Bitchy sheboy plays with dick and enjoys hardcore anal

Bitchy sheboy plays with dick and enjoys hardcore anal
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Daniel Goddard turned to the last page of the contract and studied it briefly, then turned back to the front page. He noted each yellow sticky pad note and compared the notations to the paragraphs they mentioned. Basically, the contract was a standard Goddard contract, except where the notations indicated an amendment.

He studied it for one more second, then began signing. Finished, he tossed the contract into the out-basket. His hand went to one of the buttons, on the left side of his black, mirrored desk.

He pressed the button and stood, stretching his arms over his head. "Mary?" "Yes sir," the voice came from all around him. "Send a runner in for the Maxwell contract. I'm finished with it." "Yes sir." "Do I have any appointments today?" he asked, making his way to an expensive golf bag leaning against the wall by the window.

He took a golf ball from the bowl on the window sill. He looked down into the city, 47 floors below, before flipping a switch on the wall near his bag. The drapes closed, shutting off the magnificent view.

A white composite screen descended from the ceiling. Low lights came on and a picture of a golf course flickered onto the screen. He selected a driver from his bag, dropped the ball on the floor and took a practice swing. "You have an appointment with Patterson Electric at three," the voice said from the walls around him. "They want to discuss a lawsuit with you." Daniel swung at the ball. It collided with the screen with a terrible impact. The screen swayed, then returned to it's original, undamaged condition.

The picture of a glowing white ball receded down the video fairway. "For or against?" "Against, sir. They are being sued over an improperly grounded power grid, which is killing a farmer's cows." "Tell them to settle," he said briefly, placing the ball back into it's original position. "Sir, shouldn't you speak to them first?" "No need. They can delay for a while, but they will never win.

They can't prove their case and the judge will invariably rule against them. Court costs and my fee will far outweigh the original costs, even if they win.

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Tell them to settle." "Yes sir." "Anything else?" "There is a young woman here. She says she must see you." "Who is she?" "She won't give her name." "Is she sexy?" "By the standards of some, perhaps." "Do I detect a little jealousy, Miss. Mary Jean Martin?" "Perhaps," she said in a coy voice. "Very well. She must be special to get you so riled. Send her in." "I could have security bundle her up like yesterday's garbage," Mary said in an uncharistic catty voice.

Daniel sung again. This time he got the ball onto the green. He smiled in appreciation, then looked at the door as it opened. A beautiful long haired brunette entered in a princess Grace costume. She had long, slender legs in high heels and stockings, a slit up the side of her black gown, which gave intermittent shots of beautiful legs, and breasts that bounced inside a short red jacket.

The top of the dress opened to well below the center of her breasts. Only gravity held them inside. A large red hat topped off the costume. She approached the desk and dropped the hat atop it, then brushed back her hair with her hand. "Welcome," Daniel said, flipping another switch to make a rounded cup magically appear from the wall.

The view of the green altered to fit the cup into the center of the picture. A flag waved gently on the screen, in a slight breeze. A life- sized man held the flag in an firm hand. "Anybody I know?" she asked, looking at the screen.

"Not unless you are a member of my country club. And you are???" he asked, putting the ball into the cup. "A woman." "I can see that," he said as the ball disappeared. "Good. That's a wonderful start. And I am a member of your club, by the way," she said, taking a seat next to his desk. She crossed her long legs. Her dress fell open, revealing a sensational pair of legs, framed a black lacey teddy which hid only her crotch.

"That's a wonderful pair of legs," he pointed with his golf club as the picture of the fairway flicked back on the screen, showing the second tee.

"I'm glad you noticed." "I'm observant, it's one of the necessities of this job. So what do you want?" he asked, switching to his driver. "A position." "A job?" "No, a position. There is a difference." "I suppose there is. And what position are you seeking?" "Doggy style, preferably bent over your desk." "Oh, whoa," he said, flubbing his shot.

Predictably, it went into the rough, but he no longer cared. He tried to sink his club into the bag and missed.

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It leaned slowly and thumped on the floor in front of his feet. "Oh, bad start," she said, looking down at his club. "You. you. you are looking for sex?" he asked, taking a seat behind his desk. The beautiful woman had him flustered, something he rarely felt. "I am. I was told by a friend that as high and mighty as you are, up here in your lush office, you could be had." "By who?" "Your secretary, Miss Martin." "Mary, have you been listening?" he asked the room at large.

He knew that he had not switched off the intercom, so unless she had, it was still on. "Yes sir," she reluctantly admitted.


"Haul your ass in here, Mary." "Yes sir," she moaned. "If you wish, I could just stand up and walk out," the woman said. "Want to bet?" "Oh, I have peeked your interest." "And I, good lady, have peeked under your skirt.

And I like what I see, by the way, but let's get to the bottom of this." "Oh certainly," she said, turning to watch Mary walk up to the desk. "Mary, do you know this woman?" "Yes sir, remotely." "And why did you send her to me?" "Because sex in my office would be out of the question," she snorted, then straightened her face.


Daniel glared, then raised an eyebrow. "I should give you a good lashing." "Yes you should," Mary said emphatically. "Perhaps later. This lady comes first." "Literally?" "Yes, literally. I want you to stand right there in front of my desk and watch, while I fuck this lady half to death," Daniel said with great relish. "Very well, if I must." "Up here young lady," Daniel slapped the desk in front of his chair.

The lady stood and slowly marched over, then took a seat on the edge of the desk before him. Her dress opened wide. He folded the layer of cloth back, revealing her entire lower body clear up to her waist. It was very beautiful. The black lace teddy moved easily against her crotch, as she crossed her legs. Daniel ran his hand down the smooth length of her leg, then looked up into her face.

She leaned down and gave him a passionate kiss. His fingers wandered beneath her lace teddy and explored her womanhood. Her kiss became far more urgent with two fingers inside her pussy. She uncrossed her legs and opened them wide.

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Daniel popped the two fingers into his mouth and sucked, while smiling up at her. "Delicious," he whispered. "I know," she smiled. Daniel stood and dropped his pants. He stepped out of them as he moved closer to her. He placed his hands on her soft thighs. Her legs looked magnificent. Her black teddy accented her pointed mound.

Her black stockings ended just below the teddy, making her legs look long and sexy. There was six inches of bare skin above each stocking. He leaned down and kissed them both tenderly, then held his cock in his hand. He pushed her teddy aside and leaned forward until his cock touched her pussy.

She huffed dramatically, waiting for his insertion. It came suddenly, brutally. She screamed and leaned backwards over the desk. Her body laid clear across the desk, while her legs hung down to the floor. The top of her head nearly touched Mary's thigh, as it hung off the far side of the polished desktop. Mary sank to her knees and kissed the lovely face beneath her, while supporting it in her hand. Daniel slowly began sliding his cock in and out of the feathery soft pussy lips of the lady.

She was magnificent. He watched the lesbian kiss across his desk. It was a big turn- on. The lady's head began bouncing as Daniel hammered away into her pussy. He paused and reached down, taking one leg in each hand and pulling her crotch closer to the edge of the desk. Her head slid up onto the desk, alleviating the need for Mary to support it.

"I suppose while you're down there, you might as well make yourself useful," Mary said, reaching down and removing her panties. She raised one leg up on the desk and pulled the lady's face into her pussy. The lady eagerly reached up, grabbing Mary's ass and thigh, and sinking her face between Mary's open legs. Her mouth immediately began working in Mary's pussy. "Oh God, that's so damned sexy," Daniel whispered.

Mary's brunette pussy was open wide, with one foot up on the desk. It was stretched to the limit. He could clearly see the lady's mouth working against those sexy pussy lips. Her tongue strummed Mary's pussy, eliciting tiny little kitten cries from Mary. Mary reached down and rolled the top of the lady's dress down to reveal her breasts. She captured the lady's plentiful breasts in her greedy hands. She mashed them unmercifully, as the woman feasted on her wet sex, out of sight beneath her skirt.

The lady's hot mouth and agile tongue flayed her pussy relentlessly. Fire shot through her loins into her ass, and up to her breasts.

Her heart pounded wildly, her breath came in ragged gasps.

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Her ultra-sensitive pussy felt every little touch, every tingle and blast of hot breath. The tongue created a dainty trail of pleasure from the top to the bottom of her pussy. She stretched her neck and extended her tongue to reach Mary's ass.

She tongued it liberally, before going back to Mary's sweet, open pussy. Her nose tickled Mary's clit, as her tongue plunged up inside her vulva. Adding to the immense pleasure in her pussy, was the sight of Daniel's six inch long cock sliding in and out of the lady's black haired pussy. They were both erotic, very tempting to a bi-sexual girl like Mary. If she feasted down there she wouldn't know which to attack first.

She licked her lips, with her eyes half closed, watching Daniel make love to the mysterious lady in black. She looked very sexy in her now topless black dress, with the bottom opened wide to reveal her black lacey teddy. Her pussy looked absolutely delicious to Mary. She moaned as she watched Daniel filling that delicious morsel with hot meat.

"I'm going to cum," Mary whispered. The lady intensified her attack on Mary's sweet cunt lips. She pulled and prodded, flicked her tongue over her clit, then tongue fucked her for a moment, before sucking the clit into her mouth and pulling savagely at the stiff little member. Mary gasped, holding the lady's tits in a death- grip. She cried ever-louder until she reached down and grabbed the lady's face, holding it against her pussy. She wailed and shivered, jerking out of control as her quivering pussy spasmed around the lady's tongue.

In a moment she jumped away from the lady's eager mouth. It was just too much to take. She leaned down and kissed the lady, tasting her own juices. Daniel began moaning louder and louder. He grunted, closing his eyes and dropping his head as his orgasm intensified.

"Oh fuck," he yelled, stiffening against the lady's hot pussy. He jerked uncontrollably, filling her hot twat with his thick cream. All too soon, he was empty. He pulled out of the lady reluctantly and sat in his chair with an exhausted crash. Mary sprinted around the desk and knelt between the lady's thighs.

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As the tired legs rested on her shoulders, Mary's eager mouth replaced Daniel's cock. Mary chocked slightly at the gush of white cum filling her mouth. She drank bravely until the cum stopped spilling out of the now empty tunnel. Once the cum was out of the way she licked the lady's sweet pussy eagerly. Holding the teddy aside with one hand, she petted the black pelt of hair with the other. She held the thighs well open, while her mouth worshiped the lady's delicious womanhood. The smell of a man, combined with the smell of the lady, was very exciting to Mary.

She eagerly nuzzled the lady's clit, while her tongue repeatedly slid up inside the lady, cleaning and pleasuring it both at the same time.

"That is so fucking sexy," Daniel whispered from behind them. Mary had to agree. There was nothing more exciting than a little girl-on-girl action. She too liked a hot cock thrust up her pussy, but she also liked the feeling given by the gentle, knowing mouth of a woman.

"Oh yes, oh yes," the lady chanted over and over. She began pounding Mary's face with her wet pussy. She closed her legs around Mary's head, and humped her back on the desk, while rubbing her pussy against Mary's face.

She groaned louder, finishing in a loud scream of pleasure. Mary patiently weathered the attack, watching the lady's lovely face go through many changes, before it finally relaxed. The soft, sexy legs released her head and Mary stood, wiping her face on the back of her hand. She looked down as the lady slowly opened her eyes and looked up lovingly. "Thanks," she whispered. "That asshole would have left me hanging." "Hey, that's why I have a secretary, to pick up after me," Daniel said in an offhanded manner.

"I get the bathroom first," the lady said. I have shopping to do. Will you be home on time, darling?" she asked on the way to the washroom. "My afternoon's wide open," Daniel said, retrieving his club from the floor and taking a practice swing again.

He looked funny with no pants on. "What's for dinner?" he asked, surveying the fairway before him. "Fish and chips," the lady called. "I'm next," Mary said. "The front office is unmanned." "There seems to be a pecking order here," Daniel said, taking a swing. The ball flew down the center of the fairway and dropped only a few feet from a water trap.

He selected a club while the scene changed. "That's right," the lady said, drying her face on his white towel. "Wives, ex-wives, and hen pecked husbands." "How about wife, overpaid secretary, and overworked husband," he called, swinging again. Mary sat on the desk, kicking a shapely crossed leg as she watched the interplay between her ex-husband and his new wife, who was coincidentally Mary's best friend.

Debbie Goddard kissed her husband, then started for the door. "As the ex-bitch, I demand equal rights," Mary complained.

"Oh alright," Debbie said, coming back and kissing Mary passionately. "There, happy?" "Oh yeah," Mary said smiling. She started for the bathroom humming happily to herself. "You had better not be dipping into that unless I'm around," Debbie warned, before leaving. "Me?" he looked shocked.

"When would I have time? I do nothing but work, work, work," he said, setting up for his next shot. Debbie looked at her husband, naked from the waist down, with his wilted cock swinging between his hairy legs. She giggled to herself and closed the door behind her.