Shygirl masturbate solo on webcam

Shygirl masturbate solo on webcam
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Note: If you have reservations about young teens being prostituted, no matter with consent or not, do not continue reading. This site is an exploration of fantasies, no matter the form. Mike grinned and started over to the bed. There he lay down on his back, his now erect cock sticking straight up like a pole.

Becca sauntered over, her naked tits swaying back and forth with every step. She climbed on top of him and placed her pussy at the tip of his cock, slowly pushing herself down until she was fully impaled. She closed her eyes with passion. The curve of his cock was just perfect, massaging her G spot with amazing accuracy every time she moved up and down.

Mike, not wanting to be a simple sex toy to his girlfriend, massaged her little B-cup sized breasts with his left hand, and rubbed her clit with the other. She groaned with passion and pushed his hand against her harder as she bounced on his cock.

After a while he grabbed her tight little ass in his hands and began lifting her up and down, faster and faster, until they both began to grunt with the effort. Is penis penetrated her to it's fullest extent, and with every thrust it disappeared completely before returning a second later covered with Becca's slick pussy juice.

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And all at once, they came. Becca convulsed, her tits waving wildly around while she ejaculated all over his chest with a clear, warm fluid. And although he had just cum what seemed like gallons into Cassie, his cock spurted his hot cum straight into her womb. His balls clenched until it felt like they were going to disappear inside him, and she felt his cock pulse with energy inside her pussy. Her walls clamped tighter, milking him for all his worth until she fell down, exhausted.

Cum dripped out of her pussy and down his cock, staining their parent's bed sheets with their taboo juices. They looked at each other, and their passion for the other person was mirrored in their partner's eyes.

Then they kissed, long and hard, they're tongues intertwined, a parable on the union of their naked bodies. But eventually, they realized they would have to clean up before Cassie and Becca's parents got home. So they parted and got dressed, to the disappointment of all. Later that night, as the three of them watched The Dark Knight, Mike had an awesome idea. "Becca? How would you and Cassie like to make a little bit of money?" the two sister's turned to look at him with their amazing blue eyes.

"Sure!" They said in unison. "What do you have in mind?" Mike grinned, and they both saw that primal fire light up in his eyes. "Well, if you don't mind me saying, you two are the greatest fucks in the history of mankind.

And honestly, I would rather have you all to myself. But I'm sure there's other guys out there who would love to bang you up.


Especially my friends." Becca suddenly realized where this was going. "You want us to be prostitutes?" she asked accusingly. Mike's grin didn't diminish. "On paper yes. But in reality, you would be getting the greatest pleasure of your life, while making buko bucks at the same time!" Mike's enthusiasm was starting to catch, and Cassie began to like the idea.

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"How much do you think we'll make?" she asked innocently. "Well, my friends are all with rich families, and they all get exorbant allowances that they hardly know what to do with!

So I'm thinking we could do it on a scaled basis. The more erotic it is the more expensive it is." And so Mike laid out his plan to the girls. For Cassie, the price to see her naked would be $30, to give her cunnilingus $60, for fellatio, $100, and for sex, $200. The whole package would be $360, a thirty-dollar deal. For Becca, the price would be slightly lessened, due to the fact that she was older and therefore slightly less desirable in certain ways.


To see her naked, it would be $40, to give her cunnilingus $55, for fellatio, $110, and for sex, $195. The whole package would be $355, only slightly less than for Cassie. They both agreed that this would be an excellent opportunity, and by the end of the conversation, their panties were soaking wet with anticipation. The next day, while the boys showered after gym, Mike decided to see if his plan would work. He first approached the two most horny kids in the class, Jason and Peter.

Jason was massive, a 6'4" black teen, with a cock like a horse. Limp, it was at least 6 inches long, but erect, it had to reach 11 inches. Peter was no slouch either in the dick department, but his real specialty was lasting power. 30 minutes could pass with the tightest pussy on earth, and he wouldn't even be close to cumming. Mike tried to hide his grin. If, no when, he got these boys to fuck his girlfriend and her hot little sister, the girls would be in for a world of pleasure.

And get them to agree he did. Jason was more than happy to put out all $715 to get some of the tight pussy Mike was offering. Jason wasn't going to make his wishes simple.

He shelled out another $285 to have both of the girls chained up on their beds for him to rape. But Peter had a different plan. He paid $1000 for both of the girls, with an additional caveat.

He wanted to see them both fuck his dog, Bruno. Mike said he'd ask the girls, but with $2000 dollars of cold hard cash in his hand, he knew he could get them to do it. Cassie and Becca could barely contain themselves on the day Jason and Peter were to arrive. They masturbated each other constantly, bringing each other to new heights of orgasm almost every hour.

Finally the doorbell rang, and they both rushed upstairs to change into their birthday suits.

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Mike got the door and greeted Jason, Peter, and his dog Bruno. Mike had purposely neglected to tell the two nymphs about the dog, knowing that the surprise would be well worth whatever pain they gave him later. Already, Jason's dick was at nearly 8 inches simply from anticipation, and when they got upstairs to the girls' bedroom, it flew up to full mast instantly, breaking the button on his pants.

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Cassie and Becca lay on the bed, completely naked, their long, tan legs chained together at the ankles, and their hands tied to the bedposts. Jason grinned, handed Mike the $1000 dollars, and set to work. He stripped quickly, and every teen in the room gasped at the size.

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Fully stiff, it was 11 inches of pure, black meat, and Jason intended to use it to its fullest. He jumped on Cassie first, ready to destroy her 11 year old cunt with his massive black rod.

Staring, open mouthed at the sight of his massive cock, Cassie screamed, and struggled against the ties on her arms and legs. But there was no escape for her. Jason positioned his huge body over hers, moving the head of his dick to the entrance to her pussy.


He slowly pushed forward, squeezing his massive dick into her pussy. Her pussy lips bulged, stretched farther than she had ever thought possible. Jason moaned. This was the tightest fucking pussy he had ever had! Deeper and deeper, his penis pushed the limits of her pussy. Her young body was quivering with lust. Although it had hurt like hell at first, only pleasure reached Cassie's body now.

Jason planted kisses all along her as he slowly crept up her body. He sucked on her tiny tits, licking the hard nipples. His penis was about 6 inches in, a little more than halfway, when he kissed her. It was a passionate, deep kiss, and Cassie wanted to pull him in more, but the chains held her tightly to the bed. Suddenly, he pushed forward, his penis sinking another 3 inches in, pounding into the entrance to her womb. Cassie's eyes opened wide, and she screamed into his mouth.

But he wasn't about to stop now.

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Jason slowly drew his monster dick out a few inches, then slammed forward again, driving himself over and over into her tight little hot box. Cassie couldn't believe it, but she was orgasming over and over again, every time he slammed into her.

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She could almost see his penis inside her, pushing in and out, applying constant pressure to her G-spot. Her body spasmed, squirting cum all over Jason's hard black muscles, making him even hornier than he had been. He kissed her for the final time, driving his tongue into her mouth as he pounded one last time, harder than he ever had before. His massive balls tensed up, and his cock throbbed with energy, sending wave after wave of hot white cum deep into her womb. Cassie's eyes rolled to the back of her head, and she climaxed one last time.

It was so intense, she ripped the bindings on her hands and feet off the bed, and her nude, eleven year old body thrashed in ecstasy underneath Jason's toned black skin.

Finally, the orgasms stopped, and Jason withdrew his limp, but still massive, cock from her inflamed pussy. Cum spilled out onto the bed, and Cassie scooped it up in one hand, then licked it off her fingers. Their combined juice tasted great, and Cassie swallowed every bit that she could. Peter and Mike had watched the whole ordeal with stunned looks on their faces. They couldn't believe that such a young girl had taken a cock like that and lived to tell the tale.

But it was over and done with, and it was Peter's turn to have some fun. They untied Becca from the bed and put her down on her hands and knees. Her tight little ass stuck straight in the air, and if she wondered what Peter was going to do with her like that, it didn't last very long.

Becca saw Bruno. He was a mastiff, large even for his breed, with a dangling weiner almost as big as Jason's. The dog, urged on by Peter, walked over to the young girl's dripping cunt. It sniffed, and the touch of his wet nose sent shivers all the way up Becca's spine. Then, he began licking. Little did Peter know, but Bruno was being used by his mother as a sex toy, and all the tricks he knew were to increase a woman's sexual satisfaction. The dog lapped at the warm pussy in front of him, particularly at the small erect clit.

Becca slumped to the ground with her ass in the air. She spread her legs as wide as she could to give the dog perfect access to her vaginal folds. It didn't take long at all before she came, moaning and shaking with lust.

Bruno knew from his training that this was the perfect time to mount, and mount he did. Without hesitation, the dog jumped up onto the still orgasmic girl's naked back, and humped his erect 9 inch cock against her with wild abandon. At first it simply slid on the surface of her vagina, but a few thrusts later and it slammed into her with a fury. Bruno pounded with speed no other creature can match. The pleasure was exquisite, but Bruno hadn't even begun yet. Slowly but surely his knot rose, climbing on his penis to slap against Becca's dripping cunt.

It was at least 3 inches in diameter, and when it pushed in, it never let go. Stream after stream of dog cum filled her womb. The white, sticky fluid ran down her thighs, pooling next to her feet.

Having never quite gone down from her earlier climax, Becca was in a state of perpetual orgasm.

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Her muscles tightened constantly, and her tongue lolled out of her mouth as the breath was blasted from her lungs with every thrust of the massive dog. Since this is my first story arc, feedback would be greatly appreciated. Also, if a more romantic approach is clamored for, I will be happy to oblige.