Stories of gay sex at camp and hidden young nude boys masturbating

Stories of gay sex at camp and hidden young nude boys masturbating
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They arrived home and Charles took his Mum to her bedroom, because of the events of the day she was exhausted, Charles placed her on the bed and stood there staring at her, her body still had the glow of the orgasm he had given her just an hour ago, she looked at peace, sort of innocent, Charles leaned down and kissed his Mother on her soft juicy lips.

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He left the room and headed for his own, Charles removed his clothes with the idea of having a shower in the morning, Charles laid on his bed and realised for the first time it felt big and empty, he felt the undeniable urge to return to his Mother's room and sleep by her side, his mind went over the events that had occurred once more, but even though they had taken their relationship to places that a Mother and Son never should, he didn't feel guilt, in his heart it felt perfectly normal to him, he still had issues with the idea of using anything more than his fingers to penetrate her, but Charles also felt a little excitement over the idea as well.

Charles closed his eyes allowing the Sandman to take him to the dream realm. He felt something soft press against his lips with a small amount of suction, it pulled away as he slowly opened his eyes. "Morning honey." His Mother said placing one more kiss on his lips. "Morning Mum." He said giving her a small innocent smile, he looked her over and found she was dressed in only a dressing gown that had opened quite wide revealing almost all of her breasts and her mid section.

"I was about to have a shower and I wondered if you'd like to join me?" He nodded his head and responded. "Sure I'd love to Mum." She smiled even larger, as she stood up her right breast became fully revealed.

"I'll start the water running then." As she headed for the door she looked back once more as the gown became full open revealing the beauty of Sue's figure to him once more. "Don't make me wait long." She said before disappearing once more, he could feel his cock was quite hard, that was when he remembered that he was naked, but this no longer faised him, she had seen him as the man he was and he had seen her like the woman she was, he rose from his bed and made his way to the bathroom, the door was open and he walked inside, his Mother was just finishing the final touches on the shower, she looked over her shoulder at him and gripped the shoulders of her dressing gown, she slide them over her shoulders and let the gown fall to the floor giving Charles an ample look at her back and behind, she smiled like a young girl and hopped into the shower.


Charles walked over to the shower as he watched her turn to him, water cascaded down her body, drenching her hair and giving her skin a shinny glistening look, she glided her hands gently over his breast and shoulders. "Are you going to join me or just stare?" His cock was straining as he stepped into the hot stream, he let his head tip back allowing the hot water to soak his face and hair, he brushed his hands through his hair to wet every strand, he then returned his head forward to look once again at his Mother.

"I remember doing this your Father, we would wash each other's bodies and then we would make love as the hot water continued to pour over our lust filled bodies." Sue reached for the soap and lathered it up in her hands, she returned the soap and began to rub Charles's shoulders and then glided her hands over his chest, Charles reached for the soap and lather up his own hands and began wash Sue's shoulders and neck, Sue continued washing up and down Charles's arms and back to his shoulders again and again, Charles moved his hands from her shoulder to her large soaked breasts, he covered the sphere shaped objects with soap and bubbles moving under her arms from time to time, he could feel her hard nipples under his palms every time he returned to her bosom to wash them some more.

Sue resoaped her hands and then began to lather up his flat belly, she couldn't help but stare at the hard cock that wasn't far from her hands, she could see its vein covered skin pulse with desire, each time she moved her hands up and down his midriff she would brush his cock with one of her forearms, each time Charles would give out a slight moan, Charles reluctantly moved his hands away from her breasts and down over her waist and hips, the curve of her hips was soft yet strong, Sue moved closer so she could wash under his arms and shoulders, her breasts pressed against his chest as Charles's cock pressed again her mound, Sue gave Charles a few kisses as they continued to lather one another, they parted when Charles said.

"Turn around." Sue did as ordered, Charles slid his arms under her arms and grasped her soft soaked breasts once more in his hands, she could feel his cock find it's way between her ass cheeks as he began to thrust up and down between her fold, Charles began to kiss his Mother's neck and shoulders as he continued to fondle and caress, he took her hard nipples between his thumbs and forefingers and squeezed them, Sue gave out a load moan of pleasure and pain with each tweak, she could feel Charles thrust over and over again up and down between her cheeks as she continued to squeeze and kiss her.

"Honey I need you, I need you inside me." Sue said with a mouthful of a moan, Charles fondled her for a few more moments, he slowly began to kiss his way down her neck, then down between her shoulders stopping just long enough to plant a few kisses on each blade, he glided his tongue down her spine making her groan loudly as he made his way to the small of her back, he slid his hands down her waist and onto her hips as he dropped to his knees, he kissed his way down to her behind, he planted several wet French kisses on her cheeks, slowly she turned around presenting herself to him, he lifted her right leg onto his shoulder, he moved his face closer to her sex taking in the deep scent of her pussy, he placed small kisses around her lips that were already wide open for him, slowly he made his way to her clit and placed a kiss on it's hood before lashing out his tongue and flicking it across the small nub, Sue gave out a loud moan as she gripped Charles's head for support.

"Oh Charles that feel so good, your making Mummy so wet." Charles continued to lick around his Mother's lips, he made sure to keep away from her channel lest he would cause his Mother pain before she was ready for it, he returned his tongue once again to her clit, not expecting it Sue gave out a loud orgasm splitting scream as Charles took it between his teeth.

"Oh fuck Charles, Oh fuck make Mummy cum!!" she screamed making the bathroom tiles echo with her pleasure. He continued to naur on the little nub until his Mother gave out one final scream, her fingers gripped his head deep as he moved his face down until his mouth was just centimetres away from her opening, he open wide as gush after gush of juice flood out, it didn't take long for her juice to fill his mouth, he started to swallow what he had collected as she continued to pour, after another two mouthfuls she stopped, he swallowed one last time and began kissing his ways back up his Mother's body until he finally reached her lips once more, they embraced with passion as she tasted her juice on his lips and in his mouth as she thrust her tongue inside allowing it to explore his oral opening.

Sue could feel his cock once again poking into her just above her mound. "My turn." She said as she began to kiss her way down his neck and stopped just long enough to suck on his nipples and give them a quick flick with her tongue, she kissed and licked her way over his flat yet taut belly and stopped to give his bell button a few licks, slowly she made her way down to his cock which had found its way into the nice loving embrace of her breasts, he gave out a groan as she squeezed them tight around his dick, slowly she began to slide her breast pussy up and down on his beyond hard cock that was straining under the pleasure.

"Oh Mum that feels amazing." He said gripping the wall and the curtain rail to keep him from falling. "Do you like the feeling of Mummies tits on your cock honey?" He gave out another moan as he answered. "Oh god yes I do." She smiled as she slid her breasts to the top of his cock and then slammed them down hard, Charles once again gave out a loud moan, it felt like his knees were going to buckle. She slid her breasts up once more and once again slammed them down hard again.

"Mum if you keep doing that I'm gonna cum." "That's what I want you silly boy, and I know what to do to get it." He looked down wondering what she was going to do, she lifted her breasts up once more and as she began to slide them down again he felt her mouth engulf his head, slowly centimetre by centimetre she took his long hard tool into her mouth. "Fuck me that feels incredible." She soon stopped as her breasts were in the way, she started to go back up as he let out another gasp, she released her breasts and swallowed him once more with nothing in her way, she almost had swallowed half of his length when she stopped, she closed her eyes as she continued to push her mouth down as his cock started to push down her throat, Charles couldn't believe it she was deep throating him.

"That's it Mum I can't take it anymore!!" He screamed as he felt the rush of his semen evacuate his balls, up his channel and sending several long shots directly into her belly, she started to pull back wanting to taste her Sons cum on her tongue, she was able to pulled out far enough to catch the last shot and the dribble that followed afterwards. She savoured the small puddle that had formed on her tongue, she pulled her mouth off his cock long enough to send the puddle into her belly along with the rest, she gently moved her lips over his head and gave it an almost barely touching suck, she knew he would be sensitive and she didn't want to hurt her baby boy, the thought that he was her baby boy was slightly odd, after all she had just swallowed his cum and sucked him off, but that didn't matter he would always be her baby boy.

She removed her lips from his head and stood up before him, he was panting hard along with her, he bent down and kissed his Mother once more, his semen and her juice merged in their mouths giving them a unique taste that only they would know.

"You finish your shower and I'll go get breakfast ready for you." Sue said pulling away from his embrace, she hopped out of the shower taking a towel in her hands and quickly departed from the bathroom with a girlish giggle, Charles turned back to the shower still holding on for dear life as he came to realise that his Mother had just given him a blowjob and titjob, all this time he had held her back from allowing him to feel the pleasure of her touch and now he wondered why he had done it, it was amazing, it was powerful, he released his grip feeling his legs shake under his weight, a large smile crept across his face as he finished his shower.

He returned to his bedroom and looked out the now unfamiliar window to see Emily Brooke once again completing her morning routine, Charles couldn't believe it, it had almost been a week since he had looked and jacked off to her, and now he had no intention to, she was still a thing of beauty but compared to his Mother she was nothing, that was when it hit him, he sat on the bed shocked and surprised, he didn't crave Emily or any girl at school, he craved his Mother, everything he had been doing up until last night was to help his Mother get over her condition and now he realised that was no longer the case, he has fallen for his Mother, he had loved her before but this was more, he yearned for her, he craved her, he lusted for her and she was responding in kind, last night in the hospital and now this morning in the shower, they were not the acts of a Mother and Son, they were the acts of lovers.

Charles was stunned by the realisation, and a dark feeling was starting to infiltrate his mind, the feeling was morality, he felt disgusted in himself for doing what he had done, for what they had been doing, they were Mother and Son for god sake, this was disgusting, a hatred started to well up in him, a hatred for himself for what he had been doing, a hatred for… for his Mother for doing it with him.

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But he couldn't blame her for it, he had been the one to make the decision to do it in the first place, he had taken the steps to rape her in her sleep, he felt sick, disgusted and angry at himself, he realised in a way he was worse then the men who had raped her in the first place, because he had convinced her to allow him to rape her long after they had.

He had to stop this, he was sick in the head and he needed to stop this before it got even worse, today it was a blowjob and next it could be&hellip.

He stopped himself from continuing that train of thought, either way he had to end it, and it had to be now. In the kitchen he could hear his Mother humming some unknown tune, he watched as she dance once again in her dressing gown, he'd never seen her so happy before, not since his Father, he shook his head trying to keep his mind in check, but could he do it, she was happy, more happy then he had ever known her, but he had to do it, what they were doing was wrong and it had to stop.

She turned and placed a plate of sausage and scrambled eggs before him, he couldn't miss the fact that her breasts were once again free from her dressing gown but arms reach from him, he covered his eyes with his hand and said.

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"Cover yourself please Mum." Sue was somewhat confused. "But honey you just saw them in the shower, so it's not like you haven't seen them already." Charles was growing angry.

"For christ sakes Mum!" He said pounding his fist on the table, Sue stood there stunned and scared. "Okay honey, I'll&hellip. I'll go get dressed." She held the front of her dressing gown closed fully as she walked out of the kitchen to put some clothes on.

She returned moments later now wearing a nightie under her gown and stood before Charles. "Is this better honey?" She asked worried as to his response, he looked up from his breakfast and nodded his head. "Better." was all he said as he took another mouthful of sausage. Sue couldn't understand where this change had come from, just half an hour ago she had sucked him off and he had eaten her out, and now he had changed, she had to find out what she had done wrong, she sat before him at the table and asked with a shaky voice.

"Honey have I done something wrong?" He didn't look at her as he answered.

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"No Mum." He said taking another bite. "I know you said you didn't want me to get you off when you help me, but I thought it would have been nice to at least give you a blowjob after you gave me such a nice orgasm." He was furious, he stood up and backhanded his plate sending it flying into the nearby wall smashing it.

"FOR CHRIST SAKES SHUT THE FUCK UP, ENOUGH IT ENOUGH YOU FUCKING WHORE!!!!" Sue's tears began to flow as she took in the words he had just said to her. "I'm sorry honey, I'm sorry, I'll never do it again." She rose from the table and knelt onto the floor, she started to pick up the plate and food that now littered the floor. "Enough." Was the last thing he said as he departed the room, Sue remained on the floor shaking as she cleaned up the mess.

He arrived at school still angry from the morning events, he spat on the ground trying to get the taste of his Mother out of his mouth, but no matter how hard he tried he couldn't get rid of it. "Hey Charles." He turned his head to see Mel approaching. "Hey Mel." He responded his voice still filled with disgust. "Is everything alright Charles?" She asked wondering if his tone was meant for her. "Everything's fine Mel, just drop it." They continued their way to their usual seating area, Charles was quiet speaking very little making Mel feel very uncomfortable.

Sue was still sitting on the kitchen floor sobbing as she continued to hear Charles's words over and over again in her head, he had really called her a whore, the resounding effect of that word brought back every physical and emotional effect that had been caused by the rape, she could feel them force their ways into her body and fill it with their seed, it was then she remember the taste that had been in her mouth, she tasted cum, she flung her hand over her mouth as she felt the undeniable feeling of her stomach pumping itself, in but a second she could taste stomach acid as it forced it's way into her mouth, she couldn't contain it and she vomited onto the floor, she did this twice more as she cried and shook, she wiped her mouth and fell to her side.

"Charles&hellip. Charles!!!" She screamed wanting help, but he would never come. Charles hostility had spread from class to class resulting in him ending up in detention, he sat in the room with five other students. After a speech about how they were the worst of society and that they were wastes of space, the teacher left the room to deal with other things, he looked around the room and was surprised to find Emily in the room as well, she looked up at him and gave him a wink, Charles swallowed hard not sure what to do.

"Mind if I join you?" He turns his head to find Emily standing over him with a lit cigarette between her fingers. "No please do." He says his voice shaking and unsure, she pull back the seat and sits next to him, he takes in a mixed scent of perfume and smoke with each breathe, he looks her over to find her shirt has the first few buttons undone giving him a perfect look at her ample cleavage.

"Like what you see?" She say seductively. "Um sorry I didn't mean to stare." He says look back to the front of the class, she moves closer and whispers in his ear. "If I didn't want you to look, I wouldn't have shown them to you." She nibbled on his ear lobe a little before pulling away once more. For the next hour they chatted back and forth, Charles soon became comfortable in her company as words turned to fingers that explored, his hand had made it up her skirt and was fingering her hairless pussy, it was nice to be able to send his finger as deep as possible without having to worry about some stupid condition he thought to himself, his cock was straining in his pants, he wanted to slam Emily onto the table and fuck her there an then.

"Fuck I want you." He said whispering into her mouth. "As soon as detention finishes, you can have me." She responded giving him another French kiss. Sue still remained on the floor of the kitchen, shock still filled her as she shook uncontrollably, she still couldn't understand why he had said those things to her, slowly she lifted herself from the floor and placed the mess that she had cleaned into the bin, she walked into the lounge room and sat on the couch, she stared at the black screen hearing the word whore repeated over and over again in her mind.

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She'd never felt so low as she did now, even after the rape she didn't feel this bad because she knew she had Charles, but this time Charles was the reason behind it, she felt so alone and cold, was she a whore, she'd had sex or close enough with her own son, so she must have been worse, an incestuous whore, she rose from the couch and headed to the nearby cabinet and pulled out a bottle of Bundaberg rum, she took a glass and filled it to the brim, she carried the glass and the bottle back to the couch and placed the bottle on the floor, she took a quick sniff of the liquid before taking a large gulp swallowing half the glass, the effects of the liquor kicked her like a stallion as it made it way to her belly, she didn't let the feeling subside as she took another drink, smaller this time but still a mouthful, she continued to drink as tears started to flow into the glass with each swallow, with each drink her mood got darker and darker.

Back at the school Emily and Charles had made their way into the nearest toilet they could find, it was dark and dirty covered in graffiti but it would do, Charles pressed Emily up against the wall forcing his tongue down her throat as far as it would go, they separated long enough for Charles to tare open Emily's blouse revealing her white lace bra that she had put on this morning, with another tug Charles pushed it out of the way and thrust his mouth over her left nipple sucking it as hard as he could, with his left hand began to fondle her right breast just as furiously, Emily moaned in pleasure as he chewed on the nipple in his mouth and squeezed the other one.

"That's it Charles suck my tits nice and hard." She said placing her left hand on the back of his head forcing it even harder against her breast, she could feel his nails were starting to leave small marks all over her right breast, she gave out a little moan of pain that added to his excitement, she pushed him away and he looked at her more like animal than a person, he wanted to consume her, he watched as she removed her skirt revealing her matching lace g string, she slid it down her legs until she had one free, Charles franticly unbuckled his pants and dropped them around his ankles along with his underwear.

His ragging member was standing proud before her, he approached her and she dropped to her knees, her right hand clasped around his hard cock as she moved her face closer extending her tongue so she could give his balls several licks before sliding her tongue up the back of his cock and finally to the head, she looked up at him as Charles looked down into her eyes, she gave his head a few licks sending shivers of pleasure through his body, he grabbed the back of her hair with his right hand holding it tight between his fingers, slowly she moved her lips over his head and took half his cock into her mouth, she clasped her lips around his sex and began to move her lips up and down on his hot hard meat.

"That's it bitch suck my cock." He ordered as she moan and groaned as loud as he dared, her only response was the speeding up of her sucking, she was sucking him with such force that he thought he had stuck his dick into a vacuum cleaner, up and down she continued to thrust her mouth, from time to time she would grin her teeth against his vein covered organ to add a more exquisite pleasure.

"Fuck bitch your going to make me cum if you continue like that." Emily released her fingers from his cock and with one last pull back thrust his entire cock right down her throat, Charles let out a scream of ecstasy as he could feel her nose touching his mound, she moved her tongue around a little before pulling her head off all together and gave it a few more tugs with her right hand.

"Did you like that Charles?" She asked with an innocent accent. "That was fucking great, I almost lost my load." He pulled her up and brought her face to his and kissed her passionately, there was nothing but lust in him now. "Eat me Charles." She said as she pulled away from his kiss, she bent over before him placing her hands up against the wall revealing the beautiful shape of her ass to him, she parted her legs giving him full access to her cunt, he knelt down and placed his hands on each cheekhe spread them so he could see the star of her hole, he gave it a few quick licks causing her to moan in pleasure, he then moved his mouth to her wet glistening pussy that was well open for him, he thrust his mouth right over her lips consuming them, he sucked on the hard even nipping them with his teeth from time to time, he parted his lips from hers and extended his tongue, he licked right around the diameter of her inner labia making sure to catch her clit as he passed it, every so often he would thrust his tongue into her hole getting a collection of fresh pussy juice.

"Oh Charles your making me so wet." She said looking back and squeezing her left breast in his left hand, she gave her nipple a quick pull and then returned to the ample flesh of her bosom.


He couldn't remember the last time was able to explore so deeply into a pussy, not since his Mother anyway, he could barley get close to it let along touch it, he was enjoying the taste as best as he could, but he needed something more, he pulled his face away from her pussy and stood up once more, he took hold of his hard member and placed his head at her opening ready to push it in.

"Charles wait, put on a condom." Emily ordered, he wanted to shove his cock in right now, he didn't care about a simple piece of plastic that didn't always work, he began to push even further as the front of his head began to penetrate her wet hole. "Oh god Charles your driving me made, but please put on a condom." He continued to push as his head easily began to slide inside her, but common sense prevailed and he pulled out once more.

"I don't have a condom." He said somewhat annoyed. "I do." She said reached into her bag and pulling out a black wrapper, she turned around and knelt before him with the wrapper between her teeth, she pulled on the plastic and tore it open revealing a fluoro green latex condom, she pulled out the tip and placed it just over his head, once it was secure enough she placed her lips over his head again and with every thrust pushed the cover further and further down his cock, with one last thrust she pulled her lips off his cock again and it was ready for action, she returned to her pose and looked back at him.

"Ready when you are." She said with an innocent giggle, he lined up his head once again with her sopping opening, he pushed it in a few centimetres, he removed his guiding hand and placed them on her hips, he glided his entire length inside her as she took in a deep breath along with a moan, he then pulled back out again until his head was almost visible and then thrust it deep inside her once more, slowly with each thrust and pull back he moved faster and faster, with each thrust she would let out a loud moan that echoed in the toilets.

"Oh fuck Charles that feels so good, don't stop." With that he moved his hands from her hips and bent down so he could grasp her heavy tits that were hanging free from their bounds, she let out a scream of both pain and pleasure as he started to pinch and pull on her sensitive nipples, she started wondering if he was trying to milk her as he continued to pummel her pussy with his incredibly hard cock. "Oh Charles if you keep this up, I'm going to orgasm." Hearing this he smiled wickedly, he released her nipples and stood up once more, he took a step back and pulled his entire cock free from her soaked channel.

"Charles what are you doing I'm so close?" She begged for an answer.

"I want to hear you beg for me to let you cum slut." He brought his right hand back and brought it hard against her right ass cheek, she screamed out in pain as she looked back, a large red mark began to form where his hand had made contact with his cheek. "I WANT YOU TO MAKE ME ORGASM!!!!" She screamed at the top of her lungs, he gave her another hard smack on the same cheek and then pushed his cock in her as hard and as deep as he could, she let out a loud gasp as if she couldn't breath.

"Your wish is my command." He said as he began to thrust at top speed, in and out, in and out he fucked her with incredible ferocity, he could hear her pussy make the most vile and exquisite sounds as his latex cock squelched in her juices.

"I thought you wanted to orgasm you little slut, maybe I should stop again to let your calm down." She looked at him, her mouth a gasp. "No don't stop I'm gonna&hellip. AHHHHH!!!!" She screamed her head bent back as he felt her orgasmic juice flood past his cock, but he didn't let up, he still needed to cum, he thrust harder and harder, faster and faster until he felt the familiar movement in his balls.

"I'M GONNA CUM!!!" He screamed as he felt his cock fire shot after shot, as he continued to scream she became ridged as she began scream.

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"OH GOD CHARLES PULL OUT YOUR!!!!" But he didn't listen and stayed inside her until he stopped. "That was amazing." He said kissing her in the middle of her back. "Oh god, please tell me it didn't." He could hear the terror in her voice. "What's wrong?" He said starting to feel worried himself.

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"Pull your cock out please." She begged, slowly he pulled his cock out and was shocked at what he had discovered, because of his vigorous thrusts, it had torn open the front of the condom.

"Is it broken Charles?" She asked not looking back. "Yes." Was all he said. "Oh god." She slid to the floor and began to cry. "Your on the pill aren't you?" Charles asked as he too was starting to worry.


"No, that's why I have a condom with me, but I didn't think it would break, oh god I felt your cum shoot into my cervix." The news hit Charles like a pile of bricks. "Does this mean I could have gotten you pregnant?" He asked stupidly, she looked back furiously. "COULD HAVE, YOU HAVE GOT ME PREGNANT YOU DUMB SHIT, I'M NOT ON THE PILL AND YOU CAME INSIDE ME!!!!" She screamed at him. "Get away from, just fucking get away from me." She ordered, he collected his things and departed still hearing her screaming and crying as he left.

Slowly he made his way home, the thought hat he had gotten Emily pregnant went over and over in his mind as he finally reached his door, he unlocked it and headed inside. "Mum I'm home." But he heard no answer, he could see the light on in the lounge room so he dropped his bag at the door and head inside. "MUM!!!!" He screamed as he found her unconscious on the floor, surround by pills and bottles, he could see froth coming out of her mouth, he dropped by her side and quickly checked for a pulse, she was still alive but barely, he quickly reached for a phone and dialled 000, as he held the phone to his ear he pushed his finger into her mouth and started to scrape out the foam.

"Hello which would you like police, ambulance or fire?" The voice asked on the other end. "Ambulance please and hurry." He begged as he tried to clear his Mother's air way. He gave the operator his address and what had happened, they told him they would be twenty minutes and gave him a set of instructions, he followed them step by step until they finally arrived.

He rode with her to the hospital where she had her stomach pumped, she was put on an IV to cleanse her system of the drugs and alcohol. Charles waited in the waiting room that had become incredibly familiar now, after a few hours he was told his Mother was awake and could see visitors, Charles made his way to her room and found her lying in the bed connect to various machines.

"Mum it's me Charles." He said taking her hand into his. "Charles honey I'm sorry." She said as he began to cry. "Sorry for what Mum?" He held her hand even tighter. "For whatever I did wrong this morning, I don't know what it was but I thought it must have been bad." She explained. "But why did you take the pills with the booze?" She started to cry as well. "I thought you didn't love me anymore, So I didn't see the point in living if my Son didn't love me." Charles was shocked by what he was hearing.

"Mum what makes you think I don't love you?" He need to know the answer. "Because your were angry with me, after all whatever it was it was my fault." Charles shook his head in disagreement. "No Mum it's my fault, I came to realise what we were doing was wrong, and because of it I was angry with myself and with you, but it wasn't your fault." He said kissing her hand.


"Don't you want to help me anymore?" She asked innocently, it had never accrued to him that what they were doing might have actually been natural and good, not vile and evil, his mind cleared of it's stupid moral vision and he smiled. "Of course I want to help you Mum." She smiled hearing him say this. "Your not angry with me anymore?" She asked. "No Mum, I was never angry with you only myself&hellip.

I love you Mum." Her smile grew even larger. "I love you too honey."