Naughty lesbians Ellena Woods and Jenna Sativa

Naughty lesbians Ellena Woods and Jenna Sativa
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Kristin hesitated before she got out of the car, half-staring across the street unsure if she wanted to step outside or start the car and leave. Even as her phone vibrated from the last text her boyfriend sent weighed down her purse, that feeling between her legs made the decision for her.

She locked her car and shuffled up the front walk, her face coming into view from the front flood lights of the house.

Darren was watching her the whole way, feeling even more excited when she brushed her blonde hair to the side, tucking it behind her ear, god he loved it when she did that.

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She was at the door in no time, still staring at the ground when he unlocked the door. "come in, did you forget your jacket again?", he said. "It's not that cold" she replied almost in a whisper, thinking back to how she forgot it on her bed, too pre-occupied what she was going to take off to be worried about the few seconds she'd be outside.

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She was wearing what they had discussed earlier that week, her fishnet stockings and black t-back panties and matching lace bra with a diamond garter belt, one of her prized possessions. Of course to get past her parents, she had to wear a blouse and jeans with her hair back, anything to suggest that she really was going to study for AP English at a girl friend's house.


Darren had already moved behind her, holding her by the waist the way she liked, she was already starting to warm up as he started to kiss and nuzzle her neck. She closed her eyes and tried to forget her apprehension and she took her shoes off and dropped the purse, thinking how awkward it was to wear sneakers with fishnet stockings.

Darren, shifted to the other side of her neck, inhaling the scent of her hair, something he was crazy about, and asked her, "so what did you tell Kyle?" "that I was studying at Erin's, he'll probably call tonight though" "you think he suspects anything?" "no, the bite marks didn't help though", she said as she rubbed her ass into him, adding "don't make me feel any worse than I already do" "like I said last week, you can stop anytime you want to", he told her, knowing as he moved his hand up to cup her breast that that was less and less of a possibility.

She remembered him whispering that in her ear last Sunday before their last tryst. She responded by unbuttoning her jeans, which caused his hand to slide there on instinct. "not in the foyer" she said, and took him by the hand and led him to the living room. While this was by no means there first time, Kristin had never really felt they were lovers, a feeling Darren echoed in their relaxed friendship with each other.

Kyle and Kristin had been dating for two months now, and she enjoyed their gentle lovemaking, something she had told Darren about in great detail last weekend as he sucked on her tits.

There was something lacking though in the stability of a relationship, the excitement of sneaking out at night to see a guy no one knew she was seeing, or hoping her boyfriend wouldn't notice that she was wetter than she should be. Darren was worried that when she started dating Kyle that she'd stop seeing him, something that had caused a rift in their friendship until fall finals about a month ago when he slid his hand up her skirt after school.

Like she said herself, her eyes must dilate when that happens. Kyle wasn't the first boyfriend she'd cheated on with Darren though, and since she was careful to keep boys interested at school, she was sure he wouldn't be the last.

Her ongoing moral conflict occupied her mind as she sat down on the sofa with Darren, quickly snuggling up next to him. She noticed the blanket at the end of the sofa, something she had learned quickly from previous lovers as her house was patrolled vigorously by her father, one of the reasons she was at Darren's.

Darren made sure he was prepared tonight too, getting his mom and brother out of the house, remembering to have her favorite blanket handy, and ribbed condoms, something Kristin had worried about earlier that week.

He had noticed that she didn't see him discarding his jeans before sitting down, leaving him in only boxers and a shirt. Despite their many sexual activities though, Darren and Kristin had never actually had sex, in fact Kristin was technically still a virgin, though they both had to laugh at that.

She had given her ass to her previous two boyfriends before Kyle, losing her hymen to her first boyfriend's fingers.

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She knew what it felt like to get fucked, but she was understandably worried about her actual first time. She was surprised that she didn't really give much thought to giving herself to Darren, she just didn't feel comfortable enough with Kyle, not to mention that if she did give herself to him everyone would know that she had lost her virginity.

The TV had been on for awhile now, both of them knowing that it didn't really matter what was on. She shifted positions now, resting her back against the armrest with her butt in his lap. Since she was lying across him now giving him easy access, he started to unbutton her blouse. As he unbuttoned her blouse she could feel herself getting wetter, and by the time he was reaching around to unclasp her bra, she could feel her wetness running down her thighs.

This was the first time though she had worn a bra with straps and Darren struggled with taking it off. When they had finally freed her breasts, Darren took to sucking on them as he always seemed to do when they watched TV together.

"So are things getting better with Kyle?" Darren asked with his face still buried in her chest, already knowing what she would say. "No, we're still fighting a lot, and you know we haven't done anything for weeks now" Her attention seemed to drift off as she thought about it.

They had talked online about this all week and when she got frustrated with Kyle, the more she seemed to need Darren's hand in her. He had already covered her with the blanket, just keeping her tits in view. This had become a popular position with them since she had told him she couldn't resist getting her tits sucked. It was perfect for their favorite activities presenting Darren with perfect access to her tits and making it easy to pleasure her with his right hand.

She confided in him that she thought any girl could be seduced by getting her tits sucked, even though she knew she couldn't cum by it alone, nothing felt better. She could slosh three of her own fingers in and out of herself, as she often did, but she couldn't replicate the mix of pain/pleasure a boy biting on her tits gave her.

Darren sensed her drifting and started to rub between her open legs to bring her back. Even though she still had her denim jeans on, she felt and electric shock rush down her spine when she felt the pressure there.

"You kind of look down on me for this don't you?" she asked, his last nibble bringing her attention back to the present. "I'm not judging you, like I said, if you can rationalize doing this, why does it still feel bad?" he said as he started to kiss down to her navel. "I still feels strange that you would tell me that" She said, unzipping her jeans gently curling them past her delicate garter belt.

Darren helped her the rest of the way letting his fingers glide over the soft underside of her leg up to the rough feel of the fishnets. She only stared at him, waiting for a response that she knew wouldn't come as he tried focus on each inch of skin as it was exposed. They never seemed to get farther in this argument than this as both were too young to know how to handle the awkward place between friends and lovers. The back of his hand eased the tension as he enjoyed the smooth pale skin of her inner thigh.

He always loved this part, knowing her anticipation, enjoying her body's soft warmth conflicting with its firm tone. Her eyes drifted toward the TV, staring miles beyond it as she felt the back of his finger graze her. The T-back panties gave little resistance as his fingers began to caress her folds, he legs parting farther helping to spread the blanket down her exposed legs.

He noticed the rough feel above her panty line was gone, leaving no trace of any hair below her neck, and he hoped the preparation was meant for him.

She saw his head lean in to continue suckling her and felt the last tinge of shame as she saw her clothes piled at the end of the sofa before she rested her head down, closing her pearl grey eyes. His first finger slowly parted her taking care to use her excitement to not cause any discomfort, slowly replacing it with his middle finger causing her to sigh softly. His first finger rejoined its twin starting a slow rhythm inside her patiently working their way deeper.

The room shrank around them, making time wait as they lost their focus in pleasure or concentration, causing her building feelings to paint her Hellenic face with furrowed eyebrows. Sensing this he increased his effort, adding his ring finger as he steadied himself with his left hand, driving his right inside her as far as it would go. She felt her orgasm getting close and she encouraged him by grasping his right upper arm trying to pull all of him inside her. He felt her deepest depth concentrating every vibration through the tips of his three fingers, using her erratic breathing as a gauge.

She arched her back, driving herself into him using only her legs and his strong upper arm as support releasing sharp breaths as she rode through the fruits of her building pleasure.


He kept up his movements, taking satisfaction in the grip she had on his fingers. After an immeasurable amount of time, she slowly opened her eyes with him staring back.

They didn't need to say anything, both intent on preserving her afterglow as long as possible eventually letting his hand slid from her, leaving her with an empty feeling she despised.

He smoothly went back to caressing her, enjoying the first hint of her scent as he studied the lines of her neck and how her ponytail curved around it. She would have liked to have stayed this way forever, but the fear and anticipation of what they had planned started to weigh on her. Closing her legs, she gracefully rotated herself upright sitting on him like a chair, still keeping the blanket on purely for warmth.

He took this cue leaning in to her shoulder length hair whispering, " Are you sure about this?" "Fuck me", was all she said, so soft he could just barely hear it. She used her legs to turn herself around, straddling him with his face between her still glistening breasts red with bite marks.

She could see him through the opening in his boxers, finally revealing what had been growing under her a few minutes before. Her slender frame pressed tight against his as her breathing increased, instinctively scared even as his hands gently slid up her bare back. She had told him she was only interested in this type of position, giving her control even though she feigned innocence when he called it "cowgirl" earlier that week.

For his part, he was more scared than he had ever been in his life, more confused than anything, filled with anxiety and eagerness, he was certain that he was harder than he has ever been.

Suspending herself above him by only inches, her pale thighs contrasted sharply with the black thong. He noticed this in his heightened state, unsure of which side to move it. "Just tear it", she said in a loud whisper, feeling only a distant discomfort as he removed it as she was far removed from anything but him. He gripped her softly around the waist reassuring her as his hands admired the curved hourglass shape of her body. Instinctively she steadied herself with his strong shoulders and lowered herself slowly.

They met in only moments, feeling herself gently begin to take him in, stretching her more than any finger. With determination she continued to take him, settling her silky legs down against his boxers enjoying the returned sensation of fullness. She sighed, nearly breaking his concentration, as the lifetime of waiting for the indescribable feeling of warmth and pressure tested his control.

He was glad he had relieved himself before she got there as his senses where overwhelmed with the heat of her body to the scent of her hair to the feeling of her lips tightly gripping his base. As the initial shock subsided, they briefly opened their eyes, the dark blue of his causing her lean in close and run her finger along his jaw line. He didn't need any more hints and kissed her deeply, closing both their eyes and leaving them in a world of their own.

He felt up and down her back building up an urge to begin a rhythm in her as she broke off the kiss. She started slowly, concentrating him in places she knew, or just enjoying the feeling, she wasn't sure and really didn't care. He was sure he was just enjoying the experience, though was hampered by the concentration needed to enjoy it.

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As she felt that familiar growing sensation, she sped up, causing his hands to slid up to her shoulders as her grip tightened on the back of the leather sofa. The sharp breath and unmistakable contractions let him know that she had reached her climax, allowing him to grip her shoulders firmly and pull himself as deep as he could get inside her before emptying himself in her.

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This was the only feeling that could reach her in her current state, as she wrapped herself around him burying his face in her chest. After absorbing every second of the closeness they felt, they opened their eyes, giving that unique glance one can only give to your first. Kissing her again, he said "Its ten past ten, my parents will be home soon and your dad will want you home by ten thirty", to which she coyly whispered in his ear, " Always so responsible", as she absent-mindedly stroked his hair gently with her hand.

The smile of absolute contentment vanishing from her face as she saw a blue box on the table a few feet behind them. "the condoms!" she gasped, rejuvenating him with a tight squeeze and nearly giving him a heart attack at the same time. "what do we do?" he asked, not knowing how to sound.

Feeling her tremble with this obvious revelation. "I don't know, I'll…ask Erin, she's talked about this before, I don't know what to do, I didn't even think about it, its not my fault!" she said, almost hysterically. Causing him to slid out of her and gently lower her down on the sofa, cuddling her as she was on the verge of tears.

"we'll figure this out, it doesn't mean anything right now. This isn't your fault, I'm sorry, so sorry I wasn't even thinking." he whispered to her, calming her down with his tone and wiping the first few tears from her eyes. He had her back under the blanket now, not sure if her terror had subsided as she was still trembling.

"What are we going to do?" she asked him, looking more for support than answers. "I need to make sure you get home, cause while this won't kill us right now, your dad sure will", he said firmly, hoping his confidence would reassure her and not come across as insensitivity.

This seemed to work as she stood up in her graceful manner and began to gather her clothes. He helped her, feeling horrible that he had gotten her naked, while staying in the comfort and security of his clothes. Although this was nothing compared to the hatred he had for himself for not protecting her as he felt that it was his responsibility somehow.

After she was dressed, she walked quickly to the foyer to find her shoes and purse, wishing she had never opened her eyes after they had finished. As she slid them on he held her by the waist again, getting her to look up at him as they stood face to face. "It will be okay", he told her reassured by her faith in him as she wrapped her arms around his neck. As he was about to kiss her she felt a vibration in her purse, causing her to turn her head away in shame.

It didn't matter if it was her boyfriend or her dad. He added emptiness to his current emotions as he moved to open the door and walk her out.