Latin Boy Alkan Jerking Off

Latin Boy Alkan Jerking Off
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Max what are we going to do. We just have to hunker down and not cause them trouble. Max black thought back to that morning the two had arrived at the restaurant for their shift not an hour had passed when a gang of bikers walked into the café and sat down.

The Hellions were thirteen strong and easily took the place over.

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They had not caused too much trouble so far but you could tell the time was coming. Ten minutes went by then Slag the leader of the Hellions called Caroline over to his table. Well beautiful this meal needs something to make it edible. What is that Caroline said.

Slag laughs and motions to two of his troops. The two moved up on either side of her and pushed her face down across the table. They stripped her panties from her and pushed her uniforms skirt out of the way. Slag laughed at her as he inserted four fingers into her pussy and started masturbating her to an orgasm.

Caroline screamed out her orgasm and Slag gathered up all of her juices and poured it onto his meal. Chowing down he exclaimed at how much better the meal tasted.

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Caroline blushing furiously she straightened her uniform and continued serving the rest of the gang and customers in the restaurant. One of the other bikers grabbed a hold of max and said how about you supply some of that special sauce. Max spun and slugged him but two of the female bikers grabbed her quickly stripped her and laid her down on the table.

Thank you for volunteering to supply our food additive. You don't mind giving up some juices as she grabbed one of Max's large breasts and twisted forcing Max to moan and reply no problem. I'm Clutch she said and let me get your donation and slid four fingers into her pussy and started pumping. When Max had an orgasm Clutch motioned a girl forward where she used a Turkey baster to suck up her juices. Clutch did this six more times until Max was too exhausted to orgasm any more.

Caroline seeing Max laying on the table totally out of it tried to rush to her aid. Slag grabbed her and said your not going anywhere you and your girlfriend are great examples of opposites. As Slag stripped Caroline of her uniform he kept talkingyou are a skinny blonde with small titties and a small but firm ass.

Where your friend is a big breasted brunette with a nice bubble butt. Now let's see to pumping out more of those delicious juices of yours I bet they make a great replacement for maple syrup.


Now that she was naked he again slid four fingers up into her pussy and started pumping in and out of her until she climaxed then had her juices sucked up then he repeated the process. Caroline came eight more times before she was totally exhausted and couldn't orgasm anymore. The other customers stood and applauded cheering Caroline's ability to cum. Then Slag smiling stood up and dropped his pants let's see if we can't drag one more orgasm out of this bitch.

Slag slid his member into Caroline' small tight cunt having difficulty pushing it in she screamed as he applied more strength pushing it in inch by inch.

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He finally felt his balls touch her groin and slowly pulled his dick out and then back in. He fucked her beginning slowly speeding up until he was viciously pounding into her. Caroline screamed as Slag dragged another orgasm from her tired body.

The restaurants customers saw everything as he stepped back showing both of her gaping holes. She whimpered as she heard him say shall we go again. No she quietly begged no moreokay my blonde bitch but from now on you and your buxom friend will wear the uniform I will have delivered in the morningcome on people let's ride and they all rose and left.

Max and Caroline gathered their strength and finally rose dressed and went home. The next morning they rose and showered as they talked about what happened the day before.

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Max said you do realize Caroline we were recorded during every minute of yesterdays event. They got every orgasmhand fuckeverything. Yeah Caroline said I saw the phones come out. Let's see how bad today is going to be.

They arrived at the restaurant that morning and found two boxes with their names on them. Caroline opened her box and started taking out the items she found in them. The first item was a pair of knee high black leather boots with medium height heels. Matching black silky stockings and four pairs of silver handcuffs. Then she pulled out a short black silky skirt with a pair of chained silver belts with cuffs for buckles.

Then she pulled out a sheer silky white button up sleeveless collarless top that left her stomach exposed and left much of her chest uncovered.

Finally a black hat. Max pulled out a matching outfit. She exclaimed where the hell are the panties and bra. Caroline laughed when she picked up Max's blouse you don't need a bra with this its reinforced for your specific needs. Great so we have to walk around dressed like sluts. That bothers you Maxgrinning Max said not really I just like to bitch. Ooh Caroline does your cunt hurt as much as mine. Yeah Caroline said maybe more and have you seen the menu boardno Max said.

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We are on the board two separate listings for Max and Caroline's special syrup. Oh God Max said I'm praying they don't sell well. Caroline looked at her unquestioningly why Max. If they sell well we will have to provide more syrup. Yeah Caroline the process might be fun once but what if we have to do it daily.

Shaking their heads they dressed and started working. Max did spend the day grinning when she saw that their outfits were causing the customers to have almost constant hard ons as well as the staff EarlOlegand especially Han.