Angelic Amatuer Watches Her Friend Get Slammed

Angelic Amatuer Watches Her Friend Get Slammed
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Life was rough for a while there. My Mom and Dad were fighting all the time, screaming, yelling, and making life really uncomfortable for me, my sister and my brother. My Mom was born in the Philippines and met my Dad when he was serving over there for the US Army. They got married and came back to America and set up in Texas. I don't know how things were at the start but my Mom always said the first 8 years were great. But then they had me, then my brother, then my baby sister.

Money got tight and Mom had trouble getting good pay because she didn't speak the greatest English. She is much, much better now, she is pretty much fluent, but at first, she didn't have a lot of options to learn. My Dad was a bit domineering and she didn't have much of a life outside of the house. Then came the day Dad hit Mom. He slapped her, he didn't punch her, but that was the start of a quick end.

Mom moved out soon and tried to take us with her but Dad got custody because she was broke. My Mom Karen then met Scott. Scott was the polar opposite of my Dad. He worked in the oil field as an engineer. He was nice and treated us so much better than Dad ever did. But even so, Mom couldn't get custody. My Dad spent most of his time insulting our Mom to us and whatnot.

Then he got married and she was a total bitch. All three of us looked forward for the 6 weeks in summer and two in winter we got to stay with my Mom and Scott. Then Scott got transferred up to Colorado when I was in 7th grade. We still got to visit twice a year, but having my Mom so far away was really stressful. Dad treated his new wife as shitty as he treated mom, and his possessive nature filtered down to me and my siblings.

At least he never hit us, but we also weren't allowed to have cell phones or internet access because my Dad, didn't want us talking to Mom any more than absolutely necessary.

This went on for the next few years. The summer I was gonna get my driver's license, my Dad kept stalling because he didn't want me to have that degree of freedom. I called my Mom from a friend's house and she promised she would take me to get mine when I visited her the next week. By that Friday, my brother, sister and I were on our flight up to Colorado. I was so happy to be away from my Dad. He was just an asshole and a creep and I hated him for driving my Mother away.

I knew the day I could emancipate I would and come live with my Mom. My Mom Karen is gorgeous, at least to me.

She is about 5 foot 2, she has that classical Asian Filipino figure. Lean, lithe, great legs and bubble butt. She has smaller breasts, a low B cup, but on her little figure and tight tummy, they look plenty big. She had great dark peach skin which tans a great light brown. She has long black hair to her lower back, and amazing eyes and smile.

I always felt like such a shell of my mother. I wished I was beautiful like her, but I had rounder eyes, plumper lips, and was all gangly and awkward. My Dad would never allow me to dress in the cute clothes I wanted, or not wear my geeky glasses and makeup was forbidden. But my Mom was so different, she wanted me to feel pretty.

After a week of time with her and Scott I came out of my shell again and began to relax. It was one evening that I was talking to my Mom about not feeling pretty like she was. "What are you talking about Lindsay? You are just as pretty as me." "No I am not, I don't look like you." "Of course you do, you got the best of me, come here." She grabbed me by the wrist and pulled me to her room where she had a vanity mirror.

She spun me sideways and stood right behind me.

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"See Lindsay, look at your legs and your cute little butt. They look a lot like mine, heck they look better, you don't have a bit of cellulite or any sagging of anything yet. You are so pretty sweetheart." I looked at the mirror and realized I had let my Dad fill my head with how not pretty I looked. I guess just to keep me from wanting to talk to boys?

But I loved looking at my self in a sexual way, embracing my womanhood. It turned into a fun night as mom kept dressing me in her outfits and having me look at myself.

Despite the fact I had slightly bigger breasts (only by a size or two from my Dad's german heritage) I fit almost just right into all of her clothes. Then it was on to makeup and nails and hair styling. We had great time and continued to play dress up over the next week. On Friday the next week my Mom wanted to take all of us up to Estes park to camp, Scott had a bachelor party that Friday for a co-worker and Mom had joked to me how he always came back from nights out with the boys drunk and horny from the strip clubs and always wanted fast and emotionless sex so she thought it was a good time to go for the weekend.

I was going to go with them but I had a bad tummy ache. So my Mom opened up the hid-a-bed out in the living room and made me some homemade pho before they left for camping. My Mom in her rush forgot that she usually opened up the hid-a-bed for Scott when he was drinking so he didn't disturb her when he got home.

I laid down most of the day after my Mom and siblings left and finally started feeling better that evening and was able to reheat the pho my Mom made and was able to keep it down.

I watched some tv and conked out pretty early, thankful to be able to lay on my stomach without pain, which is the way I like to sleep. I slept very soundly until I heard the door shut loudly.

Scott was stumbling around in the dark apartment, lit only by the glow from the tv which I had never turned off.

I could hear a episode of Cheers playing in the background. I was so groggy from sleeping that I didn't bother to move or acknowledge him, I just wanted to go back to sleep.

"Ahmmm shiiit. Baaaaby shtayed up to play with me?" Scott mumbled and slurred, drunk as hell from the night out. The next thing I heard was the bathroom door close. It wasn't long before I was back asleep. I never even heard the toilet flush. I began to have a crazy dream, it was exceedingly sexual in nature. With my Dad's strict rules I really knew nothing about sex other than what my friends had told me. But I started dreaming about this boy Trevor who I had in History class last year.

He looked like a cross between Justin Beiber and Zac Effron to me and I had a huge crush on him. While I knew the basics of sex from sex ed, I didn't really know what it was all about. In my dream I was kissing Trevor and felt an amazing warmth and tingling in my pelvic region. I couldn't figure out what was causing it but the feeling kept intensifying, and I couldn't tell where it was going.

I had never masturbated in my life and the feeling building in my lower tummy was amazing. I didn't know what kept making it intensify, but I wanted to dive into the little marble of pleasure pulsating in my nether region. The marble expanded into a ball and I began to be frightened. I had never felt anything like this before, and at this point Trevor disappeared from my dream and the entire dream was just a focus on pleasure, pleasure I had never felt and pleasure I desperately wanted to release.

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Then I began to pull out of my dream, I felt a heavy pressure over me and began to smell a mix of perfume, cologne and booze. The ball of pleasure down below was just as intense as before but I became aware of movement down in the tingling. Just as the ball began rapidly expanding, I woke up enough to realize it was a hand that was pleasuring me, and I tried to say something, but all I could get out was, "Ooohhhoooohhhhhoooohhhh!" The marble of pleasure was sending out waves of sensation that were taking me to a level of pleasure I had never felt before.

"Oh yeah Karen, dammmm jjjou rrrrr wet! God I need a fuuuulck!" Scott groaned into my ear as he continued to massage and prod my virgin pussy with his expert fingers.

I knew I needed to push him away, to stop what he was doing, but all I could muster was a half hearted push away of his arm, which he seemed to take as a positive reaction. The waves of pleasure were so intense! I had never felt so on edge.

Every nerve seemed to be dancing with the waves of pleasure. My head was just starting to really get the waves, and my brain began to feel pleasure, a sensation I hadn't only never felt, but really did not understand. How could it feel so good inside my head? I felt pressure emanating from my vaginal walls and felt a pulsating of the muscles inside my pussy.

"Oooff! MMMF! NNNNAAAAH! OOOOH GOOOOOOOOOOD!" I wailed as the full force of the orgasm engulfed me when Scott began to bring my clitoris into the party. The waves of pleasure crashed into my body, setting my nerve endings on fire. As the wave took me higher and higher I became more and more numb to reality and let the tingle overtake me. The wave came over my head and took me out momentarily.

I was panting heavily, my hands clutching the bedsheet, my face buried in the mattress. I kept trying to swim out of the pleasure ocean, for as good as it felt, I did not like the overwhelming power of it. It was my first introduction to pure pleasure, and like most, I didn't feel deserving of it.

I didn't hear anything but ringing, and every breath felt labored as even my lungs nerve endings felt deadened. I finally found a break in the waves of ecstasy and pulled my mind out of the fog. The cocoon of sensuality began to receed and I could feel myself again, though it felt very distant, like my body was miles and miles away.

I felt it, but didn't immediately conceptualize the feeling of my shorts being pulled off of my hips, or the feeling of a steel-hard hot shaft pressed against my ass.


I had never seen a penis in the flesh other than my little brothers and had never really thought about what a erect penis felt like, but I soon would. I felt the pressure of his body as he moved to lay over me. And I felt the sensation of something large pressing against the outer lips of my pussy. "Aaammmf.

Arrr Karen! Damn ju feelsh good tonight!" Scott slurred into my ear. I felt the pressure press through my lips and was starting to push against my opening. My head was swimming, and while all I got were a stream of panic thoughts, I still felt like I was not in control of my faculties.

Thoughts of my first orgasm and realizing what they are. The knowledge that my step father had given it to me and that his 39 year old body was on top of my 16 year old one. Knowledge that his penis was pushing against me and that he thought I was his wife, my mother.

I realized I only had moments before my step father and I would go past the point of no return. I tried to push him off, with almost no strength. I tried to move away, without enough muscle control to do anything. I tried to cry out in protest, but my tongue and mouth were still not fully back under my control and all that exited was a string of mumbling moans. Then the moment arrived, the moment I ceased to be a girl and became a woman, as I felt my step father's engorged penis force its way past my opening.

"Ehhhhrrrrrrnnna!" I yelped, trying to tell him we shouldn't do this, that I wasn't who he thought I was. But obviously my jumbled noise alerted him to nothing. "Oooosh fuck! Yrrrr tight tonight!!" Scott howled into my neck. His weight was fully on me me now, and his knees slid out to just outside of mine, as he got the leverage needed to get full access to me. I felt his penis push inside again, and this time it wasn't just the tip.

If felt huge inside of me. It was boiling hot and I could feel his heartbeat in it. I didn't feel any pain, nor did I feel pleasure. But I felt stretched which was not the most pleasant and I also felt my body kick into over drive. I surged with adrenaline, my heart was pounding, my breathing was rapid, and I felt an anxiety in my chest I had never felt before, it wasn't panic, or pain, but more a yearning to know where it was going.

I felt Scott's feet on mine, his big toes on the inner side of the back on my ankles and the rest of his feet on the outer side.

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I felt his dick begin to move in and out of my rapidly. Every thrust in was forcing my vaginal walls to stretch, but I could feel it got easier and easier with each pump of his penis in and out of my body. "Ooooh fuck baby! Jesus yous tight tonight!

Aaarrhh!" Scott was panting and pumping. The weight of his hips on mine now pronounced as he was doing full length strokes with his manhood. "Oooof! Heh, heh, heh, heh.

. " I still couldn't speak, but my body had to react to the coitus it was experiencing. My face was still buried in the mattress as my swimming head tried to get a grip on the situation. My virginity was gone, my innocence in the ways of the world was gone. Sex felt nothing like how I had assumed from the joke of sexual education classes we had at school. Not to mention none of those classes covered the emotional feeling of your step father being inside you. My still fuzzy brain tapped into the deep evolutionary feelings inside me.

Instead of logical thoughts, I began thinking of what kind of child Scott and I would have, how many we would have, how often we would copulate, how much of his semen I could get from him.

My vaginal walls began to pulse within me and i loved the way it was letting me milk his penis. I had wanted my virginity to be given to my first love, as we discovered sex together, when I was ready.

Well, that was out the window but my body, unaware of the social taboo of impregnation by family, only knew it was being put in the role of breeding, and it was ready, even if I was not. That was when I realized the marble of pleasure had never gone away, I was just to overstimulated to feel it for a while. As it began to come back into feeling, I felt like ever thrust of Scott's penis, which felt massive to me, was rubbing over the marble and warming it up to release another wave of ecstasy.

The feeling of stretching had receeded as I was opened for him now, and I began to feel pleasure from the friction of his penis sliding against my labia and vaginal walls.

Suddenly his weight abated and his penis exited me. That's it? It's over?


What happened? I should have been glad but I felt cheated unfullfilled, It was my first time I deserved to get to the end and . . It wasn't over, Scott just wanted to flip me over.

He rolled me onto my back and grabbed my thighs yanking me down a few inches. In a flash he pressed between my legs and in moments I felt him bury his penis back inside me, and as opposed to when he was doing it from behind, he felt deeper inside me, closer to my womb, closer to my eggs.

Closer to satisfying my body's urge to copulate. "Oooooowwwnnn. Ho! Ho! Oh! Hoooooooonnn!" I moaned as every thrust now pulled pleasure with it. I felt the jolts of sexual energy emanated from his red hot manhood.

I began to get mental flashes of torrent waves of thick white semen pouring over me, swimming in an ocean of cum to impregnate me. Scott pushed up my night shirt and began to suckle my nipple. One hand was behind my back, the other gripping my thigh and our bodies gyrated in sex.

The thrusts from Scott were no longer long and steady but had become short and hard, his crotch slamming into my pelvis. The pain of the bone on bone hits only added to the morbid pleasure my body was getting from the act of copulation.

"Uuuuf! Oh Shit baby! Oh Karen, oh god I am gonna cum baby!" I felt like a kid on Christmas, who was about to open the gift I had begged for for months.

I wrapped my legs over Scott and hooked my feet behind his knees.

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I grabbed his back with one hand and his neck with my other. I could feel his short hairs on the back of his neck in my grip as I dug my nails in.

I was never more ready for anything in my life as I was ready for his seed to be in me. "Oh shit baby! Oh. Arrrrha! OH!!!" I felt Scott go stiff and his hand on my lower back and thigh clenched as he held firm inside me and stopped thrusting. I felt his body buck once as he grunted. I instinctively knew at that moment that my wishes had been fulfilled.

I felt warmth higher and deeper inside me and knew it was his semen, his white baby batter that was warming me. "Yes.


Yes!" I yelped in a hoarse barely audible voice as I gripped him. "Unnnf!" Scott grunted as I felt him buck his hips again and knew more of his hot cum was spilling out of his penis and into my womb.

I continued to grip him, the mere knowledge that a man was releasing inside me was giving me waves of pleasure reminiscent of the ecstasy I had experience earlier. "Uf! Uhnn. Mmm. Hmmm.

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Hooo shit. Nnnnf. Mmmf." Scott was panting into my shoulder as his grip on me started to soften. "Oh shit Karen. Best. Fuck. Ever." Scott panted out only moments before I heard him snoring lightly. I continued to hold him even as he slept. My lover. My first lover. Perhaps my mate, the father of my child. The evolutionary urge to mate to mother was so incredibly strong, that it didn't concern me that the softening penis inside me belonged to my mother.

Would we share now? Would Scott want to leave my mother for me? As I felt the heaviness of sleep overtaking me I knew I would never feel as content as a woman as I did right then.