Banane in fresh wet love tunnel softcore amateur

Banane in fresh wet love tunnel softcore amateur
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My Master my Dog: part 3 I woke up this morning on my own. "Good morning sleepy head", to Chief. This morning was going to be Kelly's second visit and I got busy preparing for her arrival. It was another beautiful day. During the set up Kelly knocked then opened the gate. I waved her over. Chief went out as she walked in "Was it something I said"?

"Just leave the gate open a crack. I'm sure he'll be back". Not really sure. Kelly was wearing her beach cover. I could tell by the way her boobs moved and the sun silhouetted her figure nothing underneath.

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We talked for a while and then I saw Chief come thru the gate with the Black Lab in tow. Pointing towards the gate I said "See Kell he brought a friend". She looked over "Oh that's Buddy". Chief came over to me and Buddy followed. Kelly grabbed Buddy and started to pet him. "How you doing Buddy"? She looked over to me "Do you think he knows what to do"? Hesitantly I answered "He's as good as Chief". Looking surprised she commented "You have been keeping some secrets?" I didn't want to get into that discussion right now "Later Kell" is all I got out.


She dropped it and asked "How's this start"? Cautiously I replied "Well there's this thing we do. I run and they knock me down, subdue me". "Typical males" was her reply. So we both got up. I removed my cover and we took off running. Chief knocked me down and Buddy knocked Kelly down. Looking over at Chief, "Get up and run again" and we did. Chief butted me and down I went and he growled.

I said "Get down on all fours" as I looked over and saw Kelly already in position. Chief mounted and penetrated me but Kelly was having a problem. "Pull up your cover Kell and spread out your knees more". "Oh yah I forgot" her reply. She wasn't the brightest bulb in the box but who else was I going to share this with? Now I was distracted and worried that Chief might finish before me. "Ohhhh" came out of her mouth and I knew Buddy connected. She started to make some noise concerned "Put part of your cover in your mouth Kell".

She complied and exposed most of her body in the process. Seeing her moaning, tits slapping against her chest and pushing hard sent me over the edge. Pushing hard I wanted a second. Concentrating hard I was able to have a big climax before Chief backed off.

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He came around to my face and I sucked on his dick. I didn't care. Kelly looking my way said "What are you doing"! I replied "I want another go with him" a half truth.

"Besides they can be very appreciative" I hinted. Buddy was in front of Kelly "But it's all wet"! "Just think about how good it will feel in a minute".

Chief was back at it "Just suck on it until it's hard again". I saw Kelly bend her head and start to suck on Buddy's soiled dog dick, seeing that made me have a big orgasm. Chief was standing before me as Kelly yelled something from her gagged mouth.

She must have done a good job sucking Buddy. As I started to lick, caress, and suck his beautiful dog dick. Kelly said "What are you doing that for". In reply "Because he appreciates it and gets him in the mood for latter". Kelly started licking Buddy then collapsed on her back. "I'm, Oh&hellip.". Buddy was licking her pussy clean. "Your cover in mouth again Kell". She had another orgasm. "See I told you that they appreciate it".

Her short breathless reply "That was beyond wonderful" as she lay back in the grass. We walked back to the blanket and Chief opened the gate let Buddy out and closed the gate.

"That's some smart dog" Kelly remarked. "Don't I know it" I sincerely replied. "How about a drink"? A parched girl responded "Yes. And the same time tomorrow"? Laughing I replied "Sure". We sunned, talked, and drank until the noise of a car made us stop and put on or beach covers. Kelly looked at me and said "I'm jealous you have Chief alone tonight". "Maybe I can arrange a sleepover". We laughed hugged and said "good by". Going inside I could see that mom was in one of her moods.

She was walking into the living room with a full pitcher and a glass. As I went past "I'm going up to my room". A while later she was on the couch with another pitcher. Not wanting to have to drag her up the stairs again I said "Why don't you take that up to your room and get comfortable".

I sat down and turned on the TV. I was in no mood to make myself dinner. When I went upstairs I heard something hit the rug. My mom was passed out on the bed in her nightgown, the glass on the floor. I was angry and frustrated. My plans with Chief put on hold. Then it dawned on me. It put her in a good mood before? I hiked up her nightgown rolled her onto her front and put some pillows under her hips.

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Calling Chief I patted the bed. He jumped up on the bed sniffed and mounted her. She was moaning but otherwise not moving. Watching this turned me on. I started to rub my clit and I came. Chief jumped off the bed and I sucked on him until he was hard. He moved away and mounted me. Pushing back hard and thinking about what I had just seen I climaxed early. I was spent but now it was all about Chief. He was far from finished. Working the muscles in my vagina I contracted and released around his dog dick.

Chief started to pant rapidly and pump real hard. By observing this I knew that what I was doing was having a good effect. He started to shoot his cum inside of me. Chief came around front as tears of joy where in my eyes as I lovingly licked his dick and balls. Chief walked away to my bedroom. I started on the task of cleaning up my mom and putting her to bed. Just in case I left one of her dildos on her nightstand.

The next morning I was up early and down in the kitchen when mom came down the stairs. "I don't feel that bad this morning. As a matter of fact I fell pretty good". With some disgust "The noise coming from your room last night I thought you might be having a nightmare or something".

Blushing "We'll I'm off to work" and left. Then I started to get prepared for Kelly's arrival. I let Chief outside and set up the stuff. Kelly knocked and opened the gate. As the gate was opening Chief ran out. She patted him on his hind quarters as he went buy. She sat down and looked at me with tears in her eyes. Concerned "What's wrong"? She shook her head no saying "No Ali nothings wrong I'm just so happy to be here with you right now".

Dabbing her eyes she continued "The summer started out so shitty and now I'm just so happy". Relived "Don't worry about it Kell you can hang out here anytime". We hugged. She looked up at me saying "Do you think your mom can adopt me"? Sarcasm in my voice "She's no prize believe me". We talked as we lay in the sun.

The gate opened a crack, and Chief, Buddy and two other dogs followed a Brown and a Golden. Kelly surprised "What's this"? Trying to reassure her I said "Just go with it. I promise you'll like it." She drained the drink she was holding. "Here have another" and she chugged that one down too. Chief and the Brown came over by me and Buddy and the Gold walked over to Kelly. Trying to break the silence "Make friendly with them Kell". Buddy was already licking her face.

Noticing their dog dicks where starting to protrude from the sheath. I slipped out of my suit and said "Kelly it's time to run". I started to run and was dropped by Chief.

I looked over at Kelly she was running with a cloth in her hand.


Curious I pointed "What's with the washcloth"? She replied "Easer to put in my mouth". I laughed and Chief growled. As I looked over to Kelly I said "It's time to get in position". But she was already on all fours'. I sucked on Chief and the Brown was busy pumping me.

Positioning my shelf so that I could watch Kelly, she was sucking on Buddy as the Gold mounted her. Just then she stopped sucking Buddy and shoved the wash cloth in her mouth.

I smiled and climaxed hard. Kelly grabbed the Gold as he went by and started to suck on him as Buddy positioned himself. Climaxing very hard again with Chief, I slumped down. My Brown had wandered of somewhere and Chief trotted around to my face. Sucking on Chief until he was hard again he mounted me for the second time. Now I was watching Kelly as she sucked on the Gold and Buddy was thrusting away like a piston. She was screaming with the Gold's dick in her mouth. The Gold mounted her again and she was licking on Buddy's dog dick.

I had a hard shuttering orgasm as Chief walked around front. I licked his balls, dick and anywhere my tongue would go. Sitting down on the blanket I watched Kelly screaming with Buddy's dick in her mouth. Buddy then took his turn and Kelly screamed into the cloth in her mouth. After Buddy was thru she started to lick his dog dick while holding his balls. She then flopped on her back. Buddy went to work licking the inside of her legs. All of a sudden she put the rag in her mouth.

She grabbed Buddy's head and directed it to her pussy. Muffled screams came from behind her cloth covered mouth. She spit the cloth out and was gasping for air. Boy I had turned her into a dog nymphomaniac. As she walked over to the blanket I handed her a drink. As she took it I noticed that tears where running down her check.

She saw my concern and said "Tears of joy Ali". She landed heavy on the blanket and asked "Do you think Chief can arrange this again tomorrow?" Laughing, "Do you think you can handle a repeat of today?" She only smiled before she sipped her drink.

Putting down my drink I told her "Frankly I don't know what Chief is going to do next". Tears rolled down her checks and we hugged. This was the first time I had hugged a naked woman before. Her warm curvy body felt good against mine. She hugged me hard "Thanks again Ali". I just hugged her back. We talked some more and laid silent in the sun for a while. The car noise snapped us to attention. As we picked up things I scanned the yard. Chief was the only dog in sight.

Looking over at Chief "Good boy" and he wagged his tail. As Kelly was picking up things and putting on her cover. "Your moms' home early"? "Yeah.

Let me go inside and see what's up. But keep your hands off Chief".

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She laughed and laid down on the blanket. I went inside to see what was up. My mom came thru the front door saying "Hi. I'm going on a last minute business trip. I need to pack so follow me upstairs and we'll talk as I pack. My plane leaves in five hours so I need to get going.

Will you be all right"? "Sure mom. Kelly's' over can she spend the night"? As she was running around the room, "Sure, actually I'd feel better if she was here. I'll be going for the next three nights.

There's plenty of food around and here's a copy of my itinerary". She handed me the paper as she left the room. Following her down the stairs she said over her shoulder "Just try not to break anything. OK sweetie, Have a good time" and with that she was out the door. I ran outside to tell Kelly the news. She squealed and we hugged as we jumped around. After dinner we went up to my room. Kelly sat down at my computer, "Look at this Ali". I walked over and saw that she was at a dog porn site.

"You are a perv", I joked and poked her with a finger. "Look at the size of this one". The image of a Great Dane filled the screen. He was fully extended and some woman was about to suck him, or so it seemed.

The next series of pictures were of this woman having sex with this dog. She clicked on a link and a series of thumbnails appeared with more women having sex with dogs. We both went quiet as our eyes scanned the screen. Feeling that tingling sensation between my legs I said "Kell I think it's time to give Chief some attention". Walking over to him I knelt down bent my head and started to suck his protruding dick. As I repositioned my self to lick his balls Kelly started to suck his dick.

Noticing that Chief was starting to pant rapidly I said, "Kelly why don't you go first. No cloth required". She took off her cover and got into position.

Chief jumped on her back hard. "Hold on Kelly Chief is excited". She closed her eyes and started to scream having orgasm number one. But Chief kept on going. She gritted her teeth and made a low noise that just got louder. She was still screaming as Chief walked around to her face. Gasping for air "Let me get him ready for you". Then she started to suck on his dog dick and held his balls until he started to thrust.

Fearing that she would keep on going I spouted "OK that's enough". I got into position and called Chief over. He slowly got on my back and stared to thrust. His pace was slower than usual and it was driving me crazy with desire. Changing position slightly I started to work the muscles in me that where around his dick. Chief started to drool on my back. Kelly was watching from the bed, "Boy you really have him worked up".

"It was you sucking on him" I lied. I wanted to keep this a secret with Chief. It didn't take to much longer. I reached a climax just as Chief was shooting his dog cum inside me. As I cleaned Chief Kelly said "I really need a shower. Do you want to go first?' A thought jumped into my head, "Lets both use my moms' shower. It's a big his and hers". Soaping up I turned my back to Kelly to rinse. She came up behind me and started to rub her beautiful tits on my back. She whispered into my ear "Here let me soap up your back".

She reached around me with one hand and caressed my boob. Her other hand was rubbing my clit. She kissed my neck saying "You're not the only one with a secret". The shower spray was like electricity on my skin.

This orgasm was different; it slowly built to a climax. I turned around and kissed her with passion. Her hand grabbed mine as it was going down her body. "You just watch.

I know you like to watch". Stepping back one hand was on her boob and the other was between her legs. The sight before me was like a scene in a movie.

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The beads of water glistened on her tanned skin. Her curvy full body undulating before me was a sight to behold. The lustful look she was giving me was driving me crazy. She started to moan and her hand rubbed faster. Trembling, she started to scream. In the bathroom it seemed loud but I didn't care. Still looking at her I said "Boy do I need Chief right now".

Her arm drew me near "Baby just dry off and lay down on your moms' bed I'll be right there". She came thru the bathroom doorway and slowly walked to the bed. God she looked sexy right now.

She slipped into bed and was over my body kissing me, her tits rubbing on mine. My skin was like it was on fire, so many sensations. She slowly trailed her tongue over my boobs on her way down between my legs. Parting my legs slightly I sighed. She went to work on my clit and I shivered at her touch. She inserted her little finger in my pussy withdrew it and slipped it in my ass. Then she inserted index finger in my pussy as she licked my clit.

I propped myself up on my elbows. The sight of her shapely raised ass came into view. She saw me staring and wiggled her ass for me. That sent me over the top. Grabbing her head, I started thrusting my pelvis into her face. I was moaning loud as I exploded.

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As she got out of bed I asked, "Where did you learn to do that"? "From the internet" was her reply. She went to the bathroom to clean up. Walking back with a wet washcloth I reached out to take it. She waved her hand at me "No sweetie let me do that for you".

It was my time to cry. While she cleaned me I stroked her head. We kissed and lay on the bed for a while not talking. Chief entered the room licking his chops "I'll be right back Kell he's thirsty". "That's OK I'll come down too". Chief and Kelly followed me around the kitchen while getting his water bowl ready.

It was cute and I smiled. It was puppy love. (I can't believe I said that). All of us went upstairs to my bedroom. Kelly spooned me as I drifted off to sleep. Chief woke me up the next morning. Kelly was still asleep. Slowly I lifted her arm that was around me and slipped out of bed. After I let Chief outside I started to put out some yogurt and fruit out on the counter. Kelly walked around the corner. She was naked. "Kell put your cover on and we'll sit down and have some breakfast".

"I just wanted to come and say good morning". She kissed me and grabbed a banana on her way out. For a moment I just watched that shapely ass sway out of the room. After she rounded the corner "You better be eating that banana". She was laughing as she walked up the stairs.

After breakfast Kelly went upstairs and I went outside. Chief wasn't in the yard. Maybe he went to get Buddy or something I thought. A short time later Kelly walked outside. We took off our covers and laid out in the sun. Hearing the latch on the gate I looked up. Chief came thru the gate with Buddy in tow. Turning on my side "The boys are back let's go." We got up and started to run. Getting knocked down a second time I saw Kelly running back to the blanket. Chief had started to thrust and I watched as Kelly was knocked down a few times.

Buddy mounted her just as she got back to the blanket. She looked over at me "I forgot my cloth". I started to work my muscles around Chiefs dick and he slowed. Ah ha I said to myself. With the slower pace we climaxed together just as Buddy was coming around to Kelly's face.

I started to lick his dick. Then ran my tongue down to his balls and started to lick behind his balls. I noticed that his dick was getting hard again without me sucking on his dick. But I sucked his cock anyway because I wanted to. He was beyond ready at this point. Chief ran back and inserted his dog dick in me in record time.

We both climaxed together just as Buddy was coming around to Kelly's face again. Chief walked around and I cleaned him tenderly. He then licked my face and wandered off. Walking back to the blanket I saw Buddy was still humping a screaming Kelly. He dismounted and moved to her face. She started to lick him then collapsed on the grass.

She rolled on her back with her legs spread and Buddy went to work. The cloth was again in Kelly's mouth as Buddy licked away. Screaming she pushed Buddy's head away and just laid there for a second. Then she started to crawl onto the blanket. I reached for a washcloth and Kelly waved her hand "Lay down I want to do that". She started licking just inside my knee and was slowly working her way up.

By the time she made it up to my pussy I was out of control with desire. I started to push my pelvis into Kelly's face.

I had a mind blowing climax. Kelly was sitting there smiling at me. "You made some noise but I didn't want to stop". "Was I loud"? "Not so bad". She made some drinks and handed me one. We laid in the sun for a while happy, content, not a care in the world. My cell phone rang, picking it up I saw Sara on the display. She is my cousin and a bitch but she was 21 and had a car.

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"Hello" sounding unsure. She replied in her bitch voice "Hello brat. Your mom just called me don't you check your messages. She has been trying to call you. She will be out of town for a few more days then planned. She asked me to take you guys shopping, like I don't have better things to do with my time". Surprised "When will you be here"? Sounding like she couldn't be bothered "Sometime after work say 5ish".

Angry "OK bye". "What was that all about"? Kelly was curios. I relayed the story. She tilted her head and with a smile on her face "A couple more days of this I can handle".

Sarah showed up about 6:00. We didn't say much the whole way to the store. As we where going thru the aisles I put a bottle of rum in the cart.

With authority "What's that for brat"? Carefully "The two of us are going to have a party tonight. Remember don't make a big deal about this I still have that photo". I had a picture of her smoking pot and her mother would still make a fuss. "You little brat your not going to hang that over my head forever. Just the same," wanting to spoil our fun "I will have to chaperone you tonight". My cell phone went ding. It was a text message from Kelly.

"That bitch is going to spoil our plans. Just put the booze back". "Settle down I have a plan". We texted back and forth about the idea I had. We'd get Sarah drunk and record her being licked by Buddy.

When we got back to the house I put my plan into action. Sarah still had on her business suit and I had to get her undressed to make this work. So I turned down the AC and put the oven on bake. Now came making the drinks. I made Kelly's and mine weak and hers stronger each time. Sarah slurring her words "Boy it sure is hot in here" "The AC is on the fritz. It's just us girls, why don't we get more comfortable". Kelly and I stripped down to our bra and panties. I saw Sarah looking at Kelly with envy in her eyes.

Sarah had been one of the hot girls in High School but had let herself go. Kelly was taller, better looking, and had a better body than Sarah ever had. She hated Kelly; you could see it in her face. Hesitantly she started to take off her cloths. She started to slouch down the sofa. A few more drinks and she passed out. "Kelly get Buddy ready". Slowly I pulled down her panties and spread her legs a little. Buddy got the scent and moved right in. His tongue licked away and she started to move a little.

"Kelly lets get up the stairs now I have enough recorded". Watching from the top of the stairs Sarah said "Bad dog" and pushed Buddy's head away. She then curled up on the sofa and went to sleep. I went about putting the house back to normal and put a blanket on Sarah. I was horny and I so was Kelly she was sucking on Buddy as I entered my room. I knelt down next to Chief and started to suck his dick.

Buddy was on top of Kelly as Chief mounted me. Kelly was screaming in no time and I climaxed shortly after. I told Kelly to let Buddy out the front door. When she came back we curled up in bed falling to sleep. Waking up early the next day I shook Kelly. We went downstairs and I shook Sarah hard. "What time is it"? She put a hand to her head and moaned "My head"! With authority "You better call in sick today it's 7:00 already.

But before you go home, you need to buy us some more rum. You drank it all last night" "The hell I will&hellip." she trailed off because she was watching the video I had shot. She lunged at me "Give me that you piece of shit". Kelly grabbed her arm and twisted it behind her back. Not only was Kelly taller than Sarah, she was used to playing rough.

She had two older brothers. Grimacing "Owe your hurting me". Kelly in control "Just settle down and do what she said or this will show up on the internet". Sarah's eyes blinked wide open and her shoulders slumped. "OK I'll do what you want." She got partly dressed and left.

Kelly looked at me smiling "Do you think she'll do it"? "We'll see, I can always show her the recording again". As we where cleaning up from breakfast the doorbell rang.

Kelly went to the door. She came back holding two bottles of rum "I guess she got the message". Chief was outside running around as we set up. "Chief will probably go get Buddy in a while let's just lay out in the sun". "Sounds good to me". After a while Chief opened the gate and left. He came back with Buddy. The next year the family that owned Buddy was moving.

They offered him to Kelly. She was more than happy to give him a new home.