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Hot BBW shaking her fat ass on webcam
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Dear Diary. Sunday, March 12. It's my birthday today, Diary. I'm fourteen, yay me! Daddy says that I'm a big girl now, and it must be true because he keeps looking at my boobies while he says it. Last night while we were in the shower he showed me how to get them extra clean.

He even showed me how to get really clean down there, and I must be doing it right because it felt really good. Today I'm going to celebrate my birthday with all my friends. Tomorrow I'll let you know how it went, Diary. Monday, March 13. Wow, what a birthday I had, Diary. My best friend, Connie, came over two hours before the party. She wanted to give me her present and just couldn't wait.

She calls it a vibrator and offered to show me how it works. She told me to get naked and lie down on the bed. Then she pressed a button on the vibrator and it started to make these strange sounds. She told me to relax while she put it somewhere extra special. Turns out it was the same place that Daddy had so much fun cleaning for me. Golly! It sure did make life interesting there in my bed. It was so much fun that I just had to yell out with joy.

Mum must have heard because she came rushing in to see what was going on. You can imagine the surprise on her face when she saw the wonderful birthday present Connie gave me. Mum was so pleased with Connie that she asked her to show her how it works. Next thing you knew both Mum and I were lying on the bed together and having a wonderful time. I guess we both got a little noisy but we were having such a great time. Daddy came in to see what was going on and he sure looked happy to see Mum and me having so much fun.

He asked if he could join in and I just couldn't say no, so Daddy got undressed and joined us in bed. He told Connie to keep playing with Mum while he showed me that he had his own vibrator. It was even attached to his body. How handy is that? He popped that vibrator in and boy, did it ever get going. Before I knew it I was making even more noise than before.

This was turning out to be a great birthday, but then Mum noticed that my friends would be arriving soon so we all got dressed and went downstairs.

It's a good thing Mum was keeping an eye on the time, because no sooner had we gotten downstairs than I heard noise outside. I opened the door and there was Billy and Kevin. They must have been in a hurry to get here cause they were all sweaty and flushed in the face. I looked outside and there was a ladder lying in the front yard, right under my bedroom window. I guess Billy and Kevin had been moving it for me, which is a good thing because someone might have climbed up and peeked through my bedroom window.

Wouldn't that have been embarrassing, Diary? Casey and Melanie arrived next, and they must have run all the way from their place too. Casey and Melanie are brother and sister, so they would have come together.

I noticed that Melanie had some leaves in her hair so I guess they must have taken a shortcut through some bushes or something. Casey must have been in a really big hurry to get to my party because he forgot to tuck in his shirt and zip up his fly. Lots more people arrived after that but I was too busy opening presents to greet them all personally.

Connie offered to greet them for me, but she kept disappearing every now and then. She was supposed to be taking peoples coats but sometimes she would take ages putting the coats in the downstairs bedroom.

It was a good thing that she would take a boy in to help her, otherwise it would have taken forever. Oh, Diary, do you remember Tammy? She got into so much trouble at the party. I don't know what exactly it was that she did wrong but it must have been pretty bad.

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I found her in the den with Daddy. He had her knickers down around her ankles and he was spanking her with a ping-pong paddle.

It must have really hurt because she was moaning and groaning a lot. Daddy's not a bad man though. Once he saw she had learned her lesson he got some sort of lotion and started rubbing it into her red butt. I guess he had a bit of trouble getting it into all the best places because he took off his pants, put a heap of lotion on his prick (Connie told me that men have pricks, not vibrators) and stuck it into her arse.

You would think that Tammy would be grateful for Daddy taking all that extra effort but she just swore at him and told him he was a bastard and even used the "F" word. Funny thing is, it sounded more like she wanted him to hurry up because she kept saying, "Faster" and "Deeper," and to do her like a whore. I don't know if Daddy was doing it right because I don't know what a whore is, but whatever he did she just yelled louder and louder.

I decided it would probably be best to just leave them alone. When I got back to the party something very interesting was happening. Mum and Connie had arranged some party games for the guests. They had this interesting game that was like blind man's bluff.

They blindfolded Anita then got her to kneel down. Connie got all the boys to line up in front of her and made them take their pricks out of their pants. Then Anita opened her mouth and the boys took turns putting their pricks in her mouth. After each boy did it Connie asked Anita to guess who it was. I couldn't believe it, Diary, Anita got every single one right. How good is that? After all the presents were opened, and the party games were finished, Mum told everyone it was time for the birthday cake.

Then she went into the kitchen with Daddy and brought out this big ice-cream cake. It looked wonderful, Diary. Mum told me that seeing as I was the birthday girl I had to get undressed and to lie down on the table, then Mum and Dad spread the ice-cream cake all over my body.

Golly Diary, by the time they were finished I was totally covered in it and it was so cold that my nipples stood up really high, but fortunately no one was bothered by it. Everyone was invited to have a piece of cake, but they weren't allowed to use their hands.

They had to eat it straight off my body. It took a while, but eventually every last piece of cake was eaten. A lot of cake must have slipped down between my legs because heaps of people spent a lot of time down there, especially Connie. After all that everyone went home while Mum, Dad, and I had a shower together to get all the stickiness off my body.

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I have the best parents, because they weren't satisfied until they had personally cleaned every last nook and cranny. Then they said that because I was such a big girl now I could spend the night in their bed.

Friday, March 17. Hello, Diary, it's me again. What a week I had at school. Everyone heard about my birthday party and now I am really popular, especially with the boys.

Even Mr.


Blakemore is paying extra special attention to me now. He called me in for detention on Wednesday even though I hadn't done anything wrong. I was real worried until I found out that he just wanted to show me this neat trick I could do with his prick. Did you know that if you suck on a prick it gets hard? And that if you keep sucking all this white stuff comes out. I figure it must be something really important because it made Mr.

Blakemore moan really loudly and fall down onto his chair. I thought for a while that maybe I had hurt him, but then he said that if I stayed after school every Wednesday and did this trick with him I would pass all my classes. How cool is that? Connie is going to be so jealous. She's always telling me how she wishes she could get better marks. Monday, March 21. Jimmy Mathis had been giving me funny looks lately.

He looks at me like I'm holding something he really, really wants. Tomorrow I'm going to talk to him and find out why he looks at me like that. Tuesday, March 22. Well that was certainly interesting Diary.

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I finally got up the nerve to ask Jimmy why he stares at me the way he does. He told me that he wants to get into my panties. Imagine that. So I brought him home with me after school and took him upstairs to my bedroom. I asked him if he still wanted to get into my panties and he said, "Yep." So I let him. He tried on four pairs of my panties, two of my bras, and every pair of high heels I had. Jimmy is a very strange boy. Friday, March 24.

Hello, Diary, it's me again. Connie has been begging me to tell her how I keep passing all my classes. I've been so bad, Diary, I keep teasing her about it, and then I told her that I would share my secret if she did that really neat trick on me with the vibrator again. You should have seen her eyes light up, Diary, I guess she really wanted to know my secret. That afternoon she came around to my place carrying this big paper bag with "Madame Lash's Toy Store" written on the side.

I never heard of a toy store called "Madame Lash" before, Diary. It must be one of those shops in the new mall. Anyway we headed straight up to my room and I sat on my bed while Connie showed me what was in the bag.

She pulled out this interesting bundle of leather straps, which she said was actually some sort of strange clothing. I couldn't wait to see how someone would wear such a thing, so when Connie told me to get undressed I did what she said quick smart. Connie helped me to put it on and I'll be honest, Diary, I don't think it's a well-made garment. It didn't cover any of my private bits - in fact it seemed to purposely avoid them. Some of the straps completely circled my boobies without actually covering them, but they did make them stick right out so it wasn't all that bad.

Connie then told me she had to do up some buckles but she must have got them wrong, Diary, because when she finished I discovered that I couldn't move my arms or legs. Connie got it so wrong that she had actually managed to tie my ankles to the bedposts. How silly is that? I would have told her that she had made a mistake but the red ping-pong ball in my mouth made it really hard to talk. Connie reached into the bag again and pulled out more leather stuff. She said this was what she was going to wear.

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She quickly got undressed and put her new clothes on. Wow, she looked really good in it. She had the same straps around her boobies as I did and they were really standing tall and proud. Just looking at them made me feel all funny inside. She wasn't finished getting dressed though because she reached into the bag again and pulled out this big black vibrator type thingy.

You should have seen it, Diary. It was huge. Connie sat down on a chair and started to attach the vibrator to this little leather pouch type thing on the front of her panties. There must have been a hole there because the vibrator slid right in. I guess it was a good fit because Connie sighed with satisfaction as she did it. Then she stood up and came over to the bed with that big old vibrator wobbling away in front of her.

It sure looked funny, Diary. She got up onto the bed and knelt down between my legs with the tip of the vibrator just touching me down there. Connie asked me if I really wanted her to do it, and I found myself nodding.


She just smiled and leaned forward, then she started to do the up and down thing like Daddy sometimes does when I'm a really good girl. Oh boy, did it ever feel good, Diary. Connie and I made a lot of noise that afternoon. When it was all finished Connie asked me to tell her my secret, and I was just so happy I couldn't resist.

She asked me to ask Mr. Blakemore if he would let Connie join me on Wednesday afternoons, so I told her I would. Monday, March 27. Guess what, Diary. I caught Ms. Lincoln in the gym class with the football team. I'm not exactly sure what it was they were doing but I'm pretty certain it wasn't football practice. They were all naked and each boy was taking turns kneeling behind Ms.

Lincoln. The boy would move back and forth really quickly for a couple of minutes then get up and let someone else have a go. I walked right up to Ms Lincoln and asked her what was going on. I guess it wasn't something she was supposed to be doing because she got all embarrassed.

But then when I asked if I could have a go she quickly regained her composure. She told me to get undressed and kneel down beside her on the exercise mats. Then one of the boys knelt down behind me and put his prick inside me. Boy did it feel good, Diary. So did the next boy, and the next, and the… well you get the idea. After a couple of hours all the boys were lying around, panting away like they had just run a couple hundred laps around the oval, but Ms Lincoln and me were still full of energy.

She lay down on her back and asked me to sit on her. I didn't know what good that would do but I did it anyway. It's always a good idea to do what a teacher says. But when I sat down Ms Lincoln said, "No, not like that, sit on my face." So I turned around and sat on her face, and then she started licking me down there. Oh my goodness, Diary, did that ever feel good. Before I knew it I was making a lot of noise. Then Ms.

Lincoln asked me to do the same thing to her. I guess I must be a fast learner because she was moaning and groaning in no time at all. After we finished I looked at my watch and realised I was going to be really late for Ms. Loam's history class. Ms Lincoln told me not to worry. She would take care of it seeing as Ms Loam was a rug muncher too. I'm not sure what that means, Diary, but as long as I don't get into trouble it's okay with me.

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Friday, March 31. You're not going to believe this Diary, but Connie and I are in a heap of trouble. Last Wednesday when I had my usual afternoon meeting with Mr. Blakemore I brought Connie along with me.

I guess it was okay to bring her because as soon as Mr. Blakemore saw her dressed in her special little leather outfit he started drooling. Of course I couldn't let Connie have all the attention so I wore my leather outfit as well. Mr. Blakemore saw that I couldn't get all the buckles done up by myself so he offered to help.

Wasn't that nice, Diary? But it looks like he's just as bad at doing up buckles as Connie is, because he got my arms stuck as well.

It didn't really bother me though, cause it didn't hurt all that much, in fact it felt kind of nice. Connie gave him a hand to tie me down to the desk, and then Mr. Blakemore took all his clothes off and started to do the up and down thing on me. I was making all sorts of strange noises but not so much that I didn't see Connie put on her special big black vibrator thingy.

Then she snuck up behind Mr. Blakemore and just when he was getting that funny look on his face, the one where he's just about to shoot all that white stuff everywhere, she jammed that big vibrator right up his arse. Oh boy, Diary, did his eyes ever get big.

He started moving up and down faster than the energiser bunny with fresh batteries. Then he started to make these strange gurgling noises and clutching his chest. I thought it was just some new game he was playing but when he fell over and didn't get up I knew we were in trouble. Connie went to get help, but I thought it was a little rude to leave Mr.

Blakemore just lying on top of me like that. The school nurse came running and soon saw that Mr. Blakemore was not feeling well at all. She called for an ambulance and they came to take him to hospital, but just as they were leaving the police arrived. They told Connie and me that we had been very bad girls for making Mr. Blakemore sick like that, and that we should be punished. Then they all lined up to give us a spanking, the police, the ambulance drivers and the school nurse. I didn't understand why they all had to be naked to do it, but they're adults so I guess they know a lot more than me.

Then the chief of police came in and told us that Mr. Blakemore was so sick he was never going to be able to teach again. He also said that if we didn't want to get into trouble we would have to come down to the police station immediately and show him exactly what we did. I guess I won't be passing any more classes, Diary. It's been a really interesting month, Diary. I can't wait to see what happens in April. The End.