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Horny slut doing a webcam
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I let the jet of hot water spray against my body for seemingly forever until the honk from my dad's f150 parked outside snapped me out of my trance. I turned off the shower and quickly stepped out of the tub. I dried off and gave myself a quick look over in the mirror. I cupped my round C cup breasts, ran my hands down my sleek golden tanned stomach and let them rest on my butt as I checked out my juicy rear end in the mirror. Damn, I thought to myself, keeping a body like this out of commission for so long should be a crime.

And it had been a while since I had gotten some, my boyfriend and I broke up about 4 months ago and I haven't had sex since. My personal dry streak and the freakishly hot weather outside was getting to me, I seemingly grew hornier with each passing day. This summer had been a scorcher so far and this was another record setting day. I dressed accordingly as I put on a breezy mini skirt and a matching white tank top. I tied my silky blonde hair into a loose bun, applied a bit of make-up, grudgingly said bye to my mom and her new boyfriend and walked over to my dad's truck.

He smiled as he got out of his truck. My dad was a large man, 6'3" atleast, with broad shoulders, he had packed on a few pounds recently but was still a good looking guy. "there my little girl" he said as he gave me a big hug "hey daddy!" I flashed a smile back as we embraced He looked me up and down "Damn you're becoming more of a woman with each day eh, I'm missing out on all of it." I laughed "Well that's what this week is for dad!" I replied "Yeah that's for sure, speaking of which it's a bit of a drive so let's get going I want to get there before dark" We got into the truck and drove off.

It wasn't long before my dad turned to me and started asking about my mom "So how's your mother doing with her new um man?" I didn't know how to respond, I wanted to spare my dad's feelings "I dunno dad, alright I guess, she definitely isn't as happy as she was with you when I was little." "Yea we sure had our days." He laughed I felt so bad for my dad.

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He legitimately loved my mom, and then that bitch went and cheated on him; breaking his heart. From there the divorce hit, my mom used her rich dad's money to buy a team of high end lawyers, and pretty much took everything from my dad. All he was left with now was his truck and the summer house that he and my mom used to vacation at. I barely even see him anymore because he lives so far away now; this was my first time seeing him in at least a couple months.

The divorce which was about a year old had definitely taken its toll on my dad, he had let himself go a little bit, still not a bad looking guy but he had developed a bit of a belly and had lost some hair from the last I saw him.

I tried getting his mind off matters by talking about other things but it was a very long drive and eventually the conversation dried up. I gazed out the window into the bland desert like scenery that had surrounded us for what seemed like hours. Through the reflection of the window I noticed my dad looking at me, my legs in particular.

I looked down and found out why, my skirt has ridden up until just it was just a couple inches below my panties; exposing much of my thigh. I didn't know what to do, I didn't want to look at him and even less say something, It would make things so awkward. I looked at him closer through the reflection, he was definitely checking my bare legs out thoroughly, good thing there were no cars in sight or we surely would have crashed.

I stayed still, my heart was racing, does my dad actually think of me in that way? Even more surprising, I was turned on. My pussy was pulsating; I realized that I wanted him to look.

I put my hand on my skirt, he darted his eyes away towards the road. I pulled it up slightly even more, and then I brought my long legs up and let them rest on the dash. My dad smiled "Comfortable Paige?" "You bet dad" I smiled at him He seemingly automatically ran his eyes up and down my long golden tan legs before prying his eyes away and back onto the road.

I stretched my arms back; making my big round breasts push against my thin tank top; this grabbed my dad's attention as his eyes darted from my legs to my chest. I turned to him, making his eyes dart back to the road; I was amused by this little game I was playing with him. "how much longer daddy?" "still a few hours sweety" "I'm going to try and get some sleep then." I gave my skirt a final hike up, put my arms behind my head and leaned back.

I couldn't really sleep; my pussy was pounding too hard. Every now and then I would open my eyes slightly and surely my dad would be looking at me. Either at my bare legs or my outstanding chest. We finally got there, I pretended to be asleep. My dad had to nudge me to wake me up.

He just happened to grab my bare thigh and give it a shake. I enjoyed it for as long as I could before I woke up. We got out of the truck, here was the summer house. It really was beautiful, I hadn't been here for years, usually my mom and dad would vacation here together alone when they were together.

"wow it is still beautiful dad." "I know, it's great, bit of a pain having it be 2 hours away from work but hey a lake side house like this all paid for, I'm not complaining." He laughed. We walked in It was pretty late, "oh shoot, I forgot, due to my current circumstances I only have one bed, so you can grab it, I'll get the couch." He said "Oh don't worry dad, go get some sleep in your bed, I'm not all that tired I'm just going to watch some tv and I'll just pass out on the couch when I feel like it." "Alright then sweetie, goodnight." He gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

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His hand slid down my back as he ended his hug and grazed my ass, and maybe it was my imagination but I swear it took him a second or two to get his hand off of it before he headed upstairs.

I sat down on the couch and tried recollecting my thoughts, my mind seemed to be racing with the possibilities of what could happen between my dad and I. Maybe it was because I haven't had sex in so long but the urge of fucking daddy started growing stronger and stronger in my mind. I tried getting my mind off of it by watching tv, great, nothing was on.

I walked up to the shelf beside the television which was stacked full of dvd's and vhs'. Hm, maybe a good movie is all I need, I thought to myself. I looked through the videos looking for something I'd like. I glanced through the titles until something caught my eye, an old vhs titled Bill and Hannah (my parents names). Feeling curious I took it out of the shelf and popped it into the vcr.

I sat down on the couch and curiously watched. The video started with my mom in lingerie giggling and waving someone over, she was obviously drunk. Next my dad entered the scene shirtless. My eyes lit up as I knew what it was that I was watching, I knew this was probably every kid's nightmare, but I felt excited and eagerly watched. I watched my dad toss my mom onto the bed and then get on top of her. He stripped her lingerie off; leaving her in nothing but a pink thong which he soon dispatched leaving her buck naked.

There I was looking at my mom naked and all I could think of was how much hotter I was than her. Sure she was pretty, but she didn't have curves like I do, all I could think about was that if my dad liked fucking her, he would absolutely love fucking me. They made out briefly before my mom took off my dad's pants and discarded his boxers.

My eyes popped open in disbelief, my dad's dick was huge! Well at least compared to my ex boyfriend who was probably 5 or 6 inches long, my dad's must have been 9 inches at least, and thick too. My pussy was throbbing at the very thought of encountering it in person. My dad flipped my mom around on the bed and dragged her so that her legs were hanging off the bed. My mom giggled; knowing the pleasure she was about to encounter.

My dad stood up and put his big dick into her pussy from behind and started fucking her doggy style. It wasn't long before my mom was howling like a mutt. My dad was fucking were mercilessly from behind and she loved it, moaning so loud that I had to turn the volume down on the tv.

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I was in awe of how great of a fucker my dad was, it like watching a porn star go at it. I would kill to be fucked like that. My ex was a 3 man at best and here I was watching my dad fuck for triple that time at least with no signs of slowing down. I put my finger in my pussy and stroked myself, replacing my mom with myself in the video. The video finally ended with my dad depositing a big load in my mom's pussy.

My horniness was at a whole new level. This video must have been at least 10 years old but I had no doubt that my dad could still fuck like that, and I wanted it. I had never had a problem seducing men in my life, and I told myself that this man would be no different. I took my skirt off and bunched up my tight fitting panties into my ass cheeks. I took my bra off and put my tank top back on. I made my way upstairs into my dad's room.

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"Daddy?" He replied groggily "Yea sweetie" "It's kind of cold down there, do you mind if I sleep here?" "Um no not at all Paige go ahead" I hopped into bed with my dad, and snuggled up close to him. I guess he didn't think much of it as he didn't reposition his body. I waited patiently, inching myself closer to his body whenever I would get a chance. He affectionately put his arm around me, I embraced it. Daringly I pushed my butt into his crotch, he was wearing nothing but boxers.

He didn't say anything so I pushed it further until my cheeks could feel his dick, which was getting harder by the minute. Now I waited as I pretended to be asleep. His dick was now at full strength as I felt his big member prodding at my ass.

He didn't move, maybe he was playing the same game that I was. I slowly moved my ass up and down, exciting him even more. I heard him whisper something to himself. Shortly after, he gave me a little nudge "Paige are you awake?" I said nothing He nudged harder and asked again.

Again I said nothing. He seemed to be battling with himself, not knowing whether to go for it or play it safe.

'FUCK DADDY have your way with me PLEASE' I thought, begging him subliminally.

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Then I felt his big hand on my leg stroking my smooth thigh up and down. My pussy was throbbing. I again thrust my ass against his dick. He cautiously peeled my panties down my ass. Now my bare cheeks were rubbing against his thick penis.

He gently squeezed my right ass cheek, letting out soft moans; surely this was a little more ass then he was used to dealing with with my mom. He let his dick rest in my crack, letting my two cheeks cushion him. Next he ran his hand up and down my shoulder before letting his hand rest on my breast. He gently squeezed my breast through my tank top. "Wow" he whispered He slid my tank top up and slid his hand up my sleek stomach until his big hand reached my breasts.

He gave each breast a squeeze before starting to play with my right nipple. I had to do all I could not to let out a moan. I started grinding my ass slowly up and down his pole, he started working the other way as he started thrusting. He squeezed my nipple and breast harder as he started going faster. After a while he said "Oh shit." I felt his dick twitch uncontrollably in my crack and felt a stream of hot cum pour between my cheeks.

In a panic he slid my tank top back down and tried wiping as much cum as he could off my ass with his hands. I smiled, he must be so nervous and scared right now, if only he knew how much further I wanted him to take this. He turned the other way and tried going to sleep, hoping I somehow wouldn't my damp panties when I woke up.

I woke late the next morning, surprisingly my dad was still asleep beside me, he must've been making up for the lack of sleep he got that night.

I got up and walked into the attached master bathroom to brush my teeth. Whilst brushing my teeth I peered back into the bedroom, the bed was in plain view. I looked at the shower then back at the bed, I decided to put a bit of a show.

I grabbed my towel from the cabinet; slamming the door to make sure my dad was awake. I walked in front of the mirror and gave myself a look over, through my peripherals I could see my dad stirring on the bed. In one swift motion I took my tank top off; letting my breasts spring free. All of a sudden the movement stopped, he noticed, I slowly looked over, his eyes were shut tightly, and his breathing was heavy, now I was sure he was watching.

I looked forward again into the mirror. I massaged my round breasts sensually; lifting one up, than the other then letting them drop back into position.

I slid my hands down my stomach and my thumbs rest on the waistband of my cotton panties. It was time to let my dad see my most appealing asset, the one he got so comfortable with last night. I slowly slid my panties down, letting him view my round apple butt. I bent over to pick up my panties, giving him a full view of my ass and pussy from behind. Seeing there was nothing else I could pretend to do while I stood there I stepped into the shower. After about five minutes of showering I eagerly turned the water off and stepped out.

I walked out towards the counter; keeping my eyes down; I looked up quickly; pretending to look at the picture beside the door, as soon as I looked up I saw my dad's head dart down. I faced the bedroom and let the towel cover my face as I dried my hair; giving my dad an ample amount of time to view my full breasts and bare pussy.

I stuck my breasts out further as I wiped my hair down. Next I turned around and let my hair fall. I looked back at the mirror while I slowly dried off my dripping breasts. I dried off each leg slowly and made sure I gave my dad another good view of my wet ass before wiping it dry. I wrapped the towel around my still wet hair; leaving my body completely naked. I walked out of the bathroom quickly, I walked pass my dad without looking at him; once again I noticed his head dart down.

I walked to the other side of the room where my bag was, my back was towards dad. I bent over, making sure to stick my ass out, while I searched for something to put on Finally I took out a small pair of pink panties and slipped them on, they hugged my ass perfectly, they were my ex's favorite pair of undies. Next I took out a matching tank top and put it on, it was at least a couple sizes small for me as it came ended just above my belly button and struggled to contain my breasts.

I walked downstairs and watched some tv while I waited for dad to come downstairs. It didn't take him long, about 10 minutes later he came downstairs. I looked at him and smiled "Morning daddy!" I said as I walked over and hugged him.

"Morning sweetie" he said; relieved as he thought I didn't notice what happened last night. He wrapped his arms around me and let his hands rest on the small of my back, obviously not daring enough to reach further down. I gave him a peck on the cheek and he returned it by planting his lips on my cheek. We looked into each other's eyes, I wanted him to take me right now.

He didn't he broke our trance by looking away and soon letting go of me. He walked into the kitchen to get started on lunch as it was noon already. He ushered me into the kitchen and to have a seat on the dining table as he made some sandwiches. He served me lunch and then sat down on the opposite end of the table.

We ate; while making some small talk. Every now and then I would catch his eyes drifting from my green eyes to my bulging chest, he would eventually catch himself though.

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I looked at him "That's a really nice deck out there dad." I said pointing outside "Yeah if you want a good tan station I don't think there's a better spot in the world." He laughed.

"Oh that's a good idea actually." I replied "Except I didn't bring any swim suits" "Oh that shouldn't be a problem, there are probably a bunch of your mom's old bikini's lying around in the closet, although she never was as erm curvy as you are." I blushed, I was speechless at this compliment coming from my dad. I simply smiled "I'll go have a look and see what I can find." I finished up my sandwich and walked upstairs to the bedroom.

I looked through the closet. Surely enough there were a few bikini's at the end. I took them out, they were all pretty skimpy; not surprising as this house used to be my mom and dad's personal sex shack. I looked through them, picking out one that was to my liking. It was a small yellow string bikini. I took my top off and put on the bikini top. My breasts were at least a full size bigger than my mom's, and it showed.

The skimpy top barely covered up my nipples; in fact the dark outer edges were still visible! It looked like it was about to burst at any moment; but it did look fucking sexy on my big round breasts. I took my panties off and put on the bikini thong, the slink string simply sank in between my ass cheeks. I tied my blonde hair into a loose bun and walked downstairs, I walked into the kitchen, my dad looked up and his eyes popped open.

He laughed "yup definitely curvier then your mother." I smiled; I was glad to see my dad get a little bolder around me. I grabbed the tanning lotion "dad do you mind doing my back?" "Yeah sure sweetheart." He followed me out into the back, I laid down a towel on the deck and lied down.

He pulled up a chair beside me and wore some sunglasses. He cracked open a book while I lotioned up my front side. I poured the lotion on my body and started rubbing it around my stomach and chest.

Due to the darkness of my dad's shades I couldn't see his eyes but seeing how he didn't turn the page in his book since I started I knew I had his attention. One by one I poured lotion on my legs and rubbed it on stroking my long legs from my ankles to my inner thigh.

Next I poured a stream of lotion on my chest. I rubbed it around; squeezing my soft breasts in the process, all the movement of my boobs made my top shift slighty so my right nipple was visible, I pretended not to notice as I continued rubbing the lotion on my breasts. I brought my hands underneath the bra and thoroughly massaged my breasts. When all of the lotion on my chest was gone I lied down on the towel tummy down.

I called my dad over to do my back, he eagerly got up out of his chair, he bent over me, his knees on either side of my legs. I reached back, unstrapped my bra and slid it aside. "I don't want any tan lines." I explained He poured some lotion on my shoulder and started massaging them lightly "Mm that feels good daddy." He slowly worked lower and lower until he reached my waist.

He skipped over my ass and started to lotion up my thigh. He worked my thighs before sliding down my legs; massaging each calf.

I stuck out my butt slightly, as if to entice him to lotion it up, this seemed to be enough as I felt his rough hands lightly touch my ass cheeks. He poured some lotion on my butt and started massaging lightly. Seeing no resistance, he started getting bolder. He started squeezing my ass cheeks, he seemed very excited; I certainly was.

He poured some lotion on my crack, he split my cheeks apart and started rubbing the inner crevices. My pussy was so wet, I wanted him so bad. After what seemed like an hour and the whole tube of lotion, my dad reluctantly lifted his hands off my ass.

He got up "Thanks daddy." I said "No problem, I'm gonna head in sweetie, make sure you lock the door when you come in." He headed inside.


I noticed him trying to hide his boner as he walked past me. Damn tanning sure was boring without my dad here. I looked up, something caught my attention. The blinds on the bedroom window were waving, I looked closer, my dad was looking at me through the bottom of the window, I quickly looked back down. I flipped my body over so my naked breasts were exposed. I closed my eyes and pretended to doze off so he could have a unobstructed view of my goods. I would open my eyes slightly from time to time; sure enough he was gazing at my naked body every time I checked.

I lied there for an hour at least before deciding I better head in before I burn. I put my bikini top back on and headed in. I walked in and upstairs to the bedroom, the door was locked.

I knocked "Dad are you in there." He replied "Yea Paige I'll be out in a second, why don't you head downstairs ill meet you down there." He said in a rushed tone "Ok daddy." I pressed my ear to the door, sure enough I heard a steady beating sound.

He was jacking off. I smiled and headed downstairs. I turned on the tv, a decent movie was on so I decided on watching it. About 10 minutes later my dad came downstairs, he looked me up and down before finally saying "What you watching?" "Oh just the god father 2, there having some marathon I think" "Oo that's my favorite one." He laughed He sat down beside me; I snuggled up to him, curling up my body against his chest.

I let my head rest on his shoulder. He instinctly wrapped his arm around me he let his hand rest on my stomach. I don't think either of us were interested in the pacino flick at the moment, I know I wasn't. I noticed his hand was slowly stroking my upper stomach; daring to go a little higher.

I snuggled even closer to him, I let my head rest against his cheek. His hand light grazed my right breast through the thin bikini fabric. It grazed it again, then again. Finally he let his hand rest on the small part of my breast that was fully covered by the skimpy string bikini bra.

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I looked up at him and rubbed my cheek against his, his hand cupped my breast. I kissed him softly on the cheek. He looked into my green eyes before kissing me back on the cheek. I put my hand on his hand and placed it firmly on my breast. I looked him in the eyes again before kissing him on the lips.

We kissed softly, he opened up his lips momentarily; I buried my tongue in his mouth and explored my daddy's mouth. He started kissing me back passionately. I shifted my body, so my knees were on either side of him. We explored eachother's mouths while I reached back and untied my top; revealing my full breasts to my father. He broke the kiss off, and looked me up and down. He breathed heavily, and his eyes widened, he almost looked scared.


"I can't do this sweetheart." He whispered, taking his hands off of me. "Daddy please, just once, fuck me." He was battling with himself, this was the toughest choice he had to make in his life. On one hand this was his daughter and no matter how hard he tried their relationship could never be the same after this, on the other hand it had been so long since he had a woman and this was maybe the hottest woman he had seen.

I placed his hands on my bare breasts and I grabbed his rock hard penis through his pants. He couldn't resist, he squeezed my breasts as he once again kissed me. It seemed like the decision had been made. I unbuttoned his shirt and sloppily took it off of his chest. His chest was hairy. His stomach not as toned as the man I saw on the film, but still he was irresistible. He slipped his pants off along with his boxers, letting his big thick dick spring free.

I slid off my panties and cast them aside. There we were, father and daughter naked, awaiting what was to come. I took his hands off of me and told him to sit back and relax on the couch "Sit back daddy, let me take care of you." He leaned back and smiled.

I kissed him again as I put my pussy and around his dick and slowly thrusted up and down. I instantly started moaning I had never had a dick this thick in me, and each inch further then 6 was venturing in unpenetrated parts of my pussy. I thrusted slowly making sure his entire dick was in me but not so fast that it would kill me. We fucked for longer then I was ever used to, and he showed no signs of cumming soon.

He smiled "Here baby let me take over now." He put his entire dick in me, put his hands under my arm pits and lifted me up, he had surprising strength, I wrapped my legs around his waist and arms around his neck.

He bounced me up and down on his dick a couple times before he turned around and put me down on the couch he split my legs as far apart as they could and started thrusting, assaulting my pussy with long hard blows. I was moaning uncontrollably with each stroke. He started going harder and faster, I held my legs apart with my arms, this allowed him to grab me by the waist and fuck me as hard as he could.

"HARDER DADDY" I begged My tits were flopping all over the place, I was crying from pure ecstacy, this was indescribable pleasure. As he fucked me as fast as he could I felt my body start to quiver.

It felt like my pussy exploded as I orgasmed. For the first time in my life a man had made me cum. My dad was still going strong, I was moaning uncontrollably.

He finally took his dick out of my dripping wet pussy, he put his dick in between my breasts and started thrusting. His thick dick felt so good between my soft tits. He smushed my breasts together, pulling on my nipples. It wasn't long before he was moaning too. Soon his dick started twitching slightly and he shot streams of cum on my breasts and neck. I took a finger and scooped up his cum off my breasts, put it in my mouth and licked it clean.

"Mm a little kinky are we?" my dad smiled I smiled as I continued to lick his cum off my tits. He split my legs apart once again and dove in head first and started eating me out. His long tongue delved into my oozing vagina; slurping up all my juices. This felt so good, my ex would never eat me out no matter how much I begged him too.

My body squirmed as my dad had his head deep in my crotch. He flipped my body over and started eating my pussy from behind. He split my ass cheeks apart and licked my crack up to my ass hole.

He circled it with his tongue before entering it; all the while squeezing my juicy ass cheeks vigorously with his large hands. This thrilled me in a whole different way.

My dad was eating my ass out, he was as big of a freak as I was! "Mm baby your ass has got me ready to go all over again." He told me He got up, sure enough his dick was rock hard. He picked me up and placed my body on the glass table, as my legs hung off on the floor. The glass felt so cold; especially against my tits that were smushed against it. Unexpectedly gave my ass a hard smack, this made me howl but then giggle, he did it again "MMM SPANK ME DADDY" I begged He gave me some more hard smacks on the ass causing me to howl in both pain and ecstacy He split my ass cheeks apart and inserted his dick into my pussy from behind.

Now was the time to get fucked doggy style like my mother was in the video. He started fucking me hard right away, I started moaning uncontrollably. He wrapped his hands around my waist and fucked me with all his force.


Once again the tears started to roll down my cheeks, as I was moaning like a slut. My hair was all over the place and my tits were rocking uncontrollably. This was the best feeling in the world. My dad was fucking like a machine. His balls were smacking against my thigh hard with stroke. He would randomly smack my ass cheek hard while fucking me causing me to giggle and moan in pleasure.

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I loved how he was treating me so rough. He was treating me like a slut not like a daughter, and I loved it. I felt my body quiver familiarly. I came again "OHH DAAADDDDYY!" I screamed He fucked me for another minute before withdrawing his dick. He picked me up from behind so I hung upside down from his body. I wrapped my legs around his head; once again he started eating my dripping wet pussy out.

I wrapped my arms around his butt to keep from falling; He put his hand behind my head and pushed it forward into his dick. I got the message, I took his big dick in my mouth and sucked on it, bobbing my head up and down; nearly choking in order to deep throat it. I vigorously sucked it for minutes on end, finally I felt it squirm as he deposited another load, this time in my mouth.

His knees shook, he lied down, I was on top of him. After sucking his cock dry and swallowing his delicious cum, I flipped around, I crawled up his body. He wrapped his arms around me and held me tight. We started making out again. "Mmm daddy, you're the best fucker in the world, sex has never been that good before." He replied "Well with a body like that inspiring me it's kind of hard not too fuck like that." He smiled "Paige sweetie I think this is going to be a better week then I expected." I smiled as I started kissing him again.