Chubby MILF teacher has a nice little wank

Chubby MILF teacher has a nice little wank
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It was late on a Tuesday when I logged onto my Plentyoffish account for the last time.I started dating online for many reasons, but mostly because I had tired of the girls in this college town and I longed to meet a woman with whom I could really connect with.

After a few unsuccessful dates over a couple months, and with my coming deployment fast approaching, I decided to delete my account and forget dating for awhile.

As I looked around the site to figure out how I would remove myself, I noticed I had a new email in my inbox. Judging by her picture alone, she looked promising, but I wasn't going to get my hopes up.Truthfully, most of the women online seemed to be there because they liked attention and never actually intended to meet you, or because they couldn't get a date anywhere else.

I had been on three dates with women who seemed normal while emailing but turned out to be nothing like their profiles, or their pictures, made them out to be. Maybe it was the letter she sent me; she seemed to have actually read my profile, and in her words, 'thought we might be a good match, and that we could have some fun together'. Or maybe it was the fact that her profile was actually interesting, showing that we had a lot in common, her pictures letting me know that she worked with children, and she also seemed down-to-earth.She was definitely beautiful, with long dark hair, sparkling green eyes, and a genuine smile that had the potential to melt blocks of ice.

Whatever the case was, I committed to at least seeing what this girl was all about.I figured I had nothing to lose, so I emailed her back, asking her to share a bit more about herself. We went back and forth just a few times before I finally asked her phone number, and she gave it to me, letting me know that she was looking forward to us talking.

I called her later that night, and was pleasantly surprised at the sound of her voice. It was both light and comforting, and rather than being the voice of a stranger, it came across as the voice of an old friend. We chatted easily, asking the obligatory questions one would want of a new acquaintance, both of us laughing at the similarities we seemed to share on nearly every subject. Besides being the same age, 32, we came from matching backgrounds, had the same tastes in music, movies and food, and had matching outlooks on life.

Our views on religion, politics. It became almost comedic how much we actually shared and our conversation flowed for hours. When we finally hung up I was hopeful about the potential, and looked forward to talking to her again. After a few days of phone conversations, it became apparent to both of us that we had to meet and see if we shared the same connection physically that we did mentally.

We arranged to meet at the beach town in between our locations, and set a date that would be casual, allowing us the chance to get to know one another without any pressure.

It seemed as though the weekend dragged by, and by the following Wednesday, I awoke eager to see Clarissa and spend time with her. The 45 minute drive to meet her flew by, and feeling a bit nervous, I parked and made my way to the front door of her friends house. I carried flowers I knew to be her favorite, and put on my best smile as I waited at the door for her. I didn't have to wait long after I knocked before she answered, pulling open the door to meet me with her tiny dog in tow.

I was knocked breathless. Before me stood the most beautiful woman I had ever seen, a simple green and white dress tightly clinging to her tiny frame, that amazing smile shining under slightly nervous eyes. Her hair hung in long locks, caressing her bare shoulders, soft and dark and glowing in the bright sunlight. "Hi Jay.", she said, taking the flowers from me, "Thank you! They're perfect!" I smiled back at her, and before I could answer, she pulled me into a warm embrace.

At 6'5", I towered over her 5'6" body, but she fit perfectly against me as our hug continued, neither of us too quick to pull away. We separated, her pulling up on the leash in her hand. "This is Huck," she said, bending down to introduce me to her tiny dog, "He's my little man!" I laughed, squatting down to pet him, letting him sniff me and grow comfortable with me being there.

He was actually quite cute for a little dog, shaved on his body with a poofed head and an excited personality. His tail wagged, and I appreciated that he didn't yap like most other dogs his size. I offered him a treat that I had hidden in my pocket, easily earning a new friend the easiest way possible. We both stood, and after closing the door, made our way towards my truck.

I opened the passenger door and let her in, then hopped in the drivers side and maneuvered my suburban onto the road, heading to the beach that we had decided would be the first part of our date.

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We held hands, talking the whole way just as easily as we had on the phone, and soon arrived at our destination. After we had gotten out, she released Huck, who took off running towards the sand.

I took the time to finally look over Clarissa, standing a little ways away from her in order to take her in. Her body was amazing. She wasn't wearing a bra, and the dress was strapless, exposing perfectly tanned shoulders.

Her breasts were a perky 'B' cup, and the dress clung just right to her body, a silhouette that was curvy in all the right places. Her butt was as nice as her breasts were, ripe and perky against the fabric, softly revealing itself with every gentle breeze that rolled in from the ocean.

"Are you ready?", she asked, extending her arm towards me in an invitation.


I shook myself from my stupor, walking over and taking her hand as we began our walk on the beach. Her small hand fit perfectly in mine, and we strolled slowly out onto the sand. It had been a long time since I had held a womans hand, and I realized I had forgotten how intimate the simple gesture could be. Her touch was soft, yet firm, and sent a buzzing through my entire body. We talked about many things, yet soon found ourselves in a comfortable silence as we stared out at the rolling waves.

I looked into her eyes and, sensing the invitation, slowly lowered my mouth to hers, connecting our lips in a lingering kiss. Her soft tongue lightly sought out mine, and as they danced against each other, I felt her body melt into mine. It was the kind of kiss I'd always longed for, easily the greatest first kiss of my life, and we continued for what felt like minutes.

We both pulled back at the same time, each looking at the other, before embracing again, our mouths hungrily meeting. Her full pink lips were like heaven to me, tasting like an exotic fruit, her tongue soft against my own. I found my hands roaming her back, lightly grazing her supple behind as she pulled me tighter against her. We finally broke apart, our breaths coming quicker, my heart thumping in my chest. She giggled like a nervous teenager, shyly meeting my gaze as I held her close.

"Wow.", she said, echoing my own thoughts aloud, "That was perfect!" I put my arm around her, keeping her close as we continued down the beach. We stopped occasionally to kiss, each time more amazing than the last.

Our mouths seemed eager to conform to the others style of kissing, and although the beach had plenty of other people on it, I felt as though it were merely her and I alone in a wonderful bubble.

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I was in heaven. About an hour after we started, we were back at my truck and ready to grab lunch at a pizza parlor she preferred nearby. Her friend picked up Huck at the restaurant, and we settled into a booth after ordering.

Being a native New Yorker, i was a bit of a pizza snob, but the pie was actually really good. Once again the conversation flowed easily, making her feel like a long-time girlfriend, not the first date that she actually was. We had plans to visit a mini-golf course, and left after lunch, laughing and getting along famously. As we arrived at the course, Clarissa suddenly started to feel nauseous.

Asking if we could move to the back, she wanted to close her eyes for a few moments until she felt better. I readily agreed, concerned about her, and was soon holding her as she lay across my back seat.

I couldn't help but admire how amazingly beautiful she was as she cuddled into me. I stroked her hair, then ran my hand up and down her arm as she rested. I was lost in my own thoughts when I noticed her eyes had opened and she was looking at me. Her gaze was soft, and her hand brushed through my hair, pulling me down for another kiss. "Feeling better?", I asked after the kiss ended. "Much.", she said, leaning up to continue kissing me. Alone for the first time, our kissing turned erotic, passionate, our hands straying over each other as our mouths plied against one another.

Without realizing it, my hands had moved to her breasts, lightly cupping them as my thumbs brushed against her nipples. She responded immediately, moaning slightly into my mouth as her nails dug into my shoulders.

I wanted to touch all of her body, but restrained myself for multiple reasons. Still, even barely caressing her perfect breasts had caused a stirring in my groin, making me hard almost immediately.

I would have been embarrassed, however I figured that at our current angle, it was not as though she would have noticed. After a few more minutes of this, we stopped, and I suggested that we make our way inside to continue our date. It was not that I wanted to stop, but truthfully, I really liked spending time with her and wanted to make sure she knew I wasn't just here for a hook-up. She smiled and agreed, and moved to get up and out of the truck. Suddenly, and I'm sure by accident, she placed her hand on my leg and pressed against my throbbing hard-on.

"Oh.!", she made a surprised noise, her eyes widening slightly. "Sorry.", I said sheepishly, "I can't help that you turn me on." She didn't say anything, but I saw a small smile play across her face as she got out of the truck. I wasn't sure how to handle the fact that she had touched my cock, so I resigned myself to not mention it and hope that I hadn't given her the wrong idea.

I mean, I wasn't a porn star, but I do have quite a large member, at least 8.5 inches. So although I should probably have been proud and willing to show off a bit, I didn't want her to think me a pervert. We went to the course, and she didn't seem put-off at all.

As we played, she often came over to steal a lingering kiss, making me feel like a teenager all over again. It was easily the best first date ever, and was evolving into one of the best dates I'd had in my life.

Every chance I could, I took the time to appreciate just how sexy this woman looked in her dress. My mind strayed to the way her breasts felt in my hands, how her nipples had hardened at the slightest provocation, how incredible her ass looked when she bent to place her golfball on the tee. She was incredible. The game finished just as the air was beginning to cool, and we went back to my truck and left. "I had a really great time!", she was telling me, a smile on her face and a sparkle in her green eyes.

We were back at her friends house, the sky already dark as we sat in my suburban. After returning the sentiment, we again began to make out like school kids, our kissing quickly turning heated. Almost without words, we both made the decision to move to the back seat, where she sat in my lap as we continued. I was now blatantly massaging her luscious breasts, occasionally focusing on her hardening nipples. She moaned in appreciation, making soft cooing noises in response to my touch.

The noises alone caused my cock to stiffen, and she in turn wiggled her bottom, pressing into me and making my balls ache from the built up pressure.

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I had moved my left hand beneath her skirt, and as I gently kissed her neck, I slid my hand up her firm thigh to her naked hip. My breath caught as I realized she wasn't wearing panties, my thumb pressed against her hip bone, her skin soft beneath my palm. Her tongue had been flicking against my own, her upper body pressing against my right hand that was on her breast, both our breaths now coming in ragged fits. I stopped, knowing that if we continued on this course, we both would go farther than we wanted to on this date.

She seemed to appreciate that I had been the one to place our passion on hold. We both broke from the trance our hormones had created, pulling away to regain some control.

"I think we should wait.", I said, feeling almost foolish. She smiled, agreed with me, and we both exited the truck which had become steamed up due to our body heat. I gave her a final soft kiss, and she left to join her friend in the house as I drove off. I was on cloud nine when she called about an hour later, just after I had arrived home.

"Jay? I had a great time today, and was hoping that maybe you might want to join me this weekend? I'm headed up north for the fourth of July, and I'd love to introduce you to some of my friends." I couldn't wait to spend time with her, so I accepted the invite. She explained that her friends were pastors, so we would be sleeping in separate quarters, but she thought it would still be nice to spend time together.

It also meant that we would be less inclined to "rush anything physically", which was something I was more than happy with.

I really liked this woman, and knew that if we hopped into bed too early, she might think that was all I was looking for. The weekend was only two days away, then I met her at her house for the long drive up the coast.

Clarissa was dressed casually for the ride, and it was a great trip, full of fun conversation and talk of the weekends plans. She described her friends in detail, and I almost felt as though I knew them before I met them. Knowing Clarissa as I did, I expected her friends to be interesting, and the weekend to be incredibly fun.

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I wasn't disappointed. Her friends were great, accepting me as one of their own, and the weekend was a blast. Although physically we were unable to really do anything, I felt that we grew closer through our activities, including hikes, trips to the beach, and meals with her friends. The time passed almost too fast, and we were soon in her car headed back to Los Angeles. I was driving, while we both reminisced about the fun we had experienced.

I also couldn't help but notice just how sexy she looked in the dress she was wearing as we traveled. With the sunroof open, the light created provocative shadows around the swell of her chest, enticing me. She was laying back, enjoying the warmth and relaxing, her legs on the dashboard in front of her. Without thinking, and almost out of character, I suddenly reached over and lightly squeezed her breast, looking to see what reaction she would have.

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Instead of protesting, she took in a quick breath and settled her eyes on mine, inviting me to continue. Struggling to maintain focus on the road ahead, I alternated between both of her soft globes, admiring how firm and full they felt in my hand. Her breathing had quickened, and she absentmindedly licked her lips as I massaged her.

Feeling emboldened by her response, I slid my hand down the top of her dress and tweaked her right nipple between my thumb and forefinger. Although I wasn't sure what to expect, her reaction surprised me nonetheless. Reaching up, she pulled the top of her dress down to expose herself fully to me.

Her breasts were amazing, very white in comparison to her tanned body, with nipples that were dark pink and perfectly shaped. They had hardened under my touch, and stood proudly out once released from the confines of her top. I began to fully squeeze and play with her naked breasts, unmistakable moans escaping her mouth as I licked my fingertips and then rolled her nipples between them. Her mounds were firm against my palm, filling my hand as I gently played with them.

I became ridiculously turned on, more so than anytime i had ever been with this kind of action. The combination of public nudity, my first touch of her nakedness, and the sexy noises she made caused my cock to twitch and strain against my jeans.

I was almost unaware of my surroundings till she suddenly pushed my hand away and pulled her top back into place. I was almost worried I'd done something wrong until I realized she had done this to prevent a passing trucker too much of a view. "You're really turned on, huh?", she asked, looking pointedly at the growing bulge against my leg. "Yes," I said, figuring it should have been obvious, "Your body is amazing." "Most guys don't notice my breasts, they seem to focus on my butt.", she openly lamented.

I thought that was too bad if other men hadn't realized just how perky and nice her breasts were, and asked her if my attention had turned her on as well. Instead of answering, she spread her legs apart and pulled her skirt up to her waist. I immediately noticed that she was once again not wearing any underwear, and my mouth went dry, too stunned to create an appropriate response.

"Why don't you check?", she asked, giving me a devilish smile. I tried to keep from veering off the road as I turned my attention to her freshly shaved pussy.

She had puffy lips, and a very pronounced labia, protruding like a butterfly preparing for flight. It was a gorgeous pussy, and I trembled as I moved my hand between her legs. I touched the outside of her lips first, grazing the inside of her tender thigh as I rubbed my fingertips across her delicate folds.

I paused briefly, then slid my index finger into her slit, not yet penetrating her.


She was incredibly wet, and my finger was instantly moist as I pressed up and around her pronounced clit. Her reaction was instantaneous, her body nearly convulsing as I began to make deliberate circles around her hood. She was now loudly moaning as I worked her pussy, alternating between her wet interior and her swollen clit. I resisted the urge to bury my fingers in her, instead focusing on teasing the exterior of her soft pussy mound. I pulled my hand back, placing my two fingers in my mouth in order to taste her juices, rewarded by the sweet taste that filled my mouth.

I licked them, wetting them in order to now slide them into her, then placed my hand back between her legs. She was kneading her own breast as I finally buried my finger inside her tight hole, feeling the suction as I slid in and out of her. I continued to move back and forth, sometimes pulling out to focus my touch on her clit, making small circles around it that seemed to make her quiver.

Occasionally reaching up to massage whichever breast was free, both of us seemingly on the edge of a climax, we had long forgotten about whatever truckers might be getting a free show. My cock was in actual pain from being so hard, I couldn't remember ever wanting a woman as badly as I wanted Clarissa right then.

Although she never orgasmed, I had her on edge, stimulated for over an hour as we drew closer to her home in L.A. We pulled into her parking garage, navigating to her space. I leaned over to begin kissing her, my hands roaming as I passionately explored her open mouth. "Cameras.", she said simply, indicating the darkened spheres throughout the garage. I nodded my understanding, and we both got out of the vehicle and quickly made our way to the elevator.

I was almost blind with lust during the short trip to her floor, and I don't even remember getting to her apartment, coming to as we reached the bedroom. I stopped her before we reached the bed, quickly disposing of the now superfluous dress. She stood before me naked, tan lines marking the delicious areas I had been attending to for the last hour.

I picked her up and she wrapped her legs around me, our mouths working feverishly at one another's as I lay her down on her bed. Kissing down her chest, I pulled first her left, then right nipple into my mouth, biting down gently on each as I suckled. She moaned her approval, her nails pressing into my upper back. I reached up, first placing a pillow under her head, then grabbing the other as I licked and kissed my way down her torso.

"Lift your hips.", I told her, sliding the pillow underneath her ass, giving me a better angle from which to lick at her pussy. I slid to the base of the bed, and settled her legs on my shoulders. I kissed at the inside of both her thighs before zeroing in on her heated area. She was glistening in anticipation, her lips swollen and dripping the sweet nectar I had tasted earlier.

Without hesitation, I licked her from the base to her clit, a slow steady movement that filled mymouth with her taste. My hands rested on her stomach, and I used my thumbs to pull apart her lips, giving me access to her steaming wet hole and throbbing clit. I lapped at her, lost in how wonderful she tasted, slowly circling all of her as she cooed her appreciation.

I increased the pressure of my licks, focusing more on her clit as I tried to build her to an orgasm. I wanted her to flood my mouth as she came, and I worked fervently to trigger her release. I slid a finger into her, finding her G-spot and pressing against it as i licked.

Occasionally I pulled back, pulling her entire labia into my mouth, sucking on the soft skin and working my tongue like I was french kissing her, then once again going back to her swelling clit.

After nearly an hour she could take no more, pulling me forcibly up her body. "Baby, I have to have you inside me!", she begged, locking her eyes onto mine before kissing me, her own juices now being willingly tasted by her as our tongues danced together.

I quickly pulled off my clothes, enjoying the feeling of her naked body against mine, her legs wrapped around my waist. I leaned up, placing the head my cock at her entrance. Teasing her slightly, wetting myself with her juices, I then slowly pushed my cock into her. My eyes never left hers as I worked most of my member deep inside her, finally stopping when I felt the bottom of her about six inches in.

She felt like a soft velvet glove, firmly milking me as I throbbed. We both groaned at the sudden pleasure, treasuring our first connection, joined finally in the most intimate of moments as I was buried inside her. I pulled back gently, then pushed again into her. She moaned, and her hands slid down, taking my ass into her grasp. As I began to slide in and out of her, she guided my pace, slowly increasing the rhythm of our coupling.

With each thrust she became louder, pleading for me to take her over the edge she had been at for hours now. "Baby! Oh my god that feels so good! You feel so good inside me, ooooooohhhh!", she was panting, pulling me harder into her. We rocked back and forth for nearly twenty minutes, a frenzied passion overcoming our bodies as she quaked beneath me. Sensing that she needed one final push to reach a climax, I leaned up, pulling her legs up to her body.


I began thrusting harder, burying my full cock inside her at a faster pace. Her face froze in ecstasy, then she released a high pitched scream, violently screaming incoherently, her head shaking in a wild "No!" motion as I fucked her deeper and longer than I had any woman before her. Finally, her hands gripping my arms, her legs spasming against my own, I felt her pussy tighten around my cock, the unmistakable throes of an intense orgasm racking her body.

I continued my pumping, her first orgasm rolling into a second, her juices spreading all over my cock and balls.

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I felt the pressure building inside me as we both reached an orgasm together, stars exploding behind my eyes as I released into her. I felt my come fill her cavity, emptying my entire load as my body shook.

She gave one final cry, then began laughing, the emotions overcoming her in the end.

I stopped, gently resting on her body as she covered my face in kisses. "I've never been fucked like that," she breathed hoarsely into my ear, "Never baby, oh my god." I leaned back and smiled at her, spent from our lovemaking. I slowly pulled myself out of her, lying down next to her and pulled her against my chest.

Our breathing quieted down together, and she nuzzled against me, drifting off to sleep.