Family Role Play With Stupendous Step Sibling

Family Role Play With Stupendous Step Sibling
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I had a great deal of fun writing this story so I hope my readers do also. Enjoy! (; ---------- Katherine had offered her to stay the weekend at her house on Friday after everyone had gone home for the night.

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Katherine had gone back to her old ways and dominated her in her office. Making her beg before giving her release as she was bent over her boss' desk in only her bra.

Hannah had taken the offer readily and went home with Katherine. Soon they are walking into Katherine's house. "Do you want something to drink before we get started?" Katherine asks. Hannah takes a deep breath and smiles. "Yeah. A water would be great." Katherine sets down her purse and grabs a bottle of water from the refrigerator.

She hands it to Hannah and leans against the opposite counter. Hannah takes a drink and feels eyes watching her and smiles after putting the drink down. "I don't know if I can drink with your playroom eyes staring at me the whole time." Hannah says with a smirk and a raised eyebrow in Katherine's direction.

Katherine smiles and moves over to Hannah. "You are being defiant." Katherine teases with a small smile as she spins Hannah around and presses her against the counter. Hannah smiles back. "Are you going to punish me?" Hannah whispers. Katherine teases her lips against Hannah's.

"Oh, you bet." Hannah whimpers and tries to kiss Katherine but Katherine pulls back when she makes a move. Hannah groans and tries to grab Katherine but Katherine grabs her wrists and locks them behind her back with one hand, making Hannah gasp softly. Katherine swiftly spins her around and pushes her out of the kitchen, letting go of her hands.

Hannah stumbles out of the kitchen and finds herself at the bottom of a staircase. "Upstairs last door on the right." Hannah starts to walk up the stairs but Katherine stops her. "Take off all your clothes as you go." Hannah nods her head and walks up the steps as she unbuttons her blouse.

Katherine's eyes follow her every movement until Hannah is left nude outside of her playroom door. Katherine smiles and leans against the door. "Look at you. Standing outside my playroom like a good little girl." Hannah blushes and bites her lip. Katherine's smile grows wider. "Some of the rules are different from the playroom at my office. You follow all of my demands the way they are told. You have to pay attention to my words and you have to trust me as I have to trust you.

You absolutely have to use your safe word when you are uncomfortable. That goes along with moans and grunts when you are gagged.

Do you remember this from our meeting?" Hannah nods her head and Katherine nods hers also. "Good. Are you ready?" Hannah eagerly nods her head and looks up at Katherine with excitement in her eyes. Katherine smiles and pushes open the door. Hannah walks into the room and her eyes open wide as she looks at all of the furniture and toys. This playroom was similar to the one at the office. The same deep red color spread throughout the room along with similar furniture and toys she had seen at the office.

Though some toys and furniture were foreign to her. Katherine watches with amusement as Hannah looks back at her for permission to walk around. She nods her permission and Hannah walks around the room, letting her hands drift on the toys and furniture.

When she had made her way completely around the room she looks at Katherine. "This was nothing like I expected, Mistress." Katherine smiles and shuts the door. "Considering you have been a good girl tonight, I will let you choose your first place of pleasure." Hannah smiles and perks up at the thought.

She looks around the room before looking back to Katherine. "I would like for you to pick for me, Mistress. I want to know what one of your desired positions of me is?" Hannah inquires innocently.

Katherine smirks and doesn't even think of her answer. She had fantasized about it too often to forget about it. "I want you on the platform.tied down.and blindfolded." Katherine says confidently. Hannah bites her lip. "Th-The platform?" Hannah asks softly. Katherine's smirk deepens and she grabs Hannah's hand. She pulls her over to a black leather padded wooden stage, about 5 inches off the floor with metal rings on the sides.

"Lay on your back." Katherine instructs. Hannah gulps but moves onto the platform and lays down on her back. "Don't move." Hannah nods her head and watches Katherine go to the wall and grab two rings of red rope before walking back.

Katherine works slowly around Hannah. Tying her wrists to the corners of the platform, her right ankle to the bottom and her right thigh to the side. Then she bends Hannah's left leg and pushes it up slightly. Katherine wraps a length of rope around her knee and ties the other end to the middle ring on the side of the platform. She next ties Hannah's ankle to her thigh and her ankle also to the bottom metal ring. Katherine stands up and looks down at Hannah with a smirk.

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She looked gorgeous in the red rope. Hannah was surprised at how comfortable she was and bites her lip in anticipation. "Are you comfortable? Is anything too tight?" Hannah shakes her head.

"No Mistress. I-I'm surprisingly comfortable." Hannah blushes and Katherine smiles. "Good. Tonight I am going to teach you a lesson." Katherine draws. Hannah watches her with rapt attention as Katherine walks around the platform, checking the bonds.

"Do you remember what you did wrong today?" Hannah's brow furrows. The only thing she could think of was her rebellion for almost 30 seconds in Katherine's office but Katherine had forgiven her and punished her for her infraction. "No Mistress." Katherine completes her inspection of the ropes and quirks an eyebrow at the brunette.

"I'll give you a hint." Katherine smirks and starts to unbutton her blouse. "You were very.distracted." Katherine shakes off the blouse and works on her skirt. Hannah watches intently and arousal pools in between her thighs. "This morning." Katherine pushes down her skirt, leaving her in only her bra, garter belt, thigh-high stockings, and heels. She had slipped into the garter belt before she left the office, knowing how hot it gets Hannah.

"You pulled up the wrong slide show." Hannah lets out a soft gasp. She had done so many things wrong this morning at the meeting. Katherine was just so amazing and sexy that she couldn't help but be distracted by her intimidatingly hot boss.

Katherine walks to the wall and picks out her favorite riding crop. "You dropped all of my notes." Katherine turns back to Hannah and walks to her side. "You repeatedly handed me the wrong documents during the presentation." Hannah gulps. She messed up more than she thought. Katherine notices her gulp and smirks, running the riding crop across Hannah's stomach. "Now do you remember Hannah? Hannah feels her muscles twitch under the riding crop.

"Yes, Mistress." She says softly. Katherine brings the riding crop down on Hannah's breast. Hannah gasps. "I would love to know what had you so distracted pet?" Katherine smiles devilishly. She had specifically worn tight clothes today with the intent to distract her pet during the morning meeting. And like all her plans, it had worked. Hannah had been so distracted she had messed up seven times, total, Katherine had counted.

"You Mistress." Hannah whispers out.

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Katherine lands the riding crop down on the opposite breast and Hannah jumps at the harder hit. "You are always at my meetings. Why was today any different? I want a good, detailed answer or you will receive three smacks on each thigh." Hannah shudders at the thought of receiving the smacks but answers with the desired answer none the less. "You were wearing really tight clothes today, Mistress.

I couldn't take my eyes off you. It was so hard to concentrate when all I could think about was if you had panties on underneath your skirt." Katherine smirks and runs the riding crop down to Hannah's center and teases her pussy lips, loving the shudder that courses through Hannah.

"Good, my pet." Katherine moves to her drawers and picks out a red silk blindfold. She walks to the head of the platform and crouches next to Hannah's head. She places the length of the riding crop at Hannah's lips. "Keep it between your teeth and don't drop it." Hannah takes the riding crop between her teeth as Katherine slides the blindfold around her head.

Katherine takes the riding crop out of Hannah's mouth and stands back up. She studies Hannah for a few seconds before continuing with tonight's lesson. "Would you like to know tonight's lesson, pet?" Hannah nods her head. "Yes, Mistress." Hannah answers obediently. Katherine moves to the end of the platform. "Tease and denial, my pet. Do remember what that means?" Hannah frowns slightly, at first. She knew tease and denial would come sooner or later but she had been dreading it.

She covers her emotions from her face but Katherine catches the slip and sends a smack to Hannah's outer thigh. Hannah jumps and gasps in reply. Katherine simply smiles. She loved the blindfold. Her submissive's never knew what was coming to them. "Was that a frown? Do you not like what your mistress is giving you?" Hannah hesitates to answer so Katherine continues.

"Well if you are so ungrateful maybe I will leave you here." Katherine turns and walks to the door, her heels faintly clicking against the floor. Hannah is now quick to respond. "No! Mistress, please don't leave me. I love whatever you give me. I promise Mistress." Hannah begs desperately. She had been so hesitant because she was stunned that Katherine saw her falter. Katherine smirks and walks back to Hannah. "You promise, do you? Do you promise to be a good girl for the rest of the evening?" Hannah quickly nods her head.

"Yes, Mistress. I promise." Katherine hums softly. "I will make a deal with you Hannah." Katherine says seductively as she sets down the riding crop next to Hannah and gets on her knees in between Hannah's legs.

"If you are a good girl." Katherine draws as she gets down on her stomach between Hannah's legs. Hannah bites her lip as she waits for Katherine, her breathing escalating exponentially.

"I won't tease you tomorrow morning." Hannah moans softly at the thought of that. Katherine smiles and leans forward, placing a soft kiss on Hannah's thigh.

"You like the thought of that, don't you pet?" Hannah moans and nods her head eagerly. "Yes, Mistress." Katherine leaves another kiss on the opposite thigh. "This lesson is supposed to teach you concentration and patience. Are you ready for your lesson my pet?" Hannah nods her head with a nervous smile.

She didn't want to disappoint her Mistress. Katherine smiles. She's seen that look before. Katherine licks firmly up Hannah's slit, a strangled groan coming from the woman.

Katherine moans softly, Hannah's taste was always so delicious to her. Katherine smiles before doing it again as her left hand reaches for the riding crop she had put next to Hannah's body within reaching distance.

She brings her lips to Hannah's clit and sucks softly before pulling away. Hannah groans again and bucks up for Katherine's mouth. Katherine sends a smack to Hannah's nipple and Hannah cries out with a surprised gasp. Katherine smirks and flicks her tongue against Hannah's clit.

Hannah is trembling within minutes of Katherine's torturous tongue, moaning wildly as her body bucks for release against Katherine's mouth. Katherine notices how close Hannah was but decides to tease her for a second more. Hannah grabs onto the rope binding her hands to the platform and arches her back. At the exact moment Hannah thinks her orgasm will overtake her, Katherine pulls away. Hannah lets out a whine and throws her head back against the platform.

Katherine smirks and gets up from between Hannah's legs as she talks to Hannah. "Oh, sweetheart. Did you want to cum? Katherine teases. Hannah whimpers and bites her lip.

"So bad Mistress." Katherine smiles, pleased with herself.

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She walks to her dresser and pulls out her vibrator. She walks back to Hannah and grabs the riding crop again. "That's too bad, my pet. I'm not going to let you cum for quite a while until I think you've learned your lesson." Katherine torments and Hannah holds back a whimper.

She wanted to be a good girl for her Mistress so she wouldn't tease her in the morning. Katherine runs the riding crop up to Hannah's breasts and bites her lip as she watches the rapid rise and fall of Hannah's chest as she waits in anticipation for Katherine's next move.

Katherine moves to the top of the platform and crouches down near Hannah's head. "Open your mouth." Hannah does as instructed and Katherine puts the length of the riding crop in her mouth.

"Bite down." Hannah bites the leather. Katherine grips Hannah's soft brown hair and raises her head enough for her lips to be level with Katherine's ear. "If you drop it I will be relentless as I tease you, Hannah.I promise you." Katherine whispers huskily into her ear.

Hannah moans almost inaudibly but Katherine hears her and smirks. "Are you moaning slut? You want me to tease you, don't you?" Hannah chastises herself for not keeping quiet and shakes her head, seeing as though she couldn't talk with the riding crop in her mouth.

Katherine chuckles and stands up, releasing Hannah's hair. She grabs a flogger and makes her way back to Hannah. "I think you're lying to me my slut." Katherine hisses and Hannah gulps.

"Do you know what that makes you when you lie?" Hannah wanted to tell her it wasn't a lie but even she wouldn't believe herself. Hannah knew what Katherine's next words would be and she couldn't help but become more excited.

She flinches when strips of leather dance across her abdomen and after studying her Mistress' tools of pleasure with only her touch Hannah knew her Mistress had grabbed a flogger. "Lying makes you a bad girl Hannah." As soon as her sentence ends Katherine snaps the flogger down on Hannah's stomach. Hannah moans and arches her back. The pain stung but it was oh so pleasurable. The whips Katherine gives her always sent heat straight to her core. Katherine walks slowly to Hannah's other side.

"I wish you weren't such a bad girl. I could be giving you so many orgasms right now, slut." Katherine sends another whip to Hannah's breast, lighter this time. Hannah whimpers softly but arches her back higher, offering her breasts to Katherine. Katherine smiles at this, lending a generous whip to Hannah's opposite breast. The brunette mewls in pleasure. "I knew you loved to be teased from the very beginning my pet." Katherine thinks out loud.

Hannah, ever since their first month, loved to be brought to the edge. Katherine would make the shorter woman beg for release or simply not give her an orgasm until she thought she could have one. God, she loved the thrill with this woman. Hannah strangles out a "Mhmm" past the riding crop. Katherine smirks and sets down the flogger next to Hannah before moving back between the submissive woman's legs.

She grabs the vibrator and turns it on low before pressing it to Hannah's clit. The sudden pleasure makes the woman gasp and to much of Katherine's amusement almost drops the riding crop before using her tongue to push it in between her teeth again.

Hannah moans as Katherine rubs slow circles around her clit. Katherine speeds up and Hannah's hips buck off the platform as she moans louder.

Within seconds Hannah was teetering on the edge, bucking and moaning. Katherine finally pulls away the vibrator when she sees Hannah about to fall over the edge.

Hannah cries out a muffled "no" past the riding crop and Katherine smiles and stands up. "You were so close, weren't you pet?" Hannah chokes back a sob and nods her head. Katherine smiles and grabs the flogger again. "Mmm. Good. I love it when I take away your orgasm.

You look so cute in distress, my pet." Katherine silently warns Hannah that she has the flogger by trailing it over her stomach like before. She snaps the flogger on the inside of Hannah's thigh. Hannah can't hold back the gasp the comes from her mouth and the riding crop falls from her teeth.

Hannah groans and Katherine clicks her tongue. "Hannah, Hannah, Hannah. What am I going to do with you?" Hannah quickly resorts to pleading with her Mistress. "I'm so sorry Mistress. I didn't mean to drop it. Please let me make it up to you." Katherine quirks an eyebrow at Hannah.

"Make it up to me, huh? What would you do, pet?" Katherine inquires as she picks up the riding crop and hangs it back on the wall. "I-I could please you." Hannah stutters, uncertain. Katherine smirks and walks back to Hannah. She likes the way the smaller woman thinks.

"And how would you do that if your hands are tied down?" Katherine gives her time to think, already knowing the answer. Hannah smiles and wets her lips. "I could please you with my mouth Mistress." Katherine smiles and nods her head. "Good job. I'm glad the teasing hasn't clouded your mind. If you do well I won't punish you for dropping the riding crop. Though I will still tease you in the morning for lying." Hannah nods her head like a good submissive and Katherine sets down the flogger.

She climbs awkwardly onto the platform until her cunt is above Hannah's mouth. Hannah immediately raises her head and starts to lick Katherine's clit. Katherine grits her teeth and moans softly. Hannah whimpers, she hadn't expected so much wetness but God knows she wasn't complaining. Her tongue dips into the blonde's wetness before circling her clit with tight circles. Katherine leans on one hand while the other buries itself in Hannah's hair and presses the brunette's face harder into her cunt.

Hannah moans in delight and works harder to bring her Mistress to orgasm. Her tongue and lips flick, lick and suck harshly at the older woman's bundle of nerves.

Katherine groans and starts to ride Hannah's face. "Fuck." Katherine hisses when Hannah takes a hard yet surprisingly pleasing jab at her clit. Hannah hears her Mistress' curse at the jab and sends a few more jabs at the blonde's swollen clit.

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Katherine jerks faster at the jabs and continues the pace with a loud moan. Katherine rides Hannah's tongue until she is close to the edge. She clinches her hand in Hannah's brown locks. "Suck me." Katherine groans out. Hannah moans and does exactly as she is told, sucking Katherine's clit in her mouth.

Katherine immediately goes rigid above her submissive and cums on her mouth. Hannah moans softly and uses her tongue to lick up her juices. Katherine evens her breathing before getting off of Hannah. Hannah greedily licks her lips with a smirk on her face.

Katherine sighs contentedly and Hannah moves around in her bonds. Katherine notices her movement. "Are you still comfortable?" Hannah licks her lips one last time.

"My left hip is becoming a little sore." Katherine moves to Hannah's left side and starts to massage her hip. Hannah lets out a soft moan and Katherine smiles. "I think you just want my hands on you." Katherine teases and Hannah smirks. "That's just a bonus Mistress." Katherine chuckles and continues to massage her hip. After another minute or two, she looks back to Hannah. "How is it now?" Hannah nods her head. "Much better now.

Thank you, Mistress." Katherine stands up and moves between Hannah's legs, grabbing the vibrator. Katherine starts rubbing circles on Hannah's clit and turns the vibrations on high. Hannah gasps softly before moaning and arching her back. "Oh, fuck." Katherine smirks at Hannah's dirty mouth and straddles Hannah's right leg. She leans forward on one hand and bends down to take Hannah's jutting nipple in her mouth.

Hannah groans and arches her back higher for Katherine. "Oh, god. Don't stop." Katherine smirks at this. Hannah starts to buck her hips into the vibrator. She was getting so close to her orgasm. God, she wanted one so bad.

Katherine continues to suck on her nipples and tease her clit. Soon Hannah was on the edge. Panting, moaning, and whimpers were all that was coming from Hannah. Katherine moves her lips up to Hannah's ear. "How close are you slut?" Hannah whimpers. "So close Mistress. Please let me cum." Hannah pleads as she grips the rope tying down her hands. Katherine smiles and brushes her lips against the arch of Hannah's ear.


"" Katherine whispers with a smirk. Hannah nearly sobs in frustration and tries to stop her clenching muscles. She can't hold back any longer. "Mistress, please!" Hannah begs desperately. Katherine pulls away the vibrator and Hannah sags back into the platform with a chocked sob. Katherine kisses and nips at Hannah's neck until she is moaning again.

She moves the vibrator back to Hannah's clit and Hannah lets out a mix between a moan and a sigh. Katherine smiles and bites Hannah's earlobe.

"Have you learned your lesson?" Katherine whispers as she speeds up. Hannah moans and arches her back. How the hell was her orgasm growing so fast? "Yes, yes, yes. I have. I really, really have Mistress." Hannah moans again. How her orgasm was growing so fast was beyond her. Katherine rubs the vibrator faster over Hannah's clit, making Hannah cry out.

"Fuck!" Hannah digs her nails into the rope and groans loudly. Katherine knew she was on the edge. "What do you ask slut?" Katherine hisses and Hannah has never answered a question so fast in her life. "Pl-Please may I cum Mistress?" Hannah chokes out. Her body was trembling she was trying so hard not to cum.

Katherine takes mercy on the small brunette. "You may." Katherine answers vaguely. Hannah immediately cries out as the waves of pleasure wash over her. "Ah! God, yes! Fuck me!" Katherine giggles quietly at Hannah's choice of words and slows down her vibrator.

Hannah lets out a few more curse words as her body shakes. Hannah felt absolutely incredible as her orgasm starts to wane out.


It was like coming up for fresh air. Hannah groans as the last wave hits her then she falls back on the platform, panting greedily for air.

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Katherine turns off the vibrator and starts to untie an utterly and completely fucked looking Hannah. When she finishes untying and taking off the blindfold from the exhausted woman before her she lays down next to her and leaves soothing kisses on her sweaty skin. Hannah is surprised by the caring touch from the older woman but none the less stretches her muscles before wrapping her arms around Katherine's shoulder. "How are you doing?" She asks softly when she feels Hannah's breathing start to even out.

Hannah chuckles softly with a smile. "Amazing- though I'm sure I'll be sore tomorrow." Katherine smiles and runs her fingers down Hannah's stomach, watching the goosebumps pop up in her wake. "We'll take care of that in the morning." Hannah nods her head and they stay glued together for a few more moments until Katherine moves away. Hannah follows with the help of Katherine to stand.

They walk to another door and stop outside of it. Katherine pushes open the door to reveal a bathroom. "Take a shower for as long as you like and make sure to use the shower head settings to work out the tense muscles. I will have clothes set out for you. Come find me in the kitchen when you are done." Hannah's eyes glint with excitement when she hears about the shower head.

One orgasm never was enough for Hannah. Katherine narrows her eyes and presses Hannah against the arch of the doorway with one hand on the middle of her chest. Hannah helplessly falls into her touch and silent demands. Katherine's eyes burn into Hannah's. "I'll know if you touch yourself pet. I always know." Katherine warns in a husky voice which only makes Hannah more aroused.

Hannah feebly nods her head and Katherine tilts her head up then jerks her head to the bathroom. "Get in the shower." Katherine demands. Hannah scampers inside the bathroom and shuts the door. Katherine walks to her closet and takes off all of her clothes.


She finds a pair of sweatpants and a tank top and quickly throws them on. Hannah steps into the shower and turns on the hot water. She uses the shower head settings to relax her muscles and sighs.

Katherine wipes down all of the toys they used before putting them back in their original spot. Katherine goes down to the kitchen to wait for Hannah. Hannah gets lost under the water then suddenly shivers at the thought of what could happen this weekend. ---------- I hope this was to all of my reader's satisfaction (; Please leave comments and votes !