Brutal erotica with Asian bitch

Brutal erotica with Asian bitch
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Netherworld School: Book 1 (Prologue) Introduction: A nerd traveling to England is mistaken for a dead spy and is subsequently enrolled in a school that trains Spies so that American secrets can be extracted.

New York one week before the start of classes, an American operative gets shot in the head in his NY Penthouse. A feminine shadow leaves the room and a few minutes later the room explodes, incinerating the body. *** Chris is a gifted student; he has a photographic memory and an IQ that makes NASA scientists look like they were in grade school.

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Physically he stands at 5'8", has black hair and startlingly blue eyes. He is of average build and while not muscular no one can call him flabby. His features were handsome enough, once you looked past his oversized glasses and unkempt hair. His adventure begins with a trip to London with the chosen students from the senior class. "Hey! Chris!" Mike bellowed.

"The new paintball gun you modified worked like a charm. The range doubled and man, we destroyed the 'Alliance of Doom'!" Mike excitedly shouted. "Mr. Newton, kindly refrain from making a spectacle of yourself in the middle of the airport! You are singlehandedly tarnishing East High's reputation with this boorish display of immaturity." Ms.

Dawn Summers angrily exclaims to the abashed young man. "All of you should conduct yourselves appropriately as you lucky few were selected to participate in our cultural enrichment program. Now get your tickets from the counter so we can all board the plane." As she addresses the 15 students under her charge, the students grumblingly followed her instructions.

Upon reaching the counter, Christopher Corbin handed the attractive woman his passport.

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"Ah, yes the reserved tickets enjoy your flight to London Mr. Corbin." She handed Chris his passport, the tickets tucked between its pages. "Please proceed to gate 3 to board the plane." She smiled at him. As Chris shouldered his backpack Ms. Summers thought of how lucky he was to qualify for the exchange program seeing as how his other schoolmates qualified.

Devon Mitchell, Amber Stone and Jade Mitchell were cheerleaders and to qualify for the program Devon's and Jade's father donated a hefty amount to construct the new Mitchell wing of their school library. Alice, Alexa, Jean and Leslie also contributed for a new athletic scholarship grant. The four football stars Allan, Jake, Sam and Mike were chosen more for their performance on the field then for their brains.

Rob, Megan and Lexa were slated to represent the USA in the 2012 Olympics as swimmers. Overall the students taking part in this exchange program were beautiful and rich, the exception was Chris.

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The only one chosen due to the strength of his academic performance was Chris; he baffled the teachers as he always performed well on the physical tests but somehow he always avoided trying out for any school sport. She knew that the Coach of the varsity basketball team would have offered him any enticement to join the team. She had seen him play a few times with other students taller than him and he always got the rebound, was faster then his opponents, and was even known to take three point shots from half court and they always went in.

In Football he threw farther than the quarterback and his accuracy was unrivaled.

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Dawn could only surmise that while he played really well, he had no interest playing competitively. It was such a shame really; being part of a sports team would have done wonders for his reputation. As it stands now, he was mostly considered as the computer nerd.

As the party boarded the plane, Ms Summers directed the students to their seats. Chris was the last to board the plane and as the attractive Asian stewardess glanced at his ticket, she smiled and said; "This way please Mr. Corbin, you are in first class. I hope that you have an enjoyable flight." She then directed him to his seat in the first class section. "I'm Hoshi, and if you need anything please feel free to give me a call. Anything at all…" Hoshi smiled and left the bewildered young man to ponder her parting words.

Hoshi is an Asian Goddess; standing at five feet nine inches she could have given most supermodels a run for their money. Her lustrous black hair reached to the small of her back, and frames her gorgeous delicate features.

Her almond shaped eyes were brown, her luscious lips were ruby red from her lipstick and they seemed to invite you to kiss them. Her measurements were 36-22-35.


The combination of her in stiletto heels and her uniform was enough to bring a corps back to life, add to that her sexy walk and sultry voice and you have a walking wet dream for any men. I followed Hoshi to the seat she indicated, once I've settled in I took a look at my ticket and to my surprise, it did indicate first class.

There must have been a mix-up at the counter and I've been given a misprinted ticket. But it didn't make sense, the lady at the counter said that the ticket has been booked in advance for a month. I was distracted from pondering the matter when the gorgeously sexy Asian stewardess Hoshi stood next to my seat and helped me buckle up for the take off. Hoshi's delicate hands lingered a little bit longer than was needed and she caressed my thigh as she left to prepare for take off.

As soon as it was allowed to move around the plane, I got up off the seat and looked around to my surprise the first class section was empty of any passengers. I turned to look for Hoshi to ask why there were no passengers around. I was surprised to see her coming towards me, sexy as sin, a smile playing at the corners of her luscious lips.

She was slowly unbuttoning her uniform and as she reached me she whispered, "Are you a member of the mile high club? If not then prepare for your initiation." She pushed me back down on the seat and straddled one of my legs, this maneuver brought her tight blue mini skirt further up her thighs and her long legs were in full view.

Never being slow on the uptake, I began to run my exited hands up her thighs. Gripping the hem of her skirt I slowly eased it up to reveal her black lace underwear. "Would the other stewardess walk in on us?" I asked her, while I gently kissed her on her long neck.

"No, I'm the only one assigned to first class as it has been designated as a private section for this trip." She said a little breathlessly as she began to rub herself on my thigh. A wet spot appeared on her lace panties and the sweet smell of her arousal became evident. Damn, I just hit the jackpot, I thought to myself. Grabbing Hoshi by the waist I bent her over and slipped her black panties off, exposing her sweet pert ass.

Moving behind her I began to lick Hoshi's dripping vagina while roughly pinching her clit. Hoshi enjoyed the dual sensation that I induced and began to moan, whether from pleasure or pain she started to buck as she felt two of my fingers begin to probe inside her wet cunt in a fucking, scissoring motion.

I stopped what I was doing when I felt the contractions signifying impending orgasm begin. A smile playing upon my lips as I suddenly shoved my middle finger inside Hoshi's anus, she screamed as she violently came at the unexpected intrusion of her only virgin passage. I began to finger fuck her ass first with one finger then two scissoring both digits inside her ass. She began to sway her hips as she experienced pleasure that she has never before felt.

"Please fuck me." Hoshi cried, "I want your cock inside me." She pleaded. I ignored her plea and continued to torment her, never stopping in my ministrations even when I felt her cum on my merciless fingers. As Hoshi reached her third orgasm in a space of two minutes, I removed my fingers from her ass.

Standing up I then proceeded to open my fly, letting loose my impressive ten inch cock. "I'm going to fuck you now," I whispered into Hoshi's ear as I pulled a fistful of her hair just enough to make her wince in pain. Hoshi was bent at the waist, her head pulled back, still fully clothed with her skirt bunched up on her tiny waist.

She was moaning my name as I rammed my cock in her sopping cunt.

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I felt my cock stretch her tight vagina and tears of pain and pleasure welled from her eyes. I inserted my left hand under her blouse and began to squeeze her tits and pinch her erect nipples. I began to fuck her, pulling all the way out of her pussy only to ram my dick forcefully into her. After a few minutes of this rough treatment Hoshi was screaming in an intense orgasm. I waited until her orgasm subsided then I continued to fuck her.

She came twice more before I pulled out of her. Keeping her bent over a seat I began to slap her ass. Soon her ass cheeks were red from my palms, and her juices were leaking from her pussy.

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Leaning close to her back I whisper to her, "I'm going to fuck your lovely ass" Hoshi moaned and replied, "Please, don't. I've never been taken in the ass before." She pleaded. "Do not worry, I'll take it slow. Besides you cant' hide the fact that you enjoy being sodomized." And with those words I began to thrust into her tight, virgin hole. Soon Hoshi was shoving herself on to my dick; she was enjoying being taken in the ass.

Feeling cruel I slapped her ass cheeks hard, "Cum now!" I commanded and to my surprise Hoshi screamed and I was barely able to muffle her cries of ecstasy with my hand. Feeling her ass convulse around my member I too was taken over the edge and I began to spurt deep within her bowels.

As I pulled out of her I sat down on a free seat my dick still hard, "Hoshi, clean my cock with your mouth." I commanded her.


Hoshi knelt in front of me and proceeded to lick my cock clean. Her ruby lips sucking the head of my dick, and her tongue lapping at my pole. As she continued with the task I set her to, I began to get aroused again. Hoshi felt my excitement and began to masturbate with her free hand.

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I grabbed her head between both of my hands and forced my cock into her mouth as far as it would go. She was able to get six inches of my cock, deep throating me. Hoshi was excited past her endurance and began to climax again. I was enjoying the way her throat contracted on my member and soon after I exploded into her throat and mouth.

My spunk began to overflow from her mouth and I commanded her, "Drink it all!" to my surprise she swallowed and as I was gazing intently at her, I noticed that she came again. Once my shaft was clean she began to straighten my cloths before seeing to her own uniform. Hoshi walked over to where her discarded panties lay and picked it up.

She then came over to me and she leaned over to whisper to me, "Something to remember me by." She said as she inserted her panties into my pocket along with her contact number. Just then an announcement that the plane was about to land in London came over the speakers. Hoshi got up and walked towards her station as we landed. Other stewardesses entered the first class section and helped me disembark. *** "I'm sorry to report that Chris Corbin is still alive, he has just left the plane in London." Hoshi said to her handler using a secure cell phone, "It was not my mission to kill him, only to verify if he got on the pane and where he was headed.

My mission is over, do what you will with that information." And with those words she hung up on her handler. *** At the London International Airport… Dawn Summers ushered her charges into the bus that waited to take them to the Manchester Boarding School, due to the confusion of rambunctious students she forgot to check if all the students were accounted for and Chris was left behind.

Chris was wandering the airport when he saw a chauffeur holding a sign board with his name on it. I approached the well dressed uniformed man and introduced myself, and in a short amount of time I was in a limousine headed for what I thought was The Manchester Boarding School.


I thought that my adventure was over and boy was I wrong. To Be Continued… Netherworld School: Book 2 (Of Vampires and Vixens)

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