My best crony secret d and big tits anal orgy party first time partnership day

My best crony secret d and big tits anal orgy party first time partnership day
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(The.Aftermath) "I shouldn't have liked it. There must be something wrong with me." Rachel stares off into space, the person complaining in her ear about her cell phone fading to an incoherent mumble as she's swept up in thoughts of what happened over the weekend. Flashes of memory assault her senses, bringing back even the smells. let alone the feelings.

Her hands clenched tightly in her lap, she tries to smother a tiny whimper as her pulse starts to beat dully in her clit, dampness spreading over the crotch of her panties, her cunt and asshole both throbbing painfully as her muscles contract and her thighs tighten and start to rub together involuntarily.

vaguely she becomes aware of an annoyed "Hello? HELLO?" in her ear. the forgotten customer. "Yes ma'am, I'm here" Rachel croaks, her mouth suddenly dry. The woman immediately begins complaining shrilly, saying the we simply MUST turn her phone back on RIGHT NOW, because she NEEDS IT, and she paid her bill late last month and it was still on.

blah blah blah. nerves frazzled to the breaking point, she snaps "Look, we can't do it until you pay your bill, and that's your fault, be glad you don't have REAL problems." and stops herself before she goes any further. Mumbling a quick "Sorry I couldn't help enjoy the rest of your day" she releases the call and yanks her headset off her head, throwing it onto her desk and standing up rather dramatically, drawing curious stares from her co-workers.

and one in particular, who smirks almost imperceptibly and continues smooth-talking his irate caller while he takes in all the damning details giving away Rachel's state. her shaking hands, heaving chest, and wide, nervous eyes. then watches her big, round, sexy ass as she hurries away with a satisfied gleam in his eye. Stumbling into the break room, Rachel breathes a sigh of relief at it's emptiness. for all intents and purposes it was far too early for a break since she's only been there about half an hour, but she could no more work today than she could forget about what happened for the last few days.

finding the furthest, most remote chair in the room, she slumps into the corner and buries her face in her arms, shaking all over as she the memories overtake her and she relives her ordeal again in earnest. (The.Beginning) Rachel stares at the clock on the bottom of her computer screen intently, waiting for that magic two-minute-mark before the end of her shift when she could stop taking calls and finish up, then get the hell out of the office for the night.

with one change today. Today was the day she was finally going to invite Eric to do something this weekend. she picked Thursday to be both considerately ahead of time as not to be last minute and in hopes that he wouldn't already have plans, but also not so early in the week as to seem like a desperate dork. her palms were sweaty and her heart was fluttering in chest as she glanced at him across the isle in her peripheral vision, the light scattered in his spiky, light brown hair.

that cocky grin lighting up his perfectly chiseled features. her throat closes as she finishes logging off and notices that he is also almost done and gathering his things to go. taking a deep breath she stands and with a much-practiced hair flip and a smile she hopes looks natural she says brightly "Hey, Eric. week's almost up, huh? Aren't you glad?" He looks up and turns the full power of that megawatt smile on her, making her forget to breathe as always "Hell yeah girl.

can't wait to have my two-day break from this hellhole" flashing a wink at their boss, who just giggled in response. pretty common for females around Eric. Rachel laughs along with their supervisor, trying to remember her 'lines'.

"So, um, Eric. if you didn't have any plans this weekend, I got these tickets." asking around carefully had earned her the tidbit that Eric loved metal ". to the big metal show Friday night. I mean if you're lookin for something to do I have an extra." and then tilts her head in what she hopes is a sexy way.

"Oh, yeah, that. I'm already going with my girlfriend, but thanks." Eric smiles knowingly and wraps his arm around Rachel's drooping shoulders in a half-hug. "Thanks for asking though, Rach. you're a good friend." "Oh, sure, yeah, of course." she stutters and tries not to look as crestfallen as she feels, avoiding Eric's eyes. "See you tomorrow man." and watches him walk off without a backward glance.

So distracted and distraught was she that she didn't realize someone was standing right behind her until a quiet throat-clearing sound jolts her out of her miserable, rejected thoughts. "Oh. hi, Josh." she mumbles. "Hi Rachel. were you talking about Metalfest? Because I would love to go, if you are ok with it. I mean, I'd even pay you back for my ticket." he licks his lips nervously, his eyes locked on her ample cleavage. Rachel was the best part of working at this shitty job, he thought.

the amazing, exaggerated hourglass of her curvaceous figure danced through his mind in various states of undress all day long. her husky little-girl voice as she placated customers sending shivers up and down his spine and making it often impossible to stand. he wanted her fiercely, but she would barely talk to him. Rachel sighs inwardly and mentally braces herself for visual assault.

she could almost feel Josh's eyes crawling over her skin like spiders, making her want to shiver. This was the last thing she needed; the office pervert eyeraping her after being shot down by her crush. Not only that, but what he was asking of her in front of everyone was so reasonable that she risked looking like a stuck up bitch if she said no.

biting her lip in an unconsciously sexy way, she thinks fast. "Sure Josh, why not? I'll uh. let's see, come outside so I can get my phone." and starts walking quickly toward the door, Josh's long, lanky form close on her heels. Once outside, she stopped. "The tickets were $35" she said flatly. Josh immediately digs in his pocket and hands her two $20s "Do you have change?" "No, sorry." "Well, don't worry about it. we'll call it gas money I guess." "Um, no.

my car's uh, full already, I'll have to meet you there." She actually only bought 2 tickets. screaming heavy speed metal wasn't her or her friends' thing, she had only been willing to go for Eric.

"Oh, well, ok. still, that's less markup than the average scalper, and the show's sold out" he winks lecherously "so where can I meet you at?" Fighting to not roll her eyes, she makes up a meeting point for him to meet her group and hands him his ticket quickly as soon as they get to her car so she can get her purse.

His eyes seem to bulge out of his head as she bends over and leans into the car, the back of her very classy skirt raising until the edge of her thigh-high stockings could just barely be seen through the walking slit in the back. let alone how the material stretches and pulls tight against her ass, outlining that perfect, big round peach in ways that fired his tortured imagination.

Thrusting a slip of paper at him, she slides into her car and quickly pulls the door shut, not noticing a sheet of loose paper blow out of her back seat and flutter to the asphalt. Forcing a smile, she blurts "see you later!" and backs out quickly, over the lost paper and off.

Josh stares, waving stupidly, still slightly awestruck. Shaking himself, he notices the bit of trash and goes to throw it away, glancing at it in mild curiousity, and then harder when he sees Rachel's name. it was a resume! She had a stack of them in her back seat from job-hunting and having her door hanging open while she sold her ticket must have loosened one from the bunch.

His eyes flit over the paper, noting her home address, other personal info. His hands shaking, he folds the piece of paper carefully and slips it into his back pocket, where he can swear he feels it, heavy and hot there against his scrawny ass cheek.

Making his way to his own car, he absorbs the details of the show. then raises the slip of paper up to his nose. The unmistakeable scent of girl filled his nostrils. something like makeup and breathmints. and her perfume. That musky, vanilla-y, insanely sexy smell that follows her wherever she goes. He slides behind his front seat, still sniffing the ticket, his long, thin cock hardening in his pants.

he janks his door shut, rolling up his heavily tinted windows, and lays his seat back, opening up his pants and taking hold of his stiff cock with his free hand. stroking it's length from base to tip in faster and faster strokes as he inhales deeply over and over. finally just the top couple of inches and his swollen, purple head in short, quick, jerky movements, his hand almost a blur. his breaths hard and fast, punctuated with little moans. In barely five minutes he let loose a stream of hot cum that shot out of his pulsing cock with such force he almost hit himself in the chin.

he could feel the warm, wet lines he continued to spurt laying heavy on his chest and stomach, slowly soaking into his black tshirt. Tucking the concert ticket into the console between the seats of his beat up old Chevelle, he opens his eyes and laughs a little at the splashed trails of pearly cum on his shirt, peeling it off carefully and tossing it in the backseat, then drives home to plan his moves for he and Rachel's "date".

he could hardly wait. Rachel, on the other hand, barely gave the show another thought, except in flashes of remembered embarassment over Eric's casual dismissal. because she didn't plan to go at all.

The next day at work Rachel repeatedly blew off Josh's attempts to discuss the show or anything else in a distractedly polite way. until he was far away enough to hear her giggling to her bitchy friends, knowing it was he she was laughing at.

he just kept telling himself "Tonight she'll see, tonight I'll get a chance to show her how great I could be to her." planning on pulling out all the stops to charm and interest her.

He watched her fawn over that dickhead Eric like she'd like to drop to her knees and blow him in front of everyone if he told her to, fuming silently and gritting his teeth, twirling a strand of his limp, chin-length hair around his finger and wishing it was time for a break.

Rachel, on the other hand, barely registered Josh's advances on her radar, except to snicker privately with her two best girlfriends while they made real plans to go barhopping. She'd had the last turn at 'designated driver' AND she was nursing a rejection. she was damn sure getting drunk tonight!

Responding to Josh's 'See you tonight!' with a distant-looking nod and wave as she heads out the door, already planning the best outfit for a night of cockteasing. the perfect antidote for the rejection blues was to deal some out. Josh took care getting ready, making sure he looked as good as he could.

It wasn't that he was ugly so much, he figured. just tall and skinny and. maybe his nose was too big. he stared at himself in the mirror.

He had been told by his friends. mostly on the internet. that he looked like a 'normal Marilyn Manson' which he figured was pretty cool. so he was growing out his lank, almost-black hair to play up the resemblance. He hated the in-between phase he was in. the odd chin length, which could either hang in his narrow face or be tucked behind his ears in a way that looked hopelessly dorky. He decided to let it hang and deal with the annoyance, throwing on some studded cuffs and a worn band shirt, wanting Rachel to see him in a different light so badly he could taste it.

Deciding he couldn't go this nervous, he bugs his roomate for a joint and smokes about half of it quickly, getting headrushed and feeling giddy with excitement, then takes off out the door in a haze of confidence, ready to finally hang out with Rachel. (The.First.Night) Two hours into the show, excited buzz long gone, he finally let himself accept she wasn't coming.

he hadn't moved from the meeting spot, hadn't enjoyed any of the show. and was now consumed with a blinding rage. "That. stuck-up bitch. fucking cunt. " teeth grinding at he muttered, fists clenched so hard his nails dug into his palms, stomping out to his car and slamming the door behind him after throwing himself into the seat hard enough to make his shocks squeak. He rests his head briefly on the wheel as a wave of humiliation washes over him. thoughts of "I can't believe you thought she'd show up, loser.

who were you kidding." then throws his head back with a growl of rage and beats his fists on the steering wheel "FUCKING STUPID IDIOT!!" he roars, giving in to anger to stop the embarassment of tears. After sitting there awhile, cursing Rachel and trying to calm down, he stops short, pulling out his wallet and digging behind all the random crap to the folded up sheet of paper so recently added.

unfolding it slowly, an evil grin spreading across his face, he ponders the best route to the address before him. after stopping for a few things first. Rachel had a great evening with her friends; flirting and drinking heavily, acting as though she and her best friend Julie might be sleeping together with innuendo, naughty touches, and kisses designed to light fires of lust-filled imagination in any guy who saw them.

The contrast of her willowy, pale, Titian-haired frame. so tall and lanky, next to her own overly voluptuous, olive skinned and dark-haired body drawing stares of admiration from guys and glares of jealousy from girls receiving less attention. All in all, it was exactly what she needed to make her forget that the one guy she wanted, she couldn't have.

all the attention made her nipples stiff and her pussy throb and get slick. plus, making out with Julie really was one of the hottest things she ever got to do, and sometimes she wished it would go beyond the bar teasing. catching herself starting to fantasize, she excuses herself from the crowd at the bar and walks slightly unsteadily to the bathroom, relieving the pressure on her bladder with a relieved moan. Tottering out of the stall, she doubletakes at her own image in the mirror, a silly smile spreading across her face as she revels in her own hotness.

she knew some few guys and a lot of girls liked to call her "fat", but she and anyone who got to see her naked knew better. her curves her firm and smooth and made for fucking. she ran her hand over her own ass and smacked it as hard as she could manage, giggling drunkenly and stumbling out of the bathroom back to her friends.

A couple more mind-erasers later, she was ready to go home. the three of them piled into Brandy's mustang, her complaining good-naturedly about the other two being 'drunk bitches' and saying she'd be glad she got to drink next time.

It took the two of them to get Julie up her stairs. she was tall but thin and had less tolerance than she looked like.

and then Rachel got home, finally. She blessed the good fortune that some older relative had decided to leave her their small, secluded house so she didn't have to deal with apartment stairs and nosey neighbors. at 24 she was the only person she knew who owned her own home. Kicking her heels off next to the door, she sheds her tight leather corset top and and short skirt, then unclips her bra and drops it too on the way to her bedroom with a sigh of relief, heavy breasts bouncing free.

leaving a trail of sexy black clothes from her front door to her bedroom. She falls on the bed in her panties and stockings, the bands digging into her meaty thighs just enough to hold them up. the lack of garters making her look more vulernable somehow. and falls asleep on her stomach there, feet dangling over the end of her bed, half-bare ass in her cami panties out in all it's glory.

While Rachel was finishing up her night and passing out at home, Josh was making a couple of stops. home first for a few 'toys' and other things he had on hand that might be useful. then a wal-mart that was still open at almost 1am for some thin, flexible nylon rope, duct tape, and on a whim as he passed the toy section, a child's paddle/ball game with a wide, wooden paddle that seemed unusually sturdy.

The bored girl behind the register did give him a slightly quizzical look over his motley collection of purchases, but he barely noticed. the time it had taken him to prepare hadn't dulled his rage one bit. Instead, it kept getting worse as he remembered all the times she'd snubbed him. laughed at him.

treated him like a joke. all those remembered giggles with the bitch patrol that he knew were at his expense. it was the same old fucking story since high school. He pictured her sweet, sultry face in his mind. skin olive-toned but pale and creamy nonetheless, surrounded by waves of shiny black hair.

and that body, that insanely sexy body that tormented his days and haunted his dreams. so round and yet so firm, wide shoulders and childbearing hips tapering into a surprisingly small waist, the barest little roundness in her belly, and the magnificent tits.

he had wanted to wrap his skinny frame in her soft curves since the first day he saw her. The response thinking about her in such detail elicted in his cock just fueled his anger more.

he could hear her husky-sweet voice telling him where to meet her. 'fucking bitch.

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lying, snobby whore. this isn't fucking highschool!' he thought, fuming over her adolescent and selfish behavior. Well, she was going to learn tonight that she wasn't the fucking prom queen anymore.

he would make sure of that. Glancing over at the bags on his passenger seat, the same evil grin as earlier spreads across his face and his foot gets a little heavier on the gas, eager to reach his destination.

Looking at the address again, he noted the lack of a building or apartment number, and realizes that he's heading for a nicer, if also older, part of town. his stomach gets heavy with nerves, considering the possibility she still lives with her parents. then laughs and slaps his leg in relief, suddenly remembering the day she inherited the house from her great-aunt and how excited she had been at work.


She had talked about little else all day. 'small, kinda old, but all mine and paid for' she had said. As far as he knew, none of the other bitch patrol lived with her. the knots in his stomach slowly loosen as he turns onto her street, noting how all the houses are dark and quiet.

nicely spaced out from one another. and set back from the road far enough to all allow for exactly the kind of privacy he needed. His cock was throbbing with need and excitement when he sees her dark red cavalier parked in the driveway of what did indeed look like 'grandma's house'.

it was also dark and silent. He glanced at his watch, noting that it was just past 2 am, and decides since he can't be sure if she's home yet he should be extra quiet breaking in.

and it ended up being a moot point when he discovered a spare key in the second place he looked. Shaking his head in disgust at her stupidity, he slips into her mostly-dark house.

from inside he can tell a lamp is on somewhere. Josh needn't have bothered with all his stealth. Rachel was well and truly passed out and snoring softly, not having moved an inch, feet still dangling, ass still on display. Noticing the corset top on the floor, he picked it up and sniffed, shivering at the strong scent of her and hoping she had just taken it off.

following the trail of discarded clothes, Josh finally reached the source of the light. He sucked in a breath sharply, his cock twitching in his pants. The light was coming from the small bathroom off her bedroom. and it was just enough to highlight her mostly-nude curves in such a way that he was stunned momentarily at the sheer sexiness of it. He stood there staring, afriad to move, until he heard one of her soft snores, and also caught a whiff of alcohol.

and realized that he'd gotten luckier than he could have imagined. she was passed out drunk! It explained the mess on the way to the room, the careless way she had fallen into bed. setting his bags down gently on her dresser, he walks around the bed, surveying her from every angle, adjusting his hardness as it strained painfully against his jeans. Ripping a length of duct tape slowly and quietly off the roll, he climbs up on the bed, straddling her thighs easily with his long, lanky legs.

and leans over, sliding one arm under her neck and pulling her up and back quickly before slapping the tape on her mouth and pushing her head back down onto the bed. She came awake slowly at first, groggy and still drunk, the heaving in panic as she realizes her mouth is taped and there's someone on her back. he leaned forward and wraps his hands around her soft throat, feeling her pulse beat wildly under his hands.

the urge to squeeze almost overtaking him. but instead he hisses "be fucking still, cunt, or I will kill you." In what he hopes is a disguised voice. Her thrashing stops instantly, and he can feel her trembling under him in fear. a feeling so hot he thought for a moment he might blow it in his pants. "That's right bitch. just do what I tell you and you don't have to die. But if you fucking MOVE when I let go, I'll choke the life out of you right now." slowly he takes his hands from around her throat.

she doesn't move. Turning slightly, he reaches down and rubs his hand from the undercurve of her ass down her thigh until he reaches the top of her right stocking, shoving a thumb under the band, and raising her limp leg to yank it off completely, the stretches it between his hands experimentally, then doubles it and leans forward to loop the thick, stretchy fabric over her face, feeling with the tips of his fingers to make sure her eyes are completely covered and pulling part of it down over her nose for good measure.

This increased difficulty in breathing causes a tremor in her previously still form, but before she can start to panic, he rips the duct tape from her mouth and she gasps big breaths. As soon as she catches her breath, she starts pleading in her little-girl-who-smokes voice "please, don't hurt me, I have jewelery, you can have it, you can have anything, but please don't hurt me." babbling, starting to sob, she points him toward her jewlery box, her purse, anything but her own mostly-naked body.

"I don't want your money, cunt." he growls, wrapping her hair around his fist and yanking back as he leans over to whisper in her ear "I want payback, you fucking stuck-up cocktease. payback for every guy you ever made fun of." he struggles not to say 'every date you ever broke' ". you need to be taken down a peg or two. you're not a fuckin princess, you're just a cunt, and I'm gonna treat you like one." The trembling increases between his legs as she listens, her mind racing as she thinks someone must have followed her home from the bar.

that quiet, geeky Josh was her punisher never crossed her mind. Her shoulders shake with sobs as she realizes there's probably nothing she can do to get away. Grabbing both shoulders roughly, he pulls both arms behind her back, and slides back off the bed and to his feet, yanking her with him.

Her bare breats bounce and jiggle with every movement and he has to avert his eyes briefly to keep from taking them in his hands right away. dragging her backwards the small distance, she nearly stumbles to the floor as he grabs the coil of rope from her dresser and begins to bind her wrists behind her back tightly. Once he has them secured, he grabs the pocketknife in his things from home and cuts off the rest of the rope, letting it fall to the floor for now.

Rubbing both hands up her arms to her strained shoulders, her yanks Rachel's shaking form back against him, shoving his hardon against the crack of her ass, wanting her to feel it and know what was coming even as his hands make their way down from her shoulders and over those glorious breasts.

squeezing and testing their weight for a moment before taking a nipple between both thumbs and forefingers and pinching harshly, twisting hard, loving the sound of her trying to smother pained cries in the throat. With an evil chuckle he shoves her back onto the bed and grabs the remaining rope, immediately following her, yanking off her panties and setting them aside as he turns her over under him while holding her legs tightly, lest she get any ideas.

planting one knee painfully into her left shin, he secures her right ankle to her thigh, bending her leg as far as it would go, then her ankles together, and finally her left ankle to her left thigh.

leaving her legs completely bent, but her knees easily spreadable. which he does now, his mouth going dry at the sight of her almost-bald pussy. then lets his eyes travel up, over her trembling stomach. her full breasts thrust forward by her arms bound behind her, to her face, half-covered by a double-layer of stocking. Her mouth was hanging open as she panted in fear, little whimpers mixed in with the breaths that he wasn't sure she knew she was making.

Shaking himself to regain control, he raises one hand and slaps her on her spread-open cunt hard, making her squeal and struggle against her bonds futilely. He laughs again and leans over her, flicking his tongue over one nipple and then the other while she tries to squirm away, trailing the wetness up to her neck, letting his tongue rest where he can feel her pulse fluttering under her skin.

"What's gonna happen here. princess. is that I am gonna have you, anyway I want you. for as long as I want to. and if you fight, if you fail to do exactly what I tell you. I will kill you. I don't give a fuck, honestly. so go ahead and pull something stupid, if you wanna die." He rasped against her tender neck.

Rachel feels something in her break at his words. her rapidly-sobering mind screams in silent protest that anyone would do this to her. her arms and legs already starting to ache under the strain of their bondage, her pussy still stinging from the slap. and the tears that are soaking the stockings over her eyes and nose are making the fabric feel even thicker and heavier and making it harder to breathe. all the fight leaves her body as she realizes she can only make it worse.

and he might kill her after all. Josh feels the tension leave her voluptuous frame as she gives in, a wave of triumph surging through his body.

finally he knew that she was truly his! Staring at her bound and spread-eagled body, he slaps her again on her open cunt. then her breasts, slapping them both until red handprints cover them and she starts to gag on her sobs, then he stands up and watches her writhe in agony, pulling his shirt off and dropping his pants.

doing everything as slowly and delberately loudly as he can. before picking up the kid's game from the dresser. Taking out his pocketknife again, he cuts the thing elastic string holding the rubber ball to the paddle, tossing it onto the bed. Smacking it's wide wooden surface against his hand, he gloats in the tiny stings, knowing he's about to cause her so much worse.

Rachel rocks back and forth on the bed, trying not to scream from the pain in her abused breasts and pussy, groaning and shaking her head in denial as she hears his clothes come off.

and that odd, flat striking sound that followed, that sounded so familiar. Leaning over the bed, he grabs one of her knees and rolls her over on the bed, her gorgeous bare ass stuck up high in the air, the tiny star of her asshole exposed, as well as her reddened pussy, from how spread her knees were. she had to spread them as far as they would go to keep her balance and not smother herself in her bedcovers.

He rubs a hand over one big, round, smooth cheek and then the other, letting his fingers rub against her cunt, smirking as he sees her jump and both nether holes contract when he brushes her clit, and at how she's definitely wet. not freshly, but it serves it's purpose. The idea he might actually be able to make her cum against her will first occurs to him. and turns him on even more fiercely than before. but first, she needed more humbling, more punishment.

With that thought he grabs up his paddle and brings it down on first one and then the other of her asscheeks.

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fast and hard. and then again, alternating and beating her mercilessly, all the frustration he'd ever known over her welling up and spilling out, her tears and choked cries of pain spurring him on until her whole ass was bright red.

dropping the paddle, he holds his hand close to her abraded flesh and feels the heat coming off of it, his cock twitching, clear drops of precum forming at the head and running down his rock hard shaft. He didn't think he'd ever been harder in his life. having the girl of his dreams bound, nude but for one stocking, and completely helpless before him. slowly rubbing up and down his length, he shoves two fingers between her cunt lips again and his eyes widen when he finds that now she really is wet.

spreading her open he looks in amazement at the glistening coat of girl juices and watches as she slowly squeezes out more. sniffling, crying, shuffling back and forth uncomfortably or not, the rough treatment was turning her on!

He squeezed his cock roughly to keep from shooting right then and leans down to look closer. unable to resist, he runs his tongue from her clit up to her leaking hole, gathering the taste of her and savoring it's sweetness. Rachel gasps and stiffens when his soft, wet tongue touches her.

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completely shocked when she has to smother a moan. "Oh no." she thinks "this can't be turning me on. this is terrible. what the fuck is wrong with me, I'm all wet, oh my god." and bites her lip hard to not moan when his tongue continues exploring her, rubbing over her clit.

but she can't stop herself from pressing back against his mouth. Of course, Josh didn't miss that. gripping her hips he thrusts his tongue further into her, then down and rubs it over her clit.

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sucking that hard little nub between his lips he finally hears her explosive release of breath and a long, whimpering moan. which turns into continuous sighs and groans of pleasure as he continues to suck. then the sounds start to come faster, sharper, and her body trembles harder. Lost in the searing pleasure between her thighs, even the burning ache of her just-paddled ass fades and she forgets her resolve, panting and moaning aloud as she shoves her hips back, not even caring in that moment whose mouth is sucking her, only that she is about to cum, and hard.

the pleasure compounded by all the aches and pains in her bound and brutalized body. she chokes and gags on her hoarse cry as he shoves two fingers all the way into her spasming cunt and explodes, clamping down on those fingers hard, shaking and bucking her hips against his face. Josh could have howled in triumph as he feels her orgasm, if he hadn't had his face buried between her legs, if the rush of girlcum wasn't leaking out around his fingers and clogging his nose.

he kept doggedly sucking as she tries to pull away once the pleasure starts to cross the line into 'too much!' until the ache in his jaw forces him to stop and he pulls away, two fingers still buried up to the knuckle in her cunt, still feeling the contractions inside her with satisfaction. He yanks his fingers out of her, hearing her suck air through her teeth, and slaps her on her already bruised asscheek with his girl-slick hand "You're a dirty little whore, aren't you." he grinned in his raspy, disguised voice.

"Look at you. wet and cumming your brains out. and you don't even know who I am. you love it." Rachel's face, still buried in the bed, burned with shame and new tears welled up in her covered eyes. She was afraid he was right; how could she get off on this violation? She was very choosy about who she slept with. this was unthinkable.

nothing could be more humiliating than being used this way by some unknown man, some random bar psycho who followed her friend's car all the way past Julie's house, all the way to her home, her safe place, waiting until she slept.

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her head swam with confused thoughts while her pussy throbbed, all flashing through her mind in just a few seconds while she tried to shake her head in denial of his words. Josh just chuckled and, leaning over her back, he grabs her face with his 'clean' hand and turns it to the side further, shoving his sticky fingers into her mouth and rubbing them on her tongue "Lick it up girl.

I want my fingers cleaned. Look at this mess. you really liked that didn't you." laughing softly as she sucks his fingers obediently. Rachel was torn between fascination with her own taste.

disgust at the feeling of his fingers squirming in her mouth. she just wanted to suck his fingers free of her juices as quickly as possible so that he'd get them out of her mouth. After the immediate satisfaction of making her taste herself subsided, Josh realized that her tongue felt. fucking amazing. rubbing on his fingers while she sucked them between her full lips, and his cock reasserted it's urgency with a painful throb. he had been so hard for so long the head was nearly purple and angry-looking, veins standing out it stark relief.

he gave a long, hungry look at her dripping pussy and tiny, wrinkled anus. but the feeling of her mouth on his fingers was too much temptation and he grabs Rachel up by her bound wrists, thinking fast, and flips her back over on her back, her head face-up and looking so hot with her hair all wet and stuck to it, mouth open and gasping for breath because the many layers of stockings tied over her eyes and nose are so soaked now they're almost impossible to breathe through without getting a noseful of sweat and tears.

He lovingly brushes some strands away from her mouth and cheeks before tugging her head over the edge of the bed. Continuing to stroke her face, now hanging upside down, he murmurs "I don't wanna feel your teeth, slut. I will punch you in your fucking face every time you scrape me. Break your pretty little nose.

" he pauses and taps the end if it gently through the fabric "I don't want to do that, but believe me when I say; I will." Rachel sobs helplessly and nods, managing a slobbery, breathless "I won't.

I swear." before she felt the head of his cock pressed against her lips. she fights the urge to panic, wondering how she'll breathe with it in her mouth. he wastes no time, pushing past her lips and all she can think is. 'do it good, and it'll be over faster.' before taking a big breath as he shoves his cock in her mouth. grateful she can sneak a breath around him here and there she starts to relax, thinking he must not be too big.

but it just kept coming, pressing against the back of her mouth until she tilted her head and he started to fight his way into her throat.

she fought to keep her lips curled over her teeth and rub her tongue against his length as he completely blocks her windpipe. sucking wet, tiny breaths through her nose she slowly starts to get lightheaded and he pulls back a bit and pushes again, harder, further.

it felt like the pulsing length would never end, it was getting into her throat as she struggled to swallow around it to keep from choking while her head swam more and more.

weakness spreading.


and she realized she was really suffocating on his cock! She thought 'I'm going to die like this!' as she felt herself losing consciousness. Josh fought not to explode at the first touch of her soft, wet tongue on his oversensitive head, pausing for just a moment before pushing onwards, determined to have his balls resting on her upturned nose.

he could hear the thin, wheezing breaths she sucked through the stocking, and realized as he felt her start to thrash weakly and then slow so quickly that she was really going. fucking choking to death on his cock. and the idea was so insanely hot that with a groan that was almost pleading and one last push he started to cum.

deep throbbing pulses that made him feel drained. Yanking his cock free, he rubbed it furiously as it continued to spurt, slower now while she sucked huge, gasping, sobbing breaths, crying aloud with relief and fear, not even noticing the heavy streams of cum landing on her face and neck as she shook the fog of immenent death out of her oxygen-starved brain.

Rachel could hardly believe it when the assault on her throat stopped just as she was losing consciousness. gulping great breaths she swallowed his cum without even thinking, grateful to be alive. The haze was starting to lift, leaving in it's place a terrible weakness, tiredness, and the beginnings of a headache. her whole body was a riot of pain as clarity returned. Josh slapped his slowly softening cock against her moist, huffing cheeks, working on his own fog, pretty sure he had never cum harder in his life.

Suddenly all he wanted was sleep. and his idea to keep her the whole weekend now seemed like. perfect. He leaned over, releasing the knots that held her ankles to her thighs, leaving them bound to each other. He slowly straightens Rachel's legs, seeing her wince in pain at the cramps from being bound so tightly and so long. He rubbed her thighs and calves, marveling at their pale, creamy beauty. listening to her whimper in fear and sigh in appreciation.

Rolling her onto one side of the bed and back on her stomach, he helps her turn her head to one side, the takes the extra rope at her ankles and ties them to the end of the bed securely. He flopped onto the bed next to her, taking the end of the cord around her wrists he looped it around one of his and said in a gentle, though still raspy and fake voice "I'm tired.

I want to sleep. You are stuck with me until I decide I want to let you go, I hope you figured that out. because if you wake me up moving around over there, I will just fucking kill you and be done with you. I had no idea what a whore you'd be. and I'm going to use you just like you really want me to, for this whole weekend. If you manage not to piss me off you'll live through it and you'll be rid of me. until then I want complete obdience.

Do you understand me, slut?" Rachel nodded weakly and muttered something like "anything you say.", relaxed into the mattress, and was snoring softly again within moments. Josh laughed again quietly, images of what he was going to do to her for the next two long days flashing through his brain as he too drifted off.

(I welcome input and ideas! I will probably write at least two more chapters, one each for Saturday and Sunday. the only limits for what he can do to Rachel are ones that would have lasting physical results past the weekend, more than the soreness already foreshadowed. :D)