Crazy sluts get blasted and then screwed by hung men

Crazy sluts get blasted and then screwed by hung men
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I couldn't believe my luck. I just shook Gerry's hand in disbelief. Not saying anything.

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"Well, aren't you going to say anything?" Gerry my boss chuckled. Gerry wasn't your typical high stakes boss. He always work jeans and a suit jacket.

Always had time to talk to the employees and knew when and how to get business done. "Yes" I dumbly replied "I mean yes, oh my god, thank you!" I stuttered. "Thank you, I won't let you down!!" "I know you won't son, that's why I'm giving you this promotion!" He smiled to me, breaking the long handshake. "You've proven yourself very useful to me and this company." "Thank you" I dumbly repeated myself.

He gave out a loud laugh, patted me on the back and headed towards the door of my office. "Eh Gerry" I spoke out. He didn't reply he just simply turn and raised an eye brow at me. "Um could I get the rest of the day off and go tell my girlfriend the good news?" I asked. He laughed again "ah to be young and in love" he smiled "yeah sure why not, you've earned it!" He chuckled to himself as he opened the office door. "Tell you what" he said turning to face me again "just take tomorrow off too.

Come in Monday and we can go over the ins and outs of your new role!" He simply waved to me as he closed the door. I stood behind my desk in my small office "No fucking way" I whispered to myself. He was right I have worked hard but never been so lucky to get promoted so well. I've been quite lucky in life, I mean I would consider myself pretty good looking at six foot, one.

My well looked after faded brown hair. My body is in pretty good shape. I've got an amazing city centre flat and an out of this world girlfriend, who I could not wait to marry and this promotion would certainly help now. "Valerie?!" I said to my secretary as I threw my my jacket on in a hurry, leaving my office. "Yes Mr Lawson?" Valerie replied looking up to me over her glasses. Valerie was a middle aged woman, around her mid forties, she would never tell me her true age.

She was the best secretary I could have asked for and was always there to keep me right. Most of me getting this promotion was thanks to her. "I'm off home for the rest of the day, take any messages. I won't be back till Monday!" I said as I waved to her as I headed down the hall. My mind was on one place and one person.

All the way home I could not get the grin off my face. I was so excited and could not wait to tell Amanda the great news. I would take her away somewhere special and propose, yeah this is perfect I thought to myself. I got home and entered into our flat, eager to find Amanda and tell her the good news. As soon as I tossed my jacket onto the kitchen counter my face fell.

I knew something wasn't right. As I walked through our flat, I noticed two wine glasses on the kitchen counter that had clearly been drunk from. There was also remnants of dis guarded clothes on the sofa and then I heard it.

I stopped in my tracks to listen better and the unmistakable noises of Amanda moaning and a man's grunting could be heard. My face went pale as I stood there, I didn't want to move, I didn't want to believe what I was hearing.

My mind started to spin. I could leave and go back to work pretend this never happened I thought to myself. But then she will just keep doing this that lying cheating whore. My face went from pale to red as the angry grew. I went into my small study/office where a set of golf clubs were kept. I grabbed a club and headed for our bedroom.

I gripped the club tighter in my hand as I entered the bedroom, my fear was confirmed. There on our bed, was my girlfriend, moaning in pure pleasure as she rode on top of this mystery guy.

I stood at the door for a moment, the anger rising more inside me. "What the actual fuck??" I roared. Amanda turned round with a look of pure fear and panic. She fell to the side of the bed, grabbing the covers to hide herself. The mystery guy shot up with the same shock and surprise as Amanda. "Baby, I can." "Shut up!" I sneered, cutting her off.

I pointed the golf club at the guy and narrowed my eyes at him, "get the fuck out of my house now!" He took one look at Amanda and jumped out of the bed and gathered the few clothes lying about the floor. As he scurried about I got a look of him, he was smaller height wise than me and of average build.

He ran off out the room, fumbling with his clothes trying to put them on. "Robbie please?" Amanda's voice was a whimper. "I said shut up" I growled. Her face was pale as the tears streamed down her cheek. I stepped forward and sat on the edge of the bed, facing away from her. I felt deflated, defeated. The anger was gone as the hurt took over. I sat there in silence for a good 10 minutes, Amanda still sobbing away behind me.

I slowly gathered myself and asked the question, "How long?" She sniffed, wiping her face, "what" her voice whimpered again. "How long have you been cheating on me?" I said in a calm low voice. Her voice began to tremble as I felt her shuffle slightly in the bed "um, well .

the thing." "How long?" I asked raising my voice. "Six months" her voice broke. That statement hit me like a ton of bricks.

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My chest tightened and my grip on the golf club loosened. Six months?! How fucking stupid have I been not to notice. I sat in silence a little longer, I had one more question.

I didn't want to know the answer but I needed to ask, "Was it just him?" "Robbie, I love." "Don't fucking lie to me!!" There was a moment of silence before she answered, "No." My heart broke in my chest, I couldn't move. So many thoughts and feelings raced through my head. I wanted to run, I wanted to forgive her, I wanted to hit something, I wanted to cry. I felt her move towards me, "Baby, please?!" "Leave!" "What?" She stopped in her tracks, her voice almost a whisper.

"You have ten minutes to gather as much of your stuff as you can and then get the fuck out!" I didn't wait for her reply, I got up and walked out. I headed to the lounge but after still seeing clothes lying around, I couldn't bare sit on the sofa. I stood in the open planned kitchen and waited.

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Twenty to thirty minutes must have passed before she emerged from the bedroom, a bag strapped over each shoulder. The tears still tricking down her face, her eyes red and puffy. "Robbie, can I please explain?" She pleaded standing across the counter from me.

The trust was gone, nothing she could say would make this any better. She could promise this and promise that but I just didn't care.

"Amanda, just leave." I calmly said, staring at the kitchen counter. Her lip trembled, "but. but where will I go?" "To be honest, I could not care less!" I looked at her with dead eyes. Fresh tears fell down her face, she lingered and waited for me to say more but I turned away.

I heard her walk away sobbing and head out of the flat. I went straight to the fridge and grabbed a beer, cracked it open and downed it.


I tossed it to the side and stood with my hands on the counter. Still trying to process what just happened. I grabbed an other beer but this time only taking a few sips. I headed over to the sofa and sat down on the arm chair. I don't know how long I sat there for but I snapped to my senses when I had finished my fourth beer and there wasn't any left in the fridge.

"Shit" I murmured, I wasn't even feeling tipsy but wanted more. I did have some vodka and Jack Daniels in the cupboard.

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"Fuck this place!" I grumbled as I grabbed my jacket and headed out the door. I headed out of the lift and headed to a local bar. Being a Thursday night it was quite busy but not as packed as it would be on a Friday or Saturday. There was a seat by the right hand side of the bar. I pulled my jacket off, throwing it over the back of the bar stool and plunking down. A few minutes later the bartender came across, "Hey Rob, how's it going mate?" He asked cleaning the bar in front of me and laying down a napkin.

"Pretty shit to be honest chris" I replied, feigning a smile. "Rough day?" He chuckled. "Yeah you could say that!" He laughed awkwardly, "what can I get you?" "Just a bottle of bud please" Moments later he placed the bottle on the napkin and headed off to serve an other customer.

For about ten minutes I sat and enjoyed the nice cold beer, my mind totally blank. "Hey Rob man, what's happening?" A friendly familiar voice broke me from my trance. "Oh hey Mikey, nothing much man!" I nodded to the guy behind the bar. Mikey was a long term friend and was the manager of this bar, one of the reasons I came here. "You sure man?" He leaned forward on the bar. "You drinking on a Thursday?" "Bad day" I forced a smile, I had to tell someone "basically caught Amanda in bed with an other guy!" "Oh shit Rob, that's rough man!" He said sympathetically.

"Yeah tell me about" I said, downing the last of my beer. I held it up to him to indicate an other. He went off, grabbed an other bottle and placed it in front of me. "Listen mate, I'll set you up a tab and speak to the staff. Don't worry about what you order tonight, it's on me ok!" I felt a hint of man, emotion come and extended my hand. "Thanks Mikey mate!" I said as he shook my hand. "Don't worry about it, look I got to go now cause we are getting busy!

But I'll catch you soon ok!" I nodded to him and held my beer up in thanks as he hurried off down the bar. He was right it was slowly getting busier as more people filtered in. About an hour had passed. I was now on the JD and cokes when someone bumped into me.

I slowly turned to see who it was. It was a blonde woman with her back to me, she had a nice top on, with tight jeans and I must admit her ass looked great, firm and peachy. I followed down her long slender legs when I noticed, what I can only say was her purse on the floor.

From where I was sitting there was enough room to reach down and grab it. "Excuse me" I said tapping her on the back. "Look creep, I'm here to meet a friend. Yes I know this top says made in heaven or no I didn't hurt myself when I fell from heaven. I don't need any other cheesy pick up lines." Her grey eyes were red with fire as she released her anger on me.

I had no energy in my soul to react other than, extend my hand with the purse in it "is this yours?" Her face dropped as she realised it was hers, "oh my god, yes it is! Thank you!" She offered a guilty smile. "Don't worry about it" I cracked a half smile, turning back to face the bar. There was a few moments before she spoke again, sigh deeply.

"I'm sorry." she waited for me to say my name which I told her. "Ok I'm sorry Robbie, I've been hit on so many times tonight. Truth is I am waiting on a friend but she's late so that has annoyed me more." "Like I said, don't worry about it" I smiled to her.

"Look I feel bad for snapping at you, can I at least buy you a drink?" she offered taking the seat next to me.

I laughed and turned to her "I've got an on the house tab here so let me get you one" Her face went red as she blushed and looked to her lap. I waved over Chris the bartender. "An JD please mate and the lady will have." "Gin and tonic please" she smiled. Chris got busy making the drinks and she leaned closer to me "Chloe." "Sorry" I said. "My name is Chole" "Lovely name" I smiled. "Thanks" she blushed again as Chris dropped of our drinks and gave me a sly wink.

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We sat there for an age talking about each other and our situations. She was twenty six, just a year older than me.

She was a hairdresser and also recently single, well not as recent as me. She stays on the other side of town in a flat with one of her friends. As the night went on, we became very at ease in each other's company and flirting was in full flow.

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Chloe constantly held my arm and for the first time since earlier, I had a genuine smile on my face. I had told her about the promotion and she seemed genuinely happy for me and congratulated me with a round of shots.

More time passed as we continued to laugh, joke and flirt. We had moved the seats closer to each other and our little time together was disturbed when Mikey came up to us, "Sorry Rob mate but that's us closing now!" "Holy shit, what time is it?" I panicked trying to read my watch. It was now I realised I was pretty drunk and couldn't make out the time on my watch. Chloe giggled at me as I struggled to tell the time. "It's past one am" Mikey laughed at me as he cleared the bar. "Do I need to get you a taxi?" "You need a taxi!" I waywardly pointed at him.

"Get home Rob!" Mikey chuckled with a serious note to his command. I mouthed 'thank you' to him and turned to Chloe. "Shall we ma'lady" We left the bar and headed outside. "Thanks for tonight Chloe" I slurred. Chloe pulled me by the arm into her and our lips smashed together. The kiss was hot and sloppy, our drunken selfs taking over as our mouths opened and our tongues invade each other.

My hand found her hips as hers found my shoulders. Our breathing was heaving as we continued our passionate drunken kiss. We broke the kiss and held each other, embracing the hot moment.

"Take me to yours" she breathlessly whispered "I still owe you." I didn't speak, I took her hand and led her to my flat. As soon as we were in the lift going up to my flat, our lips were locked again. We crashed into my flat and the clothes began to be stripped off. By the time we made it to my bedroom I was down to my boxers and Chloe was down to a pair of matching black bra and panties.

This was my first chance to fully admire Chloe's body. She had a slender body and her breasts were perfectly cupped in her bra. I'm no expert but I guessed at 34Ds.


I moved forward towards Chloe and pulled her into me. Wrapping my arm around her back, I kissed her chest as she moaned at my touch. She cupped the back of my head as I kissed along the line of her bra. "Let me make it easier" she purred, reaching behind her and unclasped her bra. It fell to the floor and I marvelled at the sight or her small pink nipples, that were rock hard.

I immediately latched onto her nipple, sucking it into my mouth. Chloe's head fell back in pleasure as she pulled me harder against her chest. I circled my tongue around her nipple, lightly nibbling. As I continued to suck on her nipple, I moved my free hand down her toned stomach and found her damp crotch.

Chloe's moans became louder as I rubbed my hand against the outside of her panties. I switched nipples and pressed my fingers against the tip of her slit, finding her clit. "Mmmm feels so good baby" Chloe groaned as I pressed harder against her clit.

I kissed my way back up here chest, along her collar bone and found her neck. As I kissed and nibbled on her neck, her searching hands found my bulge that was stretching my boxers.

She ran her hand along my hardened shaft and I gave a low groan as she squeezed it. "Lie on the bed" she moaned as she reluctantly pushed me away from her and I fell back onto the bed. In an instant she crawled between my legs and freed my cock from my constricting boxers. She looked up to me with a sly grin before taking my hard cock into her mouth.

"Fuck" I groaned as she wasted no time sucking me off. I've not had many blowjobs in my life due to being with Amanda for most of it but this one had to be up there with the best. Chloe's lips were tight around my shaft and she sucked her cheeks in and she pulled away from the base. She continued to work her mouth up and down my cock at a porn star rate. She cradled my balls with her hand, gently squeezing them which made my cock twitch in her mouth. She gave out a little giggle at the feeling but quickly went back to moaning around me.

I moved my hand across her hair so I could see her face better and fuck it was some sight. My cock filling her mouth as she continued to suck, lost in her own little world of blowjobs. Suddenly she pulled away and with a pop my cock sprang from her luscious lips.

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Without saying a word she simply climbed on top of me. Her wet panties pressed against my cock. Chloe slowly began to gyrate on top of me, rubbing her soaking crotch up and down my length. Closing her eyes and moaning softly at the feeling. She then looked down to me with a strained look on her face, that I could only read as 'I need this cock inside me!' Which moments later was confirmed as she rose slightly, pulling her panties to one side and gently probing the tip of my cock at her entrance.

"Mmmm Robbie feels so good" Chloe moaned as she slowly let herself down onto me. My cock popped into her pussy and she easily slid down, taking my entire length.

Chloe wasted no time in getting used to me inside her. She felt tight but she had no problem bouncing up and down on me as started to ride my cock. Her hands were on my chest at first for balance as she continued to slam down on top of me. I held her hips and once she had her rhythm I matched it by slamming up into her before she bottomed out on me. The room was quickly filled by the sounds of Chloe and I moaning and the noise of our bodies bouncing on the bed. Her moans turning into screams as we sped up the pace.

All of a sudden, my mind went into overdrive. I suddenly pictured what I saw earlier, Amanda riding some guy.

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The hate and anger filling me quickly. I looked up to Chloe who was unaware in my change of mood. Her eyes were closed and she was lost in a world of extacy. I was confused, I knew this girl on top of me wasn't Amanda but I had the sudden urge to hate fuck her. I waited until she was almost off my cock and used my body weight to throw her off onto the bed. She fell onto the bed with an umph and was about to protest when I got my self on top of her.

With a determined look in my eye, I immediately slid back into her and started pounding away. I steadied myself with my hands each side of her on the bed. Chloe tried to wrap her legs around me but I was going to fast for her to be able to hold it. Her hands found my back as she held on for dear life. I was pounding hard into her and she breathlessly screamed as my cock bottomed out on her each time. I stared down at her with a lustful hate as I took my anger out on her pussy.

Even if Chloe guessed why, I don't think she was really going to complain. Even more so that her body began to tense up. Her finger nails dug into my back as her legs squeezed against me. As I pumped harder into her, the orgasm took over. Her body went stiff and her head fell back into the pillow as she let out a loud scream.

I kept fucking her through the orgasm as her pussy clamped itself around me. With the pace and force I was going, added with the new tightness of her pussy I couldn't hold on. With a few more forceful thrusts, I explode inside her. Holding myself down, I groaned loudly as shot after shot of hot cum invaded her pussy. I was spent, I fell to the side. My softening cock slipping out of her abused pussy and. I don't remember anything after that.