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Teenie Kitty Marie fuck outdoor
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This story is fictional however it is based on fact. Jan hadn't ever had to discipline them. They were always well behaved. She had never had to do anything other than scowl at them to be presented with genuine contrition. Now that seemed to have changed.

My sister Jan had been divorced for three years and the children's father was still 'on the scene' although of course he no longer lived with them. They received nearly everything they wanted and saw their father regularly. They appeared happy and content with a sad but common situation.

We were chatting one day when I made an innocent enquiry as to their welfare.

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That was when Jan began to cry and outlined some of the problems she was experiencing with my nieces. They no longer did as they were asked. They were often rude to her except when they wanted their allowance or a treat. They were disrespectful to neighbors and Jan believed that they had been stealing small amounts from her purse.

Over a period of three months their behavior had deteriorated at a rapid rate. My nieces had come to the conclusion that no matter what they did there appeared to be no substantial repercussion for their actions. My sister had made unsuccessful attempts to restore their good behavior in a variety of ways including cajoling, withdrawal of allowance or computer access but, as she put it, she was at her 'wit's end'.

No measure she took convinced either of the girls to revert to the polite children they had been a short time before. She asked if I would come over and talk with them. Her thinking was that perhaps they would see my disappointment in them and want to revert immediately. Na?, perhaps, but possible. I visited the following Friday and arrived just before dinner.

My wife was still away on business and I was pleased to eat a home cooked meal and to possibly help my sister out of her current dilemma. When I arrived my sister rushed out to my car to greet me. Unusually the girls were nowhere to be seen. After sitting in the living room for a few minutes my nieces came down from their rooms.

Katie, the eldest at 11, led the way followed by 10 year old Lisa. Both are pretty girls with short blond hair who except for their age difference could easily be mistaken for twins.

I kissed them hello and they appeared happy to see me. We talked about everything and anything until my sister pronounced that dinner was ready. We sat and ate and talked and laughed and I began to think that my sister had greatly exaggerated the changes in the girls' behavior.

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When it was time to clear the table however I immediately re-thought this observation. Both girls refused to assist and went into the living room to watch the television. No argument just sheer disobedience.

Jan just shook her head and went out into the kitchen. I followed the girls. I asked them why they wouldn't help their mother and they replied that it was her job to clean up as she had made the mess because she had cooked the meal! When I pressed them as to the reason behind this attitude they just laughed and told me to mind my own business. I shook my head in disbelief. I queried them as to their change of attitude and they gave the oft used reply of "I don't know" accompanied by a shrug of their shoulders.

Katie finished the conversation, ignoring me by telling her sister that they needn't tell me anything anyway. They continued watching television and I went into the kitchen to empathize with my sister.

She apologized for their behavior and asked me for advice. Naturally I was quite shocked and more than a little angry and I blurted out that what they really needed was a good old fashioned spanking! Jan looked at me and said that she agreed with me but was unable to do it herself. My reply was that it was obviously overdue. I had spanked my own children as they were growing up and I found it to be not only a quick and immediate punishment but also a great deterrent for rude behavior.

I didn't think that my sister would seriously contemplate the idea but I added that if she felt uncomfortable spanking them then I would do it for her.

I was amazed at the speed with which she said yes. I was a little taken aback but asked her when she wanted them punished. "No time like the present" was her reply. The girls had given up the television and had gone upstairs. Katie was in the shower and Lisa in her room. Jan, too politely, asked Lisa to shower after her sister and then when they were done to come back down to the living room. Three quarters of an hour passed when both girls sauntered into the living room.

Jan told them that there was another reason that I had been invited over. She explained that their behavior was unreasonable and that she didn't believe she knew how to make them behave the way they used to. I interrupted and said it was time to cut to the chase. I asked them if they knew what kind of punishments my own children received when they disobeyed or were rude. Katie replied that she knew and she smirked. Lisa wasn't so sure so I explained. "Whenever one of your cousins misbehaves badly I don't unplug their computer or ground them.

I prefer to punish them the way your mother and I were punished. I spank their naughty bottoms until I'm sure that they are sorry.

I've discussed your behavior with your mother and we've decided that spankings might be a good way to teach you two to behave as you were taught.

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I spank with my hand mostly except when behavior is so poor that a bottom needs an extra sting in which case I tend to prefer to use a hairbrush. This is how you two will be dealt with whenever your mother believes that you need to change your behavior. Every time you are rude to her or to someone in the neighborhood she will keep a record. Every time you back-answer or refuse to do as you are asked your mother is to note it down.


From time to time she will call me and I'll come over and spank you for your naughtiness. The bottom line is that you can't expect to be rude and to do as you please because it suits you". I looked at their now angelic faces. Both girls had their mouths open in disbelief. Katie spoke first: "You're not allowed to do that are you?" I replied that with their mother's permission I had every right to do it.

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"What if we promise to be good?" asked Lisa. "Then I won't be called over to punish you". "Well we'll be good and you won't have to" said Katie. "Well" I replied "that's a good start but because of your rudeness to you mother and me tonight I'm afraid you both need a spanking". I hadn't planned on spanking them at all let alone that evening but Jan shot across an approving nod.

"Okay first tonight will be Lisa. This first spanking won't be as stingy as any others you may get in the future but you'll soon get the idea of what is in store if you continue to misbehave. There was silence but to her credit Lisa stood up. I told her to come and stand in front of me. When she was in front of me I explained that she would be spanked exactly as my own children were and that meant on the bare bottom.

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Her face reddened. She looked at her mother for help but to her credit Jan told her to do as she was told. As both girls were wearing short nightgowns I instructed Lisa to lift hers at the front.

She hesitated but slowly raised the hem.

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After instructing her to lift it higher her tight panty vee came into view. I reached forward and lowered her panties to her ankles; her hairless slit visible to all in the room. I asked her to turn around and when she did I raised the back of her nighty above her hips.

Her bottom cheeks were snow-white and rounded. Perfect targets I joked to myself. I firmly guided her across my lap and realized I was somewhat stimulated however I also knew that there was a valid reason for my actions.

I spanked firmly but not brutally. Each cheek received a spank in turn with occasional swats on the 'sit-spot' just below the bottom cheeks. I didn't spank for very long however after the first two or three swats Lisa was kicking her feet and sobbing. When she had had enough I asked her to stand up and walk to the wall without altering her clothing.

I instructed her to hold the hem of her nightgown above her bottom and to stand still until her mother told her she could re-dress.

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Katie did not look quite as confident as she had earlier. The smirk had gone from her face and in its place was a mournful look of remorse. She too looked to Jan for help but Jan shook her head and told me to continue. I instructed Katie to stand before me and without asking she lifted her nightgown above her hips. Her pubic mound was a little more pronounced than her sister's although when I lowered her panties her pussy was also hairless. I pulled her across my lap and spanked her in a similar manner.

She didn't cry immediately however after a minute or so her tears were flowing freely. She kicked her legs a little as I spanked and as she did so her legs opened allowing me an unexpected but pleasant view of her outer pussy lips. When I thought she was contrite I motioned for her to stand by her sister and she did so; two red bottoms on display.

They didn't speak to each other but stood silently. Jan rushed over and gave me a hug and I'm sure I detected a tear in her eyes. I was hoping that she didn't detect the bulge in my trousers. Although I'm a true believer in the value of corporal punishment there is no denying that it has erotic overtones. To me at least. I have been spanking the girls, on average, every second or third week, since January.


Jan adds up the 'offences' and I administer when she thinks they need punishing. My sister is reaping the benefits and couldn't be more pleased with the situation. With my own children it isn't a task that I enjoy however these are my nieces and frankly I thoroughly enjoy every minute of it.