Natural gay twinks nudes Sexy lad man Oli Jay is confined in the

Natural gay twinks nudes Sexy lad man Oli Jay is confined in the
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I've been a fan of this site for awhile so I decided to try and write a story of my own. I'm open to critiques but please be constructive and not sound like an asshole. Hope you like it ——————————————————— While I had always been a good looking guy (people said I looked like Michael B.

Jordan) girls never paid me much attention. That changed my junior year. I spent my first two years of high school working out. I wasn't big, more of a lean/cut body build. I finally hit a growth spurt and grew from 5'6 to 6' even, weighing in at 175 pounds.


I combined my skills with my new height to lead the basketball team. I guess being the new star of the subpar team had its perks.

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Girls would constantly stare and smile at me in the halls or scream my name from the crowd at games. While I welcomed the newfound attention, I was completely out of my element. I often got nervous and froze in the presence of beautiful women. My heart would beat extremely fast and my palms became a sweaty mess.

I could score a bucket in the clutch with hundreds of fans cheating and screaming but put a pretty girl beside me and I was like a deer in headlights. I developed my first crush on a girl named Britney. She was a light skinned black girl with a nice pair of tits, maybe a B-C cup. She had a nice round ass that wasn't too big but was proportional to the rest of her body. Above all that, she was very beautiful (think a young Lark Voorhies from Saved by the Bell) and seemed like a very kind and genuine person.

To my pleasant surprise, she approached me after one of our few wins. "Hey Darius! You played a great game." I thanked her and mentioned how much I appreciated the support. "Would you like to grab some food with me," she asked. I was immediately overcome with nervousness. While I had hoped for a situation to present itself for us to go out, the me in my head was much better at communicating than the real me. I stammered out a, "Uh yeah. I'd definitely like that. Just give me a few minutes to freshen up." She drove us to the local late night spot in which was of course crowded.

While we waited to be seated, Britney started up a conversation and surprisingly I was able to hold a decent dialogue with her. She was really easy to talk to. We were eventually seated and enjoyed a nice meal before she dropped me off at home. "I had a really good time tonight," she said. "As did I," I replied, "Maybe we could do this again sometime?" She agreed and gave me her phone number so we could continue to talk.

We continued to go out and eventually I asked her to be my girlfriend, to which she gladly said yes. A few weeks later after a night out I found myself at her house all by ourselves.


She put on a movie and cuddled up with me on the couch. The perfume she had on was intoxicating and it felt wonderful to have this gorgeous woman pressed so close against me. We started some heavy making out which was typical over the last few weeks we spent together.

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I suddenly felt a hand slowly creeping up my thigh. While she had expressed interest in doing more than just kissing, I had been reluctant due to my inexperience.

I quickly sucked in a breathe to calm my nerves and managed to urge her forward by boldly grabbing ahold of her firm ass.

That was all the encouragement she needed to continue her journey upwards. My dick was at its full mast of eight inches, anxiously anticipating what was to come. She began to rub my dick which, even through my shorts, felt very intense.

"Hmm.even better than I had hoped," she said. However, she quickly became distracted as I, not wanting to be left behind, decided to move my hand to her pussy. To my surprise, she was already soaking wet. Being the virgin I was, I blindly felt around her pussy. I listened to her gasps as I ran my hand up her slit. My finger eventually hit her clit which caused her to immediately buck into my hand. "Ohh that felt so good. Keep that up baby," she exclaimed with pleasure evident in her voice.

I ran my fingers in light circles over her clit, driving her closer and closer to what I hoped would be a great orgasm for her. "I'm gonna cum all over your hand. Please make me cum," she all but begged. She was moaning loudly with her eyes closed tightly. Seeing her in that state of bliss kicked something on in me. I suddenly felt in control despite this being my first sexual encounter.

I leaned in and whispered in her ear, "Cum for me Britney, cum for me baby." Britney's body became stiff and her legs began to shake. She loudly confirmed my suspicion that she was about to cum. "Oh my gosh…oh my gosh. I'm gonna cum. Don't stop, don't stop.

I'M CUMMING!!" She still had her shorts on so I couldn't see her cumming but I felt my hand get noticeably wetter. She finally opened her eyes and had this dopey grin on her face. As she got up and walked down the hall, I couldn't help but watch her ass.

She reached a door, looked back at me, and made a come hither motion with her fingers. I bolted after her, excited to find out what was next. After making her cum, I had an air of confidence that seemed to envelop me. Once in the room, I pulled Britney to me a laid a passionate kiss on her lips.

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I slid my hands down to the bottom of her shirt. She broke the kiss and raised her arms allowing me to take it off her and exposed her magnificent breasts to me for the first time. I admired them for a bit, drinking in this image of feminine beauty. Her nipples were rock hard as I leaned in to suck one.

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She held my head tightly to her tit, ensuring her nipple would not leave my mouth. While suckling her breast, I gently slid her shorts and panties down. I picked up up and playfully threw her on the bed. I had her spread her legs, noting her landing strip above her pussy that pointed to my ultimate destination. I slowly kissed up her thigh which elicited a whiny moan from her.

"Either lick me or fuck me but please stop teasing me." I was more than happy to oblige. I lined my dick up and she guided me in. We both let out audible grunts of pleasure.

Her pussy was unlike anything I could've ever imagined. I started out with slow strokes in and out of her pussy, allowing both of us to adjust to the new sensations we were feeling. "Baby this feels so good but I need more," she half moaned, half grunted.

I sped up and instantly felt the feeling of my impending cum intensify. I wanted her to cum again either before or with me. I reached down with my thumb and ran it over her clit.

Her eyes flashed open in delighted surprise. "Oh yes Darius! You're gonna make me cum again, this time all over your nice hard dick," she said in a voice dripping with pleasure.

Her voice had never sounded sexier and it pushed me over the edge. I hadn't asked if she was on birth control earlier and by now there was no way I could form a coherent sentence and ask I her. I pulled out and shot my cum all over her tits and stomach. This triggered her second orgasm which seemed better than the first. She pulled me down into a kiss and moaned out her orgasm in my mouth for a good 20 seconds.

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I looked down at her and she was the picture of perfection. The sight of of my cum contrasting on her skin was picture perfect.

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"That was absolutely incredible," she said, sounding a bit tired. "Agreed. I have a feeling we'll be doing a lot of more of that," I replied with a mischievous grin.