Japanese girl fucked in black stockings

Japanese girl fucked in black stockings
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There comes a time in every gentleman's life when the mad pursuit of fortune and excitement must if not cease then must decidedly diminish. Such realisation came to myself shortly after my fortieth birthday when following a period of illness my physician decreed that if I continued as before I should barely last the decade.

Therefore it was with utmost regret that I decided to retire from the busy life of the metropolis and in stead to seek a country estate where I might take my ease.

Thirty miles from London but within a decent distance of the Grand Union Canal and with the promise of a rail-way from London passing tolerably distantly I found the ideal property.

A House, large enough and yet not excessively large, not too far from London yet not so close as to be hounded constantly by so called friends. However I had barely moved my posessions into my new premises before the visits started. Unmarried girls and their desperate mothers seeking marriage and of course my fortune, generally for the daughter. Among them was Emily, a childhood friend now fallen on hard times who brought her vivacious and precocious daughter Aveline to visit.

I entertained them quite properly as one should a widow and then Emily found an excuse to send Aveline on some errand. "Is she not beautiful!" she exclaimed. "She reminds me of you at a similar age," I admitted. "She wll make some lucky man an excellent wife," she said proudly and looked me directly in the eye. "I hope you are not suggesting I should be that lucky gentleman? I countered. "She is so beautiful yet such a tragedy that William died leaving us so little for a dowry," she explained, "Just think how she would brighten your life." "Er possibly, but she is young enough to be my daughter," I countered.

"But she has so few opportunities, eligable young bloods seek dowrys not just a pretty face," Emily countered. "Had you entertained William properly he should still be with us," I declared somewhat unfairly. "That is unfair," she snapped.

"Good god woman he was full of port wine and opium," I reminded her, "Did no one tell you?" "His heart expired during a game of cards," she countered. "His heart expired indeed, lashed to the wheel of life with his member buried in a naked whore's backside as two other whores revolved it." I explained. "No it cannot be!" she protested. "Oh yes, we frequented the same club," I explained, "And enjoyed the same pleasures, whores leashed and bound and tightly corseted, young girls as fresh and innocent as young Aveline.

That is as fresh as she when they arrived, after a few weeks they would do anyhing a man could desire." "You have a strange imagination John," Emily declared, "But yes I knew of his whore chasing and yes I held him away, but not before he betrayed me with the whores." "So you knew?" I queried, "Yet you would abandon Aveline to a life of sating my perversions?" "No, I would assume you would sate those needs elsewhere." she admitted.

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"Then I am sorry to have to disabuse you of those notions," I explained, "I think it might be prudent to show you my play room, I had intended to invite young maids from the village but with a willing young wife perhaps she should be able to sate my needs, see for yourself the depravation you seek to consign your daughter to." "You jest," she challenged.

"If it will assist your deliberations I shall show you," I suggested, "The chap I bought this from was quite the connisseur of depravation, I own the play room he left me is the equal of any to be found in France or Spain," I pointed at the door, " it is through there." I went to the door and opened it for her to see. The "Play room" as I called it was down a short corridor with a short flight of stairs downward but the far door was open and light flooded into the far room by the skylight so it was not in the least intimidating.

"Do you see?" I explained, "The light comes from the tower above, it is hollow to the glazed ceiling." "Most peculiar," she agreed, but she followed as I led her down and along the corridor.

"Voila! as the frenchies have it," I laughed as I led her into the tower playroom. The entire inside of the hollow stone tower was whitewashed and reflected the light downwards with little diminuition. It was and is twenty feet clear at the base almost circular on two sides but squared on two more where the door came in and the side at right anges where a wheel was situate.

She trod uneasily on the thick carpets as she loked round at the copious polished metal chains, leather straps and other paraphernalia hooked to the lower walls. Whips and paddles, hand cuffs, swords, chains in great profusion, a scolds bridle, chastity belts, various appliances sat upon the work bench to one side. Chains hung from the great oak beam set across the middle of the tower around twenty feet I would say from the stone floor, for which a double ladder rested against the wall.

Chans not merely for the huge candelabra for lighting the room after sun down but many spare stout chains each easily able to take the weight of a man or more likely a woman. On a curved wall a crucifix, full size though with straps not nails for attachment. On the floor stocks, in two sizes, one large for wide spread legs, one small for closed legs. A wheel took pride of place on the squared wall.

Over seven feet in diameter, made by a mill wright and like a mill wheel, except it had adjustable brackets and attachment points for chains.

Its shaft speared the wall of the room and a huge break lever stood proud locking it from turning. "That was how William met his demise," I explained with a gesture towards the great wheel, "With a whore." "Really, I had no inclination to know." she declared, "Did it spin him senseless?" "No, it cannot spin," I explained, "Actually it merely revolves to the inverse position leaving one inverted, or as the case may be as some other angle." She stepped nearer looking at it closely.

"There is a headrest," I pointed to the leather covered cup shaped object at the top of the wheel, "The human head and neck can readily support body weight crushing it though not body weight hanging from it!" I laughed. "And you invert people?" she queried.

"Indeed, hands strapped here and here," I pointed out the wide soft leather hand straps, "And feet restrained and one can invert it most easily, provided one judges the weight and build of the person." She stood transfixed.

"For your size I should set the foot step and about there," I explained as I adjusted the aforesaid step and locked it in position. "Like this?" she asked and she stepped up on it.

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"No facing out, turn round," I explained. She turned, I slid the timber across trapping her feet. "John!" she protested. "Hush, I shall send you head over heels!" I promised. She reached down to free her feet but she merely overbalanced and ended up suported by her hands completely helpless.

"John, Let me go!" she protested. I closed the playroom door and set a timber baulk across it. I returned to Emily. "Have you seen one of these before?" I asked as she looked sideways at me.

"Release me you brute!" she snapped. "It's a skinner, do you see, razor sharp hooked blade backed by a smooth oaken shaft," I explained, "Normally I would slide it down from the nape of a simple unsuspecting maid's neck and into her gown. parting the poor cheese cloth easily and baring her back as I ease it downwards and yet with no danger what so ever of cutting her soft flesh." "Not my gown!" she protested.

"No not today," I counselled and I helped her to stand once more. I took her left hand as I did so and looped it through a leather thong above and to the side of her head. "Stop!" she insisted. I was too strong and instead secured her other hand above her head. Then I pulled the head restraint down onto her head and carefully secured it. I released the break and turned the wheel one half turn.

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Blood rushed to her head. Her skirts tumbled down over her chest baring her parts for like most fine women of that age she wore no pantaloons, just underskirts so naught impeded my view of her between corset and stocking tops.

"Dear god no!" she protested as I gazed with interest at her women's parts. I was not displeased, some fat here and there, fur on her parts I would have preferred shaven but every bit as alluring as the poor wench William had been corking at his demise.

"Would you really wish this on your sweet daughter?" I enquired Instead of releasing her I released the timber securing her feet and took her left leg to the side and fastened it to a leather thong spreading it to the left, then I repeated with the right leg.

She struggled, cursed even but it was done. "The sound travels upward so you may scream and shout to your hearts content," I explained. I took a leather strap from the wall beside the wheel and deftly threaded it through brackets thoughtfully provided and across her chest below her mounds to keep her gown and underskirt out of the way when I turned her again.

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"John!" she said anxiuosly as I carefully revolved the wheel back to bring her upright. It needed some strength. I looked at the counterweight, there were in fact two and after locking the wheel I carefully adjusted the weights by way of wedges and the large adjuster wheels so as to balance as far as I could guess with a second person and then stepped away. "John?" she queried, "Surely you shant leave me thus?" My member was now well roused, "Of course not, I am not so callous to leave a woman unsatisfied after rousing her passions," I explained, "I merely wish to show you how poor William died." I kicked off my carpet slippers and ankle stockings, took off my shirt and breeches and stood before her near bare, "Do you like what you see, do you think Aveline would like my thick purple headed monster ploughing her soft virgin slot?" "No, er yes, I don't know," she blustered.

I wasted no time. I stepped up to the wheel and aimed my member at her soft willing gash. He entered instantly into that warm enveloping heaven and in that instant I kicked off the break. Instantly we started to turn, half way passed and then with increasing speed we went upside down and beyond only to swing back and back again with diminished force until we stilled and the break clicked back into a slot and held us.

Held us locked in a headstand locked together by my cock. It was sweet agony, my arms were afire, my legs waved uselessly and only my member held us together.

"This is how William died," I informed her, "In ecstasy with a whore when your parts should have welcomed him in his own bed." "You don't understand," she protested. "I understand very well," I agreed and with that I shot my load deep inside her.

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"Think on" I counselled as I finished pumping my cream and relieved the weight on my arms by peeling away from her and twisting nimbly to the floor. I wiped my member and went to dress. "John, please, you cannot leave me thus," she pleaded. "Oh I believe I can," I averred, "We shall let my milk soak well in I do not wish to see it wasted." "Please the blood has rushed to my head," she protested. "I believe it rushed there some time ago with notions of pairing your innocent daughter with a rapacious cocksman such as I," I countered, "What were you thinking woman?" "That you have become soft in your old age," she replied, "Admit it, ten years since you would have pounded me for a half hour before you expelled." "You excited me to excess," I protested.

"Already you need a dungeon full of contraptions to even become aroused," she continued cutting me to the quick.

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"I should have no difficulty in performing in my bed, in your bed, in the woods, over the Billiard Table, or anywhere else you might venture to suggest," I asserted, "Anywhere you choose to raise your skirts I shall happily oblige." "It is not my skirts we are concerned with John but Aveline's," Emily reminded me.

"Oh I do not necessarily agree," I replied, "I do believe there is plenty of life in you yet, full ripe womanly breasts, silky highs, moist womb lips which part so easily to allow one to ream your parts, maybe even a child left inside ready to spring to life." "Oh dear god I do hope not," she shuddered, "Not at my age, a child suckling my teats." "Next time I shall bare you so I may suck on your teats myself," I smiled.

"Next time?" she coumtered.


"Or the one thereafter, or the one after that," I suggested. "Are you asking me to marry you?" she demanded. "Good lord no," I sighed, "I desire you for my mistress, far more exciting is it not, for how could I bring a wife to such a place as this and ravish her?" "Very easily if you choose your wife wisely," she suggested.

"Excellent," I agreed, "So can I take it that you will bring Aveline here on the morrow and see how she likes the prospect?" "I shall do no such thing!" she replied. I released the break and allowed the wheel to return to the upright position. Emily looked flushed but relieved.


"Good you have come to your senses," Emily observed. "Oh no, I just wish to suckle your teats," I replied. "No, not now, next time," Emily insisted, "This evening perhaps if you can find rooms for Aveline and myself?" "I shall look forward to it immensely" I ventured.