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Silber Körperfarbe Sex und Solo Anhänger
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Chapter One: Prelude I was getting ready to move overseas for my job and since I had a month before leaving I asked my sister if I could stay with them for a month. While it was not ideal it allowed me to ship my things which needed the month for transit to South Korea so when I arrived I would be able to move straight into the company apartment I was assigned.

I did not need furniture but there was my personal property that I would want with me. I work for a multinational IT firm and my four-year assignment was to oversee the manufacture of a key computer component designed especially for our industrial applications.

I was only 23 at the time and had worked for the company for just over a year. I had always wanted to see the world. Anyway, I was asked about traveling for the company and my positive answer got me the job. [i]Two months prior. "Mark, would you come into my office at 10:00 for a meeting with the VP of Personnel." "Sure. What's it about?" I asked Wyatt. "It is about an opportunity. You've been doing a good job and we had an unexpected personnel change.

So, you have been nominated for a new opportunity. See you at ten." I wondered about it. I had not heard anything about a job opening.

I went back to work and waited for the meeting. At the appropriate time I walked over to the administrative building. Wyatt was waiting for me and the VP of Personnel, Ms. Grainger, was coming down the hall. She was a nice lady. You could not miss her more pleasant attributes, 5'8" with a nice slim frame supporting evenly balanced 34C breasts.

She seemed to like nicely conservative tops that showed enough without letting you see too much. Her pretty auburn hair and green eyes made it difficult to concentrate around her.

She wore a white top with frilly lace and a skirt that was below her knees but not too much. Very professional, very sexy, too. I arrived at the office door and saw Ms. Grainger heading toward me. I stayed there waiting for her and took the time to admire her walking down the hall giving me the chance to stare without appearing to stare.

When she arrived at the office I held the door for her. "Good morning, Ms. Grainger," I stated. She replied, "Good morning, Mark." We entered my boss's office and Wyatt stood up to greet Ms. Grainger. "Good morning, Heather." "Good morning, Wyatt. I believe you have already mentioned the opportunity to Mark." "Yes, just in passing; nothing specific so I am sure he is interested in the details." "I am a bit curious about all of this," Mark stated.

"So, let me explain." Ms. Grainger replied. "Our South Korean factory representative became ill recently and has had to take a leave of absence. We need a person over there to help make sure the parts are correctly manufactured. You don't need to speak Korean but will likely learn it as you work and live there." "Hold on.

Are you talking about me going to Korea?" "Yes." "Why me?" Wyatt spoke up, "You have demonstrated an exceptional work ethic which is needed since you will be the only one there. We need someone we can trust. We also need someone that is not married. This is a solo job and you are ideal." "Oh." My mind was racing. I had been working up the courage to ask Susan from accounting out for a date.

We had been chatting during lunch breaks and she seemed very nice. This would really mess that up. At 23 I was ready to get married and have a family of my own. Susan was a pretty and petite girl. She had blonde hair and the cutest freckles. I think she was interested in me as well, although that was hard to tell.

Maybe it was only my desire telling me that. This job would keep me away, but for how long? They were both quietly waiting for me to think. "So, how long is this job?" Ms. Grainger responded, "about four years." "Oh, and it pays a 25 percent premium with a continuing 10 percent salary increase after four years. And, that is besides the normal annual pay increases." There was nothing to decide. I replied, "I will take it." Then thinking about my apartment, I asked, "what about my lease, it still has four months to go." Ms.

Grainger assured me the company would pay out any time left. That definitely changed things. Maybe a four-year adventure would be good. It included a company apartment with all utilities paid by the company. My Sister's House I arrived at my sister's place Thursday afternoon. The Uber ride worked out well and I did not have much with me, just clothes for a week and my computer gear.

The house was an old Victorian style that had been upgraded with some modern features like air conditioning. It had high ceilings and somewhere along the way a previous owner had built an addition on the back that was a nice bedroom and bath suite. That was going to be my room for the month.

I was greeted by my sister, Robin. Robin was the older of us and had been married for 15 years. She married at 18 and was ten years older. She was more a babysitter than a sister and we tended to get along fine. Robin always had a nice figure but I really did not notice until I was about 14 and she was married. It just never occurred to me. Robin is 5'3" when she stretches and is a nice build but has maybe small breasts, just perfect for her size and perky. I had my dad's build being solid and a full 5'10" on my good days.

At least if I did not slouch. "Hey Mark. How was your trip? I would have picked you up if you told me when your flight was arriving." "No need. It was fine getting an Uber and I knew you would be busy," I replied. "Let me show you your room. We have cleaned it up and put in a desk for you to use." I followed Robin through the house to the addition and my room. One of the benefits was it had its own bathroom. We had just gotten everything settled when Olivia came bouncing in.

Olivia is Robin's 14-year-old daughter. She is the spitting image of Robin. The same slender build, the same brown hair and the same dimples. She is definitely a cute kid. "Hi Uncle Mark. When did you arrive? Did you bring me a present? Are you really going to Korea?

Where is Korea? Do they have McDonalds? I'd go crazy if they did not have a McDonalds." She just kept asking questions without leaving me time to answer. "Olivia, you have to give him time to answer. He can tell you about it later. You need to go change and do your homework." "But mom, I want to find out about Korea. Do they have pretty girls? What do they wear?" "Olivia, go. Now!" Her mom stressed. Olivia went bounding out of the room and up the stairs to her room. Over the next week I spent a lot of time explaining South Korea and what I would be doing.

Since it was so far away I was not planning to come back to the States more than once or twice. I would be given one-month vacation during each year to travel home but I think touring other countries might be fun. Since I was leaving there was no point making any female connections so when I felt the urge I would look at my favorite porn sites and stroke my cock. I would take time to really enjoy it. I definitely had to lock the door because Olivia had a bad habit of popping through the door unannounced.

In the first week I had a close call. I had just finished showering when Olivia popped through the door and I quickly grabbed a towel to cover up. I think I had been fast enough. But, she may have seen my cock for an instant.

She did not say anything, but quickly retreated. That did not stop other intrusions but I made sure to lock the door if I was going to be naked in the room. At 5'10" I have an athletic build and work to stay in shape. I was never a weight lifter but having fun activities kept me in good shape.

My hair is kept short, just enough to have a part. Like my sister and niece, my hair is a natural brown. My eyes are hazel. While I would never rate as a movie star, I am not bad looking. The girls seemed to like my appearance. It was getting close to my departure date.

I was both nervous and excited. The trip was a long one. I had gotten ready for bed and was horny. I don't know why I was so horny that night but it could have been because we had gone swimming that afternoon. The whole family, including my brother-in-law, Robert. Robert is a decent guy with a bit of a gut.

His office work limited his activities. Over the month he traveled some and worked a lot so I only saw him at dinner and over the weekends when he wasn't playing golf.

He tried to teach me the first Saturday but after losing 7 balls he thought I should try other sports. I had to agree. It just was not going to get better. So, I was horny and I knew I better lock the door before taking up my usual practice. With the door locked I turned on my computer and started pursuing my favorite sites.

I like one that has a variety of movie clips. Some are as long as an hour. I opened one that looked interesting. Supposedly the brother and sister were staying home with the parents gone for the day. The brother sees his sister in a skimpy bikini and starts getting a hard-on. As his sister is laying out getting some rays the brother keeps spying on her hoping to get a nice view.

As she is laying there she starts to massage her breasts through her top until she absently moves it down releasing her two beautiful and perfectly shaped breasts. He is now drooling and stroking his cock. Of course, it doesn't take long before she is rubbing her pussy. She moves her bottoms aside showing a clean shaven perfectly shaped pussy.

One any guy would appreciate. She rubs her finger up and down her slit until she finally pushes a finger into her vagina. He hears her moaning. He moans as his dick is hard and reacting to his sister's moans. I am stroking my cock, all six and a half inches. Not too big and not too small.

I am really enjoying the sight. Then her brother walks over and watches his sister with her eyes closed. She hears a sound and quickly opens her eyes to see her brother watching her and his hard dick in his hand. Her surprise turns into a smirk and she reached up and wrapped her hand around his dick. She starts stroking him and he starts shaking. He tells her he is going to cum and then his dick shoots three or four times with cum falling on her stomach.

I keep stroking and thinking that her pussy would be nice to lick and then fuck. She was really cute. She reminded me of my sister. I tried to not think that way. I kept stroking and was about to cum when I heard a noise above me. I looked up and did not see anything. Maybe it was a squirrel in the attic. I went back to masturbating and enjoying the young couple fucking.

It had not taken long for him to recover from the hand job and he ended up fucking his sister in all kinds of positions. I was in rhythm with their fucking getting closer and then I shot a long rope of cum up with it falling on the floor.

I got up and cleaned up the mess. When I looked up after spraying my cum all over the floor I saw a red light that went out. I did not see it again and forgot about it. I went to bed and slept well. It was time to leave for South Korea. Robin, Robert and Olivia took me to the airport. My departure was on time and off I went. Chapter Two: The Return I spent my four years in South Korea having a blast. I toured just about every place in the region. One of the best things was the availability of young girls, all legal age.

My sex life soared. I had the best medical care and made sure I avoided suspect play mates. I left South Korea with a lot more experience in most things sexual. I developed skills at lasting for very long times so I could fuck two or three girls for hours before cumming.

With the money I was making I had no shortage of girls wanting to marry me. My time was up and I headed home. Well, I headed back to my sister's house for another short stay so I could look for a new place to live. The return was not quite the same as my departure. Robin had divorced Robert a couple of years ago.

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That was tough on her and Olivia. I could not be there physically but I spoke to her as much as possible.


Olivia seemed to take it okay. She still kept good grades and had a bunch of friends. She had a number of friends with divorced parents. So, her support network was helpful.

Robin and Olivia came to get me at the airport. She told me that I could not stay there unless I let them pick me up. So, what was I to do?

It was so nice to see them both. While I meant well to come back on my vacation time I spent the time traveling to new places and fucking a bunch of lovely girls. We returned to her house; she got it in the divorce settlement. She again gave me the back room. I settled into it and we started to get in a routine. Robin looked like Robin. Same slender figure and perky breasts. Her brown hair was changed to a lighter shade, more of a sandy blondish color.

It was different but kind of nice. Now Olivia was different. She was maturing and had turned into a slightly smaller version of her mom. Her brown hair flowed over her shoulders and her breasts had really grown. Maybe a bit bigger than her mom's. But she really had filled out with hips a bit wider and that cuteness was bordering on beautiful. Definitely the prettiest girl in the family. Olivia was smart and quite capable in information technology. "Olivia, tell me about your IT club.

Your mom mentioned that you were the president." "Oh, mom always makes a big deal out of it. They voted me in because no one else wanted it. They all wanted to make robots and have battles.

Someone needed to help manage the club. We have gotten some sponsors to help pay for materials and competitions. Your company also sponsored us. A Ms. Grainger has been very supportive of our club." "Ms. Grainger was the person that talked me into the job in South Korea.

I am glad she helped your club. What have you made in the club?" "We have been combat robot champions for the last two years." "That is so cool." Robin came in from the kitchen telling us dinner was ready. "Hey you two, dinner is ready and we need to eat while it is hot. Mark, this will not be the erotic, no exotic foods you have had the last four years.

So, don't expect it." "Sis, I am happy to have regular food. And it smells so good." "Mom always worries. She is such a good cook. But you already know that." "Well, I always enjoyed her cooking," I replied to Olivia while pushing her to the table. She felt so nice. Her arms were soft but strong. It was probably from her athletic activities. She also had time for sports, more specifically softball. "Robin, I really appreciate you letting me stay for a while. I will have to find a place to live and get used to the area again.

I am happy to be able to work virtually. My boss told me that I will have to travel some but most of it will be done teleworking. So, I can stay home and do my job." "That will be good. Maybe you can help me keep an eye on Olivia when I have to travel or work late." "That." I tried to finish but was rudely interrupted.

"Mom! I don't need a babysitter. I am 17. All of my friends don't have babysitters." "Well, maybe I will just stay out of it." "Olivia, dear, I just am not comfortable with you being alone. But, maybe Mark needs to be watched. He has been gone for four years. You can keep him company." Olivia perked up and said, "Now that is more like it." "Okay you two.

I do not need to be watched," I asserted.

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"We will work it out." Olivia opined. Robin had made her gourmet meatloaf and fresh mashed potatoes. Both are wonderful and my favorites. She uses ground lamb, sausage and roast beef with a mix of herbs and spices that really make a good base. But, her secret ingredient is cream cheese and sour cream that gives it a rich texture. Since I am a fairly good cook I learned some secrets, too.

And her mashed potatoes are rich with cream and butter. "Robin, dinner is delicious. I have not had a good meatloaf for a long time. South Koreans don't make anything like it." "I am glad you like it." Olivia asked about the food I ate in South Korea. I told her about the normal diet but also mentioned some of the more ethnic foods. She was not very interested in the more unique foods. With dinner over, Olivia and I cleaned up letting Robin settled in the living room to relax.

Olivia kept bumping into me. Nothing too obvious but she seemed to make sure I noticed her. And, she seemed to be pushing out her breasts. It was probably my imagination. We settled in a routine much like the last time I stayed with them.

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I went looking for an apartment each day. Nothing really caught my eye. They were too expensive or in a less than good location. I wanted to be close to Robin but not too close. When I found a girl I did not want my sister dropping over especially interrupting a good fuck session. I was getting discouraged. It was Saturday and I told Robin I was going to look in a different area for an apartment. Robin told me she had to work and asked if I could watch over Olivia.

Olivia was not too happy about it. "Mom, I will be fine here watching TV." But, Robin countered, "Mark needs to be watched. We don't want him to make a bad apartment decision.

You can help him pick a good location. You can get to know him better." Apparently, Olivia changed her mind and stopped arguing.

In fact, she seemed to warm to the idea of looking with me. We got up the next morning and had a nice simple breakfast. Olivia dressed in a nice pair of shorts and a frilly top. The shorts accented her butt, not that I paid a lot of attention but it looked enticing. You could just touch and squeeze her butt. Her breasts filled the frilly top. It was a nice peach color that highlighted her hazel eyes.

She was definitely becoming a looker. When we got in the car I told her we would head to the north side of town. I was hoping to find a reasonably nice place that was affordable in a safe neighborhood. I wanted to have a place to also find girls. "So, Uncle Mark, how are you going to find a girl to marry." She was sounding like Robin.

"Well, that is the challenge. Working from home means I won't see the women at work which will make it harder. I hear that the grocery store is the new meeting location. I like cooking so that may help." "So, what do you want in a girl?" "Someone like your mom. Someone nice, well built, pretty, capable of cooking, things like that." "You think mom is pretty." I replied, "yes." "Do you think I am pretty?" "Olivia, you are definitely pretty, and you will likely be considered beautiful when you are fully grown." "Really?" "Yes, really.

I would think the boys in your club would be all over you." "The boys in the club are only interested in technical stuff. I have never heard them talking about girls.

I don't think they even know what a girl is." "I am sure they know. So, they never talk about girls when you are around?" "Nope." The time went by fast and we were already at the first apartment. It was advertised to have good exercise facilities and excellent Wi-Fi connectivity. All of the utilities were included except telephone. My cellphone would work especially with the unlimited data and voice plan paid by the company.

"We are at the first apartment complex. Let's roam around before going to the office." "Okay," Olivia agreed. The apartment complex seemed nice. It had a nice pool and a reasonably nice exercise room. At least I would be able to break up the monotony of virtual office work. Maybe there would be girls around to get to know. It showed promise. So, off we went to the office. The office personnel were nice.

They showed us around and we looked in the model apartment. The lease was a bit much but I could afford it. From the places I looked at previously this was possibly the best one so far. I still was not sure so we went looking at a couple more apartment complexes. All were nice. However, the Fountain Active Living apartment complex was the best. The exercise room was more current and the pool was well suited for laps.

We went back there and signed the lease. I was given two keys and Olivia and I went to my new apartment. It had two bedrooms that would allow Olivia to spend the night when her mom was out of town. "Olivia, what do you think about having a second bed so you can stay with me." Olivia rolled her eyes. Then she surprised me. "I could just sleep in your bed with you." I don't think I really understood. I told her that would not work because I liked to spread my legs across the bed and she would get in the way.

She rolled her eyes and then shrugged her shoulders. We returned to her house. Robin was not home yet so we picked out a movie to watch. Olivia went to change. She came in wearing exercise shorts that were fairly loose and a t-shirt top that was cut short. I did a double take because it looked like she was not wearing a bra.

Olivia said, "can we watch a romantic comedy?" I told her, "sure." I really wanted an action picture, but, well, she was so damn cute I could not say no. And, she helped me find the apartment.

She picked the movie from the Netflix listing. After the movie started Olivia snuggled up to me. I put my arm around her. I noticed her breasts were perky. Her nipples were hard and poking her shirt confirming no bra. Was she getting aroused?


It had to be my imagination. She shifted a little and I looked down to see her titties under her shirt. Oh my, they were beautiful. Such a pretty pink with deep rose aureoles. From my perspective they were so luscious.

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I was so mesmerized by the sight I did not think of the reaction it caused. My cock started to grow, pushing on my pants. She did not need to catch me looking especially with a hard-on. I told her I was going to get something to drink and asked her if she wanted something. "Mark, I would like a bottle of water." I went to the kitchen and got a glass of tea for me and water for Olivia.

I walked back into the den and saw Olivia laying on the couch watching the movie. But what I saw stopped me in my tracks. Olivia had her right leg propped up in such a way that her loose shorts were open.

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There staring back at me was a very beautiful pussy. She shaved. Who knew? Her slit was perfect, just exactly what I like. And, I have seen a lot of pussies. I think I stopped breathing. Olivia saw me and asked if I was okay. "'s your water." I sat down and we finished watching the movie.

I did not see any of it from that point on. I could not get those titties and pussy out of my mind. Robin finally came home and we all went to bed. I thought back over the day and imagined sucking on my niece's titties and licking her sweet pussy. I began stroking my dick. Before long I came hard. I cleaned up and tried to sleep. [/i]