Brünette Getränke pissen

Brünette Getränke pissen
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It was Friday in the Diaz house when they found out that they would have to fly to grandmother place in Florida. Harley immediately told her parents she couldn't possibly go she had too much to do.

Well mom said you can't stay home alone when Rachel chimes in that she could stay with her not wanting to fly again after flying home from Paris and needing to fly back in two weeks. Okay the Diaz parents said then yelled to the rest of the pack we leave for Florida in three hours for a week. The other kids scattered to pack and soon the Diaz's were packed and leaving for the airport.

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That night while Harley worked on her inventions in her room Rachel called her boyfriend Cuff to come over and visit her while she was home. Cuff arrived around six that night and the two were soon ensconced on the couch making out. Later Harley getting thirsty came out to get something to drink and had to stop and stare at the two making out on the sofa.

Concealing herself she watched as Cuff made out with Rachel slipping her tongue into his open mouth as his hand tweaked her exposed breast and rubbed her clit through her panties exposed by her spread legs. Harley moaned as she slid her fingers down into her skirt and put two fingers into her cunt pumping them in and out. Closing her eyes she was unaware that her moans had attracted the attention of the two on the couch.

Standing and walking to where Harley hid Rachel pulled out her phone caught Harleys activities on her phone. After Harley had had an orgasm she opened her eyes finding Cuff and her sister standing next to her. Blushing she made her way to the couch where Rachel was indicating she should sit. Seated Rachel smiled and said so you think you can spy on us with no repercussions when caught.

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No Rachel she started to say when Rachel held up her hand stopping her. Rachel then commanded Harley to strip. Harley and lay down across Cuffs lap. No Rachel please not in front of Cuff.

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Take your punishment Harley or this holding up her phone gets uploaded to the web site. Paling Harley stripped down to her bra and panties where she stopped but took those off when Rachel said those too Harley. Now standing naked in front of Cuff she blushed a bright red knowing that Cuff was seeing her small but rounded breasts topped with pink nipples an quarter size dark aureoles.

Not to mention her pink vagina with fully spread lips showing her beautiful smooth cunt that had yet to grow hair to cover it. Now lay down commanded Rachel and blushing furiously she complied.

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Feeling Cuffs hard fully engorged cock through his pants Harley felt her virginal pussy start to get wet. Now what she asked as she felt the first bare handed smack land on her ass cheek. Cuff continued smacking her ass alternating between her two cheeks until her cheeks were bright red and tears were running down her other cheeks.

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The punishment stopped and she thought it was over until she felt Rachel reach down an spread her cheeks giving cuff access to her asshole and clit. Cuff commenced pushing a large vibrating dildo deep into her anus and then pushing it into her unprotected vagina paying special attention to her exposed clit.

Not being gentle and Rachel occasionally contributing to her punishment soon had Harley screaming with pain and writing on Cuffs lap causing him to get a hard on. Oh Harley look at what you have done. Get up and help Cuff deal with this problem. Harley got up from Cuffs lap and unzipping his pants reached in and pulled out his hardened cock.

Kneeling down she took him into her mouth and started sliding up and down on it. While busy with this she never saw as Rachel stripped and put on a double ended cock in a frame work. Slipping one end into her cunt she strapped it into place and lubricating it swiftly slammed it into Harleys virginal unprotected pussy.

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Pushing in up to the hilt Harley screamed which was muffled by the cock going down her throat. Harley sobbed as she felt her own sister take her cherry from her but sobbed even more as moments later felt her take her anal cherry as well. Between the two of them Harley was ravaged and left naked on the couch in the living room totally on display to anyone that looked in the front window.


Lying spent and unable to move she shuddered as she felt a cold nose press into her pussy and a long tongue cleaning up her messy pussy. Unbelievably she felt another orgasm building deep in her groin. The dogs tongue soon had her squirming and then she squirted as the orgasm hit her spraying her juices all over the dogs face.


The dog was not finished with her and started using his paws to pull her tired body off the sofa falling with her body sprawled across the ottoman she was perfectly positioned as the dog moved up between her legs and mounted her. No please was all she had the strength to whimper as the dogs large cock forcefully entered her stretching her to her limit and pumped rapidly into her and finally forcing his knot in to her locking them together.

Twenty minute passed before he shrank enough for him to pull out freeing Harley. The dog moved to his corner happily licked his face and cock clean. Harley lay there unmoving totally spent from the multiple orgasms she had felt under RachelCuffand the dogs ministrations.