Gang bang faust fucked skinny teen

Gang bang faust fucked skinny teen
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A Visitor By Kitten D'Ville I stood in the living room and yawned, having just awoken. About to touch the computer's mouse, I was stopped when I heard a knocking at the door.

Thinking that it was probably a package being delivered I skipped over to the door and flung it open. But where a package would have been set there instead stood a remarkable sight: Jack! As he smiled at me I blinked out of my daze and threw my arms around him, holding him so tightly.

"Hey, baby," he cooed in my ear as he exhaled my scent from his nostrils. "Oh, my god!" I exclaimed in a loud whisper. I repeated, "Oh, my god… I can't believe it! I wasn't even expecting you!" He regaled to me about how he had made his trip and brought with a map to my house.

Excitedly, I immediately helped him bring his things inside and, completing that, suggested that we go for a drive. I dashed into my mother's room, informed her that I would be out having a meal and ran out the front door with my lover in tow. I pointed him in different directions as we spoke about so many different things. My eyes drank in every inch of him as we laughed and smiled. "Stop here," I said as I pointed to a sidewalk, which ran behind a small development.

He obliged and turned off his car and I leaned closer to him in my seat. His eyes caught mine immediately as he looked at me, his face just inches from mine, and he stroked my cheek softly with his fingertips. My lips pouted, eyes half-lidded, head tilted and body poised for a kiss, he pulled himself closer until his lips found mine and his eyes closed as his body filled with a sense of relief mixed with the stirrings of lust. I gently suckled his lower lip as he sharply drew in a breath between his teeth and our lips mingled once again.

With the slightest pressure I pressed the tip of my tongue between his lips and he readily greeted it with his own as he pulled me closer with his hand gripping the back of my head.


His fingers wove through my hair as our kiss grew more passionate and I ran my hand along his shoulder and down his chest. I barely pulled my lips from his and I looked him in the eyes; I whispered into his breath, "Hey…" and glanced my eyes towards the backseat.

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His eyes widened with a touch of nervousness, but he was overtaken with lust and nodded with a shy and wicked grin. I brushed my hair out of my eyes and opened my door; we reconvened in the confines of the back of his Taurus. I pulled him to the middle of the seat and, resting on my knees, pressed my lips to his once again.

In the passion of the kiss I crawled closer to him and, being careful not to disrupt the kiss or get my feet caught, I gently pulled up my skirt and straddled him.

I felt a shiver run up his spine as he placed his hands on my hips and I cupped his face. While his hands explored the curves of my waist I drew myself from his kiss and stared into his eyes with complete adoration and a fiery passion. I nuzzled his nose and he reached up a hand to remove his glasses, but I stopped him and smiled. He smiled back and I kissed along his cheek to the top of his neck just below his ear. As he continued his hands along my curves I breathed heavily into his ear for a moment and took his lobe in my lips for a moment before I began nibbling ever so softly on it.

He gripped my hips as a hushed moan escaped from his mouth and I began kissing and gently biting my way down his neck as his head rolled back against the seat. He moved his hands up slowly but stopped just below my breasts, almost hesitant in his nervousness. With my lips back to his ear I moaned in a whisper, "Touch me, Jack." He complied immediately and I tossed my head back as he squeezed at my tender breasts.

He watched intently at my reactions before he leaned forward and began kissing my neck from just below my chin and continued down the low cut of my shirt to my cleavage.

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He inhaled deeply the scent of my skin and I looked down at him for our lips to meet once again. Our kisses became heavier and I stopped for a moment to pull my shirt over my head and he ran his hands up my arms as I did so. As I tossed my shirt aside he fingered the lace along the cups of my bra and kissed my hard nipples through the satiny fabric. I could feel his hard cock twitching between my legs, seemingly fighting with the denim of his jeans to be released.

As he kissed my shoulders and pulled my bra straps down I gently ground down on his lap as his breathing became heavier. He reached around my back as he kissed at my cleavage and expertly unhooked my bra. I slid the straps off my arms and tossed that aside as well. He immediately began kissing and suckling at my nipples, biting down ever so often as I moaned and pressed down on him harder.

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He looked up at me and smiled as a hand traveled down to my thigh. He slowly ran it along my leg until he reached the edge of my panties.

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I pressed my lips to his again and he gently brushed his fingers across my crotch before sliding one into the lacy covering. He moaned through the kiss as his index finger felt the soft smooth flesh of my lips. Pulling my panties to one side he carefully explored my swollen mound until a finger found my wet opening.

His breathing increased rapidly as he slipped his finger into my wetness and slowly brought it up to my swollen clit. I rolled my head back and moaned and he took one of my nipples into his mouth as he began rubbing my button harder.

I grabbed his shoulders and began grinding against his finger as he kissed me hard before withdrawing his finger and tasting my honey.


He moaned and smiled at me and I climbed off his lap to remove my panties. As I slid them down he unzipped his jeans and pulled out his swollen member. I looked at it mesmerized for a moment before instinctively placing my hand around it and taking the head into my mouth.

He moaned hard as I suckled the tip and began licking the shaft in between stroking. I placed the head into my mouth again and began sliding my lips up and down his big cock, taking an inch at a time until it hit the back of my throat. At this point he was in complete ecstasy; his fingers were tangled at the root of my hair simultaneously pushing my head down and pulling my hair. I gently push myself down and allowed his throbbing monster to enter my throat.

I could feel him trying to restrain from shoving my head down and bucking his hips as I expanded and contracted my throat muscles to massage the tip. I worked at it until he was balls deep in my mouth and I sucked at him for a few minutes before I could no longer take it: I had to have his dick in my pussy!

I climbed back onto his lap with my skirt hoisted up and reached between my legs. I spread my pussy lips open with my middle and index fingers and lowered myself until his cock was pressed against my spread slit.

I let go of my lips and guided his cock to my hole, rubbing the head of it with my dripping wetness. I placed my hands on his shoulders and slowly began lowering myself onto him. His thick cock pressed itself into my small hole as we both gasped and moaned.

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I had never taken a cock this size before, so I took it slowly, wanting to feel every inch. Again I could feel him trying to restrain himself from slamming me down onto it, but soon enough his entire shaft was buried in me; his head pressing hard at my cervix.

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His eyes rolled back in his head as he gripped my hips and I squeezed my eyes shut in complete pleasure. I started slowly riding him and, with the assistance of his strong hands, I picked up the pace until my pussy was sucking his cock with such great expertise. I slowed him for a moment and tipped my hips until his cock found the opening of my cervix.

I smiled as I pushed down with care and watched a look of pure ecstasy glaze over his face as his swollen prick pressed into my womb. Again I began riding him gently as I watched him experience this tight pleasure before I began to ride him at a faster pace. My breathing came in quick gasps between screaming moans as he held me down hard from my waist and bucked his hips until he was slam-fucking me with as much force as an earthquake. He gritted his teeth as he breathed heavily between them, concentrating fully on the pleasure as he was abusing my baby pussy.

My back stiffened and my vaginal walls contracted as I was thrown into a hard orgasm. I threw my head back and dug my nails into his shoulders while moaning and screaming, "FUCK ME, JACK!" at the top of my lungs! Between my moaning, contracting, bucking and nail digging, he couldn't take it anymore. He began slamming me down onto his cock with all of his force and might while moaning through clenched teeth, "Yeah, that's my baby, that's my good little girl, such a good little whore," before he slammed as deep as he could, deeper than my body would even let him, and filled every crevice of my pussy with his hot cum.

As our breathing began to calm we kissed each other passionately before I climbed off of him. Ignoring the cum running down my legs I quickly took his cock into my mouth and gently licked it clean while he gasped and moaned.

I sat back up and looked him in the eyes once again. He smiled, kissed me softly and said, "I love you."