Gay blonde teen bits ass rimming The uncircumcised hunk arrives

Gay blonde teen bits ass rimming The uncircumcised hunk arrives
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Sex stories Hi. My name is Donavon. I'm 6 ft tall, slim. Stubble and dark hair. Abs and a Spanish tan. Also I have Sleeve tattoos and a tattoos in various other parts of my body. My mum, just turned 40. 5ft5. Beautiful face, good skin, long brown hair, big brown eyes, nice legs, incredible bum, double d boobs and a bit of a chubby belly not fat though.

It all started when I was about 15. The fantasy with me and my mother. It started off as me sniffing her bras. To wanking over her. Hi. My name is Donavon.

I'm 6 ft tall, slim. Stubble and dark hair.


Also I have Sleeve tattoos. It all started when I was about 15. The fantasy with me and my mother.

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It started off as me sniffing her bras. To wanking over her, checking her out. Sneaking in whilst she slept naked. I use too try and make her catch me wanking, but I always panicked when she came close thinking what if she told dad.

Yet I carried on the fantasy for years.

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Then one week. My mum stayed at home for a week off of work due to stress. I took the week off to comfort her because by now my parents ha split up, so it was only me and her. I offered her a massage and she said "yes please sweetie, that would be lovely". So I gave her a back rub but also taking the opportunity too feel her body. I then gave her a foot rub.

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She seemed aroused and obviously I was, that night I wanked over my mum again. However the next morning she came down stairs in her dressing gown looking pretty as ways, and asked " can I be cheeky and ask for another back rub " of course I pounced at the chance.

She went upstairs this time and laid on her bed face down. She said take off the dressing gown for me and as I pulled it from her shoulders down her back I noticed she was just in a bra, as I come beyond the waist there was nothing. Nothing at all. My dick got hard so quick I almost puncture my shorts.

I rub the lotion across her back, " that's lovely, harder please sweetie " my mum said, then I said this needs to move mum, taking off her bra I was then brave enough to rub her side boobs and lower waist.


As my heart was racing, knees shaking a little I start to massage my mothers ass. Moving my thumbs Closer and closer to her fanny I slip it in.

My mum looks at me and says " about time ! " She got up, but naked. I was just staring at her dick rock solid, she came to me took my shirt off and said " you want to really relax mummy " and grabbed my dick and got straight to work, sucking on it. One hand on my ass cheek pushing me further in and the other cupping my balls.

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She then laid on her back and bit her lip. She said fuck me, but instead I go down her. Licking clit out hard but slow whist I finger her fanny and arse quickly.

My mum moaning and screaming my name, as she cum I stopped she thought she could breathe but no. I slammed my dick into her. Fucking her hard, her legs other my shoulder, her tits bouncing in front off my face. I was cumming but I couldn't stop my self from fucking her. I bent her over.

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She leant on the wall punching it and moaning screaming " harder. Harder!

" So that's when I took it out. Then slowly put my bellend into her ass. Once it was in with one quick motion rammed it in she let out a yelp. I say " hard enough " she turned around with a smile and said " punish me " So I did. Fucking my mother up against a wall spanking her. Punching her nipples and fingering her. Throwing into different sex positions. Gagging her. She screams. I pull out off her ass and she lets out a lil moan then starts to kiss my body softly around my dick.

Teasing me. Up and down my body, my neck, shoulders, collarbone, hands, she sucks my fingers whilst staring at me with her gorgeous eyes, runs her fingers down my side with her nails scratching me til he read was over my bellend and I could feel her warm breathe covering it. I pre cum from just that, I know. Embarrassing. Once she saw it she licked it of my bellend and slowly went up and down. The feeling was incredible. My hand hold my mums hair whilst she hand my dick in her mouth.

I was literally in heaven. She lubed my dick up with her mouth and then climbed on top. She rode me hard, her tits bouncing in my face, loving life. Then she turned around and started to bounce up and down on my dick but this time her ass was on my face.

I cum but she don't stop. My dick was so sensitive. So I cum again and again and again pumping so much out it was squirting on my mother. She pushed me on my back an sucked me off till I came in her mouth. As she got up and walked off to clean up In the shower i watched her gorgeous legs and ass strut away. As I lay there, spread out on the bed. Then it finally hit me. I fucked my mum and I was probably the best hour couple off hours of my life.

She walked back in after her shower. Dripping wet shivering then got in to bed again and cuddled. But I started playing around again an sure enough. It started up again. It has happened almost every week since that day.

At least once a week. She maybe older then me but fuck she can wear me out. I recommend you try it with your mums. I honestly do, just hint at it get it in her head and she'll think about it and fantasies. Hope your enjoyed my story.