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Young teens boys gay sex videos The crew that works together  plows
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Three Daughters&hellip. Three Rules Part 2 By: PABLO DIABLO Copyright 2018 CHAPTER 1 Let me recap where I am currently, I'm a Dad of three beautiful ladies: Jane now 32, Jill now 30, and my baby Jesse now 28. All three are pregnant……by me. 10 years ago, they chose to surprise me by coming to me during the night. I'm not making any excuses for what I've done but I also have no regrets. My wife, who passed away several years ago, was the Mother to the three girls.

She was a free-spirit and way out of my league. After she passed, I was lost. I didn't date. I threw myself into raising my daughters and providing for them the best I could.

However, 10 years ago, things changed dramatically. After seeing my middle child and my youngest child naked in their shared room with two guys pounding their pussies with their hard cocks shocked the hell out of me, to say the least. I called for a 'family meeting' and decided to institute my "three rules". I set them up since I didn't really want to see my daughters having sex with other young men. I knew that they were all sexually active, but a Dad puts that kind of stuff out of their mind.

Before that night, I would lay in bed missing my deceased wife. I would think about how wonderful I had it.

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We snuggled and cuddled all the time in bed. I would reminisce about some of our wonderful times together. A reoccurring memory was the evening of our first anniversary. Janice had some special plans for us. I had the usual: card, flowers, perfume, and a small piece of jewelry. What Janice had planned was simply amazing, but then again, she was amazing. She lived life by her own terms. I got home from work on time.

Janice greeted me at the door, wearing my favorite negligee. She smiled at me, handing me my usual rum & Coke. I smiled back. How could any man not love a woman who greets you with a sexy negligee and your favorite adult drink? Janice whispered in my ear, "I hope you're going to enjoy tonight. I've spent a lot of time setting things up for us." "For us?" I replied. "Yes, US, smarty pants. While I did this as an anniversary gift for you, I'm going to enjoy it also." Janice purred in my ear.

"Well&hellip. What is it?" I said sounding more like a child at Christmas. "Go take a shower, shave, and get yourself dressed casual, but not, too casual.

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We're not going anywhere so you don't need to put your suit on or anything. Got it my sexy man?" Janice continued in my ear.

"I'll be ready in about 30. Jeans and a golf shirt ok or should I put on a button-down shirt?" I said, now extremely curious "Your white long sleeve dress shirt, but leave it untucked. I like it better that way." She said, pushing me down the hallway to go get ready.

I headed down the hallway to get ready. I pulled the necessary clothes and laid them out on the bed. I headed into the bathroom to begin my personal reclamation project. I shaved. I showered. I thought about masturbation but decided against it, since I was sure that I would be making mad passionate love to my beautiful wife.

After the shower, I walked back into the bedroom to start dressing. I decided to go 'commando' since the clean underwear was all boring normal men's boxers. I got dressed and put on the cologne my wife preferred me to wear. I could smell dinner cooking.

She had all my favorites cooking&hellip. juicy steak, baked potato, and peas. The steak permeated the whole house. Coming back down the hall towards the kitchen, I was met with a passionate kiss from my gorgeous wife. I held her tightly feeling her pert nipples rubbing on me through her sheer lingerie. I reached down and grabbed her ass playfully. She giggled into my mouth saying, "That's nice baby.

I'm glad you're horny. I know you're going to love my present." "Well, what the heck is it?" I queried. "NOPE! You'll just have to wait until it's delivered." She replied with a tease in her voice. "Delivered?" "Yep." She replied. "OK, well then, let me get your presents." As I broke our embrace.

I turned and walked back down the hall to the spare bedroom. I had left her presents in the closet. I knew she rarely went in there except to clean but never went into the closet.

I came back out to the kitchen with a card, flowers, and two nicely wrapped presents. "Oh goody!" she squealed First, she smelled the flowers and sighed. She opened a lower cabinet door to pull out a nice vase. She put water in the vase and then the flowers. Putting the vase of flowers in the center of our dining room table, she moved on to the card.

She read the card out loud and smiled and kissed me again. "Now, on to the real surprise." She exclaimed. She ripped open the first small box. She was excited when she saw it was a real nice French perfume that she had always asked about but would never buy it.

I got another wonderful kiss.

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Then, on to the second box. It was long, thin, and rectangular. It was wrapped in a gold foil with a beautiful cobalt blue ribbon meticulously created for the present.

Janice carefully unwrapped the box. She smiled when she saw the petite diamond bracelet that I had gotten for her. She leaned over to me and kissed me hard and passionately. "Ok, let's eat before your present is delivered." Janice cooed. She got up from the table and began serving me a plate of medium rare porterhouse steak, sautéed mushrooms and onions, a baked potato with butter and sour cream, and buttered peas along with another glass of rum and Coke.

We really didn't talk much while we ate. I just enjoyed looking at my beautiful wife and smiling at her in pure lust/love. The door bell rang as I was taking my last bite of steak. "Oh, goody, your present is here!" Janice exclaimed. She got up and hustled to the door. She opened it and a gorgeous red-headed woman stood at the door in a delivery outfit. The uniform was all brown but, I couldn't see from my vantage point what company it happened to be. Janice directed me to go to the couch and close my eyes real tight.

I did as I was directed to do. I sat on the edge of the couch waiting for Janice to put my present in my lap. I heard Janice whispering to the person at the door. Then I heard the front door close and lock. I sat in anticipation, not knowing what to expect. Suddenly, I felt a pair of legs straddle my lap. Without opening my eyes, I could smell Janice's delicious perfume.

Then I felt a kiss on my cheek and another one on my other cheek. I felt a soft delicate hand gently caressing my face. "Darling, you may open your eyes now." Janice said. I opened my eyes. I was stunned. I was in shock. The delivery woman WAS the present. She sat on my lap, completely naked! Janice was 5 feet away. Smiling at me. "Surprise! My dear. I knew that you have always wanted a threesome.

So, after carefully checking around, I found you someone that I thought would like for us to play with for the entire night." She said with a devilish grin. My cock was instantly hard.

"Darling, this is Samantha. Samantha, this is my darling husband David that we talked about." "Samantha, it's really a pleasure to meet you." I could barely get the words out of my mouth as it suddenly went completely dry.

"Sam, call me Sam. My Mother and Grandmother and my boss are the only ones that call me Samantha. But, since we will all be playing together tonight, I want us to be comfortable with each other." Sam directed.

I looked over at my beautiful wife unable to speak as the words were all jumbled up in my brain. Janice asked out loud to Sam and I, "Why are the ladies the only ones naked?" Sam turned around to see that indeed, Janice had dropped her negligee and was stark naked with a huge smile being the only thing she had on.

Sam got off my lap and began pulling off my belt. I kicked off my shoes, while Janice unbuttoned my dress shirt. I leaned into Sam and kissed her lightly on the lips. I then leaned over to my wife and kissed her on the lips. One of my hands, went to a breast of each woman. I caressed the naked bosoms of each woman. Sam was a delicious creature. About the same height as my wife, however, she had shoulder length reddish hair that was parted on one side and flipped over.

Her body was smooth with gorgeous 34D breasts, a flat stomach, and a soft but small ass. She also had a very small landing strip of hair by her pussy. To make the surprise work, Janice gave Sam some of her perfume to wear so I would not know it was Sam, making me think it was Janice. Sam leaned over and whispered into my ear, "I'm yours for the whole night. Do with me what you will.

I don't leave until noon tomorrow." "Janice, you'e really the most fabulous wife in the whole world!" I said with my hard cock pointing up at the ceiling. Sam knelt in front of me, looked up smiling and began to stroke my rigid manhood. She winked at me before she parted her lips and began slowly swirling the head of my cock. As Sam was busy doing that, my wife bent my head down and presented me her delicious chest. I licked, sucked, and nibbled on her gorgeous tits.

A moan escaped Janice. Janice asked Sam, "Doesn't he taste delicious?" "mmmm" was all the sound that escaped her mouth. We stayed in that triangle for several minutes before Janice suggested that we move this to the bedroom. Sam stopped sucking my hard cock and I thought to myself, "Thank gawd.

I know I wasn't going to last much longer". Janice took Sam by the hand and lead the way to our master bedroom. I followed far enough back to watch two beautiful asses saunter down the hallway to our bedroom. Once inside the bedroom, Janice pushed Sam against the wall and kissed her hard and passionately. I stood in the doorway with my mouth hanging open. Suddenly, what Janice had said about the present being for BOTH of us made sense.

Janice had never said anything about being with another woman, but somehow, I suspected. She would occasionally note to me out loud how beautiful a certain woman was or how that dress another woman had on didn't fit her properly. Yet, I thought to myself, what a sexy creature I am married to. How could I have been so damn lucky? CHAPTER 2 That night was one of the best in my life up until that point. I got to see my beautiful wife going down on Sam.

I got to see myself fucking Sam while my wife sat on her face and came repeatedly. I got to feel two beautiful women giving me head at the same time. I got to see Sam plunge a dildo into my wife's sweet pussy all the while I was fucking her ass. I got to fuck Sam's ass.

Each one took turns sitting on my cock. At one point, we even tied up my wife and made her watch Sam and I fuck like two animals in heat. That night was simply incredible. When Sam left, she gave Janice her number just in case we wanted her to join us again. As it turned out, Sam was married. He knew about her extracurricular affairs and approved. Another time, we invited both Sam and her husband over to play for the night, but that's another story. Let me get back to my predicament here.

I have three beautiful daughters, all are pregnant (heading into their second trimester). I took each one to the doctor appointments, the ultrasounds, and blood draws.

Almost never, did I take two of them together, as to not raise any suspicion. Each night, the girls took turns sleeping with me, in my bed. Occasionally, two of them would sleep with me, but almost never did all three.

This was mostly due to my bed not being big enough to accommodate all four of us, even though I had a California King bed. Usually, the others just slept in their own bed when not in mine. Now, to understand, sex didn't happen all the time. Many nights, I came home from a hard day's work to eat dinner, shower, and head off to be to sleep.

I never 'picked whom I wanted in my bed' they just figured it out themselves. Odd thing about women, during pregnancy their hormones are in overdrive.

My youngest, Jesse, could not get enough sex. She would ride me, and ride me, and ride me. She loved being on top. Hell, there was times that after cumming several times with Jesse, I ended up using a dildo on her repeatedly.

The hormones made her insatiable. At this point, we are 4 months into the pregnancies. All three of my daughters, resembled their Mother more and more each day. Jane, the oldest, could be the spitting image of my wife when she was younger and pregnant with Jane.

One evening, when I had fallen asleep with Jane in my bed, I felt a pair of hands on my cock. The soft hands massaged my cock getting it to stir. Then I felt a soft pair of lips on my neck. I wanted to just turn over to see whom it was, but I kind of liked the excitement of not knowing.

All I did know for sure was that it was not Jane. I could see her sleeping right in front of me. Naked, of course. My cock was now hard. The hand kept stroking me. I felt the soft fingers swirl the pre-cum over the shaft of my rigid cock. The other hand found its way to my shoulder, up my neck to my ear and hair.

All the while, gently caressing. My head was spinning. Who was this? Could it be Jesse, who seems to want sex all the time? Or, maybe it was my thinker, Jill? I listened for any sound. I tried to decipher by the touch.

Whomever it was kept her distance just far enough that her body wasn't touching my back. There is a subtle difference between Jesse and Jill physically, so I was pretty sure I could tell. Whomever it was, smelled like my Janice. She was wearing the very same perfume that Janice always wore.

The left hand of this woman kept stroking my cock with a slow methodical rhythm. Pre-cum kept dripping out of the bulbous head of my cock. The droplets were being used to continue to lubricate my manhood.

Before I realized it, Jane had opened her eyes and was just watching. For the first time in a long time, I felt very self-aware. Jane smiled. Obviously, she was 'in' on the ploy. She leaned over and began kissing me. Clearly, this was meant as a distraction to keep me from turning around. Jane whispered in my ear, "Daddy, do you know who is playing with you?" "No, not really.

I think I can guess, but I don't know for sure." I answered. "Well then, guess away." "I think its……um…&hellip. Jesse……no, I think its Jill." I really wanted to say Jesse knowing her ravenous sex drive but decided that it must be Jill for that very reason.

"NOPE" Jane replied. "It's Jesse? Man, I should have stuck with my gut instinct." I chuckled "NOPE" Jane replied again. "WHAT??" I said in a shocked tone.


I flipped over before Jane could corral me. There stood not one, but two beautiful women. The one stroking my cock was mid 40's. Short blonde hair. Slender but not skinny. She had nice pear-shaped boobs with brown areolas and brown nipples that stood out what seemed like an inch or more. She had a flat stomach and a belly ring piercing. Her pussy was completely shaved.

The other gal, the one stroking my neck, ear, and hair had a similar appearance to the blonde lady as if they were related. This gal seemed to be mid to late 20's. Long blonde hair, staunch D cup boobs that stood up by themselves, multiple earrings that went from the earlobe up the cartilage to the top of her ear, where a straight post went through two parts of her ear. She had tattoos.

In fact, the left arm, the one that was not touching me, had an entire sleeve of ink. Very erotic, I thought to myself. Jane spoke up, "Dad, these two figured us out. The one giving you the hand job is Marsha. The other one is her daughter Sandra. They are both nurses at the Women's Center that you take us to." CHAPTER 3 My heart skipped a couple of beats. Jane continued on saying, "They discovered that all three of us were impregnated by the same man.

The testing that they performed caused some issues. They drew blood from me, but the computer kept telling them it was from Jesse. When they drew blood from Jill the computer said it was from me. They checked and double checked and even triple checked to make sure it was not the lab equipment nor the computer.

While you were at work, Marsha and Sandra came to the house to speak to the three of us. They had suspected that we were all raped by some sexual predator. They were sure that this case needed to be turned over to the police for investigation." "That's when Jill spoke up and told Marsha and Sandra everything.

She told them how the three of us decided to get pregnant by you. You had no idea that we had stopped taking our birth control pills until we told you that we were pregnant. We also made sure that they understood that all three of us were legal consenting adults when we decided to seduce you." Jane told me. Marsha spoke up, "David, you must really love your daughters. Sandra and I find it very romantic and sexy that you would agree to all of this for the sake of your daughters.

This brings us to why Sandra and I are here. You see, Sandra wants to get pregnant in the worst way, but her boyfriend is a total loser. I hate him. He's cheated on her twice now, that we can prove. He's a total limp dick, if you ask me." "Mom!" Sandra interjected.

"Well, I'm confused. Sandra wants to get pregnant. Ok, I can make that leap in my head that you want me to help with getting her pregnant. However, I'm at a complete loss as to why you are standing here, naked, with your hand on my cock." I said completely puzzled.

Jane piped in, "That's when Sandra told the three of us about her Mom's story. You see Dad, you and Marsha have the same story. You were both married to someone you absolutely loved and adored. You both lost your life partner under circumstances beyond your control. You both have gone through long periods of loneliness and threw yourselves into raising your children. You both ignored your own needs for us, the kids." "Jane, I'll take it from here" Marsha said.

"When I heard about you and your story, I just knew that you might be the first guy who understood the pain, the loneliness, and the sorrow of losing your soul-mate. We all sat right here in your living room, the five of us. We talked for hours. Then, we devised a plan on introducing ourselves to you and what happened here, is the results of our planning. David, I hope you're not mad at us for deceiving you but your daughters though if we went the normal route of introductions we would not get anywhere." Marsha continued.

At this point, the bedroom door opened. Jesse and Jill were standing there. They both were naked. They came into the room and sat on the foot of the bed. Jesse went over to Sandra and gave her a kiss then went back to the foot of the bed to get seated. Marsha reached out and started stroking my cock again.

She was smiling at me while she was jacking me off. Although my cock was not hard when she started again, it sprang back to life in just a few short strokes. "Mom, can you get him hard for me. I want that nice cock inside of me. I'm so damn horny I could just burst." Sandra said with a nervous tone to her voice.

With that piece of information, I reached between Sandra's legs and began playing with her pussy. I caressed the outer lips and rubbed her clit with my thumb. I dipped in one, then two fingers into her wanton and very wet love hole.

A moan escaped her mouth. Jesse got up again, walked over to Sandra. She stood behind her, reaching around and gently stroked her heaving breast. Jesse pinched and twisted her nipples ever so gently. More moans came from Sandra who was now thrusting her hips onto my wet fingers. I stopped. I removed my fingers from her. Sandra's eyes popped open. As they did, she saw me put the two fingers into my mouth to suck all the woman cum off my fingers before I put them back in her.

Marsha now had my cock fully erect. "Sandra darling, the cock is ready for you." Marsha said I withdrew my fingers from her smoldering wet pussy. She climbed onto the bed and then onto me.

Marsha held my cock still while Sandra put it inside of her. She was in full-on lust mode. She slammed herself down on my cock with force. When she hit pubic bone, she raised herself up and slammed down again. She kept repeating this over and over. Clearly, Sandra liked rough sex. She leaned forward grabbing my shoulders and sped the fucking up with an intensity that I had not encountered in a long, long time. I turned to see two of my daughters: Jane and Jill fingering themselves.

My third daughter Jesse was whispering something into the ear of Marsha. "Really?" Marsha asked Jesse. She just nodded affirmative. Marsha walked over to the head of the bed and leaned down to whisper in my ear, "Jesse says you eat pussy better than anyone else your daughters know. She suggested that I should just climb up and sit down on your face and have your mouth and tongue go to work on my very horny pussy.

Would that be ok?" "Absolutely!" I responded as Sandra had cum twice already and seemed to be building to a third. "Mom, you're right. My now X boyfriend is a total limp dick compared to this man. Very few have been able to put up with the sex the way I like it&hellip. rough." Sandra informed her Mother.

"Oh, Mom……I'm CUMMING, GAWD DAMN, I'M CUMMING&hellip. C'MON YOU BASTARD, PUT THAT BABY SEED DEEP INSIDE OF ME. I WANT YOUR BABY&hellip. PLEASE, PLEASE GIVE ME YOUR BABY" Sandra screamed. I grabbed her by the hips and rolled her onto her back before Marsha had climbed onto my face.

"You want a baby. OK, then I'm going to put one inside you." I said with an Aire of confidence. I began just ramming my hard cock in and out of her wet pussy. Harder and harder I slammed into her. Marsha lifted her daughter's ankles up to her ears. Sandra interlocked her feet together behind her head. I thought to myself, now this is something new.

I grabbed her ass and my cock went deeper into her. I was clearly well past her cervix on the down stroke reaching all the way into her womb. I was slamming her as hard and as fast as I possibly could fuck her.

Finally, I felt that familiar twinge in my balls. I knew a very large orgasm was approaching. I heard Marsha give me encouragement about giving her daughter a baby. Even Jane leaned into Sandra telling her how sexy it looked for her Dad to impregnating her. "OH GAWD, SANDRA, I'M…I'M…I'M CUMMING.

I'M PUTTING THAT BABY INSIDE OF YOU RIGHT NOW!" I said with authority. "FUCK ME, FUCK ME, GIVE ME A BABY YOU BASTARD!" Sandra yelled back at me. To me, it felt as if I had cum a gallon into Sandra. As my last spurts went into my new fuck buddy, I slowed down to a gentle pace only to finally stop. Just as I stopped fucking Sandra, I heard two of my daughters staring their own orgasms. Jane, who was fingering herself deep and hard.

Jill, who was getting oral sex from younger sister, Jesse. I looked over to Marsha. She was just standing there watching everything and yet, not participating. CHAPTER 4 As I looked on this beauty, she made my heart flutter a bit.


My mind began to wonder if I could even feel the love that I had for Janice with someone new. Then, suddenly it hit me, I need to get rid of Janice's perfume. That kept my loss of Janice in the front part of my brain. It didn't allow for me to ever have closure. I made the decision right then that all of Janice's perfume was to be rounded up and disposed. We, as a family, would seek out our own scents. This, I believed, would allow me to finally have closure over losing Janice.

As my two daughters finished their orgasms. I saw Sandra working a dildo in and out of Jesse. Sandra was pushing it in hard and deep inside of my youngest daughter. As she was working that phallic into her, she was talking very dirty to her, "Yeah, fuck that rubber dick. Spray it with your pussy juice.

C'mon you slut. You know you're thinking it is your Dad's hard cock!" And with that, Jesse came so hard that she squirted all over Sandra who just giggled. I got up. I walked over to Marsha. Without warning, I leaned into her and kissed her passionately. She was completely surprised but, she responded.

I put my arms around her waist. I pulled her in close. I whispered into her ear that I wanted her. She responded that she wanted me too. She said she really got excited watching me fuck her daughter.

She went on to tell me that only a handful of guys could keep up with her. "When you ride with Sandra you better strap yourself in and hold on tight." Marsha quipped. "Mom!" Sandra responded. "She doesn't like it when I talk about her, even if I am right." Marsha responded. I spoke up, "Alright, time for a family meeting." "Huh?

What gives Daddy? A family meeting when we're all naked in bed having great sex? What gives?" Jane complained. "Now, now, don't worry its just something I came to decision about and we need to discuss this while I have the nerve. Ladies, go to your rooms and grab every bottle of your Mom's perfume that you have and bring it back here. Go on. Go on now. Go get them." I said in a rather commanding voice.

The three girls said in unison, "OK Daddy" Marsha and Sandra stood there not sure what to do or say. I looked at both of the guests and said, "Ladies, I wanted to talk to you privately without my daughters. Marsha, if you're willing, I would love for you to spend the night with me. Sandra, can you get yourself home?" "Hell yeah, getting home is no problem since I drove Mom and I here. But, why?" Sandra inquired. "Well, I want to spend some time with your Mom. We have so much in common and I would like to have time alone with her.

Just her and me, no one else. Not even my daughters will be invited. This will be between Marsha and myself." I responded to Sandra "Marsha, would you be willing to spend the night here, with me?" I said with my heart in my eyes. "I would love to spend the night here with you. I was kind of hoping we would end up like this." Marsha said with a tear in her eyes.

Just then, the three daughters came into the bedroom with 6 or 7 bottles of Janice's perfume. They put the bottles on the dresser. I told them that this perfume isn't allowed on anyone or allowed back into this house ever again.

All three daughters gasped. "But, Dad……" Jill exclaimed. "No buts. I figured out tonight why I can't get over Janice. It's because of this perfume. I can't find closure as long as I keep smelling this perfume." I explained.

"Does this make any sense Sandra/Marsha?" I said looking at the two guests. "Absolutely" said Marsha "Of course." said Sandra "Well, there you have it ladies.

I'm not trying to hurt you, I love you. You all are the love of my life but its time for me to get some closure about your Mother dying. I find myself looking at Marsha wondering if there might be a spark that could turn into a flame which could turn into a roaring fire.

But none of it will happen if I keep reliving and missing Janice. It wouldn't be fair to anyone. Not to you three, not to myself, and certainly not to Marsha." I said in a calmer tone. Jane piped up, "Dad, we didn't realize that you&hellip. well, that you still hadn't had any closure about Mom. We all love you and just want to make you happy." The other two nodded in agreement.

"OK, then here's what would make me happy right now. You three go to your own beds tonight. Sandra, I really enjoyed helping you to get pregnant but if you could see your way out, I would appreciate it." I directed. I looked over at Marsha.

She had tears running down her cheeks. I reached over and kissed the tears. This woman, so beautiful, so fragile, so angelic looking made me want to wrap my arms around her and just hold her tight. I decided that was exactly what I needed to do. I wrapped my arms around her and hugged her as tightly as I could without hurting her.

She responded by wrapping her arms around me. We leaned towards each other, our lips touching gently at first. Then our mouths parted, and our tongues began the dance with each other. I could feel her press her beautiful naked body against mine. As the four gals left, they closed the bedroom door. I heard some whispering and giggling in the hallway.

Sandra said her goodbyes and left the house. My three beautiful daughters all slept in their own beds with none of them sleeping with me. A first in ten years. CHAPTER 5 After everyone left and the bedroom door was shut, I put my index finger to my lips silently asking Marsha not to speak. She looked at me quizzically.

I leaned into her and spoke, "Marsha. I want to make passionate love to you. Not just sex but love. I want to spend the whole night sitting up talking and getting to know each other. I want to answer any questions you have about me or my daughters. Do you have any issues with any of that?" At this point, Marsha cupped my cheeks with both of her hands and leaned into me, giving me a romantic deep passionate kiss. "Does that answer your question, David?" She inquired.

I put my arms back around her. I held her tightly. I kissed her cheek, her cute nose, and her neck. I found myself nibbling on her beautiful earlobes. I reached down, and scooped Marsha up and gently laid her on the bed.

I kept kissing her and caressing that beautiful body. I went from caressing her neck and shoulders, to caressing her beautiful chest. Her nipples already standing up more pronounced than ever. They were now appeared even firmer and stuck straight out as if they were pencil erasers. I licked her breasts. I spent several minutes on each bosom. I nibbled on her hard nipples. I licked and sucked on the areolas.

I licked the underside of her perfect chest. With one hand, I kneaded the other boob that I was not sucking on. I heard small passionate moans escape her. "David, please make love to me. It's been so long. I love sex but, I want love." Marsha pleaded. "Darling, you will get everything I have. I won't hold anything back. You will get it all." I said to her in a very romantic way.

"I believe that I owe you an orgasm thru oral sex." I told her not willing to accept a 'no' for an answer. I gently moved down between her legs. She parted them for me. I started at her feet. She had delicate, well painted, well-manicured feet. I licked the top of her foot, then the underside, and finally licking and sucking on each toe. I moved from one foot to the other, making sure to cover every inch of her feet. From there, I worked my way up the legs to her knees.

I licked and caressed the shin, the calf, and the knee. Moving from one leg to another allowed time to get inside of her head with our lovemaking. I began to hear her breathing change. It became shallower and a little stuttered. Gentle moans kept escaping her mouth. I could see her flex her hands as a wave of orgasm approached. Once I finished the second leg, I stayed on that leg licking and caressing the thigh area. I massaged it gently. I caressed it. I licked and nibbled on the soft white skin.

Her legs were completely hairless as was her now wet pussy. I could see the wetness glistening on her swollen outer lips. I reached up to her womanhood and gently caressed it lovingly. I took my time rubbing the whole area with two fingers and my thumb. I felt her nub and gently circled it with my index finger at first. I switched to my thumb as she reacted with more hesitant breathing and now balling up her fists as wave after wave pulsed over her.

After several minutes, I finally put just one finger inside of her. The honey hole was so very wet that my finger slid in easily and yet, it contracted once inside. I kept gently rubbing her clit with my thumb.

With that, I felt her first real hard orgasm. She writhed and moaned and held her breath as the wetness increased dramatically in her pussy. She looked down at me seeing my hard cock. She said to me, "let me at least suck your cock.

Please." "NO. Its my turn to please you. I want you to just lie back and enjoy everything I am doing for you and to you." I gently said to her. She resigned herself to accept what I said. After several minutes of gently finger fucking her to multiple orgasms, including one huge orgasm, I leaned my head down to her very wet womanhood. I took my time, kissing all around the outside. I licked the outer lips. I kissed the crease where her legs were joined to her pelvis.

I tantalized her clit by just flicking my tongue over it, but not spending any time on it. She was approaching another big orgasm. She first had several waves of smaller orgasms, but I saw her turning her head from side to side quickly gasping for air. Then, it struck her body much like a bolt of lightning strikes someone huddling under a tree. This orgasm caused her whole body to explode. She arched her back as much as she could physically stretch.

This time, for a change, she yelled out, "OOOHHH, MMYY GGGAAAWWWDDD. I'M CUM. I'M CUMMING. OH DAVID, YOU'RE MAKING ME CUM HARDER THAN ANYONE IN MY WHOLE LIFE. OH FUCK, I'M STILL CUMMING! DAVID, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME? OH GAWD, I'VE NEVER FELT THIS GOOD EVER BEFORE." I kept licking her pussy as she splashed my face with her woman juice over and over.

I lapped up the cum juice as fast as I could. I swallowed every drop of her sweet love juice. I didn't stop licking her twat. From top to bottom, I just kept licking. At one point, I thrust my tongue into her as hard and deep as I could make it go. Once again, she felt wave after wave of ecstasy wash over her body like the incoming tide. Finally, I began licking and nibbling on her clit.

After only a few gentle nips, she had another powerful orgasm. This time she cursed at me, "Please FUCK me David. Fuck me. Fuck me now" Without being asked (or directed again), I got up on my knees and skootched forward so that my hard-aching cock was at the entrance to her love canal.

Slowly, I pushed the purplish head just inside of her pussy. She coupled her legs around my ass to pull me in further. I resisted and kept gently pushing into her, slowly, very slowly.

As my cock was gently pushing its way into Marsha, I leaned down to softly kiss her lips. She gently bit my bottom lip. Our mouths parted ever so slightly, and our tongues met in the romantic dance that they do. As I finally was all the way inside of her, I slowly and rhythmically began to thrust in an out of her. Back and forth, in and out, over and over. We didn't break our kiss while I was fucking her. My cock felt stretched to its maximum length inside of her.

After having several minutes of passionate sex with her, I felt my balls begin to tingle, knowing that my peak is drawing near. I picked up the pace, but still being gentle. Again, and again I sunk my steel hard cock into her wanton pussy. "I'm close" I whispered in her ear. "Please cum inside me. I want every drop of you, deep in my pussy." She purred back.

Then it happened, "OH FUCK MARSHA, I'M CUMMING SO HARD INSIDE OF YOU!" I exclaimed. While I was saying that, she had another wave of orgasm wash over her again. This time, her eyes glazed over and I though I heard her breathing stop. Yet, it started back up again in just a moment or two. Using just one hand, I gently cupped her chin to tilt her head up, so I could passionately kiss her yet again.

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Once again, our tongues intertwined for several minutes. Finally, exhaustion set in on both of us. I felt like I had no energy at all. Marsha had drawn out every drop of my love juice that I had in me. CHAPTER 6 I decided to make the gamble and lay all my cards on the table, "Marsha, is it too early to say that I'm falling for you?" "No dear, its not. I know I love you.

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The way you have sacrificed yourself taking care of your daughters. The way you handled Sandra and her quest for a baby, earlier tonight. And, the way you figured out how to find closure about your deceased wife, so you could pursue me. No one, not even my deceased husband, has ever shown me the love that you have tonight.

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You are so passionate, sensual, and erotic in your lovemaking." Marsha gently purred into my ear. "David, the girls told me about your three rules. I think you need to change them as they are no longer relevant." Marsha went on to say to me.

I lay next to her thinking about what she had just said to me. Is she right? Are the three rules no longer relevant? What would I change them to? I spoke up again, "Darling, I need to think on this a bit. Please in the morning, remind me that I need to have another 'family meeting' with you included." "Are you saying that I'm part of your family?" Marsha asked hesitantly.

"Yes, my dear, you are." I replied. Then she squealed with delight. She grabbed my face and kissed me passionately with force. We spent the next several hours laying in bed talking.

We talked about everything. About our deceased spouses, about our daughters, about our jobs, about what we like and dislike sexually, and most important about where we see us heading together. As the sun began to rise, Marsha and I were finally getting sleepy. But, I wanted to get the family meeting out of the way. I got up, put a robe on and headed out of the bedroom as I heard all three of my daughters in the kitchen.

The smell of coffee permeated the morning air. "Ladies, we need to have a family meeting. Please go to the living room and wait for me, I'll be right back" I told my three lovely beautiful daughters. I walked back down the hall, peeked into the bedroom to see Marsha looking for a robe to wear. "Here, take mine. I'll just wear shorts for the meeting. Afterwards, we'll come back in here and get some shuteye. Sound good?" I said matter of fact to her.

I took off the robe and gently put it on her. I reached around from the back tying the tie to keep it closed. I walked over to my dresser and pulled out a grey silk pair of basketball shorts and slipped them on.

I also grabbed a white tee shirt and put it on as well. Marsha and I walked hand in hand down the hallway to the living room. The girls were tickled that Marsha was still there. All three of them smiled and giggled seeing Marsha. I began, "Ladies, it has been pointed out to me that I need to address my three rules as they are no longer relevant. Would you all agree?' I had three nods of approval. I continued on, "Ok, rule number ONE: The only person who will sleep in my bed from now on is Marsha.

Rule number TWO: All three of you are adults and it is time I began to treat you as adults, so you are to come and go as you would like.

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However, I do request that you call me to let me know if you are staying the night somewhere other than home. Rule number THREE: We will all still have playtime with each other, but Marsha and her daughter Sandra will now be joining us. I would like us to do a better job of planning our playtime, so it doesn't affect our jobs." "Is, there any objections to any of these three new rules?" I asked with a firm voice. "No Dad" "No Dad" "No Dad" Unanimously agreed. "Ladies, I'm also going to ask Marsha to move in here with us.

Any objections?" Silence. Then all together, "No objections Dad" Jill, then spoke up, "Dad, I hope you know that all three of us love you. We didn't know that you had not moved on since Mom passed away. We just assumed. We all have been hoping that you and Marsha would hit it off, but it looks like you two hit it off better than we anticipated.

Finally, we all thought it was 'cum in our pants' sexy watching you help Sandra's quest for a baby. If you didn't get the job done last night, which we all think you probably did.

Then, we want to help you and her create another baby for this family." I looked over at Marsha, who once again, had tears of joy running down her cheeks.

Each of the girls, went over to Marsha and hugged her and whispered in her ear. I am so proud of my daughters. All three of them. THE END. Thank you for reading the story all the way to the end. Please leave comments (good or bad) so I can continue to craft my stories better. Thank you…&hellip.Paul.