This pecker is the largest tool that ever screwed her before

This pecker is the largest tool that ever screwed her before
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Protective husband four loves part five I repeat myself looking from Jewels to Sara. "You have made me the happiest I've ever been." Jewels giggles and says. "Are you happy enough to cook dinner for us?" I give them a quick kiss and reply.

"I am always happy enough to spoil my loves." I smile brightly, walked to the bathroom and quickly wash my hands before going to the kitchen. Once inside the kitchen I remove five stakes from the freezer and place them on the counter to defrost. I start looking through the other items to decide what I want to cook for dinner. It doesn't take me long to decide, but looking at the stakes I realized is going take them quite a while to defrost. I stop my preparations to get the stakes time needed.

Inspiration strikes and I decide to make a dessert that takes quite a while and will be the stakes more than enough time to fully defrost.

I mix bread dough with extra sugar then set aside to rise. This will give me enough time to take a shower. I return to my bedroom to find my four loves cuddle together and giggling. I smile as I walked past into the bathroom. I shave my five o'clock stubble and turn the water on for my shower. Jewels walks into the shower and asks. "What happened to you making dinner?" I pull her into my arms to tell her. "The stakes are defrosting, and the bread is rising." Jewels laughs and asks.

"Does that mean you have enough time to make love?" Had lean close to her to whisper in my loves ear. "Only if we were alone." Jewels giggles and rubs her belly. "We wouldn't be alone for quite a while." ` I hug her and whisper again. "She's asleep so we can get away with it." Jewels just jumps into my arms and wraps her legs around me.

"Alone or not I can't wait." Sara laughs as she enters the shower. "I saw the stakes on the counter. I guess I'm a little too late to work up an appetite." Jewels is giggling as she looks at Sara, and says. "The early pussy gets the cock." Morgan laughs hearing her mother's words as she too enters the shower. "I guess it's true that being pregnant makes you horny." Jewels and Sara speak simultaneously.

"Yes it sure does." Then they giggle at themselves. Jewels as she is sinking down on my manhood smiles brightly wiggling her ass teasing my other Loves and moans. "I just love having Daddy's great big cock in me." Then she begins to bounce using nearly my entire length on each stroke. It doesn't take her long before she begins to spasm and spurt.

She screams her bless. "YES DADDY I'M CUMMING ON YOUR COCK." Once Jewels comes down from her climax she releases me and stands on the floor of the shower. I look at her confused. She calls to Sara. "Sara it's your turn." As Jewels walks toward the bench were Sara sets, Jewels helps Sara to her feet and whispers into her ear. Sara steps forward and jumps into my arms lining herself up and slides down my not yet satisfied hard cock.

Like her Sister Sara bounces and not long she too climaxes. Then Little Bobby takes her turn till she climaxes, and then Morgan has her turn. They leave me standing there with the cock so hard and throbbing it's painful, I'm so used to them having multiple orgasms. I hadn't realized that I would hold back until they had more than two or more maybe up to four orgasms before I will allow myself to climax with them. Jewels giggles and says.

"Daddy you won, you had all of us and made us all orgasm without climaxing yourself." I giggle and say. "As I remember the rules I have to continue until I do orgasm." Jewels giggles as she steps forward jumping into my arms again. She slides down taking my manhood into her. Jewels moans. "Yes Daddy fill me up let me feel you stuff my pussy with your cock." The girls cheer.

"Fuck Daddy's brains out!" Jewels knows how sometimes her talking dirty in the past has taken me over the edge. "Yes Daddy fill me full of your cum, I know you need to. Just do it. Squirt all your cum in me now. I want my pussy full with your cum. Fuck me hard Daddy." I couldn't hold back any longer, with one hand on Jewels' strawberry birthmark, the other under her arm around her back.

I begin thrusting hard and fast into Jewels. It doesn't take me long as I begin to ejaculate it doesn't feel quite like normal, instead of jets of heavy thick cum it's a steady stream as my prostate and testicles drain. Jewels pulls me as tight as she can, pushing me as deep into her as I physically can go.

Jewels having orgasm triggered by mine, Jewels screams. "OH FUCK YES.

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OH YES DADDY! OH FUCK!" My legs began to buckle and I begin to sink down to the floor as I still push my cum into Jewels, now just single jets as my orgasm tapers off. Sara rushes forward to catch Jewels, as Little Bobby and Morgan come to my aid. The girls keep us from hitting the floor hard. They hold us as we catch our breath. Little Bobby looks at the pool of cum flowing out of her mother.

"I wish he made to me before he did that." Morgan and Sara say simultaneously. "Horny slut." All three giggle merrily. When Sara helps Jewels to her feet and they get a good look at what's on the floor. All three go wide eyed at the amount that covers the tile. Jewels was the first to recover as she begins to giggle and says. "I think I still have about half that much left inside my womb." Sara asks.

"Jewels what did that feel like?" Jewels answers. "Really good, like Daddy was shooting a solid stream into my womb, until I was completely full." I hate leaving the girls, but I need to finished dinner for them.

It should be about time to see to the bread. It should have doubled in size by now, and required punching down as part of the preparation. Once I'm in the kitchen the bread has definitely doubled in size, I prepare dinner rolls using half of the dough. The other half I roll flat, mixing better and brown sugar with a touch of nutmeg, cinnamon and ginger.

I spread the mixture and add walnuts rolled and place in a loaf pan to rise. The stakes are nearly defrosted completely, so I begin to cook the rest of the dinner mashed potatoes first they will take the longest to be fully cooked.

I continue cooking trying to time everything to be done the same instant. I place the bread in the hot oven to bake. I called the girls using the intercom, when they first hear it there all giggles. Then I asked them how they like their stakes. Jewels and Sara want their stakes cooked medium well, and the twins want their stakes cooked medium.

In about fifteen minutes I call everyone to the table I have set. I kiss each of my loves as I direct them to their chairs. After each Love is seated, I place the food in front of them the last item I place in the table is the basket of dinner rolls.

Four faces light up seeing the bread, my hand barely away as four hands reach for a roll. A look around the table I see four happy women smiling eyes looking back at me.

Of course their mouths are too busy to smile as they eat. I get an occasional, Daddy this is so good, from all four between mouthfuls, sometimes I reply with a thank you and smile, other times I can only nod my reply. The food is disappearing quickly as my Loves eat.

The bread is the first to disappear to some disappointed expressions. Just then the bell on the oven rings, four excited women look expectantly at me. I get up and carefully pull the other loaf of bread I have made. Turning it out to cool before cutting and then return to the table. When I returned empty-handed the expressions I see make me laugh. Sara lightly punches me in the shoulder for my laughter and asks. "What was the bell for?" Jewels says as her eyes light up.

"I smell something I hadn't smelled in fifteen years." Sara and the twins inhale deeply to catch the aroma now coming from the kitchen. Sara asked. "What is that? It smells wonderful." Jewels looks at me and before she can ask I reply.

"That's a very special dessert I promised I would make only for Jewels." Jewels jumps up and sprints into the kitchen, my three Loves still seated have a confused expressions to Jewels reaction. I chuckled and said loudly.

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"I'm sure she will share." Jewels after a few moments appears back in the dining room with the bread already cut. I realize a piece is missing already. Jewels brings dessert plates for the five of us, placing the bread down she serves a slice to the four of us, and takes another for herself. Instead of taking her chair she comes and sits on my lap.

She pulls me in near and kisses me.

Sara, Little Bobby and Morgan are eating the bread with expressions of new found bliss. After Sara finishes her mouthful she asked. "Why is this the first time I get this?" Jewels looks at me. "I promised I would only make it for Jewels." A devilish idea crosses my mind and I can't resist. "Why do you think I was looking so hard for her?" Hearing this Jewels puts an expression of anger on her face, but her eyes are playful.

She jumps up and I grab her hips, she acts like she's trying to get away quickly and by restraining her causes her to bend her beautiful ass in front of my face. I bend over and quickly nip her strawberry birthmark before I again pull her back in to my lap.

Jewels giggles as I pull her back into a kiss, once we break, we say simultaneously. "I missed that." My loves break out into laughter, and Jewels pulls me back into a passionate kiss.

We break our kiss and I look into her eyes so full of love and joy she looks back in me.

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Now that's really why I had to find you. You took my joy when I lost you. Jewels pulls me back into a kiss.

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Then she says to me. "You are my joy too." I look at the faces of my loves and tell them. "You are my bliss, my happiness, my joy, you are my loves. Without you I would be lost. I'm now depended on you my loves more than anything in this world." I mobbed by four sets of arms all holding me, the joy I feel practically lifts me off the ground.

They are my happy thought, that's why I feel like Peter Pan and can fly. I know not for real, but my heart soars. I know Sara started it because she's always been one but couldn't resist tickling me. But other loves begin to giggle as they to tickle me as well. I just let it happen put them have their fun and tickle me as I laugh merrily under their caress. I finally have to surrender or lose control of myself. "I surrender I surrender.

What are your demands?" "Lick our pussies." Little Bobby is the first to say anything, they all agree with her demand. Smiling I take her hand and say. "Little Bobby because it was your idea you go first." That started an evening of lovemaking.


As the sun is setting my four loves cuddle together and I need to bring in wood for the evening, I neglected that today to be with my loves. I dress quickly and had to the woodpile using the sled I move enough wood for the night. I build the fire first in the family room than the master bedroom. I'm setting there by the fireplace as its light dances across the faces of my loves they sleep cuddle together.

Jewels shifts and separate yourself from them she comes to me and seating herself in my lap. She kisses me gently before she says. "Bobby I love it here. Can we stay forever?" "I'm not sure if we can stay here forever. I am sure we are going to stay together." I'm aware Colorado legal age of consent is seventeen, although it should not apply to Sara, us being lawfully married.

Jewels begins removing my clothing. The fire feels warmer on my bare skin my bare feet rest on the bear skin rug. Jewels looks down before she says. "If that bear had gotten to us we wouldn't be here. You stopped it; you risked yourself to protect us, now you risked yourself to love us." Smiling as I look into Jewels face a somewhat sad expression like if she had read my mind.

"It was worth that risk I couldn't lose you or Sara. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat even if I only managed just to save you two." Jewels expression is one of absolute fear. So I explained to her. "Jewels because what your mother did, her lies torn us apart for fifteen years. I would have died not for Sara during that time. When Sara became my lover I started to live again in some ways that made me miss you all the more.

Then you come back fully into my life and bringing with you the twins. You brought my joy back with you as well, Sara has been my life and she is, I live for her.

You are my joy who makes life worth living. My twins are my bliss to bring it all together. Now you and Sara are going to give me more children. More happiness more reasons to live and to love you." A nude Jewels cuddles into me my nude body feels her skin against mine and like at dinner my heart soars.

I raise her face and tears of joy flowed down her face. I kiss her tears away before going into a lingering passionate kiss. Before we break I hear three heavy sighs, looking on the bed there are three of my loves their chins propped up in their hands as they watch us. Sara says. "Daddy is so romantic." Jewels giggles saying. "I know and when he gets like this it makes me love him all the more." Then with a devilish grin she adds.

"It always makes me horny as hell too." Then began a long drawn-out lovemaking session with the four of them lasting until early in the morning around two I think we finally stretched out and snuggled close to fall asleep.

The next day begin with laps at the pool today with little Bobby and Morgan both sunbathing while I swam. Then we shared a lovemaking session as I expressed their milk. We were cuddling in a lounge chair when Sara and Jewels came to swim some laps.

We had breakfast, and begin some of the routines that we had settled in to here. I brought in wood for the fireplaces. Checked my e-mails returned those that needed help or advice. Ate lunch, expressed the girls' milk and made love. At four in the afternoon, we get up and take a shower jewels and Sara make dinner, we eat, we talk, and we laugh. Just being together is a joy.

It would be so easy just stay here and forget the outside world. But the world calls to us.


Literally my phone rings answering I find it Sharon again this time she talks to me, she wants to know. Why a man would do such a thing? Why would he leave his wife and daughter? Were you at Sharon will find a way to you.

She's actually in a woman shelter her husband had took all the money the car and left her. She had a little change in her purse a 20 but not enough for even a night at a hotel.

She gave me the address and she was in Denver. I say to her. "I will have you in a hotel tonight they will send a car to pick you up. It may take me a day or so but I will get to you I'll bring Jewels and Sara and the Twins.

We will help you through this." She talks for a few minutes and have Jewels take the phone while I use the Internet to find a hotel which has the services that I want for Sharon. Many hotels to don't offer much in extra services but some four or five stars have many unique services they provide. I find the right hotel that has concierge services, it's not at all cheap and further price per night they had better provide excellent service.

Contacting them and arranging for them to pick up Sharon and provide her with anything she requires. The hotel charges me a one-week minimum for extraordinary circumstance. It will get Sharon out of that shelter it should be worth it. Jewels is still on the phone with Sharon and I asked her if she has her ID. She does but I give her a code work to use when the driver from the hotel arrives. Just as I feared Sharon's driver is nearly mobbed but after asking for a code word the crown backs away Sharon waits to it's clear before she approaches him and whispers the code word.

The driver opens the door for her and they leave. Twenty minutes later the drivers pulling into the ground at the hotel. Sharon calls me back to thank me for getting her out of that shelter. Tell her it's okay I'll be there within a week to pick her up. In the meantime I want you to get a new wardrobe for yourself and your daughter. The suite should have a kitchen that should have provided you with enough formula to take you through the night.

If you need anything at all call for room service and don't worry about any cost. Sharon begins. "Thank you, but you've already…" I cut her off. "Sharon, this is something I want to do. I will help you get back on your feet.


Don't worry about anything right now. By the way you're not the first person I've rescued. So sit back relax right now and we will work this out." Sharon says. "Thank you Bobby." We say our goodbyes and I get off the phone.

After Sharon was off the phone, I had this security system showing the road, I have coverage over about 80% of the road coming to the cabin. For the most part it appeared to be nearly clear only a few drifts were visible, and all the gates were clear enough to open automatically. It had been warmer and a good three or four hours have been above freezing weather continued warming like this the driveway be clear on its own in a week.

I really didn't have that long. I had about an hour before sunset, I decided to take the gator with the snow blade and check the road it is any deep drifts I clear them enough for the truck to get through. I told Jewels and Sara what I plan to partially clear or clear the road so we can go to Sharon's aide. I told her husband had deserted her place in her in a woman's shelter and I had arranged for her to be moved to a hotel where she can be cared for much better. Sara is happy that I did manage to get her out of the shelter.

I asked Jewels and Sara if they can get everyone ready to leave for a few days. If I can get the road clear we will leave first thing in the morning.

After clearing two snowdrifts that were a lot larger than what looked to be from the video I found the road to be passable all the way out. I headed back to put the gator back in the garage. On entering the cabin I found my four loves at the dining table Sara called me over to catch me up on the discussion they were having. They had shopping list of items decided which were needed and which were be gotten later of course fresh food is on the list things like apples and oranges and other fruits and vegetables, more flour for baking.

I think that last item is a complement on my baking skills. Were also going to have to go to the vitamin Shoppe and pick up items for the girls everything needed for Jewels and Sara to support their pregnancy. We will purchase vitamins for the twins so their bodies don't become anemic, calcium for sure for all four them. Jewels should be able help pick out any other vitamins they should need. If we bring Sharon here we will have to go buy bathing suits for everyone.

This week Mike may have news on the court case of Doctor Bastard. I all so want to check on all the info from his first marriage, I bet there something more there. So much for the five of us hiding away from the world. I go to my office to read the emails I haven't got to yet. Also make reservations at the same hotel for the five of us. I had better go pack a bag for the trip into Denver. Entering the bedroom I find Jewels, Sara, Little Bobby and Morgan on the bed.

They act like I caught them to at something. As I walked closer to them they looked back and forth between each other and at me. Sara began by saying.

"Daddy I need to know something?" I stepped forward and caressing Sara's face gently as Jewels held her to her beautiful body. "I love you Sara I'll tell you anything that you need to know, if I know it." Sara taking a deep breath asks. "Daddy I love you. If I was in love with someone else would you be mad?" Looking down realization strikes me she's in love with her sister. "Would the person you're in love with be in this house?" Sara continues.

"Yes daddy. I'm in love with not just one person but four." Smiling I tell Sara. "I know exactly how you feel. I'm in love with you and your sisters." I use the word sisters because Jewels, Sara, Little Bobby and Morgan all call me daddy. Sara tentatively asks. "So Daddy you're not mad that I'm in love with Jewels?" I reply.

"No, I'm actually very happy that you are. If this is going to work Jewels had better be in love with me too, because I'm in love with her. Little Bobby had better be in love with me too, because I'm in love with her. Morgan had better be in love with me, because I'm in love with her. And I most certainly am in love with you Sara, and I know you love me." If anyone could ever know for certain someone love them it would be someone willing to share them rather than take the slightest chance of losing them.

Sara did that for me, and there's no way I would ever do anything to lose that type of love. Jewels spoke from the heart as she says.

"Daddy I am most certainly in love with you. Sara I am most certainly in love with you." Jewels pulls Sara into a passionate kiss, causing our daughters to giggle. The kiss doesn't take long before Jewels continues. "And for you two Little Bobby and Morgan I'm in love with you too, not just as your mother but as your lover." The girls giggled and slide closer to their mother to kiss her passionately.

When Little Bobby is free she says. "Mom, Daddy, Morgan and Sara I'm in love with you. When Morgan is free she says. "Mom, Daddy, Sara and Little Bobby I'm in love with you. Little Bobby looking up at me seeing my cock as hard as steel grins and says. "Daddy I have a problem every time I get horny I start leaking." Smiling down at her seen her leaking breasts I say. "Every time you start leaking I get horny." Morgan separates from Little Bobby and cuddles with her mother.

Little Bobby spreads her legs displayed her wet pussy to me. And that is the beginning of another three-hour marathon lovemaking session between me and my four loves with their four loves. At the end of our lovemaking session I decided to do something special for Little Bobby.

I begin with Jewels and I make love to her I let her orgasm twice before I withdrawal. I see confusion on her face so I whisper to her.

"I'm going to give Little Bobby what you got yesterday evening." I go to Sara and I make love until she orgasms twice as she began to come down before withdrawal I whisper to her. "I'm going to give little Bobby what Jewels got yesterday evening." Sara giggles and says. "She did ask for it." I enter Morgan. Sleepily she responds she whispers to me. "Oh yes Daddy you can have me any time." I continue making love to Morgan given her three strong orgasms I'm about to go myself but I want to keep on to my current plan.

I whisper to Morgan. "I'm going to give Little Bobby what Jewels got yesterday evening." Morgan giggles and says. "She did ask for it. Can I be next?" I roll Little Bobby on to her back as she sleeps. Entering Little Bobby's creamy pussy her eyes flash open as I push into her. "Oh yes Daddy wake me up like this anytime." I begin long deep strokes driving to her cervix and pull nearly completely out.

Occasionally when I cross her G spot I give it a quick back and forth causing her to moan. Each time I push to her cervix I grind against her clitoris causing her to moan even louder as she comes closer and closer to a very powerful orgasm I speed my thrusts into her pushing deeper.

I'm forcing open her cervix with each thrust my head barely protruded through into her womb before I pull back quickly. Now with each thrust she throws her legs higher and further back throwing her hips forward hard now I'm thrusting in and out of her womb as I go closer and closer to my own very powerful orgasm.

Little Bobby screams as her orgasm strikes. "OH YES DADDY FILL MY WOMB.

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OH FUCK YES. OH FUCK. OH FUCK YES." But couldn't hold back even if I wanted to, I push my hard cock deeply into her womb, deeper than I've ever been.

My orgasm is just like the previous day into Jewels. A solid stream of cum enters Little Bobby's womb. Little Bobby screams. "I FEEL IT. DADDY YOU'RE PEEING CUM IN ME. YES DADDY FILL MY WOMB. GIVE ME SO MUCH CUM I GET PREGNANT.

I WANT YOUR BABY IN ME. YES. YES DADDY FILL ME UP." I push into her just as hard as I dare, holding tight as my body arches and I state deep as I am. I continue a solid stream it feels like minutes, but I know cannot be that long.

I'm looking down into the face of Little Bobby as she looks up at me. Her face is beautiful even contorted by her awesome orgasm her eyes are open and burn with love. My orgasm subsided and now only spurts but it still controls my body. I feel little Bobby's legs kicked against me as she attempts to make me go even deeper.

Her breasts fountain milk as her pussy squirts against me. With our orgasms ending we both thought went entangled in each other. Her cervix clamps down around my cock before I withdrawal. As I tried to pull out a Little Bobby stops me she says. "Don't Daddy stay deep inside me keep your cum in me." I relax and get into a more comfortable position but not trying to remove myself.

Little Bobby cuddles to my chest and quickly falls asleep as do I. The next day after waking up we shower and begin preparing for the trip to Denver. Little Bobby grins as she holds on to me. She's been very affectionate even more so than she's normally had been. Rubbing my chest she asked. "Daddy you're really going to get me pregnant? I really want to have your baby." I pull her into a passionate kiss that I make linger I break to say.

"Little Bobby you make me so happy that you want my baby. I definitely am going to give you a couple. It may not be for a year or two before you have our first but you're going to get pregnant again after that. So yes baby you're going to give me a couple beautiful little girls." Little Bobby jumps grabbing hold of me throwing her legs around my waist her arms around my neck she clings to me as she kisses me passionately in my hands run over her beautiful body.

Morgan groans seeing this she asks her mother. "Is it possible to get an overdose of cum?" Sara and Jewels began laughing so hard they can't answer the fall upon the floor and continue laughing soon Morgan joins them laughing as hard as they are.

Little Bobby and myself are too wrapped up in each other to even notice. After a few minutes the three of them set up wipe their eyes as Jewels says. "If it's possible your Daddy overdosed Little Bobby last night." Morgan says. "Think about it Mom, you have seen how Little Bobby acted all morning.

That's one overdose I want even if I do end up acting just like that." Sara and Jewels say simultaneously. "Horny slut." And all three giggle merrily.