Steamy hawt from behind sex

Steamy hawt from behind sex
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My wife and I had been married for twenty-one years. She was the love of my life. We married right out of high school, and she delivered the first of our two children, ten months later. We were inseparable. Ever since I have known Angel, she had taken care of herself. She was a cheerleader in school and she worked very hard to keep her body in tip top condition. Even after two kids and at forty years old, she still had the same toned body she had when I fell in love with her. The early years were rough.

We had only had ten months of marriage before our son was born. Like all marriages, we had our ups and downs, and a lot of times there were more downs than ups, but we never gave up on each other. We loved our kids and spent quality time with them, but we were both looking forward to our daughter going to college so we could have some time for ourselves.

The good thing about having kids so young, is that once they were old enough to leave home, we were still young enough to enjoy life. As I said, Angel always took care of her body. Even before she turned forty, she would make would religiously go for her annual checkups. She would also perform self examinations on her breasts in between exams, and of course, I kept a close eye on things as well.

Shortly after our daughter graduated high school, Angel called me into the bathroom one morning. She was standing at the lavatory topless, with her left hand on her right breast. As all men would, I made a sexual comment, but the look she gave me made me regret it. "Feel right here," she instructed me, rubbing her fingers in a circle on the side of her breast.

Concerned, I did as she had asked. I didn't feel anything, and told her so. She smiled and nodded, but I could tell that she had felt something. I suggested she make a doctor's appointment and she assured me she would.

To make a long story short, Angel was diagnosed with stage one breast cancer.


Luckily, because of her constant monitoring, we caught it very early. Although, the cancer was only found in her right breast, we decided to have a double mastectomy and once she was able, have reconstructive surgery. Angel had always been petite. She was only five feet and two inches tall, and weighed around 120 pounds.

Even during pregnancy and breastfeeding our children, her breasts were never larger than a B cup. So when it came time for reconstruction, she asked if she could make them bigger. I had no problem with her request. We made arrangements with the doctor and insurance to pay any additional fees that would be incurred. We scheduled the reconstruction and eventually my wife was the had her new breasts.

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Because of her petite stature, Angel had settled on a C cup. She said that she didn't want to look too out of proportion.

I thought they looked perfect. They were full and firm. After the healing process was over, and things were getting back to normal, I began to notice a change in Angel. It wasn't a bad change, and most people would probably not even notice it, but I did. Before her surgery, Angel had always dressed conservatively. When we would go to the gym, she would wear her yoga pants, but always made sure her tops would cover her bottom. She never wore tops that sagged when she bent over, or that would show even a hint of cleavage, not that she had much to show.

After the surgery though, she was wore tight tank tops and rarely wore a bra. She had always had sensitive nipples, and her new breasts seemed to have enhanced the sensitivity. As my daughter told her, her headlights were always on bright. Her attitude in the bedroom changed as well. Our love life had always been good, but since her new breasts, it became amazing.

When I asked her about her change, her answer was always the same, "You only live once." Her change really took effect while on a cruise. She and I had been saving up for years for a second honeymoon, cruise.

The cancer set us back by a couple years, but we had finally put back enough to go. Angel bought a whole new wardrobe for the cruise, but she would not let me see her in any of her new clothes.

She didn't want to ruin the surprise. Her secrecy had me worried, but it also excited me. My wife had a new outlook on life, and I never once tried to change it. The time to board the ship had finally come. On our way from the hotel to the loading dock, Angel has worn a pair of yoga pants and a tank top, with no bra. Once we were on the ship, she went to our cabin and into the restroom.

When she came out she was wearing a white sundress with a floral print. Again I could tell from her shining headlights that she was braless. We made it to the deck in time for the fireworks and Bon Voyage celebration. She hugged me tight and the smile on her face was priceless. I could feel her hard nipples, press into my chest through the thin button up shirt I had on. The excitement of the cruise and my sexy wifes appearance had an effect. I could feel a stir inside my shorts.

Once we were at sea, we headed to the bar. At the bar, Angel was the center of attention. I noticed that every person, male and female, that we past turned to look at her. Her looks and her personality drew attention. We settled at a table near the bar. We order drinks and talked. It wasn't long before another asked if we minded them sitting with us. Of course we welcomed them. We introduced ourselves and they did the same.

Bob and Katie, like us, were on their first vacation without kids in quite some time. We exchanged stories about our kids and life in general. I could not help but notice how both Bob and Katie, eyed Angel's breasts. I smiled with pride. Apparently Angel noticed them looking as well, because every chance she got she would bend down and pick up something from the floor, or lean back and push her breasts forward.

This show went on for a few minutes and then woman I had know for over half my life, surprised me. "Please for give me for being so upfront, but I have noticed the two of you looking at my girls," she said as she took a sip for her fruity cocktail. Bob and Katie were as shocked as I was. " Oh Angel, I am sorry, but they look so perfect. I mean, we are around the same age, and to be honest, I wish mine looked as good as yours." Bob didn't say a word.

He just looked at me and his face turned about four different shades of red. I gave him a reassuring smile and he seemed to calm a bit. Angel told them about her bout with cancer, and the reconstruction. She told them how she had asked for bigger breasts and that I had allowed her to get what she had wanted. Then without warning, Angel pulled the straps of her sundress down her arms and revealed to them her new breasts.

Every eye in the bar was on my wife's perfect breasts. She smiled as she twisted back and forth shaking them for Bob and Katie. When she realized that everyone was looking at her she stood up in her chair and proudly displayed them for everyone.

The bar erupted with applause and cheering. She bowed and stepped off the chair and put the girls back into her dress. Then she sat back down and continued her conversation as nothing extraordinary had happened. Katie had a million questions for her about the breasts, surgery and the recovery time.

The whole while, Bob and I just drank and kept quiet. If I had not know better, I would have believed Angel was a sales representative for breast augmentation.

Angel answered each question as good as she could, then she suggested that Bob and Katie go back to our cabin so she and Katie could talk more.

Bob and I paid our tabs and followed the ladies back to our cabin. Once we were in the cabin, Angel again lowered her straps and freed her breasts. While Katie sat on one side of her, I sat on the other on our bed. Bob stood back and just observed. Katie brought her hands up and squeezed my wife's breast. It wasnt a sexual feel, but more of an examination feel.

As Katie squeezed and pulled on Angel's breasts, Angel was getting excited. Her hand had been resting on my leg, but the more Katie touched her the higher up it went. It wasnt long before her hand was cupping my balls through my shorts. Angel offered Bob a feel, but he politely declined.

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I was sure he was just playing it safe. I would have had a hard time feeling another woman's breasts in front of her husband and my wife too.

For the next half hour of so, the ladies talked, while Katie touched my wife's breasts. Eventually they started getting ready to leave. Angel stood and walked them to the door. They made plans for us to meet for lunch the next day.

I stayed seated on the bed, because in my current situation I was not able to stand. By the time Angel made it back to me, she had removed the sundress entirely and was naked. She walked seductively toward me. I just sat there and smiled as I waited for her to get nearer. "Do you know how hot it was having all those people looking at my titties?" She said in her sexy, soft voice. "And then to have Katie squeezing them and pulling on my nipples, oh I am so horny." She knelt between my legs and unbutton my shorts.

She grabbed a hold of my shorts and boxers and yanked them down my legs. My cock bounced free. She lowered her head and ran her tongue up and down my cock, then she rose back up and moved closer. She lowered her breasts onto my cock and pulled them together. She sandwiched my cock between her beautiful new breast and began sliding them up and down it. They were soft, yet firm. She would lift and completely envelope my cock and the lower until my head slipped from the valley.

She repeated it over and over. Occasionally she would lick my head, and a couple of times she spat on my cock to keep it lubed. "You like fucking my new titties dont you baby?" I nodded. "Show me how much, cover my titties in your cum baby." The dirty talk sounded like my wife, but again, this was a side of her that I had not seen before. The stimulation of her breasts, topped off with her vulgar language made it impossible for me to hold back. I let out a long groan. She tighten her breasts around my cock and I erupted.

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"Oh yes, give me that cum, baby. Let me drain your cock so you can fuck me hard later. Give it all to me." When my orgasm subsided, she took my deflating cock and wiped the excess cum onto her nipples.

The she pulled her nipples up and stuck out her tongue to clean them. I just watched her in amazement. Once she was done, she pushed me back onto the bed and climbed on. I had no clue what she was about to do, but I was going to do whatever she wanted me to. She stood up onto the bed and straddled me, it was the first time I noticed her smooth vulva. The mattress sunk with every step she made until she was standing right above me face. She lowered and I watched as her freshly waxed lips approached.

I smelt her intoxicating aroma as moments before my tongue slithered inside her. Her hands held the back of my head as she twisted her slim hips around on my face.

I was but an instrument in her lustful act. I held my tongue as stiff as I could and let her use it for her pleasure. I had always loved her taste, but this new side of her intensified everything she did. My hands moved up and cupped the cheeks of her ass.

I kept just enough pressure on them to keep her from smothering me. My tongue worked around her clitoris, and over her lips. I stiffened it again as she rode it for a few strokes. The whole time her nectar pussy and coated my tongue and chin. About the time I felt that my cock was ready for action, I felt her legs tighten around my face.

Her body began to tremble. I knew she was about to cum because she was telling me. The people down the hall knew she was about to cum because she was so loud. When her orgasm hit, she almost broke my nose. Her hips bucked widly on my face and mouth.

I gripped her ass and tried to control her. When it subsided she fell forward and her weight pushed against my nose. She lay motionless for a few moment. I lifted her up and slipped out from under her. I took her legs to roll her onto her back, but she wasnt having that. With her head still planted on the bed, she began to shake it violently. She lifted it and looked over her shoulder at me. "Tonight I want to be fucked like a slut," she said as she raised her hips from the bed and them lifted her upper body on her arms.

Before, she had never liked doggystyle because she said it lacked intimacy.So when she was in position, I gave her no time to rethink it. With one hard thrust I buried my cock into her tight, wet pussy. Her back arched upward as I invaded her. For twenty-one plus years, we had made love, but that night, we were going to fuck.

I slapped her right ass cheek as I began to piston my cock into her. With every inward, my hand slapped her firm ass until it was bright red. She whimpered each time my hand came in contact with her flesh. As the passion grew I gripped her this waist and pumped into her harder. She lowered her upper body to the bed and encouraged me to keep up the pace. Sweat began to stream down my face and chest. I slowed my thrusting a bit, but increased the force.

My upper thighs were slapping her ass hard. The sound filled our small cabin. She was not restraining herself either. She had multiple orgasms as I plowed into her.

With each one she seemed to get louder. I reached around her and played with her nipples and that pushed her over the edge yet again. Her pussy tightened around my shaft, and I knew I was close. I increased my pace, my hand pushing down against her shoulders.

I was fucking her like a madman. I pushed hard and deep and matched her loudness with my own loud moan.

I shot ropes of cum into my wife. With each jet I let out a loud grunt. When the last drop entered her, we both fell to the bed. The last thing I remembered was my cock slipping out of her and her saying, "I love you." When we woke the next morning, we were in the same position that we had went to sleep. She was under me, on her stomach. I slowly lifted off of her and gazed at my beautiful wife. When my weight left her body, she woke up and rolled over on her back. She had the biggest smile on her face.

She slowly sat up and then put her feet on the floor and stood. She wrapped her arms around my neck, and mine went around her waist.

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We kissed and just held each other for a short moment. She looked up at me and smiled. "Thank you, last night was the best sex ever." "No Angel, thank you.

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It was amazing," I replied. She then walked to our luggage and pulled out two small pieces of white fabric. She laid the fabric onto the bed.


It was a g-string bikini. Once it was laid out like she wanted, she turned and looked at me. "Today, our port of call has a topless beach." She had a gleam in her eyes that I had never seen before. I walked over to her and kissed her. "I guess we had better get a shower and head down there."