Pinay ofw sex story in kuwait new 2019

Pinay ofw sex story in kuwait new 2019
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It was after 6pm and I was leaving my law office, when a beautiful young woman walked in. She was petite with long blonde hair and a slender body. I looked her up and down then asked, " May I help you?" " Mr.

Malone, I'm Colleen.I need a lawyer.I was referred to you." " I'm not accepting new clients." " I'm willing to do whatever is necessary for you to be my lawyer," She purred. Here she is across the desk, a gorgeous 20-something blonde woman, giving me a seductive smile. Her pink lips opened slightly uncovering bright white teeth.

She wore a form-fitting blue dress that complimented her sexy body and accented her, the hour-glass curves of her breasts and waist.

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Her hair had been curled and done up to reveal the soft shape of her neck. Only two strands dangling from the sides of her face, stopping just above the plunging neckline of her dress. Her blue eyes glowed with delight, as she could tell the real meaning of her statement was understood.

" Do you have any other questions for me?" she challenged, as she leaned over the desk. I stood up walked around the desk and came up behind her, her ass is inches from my crotch. I start to get hard. At that point she starts to lean back up.

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I put my hand on her back and pushing her back down. She complied without saying anything. I put my other hand between her thighs and ran it slowly up. Her thighs are steaming hot. The thighs feel so smooth and soft. She gasped, but still didn't say anything. As my hand traveled further up her thighs, pushing her skirt up higher. She froze. " Open your legs," I commanded. She widened her stance and put both palms flat on the desk. Still quiet, she starts breathing harder.

I took my hand off her back and hiked her skirt up. She is wearing blue silk panties underneath her skirt. My left hand massaged her ass cheek while I continue up the inside of her thigh with my right. I reach her covered pussy.

So soft, So warm. I begin to move my hand back and forth over her crotch, teasing her clit. She started moaning. " mmmm uhn mmm," and her breathing became deeper. Then she said, " Wwwaait. We can't do this." " Too bad. You're mine, and I'm going to enjoy you all night.


Now take of your skirt!" I demanded. ".okay." she whimpered, straightened up, undid the button around her waist, and then unzipped the skirt, letting it fall to the floor.

She didn't turn around to face me, but I hear a sniffle.

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I took over to the couch, she sat down and spread her legs. I kneel down between her legs and ripped her panties off. I start massaging her clit, it is so intense as my finger is grinding her little love bump making her hips rock back and forth.

She is getting very hot and wet. Then I lean down and start licking her clit as I bury my face buried in her mound. I'm darting my tongue over her little love bump. I'm grinding it with my tongue making her mind race and her body react.

She has no control over the lust she is feeling. I said " Your mine.I will take you as a client." She moans as I continue licking her. I tortured the little sweet button nestled between the velvet lips of her mound. She can't help that her body is starting to react to the grinding tongue on her hot love button.

Just then she starts to buck her hips and cum for the first time. It is like fireworks are going off in her brain and it feels so good.

It was so intense as I keep sucking and licking the little nub after she was done cumming until she went into a fog of ecstasy.

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Then I got up from between her legs. She is totally unaware of my presence at that moment. She is still reeling from the intense orgasm she had just experienced. Then as her senses were coming back she is starting to notice me. Her eyes wandered down my hairy chest and abdomen. Then her eyes stopped at my huge throbbing cock. It must have been at least 10 inches long and 4 inches wide with a large plum like cock head.

The veins are popping out all over it as it pulsed and throbbed. Just then she snapped out of the fog and fear raced through her mind and body. As I placed my massive throbbing cock at the opening of her wet mound. I laughed and said this is going to be a tight fit baby. I taunted her with my huge manhood rubbing it up and down between the lips of her mound.

Then without any warning and with one hard stabbing thrust forward, I pushed my monster deep into her tight pussy. She let out a shrill scream of horror and pain. She was being stretched as my massive member went in the first 3 inches.

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Blood begins to trickle out as my cock rubbed the tender walls of her vagina. Then I pull back out and thrust forward again. It feels like someone is driving a metal stake deep into her womb stretching and scraping with each driving force. Now I'm about 6 inches inside of her and it feels like she is going to be split open. She keeps screaming and crying for me to stop. But I just laughed and told her, she was a very tight bitch and showed her no mercy.

I pull back again and thrust forward several more times. But after I'm lodged all the way inside of her stretching her as far as she would stretch. I begin driving my 9 inch cock in and out at full force. I'm working her at a fast hard rhythm and without any compassion.

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I loved watching as my huge cock disappeared into her. Her pussy clung to my thick throbbing shaft. Her vagina is on fire from the friction as I drive into her freshly broken hole over and over. She is crying in pain. I said " Colleen, your gonna get fucked like you never been fucked tonight.

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Your NFL ex-boyfriend will be erased from your memory. All she knew is she was in so much pain. Because of me being buried deep inside of her stretched mound. I keep a steady hard fast pace slamming myself in and out of her hot tight hole. Her pussy kept clinging to the huge member inside of her.

I start slamming harder and faster. Then she feels my already huge cock growing and expanding as my back stiffened. Then with a hammering force she feels my hot spray deep inside of her. My cock throbbed and sprayed cum deep inside of her over and over. It feels like she is being filled with a water hose. I moan and press into her hard until every drop is deep inside of her. She is shattered and still crying when I pull her up off the couch. I push her face first against the wall, " You need a real man, not some pussy that physically abuses you." I spat disgusted, " Do you deny it?" My words are harsh but she couldn't deny what I said as she answered softly, " No." " I didn't think so," I said arrogantly.

I then slammed my hard rod into her without warning, causing her to cry out. My prick filled her tight cunt painfully again. " John, not again please.No!" she cried out as she struggled against me.

I held her tight, bracing her against the wall with my arm in the center of her back, as I begin to slam into her hard and fast. She whimpers as I split her on my thick cock again. " Enough with your crying, Colleen," I grunted harshly as I continue to fuck her hard, " Now keep quiet and take it, take it all bitch!

You know you love it hard! Don't you," I grunted, " Take it, yeah baby that's it. You feel so good." Tears running down her face as warmth spreads through her core again.

She became wetter against the forceful thrusting cock. By instinct, she begins to meet my harsh strokes, bucking her ass into my hard prick. " That's it baby, yeah, that's it," I moaned, " You like that don't you?" " mmmmhmmm," she moans even in her misery. Grabbing her hair by the root, I craned her neck to kiss her. The pain causes her to cry out and I took the opportunity to invade her mouth with my tongue. Defeated she gave into my kiss, even kissing me back as she cried. Gripping her hip roughly with my free hand, I fucked her hard into the wall.

I'm so close again.

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Faster and harder I fucked her, the sound of my grunts filling the room. " I'm so close, Colleen, oh god, yes. Spread your legs wider for me. I want to really shoot deep in you again," I moaned. She did as I asked, more out of her mounting pleasure than fear. As soon as her legs are spread I went wild, jacking my prick into her hard and deep, pummeling her womb with my stabbing cock.

The pain is intense but only seems to drive her closer to orgasm. " Oh, god, John, oh god," she begged giving into the pleasure. " Yes, Colleen, fuck, fuck, ugh!" I groaned. As I slammed into her one last time, my cum shot into her again, filling her womb with my seed. I convulsed hard into her throwing her over the edge. She cries out, her cunt milking my pulsing cock for every last drop. " Oh, fuck, oh fuck," she panted as she came down. " Yes," was all I said, breathlessly. I stayed pressed up against her for several minutes as we caught our breath.

When I could breathe again, I put my lips to her ear, kissing it softly, then whispered, " Let's go to my place now Colleen, you are mine. I'm not done with you yet. You will do as I tell you. Do you understand?" " Yes, John," she promised. So this went on all night and into the next morning at my place.