Beur baise sa meuf et film en cachette

Beur baise sa meuf et film en cachette
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My Pretty Little Slaves Chapter 14 Becky's gift to Ben, a fashion show trip to Paris and New York CityCharacters Introduced: Sarah, 37, Mother of Becca, 5'9 White, Blonde Green Eyes 36D breasts Soyeon Kim, 32, Dry Cleaners wife, 5'2, Asian, Black hair and eyes, 34C breasts Chin Ho Kim, 40, Dry Cleaner owner with Soyeon, 5'7, Asian with 5" cock Caillum, 46, Jet Airplane Pilot, 6'2 ,white, 8" cock Randee, 36, wife of Caillum, 5'8, white, Red Hair Blue Eyes, 38C breasts Reba, 16.

daughter of Randee, 5'4, white, Red Hair Green Eyes, 36D breasts Karen, 36, neighbor of Crystal's, 5'8, white, Blond Hair Blue Eyes, 36D breasts Joy, 11, friend of Peggy, 4'10, white, Blond Blue Eyes, 32B breasts Jane, 15, Karen's daughter, 5'2, white, Blond hair Blue Eyes, 36C breasts Kelly, 14, Karen's daughter, 5'0, white, Blond hair Blue Eyes, 34D breasts Jake, 40, Father Jennifer, 10, orphaned cousin of Karen, 4'8, white, Blond hair Blue Eyes, 30B breasts Gabriella, 18, high school friend of Becca's, 5'2, white, Red Hair Green Eyes, 36D breasts Gabby, 18, high school friend of Becca's, 5'4, white, Red Hair Green Eyes, 36D breasts Vanessa, 18, high school friend of Becca's, 5'6, white, Dirty Blond Green Eyes, 34DD breasts Kyle, 18, in school with Becca and her friends Millicente, 27, french artist, 5'8, white, Brown Hair Blue Eyes, 36 D breasts, swan-like neck Monique, 16, orphan Calvin Klein sales lady, 6'2, white, Blond Blue Eyes, 34C Breasts The Chapter continues .

Becky tells Ben "We need to pick out curtains, drapes and other things to dress up our rooms" Ben tells the ladies to go shopping this weekend, take the plans and go get whatever they need for their rooms, bathrooms. Have fun he tells them. Becky tells him that they know he will have fun this weekend with Becca. "This was your idea, Becky" Ben says.

"Yes, I know. She is quite beautiful" Becky tells him. "Yes she is" Ben tells her. He leave the house the next day early in his limousine with his driver. He tells the driver to take him to the hotel in Birmingham. He checks into the hotel and tells them he has a delivery at 2 from florist and that he would appreciate it if they deliver the flowers to the room.

He then takes the boxes of candles up to the room. He sets them out and then goes to the store and purchases supplies for the night.

He goes back and takes the stuff up to the room along with his bags. He has his supplements, vitamins and little blue pills. He then goes downstairs to and gets his suit for the prom. It is two hours before he has to pickup Becca and he takes a shower and gets ready.

He comes downstairs in his three-piece Armani suit and gets into the limo. They head over to Becca's house with two bouquets of roses and a corsage for his lover.

They pull up to the house the driver gets out and opens the door for Ben. He heads up to the house. He sees the Lexus he bought Becca in the driveway. He knocks on the door and Becca's mother answers the door. "Ms Jones, I am Ben Barnes, Becca's date for the prom tonight" Ben tells her. She asks him in and then asks him "How old are you Mr. Barnes?". "I am thirty and will be thirty-one later this year, why?" "Well my daughter comes over from spending the weekend with a girl Becky driving a new car.

I assume you bought her that brand new Lexus. That car cost more than I make a year" Sandra tells him. "Yes, I bought her that car. A graduation gift you may say" Ben tells her. "Did you have sex with my daughter while she was at Becky's house?" Sandra asks him.

"Yes I did, well anal sex. She is saving herself for tonight. She is planning on giving me her virginity tonight after the prom. I have the honeymoon suite setup at a downtown hotel. We will be spending the weekend there. I will bring her home on Monday. We are going to leave on Wednesday for a couple weeks in Paris and then a couple weeks in New York City shopping" Ben tells her.

"Mom, is that Ben?" Becca calls downstairs. "Yes it is. We are just getting to know each other" Sandra calls up. Becca comes downstairs dressed with her jewelry, engagement and wedding rings on. Ben walks over to her and hands her the bouquet of flowers and gives the other one to her mother. "Becca, you look stunning in that dress" Ben tells her. "Thanks, Master" Becca tells him. "Becca, did you just call him Master" Sarah asks. "Yes, Mom, I did. Ben is my Master, my lover, and my husband.

We are going to Paris on a honeymoon of sorts with some of his family. I love him and am moving in with him and his family after we get back". "Becca, how can you do this? What about college?" Sarah asks. "I am paying for her college tuition, Sarah. I love your daughter very much. Why don't you come out and meet the family on Monday? See for yourself" Ben asks. "OK, Becca is eighteen I cannot stop her" Sarah says. What do you do if you don't mind me asking?" Ben asks her.

"I am a nurse at the local hospital, why?" Sarah asks. "Just wondering" Ben tells her "Are you ready to go, Becca?". "Yes I am" Becca says. "Becca, What is the attraction here is it the money he apparently has? What is it?" Sarah says. "Well Mom" Becca says as she looks at Ben and he knows what she is thinking and he nods "He is very wealthy, handsome, great in bed. And there is this one small thing" Becca says with a smile as she unzips Ben's fly and pulls out BIG FELLA.

Sarah stands there speechless, blinks several times and then says "That is no small thing. That is the biggest penis I have ever seen and I am in the nursing field. I have seen a lot" Sarah says as she licks her lips. She kneels down in front of Ben and takes BIG FELLA into her hands. "Mom, what are you doing?" Becca asks.

"You cannot show me this cock and not have me not wanting it. Shit I haven't had sex in over fifteen years. I thought that part was over for me" Sarah tells her daughter. "Well, Mom, I don't mind if you have sex with Ben.

But you have to have a clean HIV/STD certificate before he will have sex with you. He has to protect his women" Becca tells her. "Your women?

Becca what have you gotten yourself into?" Sarah says still looking BIG FELLA in the head. "Mom, Becky is Ben's wife, legally. He loves me and all of his other women, including her mother and aunt and nieces. He has over 90 women he loves and supports. They all love him too. Come back with us on Monday and you will see. First get your HIV/STD certificate, then shave your pussy and underarms. No hair below the neckline is allowed" Becca says. "OK, I will go back to Ben's house on Monday.

I guess I will call in sick" Sarah says. Ben puts BIG FELLA back into his pants and they head out to the limousine. "I guess you own the limousine also, Mr. Barnes" Sarah asks. "Please call me Ben, you did just have your hands on my cock.

And yes that is my car and my driver" Ben tells her. "Well, Mom you have not commented on my dress. How do I look?" Becca asks with a questioning look on her face. "Baby, you look beautiful" Sarah tells her "You jewelry really accentuates your eyes". "It was nice to meet you Sarah.

Becca will be safe with me, I promise" Ben tells her. They head off to the prom, fashionably late and enter. The dance, drink punch, dance some more. Ben is getting a lot of stares from the guys at the prom.

They stay to hear the king and queen announcement. Becca introduces Ben to her best friends Gabriella, Vanessa, and Gabby. Gabby says "Becca has told us all about you. That she is madly in love with you" Gabriella says "And that you are going to Paris on Wednesday".

Vanessa says "and New York City to shop". Ben "Yes, and I am in love with her. She is quite stunningly beautiful woman". Becca excuses herself and her girlfriends go to the bathroom with her. They giggle as they go out to the bathroom. About twenty minutes later Ben sees Becca coming back and sees a kid harassing her and yelling at her. He gets up and goes over and asks Becca "Are you alright honey?". They guy grabs her and this sets Ben off.

"How dare you touch my wife!" Ben says as he grabs the kid by the neck and lifts him off the floor. The kid is about to loose consciousness when Ben brings him close and tells him "If you ever touch my wife again I will kill you".

The Principal comes over and ask what is going on. "This kid just assaulted my wife, Becca. I was setting him straight" Ben tells him. "Your WIFE?? Becca you got married???" the principal asks her. "Yes, sir I did and I love him to death. Let's go Ben, and leave these kids to their prom" Becca tells him. They leave and get into the limousine and they hear a knock on the window it is Gabriella, Vanessa, and Gabby.

Ben rolls down the window and they ask him for a ride to their houses if he doesn't mind. He asks about their dates and they tell him they dumped them. Ben tells the driver to drive on.

He asks who is first Gabby gives the driver her address. "Ben, Becca told us something and I was wondering if you would confirm it for us" Vanessa asks. Ben looks at Becca and asks "What is it that you want me to confirm?".

"Well, Becca says that you are packing sixteen inches. Is that true? Can we see it?" Gabriella asks. "It is and if it OK with Becca, it is OK with me if you see it" Ben says as Becca unzips him and brings out BIG FELLA. Becca starts to stroke him and get him hard, her girlfriends have their mouths open.

"Ben, we are all virgins and want you to take our virginity" Vanessa says. Ben tells them "Tonight it is about Becca. Maybe when we get back in July, if you remain virgins for that long.

You have to get a clean HIV/STD certificate though". The look at each other and Gabby says "I can wait another couple of months if that is what it takes to get that huge cock inside of me, you girls agree?" they both shake their heads yes. "If I take you, I am going to fuck you in your pussies and asses" Ben tells them hoping to discourage them. Vanessa looked a little worried as does the other two, "If that is what we have to do then OK" Vanessa says.

They then drop all three ladies off and the each reach over and kiss Ben goodnight and squeeze BIG FELLA. Ben then takes his lover to the hotel and they go upstairs. Ben opens the door to the suite and sees candles burning and flowers everywhere. On the bed there are rose pedals and champagne chilling with two glasses. Once in Becca turns around and kisses her Master, "Ben Barnes, you are full of surprises.

This room is beautiful" Becca tells him Becca asks him to unzip her and she gets undressed. She then undresses her Master slowly and sensuously. She kisses him and as she takes off his shirt she rubs her hands over his eight pack abs, his shoulders and back.

Becca then slowly takes off his pants and then his boxers. BIG FELLA is swinging between his legs. "Master, I love you. Thank you for accepting me as your slave and lover" Becca says as she kisses him and then drops to her knees. Before she takes BIG FELLA into her mouth Ben tells her, "You are not only my slave but my wife.

I love you with all my heart". She sucks BIG FELLA until he gets hard and then pulls him to the bed and lays down and spreads her legs. "Come and get it, make me a woman". Ben puts his head between Becca's legs and starts sucking on her slit. Licking her from her clit to her anus. He sucks her to three orgasms before he begins to suck on her hole. He starts to stick his tongue into her wanton pussy and starts stroking her hymen causing her to scream in ecstasy "OH, MASTER THAT FEELS WONDERFUL!!!!".

"This is the last time I can do that, I am going to break your hymen now" Ben tells her as he gets up and puts BIG FELLA inside of her pussy up to the hymen. "Becca, baby are you ready to become a woman?" Ben asks her. "No, I am ready to become your woman, my lover, my Master" Becca tells him in reply as she pulls him deeper with her legs. She breaks her own hymen and then tells him "Take me hard, make this pussy yours. Stretch it out with BIG FELLA". Ben starts to pump her willing pussy.

They have sex for two hours before he pushes through her cervix. Becca has orgasms every ten minutes. When her Master pushes through her cervix she screams into his chest, "GOD THIS HURTS, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?". "I am pushing through your cervix and am going to pound your womb. When I am ready I am going to pour my hot cum into your womb" Ben tells her as he finally pushes through.

She starts to cry as he continues to pump her with long deep strokes. "Baby, you are mine. We are not leaving this hotel room until your pussy is fully trained" Ben tells her. "Train me, Master. My body is yours" She says as she kisses him. Ben fucks her hard for another two hours before he cums hard. Ben then collapses next to her. "Becca, who was that asshole at the prom?".

Becca tells him about Kyle. He has had a crush on Becca since sixth grade. She tells her Master that she has tried to discourage his advances but he does not take the hints. "One down, nine more to go Master" Becca tells him as she starts to suck on BIG FELLA. Once BIG FELLA is hard she gets on top and starts to ride him. "Damn, Ben I love how BIG FELLA is stretching me out" Becca says as he bounces up and down on Ben and her 36C are bouncing.

"I love you so much Master" Becca tells him as she lowers her body on to his. Her breast squishing against his chiseled torso. "I love you Becca, you are so beautiful and sweet" Ben says as he kisses her and rubs her back. Becca rides him for two hours cumming hard several times. "Is it everything you hoped for Becca?" Ben asks as he rolls her onto her back and begins to push BIG FELLA deep inside of her.

He starts pushing against her cervix. "OH, MASTER. It is better than I could ever hope for. It is no wonder why you have so many women waiting on you and loving you" Becca tells him. It takes him an hour before he finally pushes through her cervix and begins to pour his seed into her womb. "Master, Becky has had me take fertility drugs since I left Tuscaloosa last December.

I want to get pregnant and give you more children. I love you and want to share everything with you. Will you consider bringing my mom into the family?" Becca asks her Master. "Becca, baby that is her choice. You are my family now, I love you and am going to take care of you and our children. Your mom is going to be a grandmother and I want her to be in your life whether or not she becomes my slave or lover" Ben says. "I think she could be useful as to the family. She is a nurse and we need nurses with all of these children coming along.

I want her to be with me when I have my children" Becca says. "OK, when we go back to the mansion, you drive your car and I will ride in the limousine with Sarah. I will asks her what she wants out of life and see where we can go. We have one nurse in school who is going to graduate soon, Janie, we could always use some others. Nadia is an OBGYN doctor which is very useful" Ben tells her as they rest from there non-stop sex. Ben gets up and pours two glasses of champagne and hands one to his lover, "to my beautiful wife, who I love dearly.

May we have a long life together" the clink glasses. "to my beautiful husband, who I love dearly, May we have many many children together, live a long fruitful life with our family and lovers" the clink glasses and down the rest of the champagne.

They suck face and caress each others bodies. Becca kisses her Master's body from his head down his torso and licks and kisses his nipples and abs. "Master, do you work out a lot?". "I try to get in at least an hour workout a day. It is getting difficult with all the construction going on and making sure my ladies know that I love them. Don't get me wrong, I love having sex with all my ladies. I need to setup some kind of system with some one on one time with each of my ladies.

I love this, having time alone with you Becca. OH SHIT, that is nice" Ben says as Becca starts to lick his balls and then his shaft. She sucks on the enormous head of BIG FELLA. Becca takes BIG FELLA out with a pop and says "Master, Do you know how beautiful BIG FELLA is? We should get a portrait made of him and hang it in the the living room". Ben laughs at that one. "That would be funny, if we ever had a guest and they came into the living room and saw that painting".

Becca starts licking BIG FELLA from base to head and all around. "Master, can you do me from behind?" Becca asks, he nods and she lays down on her belly and Ben pulls her to the end of the bed and inserts BIG FELLA into her wet pussy. He pumps her pussy all the way to the cervix. He pounds her cervix for two hours and then pushes through and cums deep inside of her womb. "I love it when you cum inside my womb". Ben gets up and goes to the bathroom and takes a shower.

He takes his pills, vitamins and supplements, and comes back to the bed. He looks at Becca, he strokes her beautiful red hair as he sits next to her. She wakes up and looks over at him "Come back to bed, I don't want to get out of this bed until we have to leave.

Make love to me". Ben gets into bed with her and they make passionate love, not rough animalistic ground and pound fucking that they have been doing. Ben pumps Becca's love canal as she squeezes and contracts on his cock. The make love for hours like this before Ben pushes BIG FELLA into Becca's womb and starts to slowly fuck her there. He does this for a long while and he begins to pour his seed out of BIG FELLA. When he is done a half hour later he exits her womb and takes her into his arms and the snuggle together until the fall asleep.

When they wake hours later Becca kisses Ben and tells him. "This is where BIG FELLA should spend every moment that he is not stretching us out. He should stay in our vagina, letting him rest somewhere warm and comforting. I love the feel of your cock inside of me. I makes me feel warm, confident and loved".

Becca kisses her Master and clamps down on BIG FELLA trying to get him hard inside of her pussy. She does this for about twenty minutes before BIG FELLA becomes fully erect and is pushing against her cervix. She lays there absorbing the fullness of BIG FELLA in her once virgin pussy. After a while she starts to bounce up and down. Ben is watching her wincing as she takes it all in. The make passionate love for hours and as Ben pours the fourth load into Becca.

Ben reaches over and orders dinner for the two of them. "Becca, you like lobster and steak right?" Ben asks and she nods. He orders and then Becca grabs BIG FELLA, and says "I love long big dark meat" and starts to suck on BIG FELLA.

She takes him all the way down her throat and starts to bob up and down. She takes BIG FELLA out of her throat and starts to lick and suck on his head. Becca takes him out of her mouth and as she does Ben sees her lips stretch out and there is a loud pop when the head of BIG FELLA finally exits her mouth. "You make me so happy, so warm and so loved. I can't wait to see our baby, We are going to have so much fun together" Ben tells her with tears in his eyes.

She smiles and goes back to sucking on BIG FELLA making him cum five minutes before dinner arrives. Ben gets up when he hears the knock on the door and puts on a robe. Becca covers up and the waiter brings in the food on a cart. Ben gives him a tip and tells him thank you. Becca gets on the end of the bed and they feed each other the lobster, steak and everything else. Becca gets up and goes to the bathroom and then calls the kitchen.

She tells Ben that she is going to take a shower and asks if he wants to join her. They get into the shower and Becca washes Ben, his whole body from head to toe. Of course she pays close attention to BIG FELLA.

They get out of the shower and put on robes and there is a knock on the door. Becca goes and gets the thinks she ordered. She give the waiter the cart from dinner and gives him a tip. She brings the cart into the bedroom and tells Ben "Dessert is almost ready". Ben is intrigued and comes over as Becca takes off her robe, she then takes the desert tray and puts whipped cream on her breasts and pussy, then chocolate sauce over the rest of her body.

She finally tops it off with three cherries. "That looks like a beautiful dessert, good enough to eat" Ben says as he begins to lick the chocolate sauce and whipped cream from her neck and breasts. He eats her cherries and then licks his way down her stomach. He then licks and sucks the whipped cream and chocolate sauce off of her pussy.

He the begins to suck on her pussy. She orgasms as he licks her tunnel. Ben sucks her cum down his throat and says "I guess the sundae comes with some hot girl cream". Ben the goes in and draws a very warm bath, he goes back to the bedroom picks up his lover and carries her into the bathroom he gently puts her into the bath and washes her softly.

He washes her hair and when he is done he takes her out of the water and dries her off. Becca tells Ben "That was the most sensuous bath I have ever taken" she then kisses him and leads him by hand back to the bed. She makes love to her man, slow and passionately.

They make love the rest of the night. Ben cuming four times and Becca climaxing numerous times. When they are tired and done with there love making Becca asks something of her new Master.

"Ben, will you please make my friends you slaves. I want to share this with them. I want to share you with them". She says as she holds BIG FELLA. "Baby, I can't keep accepting new slaves. I told Becky this before you arrived. I am so glad you want me and I love you and want you, but there is only so much of myself to go around".

"Ben, I love these girls like they are my sisters. I love you and they clearly wanted you the other night. Please this is the only thing I will asks of you" Becca says. "OK, but they will have to wait until at least the end of July" Ben tells her. She jumps up on him and tells him that she loves him and that he is so wonderful and considerate. They fall asleep in each others arms. They do not hear the knock on the door and the maid walking in to clean the room.

She enters the bedroom and she sees Ben and Becca in bed without anything covering them and BIG FELLA is laying opposite Becca. The maid says, as Becca wakes up and looks at her, "Oh, mi Dios, que es un enorme pene". Becca smiles at the maid. "Sí, mi marido tiene un pene muy grande. Me encanta chuparlo y hacer el amor con él" Becca tells her as the maid smiles. "Por favor regrese en dos horas y cambiar las sábanas para nosotros". "Si" the maid says in return.

Ben watches the maid exit and he asks what that was about. "Well, Ben, the maid saw BIG FELLA and said you had a big cock. I told her that I loved sucking my husbands big cock and making love. I told her to come back in two hours to change the sheets. Let's go take a shower and get dressed. Ben calls and gets reservations at Gianmarco's Restaurant on Broadway. "Let's go get something to eat. I just made reservations at Gianmarco's" Ben tell Becca as they head out of the room.

They pass the maids and they hear giggles and they look at Ben's crotch. Becca nods and tells them "Mi marido tiene un grifo que dieciséis pulgadas es de cinco pulgadas de ancho!".

The maids smile and ask "Podemos tener sexo con su marido, por favor?". "What did you say to them, Becca?". "I told them you had a 16" cock that is 5" wide. They wanted to have sex with you" Becca informs him. "Tell them hell no. This is just for you" Ben tells her. "Lo sentimos, él dice que su polla es sólo para mí. Voy a que ponga su enorme pene en mi asno cuando volvamos de la cena". The maids smile and wave them goodbye.

The go and eat dinner and take a drive in the limousine. When they come back they go up to there room and enter. There are four maids in the room naked with big hair bushes. They look at Ben and say in a heavy spanish accent "We want you to fuck us".

"No, get out now or I will call the manager" Ben says. "Now, God dammit". They run out of the room carrying their clothes. Ben shuts the door and looks at Becca, "I had nothing to do with that, Master" she tells him. "I guess the maid told her friends about your huge cock" Becca says with a smile as she undresses. She then undresses her Master, when he is naked she takes BIG FELLA into her mouth and gets him hard.

"I did tell the maids that I wanted your cock in my ass. You ready to pound this ass Master?" Becca asks him. Ben tells her that he is and he takes her over to the bed and puts her on her stomach with her butt in the air.

He tells her to spread her ass cheeks and he pushes BIG FELLA deep inside of her ass. The fuck for hours like that all night.

In the morning Becca tells her Master "Thanks for a great weekend, I loved it and you. You made loosing my virginity special". "Baby, you are very special" Ben tells her as he kisses her.

They take a shower and pack up there stuff. Ben gives Becca a new set of clothes. They leave in their limousine, as they leave the hotel Becca smiles at the maids. A knowing smile. They go back to Becca's childhood home and she packs a few bags. Ben comes up to her room and tells her, I will send my moving friends over to pack up your stuff, just take things you cannot live without.

They go downstairs as Sarah comes home from work. "Becca you are home. How was your weekend with Ben?" she asks. "It was amazing, Master decorated the hotel room with roses and candles. Had soft music playing. He is so romantic". Ben smiles at them as Sarah comes over kisses her daughter. "You are absolutely glowing, Becca" "Are you ready to go meet the rest of the family, Mom?" Becca asks.

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"Yes, just let me get my bag" Sarah says as they head out the door. "Mom, I am going to drive my car. Why don't you get in the limousine with Ben?". Ben takes Sarah by arm and leads her to the limousine. Becca pulls out and she follows them to the mansion.

On the way Ben asks "Sarah, I love Becca with all my heart. She is so sweet and beautiful. She is going to college this fall, that was one of the requirements of my excepting her as my slave". "Ben, I know you care for my daughter. I just don't want her to get hurt" Sarah says. "I would never hurt her. She is in a very safe and loving place. She wants you to join us and move in with us. I told her that I would not force you and will not force you to be my slave" Ben tells her.

Sarah reaches into her purse and hands him a piece of paper and puts her hand on his crotch. "I want to suck on your cock. I need this" She unzips him and takes off his pants and boxers. She looks at him and starts to suck on BIG FELLA. She gives him a long deep erotic blowjob. She licks and sucks the entire shaft down her throat.

It takes Ben 35 minutes before he cums down her throat. When she takes BIG FELLA out of her mouth she tells him it has been way to long since she has had some dick. Sarah then takes her clothes off as does Ben.

He leans over and sucks on her tits and then gets in between her legs and looks up at her as he licks her slit. She immediately climaxes hard and cries out "It has been too long since somebody has done that to me" Ben sucks her to three more orgasms before BIG FELLA is inserted into her warm wet pussy.

He pushes him deep inside of her extremely tight vagina. He pumps and pumps her pussy until he strikes her cervix. "Sarah, I always cum in the womans womb" Ben tells her as he pounds her cervix "OH, MY GOD THAT HURTS. You can cum where ever you want Ben". He slams BIG FELLA hard into her for ten minutes as the driver hits a rut in the road which makes BIG FELLA push through her cervix. He continues to fuck her until they reach the mansion. Becca sees the limousine rocking and waits a couple of minutes before opening the door, "I see you are enjoying BIG FELLA, Mom!".

"OH GOD YES. He is a FUCKING-GOD. I need this Becca" Sarah tells her daughter. "Mom, we all share Ben. We need a nurse for the mansion are you up for the job?" Becca says. "Sarah, I have seventeen babies being born in the summertime. We need you, will you be my nurse and be part of the family?" Ben asks.

"Only if you keep fucking me" Sarah says. Ben gets out of Sarah and helps her out of the limousine and they go into the house with BIG FELLA inside of her womb. Sarah is bouncing up and down on him as they go into the living room. Becky comes over and greets them, "Welcome home, my loving husband. Who is this Becca?". Becca comes over and tells Becky "Mistress Becky, this is my mother Sarah. She wants to join the family.

Mom, this is Ben's wife Becky and their son Ben Junior". "Nice to meet you, Sarah" Becky says as she kisses Becca and the Ben and finally Sarah. "OH, GOD this man is a MASTER" she says as Ben takes her over to the couch and starts to pound her hard and fast. "OH, FUCK ME MASTER, MAKE ME YOUR SLAVE. OH GOD I AM A SLAVE FOR BIG FELLA. FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME … OH GOD YOU ARE MAKING ME CUM AGAIN" Sarah screams. They fuck like this for an hour before Ben pours his cum inside of her womb and then exits her exhausted.

All of Ben's slaves come over and greet her. "Becky, Sarah is a registered nurse. I think she just quit her job and is moving in with us" Ben says. "Oh, GOD, Ben I never want to leave. I want to be your slave, your lover or whatever you want me to be. I have never ever been fucked like that before" Sarah says as she gets up and kneels before Ben.

"Oh, GOD, my FUCKING-GOD. Please make me your slave, love me. Fuck me but don't ever leave me". Ben kisses her and Becky comes over, "Please Becky, let me stay. I need your husband's love. I will do whatever he wants". "Well Sarah you need to know the what you are in for. First no hair below the neckline, next I am Mistress Becky, this is Mistress Laurie, and this is Misstress Brooklyn. You will do whatever we say when we say it. There is no jealousy here. We all share Ben's love and enjoy BIG FELLA.

You will be trained, as Becca is being trained. You are required to have sex with Ben ten times in a row without interruption in your pussy, then your ass. Finally you will be required to give Ben a blowjob until he cums twenty times in a row without interruption.

After training you are required to get the tattoos that denote your training. Queen of Spades on your mound means your pussy has been trained. Another one on the back of the neck means your ass has been trained. Once you have sucked him off twenty times in a row you will get the "Excellent Cocksucker" tattooed on your hip. You are to obey Master at all times.

You will first get the "Property of Ben Barnes" tattooed on your lower back" Becky tells her and shows her the tattoos. "Are you willing to submit to your training?" Becky asks her. "Yes, Mistress Becky. Master can have my body in any fashion he wants whenever he wants. My body belongs to my Master" Sarah says. "Very good, by the way us girls are all bi-sexual. Which means you will be eating a lot of pussy. Starting with mine right now" Becky says.

Sarah gets in between Becky's 14 year old legs and starts to suck on her pussy, she looks up and tells her "I have never done this before".


"You had never fucked a sixteen inch cock before today either, it is a day of firsts. Do what you would want done" Becky says as she goes back to town on her slit and hole.

Sarah pays special attention to her lips and clit. Ben comes over after Becca has gotten BIG FELLA hard again. She put his cock ring on before and given him his pills plus two little blue babies.

Ben is rock hard when he shoves BIG FELLA into Sarah's unexpecting schinter. He continues to push hard until it finally gives way, Sarah crying into Becky's pussy. Once through Ben starts to fuck her long and hard with deep strokes.

He takes her anal virginity and pounds her for eight hours straight without cumming. She eventually starts to enjoy it and begins to climax.

She has so many orgasms that when Ben finally pushes through her cervix and dumps his huge load inside of her womb she is to exhausted to move. He leans over and tells her "Welcome home, Sarah, we love you and are going to take care of you and your daughter.

I am going to breed you. I want you to have at least five children". Sarah looks at him and kisses him. "Master, I will do whatever you want. Breed me, fuck me but don't ever forsake me. Becca, I now know why you were so adamant about being his slave". Becca comes over and tells her mother she loves her and this is where they belong.

Sarah kisses her not like a mother-daughter kiss but as to passionate lovers. They make out until Sarah passes out. Ben wakes up and comes downstairs and he sees Becky and she tells him "Ben, I have a surprise for you my loving husband" and leads him into the living room where they see Reba and Randee.

They are sitting there naked as the day the were born. "Honey, I explained to them that we are always naked around the house and that they are not allowed to have hair below their necks. That was not a problem for either of them. They have been shaving their pussies for a while". Reba looks at Ben and says, "OH, MY GOD. THAT THING IS HUGE" Reba says. She gets up and comes over and drops to her knees. She starts to suck and lick on BIG FELLA.

"Reba, what are you doing?" Randee says. "What the fuck does it look like, Mom, I am going to give Mr. Barnes a blowjob.

You want me to pass on a huge cock like this, what does this says on top "BIG FELLA". Mmm that is appropriate". Becky tells Reba "When BIG FELLA hits the back of your mouth swallow and breathe through your nose.

Ben is going to push his cock down your throat". Reba gives her a thumbs up. Becky sits next to Randee "It is just a blowjob, Randee" she tells her. Randee looks over to say something when Becky gets between her legs and starts to suck on her pussy. Becky looks up and sees Randee is enjoying it and continues until she makes her cum hard. "Do you like oral sex, Randee?" Becky says "Oh, Becky. Nobody has ever done that too me before!

I loved it." Randee says as she sees her daughter Reba deep throating BIG FELLA. "I can't believe she can get that huge cock down her throat" Randee says.

"Randee, I want to take Reba with me when Becky and some of my ladies go to Paris and New York on a fashion trip. Did you bring her passport?" Ben asks. "Yes, Mr. Barnes I did" Randee says. "Randee, Please call me Ben" he says as he begins to face fuck her daughter's throat. "OK, Ben. I see all your ladies here have a tattoo on their lower backs that read "Property of Ben Barnes" what is that all about?" "Randee, these women are mine.

They belong to me. All of them are my slaves, Madison, Grace, Kelli are my sex slaves. Madison is pregnant with my baby. Brooklyn is my third wife. Madison's husband and the girls father insulted Becky and was nearly killed by Joe, Becky's fuck toy.

The women are here on their own free will. They are my slaves and I am their Master. I treat each one like my wife, I support them and they support me" Ben tells her.

"Randee, Becky is my daughter. She is Ben's legal wife. I am pregnant with Ben's baby and am due in July. I love my Master. We are here on our own free will. We all love Ben. There is no jealousy here. Ben takes care of us and we take care of him. Of course he is an excellent lover and friend. I think you met my grandson Ben Junior when he was with Ben and Becky in Seattle" Tiffani says to her. "Yes, I met Ben Junior in Seattle he is very beautiful baby boy" Randee says as Ben groans.

Randee watches Ben pump a huge load down Reba's throat. When he is done he exits her mouth and comes sits on the couch. "Randee, I am Becca. Master, just accepted me as his slave. We just came back from my high school prom. My mom is now Ben's slave giving herself yesterday to him.

She was not too thrilled when she first met Ben, but I told her that I gave myself to him freely. My body is his to do with as he chooses. I gave him my virginity last weekend. It was wonderful.

He is going to train my ass when we go to Paris in a couple of days". "I am going to take Reba with your permission with me to Paris and then to New York. She will be safe with me. I am going to take Isabella and her two girls Ava, and Emma. Peggy, Carly, Alex and Laurie are going also. Abigail and Renee are also going along with Karen and her girls.

My ladies here will show you around town while we are gone. Is that OK with you Randee?" Ben asks. "Please, Mom. I want to go see Paris and New York" Reba says. "Randee, Ben does not force his way on women" Laurie tells her. "I guess not, he has plenty of women that are waiting on him to have sex with them" Randee says as Ben spreads Reba's legs, "Reba, has anybody ever sucked your pussy before?" Ben asks.

"No, Mr. Barnes" Reba says. "You can call me Ben, after what we just did and what I am going to do, that seems appropriate, Don't you think?" "Yes, BEEEEENNNNNNN" Reba says as Ben starts to suck on her virgin pussy. "You see, Randee, my Master is an excellent lover" Becca tells her "I waited six months to have sex with him. He did not disappoint me" Ben continues his assault on Reba's pussy, sucking and licking on her lips and clit. He rims her ass an sticks his tongue into her hole.

He then strokes her hymen with his tongue and this makes her buck her hips and grab Ben's head. "Suck that pussy, Suck that pussy. OH GOD you are good at that. FUCK I AM CUMMING." Ben then makes her cum two more times. When Ben gets up Reba grabs BIG FELLA and sucks him until he is hard, Reba pulls him close and tells Ben "Fuck me, put that BIG FAT COCK inside of me, pop my cherry. Make me yours.

Mom, I am Ben's he is my Master" Ben hesitates a little and Reba pulls Ben to the floor and then puts him on his back and then straddles him. She guides BIG FELLA into her pussy, "Fuck me Master, pound this pussy" she tells him as she pushes down on BIG FELLA popping her own cherry.

Randee's phone starts to ring and she answers it. It is Caillum calling asking if they got to Alabama alright. "Hey honey, Yes we got in alright" Randee tells her husband on the phone. "How do you like it down there? Is Mr.

Barnes's mansion really nice?" Caillum asks. "Oh, yes. He is building a new one that has 200 bedrooms. The old one is beautiful also, he has an indoor pool and hot tub" Randee says as he watches her daughter bounce up and down on Ben. "Did you find a hotel room?" Caillum asks. "No, Becky insisted we stay at the mansion's guest room" Randee tells him.

"How is Reba liking it down there? Is she getting along with everyone?" Caillum asks. "She having a ball down here. She is in the swimming pool with a couple of Becky's friends.

I will have her call you later honey. I love you" Randee says to Caillum. "Okay, sweetheart. I am on a couple of long distant flights the next couple of weeks. Will call you when I have a stop over" Caillum says. Randee hangs up and asks Becky "How long can Ben go?".

"He has gone twelve hours a couple times. Reba, do you like my husband? How is your first time?" Becky says. "Oh, Becky. I love your husband. He is a master at this. I am loving my first time. I like that tattoo on my Master's chest, "FUCKING-GOD", that is so appropriate. He is a FUCKING-GOD".

Reba grunts, groans and moans as Ben continues to pound her pussy into submission. After she as climaxed for the tenth time she yells out "OH, MOMMA you gotta try my new lover. Momma I am going to be his. Ben Barnes will you be my Master?

Make me your slave. OH GOD HE IS GOING DEEPER. OH SHIT . OH SHIT … OH SHIT … OH SHIT . OH SHIT … OH SHIT" "What's wrong Reba, is Ben hurting you?" Randee says. "OH Momma, I think he just broke through my cervix" Reba tells her as Randee comes over and sees Ben bottoming out inside of her daughter's pussy. Ben then starts to pull almost all the way out and then push all the way in. He does this for about an hour. Making Reba orgasm continuously, Becky brings water, Powerade and energy bars with Ben's pills.

He gives Ben the pills and water and gives Reba a Powerade, Ben then puts Reba on her hands and knees and begins drilling her from behind in the doggie position. Reba eats her energy bar and drinks another Powerade. They continue to fuck for another two hours. Ben finally cums deep inside of her womb.

He exits her pussy with a loud pop and lays next to her. Reba crawls up to him and cuddles with Ben and asks him "Will you be my Master? I want to be your slave like your other ladies. I don't want any other man to have me. I am yours, Ben Barnes". "Randee, if it is OK with you, I will accept her as my slave. On a couple of conditions. One that Reba goes to school with my girls here, they are going to be home schooled in the fall.

Second, she goes on to college and get your degree. Third she provides me with babies, a lot of babies. I plan on getting her pregnant before Caillum comes to town. Is this acceptable to you" "Yes, Master. I want you" Reba says. "Well, Ben she is sixteen and it is her decision. I have one condition". "What is that, Randee?" Ben says. "I want you to make love to me" Randee says. "Well, Randee, you need to get an HIV/STD certificate. I will take you to our doctor and get the test done.

We have to protect the family. Nobody has sex with us without having a current HIV/STD certificate. From time to time Ben allows his friends to have sex with us. It is our choice if we want to have sex with the men. Most are black, Laurie's father Bill is a member of our family and has sex with us from time to time as does Ben's mover friends. Most of the black men are over eleven inches long. Ray Jr. is a member of our family and he has sex with anybody he choices.

He has had a vasectomy as has Bill so they can have sex in our pussies without a rubber. The other men have to wear a rubber. Reba, You want to be a slave then you will have to go through the training. It consists of Master fucking your pussy ten times in a row and your ass ten times in a row.

You must then give hi a blowjob twenty times in a row without interruption. Is this acceptable to you?" Becky tells them. "That is fine with me, I will let Master have me anytime he wants" Reba says "OK with me, I don't have an STD or HIV, I have only had sex with my husband and I am sure he is faithful" Randee says. Becky goes upstairs and gets Ben's cock ring two little blue pills and some anal lube and is back and puts his cock ring on and give him his pills. Ben then tells Randee to suck his cock and get him hard and she smiles and complies eagerly.

Randee sucks BIG FELLA hard, "I can taste both of you on BIG FELLA" she states as she takes BIG FELLA out of her mouth. Becky lubes up Reba's ass after putting her over the the ottoman. "Baby, this is going to hurt when I first enter your ass. It will get better. I need to loosen your ass up before you I train you" Ben tells Reba. "Master, I am ready. Take it easy on me". With that Ben pushes BIG FELLA into her ass, stretching her sphincter to new limits.

Her once virgin ass was now being stretched by BIG FELLA. Ben starts to pump her and she starts to scream and moan. "AH, MASTER IT HURTS, IT HURTS BAD.

IT BURNS. MY ASS FEELS LIKE IT IS ON FIRE!!!" Reba tells Ben. Ben puts more lube on BIG FELLA and starts pushing faster and harder, "Got to loosen you up. It will feel good soon, my young lover". After about 45 minutes of constant pounding Reba screams out "OH GOD I AM CUMMING MASTER!" Ben looks up and smiles at Randee and Becky.

He fucks her ass for eight hours straight and when he is about to cum he pulls out of her ass, wipes BIG FELLA off and pushes him deep inside of her pussy passing her cervix.

He fucks her pussy for about thirty minutes before pumping his load inside of her. "Reba, baby, that was fantastic" Ben says rubbing her ass.

He lays next to her and she snuggles with him "Are you alright, sweetheart?" "Master, my ass is a little sore. It did start to feel good. I guess I can get use to that. BIG FELLA defiantly feels better in my pussy and my throat" Reba says. They get up and Ben picks her up and takes her to the master bedroom. "Bed slaves, Becca join us in thirty minutes" Ben tells them. They go take a hot bath together. "Reba, baby, I am going to love you for the rest of your life. You are mine now, you are my responsibility.

I take care of my family". Reba straddles Ben "You are amazing lover. I know I am going to learn to love you for more than this!" she tells him as she grabs BIG FELLA. She kisses him, "Master, my body is yours to command". "When we get back from our trip to Paris and New York you will have been trained and ready for your tattoos.

We need to go through your clothes and make sure you have appropriate attire to go with us" Ben tells her. "OK, I want to sleep tonight" Reba states.

Becky comes in and tells him his bed slaves are in Bed waiting for them. Becky then gives Ben his pills and Reba an Aleve for the pain. They go to bed with the bed slaves and sleep for twelve hours, Ben and Reba are the only ones in bed when they wake up. Reba is snuggling with her new master, when Becky comes into the room with coffee, bagels and smoked salmon.

"Antonio smoked some of the salmon, Ben. It is fantastic" Becky tells him. "Good morning, Reba how are you feeling?" "I am a little sore, Becky" Reba says "Mistress Becky, is how I am addressed in the mansion. Laurie is Mistress Laurie and Brooklyn is Mistress Brooklyn. We are in charge when Master Ben is not around. Is that understood?" "Yes, Mistress Becky" Reba says. "Good, now spread your legs let me see the damage" Becky says.

"Not bad, a little gap in your ass. Reba one thing that you will learn. Ben's slaves are all bi-sexual. Which means we eat pussy" Becky tells her as she starts to suck on Reba's pussy. "OH, Master, I think I am going to love being a part of your family" Reba tells Ben. "Baby, it is your family. We are all family" Ben tells her as he kisses her and gets up and goes to the bathroom. He leaves Becky with Reba as Laurie enters the room, "I am next.

I want to suck on that sweet pussy too" she tells Becky. "OH GOD I AM CUMMMING" Reba yells as Laurie starts to suck on her 36D breasts. Ben goes downstairs and checks in with his women. "That was some great ass-fucking Master. I have never seen you take a girls ass like that before. You really punished that ass" Tiffani tells him.

"She eventually loved it Mom. How is Daniella Ashley doing?" Ben says in return as he rubs her belly. "She is doing good, can't wait to come out and meet her daddy and big brother Ben Junior and sister Becky" Tiffani tells him. "That is going to be a little weird. How are we going to explain it to our children" Ben asks Tiffani. "We will explain it like this, we all love and care for you Ben and wanted to have children with you. They will be brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles all together.

One thing all the children will know is that everybody loves them and cares for them" Tiffani says. "You realize that within a year we will have at least a hundred babies, infants around here. Your daughter wants me to get her pregnant again after we move to the new mansion. Laurie is now pregnant, Mandy also probably. We need to get them to piss on a stick this morning" Ben says.

He sees Randee and tells her they are going out today, he is going to take a couple of his ladies to see the Doctor and she is going to go also. He is then going to take Reba shopping. He tells her to get dressed. Ben then goes upstairs and gets Mandy and Laurie and tells them to go to the shower and clean up they are going to go see Doc this morning.

Take a pregnancy test while you are in there. Ben hear one scream then another. "You girls really have your cycles in sync don't you?" Ben tells them.

"Master, you know when women live together they tend to have their cycles together. Don't worry Master, we will be pregnant most of the time" Laurie tells him as she kisses the new daddy.

Mandy runs in and kisses him too. "Congratulations Daddy". They all leave with Reba after going through her suitcase and telling her that none of that is appropriate for their trip. Becky goes shopping with Reba after Ben takes Randee, Laurie and Mandy to Doctor Reynolds and drops them off.

He tells Doc he wants a full examination of Randee. Laurie and Mandy need pregnancy tests. He tells them that he will pick them up in a couple of hours. Becky takes Reba shopping for clothes while Ben goes to the jewelery store and gets Reba some candy. An engagement ring, a wedding band. He also gets her an earring and matching pendant.

He then goes back and sees Becky with Reba buying outfits, dresses and coats. He sits and watches them. They go to another store and continue shopping when they are done, Becky has bought Reba seven dresses, pants and shirts that are more becoming of one of Ben's ladies.

"We need to go to Victoria's Secret for some undergarments and sleep ware" Ben tells the girls as they head that way. When they are there the meet Viki, she takes them in the backroom and Ben introduces Reba to Viki. "Master is going to treat you so well Reba. I love our Master with all my heart. Now lets get you into some bras and panties. You want some nighties also" Viki says. She brings back things that are in her size as Ben gets down on one knee and produces Reba's engagement ring.

"Reba, I can only legally marry Becky, but I treat all my slaves as my wives. I will love, honor and cherish you for the rest of your life".

"Oh, Ben this is way too much" Reba says "Honey, nothing is too much for my ladies. Will you be my wife and lover?" Ben tells her. "Yes, Master" Reba says crying. "This is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen" she then whispers in Ben's ear "Next to your beautiful cock BIG FELLA". They finish making their purchases and tell Viki they will see her at home tonight.

They head back to the car and drive back to Doctor Reynolds office. Becky calls Laurie and tells them they are outside waiting for them. Ben slides over to the passengers seat.

He puts Reba on his lap and starts making out with her. Randee comes up to the Expedition with Laurie and Mandy, "Randee, can you drive us back to the mansion. I want to continue sucking face with Reba?" "Sure, Somebody is going to have to tell me where to go" Randee says as she gets into the drivers seat.

"Momma, look at what Master bought me!" Reba says as she shows Randee her engagement ring and wedding band. "OH MY GOD, That is fucking huge" Randee says. Becky, Laurie and Mandy smile as Randee examines her daughter's engagement ring and wedding band. Ben and Reba stop kissing for a minute and Ben tells Randee "Reba is mine now, she is mine to take care of. I love her and cherish her". "Quit talking and kiss me lover" Reba says as she kisses Ben.

"You can start driving now, Randee. I will tell you where to go" Becky says. Reba whispers in Ben's ear "When we get home you are going to have to take me to bed, so that I can show you my gratitude my Master". "Where do you want BIG FELLA?" Ben asks her quietly. "First time in my pussy then in my ass. Need to get that loosened up.

Can we have Becca and Becky up there also?" Reba asks. "Yes, my love you can anybody you want up there. Do you want to get pregnant?" Ben asks her.

"My body is yours. I want to be a mother" Reba tells him as she kisses him. "What are you two talking about?" Randee asks. "OH nothing, just small talk between lovers" Ben says. "Mom, when we get home Master is going to take me to bed and pound my pussy and then my ass" Reba tells her as Becky, Laurie and Mandy giggle. "So, Laurie and Mandy, did Doc confirm that you are pregnant?" Ben asks.

They both say "Yes, Master". "That is good so you two are due in February?" Ben asks "Yes, Master. We are due then end of February" Laurie tells her husband. "Ladies, We need to leave in a couple of days for Paris.


We need to be back in town in the middle of July. I want to take everybody to Disney World for the fourth of July weekend. Would you ladies like that?" Ben asks. "I have never been to Disney World, Have any of you?" Becky says.

They all shake their heads no. "Well ladies we are going to see the world together" Ben informs them as he kisses his new slave. They arrive back at the mansion as they enter they all strip. Becky takes Reba's packages to her bedroom as Ben carries her up the stairs. Randee says "Ben, I have a clean HIV/STD certificate. Save some BIG FELLA for me". "You really want to have sex with me Randee?" Ben asks her.

"I don't want to be your slave, but yes I want to feel BIG FELLA stretching my pussy out. I want to feel the sensations my daughter felt yesterday" Randee tells him. "OK, Randee when I am ready for you I will come get you. I want to make love to my new slave girls, Reba and Becca now!" Ben says as both have a huge smile on them. "Randee go see Emily and ask her to remove your hair around your pussy and underarms. She is a dermatologist and can permanently remove your hair.

I am going to have her do Becca and Reba when we get back from our trip. My ladies don't need to shave their legs, pussies or underarms anymore?" Ben tells her.

"I see you are hairless down there" Randee says. "There was no way I was going to let my girls get a procedure done if I did not know it was safe. Laurie liked it when I shaved my pubic hair.

She said didn't like to get the hair in her mouth when she deepthroated BIG FELLA. I love my girls and would do anything for them." Ben tells Randee as he ascends the steps with Reba. Within fifteen minutes Randee hears her daughter's screams "FUCK ME MASTER, POUND MY PUSSSSSYYYYY.

OH GOD I AM CUMMMMING". Ben fucks her for two hours and then pounds Becca who is not nearly as loud as Reba. They stay up in the bedroom the rest of the day. Ben leaves his two girls sleeping it off as he takes a shower. He takes his pills and goes downstairs and gets Randee. "Randee, are you ready for BIG FELLA?" Ben asks. "Yes I am" she says as she grabs BIG FELLA and starts sucking him hard. She doesn't notice the cock ring that Ben put on before he came downstairs.

She gets him hard and Ben tells her to get on the floor with her legs up. He sucks on her pussy, within a couple minutes Randee starts scream "OH FUCK YEAH. SUCK THAT PUSSSSSYYYYY!!!!". After she has cum twice Ben pushes BIG FELLA into her wet pussy. "OH GOD YOU ARE HUGE!!!, FUCK my PUSSSSSYYYYY" Randee says as Ben pounds her hard.

After about an hour and ten orgasms Randee looks up at Ben and says "You are a FUCKING-GOD. God Caillum could never go this long or deep". Ben continues to fuck her for another two hours, Becky comes in and gives them water and energy bars. Ben pounds on her pussy the rest of the night.

In the morning he gets Randee into the doggie position and pushes BIG FELLA past her sore cervix. He fucks her womb for another two hours.

"OH GOD, BEN you are a FUCKING-GOD. I am yours, please make me yours. OH GOD. I do not want to go through my life without ever experiencing your love making again. I cannot go back to just plain old vanilla sex after you have just fucked my brains in.

I AM YOUR SLAVE, my BODY is at your COMMAND MASTER. Cum for me Master" Randee says as Reba looks at her. "I knew you would fall for Ben once you had BIG FELLA inside of you. How small is daddy's cock, Momma?" Reba asks.

"OH, Baby, everybody is small compared to OUR Master. He is 8" long and about 2" wide. I thought he could fuck, but Ben is a master". Ben continues to pound her and tells her to ride BIG FELLA, Ben gets on his back and Randee bounces up and down on BIG FELLA. "Becky, Laurie suck on those breasts, Reba get over here and let me eat that sweet pussy of yours" Ben tells them and they do as they are ordered to. Once Becky and Laurie start sucking and squeezing Randee's large 38C breasts she starts to climax hard.

"OH GOD, Master I don't know how many more orgasms I have in me" Randee says as she comes down from one orgasm and starts another. The four of them stay like this for two hours, Randee has twenty more orgasms and Reba has fifteen before Ben tells Reba "It is time for me to cum in your mother's womb". The girls get off and Ben puts Randee on her back with a pillow under her butt.

He then pushes BIG FELLA deep inside of her crushing her cervix and starts pumping her womb. He fucks her womb for another hour and then starts to cum, he pours cum into her womb for 45 minutes.

He exits her womb and traps his load inside. "Randee, I hope you are not on birth control" Ben says to her. "No I am not, Caillum had a vasectomy a couple years ago. I am still fertile. Why you want to get your slave pregnant?" Randee says. "Yes, I do. I think I am going to make you a fuck slave. I think you will enjoy having sex with me and my mover friends. I will see if Ken will get involved also. Have you ever been double-teamed before?" Ben says "No, what is double-teamed?" Randee asks.

"It is also called double penetrated, it is when one guy fucks your pussy while another fucks your ass. I want to get you to do a spit-roasting also. That is when one guy fucks you from either end. Are you up to that Randee?" Ben asks. "Master, My body is yours. I am an anal virgin though. My pussy is quite sore right now.

I will try it if you want me to" Randee says to her new master. "I will break in your ass tonight. Let's go take a shower and clean up. I want to do a couple laps before lunch" Ben tells Randee as they get up and go to the master bedroom, he takes Reba with them also. The three of them get into the shower and start to play. "Randee, all my girls enjoy the other girls as you have experienced already.

I hope you two will be comfortable enough with your bodies and each other to make love to each other. Are you up to that Randee, Reba?" Ben asks as he kisses each one. "Yes, Master" Reba says as she drops to her knees and spreads her mothers legs and starts to lick her pussy.

Ben moves beside her and reassures her that it is ok. "We all love each other here in the mansion. Just let it go" Ben tells her as Randee starts to cum hard in her daughter's mouth. "Mom, you taste good" Reba says as she gets up. "Reba, call me Randee. I am your mother, but I guess I am your lover too" Randee says as they get out of the shower.

Ben dries each of his ladies off and takes them to the bed, where he tells Randee "Eat your daughter out while she deep throats BIG FELLA". Reba smiles and starts sucking on BIG FELLA as Randee tells Ben "Yes, Master" she gets in between her daughter's legs and starts to lick her slit she squeezes her ample ass cheeks. Ben has his hands on the back of Reba's head and she is holding on to his arms as he face fucks her, hard and fast.

Laurie, Becky and Becca come in, Becca starts to suck on Randee's pussy as Becky and Laurie take a breast each. Tiffani comes in and watches. Carly and Alex wonder in and start sucking on Reba's breasts. Next is Sam and Sarah, they come in and Ben motions them over. They start kissing him and rubbing his chest. "You like your new slaves Master?" Sam says.

"OH, Yeah. Reba is doing a good job on BIG FELLA. I love the feel of her throat on my cock. I love you girls he says as he continues to stretch Reba's throat by forcing BIG FELLA down her throat.

She is taking the whole 16" down her throat. This goes on for about an hour and Ben cums hard down Reba's throat. He continues to face fuck her, Reba continues to suck and allow her Master to do as he pleases.

Reba is enjoying her mother and new lovers oral skills. Reba makes Ben cum again down her throat before he lets her off. "Master, that was fun" Reba says as Carly and Alex continue to suck on her breasts.

She starts to cum hard in Randee's mouth. "That is enough ladies" Ben declares as the girls stop their sucking and licking. Reba comes up and lays on top of her new master, as Randee lays to the left and Becca to the right. "I love you Ben Barnes, I have waited a long time to be apart of your family. To love and be loved by you" Becca says as she kisses her Master. "Master, my throat is sore, but I enjoy you too.

I am beginning to fall in love with you" Reba says. "You are a FUCKING-GOD. I don't know what I am going to tell Caillum when he comes to town this fall. I will probably be six months pregnant by then. Master you are going to hire him right?" Randee says. "If his paperwork goes through, yes I will. He will just have to accept that you are both my girls" Ben tells them.

"I am your woman, Master. I don't want anybody else to make love to me. I just want you. I would not mind watching Randee getting pounded by several guys. I am not ready for that" Reba says.

"Maybe that is how we can introduce that I am your woman, Master, to Caillum this fall. If he comes in and sees me being pounded by two or three guys" Randee says. "We will see when the time comes. You know I am going to have to train you when I come back in July" Ben says. "Yes, Master" is her reply as she kisses him. "Tomorrow, I am going to take the two of you to get your "Property of Ben Barnes" tattoos on your lower backs" Ben tells them.

They say "Thank You, Master". "Once the three of you are trained you will get the other required tattoos. Also you will get your required piercings. Your tongues, nipples, navels, and clits" Ben tells them and again "Yes Master" is their responses.

"OK lets take another shower and then go swim" Ben says as they get up and head to the shower. This time they do not play. They get out of the shower and head to the pool area. Ben dives in and the ladies go around to the steps. Becky and Laurie are already in the pool.

"So how was your first time with our Master, Randee?" Becky asks. "It was fucking amazing. I have never climaxed that hard or that many times before. Does Master always go that long? How long were we fucking?" Randee asks. "He got you for fourteen hours and no he usually goes between two and four hours.

This is what he does pretty much all the time. He has ninety-one women to please. Although most live on there own. Most will be moving into the new mansion in September. I can't wait to have the whole family under one roof. He has several slaves at the University of Alabama, they are transferring to University of Alabama-Birmingham in the fall.

They will be here in June. Five of them are due to give birth in July a couple in August and some this fall" Becky tells her. They look over and Becca and Reba are both sucking face with Ben. Becky goes over to Randee and tells her "Welcome to the family, you are loved here.

We have no jealousy here. We all love each other. We protect each other. We are all sisters and lovers of our Master". She then kisses her passionately. Tiffani gets into the pool and comes over and kisses Becky, "I love you Tiffani" Becky tells her as she kisses Randee. Tiffani and Randee start to make out as Renee and her girls get into the pool. "How is pregnancy treating you Renee?" Becky asks.

"I have terrible morning sickness, but that usually ends after the first trimester for me. I am hoping for a boy. Knowing my history it will be twins. I will have an ultrasound done in early October to determine the sex" Renee says as they kiss and Renee introduces her daughter's to Randee, Becca and Reba.

They all kiss passionately hello. "Our Master is a generous caring man. I love him with all my heart. I know you will also come to love him as much as I do" Reanna tells Randee, Reba and Becca. "I am not pregnant yet. My twin sister wants to get pregnant as does my younger sisters. We all want to provide Ben with a lot of babies". Mandy comes in with Ben Jr. and tells Becky "I think Junior is hungry".

Becky gets out of the pool and nurses Junior after he is done she notices he needs to be changed. Randee gets out of the pool and sits next to Becky and asks her "With all these children coming we are going to need some help. Don't you think?" "Master is already on that. He is looking for nurses and nannies. He is going to hire security staff, nurses and nannies by the time we move into the new mansion. Not to mention the maids and chefs" Becky says as she changes her son.

"That is defiantly Ben's son. Look at that penis on that baby" Randee says. "Yes he is hung like his father. Master, when is Nikki getting home from boarding school?" "She should be home in early June. I need to call her and tell her about the new additions" Ben says. "Who is Nikki, Becky" Randee says.

"She is Ben's daughter. She is sixteen and beautiful. Nikki has been in boarding school for gifted students. She has been accepted to Harvard and is going to be a lawyer. She is very sweet and nice.

I talk to her often on the phone. She calls me Momma Becky" Ben gets out of the pool and sits next to them. Tiffani sits next to him after she kisses him. "Master, do you have enough energy to give me a little bit of BIG FELLA?" Tiffani asks.

"Give me a couple of minutes. I need to get my energy back. Can you get me my pills? I would love a piece of my mother" Ben tells her. "I will get them Ben" Laurie says as she gets out of the pool and towels off. She tells the maid to make sandwiches for everyone and bring some Ensure and Powerade for Ben.

She comes back and everybody is eating their sandwiches. Laurie gives her husband his pills and the takes a sandwich for herself. When Ben is revived he has Reanna suck him hard and then has Tiffani get on all fours. "You ready for BIG FELLA Mom?" Ben says with a smirk. "Stop that Mom shit and give me BIG FELLA. Fuck my pussy at first then my ass, Son" Tiffani says in response to Ben. "OH GOD" is her response as Ben pushes BIG FELLA into her pussy. He pounds her pussy with careful strokes making sure that he does not go too deep inside of her pussy.

Ben does not want to damage his daughter. "Oh, Tiffani, I love you mom. I love you Tiffani. I love my unborn daughter Daniella with all my heart" Ben says. "Ben, dear put BIG FELLA in my ass and pound away" "OK, Tiffani" Ben says as he pulls BIG FELLA out of her pussy and into her ass and starts fucking her hard.

"OH GOD YES!!!! POUND MY ASS HONEY!!!!". Tiffani says as she cries out in pleasure. "OH OH OH ohhhh my god fuck my assssssssssss" Tiffani screams out as Ben pounds her ass with long deep strokes.

He cums hard after fucking her ass for an hour. "Are you alright, Tiffani?" Ben asks. "Oh, My love I have never been better. I was so horny. You scratched an itch" Tiffani tells her Master. Ben cuddles with Tiffani for a long while kissing her and rubbing her belly. "Girls you need to pack clothes for our trip. Becky call Peggy and tell her to bring a suitcase over here full of clothes for our trip tomorrow.

We are going to leave in the afternoon". Sarah comes downstairs after sleeping it off and tells her that he has two more slaves he just accepted Reba and her mother Randee.

Master gets everybody over to the house that is going to Paris and New York City. They have Darryl drive them to the Regional Airport. The board the private plane and head to Paris. When they get to Paris they take a shuttle to their hotel. It is the nicest in town. Ben rented out the whole top floor. They all go upstairs and Ben takes Reba, Becca, Jane and her sisters into his bed. The have sex for the rest of the night. The next morning Peggy comes into the room and tells her Master "I need to get my pussy sucked in France".

"Come here my sweet little Peggy" Ben tells her. She runs over and jumps onto the bed and straddles her Master. He makes Peggy come five times before they all head to the shower and get ready to go out. "Master, where are we going today?" Isabella asks as she comes in. "I thought we could walk around and see the Eiffel Tower, and Notre Dame Cathedral today. I need to make reservations for Moulin Rouge and a private tour of the Louvre. We are going to go see the Place of Versailles and finally do some shopping at La Vallee Village.

I also need to train Becca's ass while we are here". "Don't forget the rest of us. We would all like to have sex in Paris with you" Isabella tells him. Ben smiles and says that is on the agenda. He calls and makes reservations and then they head out to the Eiffel Tower and a tour of the city.

All the girls get pictures taken at the Eiffel Tower, in front of Notre Dame Cathedral, the Arch of Triumph and other monuments that day. That night Ben has reservations at Pierre Gagnaire for dinner. They head back to the hotel and get dressed up.

They ladies put on their jewelry and they head out for a elegant dinner. They are seated and Ben orders champagne and toasts his ladies, "I love you all with all my heart. I could not take a breath without any of you. You ladies are the reason I live" Ben raises his glass and they sip on their champagne and appetizers. They have a fine meal and then go back to the hotel for a hot session of love making. The next morning Becca tells Ben that they have an appointment with a local artist.

She tells him that it is a for a portrait of him for the foyer. Secretively she made arrangements for a nude of Ben. They head to the studio and Becca tells them they are there for an appointment for Barnes. The Artist is female and is quite beautiful. She asks Becca "So where do you want your husband to be posed in front of?" Becca looks at the backdrops and says the Riviera. "Ben this is a nude painting".

Ben looks at her "No way, Becca. I am not getting naked in front of her. You got to stop doing this". "Mr. Barnes do not be shy, I am a professional. I have seen it all. I have done a lot of nudes of men and women.

Please get undressed for me" the artist asks. Ben looks at Becca and does. He takes off all his clothes except for his jockeys. When he takes his jockeys off and BIG FELLA swings between his legs the artist gasps, "Oh mon, cela est un coq énorme. C'est le pénis le plus beau que je jamais ai vu !". "Well Mr. Barnes, you definatly do not have anything to be ashamed of" the artist says.

"Mrs. Barnes do you want a portrait of him limp or erect". "Can we get one of each?" Becca asks. "Sure can. What does that say on the top of his penis?" the artist says as she comes over and examines Ben and puts him into position. "Oh, BIG FELLA. That is very appropriate. Mr. Barnes, you have a beautiful penis" the artist tells him as she positions BIG FELLA to one side then to the other.

The artist puts him on a bench on back with one leg bent the other straight, she positions BIG FELLA over the straight leg. She playfully strokes BIG FELLA. "OK, Mrs. Barnes how do you like this position?" "I like it a lot. Ben they are going to love this portrait when we get back home" Becca says as she sits and watches the artist go to work.

Becca drinks wine with some cheese and waits as the artist paints. About an hour later the artist tells Becca that she has the outline done and that she can do the rest from memory. Becca looks at the painting and sees that BIG FELLA is very well done. Ben's body is good and the overall quality is rather astonishing considering it has been only and hour. The artist says it will be a day or two before the painting is ready.

Becca wants one painting with BIG FELLA erect. Before she does the next painting the artist says that see needs to take a couple of pictures of Ben to go off of.

"I need the pictures erased after you are finished" Becca tells her. "Of course". "And no copies saved anywhere else" Ben tells her. The artist takes a couple of pictures and Becca gets Ben hard by sucking and stroking on his cock. The artist has him lay flat on his back with BIG FELLA sticking straight up.

She starts to paint and another hour passes, Becca takes a look at the painting and it looks good. The artist tells them it should be done in three days time. She can deliver the canvases to their hotel. Becca writes down the name of the hotel and hands it to the artist. The artist asks Becca "Can I have sex with you husband?" and produces a box of extra large condoms. Ben and Becca discuss it and as they do the artist strips.

She is exquisite, clean shaven pussy as Ben likes. Nice firm breasts with large nipples. He pussy has large lips and is dripping wet from excitement. "Ben, I think she likes BIG FELLA. You could where a rubber and give her the thrill of a lifetime" Becca says. "If, and I mean if, I fuck you I will fuck your pussy and your ass. You will swallow my whole load. Do you agree to this?" Ben asks the artist hoping the anal would be a detractor.

"Mr. Barnes, I accept your terms" the artist says and comes over and strokes BIG FELLA. She puts a rubber on him and begins to ride. Pushing BIG FELLA into her wet and warm pussy. She starts to grind on him, the artist looks over at Becca and tells her "You are a very lucky woman to have such a man to love you and make your pussy feel so good. I have never been stretched like this before".

She then climaxes again, and again and again. When she feels Ben is ready to cum she climbs off of BIG FELLA takes the condom off and starts to suck on the large seven inch head. Ben erupts as he pushes down her long throat.

He pours his seed down her throat for twenty minutes before he is done. He exits her throat and shoots five ropes of cum into her mouth. He exits her mouth and she says "That was great, love the taste of you semen". She leans over on his chest and kisses him and utters in french "Cet homme est un fichu Dieu. J'ai besoin de trouver une façon pour le faire le mien.

J'ai besoin de ce coq dans moi plus qu'une fois. M. Etables vous êtes un amant de mangnificent. Je veux vous être mon amant". "What was that you just said" Ben asks her. "I was wondering if you were ready to take my anal virginity. I have never had a man in my ass. I want this inside of me, stretching me out". She says as she grips BIG FELLA and then starts to suck on him. When BIG FELLA is hard he puts the artist on her hands and knees. He puts a little lotion on her ass and pushes BIG FELLA into her anal ring.

"Becca, come over here and pull her ass cheeks apart for me" Ben says as he pushes harder and harder into her ass. The artist is screaming into a pillow, Becca has her cheeks apart and tells the artist, "You wanted this. It is going to hurt like hell until he gets you stretched out". Ben pushes BIG FELLA past her anal ring and pushes deep inside of her. He starts to fuck her with long deep strokes and she raises her head up from the pillow and utters, "OH, MON DIEU.

Ces fichues blessures, il brûle. il blesse, je suis dans la douleur, l'arrêt, l'arrêt. Oh dieu que je cuming. Cet homme me tend. Son coq est énorme. Oh dieu que je ne pourrai pas aller à la droite de salle de bains encore. Ben vous êtes un fichu dieu. Faire mon âne le vôtre amant". She repeats this for a half an hour before she utters "Oh dieu que je cuming.

Ben Etables votre coq baise énorme. Je veux être le vôtre, me faire le vôtre. Je trouverai où vous vivez et vous mendiez pour me prendre et me fait votre maîtresse.

J'aurai même le sexe avec votre femme. Ben vous êtes un fichu dieu. Me faire votre amant". She repeats "Oh dieu que je cuming.

Ben Etables votre coq baise énorme. Je veux être le vôtre, me faire le vôtre. Je trouverai où vous vivez et vous mendiez pour me prendre et me fait votre maîtresse.

J'aurai même le sexe avec votre femme. Ben vous êtes un fichu dieu. Me faire votre amant". Becca asks her what she is saying "Oh, your husband is a god I love having sex with him. I love his cock". Ben continues his assault on her ass. He fucks her ass for two hours before taking BIG FELLA out and pulling off the condom. "Are you ready for your next load of cum?" Ben asks her.

The artist gets up and sucks on BIG FELLA. "Give me your seed, I want all of it" she tells him before sucking BIG FELLA deep down her throat.

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He climaxes hard and pours his cum into her willing stomach. Ben finally stops cuming after a 35 minutes. The artist licks and sucks on BIG FELLA. "Mr. Barnes, you are truly a "FUCKING GOD" as your tattoo indicates".

Ben gets up and washes up and gets dressed. "So we will see you at our hotel in three days with the paintings, the photographs and your camera. Remember no copies" Ben tells her as he leaves the money Becca promised her.

The artist still naked and dripping wet with sweat comes over and counts the money, she takes half of it out and gives it back. "I should be paying you, you just gave me the fucking of a lifetime".

She kisses Ben on his lips and tells him he is an amazing lover. They leave and go back to the hotel. On the way Ben talks to Becca about what just happened, "I have never been so self-conscious before. That was erotic, having her paint my form. I love you Becca". "I thought you might like that. I know where I am going to put these paintings" Becca tells him.

"Where are you thinking about" Ben says. "The one where you are laying down with BIG FELLA on your leg I want to put in the foyer as you walk into the new mansion. The one with you erect I want to put in the master bedroom. What do you think" Becca asks. Ben shakes his head and says "The one in the foyer is not going to happen. I will let Becky decide if that is OK with you". "That is fine with me, my love, my life".

The arrive back at the hotel and go upstairs and meet with the other ladies. "How was your day, Master?" Isabella asks him as she kisses him. "It was amazing" he says as he strips as does Becca. "I thought we would get room service tonight and have sex. What do you ladies think of that?" Ben asks. Peggy, Jane, Ava, Emma, Kelly and Joy are in the room and they tell him they think it is a great idea. Emma and Ava take their Master to the bathroom and wash him. "Did you have fun today, Master?" Emma asks him.

"Yes, I did" he says as he steps into the shower with her and kisses her and her sister. "What do you know of today?". "We know that Becca took you to get your portrait made" Ava says as she bends over and washes BIG FELLA. "Was the artist impressed with you, BIG FELLA?" Ava says as she looks up at Ben and rinses BIG FELLA off and then starts to suck on him.

"Master, we love you. Thank you for getting us pregnant with your beautiful seed. I can't wait to see our baby. I should know what I am having next month. Isabella, Emma and I are going to have Nadia give us a sonogram to determine the sexes of your babies" Ben erupts down Ava's talented throat as Emma washes the rest of his body.

They get out of the shower and Reba is laying on the bed with Isabella between her legs, licking her pussy. "Master, please make love to me" Reba says as Isabella stops sucking on her pussy. "She is nice and wet for you" Isabella tells BIG FELLA as she pats him. Isabella then sucks on BIG FELLA to get him hard again. Once hard Ben gets in between Reba's legs and pushes BIG FELLA between her lips he rubs the outside of her pussy and strokes her clitoris.

He makes her climax really hard from doing this and when she comes down from on cloud nine, he tells her "Welcome to the family, Reba. I love you my pretty little slave". "Oh God, Master that was fantastic.

I love you, now put that wonderfully beautiful cock of yours in your willing slaves pussy and pound me into multiple orgasms" Reba tells him. "Yes, ma'am. I cannot refuse a beautiful woman anything". He proceeds to push deep inside of her pussy pounding her with long deep strokes. His other lades are watching as he goes to town on her young pussy.


After she has had her fourth orgasm, she looks over and tells Peggy to come over and let her suck on her pussy. Peggy jumps up and comes over "It will take my mind off of our Master's breeding. And I need some virgin pussy". Peggy straddles Becca's face as she does she leans over and kisses her Master. "Master, I just had my first period of my life. In six months you are going to take my virginity as you promised" Peggy says as she starts to have an orgasm from Reba's tongue on her clit.

"OK, my sweet little Peggy. When we are at our estate in the Cayman Islands I will take your virginity. I love you my pretty sweet little Peggy" Ben says as he starts to cry. "Master, why are you crying?" Isabella asks him. "Oh, I just wanted to keep my Peggy a virgin as long as I could. Something pure an innocent" Ben tells her.

"Master, my body is yours. I love you. I want to love you with my whole body and my soul" Peggy says as she kisses him. "I LOVE YOU. You are my man. I am yours I will always be yours". Ben then pushes deep inside of Reba pushing deep past her cervix and into her womb. Peggy looks down and sees BIG FELLA pushing out her stomach with each stroke, "Master that is what I want to feel, your wonderful beautiful cock deep inside of me, stretching me and pushing my womb to new limits" Peggy says as she starts to orgasm again and starts to pour her essence into Reba's mouth.

She leans over and kisses her Master and tells him to cum in her womb and get her pregnant. When she is done cuming she gets off of Reba's mouth and lays next to them. "Master, pour your seed into my fertile womb.

I want to feel it in my womb" Reba says and right then he begins to cum and cum hard. After he is done cumming he falls to the side of Reba with BIG FELLA still in her pussy, having exited her womb before. Ben rubs her belly and tells her that is where his cum belongs in the wombs of his lovers. "Master, you going to train me?" Reba asks. "Tomorrow night, tonight I am going to make love to all my ladies.

Tomorrow we are going to the Louvre and then to dinner" Ben tells her as he rests. He looks up and sees Jane, "Your next Jane, then Kelly.

I am going to suck Ava and Emma's pussies while you ride BIG FELLA. I am going to breed both of you". They says "Yes, Master". Peggy sucks on BIG FELLA getting him hard, Jane comes over and straddles him. She then puts BIG FELLA in her pussy and pushes down on him. "Master, did the painter love your big fat cock?" Jane asks him as she bounces up and down. "Damn, Becca was that planned also.

For that lady to fuck me also?" Ben asks. "No, Master. I was just bragging to my sisters on how much she loved being stretched out by BIG FELLA. We all love being stretched by BIG FELLA. We love being made love to by our Master more". Becca says in return. Kelly comes over and straddles Ben's face "Enough talking, more sucking pussy". Kelly leans over and starts to kiss Jane passionately on the lips. They make out as the grind their pussies on their master. After each have cum five times on their master he has Kelly get off of his mouth and he puts Jane on all fours and starts fucking her womb.

He pours his semen into her for twenty minutes before he is done. Becca gets his pills and gives them to him. After dinner, Ben makes love to Kelly while Emma rides his face. He makes both orgasm six times before he is ready to dump his load into her womb. This goes on till four in the morning and Ben is whipped out. He then falls asleep till nine. He takes a shower and gets everybody up to go to the Louvre. They arrive at the museum and take the tour and see the works of art.

Ben takes the girls pictures next to the art they like and they all have a wonderful day together. Reba, Kelly and Jane are a little sore from the pounding they took the previous night.

They go out to eat after a day at the museum and have a fine meal. They then go back to the hotel and Ben tells Reba "It is your turn to get your pussy trained, I am going to make love to you ten times in a row without interruption". "Yes, Master" Reba says as she takes off her clothes and heads to the bedroom.

Ben goes to the bathroom and takes his supplements and vitamins, he then enters the bedroom and sees Reba spread eagle on the bed. Reba tells him "Come and get it, Master". Ben has Peggy, Emma, Alex and Carly assisting him in his training of Reba. Karen and her girls, Isabella and her girls are watching. Peggy is the first one to suck BIG FELLA hard.

She deep throats BIG FELLA making him hard in under five minutes. Once hard he pulls Reba to the end of the bed. Throws her legs over his shoulders and starts fucking her deep. He pounds her unmercifully hard and fast. This is not love-making this is fucking and a hard fucking at that. Ben is animalistic in his pounding of Reba's small 5'2 frame, she is panting and moaning the whole time as Ben pounds her for three hours with out cumming.

Reba climaxes over and over again. When she comes down from one orgasm she has another. Ben finally breaks through her cervix after the third hour of fucking. He fucks her womb for an hour before pouring cum into her womb for thirty minutes. When he is done he exits her womb and then her pussy with a loud pop. He gets off the bed and she looks at him breathing heavy, "that was not making love, that was raw fucking, Master".

"Yes it was Reba, did you like it" Ben asks her. "Master, I don't think my pussy will survive nine more poundings like that. I like it, I would rather not have sex like that every time" Reba says as Ben smiles and goes to the bathroom. He gets his cock ring on and takes a couple little blue pills. He comes out and he asks Emma to get him hard, she sucks on BIG FELLA noticing he has his cock ring on. He tells Reba to lay on the bed on her stomach with her legs off the end.

Once he is hard he moves over to Reba and spreads her legs. "Reba, baby" Ben says. "Yes, Master". "Your pussy is mine to fuck however I like right" Ben says. "Yessssssss" is her response as he pushes deep and start fucking her hard with long deep strokes.

He jackhammers her pussy for four hours, forcefully pounding her cervix but not going through it. She climaxes repeatedly, one orgasm leads into another. He finally forces his way through her cervix and cums hard. BIG FELLA does not go down. He then exits her womb and continues to pound her. Ben fucks Reba another three hours before cuming again in her womb. Becca goes gets him his pills and a little blue pill.

Ben leans over and tells her "That is three loads, seven more to go" and takes her off the bed and puts her on the floor on her knees. He pounds her from behind for six hours coming three times before finally going limp. He exits her used pussy. "Six down, Reba, four more to go" Ben tells her. He belly swollen with six huge loads of semen in her.

He goes takes a shower and takes his vitamins and supplements. When he enters the bedroom again, Becca whispers in his ear "Take it easy on her the next couple of times. I know her pussy is very sore". "I will try" is Ben's reply. He tells Alex to get him hard and she does. Ben goes over to where Reba is laying down, "Reba are you still with us?". "Yes, Master. My pussy is sore" Reba says. "Do you want to stop and go back to Seattle?

Do you not want to be my slave?" Ben asks as Karen and Isabella stand up looking concern. "Master, I am your slave. My body is yours to do with as you choose. Just please take it easy on me" Reba says as she gets up on wobbles on uneasy legs. She comes over to Ben and puts him on the bed on his back she straddles him and pushes BIG FELLA into her bright red pussy. She grinds on him, "My pussy is yours Master" she says as she squeezes and contracts on BIG FELLA using her PC muscles.

They do this for two hours and when Ben is ready to cum he picks her up and turns her over. He pushes deep inside of her and opens her cervix up and pours a seventh load of cum into her womb.

The ladies have ordered food and bring it into the two of them. "Master, Reba you too need to eat something" Karen says. They eat and drink Ben takes his pills and two little blue babies. When they are done Ben has Carly suck BIG FELLA until he is hard. "Reba, three more times and your pussy is trained". "Yes, Master. Come and get it" Reba says as she gets on the bed with her legs in air.

Ben fucks her hard like a jackhammer. He pounds her sixteen year old pussy for six hours cuming twice before BIG FELLA goes soft. Again she climaxes repeatedly. Ben leans over and tells her "One more time, Reba". He goes and takes a shower as his girls try to cool off Reba's pussy with some ice. When he is out of the shower Isabella comes over and tells him "Reba's pussy is hot, we are trying to cool it off".

Ben gets his pills and two little blue pills and puts on his cock ring. He comes over to Reba and asks her "Do you want to stop the training? You will need to complete it at some other time when you are ready for it".

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"No, Master. Let's finish my training" Reba says. Reba gets up and sucks on BIG FELLA and gets him hard. Ben makes love to her for her last turn.

He leans over as he pumps her pussy and whispers in her ear "I love you Reba, you are a trooper. I don't usually train my slaves this hard, but I knew you could handle it. I wanted to make for sure that you are mine". "Master, I am yours. I love you and hope you don't fuck me like you did before for a long while.

I think I can get pregnant with all of this cum in my womb" Reba says as she rubs her belly. They make passionate love for eight hours. Ben finally erupts in Reba's throat as he pulls her to the edge of the bed and pushes BIG FELLA down her throat. They sleep the next day together. Karen and Isabella take the girls out that day and come back in the evening. They order dinner for the two lovers and take it into the room and wake them up. They eat and Ben picks up his petite lover and takes her into the large bathroom.

He draws a nice hot bath and they soak together. He kisses her and tells her that he loves her and that he is going to take care of her. Karen has clean bed linens brought up and they change the sheets. Becky and Laurie come in and kiss their husband. That was some amazing fucking they tell Ben. They ask Reba if she is alright. She tells them she is and that she is just a little sore.

When Ben and Reba get out of the tub they dry off and head back to bed. Ben takes Reba and lays down with her. He says to them "Tomorrow we are going to see Moulin Rouge and the following couple of days I thought we would shop. Shop until you drop". "That is fine with us Master" Becky says as Laurie joins them in bed. Peggy is between her master's legs with BIG FELLA in her mouth, she is sucking on him like BIG FELLA is a pacifier.

They sleep the night away. Then next day they eat breakfast together as a family, all of the slaves together with their Master. Around noon the artist is downstairs with the two paintings and Ben has her come up to the room. Ben in a robe opens the door for the artist. She enters and gives Ben a kiss on each cheek.

She unwraps the paintings and puts them up for Ben's women to see. "Mr. Barnes, If you don't mind me asking, Are all these ladies yours?". "I am sorry, I did not get your name the other day?" Ben asks as his ladies look at the paintings and giggle. "Mr. Barnes, my name is Millicente. My friends call me Millie for short" Millie says. "Well, Millie, yes all these women are mine. I love all of them" Ben says. "And we love him. I am Becky his wife, you met Becca the other day" Becky says.

"Oh Mrs. Barnes I thought Becca was his wife, she has a wedding ring on" Millie says. "We are all his wives, in theory, he loves us all as his wives" Isabella says.

"He certainly has enough cock for all of you. I loved having sex with your husband. Can I suck on BIG FELLA again?" Millie asks. Ben asks her "What was it that you said the other day when I was fucking you in your ass?". Millie says "Oh you mean "Oh dieu que je cuming. Ben Etables votre coq baise énorme.

Je veux être le vôtre, me faire le vôtre. Je trouverai où vous vivez et vous mendiez pour me prendre et me fait votre maîtresse. J'aurai même le sexe avec votre femme. Ben vous êtes un fichu dieu.

Me faire votre amant". "Yes, what does that mean in English?" Ben asks. "It translates "Oh god i am cuming. Ben Barnes your cock is fucking huge. I want to be yours, make me yours. I am going to find where you live and beg you to take me and make me your mistress.

I will even have sex with your wife. Ben you are a fucking god. Make me your lover" Millie says She drops to her knees and pulls open Ben's robe in one motion.

"AH, there he is. That beautiful wonderful cock BIG FELLA" she says as she starts to suck on him. She sucks on him for an hour before he cums down her throat. "Now, that is what I call a great tip. You women are truly blessed to have a man like Mr.

Barnes in you life" Millie says. As she licks his balls and his anus. She kisses the head of Ben's cock and tells him that she will miss him. "I wish I could be your lover, Mr. Barnes" Millie says. "Ladies have a good time in Paris, if you are ever back in Paris come see me please" Millie says as she kisses Ben goodbye and pats BIG FELLA.

She leaves Becky and Laurie come over and tell Ben "You really give a great first impression". "At least she did not want to become a slave and a member of the family. I don't know if I can handle anymore" Ben says. "Master, you have said that since December" Becky tells him. "How many do I have now, it has got to be around a hundred? I love you all, all of my women but I need to stop taking on new slaves" Ben says. "We will stop recruiting, Right ladies" Becky says. They all agree.

"We need to get into the mansion so that we don't have outside influences. I still don't know what is up with the dry cleaner lady back home?" Ben says. "She probably has a daughter that she wants to give you" Laurie says. "Not fucking funny, Laurie" Ben tells her with a smile. They all take showers and put on their best dresses and Ben in an fine Italian three-piece suit. They make there way to the show and then to dinner. "Ladies, how did you like the show" Ben asks. They all says they loved it.

They eat at another fine restaurant, this time it is authentic French food. They all head back to the hotel and Ben takes Becca, Peggy, Becky, Laurie, Joy and Jennifer to his bed. He tells everybody else that he will see them in the morning.

Ben goes and takes his pills and comes into the bedroom. Peggy, Joy and Jennifer who are already naked take Ben's clothes off. "Joy, Jennifer and Peggy I am going to make love to the three of you, of course I am going to take your asses.

Then I am going to make love to Becca, Laurie and finally Becky. Does that sound good to you ladies" Ben asks. Peggy doesn't say anything she just drops to her knees and starts sucking on BIG FELLA. Becky gets the anal lube and puts it on Joy and Jennifer's ass and inside their anal ring. When Ben is hard he takes Joy and puts her on her hands and knees and pushes BIG FELLA deep inside of her ass. Which elicits a little scream and moan as he starts to fuck her with long deep strokes.

He fucks her for two hours before taking it out of her ass and pushing it down her throat and cumming hard. Joy sucks him hard again and he does the same with Jennifer.

Joy after drinking some wine comes over and kisses her Master who is busy pumping sweet little Jennifer's ass. He is lifting her off the floor with each stroke. "Master, I love it when you fuck me in my ass. I will keep my virginity as long as you want me to my love. I love it when you suck my pussy". "I love you too, Joy. OK, I will not force either of you to give up your pussy before you are ready.

You both are mine and I love both of you" Ben says as he kisses Joy and continues to pump Jennifer's ass. Breathing heavy "I love you too, Master. I am content on having BIG FELLA in my ass. You are amazing lover". When Ben is ready to cum he takes his cock out of Jennifer's ass and shoves it down her throat and cums hard. "That is what I call a good dessert after a fine meal".

She gets Ben hard again as Becca give him his pills and something to drink. When he is hard he picks Peggy up and spreads her legs and pushes BIG FELLA deep inside her ass. He starts pushing her down and lifting her up off BIG FELLA. After about an hour he lets Peggy grind on him until he is ready to cum about 90 minutes later.

Peggy gets off of her master and takes BIG FELLA deep down her throat. She bobs up and down on him until he erupts. When he is done cuming she continues to suck on BIG FELLA until he is hard again. He then lays down on the bed and tells Laurie to ride BIG FELLA while he eats Jennifer's pussy. They both say Yes, Master and come over to him. Laurie takes BIG FELLA and insert him into her pussy and starts riding Becky comes over and gives him his pills with some water. Jennifer then straddles his face and they go to town.

Ben licks her pussy to two orgasms in ten minutes. The three of them fuck for two hours before Ben erupts in Laurie's pussy. Laurie was careful to not let BIG FELLA into her womb and damage their baby. She gets off of BIG FELLA and Joy comes over and sucks Ben's seed out of her pussy. Ben has made both of his ladies climax over ten times each. He has sucked the girl juices right out of Jennifer's sweet young pussy. "Becky and Joy it is your turn after I go take a shower and get my pills.

Becky, I am going to cum in your womb" Ben says. "Yes, My Master, My love, My husband. I love you. I love those portraits of you. I think we should put the one of you laying down with one leg up in the foyer of the new mansion" Becky says. Ben takes a shower and Peggy comes into the shower and washes him. "Master, I love you" Peggy says as she continues to wash him and then washes his ass cheeks. "I really love your new tattoo on your ass".

"I love you too, my sweet little Peggy". They get out of the shower and dry off. Peggy takes her Master to the bedroom and she gets him hard. He then lays down on the bed and Becky straddles him and pushes BIG FELLA deep inside of her pussy. Joy straddles his face and he begins to suck on her pussy. They make love for three hours until Ben is ready to cum, having made Becky climax twelve times and Joy twenty times, eight major orgasms that they have to muffle.

Ben gets Joy to get off of his face and puts Becky on her back and pushes BIG FELLA deep into her pussy pressing hard against her cervix. He pumps her cervix for twenty-five minutes before it gives way. Ben then pours his cum into her womb for 45 minutes filling her up. "Master, I am fertile now. Hopefully I will have multiple children this time. I have been taking fertility pills".

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They go and take another shower and go to sleep. They wake up the that night, and order room service for everybody. "I guess we will go shopping tomorrow" Ben says with a smile as he calls housekeeping to change the sheets. The take a night off from all the fucking and get up early and go shopping. Ben goes to the liquor store and buys cases of wine and has them delivered to the hotel. He then meets up with his girls, Becky has everyone back home dress sizes and shoe sizes. They shop until the mall is closed and Ben asks if they want to come back the next day.

They all say yes. The next day Ben buys all the ladies a minx coat and purchases a minx coat for all the ladies at home. The ladies buy dresses and shoes, lingerie and panties. Becky and Ben go into a toy store and buy some toys for the kids.

They then find an adult toy store and buy more toys. That night Ben asks the ladies if they would like to go to the Disneyland Paris park they all say yes. They spend the next three days there before leaving Paris.

On the plane, Jessie calls him and asks him if he could meet her in the Cayman Islands. He says yes and he tells the pilot to head to Grand Cayman Island. "Ladies we need to make a stop over in the Cayman Islands, Jessie needs to see me for to go over some details on the compound" Ben tells them.

"Who is Jessie, Master" Jane asks. "She is my real estate agent in the Cayman Islands overseeing the construction of the wall and furnishing of the houses". "Ben, honey, you forgot the most important thing about her" Laurie says. "Yeah, she is mine. She is a slave also" Ben says. "She sucks pussy really good too" Laurie tells them. They arrive and are greeted by Jessie who has a large passenger van to drive them to the compound. They enter the compound, the wall is completed around the facility.

The wall is twelve feet tall with iron spikes on top. They enter the compound by pass code on the gate. She stops in front of the first house.

"Ladies, our Master has ten houses here they are all connected by covered walkways. We have a private beach that is walled off from intruders. Did you ladies bring your bikini's".

They all shake their heads, "We will go get you some bikini's later, Let me show you how I furnished each house" Jessie says as she takes them to each house that is tastefully decorated.

Each kitchen is fully equipped all the rooms are furnished and there are televisions in the rooms. Each house has it's own bar, pool and gazebo.

Ben tells her that they plan to spend January and February in the islands, maybe even March. Jessie asks Ben "Can I have some?" as she rubs his crotch. "I have missed you". Ben looks at Becky and she nods. They make love in the living room. When they are done, Jessie takes the girls shopping for bikini's while Ben takes a shower. They are back as Ben pours him a drink. They all go to the beach after getting their bikini's on. Becky gives Ben his new banana hammock and he shakes his head. "At least we are at a private beach" Ben says.

They go swimming and frolic in the ocean. That night they go out to eat at a local seafood restaurant that is a favorite of Jessie. The eat lobster, shrimp, fish.

Ben gets his favorite Conch. They eat and drink and when they are done they head back to the compound and go skini dipping in the large pool. Ben kisses and makes out with all of his women. He takes Jessie and sucks on her large breasts.

He then picks her up and takes her over to the grass and puts her on her hands and knees and fucks her from behind. He cums deep inside of her womb after pounding her for three hours.

"Master, will you train me when you come back in the new year. I want to be yours. I want to be trained and have my tattoos like my sisters" Jessie asks him. "Yes I will. I am going to take my sweet little Peggy's virginity when I am down here also. Why don't you come to the mansion this fall for Thanksgiving and Christmas?" Ben asks.

"OK, I would love that" Jessie says. They all go inside and go to sleep. The next morning Ben makes love to Jessie one last time and then gets up and takes a shower with her and gets dressed.

They all head to the airport and go to New York. Ben had to call and tell them to put the rooms on his card and extend his stay for five days. They arrive at New York and check in at the Waldorf-Astoria. "Welcome back, Mr. Barnes. Let me know if you need anything while you are with us" the manager says to him.

"Sir, we are going to go to Madison Ave and shop the next couple of days. I want to have the stores deliver the purchases to the hotel" Ben asks. "Certainly sir. I will see to it that it is all accounted for and put in your room. Let me give you my card and have the store fax me a list of what is being delivered.

I will check it and put it in your room personally" the Manager says. "Thank you very much" Ben says "I will give you a list of where we are going before we leave". They go up to their rooms that interconnect and take off their clothes and get comfortable. Ben tells them he is thinking of going to the following stores the next day, Baccarat; Barney's of New York; Calvin Klein; Emporio Armani Madison Ave; and Jimmy Choo's.

They all say that is OK with them. Becky says she wants to go to that toy store that was shown in the Tom Hanks movie BIG. Ben tells her that is FAO Schwartz and he plans on going there also after they do Madison Ave. He calls down to the manager and tells him he plans for the next day and thank him for the gift baskets in the rooms. They are all tired from all their travels and order room service and head to bed where Ben makes love to several of his women.

He tells Becca and Reba that he plans on training each of their asses while they are in New York. They tell him OK. They finally go to sleep around two in the morning. They wake up and call in for breakfast after they take a showers and get ready for their shopping tour of Madison Ave.

They go to Baccarat and Ben sees several things he likes in the bar and tableware section. He buys what he likes for the bar in the new mansion and for the formal dinning room. He likes the Harcourt collection, Becky and Laurie also like it. He buys fifty water glasses, fifty white and red wine glasses. He orders twenty-five old fashion tumblers and high balls.

He also orders ten old fashion whiskey decanters. He also gets 50 tall champagne flutes. He makes his purchases and they tell him they can ship this anywhere he wants. He gives them his address and puts it on his card. They go to Barney's next and spend a couple of hours looking at dresses, shoes and clothes for everybody. They make their purchases they ask the manager to send the purchases to the Waldorf-Astoria under his name.

He then faxes what he bought to the manager at the Waldorf-Astoria. They then go to Calvin Klein and buy jeans, shirts and briefs for Ben. The young saleslady mistakenly opens the door on Ben and catches a long look at BIG FELLA. She smiles at him and shakes her head. They make their purchases and have it delivered to the Waldorf-Astoria.

The saleslady gives Ben her number and asks him to call her. He shakes his head. They then go to Emporio Armani and the ladies love this store and find a lot of things they love.

Ben sits and watches them. They shop here for three hours and take their purchases up to the counter. They then go to Jimmy Choo's and this was a mistake Ben thinks. They spend a considerable amount of time looking at the shoes. The get shoes for the ladies at home and also themselves. They try on hundreds of shoes. They make their purchases and have them shipped to the Waldorf-Astoria.

Ben sees Georgio Armani Boutique and takes the troop in there. They find several suits that are becoming on Ben. He buys eight suits, twenty ties he likes and several shirts and has them deliver them to the Waldorf-Astoria. He asks the salesman where to go eat around there. They all want steak and he tells them about a good local spot.

He calls the owner over there and he tells him he is send over a special client. They arrive at the restaurant and the hostess asks if they have reservations and he gives his name and she leads him to a private dinning room. When in the room the owner comes in with four bottles of very nice red wine and tells him that it is from the manager at Georgio Armani. They drink a glass and order the largest filet mignon they have ever seen. They all get a lobster with their filet and the waiter says very good sir.

They eat their steaks and lobster meal and then head back to the Waldorf-Astoria. They enter and the manager comes up and tells Ben that everything he bought is in his room and is accounted for.

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He says there is a beautiful young woman in the bar waiting for him. He sends the ladies upstairs and he and Becky go to the bar for a nightcap.

They see the saleslady from Calvin Klein. "Mr. Barnes, I am sorry to barge in on you but I would like to ask you something" she says. They go to a secluded area of the bar. "Mr. Barnes, my name is Monique. I was your saleslady at the Calvin Klein store on Madison Avenue" she says. "Yes, I remember you" Ben says. "Yes, I remember you. You left a big impression on me. I saw your thing in the dressing room. I was wondering if I could make love to you. I well I don't know how to say this, I am a virgin and have never been with a man.

I have seen a lot of men. I have given many hand jobs, but you are the biggest one I have ever seen. Please let me give you my virginity" Monique asks. Ben shakes his head, "If and I mean if I have sex with you I will require you to take it in the ass and down your throat also. Are you willing to do this?". Monique thinks about it and says "Yes, Mr. Barnes". "Becky, what do you think?" Ben asks. "She is very beautiful, Monique do you like girls also?" Becky asks.

"I have never been with a woman, but would like to try it with you". Becky says ok. They go upstairs and they get naked and Ben has Monique suck his cock and get him hard.

He then sucks on her pussy and sees that she is indeed a virgin. He then pops her cherry and then fucks her deep for two hours before pushes through her cervix and pumping her womb for two hours. When he finally cums he does for thirty minutes. She looks up at him and tells him "Thank you, I am a woman now". They kiss and she kisses Becky and then Laurie who is in the bed with them. They send Monique home the next day with a kiss and a swollen belly filled with Ben seed.

They then go back to Madison Avenue to do some more shopping and then go back to the hotel to start Becca's anal training. He fucks her ass ten times in a row then falls asleep. He then does Reba the same way. It is six days later that they go to FAO Schwartz and purchase toys for the children. They head back to the hotel and make love for the next three days. They then pack the limousine with their purchases and Ben takes them to the airport to his private plane. It takes three trips to get everything to the plane.

When Ben finally goes back to the room to get the last of their bags he is greeted by Becky and Laurie. "What's up ladies?".

"Ben, come with us" Becky asks him as they head to the bedroom. Where Ben sees Monique sitting and as he comes in she gets up and kneels in front of him and asks him "Please, Mr.

Barnes, I want to be your lover. I want to be your woman, your slave. I don't want another man to have my body.

I have found the perfect man". Ben looks at Becky and Laurie and they nod yes. "Monique, have my women told you what is expected of a slave?" Ben asks. "Yes, Master. My body is yours, Please make me your slave. I will do whatever you want". "What about your family, Monique?" Ben asks her. "Ben, I am an orphan. I have no family, no relatives that I know of. I am barely making it here. I want to make a better life for myself" Monique says. "How old are you Monique?" Ben asks. "I am sixteen, but I have a fake identification that says I am eighteen.

Please let me be your lover". Monique says.

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"Let me talk it over with my girls here" Ben says as he escorts them out of the bedroom. "I thought I said no more recruiting" Ben says. "We weren't she just showed up today while you were packing the plane.

I like her and she is an orphan, she needs you, Ben. This is the whole reason for why we do this wrapped in one package" Becky says. Laurie looks at Becky questioning her. "OK, I cannot train her right away". They go back into the bedroom and tell her Monique screams and kisses Ben, Becky and then Laurie.

They all go and check out and Ben gives the manager a grand tip. The manager tries to refuse but Ben will not have it. They go to the regional airport and head back home to Alabama with one extra slave that Ben, Becky and Laurie take in bedroom and fuck the whole time they are in the air. Monique is whipped by the time they get to Alabama. Darryl is there with two box trucks and a bus to take everybody back to the mansion.

They enter the mansion and yell we are home. Chapter 15 coming soon. "Doctor Steven Taylor & Wife, Kyle's surprise and Many Many Births". ********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** So far in this series of stories we have: 569 : Number of Pages 337,057 : Number of Words 20,391 : Number of Lines ********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** CONSTRUCTIVE IDEAS CAN BE SENT TO THE FOLLOWING EMAIL ADDRESS: [email protected]