Hot babes get naked in the club

Hot babes get naked in the club
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My wife and I are really close to her best friend Melissa. To be honest I actually have a thing for her. I was in the process of moving out of the friend zone with her when my wife step into the picture and the rest was history.

Now we don't get to see her that often because she has always lived in a different state, but often she comes and visits for a few days. I always get alittle excited and anxious before she comes.

I fantasize about getting an opportunity to see her bare massive tits that she often struggles to keep inside any outfit, but sadly she seems to always get them wrangled up before I can get a good glimpse. Sometimes I fantasize about a threesome with Melissa and my wife, but I know that will never happen because my wife gets very jealous.

She so jealous, I can't make it through a boob scene in a rated R movie without getting hit in the arm and she even stopped listening to Taylor Swift cause I once said I found her attractive.

I wouldn't expect Melissa to be any help either. After a series of horrible life events, she found God a few years back and has been on a straight and narrow path ever since. During one of her visits a while back, I happened to walk by Melissa's open door one mourning as I was leaving for work to find her sleeping without any bottoms on. Her round ass in the air and the sight of her sweet pussy lips sneaking out between her legs had me hypnotized.

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Finally the fear of either her waking up or the wife walking down the hall and catching me in the act was enough to get me to leave. This time, Melissa had come to visit because of a cousin graduation and would be staying at our house. This time of year is always busy for my wife and she had came home from a 15 hour work day and went straight to bed. Worried about feeling rude, I stayed up to hangout with Melissa. Melissa was also getting ready to go to bed and just got out of the shower. She was wearing a silk light blue nightie that clinged to the shape of her body.

She was laying on the bed, on her belly, facing the bottom of the bed to get a better view of the TV. Now I do not like laying in bed unless Im going to sleep so I sat on the the floor using the right side edge as an arm rest (we are too poor to spend alot of money on a guest bed, so the bed sat on the floor also). Conversation was going pretty light, so I began to look through my Facebook news feed. I came across a funny meme about a cowboy not being able to control his horse, and told Melissa to come look at it because I knew she had grown up on a ranch.

Melissa first tried to scoot across the bed but after she spent too much effort to only get a few inches, she realized this was not an effective way to get across.

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However this scoot was very important because when she scoot her right boob moved right with the rest of her, but her night gown didn't. This means that when she rolled from belly to back her massive breast came flying across in all it's glory.


In a panic, she continued to roll in a attempt to cover up. However she ran out of bed, and began to fall off. I reacted and reach out to catch her, but because my eyes were glued to the free breast, my right hand gripped on to the loose tit while my left grabbed the right leg. She attempted to roll back, but was too far off the bed to get the momentum to swing back.

I also was in an awkward position that I couldn't get my arms extend to push her back up. Her nipple was placed between my middle and ring fingers, and immediately got hard as I press against it.

I remembered overhearing a conversation she had with my wife about not being touched in awhile and how much she craved to feel of a man and here she was, nipple hard and everything.


There seemed to be only one solution, she was going to have to continue to fall on top of me. I moved my right hand off her boob which throw my balance back, she reach out to catch herself but brushed against my harden cock when she put her hand down. Startled by feeling my excitement, she moved her hands and her faced rubbed against my dick.

As she came down I caught her other leg and noticed she wasn't wearing any bottoms. That amazing ass and beautiful pussy that I saw that glorious mourning a few years back was now was slowly moving towards my face.

I carefully sat her down, the top of her pussy on my chin and my lips softly touching her soft pussy lips. I sat still trying not to breathe expecting her to scramble off, but instead she was rubbing her cheek against my penis. She then tilted her head and began putting her mouth on my dick. I gave up resisting, and snuggled my chin spread her lips apart.

I opened my mouth and let out a breath on her pussy, which brought her back to reality and what was going on. I was able to get a small lick of the tongue down the crest of her pussy as she lifted her hips off me.

We both sat up, me on my ass and her on her knees to my right side. We sat there breathing heavily, with her hand still place on the top of my shorts rubbing my cock. Finally she broke the silence by whispering between breaths, "I can't stop." Afraid my silence would scare her, I replied with "Are you wet?" Confused by my question she asked "Couldn't you tell?" Truth be told, I didn't notice when I tried to lick her pussy, so I said no.

Still on her knees she opened up her legs and softly said, "how about you check now." My hand moved up her soft thighs, feeling the warmth of her pussy as I get closer and closer to the middle. Her soft hairs around her pussy, brushes against my hand, as I take my index and middle fingers to spread her lips. I took my middle finger and press it against her moist clit. This send her over the edge, as touching my dick through my shorts wasn't enough.

She reaches under and pulled out my throbbing cock out and begins stroking it. I begin to follow the source of the juice dripping from her clit to my finger, and my middle finger started to slide inside her vagina before being stopped because of the lack of room for my index finger. She let out a soft moan which was cut short by the louder scream because I switched fingers and placed my index deeply inside her pussy.

She moaned louder and louder and even thrusted her hips as I slide my finger in and out of her tight pussy. I took this amazing opportunity to return to her exposed boob and lick and bite the nipple. After working her pussy looser, I switched things up by returning to the clit.


Her level of pleasure continued to raise as I moved back to the pussy, but this time with both fingers. I didn't get three thrust in before she started to beg. "I want your dick, I need your dick, GIVE me your dick!" She then began to climb on top of me, violently grabbing at my dick when it hits me. "What about my wife?" Slips out between my lips and we froze where we were. What if we were too loud, what if she woke up.

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Melissa wrapped her arms around me and whispers in my ear, "I have to have you" as she lowers her pussy down over the head of my penis.

She sinks lower and slowly, when finally I can't take it. If she goes any further, there would be no turning back, no matter who walks in, so I lift her off, and tell her I'm going to go make sure my wife was still asleep and when I come back I'm fucking her like she's never been fucked before. I pulled up my shorts up and I quitely crossed the house.

I peak into the master bedroom and noticed that my wife was still sound asleep. Just as quitely as I crossed, I returned to the guest room to find the door closed.

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I took a second to think things over. What if she changed her mind? What if she tells my wife what happened and I never get to see her beautiful breasts again or feel the warmth of her pussy on my cock.

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I grab the handle and twist.