Putinha no motel em Goi acirc_nia

Putinha no motel em Goi acirc_nia
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When I was sixteen years old, I decided I wanted to run away from home. My parents were making me crazy and I couldn't focus on school or anything else with all their arguing and drama.

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So, when summer came, I snuck out of the house in the middle of the night with my pink and purple backpack filled with clothes, my hairbrush, makeup, a couple of bras and some of my panties. I also snuck the $500 emergency cash from its hiding place which was in an envelope taped to the back of an oil painting.

I was quiet when I left and honestly, I was sure that they would be thrilled about having a break from me, the burden. I walked out of the general neighborhood and walked toward the highway and then I stood near the entrance of the highway and stuck out my thumb.

I was no fool, so I had worn a tight t-shirt, a jean jacket and a black mini-skirt.


I was also pretty made up and I knew it would make things easy in getting a ride, not that it would be hard for a sixteen year old girl like me to get a ride anyway.

And within a few minutes, a van pulled over and offered me a lift. I looked in and it was a man in his mid-40's and from what I could see he appeared to have dark hair with some grey and he looked like he would be on the tall side.

"Need a lift?" he asked me, grinning. "Yes, I want to get out of here." "Well then get in!" So, I opened the passenger door and climbed inside and closed the door.


He then pushed on the gas and off we were onto the nighttime highway. He looked over at me several times and then asked, "What's a young lady like you doing thumbing a ride?" I rolled my eyes, "Ugh, my parents make me insane and I needed to get away from them." He still grinned and was nodding, "So you're running away from home, eh?" and then he chuckled. "Yes. Why? Are you going to turn me in to the police now for being a runaway?" He then shook his head and lit a cigarette.

"Oooh no. No, I'm not going to say a word.

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In fact, " he then took a drag off the cigarette, "I'm gonna take you out into the middle of nowhere and I'm going to fuck the shit outta you." My eyes bugged out and I gasped while staring at him in shock. "W.what??? Oh my god, NO!" "Hell baby, not like you can do much about it now. You should think twice before hitchin' a ride." and then he laughed evilly. I started to panic and was looking at how i was going to escape this obviously crazy man.

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There was no way since he was speeding down the highway and the road was nearly empty. "Please!

Let me out! Please!" He then put his cigarette to his lips and held it between them, and then he took his right hand and back-handed me. "Calm the fuck down, whore or you're gonna regret it." My face felt hot from the impact of his hand across my soft cheek and I knew I was turning red. I started to cry and he just ignored me. He drove for what seemed like several hours, but had only been an hour and then pulled off at this exit where there were no streetlights along the road and it was pitch black all around.

I was so scared and knew he wasn't fooling around.

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"Almost there bitch.almost there. You're gonna get it goooood." He laughed again his psychotic laugh and I could see in the darkness of the van he was looking at me. Then, I felt his hand begin to squeeze my leg and run its way up my mini-skirt. I wanted to fight him, but was too afraid he might hit me again. He pushed up my mini skirt until he reached my panties and he forced his hand into them, feeling on my clit.

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"Oooh you dirty little slut, I'm getting real hard now." He said as he drove along to this destination he must have already mapped out. After another 10 minutes of driving he pulled into this field of tall grass, knocking some of it down as he drove in and then he stopped in this part of the tall grass that was cut and formed a circle around us.

I couldn't see much of anything, but it looked like he had made this little space himself with his plan. He then climbed up out of his seat and got into the back of the van, pulling my arm and forcing me up and to follow him into the back of the dark van. I started to scream and he took a hanky out of his back pocket and made it into a gag around my mouth. "You can scream all you want now bitch. I don't give a shit!" He then forced me onto all fours and yanked up the back of my mini-skirt and ripped down my panties.

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I could hear him undo his belt and then unzip the fly of his jeans. The next thing I knew, He was pushing all of his weight against me and holding me into place and he then pushed the head of his cock into my tight, virgin asshole.

I was seeing stars from the pain as he ripped into me and I started to sob and scream and he forced himself into me, jamming his cock in as much as he could, over and over. I felt a warm liquid and I knew it had to be my blood as he raped me in my ass and started to reach around and grabbed onto my young breasts.

"Fuck whore ,you got a real tight ass." He said as he just continued to force his way into me. He was groaning and moaning and seemed to be in euphoria and within a couple of minutes he held still and I felt him twitch inside me and he groaned really loud and I knew he was pumping his cum into my virgin, bleeding ass. "OOOOOOHHHHHH Fuck bitch. You goddamn little cunt! FUCK!


I felt so violated and degraded as he emptied the contents of his balls into my bowels. But that was only the beginning of this horrifying experience. HOWEVER, this will be continued.