Naked men Timo Garrett takes the lead this week with new fellow

Naked men Timo Garrett takes the lead this week with new fellow
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Chapter Two: Destroying Innocence Lily ended up not being able to hold in her cries, so he duct taped her mouth, shutting off any sounds.

Her eyes kept following her every mouth, frigtened and fearful. He slowly reached down and began pulling off her plaid skirt- just a beautiful school girl- revealing her light blue panties, slightly lacy and soft.

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He put his face to her vagina, inhaling the sweet smell of young, untouched pussy. She tried to move away, but it was impossible. He traced her clit through her panties, pleased at the slight wetness that began to form, despite her anguish. He kissed it, and then began to slide down her panties, finally revealing her pussy, covered slightly with light wisps of blonde hair, tight and clean. He was tempted to pull down his pants and just penetrate her right then, but he wanted to prolong their first time.

He crawled up and pulled off her shirt, unclasping her bra and throwing both to the side. Her breasts were small and barely formed, nipples pink and puffy. He pulled one into his mouth and began suckling it, licking his tongue greedily around the aerola.

He sucked harder, nibbling slightly, and reached his hand down to rub her clit. She was wet and warm.he had to have her now.

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He couldn't wait any more-he had waited for years! It had to happen now. He quickly threw off his clothes, hungrily climbing on top of her. He was more erect than he had ever been- his cock had grown to 10 inches long, instead of it's usual 8! He kissed her, shoving his tongue down her throat, as he thrust inside her.


Her eyes filled with pain and her body twitched as he broke her maidenhead, taking her virginity away from her. Blood oozed around his dick.

He wished he could have made it better for her.he stopped thinking straight, just fucking her brutally and hard, ignoring the muffled screams and pleading agonized tears.

Her pussy was warm and wet, so tight.he felt like he was ripping her in two, his size hadly compatible with such a small girl. He didn't last long- she was losing consciousness, just as he rammed his dick as deep as he could and came in her tiny cunt. The joy and pleasure he felt were incomparable.nothing had ever felt so great.

His cum filled her, and he collapsed on top of her. He caressed her face, noticing then that she had faded completely out. He stroked her cheek anyway, proud of his new toy. He felt himself hardening again, and couldn't resist giving her a second pounding.

She was wet, and her body was very still besides her shallow breaths.

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He squeezed hard on her tits as he fucked the pale blonde teen, enjoying her body more with every thrust. Soon he finished again, busting another seed before admitting exhaustion. He stood up and cleaned her and himself off, making sure to get all the blood and cum off her cunt, so she would be ready later.

He went to check on Rebecca and her father next.

Rebecca was awake, trying to break her ropes. She went still as soon as he entered the room, watching him carefully.

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"Trying to escape, my pet?" He asked, smirking. She glared.


"I was simply going to inquire as to whether you may be hungry, but if you'd rather just not eat."He said, trailing off. She tried to talk, so he removed her panties, allowing her speech.

"I am hungry. My dad might be too." She whispered, trying to look docile. "Suck my cock." He commanded, pulling out his currently flaccid dick.

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"But I thought-" He cut her off, saying "You and your father will be fed soon, but first, you WILL make me cum." She opened her mouth, and he pushed his dick inside. It began to get hard again as her experienced mouth worked his cock. "IS that the best you've got?" He asked, shoving deep into her throat so she gagged. "Work harder!" He commanded, and she began to suck more enthusiastically, her tongue licking underneath like any experienced cock sucker would, her lips sucking the tip as best as possible in her positon.

It pleased him seeing this woman struggling to deep throat his dick, her eyes desperate knowing if she did poorly, punishment would follow.

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He loved the feeling of power. He entangled his hands in her hair, his balls on her chin as he face fucked her. He pulled out and began jacking his dick. Her face squinched up in distaste as he ejaculated on her face, causing her make up to smear and coating her tan skin in his seamen.

"Still hungry?" He asked. She nodded, looking slightly sick.

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"Here's a snack." He said, pulling out a spoon and feeding her his cum. She gagged, obviously disgusted and angry, but he made her swallow every drop. She cringed at the gooey texture going down her throat.

"Swallow it all, you little slut." He mocked cruelly, amused by her revulsion. Soon she finished, and as promised he gave her and her dad something to eat.he didn't want his little family dying off yet.


She barely ate. The reality of the situation had finally hit her, and he could see the resignation in her eyes. Her father was clueless-all he had been told was that he had been captured and was being held ransom until some one paid for him to be freed.

He chose not to cause a violent struggle just yet, although he knew the man could do nothing to harm him in his current poisiton. He had all the control.

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Still, best the man believe he was just a ransom, being used for money. He didn't need him till later, if at all. Rebecca wondered if she would ever get out at all. She knew Mr. Thomas intended to rape her. He came back a few hours after feeding her, completely nude this time, his fat belly jiggling as he walked towards her.

"I will untie you, but if you try ANYTHING, I will promptly slice off one of your dad's fingers. Understand?" He told her. "Okay." She whimpered, already her body clenching in terror. He could see a small spark of fight still in her eyes though.

IT glittered, and he knew she would be a challenge. Guess he'd have to teach this bitch who was boss.