Making love under loch ness

Making love under loch ness
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This isnt necessarily a rare fantasy, but none the less it is one of my favorites. SetUP - I am a 25 year old math professor at a local community college. She is freshman, shoulder length blond hair, c-cup breasts, petite, great ass, long legs. Angela walked into my class 5 minutes late wearing the universal schoolgirl slut outfit: white thigh-highs, a short plaid skirt, pigtails,and a tight fitting white blouse tied around her midsection showing off her toned stomach.

I stopped in the middle of my lecture, looking her up and down once.


"nice of you to join us today Angela" I said in a somewhat stern voice but smiling slightly. "I'm so sorry mr. stone, i had car trouble" she replied. i looked her up and down one more time before pointing to a desk in the very front row in front of my desk and telling her to sit there for the rest of the class because of her tardiness.

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"yes sir" she mumbled as she slid into the desk, her skirt riding up and giving me a glimpse of her pink thong panties before she pulled it back down again. I continued my lecture, my eyes gravitating to her more often than not, roaming over her tight young body.

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She must have noticed because she started to tease me, subtlely at first but becoming more obvious as the class progressed. At first she would just cross and then uncross her legs, giving me peeks now and again at her panties. That led to opening and closing her legs, fast at first, but becoming slower and wider.


All the while running her tongue around her pen and putting it in her mouth while looking me directly in the eyes and smiling. After 15 minutes of the constant teasing, as can be expected, i had a very noticeable bulge forming in my khakis. At risk of being noticed by the class i casually retired to my desk, giving them assigned reading for the remainder of the period.

I then pretended to grade papers, glancing up every few seconds to see her looking right back at me, legs spread wide, a wet spot forming on the crotch of her panties. She was still smiling at me, licking her lips, and sometimes pursing her lips as if to blow me a kiss. She then placed her hand on her knee, running it slowly up her leg and inner thigh to her wet panties.

She rubbed her pussy through her panties for a moment, the wet spot growing as she bit her lip. She looked around, making sure no one was paying attention before pulling the thongs to the side, displaying her completely bald, glistening wet, pink pussy.

She ran a finger up and down her wet slit before pulling her panties back into place and raising the finger to her mouth and slowly sucking it, tasting herself. Just then, the bell rang, the class scurried out of the room and soon it was only myself and her left, both still sitting at our desks, staring at one another, smiling, her biting her bottom lip and me grinning at her.

She slowly slid out of her seat and walked slowly to my desk, my eyes glued to her, scanning her up and down what seemed like a thousand times before she made it to me behind my desk. I turned my chair facing her and without saying a word she reached straight for the bulge in my pants, stroking my throbbing cock through the fabric.

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I reached up, pulling her down to me and kissing her passionately, massaging her tongue with mine and gently nibbling her bottom lip. My hand reached around, running up the back of her leg to her firm ass, squeezing it gently at first then hard. I ran my fingers from her asshole to the wet spot in her panties before pulling them to the side. I pulled her panties to the side as she unzipped my pants, pulling my throbbing cock free and stroking it gently.

I ran my fingers up and down her slit then slowly slid one into her, she moaned as she took the head of my cock into her hot wet mouth, sucking it gently. she then took almost my entire length into her mouth and down her throat before gagging, covering it in spit, then using her hand to stroke me into her mouth. i fingered her pussy wildly, adding another finger as she slurped and sucked my cock, twisting her hand around the shaft.

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i pulled her off of my cock, it completely covered with spit and some on my pants around it as well. i told her to sit on my desk in front of me. she did, and i leaned over, running my tongue up her thighs, kissing each one before making it to her once again panty clad pussy. i licked around the edge of her panties, teasing her before pulling them to the side again and running my tongue up and down her now sopping wet pussy. i licked and sucked her clit, then moved town, tonguing her sweet hole, then moved further down, licking her pink asshole.

i kept this up for some time, she moaned and ran her fingers through my hair as i devoured her pussy and ass. I couldn't stand it anymore, i had to feel that tight young pussy. i stood up, kissing her, letting her taste herself on my lips as i rubbed the head of my throbbing cock up and down her wet slit, covering it with her juices.

I slowly slid the head of my cock into her, her pussy stretching around me. she moaned into my kiss as i slid deeper into her, her warmth enveloping my cock inch by inch until i was completely buried with my balls pressed against her ass. I stood there for a moment, letting her tight pussy adjust to my cock, kissing her lips and neck. i started to pull out, then slide back in, fucking her harder and faster, both of us still fully clothed with her panties pulled to the side.

I fucked her good and hard, making her pussy cum as she whimpered and moaned, her cum running down my cock and soaking her panties. I pulled her shirt open, sucking and licking her nipples as i slid in and out of her sopping wet cunt. we fucked wildly, slamming hard and fast and slowing down to a hard grind, then back to slamming. She started whispering to me, telling me how bad she wanted to feel my cum, begging me to fill her tight little hole with my seed.

I couldn't resist, i fucked her good and hard before my cock erupted deep inside her, painting the walls of her pussy with my hot load. She moaned as she felt it and I stood there, letting my cock finish filling her, kissing her lips. I slowly withrew my cock from her, a large glob of my cum running out of her freshly fucked hole onto my desk.


I grinned as i pulled her panties back over her pussy, trapping my cum inside her. I helped her off my desk, fixed her top, kissed her deeply for a moment, then patted her butt and told her to get to her next class as the bell rang.