breast.

Ben has a tears in his eyes. "What's wrong, Ben?" Karen asks as all the ladies turn and look at him. "You are just so beautiful. Only one thing can make you look more beautiful in this dress" Ben says as he comes over to her, he gets down on one knee and produces her engagement ring. She looks down at it and begins to cry. "Karen, my love, will you be mine?" Ben asks.

She says yes and leans over and kisses him. "This ring is so beautiful, way too much Master" she whispers in her ear. "Baby, there is nothing too much for my woman" Ben tells her as he leads her to the mirror.

"I thought you might look good in this" Ben says as he pulls out the necklace and puts it on her and the matching earrings and bracelet. "Now, this is how I see you, Karen. You are beautiful, smart sexy woman. I love you and cherish you always". The sales lady is now crying as are Sally and Stephanie. Sally and Stephanie leave after kissing Ben goodbye and giving Karen a kiss goodbye. Sally whispers in Karen's ear "Welcome to the family. I love you and can't wait until we are all in the mansion together".

This is overwhelming for Karen. Ben tells the saleslady that he will take all the clothes and shoes that she has tried on and that she is going to wear the dress that she has on out. She collects the clothes and shoes and begins ringing up the purchases.

She takes the tags off the dress and tells the she will throw in the bra and panties. When she leaves to ring up the whole purchases Karen kisses her Master and tells him "You are a dead man when we get back to Crystal's house.

You are not going to be able to walk when I am done making love to you. This is the best day of my life, Master". Ben produces another box and puts her wedding band on her "Karen, you are my slave. But you are also my wife. I love you care for you and am going to take care of you and our children for the rest of our lives".

Stephanie tells Sally when they are leaving the mall, "That was the most beautiful moment I have ever witnessed. Ben is really romantic and very passionate man". "Yes he is. I love him dearly" Sally tells her. "You don't mind sharing him with all his other women?" Stephanie asks. "No. not at all. Once you have had sex with him you will never ever want to have sex with another man. Some of his women have sex with his friends after they have gotten a clean HIV/STD certificate from the family Doctor, but not me.

I belong to Ben and only Ben. When a new woman becomes his slave and is not a virgin she has to go to our Doctor and have her test done and come back clean" Sally tells her.

"You know my luck with men, I haven't had sex in a year and the men I meet are not worthy of even taking to bed no matter how horny I am. Would you let me have sex with Ben?" Stephanie asks her. "Well, once you do you will be hooked for life.

I don't know let me think about it for a while. Ben is going to Paris and New York City for a six weeks. When he comes back I will let you know" Sally says. "OK, Who is the family doctor so I can get my HIV/STD certificate and have it ready for when you make your decision" Stephanie asks and Sally gives her his card and tells her to tell Doctor Reynolds it is for Ben Barnes.

Ben and Karen leave the mall without stopping at Victoria's Secret. Ben tells her that they will go to that store tomorrow when he brings the girls to the store to do clothes shopping. They put the clothes that they bought in the back of the Expedition and head down the street. Ben pulls into the Cadillac Dealership and they look at SUV's and Ben asks Karen "Do you like the Escalade ESV over there in Sapphire Blue?" "Yes, Ben it is very pretty" Karen says as they go over and look at it.

Karen looks at the sticker in the window and looks at Ben "This is way too much Ben". "Karen, sweetheart, nothing is too much for the ones you love". Ben looks at the salesman "My lady likes this one, it is fully-loaded right?".

"No, but let me check the inventory". The salesman scurries off and checks the inventory and has the Porter drive it over to where Ben and Karen are. They take it for a test drive and Ben says "Enough room in here for a lot of my girls. Room enough for at least eight back here. Do you like it Karen?" "Yes, Master. But you don't have to spend all this money on me. I love you no matter what. I don't want these things. All I want is your love" Karen says.

"You have my love, and soon you will be having my baby or babies hopefully. I cannot have my women drive around in junk. This is for my peace of mind" Ben tells her as they pull into the dealership.

"We will take it if you knock 20k off the price" Ben says to the salesman. "I need to confirm that with the manager" he goes and talks to the manager and the they both come out and Ben introduces himself to the manager.

"I have heard about you Mr. Barnes. I will give you this car with 25k off the list price" the manager says.

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"OK, I will buy it. Get it ready we want to drive it off the lot today". The manager calls for the porter and he goes and gets it ready.

He has the temporary tags on, the security features enabled and everything set except for the paperwork. "Put 10k on this credit card and send me the paperwork to this address. I will sign the paperwork there if that is OK with you" "Sure thing, Mr. Barnes. I will have my salesman bring them over in the morning. He will call when he is on his way. Thank you for your business and please come back again" the manager tells them.

Ben hands the keys to Karen and they go and get the groceries and supplies that Crystal needed. Then they head back to Crystal's house. They get out and carry the bags into the house. Ben has to make five trips. With all the clothes and supplies, when he is done with all the unloading Jane, Kelly, Joy and Jennifer come up and kiss their Master.

They are all naked and seem to enjoy running around the house naked. "Master, I could not believe my eyes when I saw my mom. She looks so beautiful in her new clothes and with that beautiful ring on her finger. The jewelry just brings it all over the top. You have made my mother very happy" Jane says. "Good because tomorrow we are going through the four of your closets and throwing away the clothes that are not going to be coming with you to the mansion.

When I looked at your closets, most of the clothes are old and warn out. You all need new clothes. We are going to go shopping and buy you all new clothes so you have something to wear on our trip to Paris and New York". Ben tells the girls as they start screaming.

Kelly asks "Who's brand new Escalade is that out there in the driveway?". "That would be your mothers new vehicle. I cannot have her driving my precious women around in that junk in front of the house next door" Ben tells them. "Ben, Master you need to come with me. I need your help upstairs" Karen tells him. Ben goes with her as they enter the master bedroom she takes off her dress and her jewelry along with her bra and panties. She then turns to her Master and takes off his clothes.

She drops to her knees and starts sucking on BIG FELLA. She takes BIG FELLA out of her mouth and tells Ben, "Master, I love you more than I can ever tell you. I need to show you. You saved me from my abusive deadbeat husband and loveless marriage". She then puts BIG FELLA back into her mouth and continues her blowjob. She takes him down her throat and begins to bob up and down on him. She sucks him hard for an hour before he blows a huge load down her throat and into her stomach.

She doesn't relent she sucks him until he is hard again. Karen then pulls him to the bed and puts him on his back. She gets on top and lines BIG FELLA up with her pussy and pushes him deep inside of her. She fucks him for over two hours and leans over and kisses Ben "Tell me when you are ready to cum, I want you to roll me over and cum in my womb.

I want five loads in there before we leave this bed" she tells him. "OK, my love. I love you Karen" Ben says as she smiles and squeezes BIG FELLA using her PC muscles. "I LOVE YOU TOO". "Mom, can we join you two?" Joy says as the four of them are watching the two lovers enjoying themselves. Karen looks at Ben and he nods "OK, but all of Ben's cum goes into my womb tonight" she tells them. "Joy, I want to eat your pussy while Karen rides me.

Jane and Kelly I want you to suck on her breast. Jennifer I want you to lick on my shaft, balls and Karen's pussy while she rides me. OK?" Ben says. "Yes Master, they all say as they do what they are told. This goes on for two hours. Abigail has entered the room and asks "So, Master are these your new slaves?". Ben can't speak with his mouth full of Joy's sweet pussy.

Karen out of breath says "Yes, these are my daughter's Jane and Kelly are on my left and right breasts, Joy is enjoying our Masters talented tongue and Jennifer is lubricating both of us". "Welcome to the family, girls. I am Abigail another one of Master's slaves. I met your mother at the drug store where I work" Abigail says. "I see Master has a taste for beautiful women" Joy says out of breath. "Are you enjoying Master's talented tongue Joy?" Abigail asks. "Hell FUCKING YES!!!" Joy says in response as she comes down from her latest climax.

"How many times has master made you cum Joy?" Abigail asks. "That was my twentieth time" Joy says as Abigail comes over and kisses her Master's chest and licks on his nipples. "Our Master if very generous loving gentle man. We are lucky to be loved by and to love this man" Abigail says as she french kisses Joy.

"Welcome to the family girls". Ben taps on Joy's thigh and and she gets up. Abigail takes her into her arms and starts kissing her as Ben has Jane and Kelly stop sucking on their mother's breasts. "I must of cum thirty times from the four of you. Time to get up Jennifer" Karen says as Ben puts Karen on her back with her legs above her head and pushes BIG FELLA hard into her. He pushes past her cervix and into her womb. He fucks her womb as he watches Abigail with Joy.

Abigail is sucking on Joy's breast and working her way down to her pussy. "I want to taste some of this sweet virgin pussy" Abigail says as Joy pushes her head down to her groin. Abigail goes to town on her pussy sucking on her lips that are swollen and her clit that is hard and erect. Abigail takes little Joy's engorged clit in her mouth and sucks and nibbles on it driving her crazy.

Ben pounds on Karen for thirty minutes and then erupts inside of her womb. When Ben is done cuming in Karen's womb he exits her pussy with a pop and lays in between Karen and a moaning and screaming Joy. "Karen, all my ladies are bi-sexual. They all love eating pussy" Ben says as he see Jane start to suck on Abigail's pussy which is dripping wet. "Damn, your pussy tastes sweet Abigail" Jane says. "I douched with a cherry flavored douche before coming over tonight" Abigail says. "My favorite flavor" Ben says.

Kelly comes over and sucks on BIG FELLA. Jennifer comes over and kisses Ben and then Karen. "I love you, Master. Karen". When BIG FELLA is erect Abigail asks "Can I ride BIG FELLA, Master?". "It is OK with me, but my cum has to go into Karen tonight" Ben responds to her. She gets up and straddles her Master and baby daddy and inserts BIG FELLA into her wet pussy.

Abigail bounces up and down on him squeezing him. She leans down and kisses him, "I love you Master, you are so good. I can't wait to see our baby". "I love you too Abigail" Ben tells her. "I love Abigail too" Joy says as she kisses Abigail and starts to suck on her 36DD breast. Jennifer comes over and straddles her Master's face, "It is time for you to get me off, Master". Ben sucks on her little pussy licking the lips and sucking on her clit.

He sticks his tongue into her hole after she has cum hard once and starts to stroke her hymen with his tongue. This makes her cum really hard and loud.

Jane goes over to her mother and spreads her legs, "Mom, I am going to suck on your pussy". Before she could even lift her head Jane has started to work on her pussy licking and sucking on her. "You know me and Kelly have been sucking each others pussies". "Yes honey, Kelly told me. Well if you girls are going to be my lovers you might as well call me by my first name" Karen says as Kelly comes over and asks her "Well, Karen have you ever eaten a pussy before?".

"Last night was my first time with Crystal" Karen says. "Well you know what you always told us, practice makes perfect" Kelly says as she lowers her pussy onto her mother's mouth and she starts to suck on her clit and then her lips.

When Ben is ready to erupt he taps Jennifer, who had just finished cuming for the 15th time, and she gets off of his face and Abigail gets off of BIG FELLA. He goes over to Karen as Jane gets out of the way and puts Karen's legs above his head and pushes BIG FELLA deep inside of her well lubricated pussy. He fucks her so hard, hitting her cervix every time, he does this for thirty minutes.

Karen is screaming into her daughter Kelly's pussy the whole time. "Are you OK, Karen?" Ben asks not wanting to hurt her. She cannot speak and just gives the thumbs up. He presses hard and inserts BIG FELLA into her womb and pumps a huge load into her. He cums and cums and cums again.

He cums so long that Kelly has had ten orgasms by her mothers tongue. When he is done cuming he looks down and her stomach is visibly stretched and bloated. He exits her womb and then her pussy. Jane comes over and licks on her pussy. "No cum leaking out of Karen, Let me clean BIG FELLA off".

Jane sucks on BIG FELLA as Abigail goes gets his pills. Abigail gives Ben twelve supplements and his vitamins with a large glass of water. "Jane, I am going to fuck you in your ass now" Ben says as she sucks on BIG FELLA getting him hard. When he is hard she gets up and Ben sits on the bed. He has Jane climb on top of his lap, Ben has Jane hold BIG FELLA up as he spreads her ass cheeks and pushes her down on BIG FELLA.

"OH, GOD MASTER. I LOVE IT IN MY ASS" Jane says as she rests her head on his chest. "I want your cum in my womb, Master. Karen is passed out and her womb is already fully loaded.

I want your baby growing inside of me, just like your other women. I love you and want to give you all that I have" Ben looks at her kisses her passionately and tells her "You have given me everything, and you are going to be pregnant. Just like your Karen and Kelly.

I love you" Ben says as continues to fuck Jane's ass. Kelly leans over and kisses her Master, "I am next, I want a load in me too". Kelly then leans over and kisses her sister and lover "Jane, you are my best friend. I love you with all my heart and can't wait to raise our children together. Hopefully with all the fertility drugs that Crystal has given us we will have twins or triplets.

Master, my body is yours. I want to give you as many children as humanly possible". Jane gets up and gets a wash cloth and when Ben is ready to erupt he pulls Jane off of BIG FELLA Kelly whips BIG FELLA clean and Ben twirls Jane around and puts her face down on the bed and pushes BIG FELLA all the way into her young pussy. He hits her cervix with every stroke and pounds her cervix like a jackhammer until it gives way a half and hour later and let BIG FELLA through.

"GOD, MASTER THAT FEELS SO GOOD" Jane says all through the pounding of her cervix. Ben cums hard in her womb. He pours his cum into her womb, he pumps long full spurts of cum into her womb.

He cums so hard for so long Kelly comes over and gets between his legs and tells Jane "Damn you can see BIG FELLA pumping load after load into your Jane. God that is so erotic" It takes Ben a good hour of cuming before he done cuming inside of Jane. He exits her and Abigail give him his pills and twelve more supplements. Kelly sucks on Jane's pussy and tells Ben "It is all in her womb, no leaking here".

She then starts to suck on BIG FELLA. She sucks BIG FELLA down her throat and starts to bob up and down on him until he is hard. She gets up and tells her Master, "I want BIG FELLA in my pussy. I want you to fuck my womb as much as you can". "OK, get into the doggie position and let me pound your cervix until it gives way" Ben tells her.

"Yes, Master" is Kelly's response as she gets down on the floor on her hands and knees. Ben come over and pushes BIG FELLA deep inside of her he fucks her so deep and hard that her cervix gives way in thirty minutes. He fucks her so hard that he lifts her off of her knees. She screams "FUCK ME MASTER, FUCK ME MASTER. THIS PUSSY IS YOURS". She screams this repeatedly enough that it wakes Karen up from her stupor. "Fuck her long and hard Master, that pussy is yours" Karen says as she looks at her daughter.

Kelly looks over at her mother and smiles, "This man is a FUCKING-GOD". Ben fucks her womb for over two hours until he is ready to cum. He pours his cum inside of her. He pours and pours cum into her young fertile womb. After an hour of cuming into her womb he crawls over to the bed leaving Kelly there on the floor. Joy comes over and sucks on her pussy and tells Ben "No leaking".

Ben lays in bed Joy comes over and sucks on BIG FELLA. She gets him hard, and Ben tells her "I need to sleep, baby girl" "Not yet, I need some of BIG FELLA" Joy says as she lowers her ass onto BIG FELLA. She bounces up and down on her as Jennifer comes over and kisses her lover. She then lowers her virgin pussy onto Ben's mouth.

"Baby I need to sleep" Ben says as Jennifer grinds her young pussy on his faces. He relents after smelling her sweet virgin pussy and starts to suck on her pussy. The both cum over and over again with their Master. When Ben finally cums in Joy's ass she lays down on Ben's chest with BIG FELLA still inserted in her young ass. Jennifer gets off of his face and lays next to him and kisses him. Jane and Kelly climb up onto the bed and sleep with their new master. Each one kisses him and tells him that they love him.

Abigail sucks on Joy's pussy and ass. Joy looks over her shoulder and sees Abigail sucking on her. "No reason to let Master's cum go to waste" Abigail says as she licks up what is leaking out of Joy. When she is done she goes downstairs and gets dressed and leaves. Crystal comes back into the room with a wash basin and towels and cleans everyone up.

Then next morning Ben is awoken by Peggy sucking on BIG FELLA. "Hey baby" Ben says as he looks down at Peggy bobbing up and down on BIG FELLA. "Master, I need some this morning" Peggy tells him as she takes BIG FELLA out of her mouth. She then takes BIG FELLA all the way down to the base. Peggy sucks on him for an hour before Ben erupts down her throat. Peggy then gets off of BIG FELLA and goes gets him his pills. She gives them to him with water. "Master, thank you for helping out with my friend Joy and her family.

Joy has been my best friend since I moved here" Peggy tells him. "My pleasure, Joy is so sweet as is the rest of her family. They will make great additions to the family. Are you looking forward to the Paris trip?" Ben asks. "Sure am, never been out of the states. Never been out of Alabama until you took me to Hawaii last year" Peggy says. He takes his pills and tells Peggy "You know you are very special to me, don't you?". "Yes, Master.

I just wish I could have your beautiful cock in my pussy and experience that. I want to give all of myself to you Master" Peggy says. He picks his little Peggy up and takes her downstairs in his arms. Ben sees Crystal and he puts Peggy down and he tells Crystal they have to talk. "Peggy is insistent that I take her cherry, Crystal. Peggy, I love you more than words can express.


I will make you this deal. I will pop your cherry six months after your first period. Will that be acceptable to both of you?" Ben asks his two loved ones. "Yes, Master that is acceptable to me. I don't understand why Peggy is insistent on loosing her cherry" Crystal says. "Yes that is acceptable to me. I just hope I start having my periods soon. I love you Ben Barnes with all my heart.

I am going to be twelve in two months and should be starting my periods soon. I want you to get me pregnant, I am taking my fertility pills everyday which should help me produce a lot of eggs for your potent sperm to fertilize" Peggy tells them.

"Well OK then" Ben says. "I need to get the girls up and go get their pictures taken for their passports and mail them. We need to go shopping for some appropriate clothing. Need to go see Sheila and have her come over to the mansion this weekend so that she can tattoo my new ladies".

"So much to do, Master" Crystal says. "Yeah, it is nice to be upright for a change. I thought those ladies were going to kill me last night" Ben tells them. He goes upstairs and starts to get the girls up. He starts with Jane by sucking on her breasts then her pussy, when she is awake he tells her to go to the shower and wash up.

Next up is Kelly and he does the same thing and tells her to head to the bathroom and shower, no playing with your sister. He then sucks on Joy's pussy and she cums and looks at him "Don't stop Master, do me again" He does and she replaces Jane and Kelly in the shower. Next up is Jennifer and he sucks her, BIG FELLA is hard now and he turns her over and pushes deep inside of her ass.

He pumps her a few times and tells her "I know you are awake. GO take a shower so we can go shopping" "Yes, Master. I was just hoping you would cum in my ass" Jennifer says. Next up is Karen who is laying face down on the bed. Ben thinks to himself I though she was on her back when I came in her. Ben spreads her ass cheeks and pushes deep inside of her ass.

"I am not getting out of this bed until you cum" Karen says. He pumps her ass for two hours until he blows his load. "Let go get a shower and clean up so that we can get these girls some decent clothes. Tonight we are going home to the mansion.

Time for you to meet the rest of the family at the mansion" Ben tells her. The go get into the shower and they wash each other passionately. Jane comes into the bathroom and sits on the toilet and pisses on a pregnancy test.

Ben and Karen get out of the shower and he asks "When are you suppose to have your period?". "It was suppose to be yesterday. She looks at the results. Not yet" Jane says as she whips and gets up and kisses both of them "Good Morning Master, Karen. Love you both". They get out of the shower and get dressed. The troop gathers downstairs and head to Karen's new Cadillac Escalade the girls love the new car.

They head to the drug store and the ladies get their pictures taken, Ben puts the applications the photographs and the documentation along with a money order for the passports in a FedEx envelope. He addresses it to his friend in the State Department. "Ladies we should get these back next week. Let's go shopping". Jane buys a couple pregnancy tests at the drug store along with three bottles of prenatal vitamins.

They all leave and go to the mall. Ben takes them to the same store her mother bought her clothes at. "Ladies, have fun. I will be back in about an hour.

The sales lady here knows my tastes as does Karen" Ben tells them as he heads out of the store and heads to the jewelry store and picks out four engagement rings and wedding bands. Ben picks out three different sapphire diamond earrings, necklaces and bracelets. He then picks out charm bracelets for each girl.

He then goes back to the dress store and asks for a bag to put his jewelry in. He goes over and watches the fashion show. Karen picks out seven dresses for each of his new slaves, pants and tops that are becoming to each girl. He tells the saleslady that he will buy the lot. They then go to a shoe store and purchase new shoes for all of his ladies. Each one gets six pairs, they then go get handbags and then head to Victoria's Secret and meet Viki.

Ben introduces Viki to his new girls and tells her they need new panties, bras and lingerie. Viki then takes them to the back room and gets their measurements and heads out to the store and picks out panties, bras, teddies and lingerie for each of his women.

The ladies put on a show for their new Master. Jane is the first one up with her new panties and bra. Ben gets in front of her and produces the engagement ring and tells her that he loves her, that he will honor and cherish her for the rest of her life. Jane starts crying as he puts on her wedding band. He then puts her necklace, bracelet and earrings on her. "Jane I love you with all my heart, will you be my lover and my soul mate?". "Yes, Ben Barnes I will be your lover, your slave.

I love you" Jane says as Kelly comes in and shows off her new outfit. He gets on one knee and produces her engagement ring and tells her the same thing as Jane as she starts to cry as he puts her ring on her finger.

Kelly, of course, says yes and Ben puts on her wedding band and her other jewelry. He does the same with Joy and Jennifer, now all five girls are crying and when Viki comes she knows what Ben has done. "Ladies, our Master is a very generous, caring and romantic man. We are going to have a wonderful life together" Viki tells them.

Ben purchases the lot and takes the ladies out for a late lunch at Antonio's. They all have a fine meal as they eat Karen leans over and tells Ben "Thank you, Master. You have made their wildest fantasies come true. You are like a knight in shinning armor coming to their rescue".

After lunch he takes them to Sheila's tattoo parlor and he introduces them to her. Ben asks for a special tattoo. "What are you looking for Ben?" Sheila asks. "I want the name "Peggy" tattooed on my right butt cheek" Ben tells her. "OK, let me design it for you really quick" she tells him and comes back and shows him four designs. Ben picks out one and he tells her that he needs her to come over and tattoo his new slaves here. The all need their "Property of Ben Barnes" tattoos can you come over this weekend and get it done.

She tells him yes and leads him into the back and puts the tattoo on his ass. They go back to Crystal's house and enter. Ben is walking a little funny and Crystal and Faith asks him what is wrong. Ben shows them his new tattoo. "Where is she?" Ben asks. "Peggy get down here, Master wants to see you" Crystal yells.

They all look up as they hear feet hit the floor and running. Peggy runs down the steps and jumps into her Master's arms. "Yes, Master" Peggy asks. "My sweet little Peggy, I have something to show you" Ben tells her. He undresses and she tells him "I have seen BIG FELLA". "Yes, but have you seen this?" Ben tells her as he turns around. "Peggy, Becky and Laurie have my heart. But my ass is yours Peggy". Peggy starts to cry. She takes him by the hand and leads him up to her bedroom, "We are going to be awhile" She tells them.

Peggy puts him on his back and starts to suck on his cock. Peggy looks up at him with BIG FELLA down her throat. She then works on his cock making him cum hard. "That is round one. Your ass is mine tonight" Peggy tells him when she takes BIG FELLA out of her mouth.

She goes gets his pills and his cock ring. She puts his cock ring on and gives him his pills. She sucks him hard and then pushes BIG FELLA into her ass. Peggy grinds on BIG FELLA and then leans over and tells Ben, "I really like the new tattoo". They have sex for three hours, Peggy cuming hard twenty-one times. When Ben is ready to blow Peggy gets off of BIG FELLA and starts to suck the cum right out of him. "Peggy, baby, I got to get dressed and go to the mansion. Come with us" Ben says to her.

"Yes, Master" she say in response and gets up, takes off his cock ring. They get up and go to the shower and get dressed. They go downstairs and gather Karen and her girls. The seven of them head to the mansion after Ben kisses Crystal and his girls there.

Ben and Peggy head through the door first and Ben calls out to Becky, "Becky, I am home honey" He strips along with Karen and her girls. Ben finds Becky and his ladies in the living room he introduces Karen and her girls as his new slaves.

"Accepting new slaves are we, Ben" Becky says as she gets up with their son. Ben kisses his son and wife. "Karen, this is my wife Becky and my first born son Ben Junior.

Becky this is Karen, Jane, Kelly, Joy and Jennifer. Ladies this is Becky she is the mistress of the house. When I am not here she is in charge". "Nice to meet you ladies, Welcome to the family. Let me introduce you to your sisters" Becky tells them. She introduces Mistresses Laurie and Brooklyn and then the Tiffani, Renee and her girls and then Jolene and her sisters, finally Janet and her sisters. They already know Abigail and are introduced to Mandy. Karen is introduced to Madison and her two girls along with Ray Jr.

Karen and her girls shake his hand and Jane asks "Master, can I suck on Ray's nice cock. "Yes, he knows the rules" Ben says They all kiss each other and they tell Karen that they are loved. Ben tells Becky that he is going to train them in July when they get back from their trip. Karen watches Jane as she sucks on Ray's cock, "Ben I like his piercing, what is that called?". "It's called a Prince Albert piercing".

Ben shows the girls around the mansion and tells Joy and Jennifer they will be sleeping with him. He tells Kelly that she and Jane will be sleeping in Reanna and Rachel's bed. Reanna comes up and introduces herself and gives BIG FELLA a tug.

"Master sure does like beautiful women" she says as she leads Kelly over to the side of the pool and sits her down on the edge. She gets in and spread Kelly's legs and starts sucking on her pussy. "OH, Karen this feels good" Kelly coos as she leans back and enjoys Reanna's talented tongue. "Yes, baby, Reanna is good with her tongue" Ben says as he gets Rachel on her knees and she sucks BIG FELLA hard.

He then gets into the pool and gets behind Reanna, picks her up and spreads her legs. He then inserts BIG FELLA into her pussy and pushes deep, eliciting "OH YEAH, pound that pussy Master" as she lifts her head out of Kelly's pussy. Ben fucks Reanna to three orgasms before he stops and gets out of the water.

He dries off and lays down on the Lounge chair and watches Reanna and Kelly. Reanna looks up at her Master and winks as Kelly climaxes for the fifth time. Mandy walks up to Ben and looks at BIG FELLA and smiles and asks if she can ride. Ben nods and she gets on board. Ben sleeps with all of his ladies one at a time until two days before he has to meet Becca and take her to her prom.

Ben calls all the Birmingham florists and buys out all the roses in all the colors and has them delivered to the hotel on Friday at 2. He has reservations for the weekend for the honeymoon suite. He has the mini fridge stocked with champagne and caviar. Ben goes to and checks on his building projects. Ben talks to Ken about the mansion and is informed that it will be ready before Labor Day. He tells him he should be ready to install the kitchen and bathrooms in the beginning of the August.

Ken tells him that he is going to have the floors put in in the end of July. He needs to know when the beds and dressers from North Carolina are going to arrive. Ben tells him he will call. Ken also inform him that they need to get the carpet ordered for the bedrooms.

Ben tells him he will go get that done today. Ben asks about the school, Ken tells him the foundation is poured and the walls are going up and will be under roof by the end of August.

The office building is coming along. Ben says goodbye and goes gets Laurie and Becky. "Ladies we need to go pick out carpet for the new mansion" he tells them as they get dressed.

They head to the carpet store and look at the carpet. He tells the sales person that he wants the best padding that money can buy. He shows him the plans of the house and Becky and Laurie pick out carpet for the master suite, all the common areas and the guest bedrooms.

They also select carpet for the children, and servants rooms. They ask the sales person for some samples to take with them for the rest of the family to pick out their carpet in their bedrooms. Sales person puts the order together, and puts it aside for when they come back. They then go to the kitchen and bath store and check on their order there. It will be delivered the third week of July. Ben calls Ken and informs him of that. They agree that is a good time. Ben asks the owner to have the cabinets delivered to the new mansion.

Ben then calls the furniture stores in North Carolina and they say the beds, dressers and furniture will be ready by the third week of August and delivered. Wainscot will be delivered and installed in four days. Ben is happy about that. They go to Crystal's house and call over to Martha and they all select their carpet for their rooms Crystal and Martha look at the carpet selections for the common areas and make a few suggestions. Becky writes down what type of carpet each lady wants in their room.

She notes Crystal and Martha's suggestions on the common areas. They say their goodbyes and head to the condo so that the teacher slaves can select their carpet.

They then go see Liz, Hillary, Sally and Paula. They all make their selections and Sally tells Ben "Stephanie is really taken with you Master". "She is really pretty. You know I have enough women" Ben says. "Yes, Master we know. She is just infatuated by you, thinks you are very handsome and romantic" Sally tells him. Ben shakes his head and tells them to plan on moving in the mansion around Labor Day. He kisses all of them and they kiss Becky and Laurie goodbye.

They go back to the mansion and call the women to the living room and tell them to select what carpet they want in their rooms. Reanna and Rachel select a sky blue color, Sarah and Sam pick out a cream color carpet.

The others make their choices, Missy, Hanna, Michelle and Rebecca all pick out the same color for their room. Renee and Tiffani select similar colors. On the plans they layout which room is for which lady. This takes sometime, Ben tells them that the rooms are the same size. All the ladies wrestle with who goes where. Ben call the other slaves and tells each of them to come over this weekend and pick out which room they want in the new mansion. Coming soon . the conclusion of Chapter 14 .

Becca's prom, trip to Paris and New York City to shop